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City Court
HERALD, Vol.6, No. 1.1
COURIER. Vol. 16, No. 20
. '
si to $5 EXPOSITION COUPONS i to $5
For the benefit of visitors to the Exposition. CUT THIS
OUT present it to us and we refund $i on each purchase of
$io in MEN AND BOYS' CLOTHES at our store.
One price to all. Goods marked in plain figures.
Cor. Morrison and 2nd Strett, PORTLAND OREGON
jsa-Cut Rate Druggists
We offer special inducements in every branch of onr business
Brushes of all kinds, Combs, Rubber Goods, Soap, Prefumery,
Sponges and Chamois. .
Selection of PURE DRUGS, and Compounding of
Prescriptions a Specialty. , ...'
, The oldest druggists in the Northwest, doing
business for thirty years enables us to under .
stand the peoples wants.
Remember our Prices are the Lowest
Funeral Conductor
And Undertaker
Caskets, Coffins, Robes, Lilting,
Etc. Best Material. " Lowest Prices.
Next Door to Pope's hardware store.
Main Street. . . Oregon ,City, Or.
' Damascus.
A great deal of rain has fallen here
ths past week and the farmers are get
; ..notioau ahniif. trfit.tihff the nlowine
done and potateesldug, as yet but little
plowing nas oeen aone auu jw uuimuon
dag, many claiming there will not be
many either on account of the dry
weather continuing so long at a time.
The memberB of Damascus grange re
poit having had a good meeting laat
Saturday. We are informed that all
the members present is desired at the
next meeting, as some important busi
ness is at hand, and all will be in
terested. A nVwinnintt mill 10 til hfi Sfit UD at F.
Bates place soon by Epperson Bros., of
Sandy ridge. They have a large chopper
and will be run by steam. , !
Miss Strange went to Oregon City
Saturday, to be with her brother Supt.
H. S. Strange who is quite ill.
Instead of Miss Strange teaching in
H,u ITninn rliafrint. HTlfl nftminS tb.6 lU-
rectors as it appeared in last weeks
paper in the teachers meeting, Miss
Strange is teaching in the Damascus dis
fl. M.Mnrrv. Theo. Schmidt
and Oren Griffin are the directors.
ATiao T.ona TWrW. of Portland. 18
making n extended visit with her sister,
Mrs. Wm, Buchman.
4 n 'Womoll has t.hfi nleasure of
showing a new map of Oregon. Any oae
in need of a map of Oregon will do well
to see it before purchasing one.
J. W. Hilleary is our postmaster at
ln.f Yn ViatTim. i"f. mnvni) last Saturday.
laauj o itT"H w ' -. - -
He has it neatly arranged in his store
building under tne grange nan.
Waiter Smith has gone to Hood
River on a week's visit, mostly to see
the place and see their nice fruit.
Sunday school and preaching at the
Rock creek school house every Sunday.
G. ,W. Feather ent to Portland Sat
urday after a load of merchandise.
F.r1 Rifr has ninvnd on the Osborne
place, which he recently purchased.
Damascus, uci. 4. vajk.
No. 122, Logan, Oregon, and acted as an
assistant teacher in the Lower Logan
school laet year. He leaves a father,
mother an only brother, five sisters and
a large circle of friends to mourn his
The remains were laid to rest in
Pleasant ' View. Cemetery, Arthur's
Prairie, last Tuesday afternoon.
The pall bearers were : Paul M. Kir
chem, George A. Kohl, Edwin Gerber,
Alfred Swales, Henry Kohl and Norval
Kirchem, all of whom were his school
mates. The flag on Hardings Grange hall and
thd flag on the Lower Logan schoolhouse
were placed at half mast in honor of the
The funeral procession was one of the
largest ever witnessed in this commu
nity. The grave was beautifully deco
rated with flowers by schoolmates and
friends of deceased.
.Logan, Oct. t. Con.
!? . 1
1 1
Ti;o4Hoi.miiii fj TTallort. onn nf Mr.
l.l 11 . II . V . . ui.v.v) '
and Mrs. B, Fallert, died at Logan Sun
day afternoon, October 2, 1898, aged 16
years, 1 montn ana i uay. jliiu uu
lama ( a At nth ViV tllM ftP.r.i-
dental discharge of a shot-gun in his
Th charge of shot entered
the riant side beneath the. ribs and
rano-fid nnward destrovine the riuht
lunii. Death was instantaneous. He
was a boy of bright intellect and pos-
. j i i i ....
seesea nouie iraiis oi unarui.iui . ,
standing of Hardings Grange, V. of H
with every .2$ cent purchase (Drug
Store or Book Store) we give you
free one chance in the new
It will cost you absolutely noth
ing for these tickets keep them
until after the drawing.
Come in and hear the latest
marches before it goes. Free ,
The school is Drouresiins: finely under
the management of Miss Sade Chase
as principal, and Miss Lavinson as as
sistant. The attendance is greater at
the present than it has ever been in tfee
past. The schoo. year will no doubt be
a very successful one. It may he neces
sary to create a third room before the
winter is over.
The Canemah literary society held a
meeting at Stokes hall and the follow
ing officers were elected for the ensuing
term of one menth. bdward bmith,
president; Harrv Freeman, vice-presi
dent; Eden Blanchard, secretary;
Willie Stokes, assistant secretary;
Thomas Lindsay, treasurer; William
Marshall, sargeant-at arms, and Harry
Freeman, Ada Quinn and Nellie Kel
logg, members of the executive com
mittee. The subject chosen for the
first diccussion " Resolved, That the
United States acted properly in enter
ing upon the war with Spain." Samuel
Stevens as leader of the affirmative and
J. E. Hedges leader on the negative.
It was not determined where the coming
discussion will be held, but a committee
was appointed to rustle a place ot meet
ing which will undoubtedly be carried
out. There are not sufficient funds for
the erection of the new building and
consequently the project will be post
poned until the required funds can be
secured. The organization will be car
ried on in one way or another during
the coming winter.
Miss Emma Blanchard, of Browns
ville, is visiting, friends and relatives at
this place.
Mr. Bradley has returned from East
ern Oregon,
George Bo'.ton, one of the people who
U.i.'nt t0 Alaska in tne spring, nas re-
turnei with no encourage ureut whatever
for that country.
Mrs. W. L. Miller who has hwn in
Southern Oregon Xor souuf time past
returned home Tuesuay ,
Mr. Tabor our efficient rcidmaster,
has been doing road work in this neigh-
Jonas Toppington fcnonded to go
visiting the other eveniitg, but the large
dog that greeted him at the gate caused
him to change his mind With all haute.
Canemah, Oct. 4. Phourim,
Monntaln View Item.
. t
Mrs. Lottie Sager Keabler, was the
guest of Mrs. Gillett a few days last
week and is now working for Mrs.
Walker, near the 7th street bakery.
Sam' Francis is. at home this week
with a very so'e face, caused by working
in the magnesia at the paper mill.
J. N. Miller is also absent from the
mill with a sore hand.
Mr. Savage and family returned home
Monday after an absence of six weeks.
Harry Everhatt and is mother, came
in from Molalla Sunday, to spend the
day with their father. .
There was no Sunday school last Sun
day on account of the funeral of Dr.
John Francis, of Portland, was here
in this burg a little while on Sunday
evening. v
George Bishop, of Maple Lane, who is
working in the woolen mills is boarding
with Mr. Newman now since the tauddy
weather began,
Allen Frost got a letter from his wife
in Colorado this week, stating that the
climate there is injurious to her, and
that she has to leave there immediately.
Ely, Ore., Oct. 6. Sauna.
Royal make the food pure,
wboleiom sad dellciocM.
Absolutely Pure
Tableaux "A Pyramid of Beauty"
by many young ladies.
Song, "Waiting" -Mrs. Nellie Gard-
ner. ... , ,
The recitations were superb and many
of the singers were encored. After the
entertainment was over a bounteous
supper was spread, and the many-hungry
guests reveled in hot coffee, oyster soup,
cold fowl, confectionery, etc., etc.
A large force of men are engaged in
putting down the plank road from the
school house south to the foot of the
Spangler hill. Cob.
Oarus, October 4.
The enterprising ladies ot Carus, not
content with purchasing a bell for the
school house and fencing the Bchool
grounds, held on last Friday evening a
very successful entertainment for the
purpose of supplying the school with
needed apparatus, etc. The affairnetted
the ladies the sum of $17.80.
The following is a part of the pro
gram. Cornet solo Fred Lindsay,
; Recitation, 'Phebe" MiasE. Irish.
Song, "Juanita"---Mrs. Spence, Miss
lAiiu nayward.
Recitation, "T,he Picket" Miss B
t Song, "The Bird" Mrs. Lindsay. '
Recitation, "Entertaining Sister's
Beau" Vada Faust.
Song, "The Old Harper" 0. H. By
land, with Blanch By land as organist.
F M Baker and Robert McKay killed
a 300-pound black bear this week.
J A Gorbet has his new store nearly
ready for business.
Mr and Mrs W H Woodruff visited the
county seat Tuesday.
TI,o morlianrilan hnsinnss of Thomas,
Oharrnan & Son having been sold, all
persons knowing-themselves to be in
debted to the old firm, or Thomas Char-
man personally, will call at tne om
place of business and settle or make
satisfactory arrangements for Bame,
After 30 days from this date all accounts
will be given our attorney for collection.
for Thomas Charman.
Oregon City, Sept. 30, 181)8..
. 4.' -
For a quiet place to hitch your horis
away from the motor line,' and a pla.:e
to get a tirst-class job of repairing or
horse-shooing, at bed rock prices, call
on S. F. Scripture, shop on Fifth street.
mm mmwmmmmm n X
You Should Insist on Your Dealers Guaranteeing
MM hi Wil 1 1
ot Your
We wa
In school books and school sup
plies, too. For over seven years
we have been the acknowledged
headquarters in Clackamas county,
for everything in this line. , We
sell every school book at exactly
the price the American Book Co. j
advertises it for, and you can send
the children to us and know abso
lutely they will be asked no qjore
than you would be for the same
book. That's worth something. -
Tooth Bushes
The cheapest Tooth Brush is a guaranteed one. When a
maker quarantees things it is usually because they don't need a
guarantee. If any ot our 25c brushes shed ft bristle in two
months we'll give you one for it. We mean It. We slso have
others from 5c up. . . . . . .
Rubber Goods
Don't last forever-We have several tiim-ii found it necessary to
replace a leaky hot water bottle or a fountain fyringe, not ex
actly because we were to blame, but through a defeat in work
manship. But we always replace any thing of the kind if you
Give us a chance .
We have always guaranteed ever hair brush that sold fur
50 cents or over. Never had but one brush come back ainl tl. at
wasa$2u0 one. , We fore (strange as It may seem) as glad U
have a chance to replace it as our customer whs to havu it
We don't tell our customer one thing and mean another, so
it is Bood to have a chance once in a whilo to prove wo mean
what we say, even if it does cost stmething. ,
This wetk we have a shipment of several hundred brushes
coming direct from the manufacturer, which1 we bought at a close
price for cash, and our customers will get the bonelit.
Look at HuntleyJs List of Cut Rates and see if you are paying
more than you should for your Patent Medicines:
Cut Rfoular
Trice Pkiob
Pinbham's Blood Purifier
Chumberlaln's Cough Remedy..
Castoria , 30
Malted Milk 90
Talcum Powder
Pear's Soap secnted J5
Beef Iron and Wine 73
Electric Bitters 40
Kennedy's Discovery.. 30
Lsne's Family Medicine 35
Blue Peal Vaseline 05
Paine's Celery Compound 80
1 00
1 00
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1 00
85 1 0O
75 1 00
40 51)
lied Beal ' " . " 40 60
Begg'a " " 2-5 50
Scott's Emulsion 75 100
Warner's Fafe Cure.. 1 00 1 25
Ay er's PIHs 20 25
Csrter'sPllls 20 25
Williams' Pink Pills 40 50
Compound Cathartic Pills ...i... 15 25
Peruvian Ague Cure.. 75 1 00
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a Grapophone Ticket with everg purchase
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Original Cut-Rate Druggist,
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