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Simple Incubator.
Some years ago hearing a piping of
ehicks on the side of a manure heap in
the barn yard, I searched and found a
nest of self-hatched live and hearty or
phans left on the cold world without a
mother,, And. if any living creature
knows best how hard a thing it is to be
without a mother, it is a new born
chick. The chicks were saved, how
ever, by, simply leaving them where
they were found and feeding them in a
coop 'fitted to the manure heap, by
which the warmth that had brought
them safely Into this cold world, safely
nourished them until they were ' able
to take care of themselves, which they
did in a short time.
The natural warmth of fermenting
manure was used to hatch chicks by
Reaumur, that noted French scientist
who invented the thermometer known
by hia name. It is, and has been for
2,000 years. In use tby Egyptians for
hatching eggs artificially. Hons. Ueau
mur invented a neat bos in which the
manure might be placed, and under a
nest kept covered by a piece of sheep
skin or a bunch or soft hay, to retain
the heat of the manure which seems to
be naturally that needed to hatch
chickens. Now this old self-regulating
apparatus may be set a-going by any
farmer's boy, who is not averse to the
healthful. If disagreeable odor of a
manure heap. The apparatus usx1 for
this purpose Is quite simple, A small
barrel, or a box, may serve the purpose:
the manure being heaped and covered
with straw as a shelter for the nest. A
regulator by which air Is given Is made
In the shape of a pipe or spout having
a thermometer hung Inside of It to note
the temperature. This device Is far
more certain than an Incubator, heated
by a lamp or by boiling water, for
while the manure may cool down n lit
tle it will never get too hot and so cook
the chickens before their due time. Cer
tainly there is a- field for the farmer's
boys to try their skill and luck as we
may say, and rear some chicks without
the help or rather worry of the willful
cross-grained and generally unsatisfac
tory hen, which will as soon as not beat
a little chick to death if it stray with
in her own special brood. H. S.
Pair of Bobsleds.
The figure represents a home-made
pair of bobsleds, or flat bottom mud
bobs, that will take the place of the old,
long mud sled. The runners are made
of plank 3 feet 6 Inches long by 4
Inches wide and 1 inches thick, bolted
together with two three-eighths inch
bolts. The dark lines in cut (A A) are
pieces of 2 by 4 inch stuff, set up edge
ways and hollowed out as shown. The
raves are made of 1 Inch thick stuff, 4
inches wide. Beams are 3 by 4 Inches
square; bolsters the same. The blocks
under beam are 3 by 4 Inches, cut ot
square and bolted up through runner
and rave with two half-inch bolts.
This makes a very strong pair of bobs,
that are just the thing to use iu the
sugar bush and around on the farm In
the spring of the year.
Bermuda Grass.
There Is not a great deal of difficulty
in getting rid of Bermuda in a sandy
soil, but in upland red clay there Is
more difficulty, now the sod shallow,
an dharrow and rake out all the grass.
Then sow the land thickly In peas,
using fully one and a half bushels per
acre. Fertilize the peas with acid phos
phate and potash to get as heavy a
growth as possible, and use the Won
derful pea, as it grows ranker than any
other sort Mow the peas for hay as
soon as well podded, and plow the land
at once and harrow and prepare It for
oats to be sown In September. Sow
red clover with the oats and use plenty
of seed, not lees than 15 pounds per
acre. The following spring after the
oats crop plow the clover down and
plant In corn or cotton and work clean.
It any grass then remains renew tn
oats after the crop Is off. If planted ii
cotton this wou'd necessitate the sow
ing of the oats iu late winter. Follow
this oats crop with peas again and you
will have no more Bermuda, and will
find the land vastly improved and be
well paid for the work done to clean
the land.. Constant succession i ol
smothering crops of peas, oats and
clover will drive It out Practical
To grow cucumbers ' suecessfull
thorough manuring and cultivating an
necessary. In the early spring the
growers of cucumbers for the niarkel
use Immense quantities of manure tc
force the growth. , The seed should b
sown In moist ground, not In the drj
60il Just at top of the hilL The moist
soil will assist the germination. The
more common way is to make lai'ge
hills and put a good lot of manure In
the bottom, even if the whole ground
has been previously worked over wlti
manure. The manure In the hill should
be deep enough and there should be
enough dirt above it to prevent the ten
der roots coming Into contact with It
To keep off the bugs till the plants are
large enough to take care of themselves
is always somewhat of a problem.
There are various remedies given. Bui
one of the most satisfactory methods
is to have some light muslin cloth witt
which to cover the hills till the plants
get a number of coarse leaves. These
cloths are stretched over a frame and
the ends covered with the soil. Most ol '
1nnnAn .-. .1 V. . 1 - lnnnnf I
and are not particularly Interested In
the coarser leaves that come later
Farmers' Review.
Barr Knapp's Farm Furrows, .
One of the greatest faults is faull
The milking stool Is a poor currj
He who eats more than he produces
robs the world.
Some men who pet their neighbors
children will only pound their own,
No grind, no grist
Failure sighs while success hustles.
An old field may produce new grain.
Lazy bees, no honey; lazy farmer, dc
Who refuses to toll has no right to
the soil.
Every shine has Its shadows and
even a shadow has its use.
If you do not want it the greatest
of bargains is not cheap, Exchange.
The Pnffolk Fheep.
This beautiful sheep Is a fair repre
sentative of another descendant of the
Southdown breed to which 1t owes all
those peeularltlea,, except size, that
have been given to every cross bred
race of heep In which the Southdown
blood flows. It more closely resembles
Its half parent than , the Shropshire
does, having a smoother body, a finer
fleece, and more of the broad lo'.n than
this possesses. . It Is a new breed,' hav
ing only been admitted to the English
exhibitions as a distinct class ten years
ago, although Its foundation began by
the first cross of the Southdown on an
ancient, race, a hardy, horned, black
faced sheep existing from time Im
memorial in the County of Suffolk, in
England. This sheep Is a special mut
ton breed. Its fleece, however, being
valued highly for the manufacture of
clothing. It Is doubtful If the breed has
been sufficiently long established to
confer on It .the ability to maintain lt
sel as the Southdown or Shropshire
does in all its special points. Time Is
required for this, but 'the Suffolk has
Its usefulness In crossing an Inferior
sheep to improve them In all the de
sired points for the butcher and for Its
Judging Fheep.
It requires familiarity with sheep to
enable one to Judge beneath Its coat of
wool whether It Is fat or In poor con
dition. An experienced shepherd will
not only know the various sheep In his
flock by differences in their faces, but
he can also tell by the looks of the
sheep what age It Is, and whether It is
in thrifty or unthrifty condition. Yet
to most people a flock of sheep pre
sents no individual peculiarities.
Fertilizing Strawberries.
Strawberry roots do not spread out
near the surface of the ground as much
as some other kinds of small fruits, for
which reason all fertilizers applied
should be along the rows, close to the
plants. It Is an excellent plan to apply
fertilizer over the rows early In spring,
but at this season of the year it can
not be done without Injury to plants.
Good Horses In Demand.
Good horses are in demand, not only
for army use, but on farms. A few
years ago horses fell in price to a point
which made It unprofitable to raise
them, but since that time they have be
come scarce in some sections. There
may be an abundant supply of "plugs,"
but horses adapted for general work on
the farms will find ready sale.
Those who grow asparagus by level
culture object to the work of cutting
the shoots. The proper way is to hill
up the rows thirty Inches high, so as
not to be compelled to bend the body
low In cutting. If the shoots are cnt
Just as the tips are appearing through
the ground, they will be tender from
ths ends to the butts.
America's Greatest Medicine Con
quers Disease and Suffering.
Impure blood is the foe of mankind,, the
causu aod promoter of scrofula, salt
rheum, boils, sores, pimples anil erup
tions, catarrh, rheumatism, dyspepsia,
malaria, and that tired feeling. Hood's
Sarsaparilla overcomes these diseases by
making the blood rich and pure.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. 11; six for $3.
Hood's rHls cure Indigestion. 23 cents
The whale's nose is on the top. of the
bead, at least his nostrils are situated
there, through . which he expels the
columns of water known as "spout
ing." Whalesonly spout when they
are feeding. '
Calcium carbide finds a new applica
tion in the treatment of the black rot
of grapes. M. O. Rodier having dis
covered that sprinkling the green
grapes with this substance is effective.
A powder to be shaken Into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner
vous, and hot, and get tired easily. If you
have smarting feet or tight shoes, try
Allen's Foot-Ease, It cools the feet and
makes walking easy. Cures swollen and
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and
gives rest and comfort Ten thousand tes
timonials of cores. Try it todair. Sold by
all druegists and shoe stores for 25c Sent
by mail for 2ftc iu Btamps. Trial package
FREE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le
Roy, New York.
The most ancient coin in Europe,
the ducia, was first struck in tbe mint
of Venice in the year 1284. The build
ing is still in existence.
The new improved .Stoughton wagonB
stand the racket. , Three more car loads are
on the wav. It pavs to have the beist.
Write for free catalogue. JOHN POOLE,
sole apent, foot 'of SlorriBou street, Port
laud, Oi.
Not within living memory has there
been known so abnormally snow less a
winter in European Russia as the past
Dr. T. H. White, No. 271 Morri
son street, cor. Fourth, Portland, O.,
is the only representative in the Pacific
Northwest of the patented system of
Crown and Bridge Work, invented by
Dr. L L, White, of San Franoisoo. By
this method you do not have teeth ex
tracted because they are decayed to the
gums, in order to have new teeth in
serted. Instead you can have crowns
put on old roots, restoring the same to
natural conditions and artificial teeth
inserted where they have been re
moved. . These operations are performed
quickly and painlessly. IX White,
by tbe nse of electricity and other
methods, fills and extracts teeth with
out pain.
Opium eating lias become a habit
vtth tbe Kaffirs in South Africa. The
Chinese are tbe chief purveyors of the
FITS F?moty Cured. No On or nervousnee
r I sftor arm day s urn of Dt. Kline's Great
herreKestorer. Send for FKKK Sa.oo trial
bottle and treatise. DO, B. II, Kr.rxir tja
Axon street, Philadelphia, fa, '
Cobetz di Vaca explored the Gila
river country in 1535, and reported
that the natives were dressed in cotton
Piso's Cure for Consumption is the onlv
cough medicine used in mv house. D. C.
Albright, Miflliuburg, Pa.,tec U, 1895.
The highest waterfall in the world
is Cbolock cascade, at Yoeemite, Cal.,
which is 2,635 feet high, or just half
a mile,
Tit SchriUng'i Best tea and baking powder.
Sevsn of Ointments for Catarrh That
1 Contain Mercury, .
As mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous sur
isoes. Such articles should never be used ex
cept on prescriptions from reputable physi
cians, m the damage they will do is ten fold to
the good you can possibly derive Irofi them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury,
end Is taken internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get
the genuine. It Is taken Internally, and made
in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testi
monials free;
Sold by Druggists, price 75c per bottle.
Ball's Family Pills are the best.
The two biggest fire engines in the
world are in Liverpool; they can throw
1,800 gallons of water a minute and a
jet 180 feet high. ,
Ths Japansee have a gigantic coloni
cation scheme on foot in Mexico.
I 1 Bast Coach Srrnp. Tuva. Gooi Ul.fl
I: In tin Sold bTdnimrlM PI
Loncest Trolley Ride
The longest electric railway in the
world is said to be that operated be
tween Kenosha and Waukesha Beach,
both in Wisconsin. This line is 63
miles long, and atrangements have
been made by the Milwaukee Electrio
Railway and Light Company to run
chartered cars from Milwaukee to
Waukesha Beach. Commutation
tickets, sold at a lower rote than the
regular steam roads, and otlier induce
ments are expected to bring ' a heavy
Burglars, by boring a large hole in a
door of the courthouse at Impendhl,
Natal, gained admittance, smashed
open the safe and carried off 700
pounds sterling of native hut-tax money
just collected. Natal Mercury.
Because of frequent rains In Cuba malarial
fevers are a common ailment there, Just as
they are In many sections of the t'nlteu States.
Ailments oi this kind, no matter in what part
of the globe they occnr, are quickly oured with
Hostetters Stomach Bitters. Besides being a
specific for malarial troubles, these Bitters
also make pure blood, strong nerves and
muscles, and firm, healthy flesh. They have
no equal for dyspepsia and constipation,
Gillingham, England, had a grave
digger aged 75. In 87 years he had
buried over 12,000 persons.
Paper was first manufactured In the
East, and was introduced into Europe
by the Moots in the eighth oentury.
The green ants of Australia make
nests by bending leaves together.
Two Letters to Mrs. Ptokhara.
Mrs. Jons Williams, Englishtown,
N. J., writes : :
" Deab Mrs. Pinkham) I cannot be
frlnto tell you how I suffered before
taking your remedies. I was so weak
that I could hardly walk across the floor
without falling. I had womb trouble
and such a bearing-down feeling j also
suffered with my back and limbs, pain
in womb, inflammation ot the bladder,
piles and indigestion. Before I had
taken one bottle of Lydla E, Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound I felt a great deal
better, and after taking two and one
half bottles and half a box of your
Liver Pills I was cured. If more would
take your medicine they would not
have to suffer so much."
Mrs. Joseph Petebsoh, 513 East St,
Warren, Pa,, writes:
' "Dear Mrs. PiskhamjI have suf
fered with womb trouble over fifteen
years. I had inflammation, enlarge
ment and displacement of the womb.
I had the backache constantly, also
headache, and was so dizzy. I had
heart trouble, It seemed as though my
heart was in my throat at times chok
ing me. I could not walk around and
I could not lie down,' for then my heart
would beat so fast I would feel as
though I was smothering. I had to
sit up in bed nights in order to breathe,
I was so weak I could not do any
"I have now taken several bot
tles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and used three pack
ages of Sanative Wash, and can say
I am perfectly cured. I do not think
I cruld havo lived long if Mrs. Pink
ham's medicine had not helped me,"
Bishop Scott ftcsdemy 1
A Hoard Inn and Iav School for boys.
Military dlHClpline tn eimrue of U. S.
Army officer. Primary, preparatory
and academic departments. Manual
Training or Sloyd has recently been In
stalled. Boys of all wes received.
Hpeclal Instruction In uuimic, modern
languages, stenography. Through col
lege preparatlou a spml&lty. Catalogue
011 appliuaUou to the principal, J. w.
HILL, M. I) , V. O. l)rawe W, Port
land, Or.
Moore'a Kevewled Remedy will do It. Three
dene will make you leel better. Get it from
your druggist or any wholesale drug bouse , or
trom Stewart 4 Holmei Drug Co.. Seattle.
Stopped atonce
Dh. J.C Hoffman, iM Isabella Bldg, Chicago, 111.
tlflr,sl1a M,k mcner by luoceif ol
11 II L 111 Tculatton In Chicago. We
J Ilr U I buy and eU wheat on mr-
IIL.ni gins. Fortunes hare been
made on a retail beginning br trading in fu
ture. Writ, lor lull particular!. Beet ol tu.
r.nce gWen. BeraraJ fears' ei perlence on tha
Chicago Board of Tradt and a thorough know,
ledg.ol tb.bmlnMi. Band lor oar Ire refer
nee book. DOWNING, HOPKINS A Co,
Chicago Board ot Trade Broken. Office la
Portland, Oregon and Seattle. Wub.
At Burliivjrame, San Mateo oountv, Col, '
is one of the must thorough. Careful and i
pructiir"HoiiM3 Scliuol'" to be found oaf
Stanford Universities: Thorough prepara
tion for business. Send for catalogue. Iea
w. Hoitt, Ph. D., PrincltiaL Ke-opeus
Aug. 8th. '
Centennial of Electricity.
A centennial of electricity will be
celebrated at Oomo, Italy, tbe birth
place of Volta, from , May to October,
1899. It is understood thnt everything
pertaining to the advancement of elec
tricity will be represented. : At the
same time an electrical congress of tbe
world's prominent electrical engineers
will be held.
The leaf of a weeping moss found in
tbe West Indies, known as the "life
dlant," is absolutely Indestructible by
any means except immeraion in boil
ing water or tbe application oi s red
hot iron.
Ko parental care ever falls o the lot
of a single member of the insect tribe.
In general the eggs of an iDseot , are
destined to be hatched long after the
parents are dead, so that most Insects
are born orphans.
..Great Removal Sale..
Draws Immense crowds and is bringing In majl orders at a rate that has neces
sitated the employment of a largely Increased clerical force.
Half a million dollars' worth of goods MUST be sold before we move into our
new store, and only
...Greatly Reduced Prices... .
on the entire stock can bring about this result.
All mall orders filled at Removal Sale Prices.
A Beautiful Present
In order to further introduce ELASTIC STARCH (Flat Iron Brand),"
the manufacturers, I. C. Hubinger Bros. Co., of Keokuk, Iowa, have
decided to GIVE AWAY a beautiful prrsent with each package of
starch sold. These presents are in the form of
Beautiful Postal Picturo
They are 13x19 inches fa si3e,and are entitled as follows:
Lilacs and
f and
rk6W" """trGjT
r UwKi so cooums
on muno or this-
1 These rare pictnres, four in number, by the renowned pastel artist,
R. LeRoy, of New York, have been chosen from the very choicest subjects
in his studio and are now offered for the first time to the public
The pictures are accurately reproduced in all the colors used in the orig
inals, and are pronounced by competent critics, works of art.
Pastel pictures are the correct thing for the home, nothing surpassing
them in beauty, richness of color and artistic merit.
One of these pictures I - ffm I
with pancka7ey of l I Cl ST i C W lei FC M
purchased of your grocer. It is the best laundry starch on the market, and
is sold for 10 cents a package. Ask your grocer for this starch and get
beautiful picture.
s Best
m Ms H lor unnatural
auchar,, infinin,nU,jD,
Irritation! or ulnraitone
of ai a eo oi membranm.
PalnloM, and nut wtrtn
gtnt ur polMoooa.
atoM br Druabta. .
ft. 1 tunJ
mm te Aruwt,
oicMin,o .fj
or amt lo plain wrrw,
br aiprtit, prepaid, (of
Uroular awl on raiMat,
I Baker's
celebrated for more
than a century as a g
delicious, nutritious, 3"
and flesh-forming
beverage, has our gi
well-known ..1 "31
. t. . y
Yellow Label
on the front of every
package, and our u
trade-mark, "La Bella A
Chocolariere,"on the v
Dorchester, Mass, . ."
. Wild
Lilacs and
rrcH vnu jo
I Plain or with Cutter. The heat n!l In the mar.
KM. UmmI bf all lack mati. tut aaie ij all g
t Market SUeet, Baa rrmnctaoo. Cal.
m. r. v. c
a. ,
wHHb. an alAriA.e 1
maaUoo Uklt tiap.r.