Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, May 20, 1898, Image 7

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And Not
Bhould be ytjur guide in buying medicine.
Let others experiment; you Bhould be
guided by experience. Experiments are
uncertain tu result; experience is sure.
Experiments may do you harm; experi
ence proves thut Hood's Sursaparilla will
Jo you wonderful good. You may rely
upon the experience of those who have
been cured by this medicine.
Fulfills a Duty.
"I feel it my duty to let people know
how much good Hood's Barsaparilla did
forme. My health won poor audi had
doctored aiid taken medicine but found no
relief, so I thought I would try Hood's
arsapitrllla. After taking two' bottles I
felt better and I kept on taking it and now
I am welL I think it is th,e best blood
medicine in the world." 0. W. Cabey,
Prineville, Or.
.. parllla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. Sold by all
druggists, $1; six for fi. Get only Hood'B.
Hnnd' Pille "e (sentli mim, efte-
UUUU I-UIS tive, AUdruBttlsu. 26c.
The World's Hard Wood Market.
London is the hardwood market of
the worjol. American buyers of Mex
ican woods go to London to make their
purchases instead of Mexico. The
woods are shipped to London and
then back to the United States, for the
reason that London is the exchange of
the world.
We are asserting in the courts onr right to the
exclusive use of the word "CA3T0KIA," and
" PITCHes.'d CASTORIA," as our Trade Mark.
I, Dr. Samuel Fitcher, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of " PITCHER'S CASTORIA,"
the same that has borne and does now bear the
fac simile signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on
every wrapper. This is the original " PITCHER'S
CASTORIA " which has been used in the homes
Of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought, and has the
signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
my name except The Centaur Company of which
Chas. H. Fletcher is President. .
March 8, l&yj. SAMUEL PITCHER, M.TX
The amount of liquid refreshments
taken by a man of 70 years would equal
70,700 pints, and to hold this a pail 12
feet high and more than 2,500 times
as large as an ordinary pail would be
tequired. ...
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
fearn that there Is at least one dreaded disease
that seience has been able to cure in all lis
liases, and that is catarrh. Hall'sCatarrh Cure
Is the only positive cure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. The pro
prietors have so much faith in its curative
fiowers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars
or any case that it fails to cure. Bend lor list
of testimonials. Address
F. J. CHENEY St CO, Toledo, O.
Bold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
An ingenious Jiat.ter of Paris con
structed a house of felt made out of
24,000 old hats. This house consisted
of a parlor, dining room and bod -room;
also a kitchen. , .
C ITC Permanently Cured. Ko tits or nervousnes
rils after nrst day's use of Dr. Klines or eat
Nerve Kestorer. Send for FKfcK (M.OO trial
bottle and treatise. DR. R. H. KLUiE, ltd., two
Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa.-
A sleigh made by Colonel David
Moseley in 1776 has been in the family
servioe ever since. It is now owned by
Edward Moseley, of Westfield, Maes.,
a great-grandson.
Stop! Women,
And consider that in addressing Mrs.
Pinkham you are confiding your private
Ills to a woman a woman whose ex
perience in treating woman's diseases
is gTeater than that of any living phy
sician, male or female.
You can tallt freely to a woman when
It is revolting to relate your private
troubles to a man; besides, a man does
not understand, simply because be is a
Women suffering from any form of
female weakness are invited to promptly
communicate with Mrs. Pinkham, at
Lynn, Mass. All letters are re
ceived, opened, read, and answered by
women only. A woman can freely
talk of her private illness to a woman.
Thus has been established the eternal
confidence between Mrs. Pinkham and
the women of America which has nover
.been broken. Out of the vast volume
of experience which she has to draw
from, it is more than possible that she
has gained the very knowledge that
will help your case. She asks nothing
In return except your good will, and
her advice has relieved thousands.
Surely any woman, rich or poor, is very
foolish if she does not take advantage
of this generous oner of assistance;
Hake money by tuccesful
speculation in Chicago. We
ouy ana sen wue&t on mar
gins. Fortunes hava been
cade on a small oeginning by trading in fu
tures. Write for full particulars, best of ret
erence given. Several years' experience on the
mieairo non.ru ot i race. ana a tnoronen know,
ledge of the bnines. Send for onr free refer
ence book. DOWNING. HOPKINS 4 Co.,
Chicago Board of Trade Brokers. Offices la
Portland, Oregon ana Seattle, n asn.
Is it Wrong?
Get It Right.
Keep it Right.
Moore's Revealed Remedy will do It Three
doses will make you feel better. Get It from
your druggist or any wholesale drug bouse, or
ron Stewart & Holmes Drng Co., Seattle.
Illitfti WnlKt ill (ISf FL&.
Best Unuh Syrup. Thin Good. Tjn I
tn time, hoifl rv orotrrxts.
Hot Water Brooder.
The cut shows a simple form of hot
water brooder to be used without a
lamp, the galvanized Iron tank being
filled with hot water night and morn
ing. The second cut shows the posi
tion of the tank behind the front board.
the bottom having attached to it a
double row of slashed woolen cloth,
under which the chicks can run. The
tank. Is seen to set back from this
board, giving a chance for a packing
of sawdust, or bran, over and all
around the tank. The chicks huddle
beneath the tank, and if they find It
loo warm, they poke their heads out
through the cloth, or come wholly out
Into the outer, or scratching, room
Keep the tank hot enongh so the chicks
will not crowd together under it, but
will be Inclined to put their heads out
through the cloth. Place the brooder
under an open shed, and the chicks can
run out of doors on sunny days.
American Agriculturist.
Improving- a Postnre Ppring.
The average pasture spring is apt to
be a mud hole because not protected
from the cattle's feet. Where a spring
is to furnish the sole supply of water
for a pasture year after year, it is
worth while to make the most of it. If
there is an old iron kettle with a break
in the bottom, it can be utilized after
the fashion shown In the cut, provided
the source of the spring is a little high
er than the point where it issues from
the ground. With rough stones and ee
ment build a watertight wall about
the spring, setting the rocks well down
into the ground. Set the kettle with
the opening in the bottom so that the
water will rise to its top. A pure sup-
ply will thus always be at hand for the
etock and a permanent Improvement
made to the pasture. Orange Judd
Making a Lawn.
Lawns are desirable on farms and
suburban lots, but it frequently hap-
pens that the grass dies off If a dry
summer comes. If the lawn Is small
water can be supplied two or three
times a week, but on large grass plot
this cannot always be done. There are
two modes of making a lawn. One Is
to cut Bod and turf the plot. In which
case water must be used until the grass
starts. The other Is to plow or spad
the plot, apply plenty W well-rotted
manure and seed to mixed lawn grass
This should be done In August, but if
rains are plentiful seed sown In the
spring will make a lawn before the
summer is over. The most Important
point Is to use the lawn mower at prop
er times. If the grass Is kept very
close It will not thrive, especially the
first year. It may be mowed two or
three times during the year, so as to
thicken the growth, but to keep the
lawn "shaved" at all times will Injure
the grass, as It must be given time to
become well established. The best fer
tlllzer for a lawn of one acre Is a mix
ture of 50 pounds nitrate of soda,
pounds muriate of potash and
pounds bone meal, which Is not a heavy
application, however. Mulch the lawn
late In the fall with fine manure that
is free from litter.
The Weeder,
For destroying the young weeds as
soon as they begin to peep out of the
ground there is an implement known as
the weeder. It is a very simple affair,
and one using It need only go over
row once, as such work can be done
quickly. It stirs the ground only to
the depth of an Inch or two, but breaks
the top soil sufficiently to couserve the
moisture below. Do not use a cultlva
tor where the weeder will answer,
Farmers Not Improving Opportunities
Farmers are not improving their op
portunities for poultry production a
they might ComnaratlveJy few keep
as many hens as the village mechanic
FIG. 2.
most of his back lot 1 There are more
of the latter than of the former whose
hens number up into the hundreds,
and who make a careful study of poul
try production. This ought not to be
Fifty or seventy-five hen-power
poultry plants are quite common on
farms, but 300 or 500 hen-power farms
are few and far between. They should
be common, and 1,000, 2,000, and even
3,000 bens might be kept on many
farms by those who will carefully study
the business. Do I know what I am
talking about? Yes, I think I do. I
know of 3,000 hen egg farms that have
been successfully run for many years.
They are not, however, conducted after
the fanciers' methods or by closely fol
lowing the directions laid down In the
poultry books and papers. Samuel
Cushman, In Rural World.
Value of the Cream Separator.
The story is told of an Iowa dairy
man who skimmed his milk at home by
hand, and satisfied himself that there
was not enough butter fat left In It to
give even a smell of butter. A separ
ator man challenged hlni , to bring a
sample of his skim-milk for analysis.
The challenge was accepted, and the
test showed that 2 per cent, of butter
fat had been left in the milk. In other
words, nearly one-half of the butter
in that milk had been fed to calves and
pigs. This Is pretty expensive pig feed
ing, even at the present low prices for
butter. It was certainly an eye-opener
for that dairyman. The human hand
is superior to many machines, but
when it comes to skimmiug milk no
hand-skimmer can beat the separator
for getting the butter fat out of a
given weight of every-day milk. Indi
ana Farmer.
Canada Thistle.
Some farmers will allow Canada this
tles to remain rather than to undertake
the task of their destruction. No oue
6hould expect to get rid of them In a
year, but the land can ie cieareo. oi
them if the work is properly done and
persisted In. Plow the land and plant
to potatoes. In addition to the culti
vator use the hoe, and always cut the
thistles two or three inches under
ground. The next year grow cabbages
or some other crop requiring the hoe
(even corn will answer), and the this
tles will become less numerous every
year. Then sow to Hungarian grass
and mow it as frequently as possible,
Spraying for Vermin.
The spraying machines bought to
Bpray trees with fungicide for blight
are good for other uses also. Where
farm stock are afflicted with lice, the
sprayer filled with a kerosene or other
oil emulsion, and directed against the
animal's neck, sides and all the hairy
parts of the body, will distribute this
much faster and more perfectly than
can be done by hand. Of course, no poi
son should be used, as animals will lick
themselves wherever they can reach
and thus poison themselves. No Injury
comes from a weak emulsion of kero
sene oil. . - " !
' .. Grass. Seel in Drills, .
Whenever grass seed Is to be sown
-after grain put In with the grain (brill
the surface should, be firjft smoothed
with a smoothing harrow, so that the
grass anu ciover seeus suaii ao tan in
the same Hue with the grain. , If . the
grass seed Is sown in the drill marks
most of It will fall Into or be washed
Into the drill marks while the ridges
between will remain unseeded. If
very heavy rain comes after tho seed
ing, It will wash down so much soil
that the grass seed will be covered too
deeply. If It has already sprouted the
covering will destroy most of It.
Yields of Corn. '
Extraordinary . yields of corn on
small plots are not Indicative of what
may be the result on a large field, as
soils vary. Trials of corn are usually
made on rich bottom plots, or on spe
cially prepared ground, but there Is no
denying the fact that the yields of corn
on large areas may be greatly increased
by proper preparation of the soil and
tlie use of a liberal amount of manure
or fertilizer. No farmer should be sat'
lulled with his yield, but should aim to.
increase it every year if it is possible
to do so. '
Moss in Pasture,
Wherever moss creep Into pasture, It
Is a sure slgu that the soli has either
been exhausted of some of Its valuable
mineral fertility, or that the soil has
been so poisoned by stagnant water
that humlc acid has developed. The
cheapest experiment Is to run over the-
surface with the harrow, loosening or
tearing up some of the moss, and sow
lug grass seed. If you can afford potash
and phosphate, give a dressiug of these
This will make grass grow In place of
Feed inn Animal.
The common mode of feeding Mil
mats Is to give the grain In a separate
trough from the hay or fodder, and at
different times. Such method Is pre
ferred because it saves labor, but the
best results are obtained by mixing the
ground grain with coarse food that has
been passed through the feed cutter,
Less food will then be required to ob
tain results, because the mixed food
will be better digested and asslnil-
lated than when the substances are
given separately.
Profit from Sheep.
Reports of the Agricultural Depart
nient for 1SI7 show that the valuation
of sheep has Increased over 28 pe
cent. This Is due to the fact that farm'
ers are giving more attention to slier
that produce mutton rather than to de
pend on wool. Another profit fruin
sheep which Is Increasing every year
Is the production of choice early lambs,
Corn Fodder.
Shredded fodder Is excellent, but try
a piece of fodder corn for shredding,
Grow it In the same manner as for eu
silage, cure It properly and keep it un
der shelter. The curing of the corn and
preserving It are the secrets of success
What an Engagement with Modern
Fighting Machines Means,
'In the Century Claude II. Wetmora,
well-known St Louis newspaper
man, has au article ou "A Famous Sea
Fight," describing the engagement be
tween Chilian aud Peruvian ironclads
off the coast of Bolivia In 1870. Mr.
Wetmore says: '
"From the beginning of the battle
the encouraging voice of Grau had
come to the men In the turret through
the speaking tube from the conning
tower, but when the Blanco crowded
into the thick of it and great shot
struck the Huascar's sides as regularly
as blows of a battering ram, the orders
of the commander were no longer
heard. The officer In charge of the tur
ret called to his superior. There was no
answer, and wben Commander Ellas
Aguerre ran up the narrow little ladder
that led to the tower he stumbled over
the dead body of bis admiral A shell
had struck the conning tower and had
taken off Grau's head as neatly as If
the decapitation had been by the guillo
tine. This shell also killed Lieutenant
Ferre, the admiral's aid. There was
only time to push the corpses aside,
and the new commanding officer pulled
back the tube flap to give his direc
tions, but as he did so the Huascar
staggered, keeled over, then shook in
every plate, while a concussion more
terrible than any so far told that a shell
had entered the turret aud had burst
there. Wben the fumes had cleared
away so that a person could speak, a
midshipman called out that one of the
great guns had been dismounted and
twenty men killed. The survivors tum
bled the bodies through the hatch that
opened Into the deck below, thus re
leasing the clogged machinery, and, as
Ithe corpses ratted down, other men
rushed up, throwing off their clothing
as they Jumped into the pools of blood
to seize hold of the gear and swing the
remaining gun into position, that It
might train upon one of the ships
they could no longer make out which,
nor did they care and It was discharg
ed, hauled in, loaded and discharged
again. .
"Once more all was silent in the con
ning tower. Lieutenant Palacols hast
ened there, but before he could enter
he was compelled to push three bodies
out of the way. He had barely given
his first command when a bullet from
the well-aimed rifle of a marine In an
enemy's top lodged between his eyes.
Then the fourth to command the Huas
car that day, Lieutenant Pedro Gare-
sson, took the place, and' ari; he did so
he called through an aperture, telling
the quartermaster to put the helm to
port for he had determined to ram one
of the adversaries and sink with .her If
necessary. Over and over spun the
wheel but the Huascar's head still
poluted between the Chilians.
Port! Port, I sayf; screamed the
commander. .
She won't answer,' came back the
sullen, reply from the only one of four
quartermasters alive; the bodies of the
others were lying upon the grating at
his feet. ' " ' ,
"'A shot has carried away the star
board steering gear, sir," reported an
ensign; and he , dropped dead as the
words left his mouth,.., ' .t ,
'TlmH.uRaear npw lay drifting, in a
hell of shot and flame, but all the while
the red, white and rod fluttered from
the peak One by one. In twos and
threes, the men In the turret dropped
at their posts; and at last the remain
ing great gun was silent,, its tackle lit
erally choked with dead. The turret
could not be turned for the same rea
son. ' Corpses hung over the nillltaryi
top; corpses clogged the conning tower.
With coats and- waistcoats off, the
surgeons had been laboring in the.
wardroom upon the wounded, who,
shrieking In their agouy, had been
tumbled down the companlonway like
so many butchered beef; for there Is no
time to use stretchers or to carry a
stricken comrade to a doctor's care,
Steam and smoke filtered through the
doorways, and the apartment became
stilling. While they were sawing, am
putatlng and bandaging a shell tore
Into the wardroom, burst, and frag.
ments wounded the assistant surgeons,
the chief of the medical staff having
been killed earlier In the conflict. Those
unfortunates who were stretched uixin
the table awaitlug their turn under the
knife, and those who lay upon the
floor suffered no more pain; they were
killed as they lay groaning. This shell
tore away wardroom and stern cabin,
aud hardly a trace was left of tho
bulkhead. After that what little sur
gery was done waa performed in the
coal bunkers.
"Huddled In a pasageway near the
engine-room were a score or more of
non-combatants stewards, pantrymen
and stokers. They were in a place that
was lighted only as flashes came from
the guns; It was filled with powder
smoke, and clouds of steam that drift
ed from below told that the Huascar
had been struck In a vital spot her ma
chlnery. Suddenly they heard a crash,
followed by the rending of the deck
and the little Ironclad swayed as If she
had struck a reef. Someone passed the
word that the malntopmast had lieen
shot away. As It came down It
brought living men to be dashed to
death, also corpses that had teen hang'
ing over the sides of the military top.
Bismarck's Confelon.
Of the neuralgic pains In his face,
which were so severe that he some
times had to press the points of his fin.
gers on his chivk bones for several
minutes for a little relief, Bismarck
was reported as saying; "This Is quite
URtura. I have sinned In my life the
most with my mouth. In eating, drink
Ing and talking." London Dally New
Popular airs may be catching, but It
takes a good tire to hold them.
The woman who falls to say "be
cause" has some other excuse.
Use only
ins- teasDOontui or
ing Powder to, a
quart of flour.
You taust use two teaspoonfuls ot other baking powder!
There is an immense garden in China
that embraces an area of 50,000
square miles. It is all meadow land,
and is filled with lakes, ponds and
oanals. - -
In French tiails, a mixture of ten
parts of air and one part of acetylene
has proven suitable for ordinary gas
engines,' giving three times the energy
of ordinary illuminating gas.
Th question has been mooted over and over
strain whether the engrafting of French and
(lerman dishes nnou the bills of fare of the
better class of American restaurants is or Is
not an improvement. Many pretend that be
fore their introduction our cooking was coarse,
barbaric. This is an open question, but no bill
oi fare presents attractions to the dyspeptic,
but they, like the billons, malarious and per
sons with weak kidneys, cau be cured by Hos
tel's Stomach Bitters.
Shakespeare's Songs in Music
Shakespeare's songs put in musio
and sung by single and collected voices
was the entertainment furnished the
members of the Chioago Woman's Club
at Handel hall the other evening.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner
vous, and hot, and get tired easily. If you
have sniartitio: feet or tight shoes., try
Allen's Foot-Ease. It ooola the feet aim
makes walking easy. Cures swollen am'
sweating feet, blisters' and oallons spot
Relieves corns and bunions of all pain anil
gives rest and comfort. Ten thousand tes
timonials ot cures, iry h uxtni. aoia oy
all druRgists and shoe stores for 2.VJ. Sent
bv mail lor lac m stamps, inui pacKage
F"REE. Address Allen S. Olmsted, Le
Roy, New York,
It is said that a Scotchman planted
the first thistle in Australia out of love
for hie native land, and now millions
of that plant affllot the land.
All Eastern Syrup, ao-oalled, usually very
light colored and ef heavy body, is muds from
lucose. "Tea warden urvpir u muae irom
ugnr Cane and is strictly mire. H la lor sale
by tirst-clam grocers, in Oans only. Manufac
tured by the Pacific Coast Syrup Co. All gen
uine "Tea Garden Dript" have the manufac
turer's name lithographed on every oan.
For lune and chest diseases Piso's Cure
Is the best medicine we have used. Mrs.
J, L. Northcott, Windsor, Out., Canada.
. For liioycle Riders.
Dinner pails are being fitted with
bails which, will permit their attach
ment to the top bar of a bicycle frame,
the bail ; having a . circular spring
formed on either side close to the pail,
with spring braces extending to the
cover to prevent a sudden jar or swing.
K Established 1780.
Chocolate, i
celebrated for more V
than a century as a i
delicious, nutritious,
and flesh-forming
beverage, has our ?
Yellow Label
on the front of every ?
package, and our
trade-mark, "La Belle q
Chocolatiere,"on the V
back, X
& Dorchester, Mass, V
h. r.
n. c.
No. SI, 'KS.
WHEN wrltina; to advertisers please
mention this paper.
11 ' ,
Hercules Special
(2 actual horsepower)
Price, only $185.
I f iaSiirfrl
1 Jyll
one heap-
Best Bak
Best Reputation.
Best Paint for Dealer or Consumer.
Color Cards Sent Free.
Maid OilS Paint 1 Co.,
Is the working oaplUl
of humanity
tv. He who
loses that M wrecked
Indeed. Is your health
fulling you, your am
bition, vigor, vitality
wasting; away T
When others fall con.
For the speedy, safe and
rmanent cure of all
Nervons, Chronic and 1
neoial diseases, even
their most aggravated forms. There is no mat
Hie world who has effected so many permanent
ros In both Men ana Women of troubles which
,.nef phystcans of acknowledged ability bad given
np as hopeless us this eminent specialist,
NEKVOU9 DEBILITY aud all Its attending
allmeuts, of YOUNO, MIDDLK-AOED aud OLD
11 KS. Theawrnl eflbcts of neglected or Improp
erly treated cases, causing drums, weakness of
body and brain, dlislness, falling memory, lack of
energy and confidence, pains In back, loins and
kidneys, and many other distressing symptoms,
utitlttingone fur study, bustlings or enjoyment of
.life. Dr liatrlirie cau cure you, ud matter who or
what hus fulled.
WEAK MEN. He restores lost vhro' and vi
tality to weak men. Orgwis of the body wtiloh
huve been weakened tluot;h disease, overwork,
excesses or indiscretions are remureu to run power,
I no
streugth aud visor through his own successful iy
tern or treat mnu
hydrocele, svrrtllng and ten
rested with uiitalltna-success.
SPECIAL DISEASES, Inflammation, din.
charges, etc.. which, If neglected or improperly
treated, break down the system, cause kidney aud
bladder diseases, etc
IMSKAbKH iv wenEHi rromniana es-
peclal intention given to all their many
WHITE If yon areaware of any trouble. DO
NOT DKUAY. Call on Dr. Ratolltfe today. If you
. Call on Dr. Kb
rlto htm. His v
cannot call,
His valuable hoole rree to
kU suneren
aential at omca or by letter.
E. M. RATOLIFFE, .n3nrtlrj.Sfni.l
g Portland to Chicago Without Change
Quick Time,
i nlon Depots.
Personiilfy fond noted Exonralnns.
llRtHHiice Chocked to Destination. u
Low ItHtee, 1
Direct line to Trans-Mississippi ana
Intertmtluiitil Exposition held In Omaha,
Nebraska, June to November.
Write undersigned for rates, time tables and
other information pertaining to Union Padua
K K.
R. W. BAXTER, Gen. Agent,
135 Third St., Portland, Oregon.
ill. men GEDvEv?.!.r,,
Plain or with Cutter. The best needle In the mar.
ket. Used by all sack sewers. Vol aala by all gea
eral merchandise stores, ur by
820 Market tttmet, Han Francisco, Cat
1 1 4m' 'jr
tB EiSl i MBA
Power that will save you money and
make you money. Hercules Engines
are the cheapest power known. - Burn
Gasoline or Distillate 011; oo smoke,
fire, or dirt For pumping, running
dairy or farm machinery, they have oo
equal. Automatic in action, perfectly
safe and reliable.
Send for illustrated catalog.
Hercules Gas
Engine Works
Bay St., San Francisco, CaL
or the. town fancier who makes the
with fodder of all kinds.