Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, May 06, 1898, Image 8

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.'fBHJ-sM.fB.;,,.i if".'-'.
asy to Take
asy to Operate
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size, tasteless, efficient, thorough. As one man
A Very Interesting Meeting Held
At Canby Saturday.
The Canby Christian Endeavor Con
vention a Success.
said: " You never know you
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over." 260. C. I. Hood & Co.,
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CHAS. CATTA, Proprietor
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fflr-Job Printing at the
uonrier umce.
Mm Mb
' Thta nht one armed peelnllsl, ofM. boms,
welt Known by lilt long residence iiml mo
riwifnllv practice In thta city, conllnii" u.
miooc-iiiilly treat all kinds or chronic unO
lulviile disease
every niiei noon
niseiisos, Sore", 8pnt,
IM111 pli. H..rolnlii, S h
a. rencm, iw-k'-iiih ii-
dlnr Impurities of the blood thnrougu
irndlcntod, leaving thn system In a slrou
nitre and lieHlllilufitute.
mintm mTOlIT treated by an old Oerniun
fin fill 111 UllJlll remedy. This 10111e.lv wio
prcsi-iiled to Dr. Kessoler by a (lieiid li
Iterltn. It hint never (ailed.
nifl OnDPO t'lceri, Cancers, etc., treated, in:
Uuil OUUDO dilic'reni hnw long ntrocieii
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mug In It, you have some kidney or bliuUI
TKIIP flrnrnil removed III twenty-four hour
Iftib. WUrilUMi- worm hi window al ol
lii I 1 lo. 1.1 eel long.
Drrjrnil OrPIXTtfP We meet persons cyen
Dhliftlll MlNlU) day whose brent h .ni l'
to I'. 11I 11 is ili-giisiing. This conic from it
Imri' 01 either lh" none or stomach tin and
S' eMiiiiliied. It can lie cured before lie
innl hones becomes Involved.
'flllW MTM ,f you ie troubled with night
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and hiM rented.
M1PDLE-AGED MEN !S.."rT..!fc".;b
tai nk. iicliinii bucks and klilm-yi; liviie-.t
pnliihd urination iiml aedlment in ii-lne , Im
I olein-y or weakneNR of aexual ortuin, n n
i her 11 11 mint a k 11 hie a ikii of nervoun ih lull v
unit leiiintilie OecHy. abiliy die ol int..
ihllli'iilly, iKiiiiranl of the eHiiae Tlie inuii
nhsilniite cusca o( thta charaner tn'tited
nrjllj IIIIP (tiaaaea fllecl, (lonnrrheu l.i
1 nil ill U tliiiiiBlliina. Klwhaiitea. SI ilet u i .
WcukiieM of Orcaiin, Hyphllla, llydrneele
VarictK'ele and kindred tniublea inHtel.
Consultation Free to All.
Offick Hour: From 9 A. M. to
8 P. M. Call or address
J.Henri Kessler AID.
" ' .At St. Louis Dispensary,
Port' vmv Ohfuos
There was a very pood attendance at
tlie regular nionlhly meeting of the
I Olnckumns Cor.nty Teael ers' AsBOoia
I tion. held at Oantiy Ihh Saturday. Su
perintendent Starkweather presided,
and MifH Kannie li. Porter, seereturv,
I wan in attendance First on the p'0
I gram was a patriotic selection by the
' pnpi'g of the Canliy noliool, which was
well received. Robert One favored the
Hffociatiiin Willi newral peleti ions on
the violin, whil Ceorire Knight played
several cornet polos. The efforts of faith
gentlemen were thoroughly appreciated i
Prof. P. L. Uoleman.of Canby-. pre
sented "Siencerian Penma' sliip." Mr.
Coleman is partial to the Spencerian i
method, and said that he lielieved that
there was but one iv tural movement,
anil that whs the linger movement He
illiiHtnited his plan of instructing a class ,
in penmanship in a very interes'ing :
wav.mid thought that children could
be best taught how to write bv means of
the Spencerian system. His plan was
to first develop the movement, and then
tench the pupils how to ex cute it prop- i
erlv. ounty Superintendent II. S. I.y-1
man, of lalsop county , endorsed Mr.'
(Jolt-man's ideas, while Prof. H. h. 1
Strange, of Oregon tity, advocated the
vertical system, and thought it the best
fur fioor writers. Other teachers, who
took part in the discussion were Messrs. j
Young, Anson, liintlier. lMoorv,, liyatt
and Miss Fnntiie Port' r. I
"Aiore Civil (iovernment in Our!
"cIiooIb." was the topic assigned Miss
Este.Un Blacken, but as she was not ;
present Superintendent Starkweather I
took up the siibjei t, and said that this :
was a very necessary lirancli 10 he tnugnt 1
in cur schools, and that every boy and I
girl shoi Id be ahle to tell all about their !
government. Profs. Gilbert and Strange,
both made earnest appeals lor more
thorough education along this line,
Supt. Lyman, also. made some pertinent
remarks on the subject.
A splendid dinner was served at the
Oauhy hotel, by the enterprising busi
nesss men of 1 anhy.
At the beginning of the afternoon
session, Superintendent Starkweather
called Prof. Strange to the chair, while
lie presented "Teachers' Examina
tions." Supt. Starkweather said that
he would nit attempt to cover all the
ground covered by this topic, but he
wt'S much dissatisfied with the present
school law. 1 0 said that alter a teacher
passed an examination before the
county board, they must pass an ex
animation before the board of direcors
of a school district, which was 'he most
impoitant of all examinations. He
seriously objected to the plan of Normal
and other schools in this state issuing
life diplomas as teachers, to graduates,
who hud never had any experience in
teaching ; that there weie 43 educational
institutions in the state of Oregon, who
were authorized to issue life diplomas
to their graduates to the detriment of
other teachers, although he favored one
good normal and training school in the
state. Mr. Starkweather, also favored
a unilorm metliod 01 examinations an
over the slate. Piof. 11. S. Strange said
this matter was regulatad by law and
and that lie wanted college education
and college education endorsed, hut
spoke of the many impracticable ques
tions sent out by boards ot examiners
lie bell ved that it would have been
proper to have ask- d a committee of ed
ucatiirs to draw up a series ot school
laws, but would leave the matter for
future educaiional committees. Oluis.
llansen.of Wilsonville, told in a humer
us way of the injustice done, experi
enced teachers by reason of so many
teachers' diplomas being issued to col
lege giaduales. Miss Olive A. Luelling,
of the V est Oregon City school stated
thiitbhe was a graduate of the Normal
school at Moninoiilli, and with other
teachers had worked her way through
school by teaching, which gave them
both theoretical and practical experi
ence. And, liesiili's the experience in
the training school for a short time was
worth three times to the le cher, the
same period of experience 111 a country
school. Mrs. Wilson ol the Portland
st hoois, w ho was educated in the East,
was an ardent supporter ot .Normal
schools, hut thought one good instill
lion in a state of that kind was enough
Shirley Buck favored a middle ground
in the discussion.
Superintendent Lyman, of Clatsop
county, who is also the Union candidate
for suoennteiiiient ot public instruction.
made u very interest ng short address,
in which he coinplim 11 ted the work ol
Supt. Starkweather and the Clackamas
County Teachers' Association in general
He told How superintendent Stark
weather had brought to successful issue
a suit in Clackamas county, which raised
1 he per cell l ol the school tax levy, and
the result ol llns very suit had tend
to raise the percentage ot school taxes
in other counties. He also favored bet
ter books than we now have
George Knight, of Canby, made a very
t flc-ctivo talk 111 lavor ol teaching civil
government in the schoob.
A vole 1 f thanks was extended to the
business men and citizens of Canby for
(lie exceileii' entertainment.
The following teaclii-i s and members
of the Association were present: Supt
Staikweather, Miss Fannie I). Purler
Robert liuither, Prod Mi-indl, A 1-
Knight, Corwin Fisher ( nnbv; ShirU-v
Ittu k. FlizaU-lli llhg, Hubbard; Han
nah Peter, Aurora : Mrs. Matilda Krnkcs
Logan ; l.lgiva Mullnn, Mihvaukie
Olive A. Lm-lling, Nellie Younger, 11
S. Gibson, II. S. Stiange, Millard Hv
att, K. 11. Gahbert, Oregon t ily ; Ada
uantuiii, Mono; Aietiui riieips, r. 1.
Coleman, Herlha Sumner. L L. Moore
Howard Lccles, , lames Kocker, Mrs.S
Helen, Robert Coo. Canhv. I harl
I lansen, Wilsonville, AY. E Young, New
Em; Mrs. Wilson, Portland;,!, lv. Gil
I't-rt, I'uion Hall; Clnis. 1 rittenden
Monte Cristo; L'lsie Taylor, Marejihun
The first semi-annual convention of
the Clackamas County Christian En
deavor Union, held at 1 anby lust Satur
day and Sunday, proved to lie a very
profitable and interesting gathering.
The convention was held in the neat ed
ifice of the Christian church, and the
Canby people entertained the visiting
delegation in a most hospitable way.
The Friday evening session was a regu
lar Endeavor prayer meeting conducted
by William liissell. of Canby. At this
meeting a reception committee, con
sisting of Mrs. E. II. Carbon. Veba and
Vesta Knight, Mabel Knight, Emma
Evans, (Jrace Hampton and Esther
At the Saturday morning session
Mrs. E II. Carlton", of Canby, led the
praise service. The address of welcome
was made by William liissell. of Canby,
and was responded to by George Kan
dall, of New Era. These exercises were
followed by President ;i. H. Bestow's
address, and the secretary's and treas
ure 's reports and reports of commit
tees and societies The president's ad
dress and the various reports received,
i-dicated that the societies were in a
fairly prosperous condition. A short
business session was h-ld. and the mat
ter f changing the time and p'aee of
holding the semi-annual and an'.nal
conventions was generally discussed
The delegat s. who reside in the iioun
try, were opposed to holding conven
tions durirg seeling time as it made it
almost impossible for them to attend.
Dr. Putler gave notice that he would in
trod uce a resolution at the next meet
ing to change the days of holding the
Although there was a pretty goo! at
tendance of people at the convention.
but few of 'hose on the program were I reived.
Margaret E Buirgy vs C E and Agate
Peterson, judgment foi $1002.25.
G ,VV Grace vs F I) Wimlo and Clacka
mas Co, $53.75 cost allowed plaintiff.
J W Ashford et al vs D W Smith, dis
missed. Court adjourned on Wednesday till
July 9-h.
Patriotic Church Services.
Special patrloiic serviee-i We-re, held
at the. M. K. church Sunday evenintr.
Boquets of choice fb wers were tas'dy
arranged in fp nt of the pulpit stand ami
the platform and will were decorated
ith lings and hnntin, and the pastor,
instead of the customary white choker,
wme a nerk'in 01 rtd. white ft'id bin,
Mrs. F, F. While presided at the organ,
and the well trained choir discoursed
excellent music. The memher-i of
Meade Post and the Women's Relief
Corps were present in a body, and .the
lh u was crowded to its utmost ca
paciiy. Rev. Oberg, the pastor, said:
Evety age has its great periods, and
read the fnllitwunr from tin bi.k of
Isaiah :" Tinst ye in the Lord forever ;
for in the Lord .lehoviah is eveilasting
s'rengih. The way of the just is no
1 rightoom.'' Words fitting especially
j for the presen' .
j Col. R. A. Milller, who was the first
speaker said: Our native bind tonight
means mure .for us tonight than it has
' for many loriii yeais. Native Imd, eie
Kurds that are dear lo the citizens of
j every dime. The speaker said: There
jaie different kinds id' patriotism ; Ihe
I patridii,-m of toe mi vag' ,hoi the patriot
isn. f the civilized Christian. Our
I National .honor rests on the National
J guard, Who left our city Saturday, and
our 11 ig is sale ill their hands, h 1 'i
as error exists, so will war exist He
paid a compliment to the veterans sit
ting in the audience. After Od. Mil
ler's address was concluded, Mrs. Oberg
sung a patriotic solo which was well re
i I
, ii iiiiiMiilimi iini.. M.ni,i.,nTini'. I ifm.i. ijr
present. During the afternoon Levi
Johnson, general secretary of the Ore
gon City Y. M. 0. A., ma-le a most ex
cellent talk on the faithfulness of C. E.
officers and its effect. He said that of
tentimes many young people could be
induced to join the Endeavor society
and the church if the matter was only
mentioned to them. He pointed out
many ways in which O. E. officers could
accomplish much good by being faith
ful to their trust. On the whole, his
short address was practical and inter
esting. Miss Eunice Donaldson of Oregon
City, presented the duties of the look
out commit'ee in a way that showed
her thorough appreciation of the sub
ject. She made many valuable sugges
tions and hints thi.t were listened to
with close attention by the Endeavorers
In speaking of the duties of the social
committee, Mrs. E. H. Carlton, thought
that every member of the society should
consider themselves members of the so
cial committee, and thus do effective
work in the cause. She also, spoke of
the important work that could be ac
complished by this committee.
Other members took an active part in
the disousBh ns that can e up, which
intensified the interest of the conven
Dr. T. W. Putler's lecture closed the
work of the convention He wei t over
in a general way the work of the con
If you are not feeling well, why don't
you lake Hood's Sarsaparilla? It will
vention, and among other things eiiid: j pnrifv and enrich your blood and do you
We are foolishly backward in the
work we have espoused. Some young
people will talk well anywhere else than
a' an Endeavor meeting We need tact.
W hue it will not do to talk to some poo-
ale, others require a great deal of talk
ing. There are four b i that make a
church go: Grit, giace, gumption and
ild, and a lack of go is a drawback to
Mrs. Carlton of Canby, Miss Wise of
Milwaukie. and Miss Donah'son, o' Or
egon City, were appointed a committee
on place of meeting.
A delegation Irom Wilsonville, who
were delayed on Hie road, arrived in
time for the very impressive consecra
tion services.
George C. lirownell was the next
speaker introduced. He said that this
was the best country on the f ice of the
globe, and was bu ll mi the lines ot tin
man jn lice to all people. Spain
ihioiigh all its history has never ad
vanced one thought ot liberty. Des
purism cannot live in the face ol the
American fhg. Hu spoke of thedisn
ter that betel the Maine.and said we love
our chiblrin, but there are times when
we should take them up and spank
tliem. We should take Spain up and
spank her. For every dron of blood
lh it is sh d, thn American flag goes up
one notch h gher. North and South
America shoulifbe one great republic
so said Henry Clay The Bervices
closed by Ihe congregation singing
Patriotic services were also held at
the Baptist church, and the paslor,
Rev ling it delivered a sermon 0.1 th
necessityof war.
Vegetable Preparationfor As
similating theroodandRegula
ting the Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes DigesUon,CkeTful
nessandRest.Contains neither
Opium.Morptiine nor Mineral.
Hot Narcotic.
Pumpkin Sad'
Itypermint -JJi
Carbonate Soda
f iamSeed -Clarified
Apcrfcci Remedy forConstipa
lion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convutsions.Feverish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
facsimile Signature cf
MEW VoilK.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Bears the
I Always Boo
I Bears the
I Signatnr
1 SfW
U You Have
I Always Bought.
Kducate Yourlt wU With Cabarets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation
forever 10c. 25c. If CO. C. fail, drug
gists refund money.
The Thrice-a-week N. Y. World and
the Oregon City Coukier for $2 per year.
Term Adojmed
Until June.
ltnni til' Fhi Committee.
To the citizens who so (lenenui'lv
tolitributed towaid the petvluise of Hit
Hag pivM-nted hi Company F . we sol
mil the follow ing report :
Amount t'dleiied if-ltl ,Vi
" paid for Hag lid 75
" tar fine of t-ommitu-e lo
purchase Hag 1 00
Total t ush lianslctrt-d to sanilaty
it lief fund for Co. F 8 SO
M. A. Thomas,
M. I-:. Hamilton,
Jknmk Ii. IIakiuno,
Flag Coin. Meade W. U. Corps.
The greater part of Thursday was ta
ken up with the divo-ce suit of l'ickard
vs l'ickard. the testimony is volumi
nous and the end is not vet.
0wege Commercial Bank vs Ed Du-
pni, et al ; Mason, Khrman & Co. sub
stituted as defendants
George J. Currin, administrator, vs
Henry Warheim ; sale confirmed.
Dan Lyons vs M. H. Flanagan et al ;
judgment and decree of foreclosure.
Lee Shnitz vs .lames Shaw, et ar,
judgment for $5,000 and decree of fore-"
Karl Stndeman, et al, vs J. J. Card
et al ; title quieted.
Kate A Hansbrovs II, H. Hansbroj
decree of divorce on the plea of deser
tion, and plaintiff awarded the custody
of minor cli Id, Ruth.
In the matter of the assignment of
the Oregon it y Door & Sash Company,
C 0. T. Vt illiani8, the assignee, was or
dered to sell the property.
W. Ii. lluildleson vs N. V. JUaddocK,
et nl ; defendants given nntil June Oth,
to hie answer.
Mary S Stubbo vs Milton Stinuley,
et nl ', plaintiff given t obsession of lathis.
Hiram Straight vs Mary Straight; de
cree of divorce for the plaintiff on the
plea of cruel and inhuman treatment.
Ilulola vs Francis; defendant given
unt'l June 0th to tile bill of exceptions,
K.iehel liyl.ind vs I. II. P.ylun I ; de
cree of divorce and plaintiff given cus
tody of minor children until lurther or
der of the court.
Walter Wyland's b.iil bond declared
A E. Liitoun-tte vs C. W. N. Taylor,
et al ; sheriff s sa'e continued.
K Uu'liner vs J. Watkins, et al ;
judgment for $150, and tleciee ot fore
F M l'ickard vs 1 en ra K Tii-kard
divorce granltd.
I Harding et al vs Thos Garret et al
titles united.
Smvth ; Rau'l'dl vs I V A J Shaw;
judgment for $089.
J S Mitchell et al vs W Koehler; at
tachment released.
Win l arlow vs W Koehler, judgment
for $ HUS. 27.
.1 FlUiiiisvsF I Edwards et al ; dis
missed. 1
1' Leifh'weis vs I L Clarke et al, judg
ment for $21M4.
A K tailouretto trustee vs W W II
Samson et al judgment for $2217.
G J Currin, adm, vs Fred and L
Stiiike, judgment for $1210.50.
Gen Lazelle et al vs J W May et al,
sheriffs deed ordered.
wonderful good
Bs Sure You Are Right and then go a
head. Be sure you get Hood's Sarsaps
rilla and you may confident exp-ct it
will purity your blood and give you ap
pelitilo ami strength.
The regular quarterly teachers' exam
ination for Clackamas County wil lie held
at the court house in Oregon Cily, com
nienciiig Wednesday, May Uth, at the
hour of one o'clock p. in-
II. G Starkweather, School Supt
Dated April 20. 1808.
Two Millions a Year.
When pe ple buy, trv.ind buy again,
it means they're satisfied. Thn people
of ihe United States are now buying
Cascarets Candy Cathartic at the rate ot
two million boxes a year and it will be
three million before New Years. It
means merit proved, tha t Cascareis are
the most delightful bowel regulator for
eveiyhodv the year round. All drug
gists 10, 25, pOc a box, cure guaranteed.
In the Circuit C.iuri of the State of Oregon,
for Hie County of Clackamas.
William Barlow, )
Plaintiff, I
vs. !
Wilhelmina Kot-liler,
Defendant J
Slate of Oreiron, Comity of Ctnekaman, R.
-Dilticrueattil an execution doty isRiied out of an
under the se.il ol tho above emhl d court, in tile
aeove entitled cause, to me duly directed all'
dated tut 3rd day o( May, 189.1, in fuvni of Wil
liam Barlow, plaint ff, and against Wilhelmme
Koeliler,deleiidiint, for ihi- sum of 'Jo.(. 2., to
gether with interest ou OHiiS.bU of said sum at rate
of 10 per cent, per milium irum May 3rd, !!; lor
tlie sum ol itfHO, attorney 8 fees, and the further
sum o- 15, costs ami disbursements ami the eosls
ot arid upon tins writ; foinnittiidtug me lo make
sale of the following described real properly
situate in the county of (Jlaultauias ana stale of
Ur.'Kon, lO'Wil:
All of block A in the First Addition to Barlow,
according tn the maps and plats of said audition
now nil tile lu the omoe of tue recorder of said
Now therefore, by virtue of said execution
udgmeui order anil ileen-e and lu compliance
Willi tile commands of faid writ, 1 will ou ,
at the hor.r of lo'eloi k p. in. at the front door of
the county court house, iu the oily of Oregon
City, said county uud state, sell al public auction
subject to redemption, to the highest bidder, for
United .itutei gold Coin, c-tsli tn hand, all the
null!, title and interest which the within named
deKiiiltillt had on tlie date of the mortgage
herein 01 Biuce had in or to the above described
real propeity or any part thereof, lo satisfy said
execudoii, judgment order, Oecree, interest,
eosts and accruing costs.
G W.GBACi-',
Sin rlffof Ula, kanws County, Oregon.
Dated Oregon City, Oiegou, May 3rd. Kilts,
To Cure Constipation forever.
Take Cascaieis Candy Cathartic. 10c
or 2oc. If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists
ret uud money.
For Over Fifty Vears
An Ot.n and Well-Tiued Remedy.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success It
sooibes the child, softens the gums
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Is
pleasant to the taste. Sold by Druggists
in every part of the World. Twenty
five cents a bottle. Its value is in
calculable. Be sure and ask for Mrs.
Winsow's Soothing Syrup, and take no
other kind.
Oreiron. for die County of Clackamas, silting
111 probate, April term, 18"8.
lu the matter ol the guurilUuship of James G.
Stuart, a minor.
This matter coming before the court on tho pe
tition of the itiiar'llau, for license to sell the ml
lowing deMjrlbcl real estate, to wit: Lots num
bered three (8). five (5) and six (li) ill block i um
bered one hundred and live (105), In Oregon I ily.
iregon. Audit pneariug to the court beneficial
to the Rrd that snid real estale should be sold.
It is therefore ordered that the 'A"lli day of Slav,
1WI8. al Ihe hour cf tell o'clock a- I". ' nid day,
at the office of the county judge of Clackamas
I'ountv. stale of Oregon, is set as the time and
nUeo 'fnr heurliiffsaiii uelitiou. at which lime and
jiaee t.-ie ne.i m am "i a-o w.i
nti-restcd In said esiate are directed to be present
and show cause, If any there he, why license
should not be granted fur Ihe sale of said real
estale. It is further ordered that a copy of this
order be published at least tnree successive
weeks in the Oregon City Courier, a newspaper
circulated In Clackamas county, 'regon.
Dated this ait. i day or April, i'.'.
llest: GORDON Hi. HAYES,
Ki.mbb Dixon, Clerk, County Judge.
Ily K. II. Co .PER, deputy .
s Dally Call, including Sunday 12 mo S6 00 :
S " " " 6 " 8 00 ;
. i. a " l so :
s i " ( r
E Sunday Call 12 ' 1 60 5
Weekly " . 12 " 1 60
S " " 6 " 75 :
S Sunday and Weekly Call 12 " 2 60 s
s Delivered by carrier, every day, 65c. mo. s
1 W. S. LEAKE, Manager.
Fine Millinery
Large Assortment of Latest Designs of Trimmed
Huts. Trimming Done to Satisfaction.
Ostrich Feathers Dyed and Curled.
Kid Gloves Cleaned,
Hair Work in All Its Branches Done with Neat
n ess and Dispatch.
gentlemen orlHdies to travel for responsible,
established house In Oregon. Monthly tii5 and
expenses. Position steady Reference. Enclose
self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion
Company, Dept. Y, Chioago.
Noblitt Livery and Sale Stable
On the Street between the Bridge and the
Double mid single rigs and saddle hore
ways on hand at the lowest rates, tnd a corn
also connected with the bam for loose itoek
Any Information regarding any kind of stock
promptly attended to by letter or persoD.
In tlie Circuit Court of the Stale of Oregon, for
the County of Clackamas.
Dun Lyons, 1
riaintlir, I
vs. I
M H. Flannausii, Kate Finn-1
mean, Clara fcl M uey, Charles y
Logos, aihiiinisir'Uui ol the I
rsinlt- ol Julius liiigus, iii-
ei'iisL'd, and I-aac Fiirr, I
Hcii'iiiianrs. )
State o! Oregon, County of Cluckiuriio, ss.
decree aid an execution, duly issue out ol
and iinitei the seal of the above enlitled court, l
tiieabove entitled cauie. to me duly ilirecleil una
ilslcd tlie Alii Cay of May, ls',18. upon a judgment
reiiiitred and eniereil iu said court ou ihe 2Uib day
ol April, INK in favor oi Dan Lyons, planitill,
a-.id against M. 11. Flannagun, Kate
l-lauimgaii, Claia K. Miin-y, Charles
Logos, almliiistiator of Ihe e-tiie of Julius
Loglls, ileeea-rit. ami sa' Karr. di't'i'lld-llts forllie
sum ot Mil rsj, wiili iti'eresi thoroti at the rale of
111 per cent, per a ilium Irom the illili day of April,
1S-.IS, and the further sum m ii i as attorney's
lee uud Ihe lurlln-r sum ol 110, cost and dibur-e-nteiiia,
and I lie costs of and upon this writ, com
manding me to make sale of tlie lollowiug lies
eiii'e'l oiil property situate ill the county of
Clar'kiuiiH-i, stioi'ufiiii-goii.io wil: Tlie Ira tumid
soinli half ol tlie nittili ea-l quarter of section l.i)
three and rherlot-tof section two and rivet lot
i ot sei-li'ill ten and river lot 5 of seet.oll eleven,
nil ill township Uln-e south ot range one east 01
the Wiliiiitu-iie Meriii HU containing fi" 08 iiires.
Now. thi'lelore, hv virtue of sa d execution, judg
ment order and iiccee, and in cniuphalict' Willi
tile eommainis of mi d writ, I will, on
t tne hour of 8: 0 o'clncs V. M.. at the front door
I of tlie t'oiuiiy Court lleiise In ihe city ul Oregon
City, in sui I county Hid slate, sell al public auction,
suhjeet lo reileirpt'iou, im the hUhl bidder, tor
U. S. gold coin, m omul, L rh redit. title
and li.teresi hiclilne v itlon nam" t deenidauta
or either ot them, a ct iu the date ol the mortgage
herein or since hall in oi to the above' -verified
real properly or any purt Ihereofi lo saiirfv said
e.cciition. nlguiulot ier, decree inter, costs
ami all accruing oei. I
(j W . i :HA0F, I
Shi'ii;t ii C m sm County. JDreJon.
Dated, Oregon City, Orvg.-a. Mny .lib, 1
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon,
tor the County ot Clackamas.
Mary Mader, 1
FliilnhlT. I
James Hodges, Lucy Hodges,
Henry brush, Ella truh and
. Llbbia A. Hates,
Defendants. J
utata nf On-ffrtii Conntv of clack Kin as ss.
:. ..I., 1 1-ii. ' i l- e niirivo
B VIKIl'l'. "r " uii"ii...
and decree and nil exec dh n, duly issued out
of and under the seal of tlie above emit led court,
in the above eiilith d cause, to me duly directed
and dated the Will day of April. Km, upon a
judgment rendered and entered lu said court on
ihe huh riiiv of April, ls8, in favor of .Mary
Mader. libdiitllT, and against lames Hodges and
L tcv (lodges, defendauis, for the sum ols"0u.21
Willi interei t ihereuu at rale of lu per cent, per
annum from said 19th day of April, 18118, and Ihe
further sniii ol 7o, attorney's tees, and the fur
ther sum of 41, eosls and disbursemeuls, and llie
cost of and .ipoii Ibis writ; eomuiiindiiig me to
muse sule ot the following described real prop,
erly, slluate in the county ot Clackamas and
slate ot ilregon, to wit:
Beginning on the wcidsiiL of si cl"iiJ3 tn town
ship 4 tmiiiri of range I can of Willamette Merid
ian, al the half mile slake; thence south 80 rods:
ineiieeenst IbOro.ls; theuo , north stlimls: lhenee
wes' Kill rods 1 1 the place ot hegininug, contain
ing 8tl acres more or less. .....
Now InereMre, ny vinue o
jti.lgtiieiil order and decree, and in coiiiphanee
wilh the c 'Uiniiiii'N of saldwrii.l will on
SArURIAY.MY2lst, lS'.is.
at the hour of 1 o'clock p. in , at the rout door ..'
Die eoiiiuv court house, in the city of Oregon City'
said eiinutv and stale, sell at public auetion.siib
;.-cl to redemption, to the highest bidder, for
Uniled states gold c m, cash in hand, ail the
right, litleand interest which the within mimed
d. f.'iidants of any of Ituni had on the dure ol tli
mortgage herein or since had in or to the ah ov
described real roperly or any part thereof. tfl
sail dv said execution, jii'lgni- nt order, decree
interest, costs aud all accruing costs.
Shcrittof Clackamas County. Oregon.
Dated Oregon City, Oregon. April nun, urh-.
For Flint-Class
Go to
Seventh St. Bakery
or stop his wagon
as ii goes by.
gentleiiionnrbiitiestolrave! (or responsible
.stublished house in ilregon. Monthly SaS and
xpeiises. Position steady. Reference. Enclose
It aildresseil stamped envelope. The Dominion
mpany. Dept. V, Chicago.
Weak Ben Hade Vigorous
jftj- --V
ntx? aaf tS'SW trMt
It acts powerfully and nctetly
Tk. tt.mA U Ux. Iltunu DrtttfTlt
o m 1 v- A
m 1110 M1IU IUU Hrt'
Cures when all
orhers fail. Young men regain lost manhood: old
m.n r.nv,r vniif I1O1I vijsir. A lixr.1 ntl v i.iinr.
I Hnteed to CurA eirvonsneaa. Lost vitality.
imiioteiicy, Mcni ly i misaiona, i.osr rower,
either bci, ("ailing Memory, WnatinB l)ia
eaaea, rind all if ecu of $ilf-abue or rxcttirl and
in ii-crftlon Wards olt lni-anltyand conmniittcn.
Ii .u'kiet druggirt inijaise a worthless substitute en
vou because it vrelns a greater prolit. Insist on hav
ing HKU'EtfSM'nVKiOK.orsendforit Cnn
he carried In vest pocket. Prepaid, pluio wrapper,
$1 ier Iwx. or U for .", with A Written l.nar-niitcetoCu'-corltclimd
Money, hi-mphlet free
ft'FUIt Mi-1)1CAL Ass'.S, Chicnico, 111.
For S.ile by I farnnm i Co.
' --w " j-y -i IIIMIIMH