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of Schillings Best tea is a sample,
Your money back if you don't like it.
Alaska Gold In Relation to Affecting
"What effect will the new gold yield
have upon prioes?"- is a Question which
is being debated by statesmen , and
financiers. The North American Ee
view treats the' subject at length ami
draws the deduction that even though
the Alaska yield is enormous it will
not affect prices to any noticeable de
gree. It reasons Jhat there are too
many avenues open to the use of gold
its monetary use, use among the arts
and the foreign demand for it to ever
change prices. The article says:
With a gold production for 1897 esti
mated at $240,000,000, it is evident
that the new goldfiekls will have to
prove exceptionally productive in or
der to add a great percentage to the
world's annual . supply of gold. If
they should yield $00,000,000 per year,
carrying the total annual production to
$800,000,0000, they would still be
adding only 25 per cent to the previous
annual increase. The effect of new
supplies of the precious metals is great
ly restricted by the fact that the addi
tions have to be set against the whole
mass already in existence. ' An addi
tion of 25 per cent to the annual pro
duction of wheat or corn, or even of
more permanent industrial products,
like iron or copper, would have a
marked effect upon prices. Gold is un
doubtedly influenceed, like all . other
articles, by the law of supply and de-
mand. but the supply in any one year
is only a small addition to the amount
already in the' market. All the gold
of the world used as coin or bullion in
monetary exchanges is constantly in
the world's money market, capable of
being purchased by commodtiiea di
rectly or by slight premiums in rates
of exohange.
It has been shown that the visible
stock of monetary gold existing in the
world today. is about $4,360,000,000.
Reasons will soon be given for thinking
, that another sum of $1,000,000,000 is
concealed in private hoards. The
mathematical elements of the problem,
therefore,. are: - An aggregate gold pro
duction within historio times of $9,
000,000,000; a visible supply of gold
in use as money of $4,300,000,000; and
a possible annual .increase of the sup
ply from $240,000,000 in 1897 to $300,
000,000 in future years.
The second question what portion
of the new gold will be devoted to
monetary uses suggests the interest
ing inquiry, what lias beoome of the
difference between the whole amount
of gold produced and the amount now
visible in coin and bullion? . The
amount to be accounted; for is $4,800,
000,000 and represents more than half
of the gold which has been produced
since 1492. ' There are three channels
through which this difference has been
absorbed, which may bo briefly treated
Abrasion, the arts and the foreign
trade. .
American! the Heat.
It i8 complained that the British
have made no money out of mining in
this country. They should not send
over the proverbial younger son, and
luxurious mine managers, who "dress
for dinner" in remote mining camps
and have French chefs, and violinists
to soothe them during the hour of di
gestion. Americans are mining to bet
ter advantage here; they are mostly
plain, practical men, and when they
buy amine they send one set of experts
to check up another, and then pay a
'price for the property, and no more.
Mexico City Herald.
ore from the 20-foot level of the Yel
low Bird shaft, which assayed 15 per
cent copper and $13 in gold. Mr. Se
becki and Mr. Colfelt expect to take
the machinery for a smelter on the
ground just as soon as the trail can be
put in shape. There area number of
promising properties in Copper creek
district in which Portland parties are
State Mining Boards, -
State mining boards, Mr. Batchelder
of Portland, believes, would be of
great assistance to the mining inter
ests of Oregon and Washington. Like
others, Mr. Batohelder- realizes that
the mineral districts have been sadly
neglected. With the character of ore,
the fuel, the timber, transportation,
the grades of ore for fluxing each other,
and the mild climate, Oregon and
Washington, he says, should be the
greatest mineral-producers in the West
State boards could be of advantage in
many ways. For one thing, they
cou'd constitute themsolves a fountain
head of reliable information, by keep
ing In touoh with all the districts,
where capitalists, strangers and people
at home could draw from for investing,
etc. . '
We need not talk about the weather when
we come to discuss the cause of so many
aches and pains which alilict mankind.
Much of these aillictions is from heritage
of infirmity of the nerves, muscles and
joints of the human body. Many pains
and aches, it is' true, are' brought on by
exposure to cold or by sudden chill, but
as to a general condition to which we mav
be subject there should be a remedy which
in a general wav is curative for all. This
is one reason why St. Jacobs Oil is so pop
ulur. It cures aches and pains in all forms,
and thev are wise who keen it steadily on
hand to be used in emergencies at any time
in tne'eure oi tne most acute attacKS. ..
Sorelmm Forage
The value of sorghum, either cured or
put tip in ensilage, has been fully dem
onsitrated (luring the past three years,
Under ordinary conditions two heavy
crops can bo raised each year from one
sowing, running anywhere from eight
bo flf teon tons total per acre. As this
cron stands the drouth well, can be
easily and chwiply handled by the im
proved machinery now in use, and Is
food for vears when woperly put up, It
would seem to be the sure feed crop for
this section. The cured sorghum is
more easily handled in feeding, but it
Is more expensive to. harvest and cure,
and Is subject to more waste than the
ensilage crop, which Is cut and bound
In one operation by the sorghum binder
and piled green In huge stacks, where
by its own weight all air is excluded
and it Is without further expense con
verted into the best of feed for use as
required. It would be well for stock
men and farmers to carefully invest!
eate this matter, and If convinced of
the value of sorghum as the feed crop,
then nlant larcelv for this year. Ex
perience seems to favor sowing In drills
is best, with broadcast sowing next
Corpus Chrlstl (Texas) Caller.
there Is so much better use for skim
milk on most farms that It Is usually
dilutee? with water, and then re-en
forced by additions of gruel made from
oatmeal, sifted so as to remove the
husks. If this should cause scours,
change the oatmeal for a tablespoon-
ful of fine wheat flour, which should
be cooked into a porridge and mixed
with the skim milk and water.
Seedling Ftrawberries.
The amateur fruit gardener may find
in the production of seedling strawber
ries an occupation of fascinating inter
est. It may be easily done. At fruit
ing time select the best berries from
plants of the best varieties obtainable.
Crush the berries and carefully wash
out and dry the seed. Plant the seed
In a protected spot, In rich ground, par
tially shady. Transplant the most
promising plants after the fourth leaf
appears, and afterward cultivate them
the same as other plants. Probably
there will be no two plants exactly
alike. They will differ in foliage, fruit,
time of maturing, and in the manner of
their growth. They may bear but
slight resemblance to the plants that
produced the seed. There may be no
variety better than that from which it
originated. And yet there may be one
now seedling of superior quality, to ob
tain which may richly reward the
efforts of years.
Mother, Children .Wives. Sweethearts! Made to order from
any kind of photograph. Fnatens like a brooch. An artistic,
elcr&nt present a bnautiiul souvenir, useful durable, lnt
poiissve. ben a any size or Kin a oi
photo with nume ami address
plainly written on buck, which
will bo returned to you unharmed
or disfigured in any manner.
Iarge- size, like cut, one for 80c,
three for $t, including a 14 K.
rolled gold enameled brooch.
Small size, rue for 25e, three for
60c. Hand painted 35c eaeh extra.
Owing to the. special low price
we are making, to introduce these
goods, we must invariably have
caRli with the order. We solicit
correspondence 8end stamn for
highly illustrated catalogue, . aite.
RALESLAPIFii a id BALMS MEW wanted, l$ per week and expenses. No experience necessary.
OUR GUARANTEE t If goccls are not satisfactory, money will be refunded, or new
photos furnished Estimates furnished from one dozen to one million
fa J , 'Wilt' .'
t 1 1 j
iixuti oi;e.
The cherniciil name of Epsom salts
is sulphate of magnesia. , '', '
By starting for the Klondike now
you will get there in the spring, when
the thermometer is only 80 -degrees bo
low zero. '
If China oould load her cannon with
the characters she puts on tea boxes,
no enemy 00 earth could withstand the
A Kentucky young man who had the
measles k;issed his sweetheaft and she
caught 'em. Now she is suing him for
damages. ' !
Very satisfactory trials have been re
ceptly. made of a life boat made of
pumice stono, which it was found
would remain afloat with a load, even
when full of water.
An Overlooked Crop.
A great many suggestions have been
made In favor of renovating the land,
and to secure improvement at a smaJl
cost by plowing under green crops." Of
the crops recommended may be men
tioned clover, cow peas, soja beans, rye
md even corn and mlllot. There is an
other crop, however, which has been
90ttiewhat overlooked,, and which can
be grown on almost any soil, and that
Is turnips. The turnip crop need not be
planted until July, or even August,
and it grows rapidly, being off the land
In a short time. On medium land from
thirty to forty tons can be grown, and
the tops are more valuable than the
bulbs for turning under. The English
farmers grow turnips, allow sheep to
teed on them, and turn them under as
1 manurlal crop. Turnips may be broad
fasted on well-prepared land, using
plenty of seed, and will soon cover the
ground. Crops are grown in that way
In the Southern States, and the cost is
tmt little, as they require no cultivation
when the seed is broadcasted.
Brush for Kindling.
In pruning the orchard, or in clearing
up the top branches after a tree has
been cut in the forest, not much ac
count is usually made of the smaller
branches, or the brush, as it is usually
called. But these small, round twigs,
when dried, make the very best kin
dling, and if tied in bunches could be
sold at a profit In city markets. In the
old countries of Europe, the trimmings
from hedges done up in small bundles
constitute an important part of the fuel
supply of farmers. In this country the
fact that wood is plentiful has caused
us to neglect all except the smooth,
easily handled body wood, rejecting
both the brush and hard, knotty pieces,
burning all these iu a great' out-of-door
bonfire. " '
The thickest known coal seam in the
world is the Wyoming, near Twin
Creek in the Green river coal basin,
Wyoming. It is 80 feet thick and up
wards of 300 feet of solid coal underlie
4,000 acres.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet.
It cures painful, swollen smarting feet and
instantly takes the sting out of corns and
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discov
ery of the age. Alien's Foot-Ease makes
tight-titling or new shoes feel easy. It is a
certain cure foruhithlains, sweating, damp,
callous and hot, tired aching feet. We
have over 10,0(X testimonials of cures. Try
it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe
stores." By maiffor 2!o. in stamps. Tria
package F"KEK. Address Allen 3. Ohu
sted, Le Hoy, N. Y.
Sardines are now being packed in
glass bottles, low, wide-mouthed shape.
They look much cleaner, and they are far
handier than the old-fashioned tins.
Brought In Samples.
Mr. Colo, of the Copper creek min
ing distriot, Skamania county, Wash
ington, has brought to Messrs. Colfelt
and Sebecki, of Portland, samples of
Those going to the Klondike must
remember that a reliable baking pow
der is an absolute necessity. If, after
a long and expensive trip and the great
cost of transportation, the baking pow
der proves inferior or ' has lost its
strength, the miner will be practically
helpless. It is no time or place to ex
periment. What is required is a bak
ing powder that has actually stood the
test of the arctic climate.
The well known explorer, Lieut.
Peary, D. S. N., says of Cleveland's
baking powder, which he used on his
Arctio Expeditions:
"Cleveland's stood the tests of use
in those high latitudes and severe tem
peratures perfectly and gave entire sat
isfaction. Mrs. Peary considers that
there is no better baking powder made
than Cleveland's. I shall take it again
on my next expedition."
A Chat With Miss Marie Johnson.
The balance wheel of a woman's life
U menstruation.
Irregularity lays the foundation of
many diseases, and is In itself a symp
tom of disease. It la of the greatest
Importance that regularity be accom
plished as soon as possible after the
flow is an established fact.
T.Wlio V. Plnlr. JWfc.
ham's Vegetable
Compound la the
known to
health b
camo so
poor that I
had to
school. I ' '
was tired all the time, and had dread
ful pains In my sido and back and head.
I was also troubled with Irregularity of
menses, and lost so much flesh that my
friends became alarmed.
" My mother, who from experience la
a firm believer in the I'lnkham reme
dies, thought perhaps they might bene
fit me. I followed the advice Mrs.
Pinkham gave me, and used Lydia E.
Ftnkham's Vegetable Compound and
Liver Pills and am now as well as I ever
.ag."Mwg Maris F. JoaxBov, Cen
tralia, Pa.
A Woman's Dully l'mper.
There has just been launched in
Paris a daily paper devoted solely to
the interests of the fair sex. It is pro
duced entirely by women, and not only
are the editors, the managers and the
staff of reporters women, but the type
is sot by female compositors, and it is
reported that even the printers' devils
are feminine members of the genus
"gamin." The name of the paper is La
Fronde. Used as a noun this means
the implement of ancient warfare with
which David slew Goliath, while to the
verb "frondor" the translation to sling,
to censure, to blame, to criticise and to
oppose all equally apply, and, judging
from the first number, are singularly
appropriate, since it is full of abuse of
everything that can possibly be con
strued as the handiwork 01 man.
Mme. Soverine, whose writings have
won for her a world-wide reputation,
is editor-in-chief, and the enterprise is
said to be backed by plenty ot money
Ho Raising.
It Is neither profitable nor always en
tirely safo to keep great numbers of
hogs together. Besides the liability to
ilsease getting among them, there is
always a certainty that the stronger
will crowd the weaker from their feed
ing places, so that the Inequality In
size will increase Instead of decreasing.
bi every litter there are always one or
two weaklings that were born runts,
and unless given a better chance than
their follows they will always remain
runts. The best way to manage this Is
when the pigs are 7 or 8 weeks old, take
out the strongest ones and wean them,
giving them plenty of the best food that
can be got to make growth. Then the
runts left to suckle the sow alone will
In two or three weeks more take a start
that may make them as good as the
others, so that In later life all can bo
fed together. No other feed, without
the sow's milk, will do this, though
such other feed should be given and
the pigs be encouraged to eat all they
ran be made to eat. American Culti
Clod Crniiher and Leveler,
One who has tried it would bo su
prised to rind how much execution the
device shown In the cut will acconi'
plish. Insert a narrow plank In front
of the rear teeth of an A harrow, and
the land will bo harrowed, the lumps
crushed and the surface leveled, at one
operation. One can also, by stopping
on and off the crossplece. drag earth
CuntS WHtHt All (LSI f AILS. ,
Uull bTrua TIHI uooo.
Ma tr dronrnw.
Bert Cough 87m
in tim.
Kenping Dlckmia' Blrthilny.
The birthday of Dickons was cele
brated in London by eorae ceremonies
organized by Mr. Edwin Drew, and it
is of interest to note that had the no
velist lived he would have been 86
years of ago. The grave in Westmin
ster Abbey waB visited by Mr. and Mrs.
Drew and a party of friends, and a
wreath was deposited upon it. Seeing
many strangers near Mr. Drew began a
little speech, but it waB nipped in the
bud by a verger being, of course,
technically, perniciously near the legal
offense of "brawling." Taking the
wreath with them, Mr. Drew's party
proceeded to an evening entertainment
in St. James' hall, when various reci
tations, songs, speeches and so forth,
more or less connected with Dickens,
formed the programme of the evening.
The weight of a man's brain has, it
la said, nothing to do with his mental
power. It is a question of climate, not
of intelligence. The colder the olimate,
the greater the size of the brain.
Keeping Odora Ont of Milk.
It Is well known that milk remaining
In the stable quickly absorbs odors that
Injure butter flavor. It Is an Incon
venience on many farms to carry away
to the dairy room each pail as soon as It
The "slaiiRliter of the lnnoconts" continue,
until It is estimated that iully one-fourth of the
human race die before attaining their fifth
birthday, owing in grant measure to our rigor
ous and changeable climate. And there are
thousands of adults, evuu in this land ot plenty,
that stomach, liver ana bowel. complaints are
xlutilng o connrmea invalidism, wiiom tios
tter's Stomach Hitters would promptly relieve
and luviK'irate. Malaria, rheumatism ami kid
ney trouble yield to the Bitters.
The Congregational church in Gil-
sum, JN. u. completed laa years 01 ex
istence the other day. The damask
non cloth, , woven on a hand loom,
about 1790, is still used to cover the
communion table.
Footballers Strlko.
Professional football playors, repre
senting the Scottish League in the In
ternational League, struck hve minutes
before the kick-off in their match
against Ireland, refusing to play un
less they were given 1 each. They
were in receipt of the regular wagos,
but rather than have the international
match stopped the committee league
granted the extra pay.
Kusslnn Iron Duty.
The Russian manufacturers of iron
have asked for a decrease ot duty on
cast iron to 20 copecks per pound.
These works have an annual output
amounting to a value of more than 60,
000,000 roubles and employing about
85,000 workmen. According to the
present Russian customs tariff cast iron
pays a duty of 30 copecks per pound
($1.42 per 220 pounds).
K Established 1780. 5a
F1Q. 1.
1 1
1 1 nw
Is -filled. TI16 sketches show a handj
Bholf built outside the cattle quarters,
but reached from within. As each pail
is filled the slide is pushed back and the
pall is sot out on the slielf, where it Is
protected by the top and the grating
from cats, etc., while it is surrounded
by pure air. Fig. 1 shows the Inside
and Fig. 2 the outside arrangement of
this ventilated barn milk-closet Amer
ican Agriculturist.
from knolls and deposit It In depres
sions, thus grading the land very nice
ly. Orange Judd Farmer.
Gates In Place of Kara,
A gate that easily swings on its
binges Is not much more expensive In
first cost than a set of bars. If all the
time required to let down tho bars and
put them up again is reckoned, the bars
must bo seen to be much the most ex
pensive. When tock ore driven
through bars let down on one side only,
stock driven through will often Jump
over the part of the bar In the mldle,
and will thus learn the habit of Jump
ing. When a gate swings open It
leaves a clear passage, and the contrac
tion of bad habits Is Impossible.
Feeding Young Calve.
While there is no food that Is better
for calves than whole milk from cows,
It Is much too expensive to feed to any
except those that are being fattened
for the butcher, and to them only for
three or four weeks. For calves that
are to be raised, whole milk is much too
fattening. Sklm-mlllc la better, and
Sweet 1'otatoen.
Some of the. varieties of sweet pota
toes that are most popular In tho South
will not succeed with Northern grow'
ers. The sweet potato requires a long
season to grow In, and only the early
kind will succeed , In tho Northern
States. It Is usually a mistake to send
South for sweet potatoes to plant. The
Northern varieties, propagated In slips
for planting by seedsmen, aro niuch
better, as well as cheaper, than trying
to winter the sweet potato and cut it
Into sets for planting, as Is done with
the ordinary white potato. It Is
great advantage In growing sweet po
tatoes to have well-rooted plants ready
to set out when soil and air are warm
enough to insure rapid growth. Most
of the successful Southern varieties of
sweet potatoes are watery and poor
when grown North.
To Protect Trees from Borer.
Mix cement with skim milk and ap
ply with a stiff brush. Mix only
small quantity at a time, as It may
"set." Apply it somewhat In a thin
condition, and then make a second ap
plloatlon. First remove the earth from
the trunk of the tree and apply tho ce
ment mixture 0 inches below tho sur
face of the ground and a foot above,
It will olo protect against the gnawing
of rabbits and mice If put on two foot
above the surface, as It becomes stono,
Bproylnat Stock for Vermin
The common fruit tree sprayer used
by orchard! sta Is a much more coa
venlent way to destroy lice on cattle
than It Is to airply W by hand. A hoso
with a fine nozzlo wlilcb will throw
very fine spray Is best, but ita point
should be held close to the skin. Two
or three applications may be needed,
as some of the lice may be In the egg,
and not be destroyed by the flrot appU
We are nssertlng in the courts our right to the
exclusive use of the word ' CASTOR1A," ana
' Pi rCHliH'SCASTORlA," as our trade Mark.
Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannls, Massachusetts,
wag the originator of " PITCHER'S CA8TOKIA,"
the same that has borne and does now bear the
fkc-simile signature of CHAS, H. FLETCHER on
every wrapper. ThU is the original " PITCHER'S
CASTORIA " which lias been used iu the homea
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
Loot Carefully at the wrapper and see that It 1
the kind you have always bought, and has the
signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
my name except The Centaur Company of which
Chas. H. Fletcher la President,
March 8, tSgr. SAMUEL PITCHER, M.O.
Coal mined in China is being export
ed to California, and it is said that in
a few years the Flowery Land will sup
ply the whole Puoilio coast.
FIT Pcrmanmitly Cared. No fltsor nervonsnes
IIIO after lirst day's Mm of lr. Kline's Ui-fiU
Nerve Bestorer. Send for FKK ihl KH3.00 trial
bottle and treatise. DR. P. U, Y .i j UL, DM
Arcll utreot, Philadelphia, Pa,
ft &h
t h
If 4
ft H V
celebrated for more ,
than a century as a gi
delicious, nutritious,
and flesh-forming
beverage, has our y
Yellow Label
Woman is a subjeot never mentioned
in Moocoo. It would ba considered a
terrible breach of etiquotte to ask a
man about his wife.
After belli swindled by all others, end nsstamp
for particalarK of King Holumon's Treamiro. the
ONLY rwiewer of manly RtreiiRth. MAHON
CHEMICAL CO., P. O. Dux 717, llilladelphia, Pu.
on the front of every ji
package, and our yL
Chocolarlere,"on the j
back, A
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
we of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hull's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHEKKY CO., Props.. Toldo, o.
We the undorsitriled, have known F.J. Cheney
fur tho past 15 veaiB, and believe him perfectly
honorable in afl buHinens truugaetintu and fin
ancially able to carry out any obligations made
by their lirm.
W Bf,T is Tltl'A A,
Wholesale pruvfflatli, Toledo, O.
Wai dinii, K innan A Marvin,
Vholoale PriiKU'lstn, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh (Jure In taken internally, actinir
directly on the blood and mucous Htirfaees ot
thesvHlem. Price 7Se per bottle. Bold by all
dmifjdsts. Testimonials free.
Hall s ramily Pills are the best.
The long tails of the Shah of Persia's
horses are dyed crimson for six inches
at their tins a joalously guarded privi
lege of the ruler and his sons.
All Eastern Syrnn, fo-ealled. usually very
litrht colored and oi heavy body, Is made from
iueose. "7a (iunlcn Drin is made bom
HitKHr Cane and is strictly pure. His for ale
bv lirst-class vroecrs, in cans only, ilanulao
tured bv the pAemo Coakt Hyiiup Co. All iren.
uine "Tra dnrdrwDriiii" have the manufac
turer's name lithographed ou every can.
We will forfeit $1,00(1 If any of our pub
lished testimonials are proven to bo not
peiiiiine. I nit I'iho Co., Warren, l a.
Is It Wrong?
Get It RlRht.
Keep It Kiht
Moore's Keveuli'd licmedy will do it. Three
doses will make you leel better, (let It from
your dniKRlst or any wholesale drug house, or
Vroui Stewart Si Holmes Drug Co., Sealtla.
For men who have wasted thelj
vigor and youthful energy, who feel
Blow, stupid and weak; for young men,
nnddlo-agod and old men who would
like to bo stronger, Dr. Bandon offora
free a book that is worth $1,000 to any
weak man. .It tells and proves by
hundreds of grateful letters how Dr.
Sandon's Eleotrio Holt restores the old
snap, tne vim, tne vigor, uan ot
send for it! it is free, by mail or at
oftlco. A book for the ladios, also.
BBS Wast Wualilnifton St. I'orlUud, Or,
yltiwt vu-.nlitm this I'upcr.
rrarn. and hfiinoulluf 2
Aft. o Mnf nuitinii iwu A
1 iiruip. JIW W
Plain or with Cutter. The beat needle In the niar
kft. Vftl by ull nark ewor. l-'or sale by ull gen
eral uiurehaudiae stures, or by
K Market Street, Han Francisco, Cal.
tRf rC 1S47-BO,
V9 O Write for in ibr-
irialion lmiKirtftnt to urrlvnrn ri1 wMowf of
iinllttn wttrvftm-mm. TAKKH A WHITMAN VQ.t
renal on ttud i'ntent Attorneys, WushtiiKtoti, I), ('.
for t racing mid loonllntf (Jolri or Htiver
Ort, IokI or tuirlc't (n'tftunfi. M. 1.
FOVI,Klt, Jlux 37, MouiUlnKtou, Conn.
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