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nnrnntl OITU onilDirD I
UnLUUil Ul I I UUUniUil
EutonsdtaOregonCttypostofilce as Bacond-claen matter
If paid 1 11 advance, peryenr 1 M
One yer 2 0
Bix munths 1 00
Three mouths 60
flWThe rUte opposite your address on the
paipur denotes (he time to which you have paid.
OREGON CITY, DEC. 81, 1897.
Befokb election it was recognition of
Cuban independence. Now it is' auton
omy unci "gives Spain a fair chance."
Oongreee is buying itself saving seal
pups, while the Cuban patriots are
perishing for want of recognition due
suffering humanity, Vale Advocate.
It is enough to make any man boil,
who liner) 't got gai'ter-snake blood in
his veins, to read the way the Cubans
are getting autonomy in the neck
(Socm Jiivrniit.
Tub Avriter missed two chickens from
his hennery on Christmas evening ' We
know of no one in Oregon City mean
enought to steal from an editor unless
it is the Semi-Weekly Spasm man.
An exchange bays that Uen. Keep-off -the-grass
Coxey made a good thing by
hiring to Ilanna to run fur governor of
Ohio, as he bought a large stock ranch
hs soon as the election was over. Iioss
John C. Young of Oregon must also have
u farm in view. Iloseburg Review.
Tim Kansas legislature has enacted a
law that funiisbeH the children of the
Btate their school books for one-half of
the old book trust cost, and that these
hooks can be iwl in any school ; they
ure uniform. This saves the people of
that state fflO't.OOO in one year. Why
not try this in Oregon.
Tim county committees of the populists
deniocats ami silver republicans of the
counties of Yamhill, Lane and Marion
have already agree I t) a union of the
fons mentioned for the spring cam
paign. A meeting of the state coin.
iiiii tees to this end wiH be held in Port
land on January 7th.
One of the plutocratic papers says that
manufacturers cannot now restore w ages
hecaitse tl-ey have contracts made be
fore the rise in price of raw materials.
Well, the rale of wages was made before
the rise in flour and woolen and many
other things. Is it not as broad as it is
long, and why should the workman
stand his loss and the employer's loss
The editor of the Canby organ howl?
because a majority of the true populists
democrats are in favor of a union of
reform forces in the spring campaign,
and advises the democrat to "go it
iiloue." Mr. (lilt is a pretty man to
Hive advice. How many times ha be
imtwerdly changed his polities while
quiell.' working for the same political
Rang. First he ran the reruliliean Iron
Worker at 0wego, His next venture
Wi'H the populist Herald of Oregon City,
which he swamped in a few weeks ami
returned to his Oswego organ. Now he
rhiims to run an independent sheet at
The sopisiicntid Putin of the weakly
press, more widely knows as the scape
(.'oatol'tho Puir'ow "Three Sisters" has
lieen very cornice? tiding of late. I'n
dotibtcd!;', he would like to be classed
with the dons of chari y, as he has been
generous enough to call in a skunk.
Skunk powder being his principal i-tock
iti trade, or the condition of his made
up He has not only elTeclually scat
lered the price on the court house walls,
hut upon the rail fences of tin) county,
while the fraudulent tax list publication
appeals to the fanners clriri'y, who in
their vexatious moo l wot;! I be gl id to
have the opportunity of siptirting some
of (he skunk juice in the fellow's eyes.
Star Route A'.ail Contracts.
Following lire the names of the suc
cessful bidders for Star mail routes eon
no te I w tt h CI ickain IS county, and the
amounts the contractor w ill receive for
t be service :
Y. U. Harder, Denver, Cal.: Onvmi
City lo Stone, ifHa.b'.l ; Orient to Kel.-o,
$i:ls'.SI; S.indv by liullrun to Anus,
P. F, Stilliie.'s, London, Ky, : Oregon
t'itv by lu'dland an I Lo vu to Viola,
W. H. Frinklin, Soduliu, Mo.:
CUikcs bv Coltou, Elwool and Spring
water to Dg Ige, $l7',l.!il; Currinsville to
Garfield, f.il.tS; Pull liun to Marmot,
mil; Portland by Palestine, Kilganer,
Uussellville, liockwoo.l, Gieshuni,
Powell's Valley, Orient and Cottrell to
v indv TS7.50.
0. W. Nudorwood. Clinton, Mo.:
Oregon City by Willamette and Stafford
to Wilsoiiville, I(H).
1.. 11. Hansbergcr: Oregon Citv to
Klv, Heaver Creek, Clarkes, Meadow
brook and I'niou Mills to Mulino,
IW-t.lw; Onkon City bv Klv, Cams,
Mulino and .Liberal to Molallii, I'.'H.IiT.
Herman Merger, l.agle Creek: Port- uay evening previous. ioin causes
land by SUition A, W'lXHlstock.Troniout.ji'onibiiied brought its death. Funeral
I cuts, Sveamorc, Damascus, Spring- j services were hell at the parsonage
water to Highland. Saturday evening, codueted by Dr. Ilif ,
.1 .,r,v f tb., xn.vessfnl bid.
lers are large Fainter 11 contractors, the
most of the routes will Ik' sub let. as
usual, to local parties. The contracts
uro let for four years.
in nil. j.-. . s. -
Injustice Schuebeis Coort.F. M
Robinson was arrested in Portland the
other day by Constable McCown on a
charge of abduction, having taken away
a child in the custody of his divorced
wife. When arraigned Monday before
Justice Schuebel he waived examination
and whs bound over in the sum of $300.
John Watson was arrested on charge of
adultry with Mrs. Ford, of Willamette
Falls, and was arraigned Monday. His
trial was set for January 7th.
Testing a City Ohdinance. C. W.
Oottan, a traveling representee of an
Oakland shirt factory was arrested
Tuesday for peddling without license,
and was fined $2o by Recorder Ryan, in
default of which he was sentenced to be
imprisoned for 10 days. Cottan's
attorneys applied to County Judge
Hayes for his release on a writ of heabeas
corpus. The matter was argued Wed
nesday and taken under advisement by
the Judge. Oottan is at liberty on his
own recognisance. However, on Thurs
day afternoon Judge Hayes granted the
writ, holding that the ordinance against
soliciting business was practically un
constitutional. A Family Reunion. A reunion of
theOaulield family was held at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Morey,
on Christmas Eve. Mrs. Jane Caufield,
aged 81, was the guest of honor, and
there were present 10 children, Mr. and
Mrs. Morey, Mayor and Mrs. E. t.
Cuufleld.Mr.and Mrs. 0. II . Caufield,
Mr. and Mrs. David Caufield, Mr. anil
Mrs. Robert Caufield, besides 23 grand
ehililrens. A splendid dinner was
served, and one of the features of the
occasion was an elegantly dressed Christ
mas tree, resplendent with numerous
electric lights. Mr. and Mrs. Morey
left Saturday for the East, and will visit
their daughters Florence and Helen in
New York before their return.
The Hamilton Party Ai.r. Sake.
There was joy in the Hamilton house
hold Wednesday evening upon the re
ceipt of a long letter from George
Hamilton, dated at Dawson City. Sept
3n. It had been three months on the
Toad, but it carried the good news that
deorge Hamilton, J. A. rairclnuuh, 1)
J Collins and Mr. Hubbard had arrived
safely at the Yukon gold fields. When
the letter was written they were well
and hopeful over good prospects. They
readied Dawson t iiy on Sept. 2:ird,
havirg made the trip from the lakes in
l'.'dnys. On the l'7l,h they divide I up
their supplies, and all hands had a
plentiful supply of provisions, as they
had purchased some on the road. Col
lins met an old friend at Selkirk and
went into the sheep butchering bus
iness. Hamilton was associated with
( has. Shade in a lay on some mining
property on Hunker reek, 2M miles
from Dawson City, and wm jubilant
over the prospects. They were getting
ready for winter. The ietler is replete
wi h information about ilie route, and
many incidents of the trip. A rumor
lul l been afloat that the Hamilton party
were drowned in the lakes, and the fact
that no news had been received, from
them made it appear that th"re might
be a possibility of truth in the minor.
P. Hrmmei.oaun Impkikonko. Paul
Heinnielgarn was imprisoned in the city
jail for a lew minutes last Sunday even
ing, lie was not locked up by an officer
of the law, but by a bold, bad burgler.
Sunday morning about two o'clock,
Otlicer Shaw was at the depot just as
the north-bound freight train was pul
ling out, and observed a man apparently
trying to hide himself by the side of a
box car that bad just been sidetracked
by the freight train. As the oliicer i.p
proached the man ho crawled under t'-.e
Uueks, and his suspicious actions le i
Oliicer Shaw to suspect that something
wis wrong. He marched him to the
city hastile, where an exaniiration re
vealed the fact that he carried u big n ivy
revolver in one overcoat pocket, an I on
account of wearinga pairof heavy gloves
w as probably prevented irom attempting
to use it on the oliicer A further ex
amination showed thai his doilies Were
new, and among the articles in his
pocket- were gloves, hankerchict's, scis
s rs tweezers, 14 copper cents and some
dimes and nickles. lie gave his name
as "Curley'' lirown, and the oliicer at
once suspected that be was one of the
nariies who had robbed a store in W oo.l-
burn hriilay iiulu. Air. Iieiuuelg rn
feeds the cite ln'isoners, and about, li.li;)
Sunday evening carried lbown's supper
to the jail, lie unlocked the cell door
and entire ! where the prisoner was eon-
fined The prisoner ordered Mr. Hem-1
melgarn to stand, and upon ascertaining
that he did not have a revolver, bent j
him on the shoulder willia stick of
wood, which partially paralyzed him
long enough to enable the prisoner to 1
get out of the cell and lock the latch of j
the door to the cell bv using a piece of
double bent wire as a pin. I'.row n then
went down stairs and secured an ax,
w ith w hich he pried open the ca 'e con
taining his revolver in the chief of
police's i Mice, Alter securing the re
volver he tn.i'le cool his escape. Mr
lb mmel'Mi'ti s cri 'S for help were bear I
bv Vr Thomas, who lives adjoining the
jail building and he was res.uied from
the daik cell. Chief Ittirns secured
brown's partner in Portland Monday,
and he was taken to Salem Tuesday by
the constable of U'oodburn precinct.
The latter gives his name as llessey,
an I they are no doubt ol 1 offenders.
I'.esi.les the other articles taken from
Prown's pockets was a bottle containing
preparation that will i.'ii te into a llaine
win n it conies into contact with water.
On Yonday evening William Tetrow,
of Clackamas Heights went to the
Vugdalen Home platform to take an
e'ectrie car (or Porilatid The first, ear
that came along was the S;;iO Milwaukie
car, and w ben he jumped on board the
conductor informed him that the car did
not go through. After the car started
up lie conclude t that be would wait for
through car, and in jiunpingou missed
. tue platlorui an t tell to die ground a
j distance of b feet. He was taken to the
hopital at Gladstone, where be lies in
a critical condition. fctrow
his way to the lower Columbia.
j Helen Until Oberg, the 18 months
: old daughter of Uev. Harold and Mrs.
Oberg, died last Friday ailernoon. The
child had been suffering with cholera '
fnfantnin, and was severely burned by
the explosion of a lamp on the Wednes'. ;
: ' l" remains were laKcn to saiem
on the overland for burial
The lu-vrly elected city council will
hold its first regular meeting next Wed
nesday evening,
Observed In all the Churches With
Special Services.
The Sunday schools and churches
observed Christmas Eve and Christmas
Day with the usual observances, and the
services were impressive and interesting.
Many homes were made happy on the
Savior's birthday by the good cheer that
prevailed, but one home in the city was
sad, that of Rev. H. Obefg and wife,
who lost their infant daughter the day
before Christmas. In consequence, the
Christmas Eve festivities for the Sunday
school children were postponed.
C. H. Dye, the Sunday School
Superintendent, presided, and the
auditorium and tree were prettily
decorated. After the devotional ex
ercises and special music by the choir,
Earl Walker made the address of wel
come, Ketta fecoggan recited "Merry
Unristmas, recitation, Carl JNehren
recitation, Neliie Woods; solo, Echo
Samson; song by Reva Gray; which
was followed by the distribution of
presents. The choir discoursed special
H. S. Sirange, school superintendent,
presided. Ilie entire building was neat'
ty decorated and the tree was tastily
dressed. After the devotional services,
there was a class exercise under the
direction of .Miss Clarissa Fancher
recitation, Myrtlf Doremus; class ex
ercise under 'the direction of C. A. Muir,
recitation, Olga McOhire ; song by Mrs.
Mctirchan's class; recitation, Blanche
Bain ; class exercise by A. Robertson
and Charles Mtiir's classes ; recitation.
Mary Hurtburt ;duet, Edith Dehon and
Hattio Uhurch ; exercise by Miss Wil
liam's class ; recitation, Ella Eutz; ex
ercises by Mrs. F. 0. Andrew's class;
recitation, (,'lara Barber; infant class
drill and march under the direction of
Mrs. A. J. Montgomery. Then followed
the distribution of presents.
The church was beautifully decorated,
and the pulpit was ingeniously arranged
to represent a winter scene G. W.
Swope superintendent of the Sunday
school presided, and after the customary
devotional services, ' The Shepherd's
Vision, ' was given by the infant class ;
a recitation by Sophia Oantenbein ;
anthem by the girl's quartette, Gertie
Shaner, Evelyn Dempster, Lena Nemyre
and Martha MComb; recitation, Jessie
Porter ; solo with autoharp accompani
ment, Lena Nemyre ; recitation, Dougles
Johnson ; Christmas Bells, Rose Bellomy
Mairaie Johnson and Junette Cross,
recitation, Daisy Lawrence ; "Jolly Old
St.. Nick," hy the girl's qtiarlette The
representation of snowflakes by 12 little
girls was splendidly executed, and
showed careful training in the drill work.
Erastus Smith appeared as Santi Clans
amidst thp snowflakes, after which
followed the distribution of presents.
At the Episcopal church a special
Sunday school service was held Christ
inas Eve aid a loaded Christmas tree
was tastily displave 1 in the rectory.
Evergreens and chrysanthemums were
prominent, among the decorations in
the inteiior of the church, and they
were tastily arranged. The Ladies Guild
presented Dr. Williams and lady an
elegant set of solid silver teaspoons,
elegantly engraved with the initial letter
"II." l)r "Williams, also received an
elegant silk martyr stole, from the
members of Trinity chinch, San Fran
cisco, embroidered with silk Rod trim
med with Duchess lace There were
special Christmas services on Saturday
and 1'iisliop .Morris filled the pulpit on
Sunday '
kt.ioiin'h catuoi IC Clll'KCII.
The Christmas seivicts were im
pressive, and the c.ho r discoursed ex
cellent music Mass was celeUated at
eight o'clock Sat urday morning, followed
by a sermon in F.nnlisli. This sermon
made prominent the f ict that Christ
atoned for the sins of Adam. T'ds was
followe I with m s at !l, and afterword
a sermon in G.-rman. S ileum hiuh
mass was celebrated at t :!ltl, an I a in I
choir rendered a selection by Wiegant,
in honor of St. Patrick, in the evening
! t here was "oleinn vespers and benedic-
I lion
i Sum
I'hcre was al
o special services on
ul v
j Christmas tree and special programs
i were prcsoii'ed at both the KniHiintil
' Lutheran , 'Ai m Luihcian churches
, m Christum Eve. T.ie decorations
i were in keetiini with the occasion and
the exercises are sal I to Pave been very
good They were reqiies c I to hand in
programs, but none have been receive I
Christmas services were held at the
German l'.vaim lieal church on Satur
day evening, and presents were dis
tributed from the Christinas tree. A
chiistmas tree, and special program were
among the fealivos at the Salvation
barracks Saturday evening.
J.M. Tracy is executor of the estate
of A. T. Pio.vniun. deceased, and the
estate held a note against T. P. MeOuh
Inn. McCubbin had a claim a 'iiinst. the
estate, which the executor refused to
allow in full The matter came up for
bearing in the county court Monday,
w hen McOuhhin's attorneys desired t
present his claon tin full as a counter
claim against tbe'note. The attorney
for the executor, iii'ioie 1 a d 'tnitrrer
against, this proceeding, which w is
sustainel. Geo. L Story appeared for
the executor, and Latourettes (or Me
Ouhhin. Kli-t A Lei r uir
tit Ort-;iiti t It y
Po not f:ill tn hear
Master Tommy Pu reel 1
T!u Wmnterliil liny Violinist
Lovie .emit l'mcell
The I'lit'lioiiliMliil Cntitraltn
Mabel Delnney
The Hi llliiuil Sorno
May I. Davis
Mcm Soprano
hha an bwermgen
opi'imic Contralto
Louis McPike
Humorist, ANI OTI1KKS
Pinter the Auspices of
Oregon City Assembly No, 7,
United Artisans,
Monday Evening. Jansia;v 3d,'S8
At Sldvely'5.
llox slice t now open at lliin.lo) bookstore.
Marvelous Effec
System Broken Down and Hope Al
most Abandoned Health Re
stored by Hood's Earsapariba.
"For fifteen years I have suffered with
catarrh and indigestion and my whole
system was fcroken clown. I had almost
abandoned any hupo oi recovery. I pur
chased six botllea of Hood's Sarsaparilla
and its effects have been marvelous. It
has made me feel li!:o a new man, I am
able to sleep wed, have a good appetite,
and I have gained several pounds in
weight." James Wilder, Oroviiie, Wash.
" I had a scrofula" swelling on one side
of my neck and ulcerated sores in my
nostrils, caused by catarrh. I also had
small, itching sores on my limbs. I
bought three bottles of Hood's Sarsapa
rilla and began taking it and the sores
soon healed. My biood is purified, and
the scrofula has disappeared." O. D.
'McManus, Mission, Washington.
Is the best in fact the One True n!ood Purifier.
Hnnt'c Dil't- cure nausea, iniliirestioii,
11UUU & rlliS biliousness. -Ij aunts.-
Grand clearance sale. Buy a hat at
Miss Goldsmith's.
Kenworthy'a restaurant and con
fectionery is now opened and ready to
serve first-class meals on Bliort notice.
Oysters a specialty. Wheeler & Oram's
old stand.
The most reliable goods at lowest
living cash prices are kept by the grocery
store of Marr & Muir.
With a little cost one's rooms can be
made as good and bright us new. Call
at Holman's and see styles and pattern
all up-to-date 1897 goods. Seventh
street, near bridge.
When in Portland drop in and see our
immense line of Christmas Chinas.
Everything new. Haines' , 2S8 Morrison
street, Portland.
For best groceries at cheapest price go
to Marr& Muir.
Justice court blanks locentsperdozen
at Courikk olfico.
Pine new lino of umbrellas and canes
at Burmeisters & Andresens's Jewelry
store. '
Inspect those adjustable window
screens at Bellomy & Busch's. They
are certainly the riaht thing.
Customers can leave orders for bottled
beer, porter, steam beer or keg beer at
Knttpp's liismark saloon. John G. Wil
helm, pioprietor Sell wood brewery.
Grand c earaiue sale begins today of
the l.tttest and newest things in mil-
! limi.rv iitwl trimmed nnd n nt.ri mmed
hats ut Miss Goldsmith's.
Tor the best shave or hair cut to
he had go to P.G. Shark's shop. Shaving
If you want a nice steak, roust or boil
call at Albrig. t's shop and get some of
his cold-storage meat which is acknowl
edged by ali to be superior t the meats
commonly sold at butchers' shops. He
also keeps on hand a full stock of lard,
hams, bacon, etc. made by himself and
warranted purest and wholesome. Re
member the old established shop on
M -itwjt.
L. I.. Pickens, dfiltist, does all kinds
ol' denial work. Gold ciihmih, porcelain
croons and hri.k'e, work a m eeialty
Ollice in Barclay building, earner M ait.
a ul Seventh sheets.
Go to Baum & Brandes, Ho First
stieet, right on the Oregon City car line
fervour lunch,' and dinners. We make
a specialty of ladies' and merchants'
lunches ; try them, only 2"c. Agency
for Maillan I's candies.
U.K. Ken worthy at the K.ist Side Uy
ollicc serves meals or oysters at all times.
He also 'keeps a line of confectionery,
fruits and cigars.
Prescriptions carefully compounded
G. A. Harding'sdrug store.
Before furnishing your house call at
Young's second-hand store and he will
tit you out for less than one-quarter of
what new goods would cost. '
Vaxt::i. fWl) or $'!.")0 for two or
three years, goo I security. Address
"Security," this ollicc.
Pan Willians has added to his stock of
groceries and provisions a full line of
feed and hay. Goods, delivered to all
parts of the city free. Corner Seventh
and Center steels
All the leading citizens of Oregon City
are now n-ing home made "Patent"
llour, claiming that it makes much
better bread than the Hour that is ship
ped in fro n mills, which is verv reason
able, as t!u! manufactures of "Patent"
flour have till the latest improvements
in flour making machinery.
We have received a line of silver plated
ware, which will be given to our patrons,
The quality is a I extra coin silver plate
1437 Wm A. Roger. We solicit you to
Inspect the same at the stare of I ,Selliag.
Patent" llo ir, manufactured by the
Portland Flouring Mills Co. of Oregon
City, is giving excellent satisfaction and
can now be had at any of the groeorys
in the city. ,The sales ate constantly
Uemeniber the Racket Sto'o opposite
Charman.a Drug Store.
The Oregon City Auction house has
decided to dispose of the large rocking
horse shown in their show window by
giving a chance to each one who pur
chases a $1 worth of goods.
Beat the rorld!
Dr A. A
llavelmir iyo Examined
Consult nfiwi Eree
...0 TO..
Shop Opposite CoiiKrumitional Olim
Seventh Street, Corner of Center, on the Hill.
Main St., Opposite Caufield Block.
Two Shops, . .
Fresh Stock of
) Kepot fur HAY Mini FEED
That every day our store is filled with buyers
from every part of the city, regardless of distance?
H- There must be some reason. People especially
ladies don't go out of their way to buy unless
there is a reason.
IT IS BECAUSE we have established a reputation for abso
lutely fresh goods especially in the line of table
-5- delicacies, and our customers are sure of a
'superior article and then the prices are right.
S. G. Skidsvjore & Co.,
Extensive Lire of Cruj gists'
A very popul ir priced line of Purses, Bill Books, Card Cases,
Cigar Cas-cs, Coll ir and Cuff Boxes, silver mounted or plain;
Toilet Dressing Cases, Manicure Cases, Work Boxes, Hand
kerchief, Glove or Necktie Boxes in celluloid, cosmeon and
enameleJ vonl.
i'MJFOMS of the h;
Atomizers of hand
We ask you to call
not offer the nicest
Gut-Rate Drug&ists.
151 Third St., near Morrison,
Santa Clan
W .L. ULUCK, rrojirietor
wonev as you can iji't
fUK hs wliile others try to follow. Ciet our prices More lmvin
amt thaf will convince you. Ae ure amenta for the Empire Stir
Air Turrit Heaters. They nre fuel savers, control the fire ranij
heating, ma.le of duralile material ami are beauties, which
make them altogether a perfect stove.
UU: N I I T (1 II ' I IN Hllll
uiiluuii uiii rujiiuii iiuuui, ji
Scientific Optician, formerly
of Minneapolis, has charge of
the Optical Department for
A. N. WRIGHT, the Iowa
Jeweler, 293 Morrison St.,
Portland, Oregon.
- i. Main Htreet, Oregon City, Ore.
Oregon City, Oregon.
Willamette Block, Oregon City
,.. .t ;-i! f ir the holidays and also
) :.ie d.-i'i, at popular prices,
nd x.v'.iine our stock and see if we do
oi.tis at lowest prices.
Tlui won li-rful :itti nation of our
lmliiLy H'H la mul 1,W urious push
tho ol'l iiniii asilu. Wo houst of our
l'tirnniriH f.ir i li rintm la ImyiTS So
mnttiT how poor the Ntii'kin:, -we
imii till i'. You aru iw.li.illy in viteil
to I'oiim mi I nee wlmt wo i i'm ilo for
yon. Tlio prii'i'M on ull of our gooils
uro I'xtivnuly low.
On-jf-m City, Oregon
! There is no nw-1 of goins to Portland to e.n.l vn.
Wttor value at home. We take tha 1,1 I , ,.ur
t y
VI - "P;o e 1-o.iomie.