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YiTien a cheerful, brave, light-hearted
woman is suddenly plunged into that
perfection of misery, the blues, it is a
sad picture.
It is usually this way:
She has been feeling "out of sorts"
for some time; head has ached, and
back also; has
slept poorly, been
quite nervous,
and nearly
or twice; head jwVwS
dizzv. and itf'.
i i i f i?) T I
fast; then Cl
that bear
ing-down feeling. Ecr doctor says,
" cheer up, you have dyspepsia; you'll
be all right soon."
But she doesn't get " all right." Sho
prows worse day by day, till all at
once she realizes that a distressing fe
male complaint is established.
Her doctor has made a mistake.
She has lost faith in him; hopo van'
ishes; then comes the brooding, morbid,
melancholy, everlasting blues.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Cora.
pound instantly asserts its curative
powers in all those peculiar ailments
of women, and the story recited above
is the true experience of hundreds of
women, whose letters of gratitude are
to be found on file in Mrs. Pinkham's
library. Try and see for yourself.
A piece of machinery run by steam and
overworked will become cranky, creaky and
out of gear, owing to some expansion of
metal from heat and friction. Stop its
work, rub and brighten and let it rest. In
a short while it will be restored and will
run smoothly. The human system is a
machine. Too much work and worry are
thrown upon it; too much of the heat of
dailv cares; too much of th&steam of daily
business. The nerves become cranky ; they
are icstless, sleepless and twitehy, and a
neuralgic condition sets in. Pain throws
the machine out of gear and it needs rest
and treatment to strengthen and restore.
St. Jacobs oil is the one remeay 01 an pe
culiarly adapted to a prompt and sure
cure. So many have so Ireely testined
from experience and use to its efheacy in
the cure of neuralgia that it passes without
saying that it surely cures, it win De a
gracious surprise to many after the free
use of it to Imd how easily pain, cures and
worrv may be lifted, and how smoothly
tb.8 human machine goes on.
A Famous Graverilgger.
George Peacock, the gravedigger at
Gillingham, near Chatham, England,
has just died, aged 75. He had held
the position for 87 years, and dnring
that period had buried over 12.Q00
tn men hns drained the sweetness from millions
ol lives. It unfits men for business or pleasure
nd makes life loathsome to those who suffer
trom it. If vou would be strong in mind and
body; if you would throw off the fetters of
wretchedness canned by early abupe and the
mistakes of your life, let us explain to you how
it can ue none in nature I own way uy prop'
erlv applied Kleetrioitv.
proved Electric Suspensory, cures Nervous De-
bilitv, I. nine Back, Loss of Memory, Contusion
of Ideas. Rheumatism and Kidney Troubles.
Restores vital power, stops all unnatural waste,
etc. Yon feel the current, or we forfeit fl.lXJO.
A pocket edition of the celebrated electro
medical work, "Three Classes of Men," illus
trated, ia sent free, by mail, upon application.
Everv young, middle-aced or old man suffering
the slightest weakness should read It.
' 153 West Washington St., Portland, Or.
Please mention this Paper.
The franchise of easy digestion one of the
most, valuable in the gift of medical science
can be secured by any person wise enough to
use Hosteiter's Stomach Bitters, either to sup
press growing dyspepsia, or to uproot it at ma
turity. BUlious. rheumatic and fever and
ague sufferers, persons troubled with nervous
ness and constipated, snoutn aiso secure ui
health franchise by the lame means.
In every mile of railway there are
seven feet four inohes not covered by
the railB, the space left for expansion.
Paid nam ages Voluntarily.
There was a collision on the Danish
State railroad near Copenhagen some
time ago in which forty persons were
killed and seventy wounded. The rail
road at once admitted that it was to
blame, and instead of fighting claims
for damages, has appointed a committee
to settle with the claimants what will
be fair compensation, so as to avoid
having the claims brought into the
Gate that Will Not Pag.
Most farm gates begin to sag at the
outer end after a little use, thus caus
ing oftentimes much inconvenience. If
the upright at the hinges can be kept
rigidly In place, there is no reason why
a Kate should sag if It is properly con
Rtructerl. A DroDer construction Is
shown in the accompanying lllustra
tion. two braces beiiiff used, both of
All Eastern Syrup, so-called, usually very
light colored and of heavy body, Is made from
glucose. "7tt ti'arffcn Urips" is ntude from
Sugar Cane and is strictly pure, it is for sale
bv first-class grocers, in cans only. Manufac
tured bv the Pacific Coast Syri'p Co. All gen
uine "'1'e.a lianlea Drips" have the manufac
turer's name lithographed on every can.
which hold the outer end of the gate
ricidly in nlace. Farm gates are often
made of material too light to be
Rtrnmrlv nlnned at the ends of the
burs. This Is a mistake, as secure pin-
ufhg is necessary In order' to give the
braces a chance to do their work.
lows. If the peach Is an extra good
one, it may well be left to fruit on Its
own stock. Some kinds of peaches re
produce themselves from seed, and all
kinds of this fruit are more likely to
produce something nearly like them
selves. If the native fruit proves to
be worthless, a few buds inserted high
er up after It has grown large enough
to show what It Is, will change It to
whatever variety may be desired.
Plow Under Rubbish.
It will be a pleasant surprise to the
farmer or gardener to notice the Im
provement of land where vegetable
growth of any kind ias beer plowed
under. It will take the time of some
one to pull, rake and cart off or burn
such rubbish. Why not let this extra
help follow the plow aid keep It clear
of obstruction and acconiolish some
good from the operation? Not ouly will
there be returned to the soil what the
plant has taken up during the growing
season, but also what the foliage has
been able to appropriate from the air.
This will be a paying operation upon
land that is liable to be a little
droughty. It will be noticed that the
retentive properties of such laud will
be greatly improved by persistence In
this line of management. The most
perfect implement for this kind of
work and also plowing under coarse
manure Is the sulky plow. Orarrs
Judd Farmer.
Natural Blue Grass Land.
Blue grass is one of the most nutri
tious of all the grasses. Its roots are
straggling and run near the surface,
therefore it Is rich in early spring,
when the mill's rays do not warm the
soil deeply. Some land seems to grow
up In bli" grass whenever left un-
cropped. t will run out most otner
crasses as the latter fall. One reason
why this grass Is nutritious is, perhaps,
explained by the remark uu old farmer
made, that he had always noticed that
the natural blue crass land was a
strong limestone soil.
Brown ticket in every package of Schil
lings Best baking powder.
Yellow ticket in every package of Schil
lings Best tea.
Schilling's Best baking powder and tea are
are money-back.
i 1 1
.because t iev
Whut is the missing word? not SAFE, although Schilling's Best baking
powder and tea are safe.
Get Schilling's Best baking powder or tea at your grocers'; take out the
ticket (brown ticket in every package of baking powder ; yellow ticket in the
tea); send a ticket with each word to address below before December 31st.
Until October 15th two words allowed for every ticket; after that only, one
word for every ticket.
If only one person finds the word, that person gets f 2000.00; if several hna
it, $2000.00 will be equally divided among them.
Every one sending a brown or yellow ticket will receive a set of cardboard
creeping babies at the end of the contest. Those sending three or more in one
envelope will receive an 1S9S pocket calendar no advertising on it. These
creeping babies and pocket calendars will be different from the ones offered in
the last contest.
Better cut these rules out.
BID sum
will core you of Dys
pepsia, Indigestion,
andstomaeh troubles
of all kinds. Price. (1. On receipt of same we
will deliver it at your neareit ex press office free
of charge.
....FRANK NAU....
Portland Hotel Pharmacy,
Bixtb and Morrison sued',
Yields double the amount of any other grass
ior hay or pasture. Will stand the dry season
and grows as vigornualv In September as in
June. It grows 011 dry hills where nothing else
will grow. It solves the problem of pasturage
in the northwest country. Price 20c per pound.
Address all orderi 10 .11. .1. Miitt.iiM,
Muaoow, Idaho
Get your supplies of ns at cut rates.
Large stock and low prices.
Goods guaranteed.
WarJ-Clarhi Co,, Denial Depot, Portland.
Diamonds have been discovered, in
rare instances, in the meteoric stones
which have fallen to the earth.
King Solomon's Treasure," only Aphrodlslacal
Tonic known. (See Dictionary.) es.uo a box, 8
weeks' treatment. Mason Chemical Co., P. 0. Box
"47, Philadelphia, Pa.
A Tall Chimney.
One of the tallest stacks in Great
Britain is situated at Llanelly. From
the base of the foundation to the ex
treme summit ia 400 feet high. The
cap of the top weighs 27 tons, and 720,
000 bricks were used in its construction.
It is ciroular in form, and in a gale
bends extremely.
I never used so quick a cure as Fiso's
Cure for Consumption. J. B. Palmer, llox
1171, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25, 191)5.
Blonde hair is the finest and red the
coarsest there is.
Intensive Farming.
The average yield of potatoes per
acre In the United States is from sixty
to ninety bushels; in the Islanf of Jer
sev that tlclit little island of fine
cows nnd superfine potatoes the aver
age yield of the latter is 333 bushels
an acre, with Instances not a few of
yields of 500 or GOO bushels tr the
acre. Of course, the area of land is
small In Jersey, for the whole island
contains less than 28,000 acres, with
about 19,000 acres arable, and farms
are very small, many of them contain
ing three acres or less, aud the largest
has about fifty acres.
This makes the most Intensive farm
ing necessnry, hence the yield of pota
toes noted. Such results and such con
ditions prove that large farms are not
necessary, and that, in fact, they niny
be of greatest disadvantage, particu
larly where not thoroughly cultivated.
"Ten acres enough" Is not so absurd 8
proposition as Is generally supposed.
Farm Stock and Home.
Flavoring Hay. :,
When fresli clover not fully cured is
mixed with grain straw as it Is put in
the barn, not ouly will the clover be
kept from blackening, but it will Im
part a delicious aroma to' the straw
mowed away with it. : Some farmers
sow vernal grass, which has a . very
nleasant scent, for the purpose of fl
voring the hay. It mnkes the bay
more palatable, and that- mnkes It
more nutritious. It also makes the
hay field a piueh pleasanter place to
work In, as the scent of the newly-cut
vernal grass is most delightful.
From Boston to Bristol.
Two centuries ago Bristol was the
greatest port on the west coast of Eng
land, and many a Puritan ship sailed
from its docks. A special agent is now
in the United States negotiating for a
steamship line between Boston and
Bristol, and the municipality of Bristol
has voted to expend a sum of a million
and a half sterling in the construction
ofdooks to accommodate the largest
vessels, at the mouth of ' the river
Severn. ,
A Pyreneean Republlo. .
Andorra, the little republic on the
border of France and Spain, is going to
give up its picturesque isolation. It
now has a telegraph line connecting it
with the French system and a carriage
road is being constructed to take the
place of the mule track over the Pyre
nees which for ages has been the only
means' of access to the town.
It is said that if the earth's atmos
phere were suddenly increased in thick
neBS to 700 miles the Bun could not
penetrate it and the earth would Boon
be wrapped in ice.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for anj
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. , .
F. J. CHKNEY 4 CO., Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned, have known F.J.Cheney
for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly
Imrorable in all business transactions ana '
flnnncially able to carry out any obligations
made by their Arm,
V EST ot 1 RUAX.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Wii.ntNa, kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act
ing directlv upon the blood and mucous sur
faces oi the system. Testimonials free. Prtct
7oc. per bottle. Hold by all druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The population of Dublin, Ireland,
has decreased within the last 40 yean
from 261,000 to 245,000.
CHILDREN Ittimnu. t
Mas. Winm-ow'i southing hyrup .Jiuuid always be i
used for children teething. It Month" trie child, soft 1
ens the gums, allay, all puln. curee wind cnllc.aiid Is 4
tbe btat romedr tor diarrhoea. Twenty Ave cenu a
It 1. the best of all. t A
. m m m m m m
International Observatory.
An international meteorological ob
ervatory is to be erected on the top of
Mount Kosoiueko, at the southwestern
extremity of Australia. The originator
is Clement Wagner, who took the first
meteorological observations on Ben
Nevis, and the founder is R. Barr
6mith, of Torrens Park, South Aus
tralia. '
Seven-eighths of the families of Phila
delphia occupy entire houses as residences.
Try Schilling's Best tea and baking powder.
Victoria's Fifth Generation.
Princesi Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen,
Queen Victoria's eldest great-grandchild,
has become engaged to a prince
of Reuss-chleitz-Kostritz, a young son
of a far-off branch of the family ruling
over the smallest principality in Ger
many. If the wedding takes place
soon Queen Victoria may yet see the
fifth generation of her descendants.
Artificial rubber is being sought by
Mr. Berthelot, the French chemist,
who predicts that his product will ba
better and cheaper than the natural
produot of Para.
A new industry has been started in
Michigan. Blocks of sawdust with
resin are made and sold for fuel, and
it is said that for a quick, hot fire this
has uo equal.
It is estimated that the lumber out
of the Miramichi and tributaries, Can
ada, will this season amount to 112,
000,000 feet.
Kidney and Bladder Troubles Quickly Cured
You May Have a Sample Bottle of the Great Discovery, Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root Sent Free by Mail.
People doctor their troubles and try different medicines so often without benefit
that they get discouraged and skeptical. In most suchcases serious mistakes are made
In doctoring and not knowing what our trouble is or what makes us sick. The unmis
takable evidences of kidney trouble are pain or dull ache In the back, too frequent de
tire to pass water, scanty supply, scalding irritation. As kidney disease advances the
face looks sallow or pule, eyes puffy, the feet swell and sometimes the heart aches badly.
Should further evidence be needed to find out the cause of sickness, then set urine aside
for twenty-four hours ; a sediment or settling is also convinc'ng proof that our kidney s
and bladder need doctoring.
The mild and extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney
and bladder remedy, is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures.
Sold by druggists,' price fifty cents and one dollar. Bo universally successful has
Bwamp-Root been in quickly curing even the the most distressing cases that if you wish
to prove its wonderful merit you may have a sample bottle and a book of valuable in
formation, both sent absoultely free by mail. Mention and send your address to Dr.
Kilmer A Co., Binghamton, N. Y. The fact that this liberal offer appears lu this paper
ia sufficient guarantee.
For Barreling Apple.
It Is Blow work putting apples one
by one Into the bottom of a barrel; but
If turned In from the box or basket
those throughout
the whole lower
part of the barrel
are sure to be more
or less bruised a
condition that
greatly lowers
their value when
Bhinped. The Illus
trations, reproduc
ed from the Amerl
bag kxtkndep. caD Agriculturist,
show a box with a bag bottom that will
enable one to put fruit quickly Into the
bottom of a barrel, and into every por
tion of it uu to the top, without bruls
Ine a simile specimen. The box cau
measure a bushel if desired, and should
have handles as shown. There Is no
wooden bottom. A burlap bag, grow
Ing smaller and smaller toward the
lower end, Is tncked to the lower edge.
When the box Is set un on a level sur
face to be filled,
the bag Is gather
ed into the posi
tion shown In the
second picture.
The box Is filled
and lifted, the
hand erasulng the bottom of the bag In
the handle of the box. The full box Is
set on the edge of the barrel, and the
right hand, still grasping the loose bot
tom of the bag, Is let down gently to
the bottom of the barrel, when the ap
ples will as gently settle down through
the bag and sprend out in tbe barrel.
Device for Laying Wire.
The accompanying illustration shows
a very handy cart to be used In the lay-
ing of wire, when building a wire
fence. I have put up 200 rods with one
of my own make. To build It, secure
two cultivator wheels and put them on
flu axle far enough apart so that a reel
of wire may be Inserted at the end.
Bore holes In the main pieces of the
frame at the back end. through which
to pass the rod which supports the reel
of wire. One man can lay a wire with
this machine as fast ns he can walk.-
J. A. Bennett, In Orange Judd Farmer.
Walter Baker & Co.'s
Breakfast COCOA
Pure, Delicious, Nutritious.
Coita Leaa than ONE CENT a cap.
Bt iur that the package bear our Trade Mark.
(EsUblish4 I7S0.)
Walter Baker & Co. Limited,
Dorchester, Mass.
The Poultry House.
A poultry house Is not simply a place
In which the fowls should roost. In win
ter, when the ground Is covered with
snow, the hens are almost helpless and
must remain Inside. They should have
plenty of room on the tloor. whlcu
should be kept covered with cut straw
or leaves, in which they can scratch
and work. Overfeeding on grain Is
the cause of bens not laying, and it
also leads to double-yolk eggs, soft-
shell eggs and dlseasos. Each fowl
should have ten square feet of room
on the floor: that Is. a poultry house
10x10 should accommodate ten fowls,
Mules for a 1'roBt.
There are many poor mules, tbe off
spring of old, broken-down mares, good
for nothing else. Tbe best mules are
bred In Kentucky, where some excel
lent large-bodied mares are kept for
this purpose. A mule team, weight for
weight, will show much more than
horse team, and It will keep In harness
until 30 rears old. which the horse
team will not do.
Plant tha Peach Pita.
It Is a good plan to plant all peach
Dlta when It Is known that the fruit
ha been grown on trees free from yel-
Have Warm Stable.
A man or an animal can endure any
amount of ventilation during the dny,
but when night conies the iiulnml, like
the man, delights In a warm and soft
bed free from cold draughts of air. The
cold draughts lu the stable frequently
come along the floor, chilling the ani
mal when It Is at rest. This fact
should teach the farmer that Jie will
make no mistake In using plenty of
dry bedding, and It Bhould be thick
and loose, thus preventing draughts
from below and assisting to retain the
animal heat.
Shelter the Implement,
Store the tools and Implements un
der shelter. If possible take them
apart and give the pieces a thorough
cleaning with kerosene, which will as
sist In preventing rust. It would be
also an advantage to sharpen all
blades, and be lu readiness for work
without delay as soon as spring opens.
AU reixiirs and extras should be or
dered now, as It mny require days or
weeks to secure them at a time when
work Is pressing.
Stall-Fed Cattle. ,
It Is a mistake to keep fattening cat
tle con (In i-d in stalls all through the
day without change. It Is often done
under the Impression that the animal If
allowed to run out will work off all the
fat that the feeding can put on him.
But a short time each day will rest
the muscles, cramped by being kppt In
one position too long. The animal will
also keep to his feed better than If
closely confined.
Burning the Strawberry Bed.
Burning over the strawU-rry bed Is
work which some will not perform for
fear of Injuring the plants. A grower
who desired to test the method piled
straw In the spaces of a few of the
plants to the depth of six Inches. The
foliage of the plants that were burned
over was of better color the next sea
son and much heavier than on those
not so treated.
Stick to the Land.
A far-seeing American fnrmer says:
There was never a time In tbe history
of the world when it was more dan
gerous for a man with a family, or one
who expects some day to have a fam
ily, to let go of bis land and try some
thing else.
PITCHER, of Eiannis, Massachusetts,
tho originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same
has borne and does now ,. on even
bear the facsimile signature of (ACCMi( wrapper.
This is tlie original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it ia
the kind you Juive always bought Slff sm on tha
and has the signature ofa'Z &4UM wrap
per. No one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas. II. Fletcher it
March 8, 1897. QrfioC &-.J.
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute:
which som druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more penniei
on it), the ingredients of which even he does not know;
"The Kind You Have Always Bought"
Insist on Having
Kind That Never Failed
We lead and originate
fashions in....
Cor. Second and Stark Sts.
Men who ultor from tli cltooti of dlMou, ovar
work, worry, from folHM of youth or tbt n
ocmm of manhood, from unnatural dralni, uk
nw or lack of OoTclnpmmt of any organ, (allure of
vital foroea, until dmi for marrlana, all men man
hould "com to tha fountain bead " for a ecientmo
method nf oiarrnllonii power to vitallie. derelop.
etore, and auitaln. Wa will null wlttaaut rharge
In a plain aaalrd enrelope a riuiplilet that
Tell II All. Nothlm aent unaakad. Ho ejpo.
ma, no deoeptlon. Addreaa
WXTr.D-Ml Ml W
know u haMt, tMlael t4
,e!M kMJNIHkK. H.w
I HI mkm etpVMMe
tha way. Circular fr.. fer aiama.
IAgioia ia Mr HHitr im.
U. W. Mat'HY.
I01H Flunk ruu4. Or.
Vegetable, Grass
and Flower
Bulbs and Roses.
Fruit and Shade
Treeso Spray Pumps Bee Supplies
j Fertilizers j Catalog's Free J J
Wa carry tha moatrnmpleta line of nymtiMluia
and A thltmc donna on the Coast.
Bend lor Our Athletic t alanine.
1S-8S0 Market Ht.. Saa franolaoo, Cal.
Mir tracing and locating Gold or Hllver
itfll or nuri! inreaur. jn . if.
LtR.Boi MT.Hiiuikli'gioD.Conn,
I I Baal Comb SyrspVTaMa toe. Vail I
I tp iua ddbyara14. I I
Make money by incrtaf ut
lion in nicago. "a
I rwll wheat on roar-
Knrtunea have Ix-en
made on a amall Winning ly trading In lu-
inrei. Write lor lull particular!. Hnu ol ret
erunee given. Heveral yearn' ennerlenceon tha
Chicago Hoard ol Trade, and a thorough know
ledge ol tha bimlneaa. Heud for our free refer
ence book. UOWNINil, HOPKINS A Co.,
Chicago Hoard ol Trade Brokrri. Offluea la
fortland, Oref on and Mraltle, Wah.
M. P. M. C.
11rFIEN writing; to edertiere,
J V aaaattoa tula paper.
ST, 'ST.