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    Oregon City Courier.
A, W. OBBNKT, Feallsaer.
Aa Interesting Celleetloa of Items Froaa
the Two Hemispheres Presented
la Condensed Forai.
At San Antonio de loa BanoB, a pro
prietor named Domingo Hernandez,
who wai 70 yeara old, baa been banged
by the insurgent!.
August Florentine, a aaloon keeper,
shot and killed at tbe four-mile
boaae, on tbe San Bruno road, near
Ban Franoisoo. Tbe man who abot
bim ia named Jackion.
IJAt tbe Novelty theater, London, in
a atabbing acene, the apring dagger
made for atage use failed to aot and an
otor waa atabbed to tbe beart ao that
be died in a few minntea.
Senor Maroel de Azacarra, Spanish
minister of war, ia oonaidering a
aoheme to introduce oonaoriptioa in
order to facilitate tbe recruiting of
foroea for tbe Spanish army servioe in
Cuba. -
Miss Clara Barton, president of the
Amerioan branoh of the Red Cross So
ciety, baa started on her return to the
United States, her mission of distribut
ing relief to the Armenians having
been ended. i
A. W. Fawoett, the recently deposed
mayor of Taooma, annonnoea that tbe
. fight for ooonpanoy of tbe office ia not
yet ended by any means, and that be
will immediately carry tbe oontest to
the anpreme court for settlement.
John Thompson and Jay Leonard
were killed by lightning in a violent
atom at Sandusky, O. They were
working on tbe new government pier
at Cedar Point, witb angers in their
hands, wbiob attracted tbe lightning.
The body of a newly born male in
fant waa discovered floating in the
Willamette river near New Era one day
laat week. A coroner's inquest waa
held over the remains, bnt nothing was
developed whioh would tend to throw
any light upon tbe mystery, as to why
the body of tbe babe waa thrown into
the river.
The steam schooner Point Arena,
bound from San Franoisoo to Mendo
clno, went on tbe rooks near Point
Reyes. Captain Johnson, ber master,
waa on the bridge when ahe grounded.
He at onee began to ' back ber, and
. within ten minntea she was free of tbe
rocks. Aa soon as the vessel was
loosened tbe water began to rush in
' through a hole in her, port bow, just
forward of the forward hold. Captain
Johnson headed for San, Franoisoo, and
came up under a full 'head of steam,
the pumps being kept' in action all tbe
while. By the time she reached the
Mission slip, where she waa dooked,
there was four feet of water in ber for
ward hold.
In a aevere thunderstorm near Oma
ha, Neb., three people were killed by
. lightning.
, :, A dispatch from Neath, announoet
that forty miners were, entombed in
the Brinoooh pit by an. explosion.
. Miss Ida Fuller, a New York actress,
. while in bathing at Manhattan beaoh,
waa grasped by an octopus and nearly
Governor Altgeld has issued a mani
festo deolaring that eight bouia shall
constitute a day's work on park im
provements in Chicago.
' Miss Anna Pritchard, a widow from
San Franoisoo, left $1,280 in green
backs done up in a newspaper on the
Oakland ferryboat, and has not been
able to find the package since.
. John Hazel jumped from an Illinois
Central passenger train tbat waa run
ning forty miles an hour and was in
stantly killed. He was in custody oi
an offloer and was wanted for horse
stealing in MiBsonri.
A detaohmeut of oompany I, who
were guarding the Brown hoisting
works, near Cleveland, O., fired upon
a mob of strikers and wounded one of
them. Excitement runs high, and
more trouble ia feared.
, In Chicago, twelve ' pursous suo-1
cum bed to tbe heat in one day. Two !
or three oi tnene are not expeoted to
recover. It was the hottest day of the
year, the signal Herviee thermometer
registe-ing ninety-four in the after
noon. Thermometers on the streets
registered four and ' five degrees more
than that in the tower.
A bloody affray occurred among a
crowd of school boys at Bucbville,
Ark. Robert Chew and Beuregard
Poole became involved in a fight.
Friends of the belligerents Joined .in
the fray. Pocket knives were used.
Several boys were dagerously wounded.
Poole was stabbed in the breast several
times and died of his wounds. j
xfatabeiee Defeated.
Details bavs been received in Cap
Town of a decisive victory won by 700
British troops oom posing Colonel Plans
mar's oolumn. over a native foroe esti
mated at from 5,000 to 7,000. Tbe
latter fought desperately and bravely,
charging within a few yards of tbe
British rapid-firing guns. About 600
Matabele warriors were slain during
tbe engagement, whioh lasted several
boors. About thirty of tbe British
soldiers and six offloers were killed and
SO wounded.
A Wife-Murderer Hanged.
Charles Tbiede waa banged in tbe
yard of tbe county jail, at Salt Lake,
Tbe execution waa witnessed by a large
number of people. It ia tbe aeoond
banging in tbe history of Utah.
Tbiede, who was a aaloon keeper, waa
oonvioted of murdering bis wife on tbe
night of April 80th, 1894, by nealry
severing ber head from ber body with
a knife. Be asserted bis innocenoe to
the last
Will Traversa the Glob.
Miss Clara Parish, tbe seventh and
youngest W. C. T. U. round-the-world
missionary, has left Paris, 111., for St.
Louis, starting on ber trip aronnd the
world. Sbe will be given a big reoep
tion there. She will lecture at aeveral
pointa in tbe West, and will aail from
San Franoisoo for Japan August 88.
She will take about two yeara to make
the trip.
American Money Blacklisted,
Tbe Montreal onamber of commerce
bas passed a resolntion expressing ap
proval of tbe aotion of tbe banks in that
distriot in charging a disoonnt of 10
per cent on all Amerioan money. It
also iuued a warning to merchants,
farmers and the public generally not to
aooept Amerioan money npon any con
sideration. Fatal Kania City Fire.
One man waa killed outright, one
perbapa fatally injured and five othera
sustained more or less serious injuries
in a Are which started in Swift'a paok
ing plant in Kansaa City, Mo. The
property loaa is nearly 1 1 00, 000. Joseph
Hoblowita, a night watchman, was
suffocated or burned to death.
tremely Hot Wave.
English Syndicate Secures Important
Railway Concesnloua.
ft. pic.ii . I San Franoisoo, Ang. 12. Informa- !
I ne tast btrlCKen by an EX. j tion has just been reoieved of the great-
I est interest to San Francisco and the
; Paoifio coast, in its relations to the ,
l problems of freight and transnortation. I
An English syndicate, at the bead of .
whioh is Sir Wheelman Pearson, M. ,
P. for Colchester", bas just oouoluded a i
lease witb the Mexican government of !
the Tebauntepeo isthmus railway. The j
terms of tbe loase include an agreement I
on tbe part of the sydioate to finish '
the work already well advanoed for the
improvement of the harbor of Coatza
ooalooa, at the terminus of tbe road, and
to construct the harbor works at Salina
Cruz, the western terminus, whioh
were iuoluded in the original plans,
but which tbe Mexican government has
so far been unable to execute. The
road itself will be greatly improved
and put in the condition of a first
olass line. A line of ships, plying be
tween Salina Cruz and San Franoisoo,
will be put on, and deliver freight to
the many lines plying on the Gulf of
Mexico. .
A determined effort will be made to
secure tbe freight and low-prioed pas
senger trafflo of San Franoisoo. On
tbe other side of the isthmus, it is ex
peoted to get the bulk of the European
fine freight, suoh aa dry goods, whioh
now come by steamship to New Or
leans and by rail to San Franoisoo.
Tbat the syndioate means business ia
shown by the faot that it intends to
spend large amounts in harbor im
provements. On tbe gulf side, the ,
Mexican government has constructed
jetties similar to those at tbe mouth of i
the Mississippi, by which entrance to
tbe Coatzaooalooa river is gradually i
being deepened so as to admit the larg- j
est ocean-going Vessels. Comparatively .
little will be required to complete these .
Escape ot a Woman Journal
ist From Cuba.
j Over 100 la Greater Hew York -The
wave attended as Far West a
Kansas City, Mo.
Washington, Aug. 11. The report
of fatalities resulting from heat in vari
ous sections of theoountry indicate that
tbe present hot spell will be as disas
trous In effect aa a national calamity
or plague. Tbe death roll of today ex
ceeds 128 in the principal plaoes. Fol
lowing is tbe reported fatalities:
New York and vicinity, 150; Phil
adelphia, 18; Washington, 16; Balti
more, 19; Bayonne, N. J., 8; Newark,
8; Albany, 12; Jersey City, 1; Pitts
burg, lj Rochester, 1; Louisville, 1;
Memphis, 1; Cleveland, 2; Cincinnati,
6; San Antonio, 1; St. Louis, 4; In
dianapolis, 2.
Fubllo Departments Incapacitated.
Chicago, Aug. 11. The continued j
beat bas greatly affeoted tbe polloe
patrolmen and the letter carriers.
About fifty of tbe latter have been
compelled to quit work and two or
three may die. Some of the big de
partment atores have, during the last
few daya, practically been turned into
hospitals. Tbe girl clerks have faint- j
ed by tbe dozens at their counters and
hundreds of them have quit work on
account of the heat. Thirty-five have
died. Last week 677 deaths were re
ported to the department of health,
which is tbe largest for any week in
Surrounded by Spaniards
Eluded Them by Donning
Male Attire.
New York, Aug. 10. Miss Cecilia
Charles, who says sbe went to Cuba
several months ago for the purpose of
obtaining material for a book, was a
passenger by tbe Ward line steamship
City of Washington, whioh arrived
from Havana Wednesday, and whose
passengers were sent to Hoffman island
for investigation.
Miss Charles says that after travel-
Bryan Reeeptlon Committee Visits the
Kepubllcaa Nominee.
Canton, O., Aug. 12. The Bryan
reception committee from Pittsburg,
composed of about aixty prominent
Democrats of tbat oity, beaded by
County Chairman Howley, arrived at
Canton at noon today, and, finding
that they bad nearly two honra to wait
before tbe Bryan train arrived, de
cided to oall upon Major MoKinley.
Morris Forster acted as spokesman.
He said be believed tbat any candi
date for tbe presidency was worthy of
tbe greatest respect of every one re
gardless of politioal affiliations. In
response, MoKinley said:
"I am deeply grateful to reoeive tbia
friendly visit from tbe Bryan reception
committee. Although we are of differ
ent political belief, we are as American
oitizens proud of our country and be
lieve in common tbat we have now and
will ooutinue to have in tbe future, the
best government in the world. I sin-
ing through the island a newspaper: , "- -
iat ber lib- unu vu, goutiioujuu, ivi iui
correspondent warned ber that her lib
erty and posgibly ber life waa in dan
I ger. Sbe aoted upon the warning as . Pleasnre-
visit, and assure yon it gives me great
soon aa it was received, and, going to
her hotel, made preparationa for leav-1
ing the oity.
Before sbe could do ao the honse was i
surrounded by Spaniards. Beooming
then thoroughly alarmed, and fearing
every moment that ahe would be hur
ried to prison, she decided to evade ar-!
rest by disguise. Sbe arrayed herself i
in boy's clothes, tucked her bair under
an old atraw bat, soiled ber face and i
hands, and unobserved stole out by a j
baok door and made ber way to the
city. The Ward line steamship City ,
M TTT 1 I . . . a .1
ui wasninaion was ai anonor in tne h.. ti... ri.;
f o , If J gei unner abont forty in number, with their
equipment, from camp to MoCloud
At the conclusion of a brief address
MoKinley greeted eaoh member of the
delegation in person.
Chinese Laborers Attacked.
Sissona, CaL, Aug. 12. A demon
stration was held in Sissons yesterday
against tbe Chinese laborers employed
in the new MoCloud river railroad to
tbe Fall river timber belt. A orowd
of white men, consisting of laborers,
tramps and men out of work, gathered
and inoited eaoh other to riot. After
dark Sunday evening, a large orowd.
left for tbe railroad oamp, four miles
many yeara It is estimated that over ! works. The syndicate's contract calls
A Fatal Conflagration.
A disastrous fire ooourred in a fac
tory in Chriatiana, Norway, and before
it was extinguished, several buildings
were destroyed. A falling wall killed
six men and thirteen othera were seri
ously hurt, of which three have since
died. It is believed that three children
have perished in the ruins.
A ReTerend Poisoner.
Rev. J. C. Hull, a preaoher, was ar
rested in St. Panl at tbe request of bis
wife, charged with attempting to kill
ber by administering poison in repeat
ed small doses. Hull is prominent in
St. Paul oburoh oiroles.
1,000 animals wbiob have been killed
by the heat are lying in different parts
of the oity, and the authorities admit
they are unable to remove the animals
Ten additional deaths from the heat
have been reported tonight.
seven Persons drowned
Three In Detroit Kim at Detroit, and
Four in Lake Michigan.
Detroit, Aug. 11. A heavy wind
and thunder storm, which, swept over j expense, and expects to spend $10,000,
tnis city tnls evening, resulted in the j 000 to build breakwaters, wharves,
for tbe expenditure of 1150,000.
On the Pacific side the port of Salina
Cruz is nothing but an open roadstead.
There was an iron pier extending to
twenty-seven feet of water but tbe
storm in which tbe Colima went down
destroyed it, and all freight bas to be
lightered, often under unfavorable con
ditions. The charaoter of the ooast and
bay is snob that a very fine, commodi
ous harbor can be created artificially,
but the expense will be great
Ihe syndicate bas undertaken this
way. Miss Charles hired a small row
1 boat and went alongside. Tbe gang-:
way ladders bad been taken in, but a !
rope ladder waa trailing over the Bide, j
and she succeeded in getting on board. i
She "stowed away," she said, and
did not make her presenoe known until '
the ship waa dear of the harbor. Then j
she revealed ber identity, paid her pas-1
tbV.wiU work steadily.
Held Dp by Robbers.
James A. Campbell, a Honolulu
millionaire, who disappeared from San
Francisco, returned with a bullet bole
through his hat and an exoiting tale
about an adventure witb robbers.
Campbell says that while be was drink
ing in a private room in a saloon be
waa confronted by two masked men, who
demanded money. Tbe millionaire re
fused the demand, and in the fight
that followed a bullet went through
his hat Campbell says be was robbed
and kept a prisoner for two days.
When released be was given a niokle
for his oar fare.
drowning of at least three men in the
Detroit river, and several yachtsmen
bad narrow escapes after tbe capsizing
of their oraft. Two others were
drowned during tbe afternoon from
other oauses.
The oapaizing of the yaoht Corsair
caused tbe drowning of Frank Hughes.
William J. Thiemer was drowned from
tbe yacht Alberta. John Heike, jr.,
was drowned while swimming near
Peobe island. . ;
A dispatch to the Free Press' from
Benton Harbor, Mich., says:
Four persons were drowned in Lake
Miohigan this afternoon a mile north
of here. They were M. Manning,
James Butterick, Frank Yerring and a
atranger. The men, with a dozen
others, were bathing, when two of the
number, who could not swim, were
caught by the undertow, and the others
went to their resoue.
A Race War Threatened.
A war between whites and negroes is
imminent in Polk oounty, Ark. , on the
line of construction of the Texarkana
& Fort Smith railroad. It seems that
the hardy old mountaineers of that aeo
tion have not allowed any negroes to
stop in that seotion for several years.
The contractors building tbe road have
employed oolored labor. Trouble is
feared and the contractors have birod
guards to protect the negroes.
Floods In Nicaragua.
Rains have caused the rivers Rama
and Suqua, in Nicaragua to rise rapid
ly, and the panio stricken inhabitants
of El Rama have taken to the high
ground and on board steamers. Nearly
all buildings in the latter plaoe were
destroyed. Plantations near the town
were ruined and tbe damage is esti
mated at 11,000,000.
Weekly Payroll Taken by a Daring and
Ingenious Thief.
San Franoisoo, Aug. 11. A daring
and ingenious thief got away with
$1,200, the weekly pay of the employes
of Laobman & Jaoobi, tbe big wine
firm, today. Superintendent Ciprioo
had reoeived the money from a mes
senger, and placed it in a cabinet in
the office. Then he made out his nay-
roll, and when he went for the money ' ernment would retaliate by blowing up
docks and warehouses. This is even
i more than tbe original designs, made
j when the railroad ' was completed,
called for. But the understanding is
: that the works to be created shall make
this tbe finest harbor on the Paoifio
ooast outside of San Franoisoo. What
concessions the syndioate gets in return
for these expenditures is not known,
but it is not believed that they are un
favorable to the Mexican government,
whioh built and owns the road, and
has been operating it since its comple
tion, because President Diaz bas stead
fastly refused offers to lease it from
various corporations. He was not
given suffloiently aasuranoes that it 1
would remain an independent competi
tive line.
Spaulanln Outgeueraled.
New York, Aug. 13. On the steamer ;
Niagara, wbioh reached this port to- ;
day, from Santiago de Cuba, were a
sister and son of General Lncret, of the '
Cuban army. They were obliged to i
leave tbe island for their own safety,
and with tbe greatest difficulty man
aged tJ reach the steamer at San
Diego, from a small boat They were
secreted in the stateroom until the
steamer left. General Luoret had in
flicted considerable damage to the
Spanish lines of transportation by the
use of dynamite. Captain-General
Weyler warned Lucret that unless be
ceased tnat mode or. wariare, the gov-
Alleged Facts In, the Brown-Overman
Case Related by Mrs. Tunnell. !
San Franoisoo, Aug. 10. After j
many months of waiting and of eva- j
sion, ot hurried flight from town to
town in California and across the ,
southern border, Mrs. M. F. Tunnell i
bas consented to tell tbe story of ber
relations with the Rev. C. O. Brown 1
and Mattie Overman, and to explain ;
why she fled at the very moment when i
ber presence was needed to dispel the ,
shadows of scandal, or to oondemn
the pastor who was seriously accused, j
Mrs. Tunnell is tbe last witness toj
speak, and as far as faots are con- j
oerned, tbe testimony she gives closes !
the great case. . t . j
Sbe explains the important points j
upon whioh the clerioal judges of Dr. j
Brown were in doubt She remove;!
the elements of uncertainty that made i
tbe ecolesiastical court hesitate before I
pronouncing a final judgment of con-;
demnation. She fled from San Fran-
oieoo, she said, to shield Dr. Brown
from the oonsequences of his own guilt j
Sbe says she knew of the love between
Mattie Overman and the pastor, and
would have revealed her knowledge if
sbe bad been summoned to the witness
She says tbat Dr. Brown paid her
expenses while she was away, and
when she returned, tried to induce her
to go to Central America. She tells
river, five miles away. Several Chin
ese were bruised with stones and olubs,
but none were seriously hurt Manager
Van Arsdale, of tbe Siskiyou Lumber
Company, whioh is building tbe mad,
says tbe Chinese were employed be
cause it is necessary to finish the road
this season. He prefers white labor if
The Chinese
get the same wages as white men, ex
cept board. Sheriff Hobbs, of Yreka,
will be asked for deputies to protect
the road, and the Chinese will return
to work. No further trouble is anticipated.
Torpedo Boat Krlcsson Damaged.
New York, Aug. 12. An aocident
wbioh caused upwards of $10,000
damage occurred at the navy yard in
Brooklyn Saturday night Tbe scene
of the disaster was the drydock built
about seven years ago. A wave caused
by a passing steamer forced itself past
the heavy caisson at the mouth of the
drydock and capsized it, throwing it
into tbe dock and allowing tbe water
to rush in, wbioh is tbe cause of the
damage. The foroe of the water
oaused the moorings of the torpedo boat
Ericsson to snap and the boat was
hurled against the end of the dock,
carrying away about 12 feet of the for
ward end of tbe boat
The monitors Puritan and Terror
also broke their cables. The boats
were not seriously injnred, however.
A court of inquiry will be held to de
termine who is responsible.
The Contribution Was Large.
Old Orobard, Me., Aug. 12. At the
Christian Allianoe meeting here Sun
day the contributions in cash and
ohecks and jewelry handed up to the
platform reached the amazing total of
$101,600. When Dr. W. L. Laoheur
stepped forward to make the announce
ment be said:
Such a contribution in the cause of
has never before been
wnen ana wnere sne received the Jesus Christ
famous letters from Mattie Overman. ' known "
and for the first time explains how they Last" year the contributions at th
from her possession into the ; g,.me nl mnnnrH t 7n nnn
that was said to be the high water
Pursuit Is Abandoned.
Pursuit of the bandits who held up
the Wilhoit stage has been abandoned,
aa their trail was lost in tbe mountains
about fifteen miles from where the
crime was committed, making it well
nigh impossible to further traoe them.
faot that a square hole had been out in
a wooden partition against whioh the
baok of the oabinet rested. The piece
of wood sawed out had been retained
in place by hinges, and the work must
have been done the night before by
some one familiar with the place and
its customs. While Ciprioo was en
gaged with his payroll, the thief had
opened his little trapdoor, cut out of
the thin baok of the cabinet, and
walked off with the two sacks of gold.
No trace of the robber has been found.
tiago. The family immediately aban
i doned their home.
Other passengers arriving by the
Niagara report that the Spanish troops
suffered crushing defeat in a battle
near Santiago July 28, witb insurgent
troops. Generals Gomez and Garcia
immediately gathered troops and suc
ceeded in engaging the Spanish col
umns before they oould effect a junc
ture. Hospitals and private houses in
Santiago were reported filled with
wounded Spaniards.
Nicaragua Must Give l'p.
A government organ declares that if
Nicaragua refuses to relinquish Islas
Mangla, which she seized contrary to
the wishes of the inhabitants, tbe Co
lombian govenrment will regard the
refusal as a casus belli.
' The Cbioago stock exohange will re
main closed until the Moore Bros.'
failure bas been settled. ' The aotion of
the governing committee in closing the
doors is said by some financiers to have
averted a panio. "There is no tolling
wbete it would have ended." said a
member of the stock exohange. "It
might have resulted in the ruination
of a dozen business bouses and banks."
A. W. Pile, of California, secretary
of the national ailver committee, was
found dead at Washington, D. C, un
der circumstances which lead to a sus
picion of foul play. He had been mis
sing for four daya His body was
found under the aqueduot bridge.
When last seen be bad considerable
money, but the mopey waa missing
when tbe body waa discovered. A sil
ver watch, however, bad not been dis-
Boy Murderer Surrenders.
Amos Decker, the boy who murdered
a playmate near Findlay, O., bas given
himself up to the authorities. He suc
cessfully eluded capture for several
days by biding in aoorn field, but hun
ger drove him out.
The Boiler Kiploded.
A traction engine boiler exploded on
a farm near Anderson, Ind., and one
man waa instantly killed and several
others seriously injured.
Money for Cuba.
Ik is reported in Philadelphia tbat
the Cuban junta in the United States
this week raised a fund amounting to
$375,000. Part of this money has been
changed into gold, and is on shipboard
bound for Cuba, where it will be placed
in the hands of tbe offloers command
ing tbe insurgent army. Tbe balanoe
baa been retained by the heada of tbe
! junta in Philadelphia, wbo will use it
Between Japan ami Uermany.
San Franoisoo, Aug. 11. According
to mail advices from the Orient today,
the commercial treaty between Japan
and Germany bas been approved by the
privy council of Japan. The exchange
of ratifications and the subsequent pub
lication of the treaty are expeoted to
take plaoe within sixty days. . While
the terms of the treaty are not known,
it is believed that Japan has oonoeded
more to Germany in the way of com
mercial privileges to German residents
in Japan than she accorded to Great
Britain in the treaty made with tbe
British government some time ago,
Advioes from Peking are to the effect
tbat a commercial treaty bas been rati
fied between China and Japan.
A Costly Fire.
Ashland, Pa., Aug. 11. The Lehigh
Valley Coal & Iron Company's mam
moth Logan colliery breaker at Cen
tralia, Pa, valued at $90,000. burned
I early today. About 600 men and boys
were employed in the mine.
Havana. Aug. 11. News from
Puerto Principe ia that Samuel Nolly,
an English seaman, and an American
named Augusto Bortherman landed
near Maternallia on June 11, and bave
surrendered to the insurgents, having
failed to pay the $300 monthly agreed
npon. Ricardo Barroia Robado will be
executed at Matanxas.
To be "in a brown study" is a cor-
j rupuon ot a brow study.
Immigrant Bu!nen.
Chioago, Aug. 12 The North Ger-
man Lloyd and Hamburg-American
Steamship Companies bave resolved tc
: make Galveston one of their ports, but
in so doing they have agreed witb the
; Western railroads not to ticket immi
grants for points west of Louisiana and
Texas. The trans-Atlantio steamship
I lines have asked the Western roads to
withdraw their immigrant agents from
Europe, abolish their immigrant
! clearing-house at New York, and allow
the steamship companies to handle and
divi e this trafflo in Europe and at
New York. The Western roads are
willing to do this, providing tbe steam
ship companies withdraw their immi
grant agent from the territory west of
Chicago. Tbe whole matter will be
considered at a meeting of the railroad
and steamship companies next month.
keeping of a man who allowed them to
! be published.
! She traces in detail the career of
i Mattie Overman and she came to know i
1 it through tbe confidences of her young
i friond. The recital lifts the veil from I
: the home of tbe unfrocked pastor, and :
shows how he struggled to save bis
pulpit and his good name.
Outlook Bright for Peach Crop.
New York. Aug. 10. Although the
annual wail of the American peach
growers went up early in the season '
about alleged short crops in some pro-:
liflo peach-produoing sections, the pres-'
ent outlook is for abundant receipts
from most of the old and some of the
new sources of supply for this market '
Shipments from Georgia are ended for ;
the season, but tbe product of Mary
land, Delaware and California is com-:
ing in freely.
The Maryland and Delaware fruit
first received was small and unsatisfac
tory, but good peaches are now coming
in. They are being sold at wholesale ;
for from 35o to 90c a basket, according ;
to quality and condition, some extra '
choice lots commanding somewhat j
higher prices. California peaches of
small sizes are quoted from f 1.30 to
$1.60 a box, and large ones $1.80 to
$2.10 a box.
mark. The Christian Alliance meet
ing began two weeks ago, and tbe at
tendance has been enormous. The
largest single contribution was one of
$25,000 made by an estate, the name of
which was not made known. From
this splendid gift the amounts ranged
all the way to a few cents.
Leaped From a Lofty Steeple.
Vienna, Aug. 12. A shooking case
of suioide occurred here. The act
waa committed by a leap from the lofty
steeple of St. Stephen's cathedral. Tbe
victim was a young man named Egy
dius Leiss, the son of a shoemaker. He
took a ticket to mount the tower at
the same time as a party of English
tourists. After he bad reached the his
torical spot half way up where, during
the last sige of Vienna by the Turks,
in 1683, Count Starhemberg, the com
mander of tbe city, sat in order to
watch the movements of the besiegers,
young Leiss threw himself from tbe
steeple and fell on the roof of the
cathedral, breaking bis neck, so tbat
death was instantaneous.
About 4,000 women are graduates of
tbe principal colleges for women.
Probably another 4,000 graduated from
co-educational institutions.
DestruetlTe forest Fires.
St John's, N. F.. Aug. 12. Serious
forest Ores bave have been raging at
Trinity: Fourteen houses were, de
stroyed, tbe occupants losing every
thing except the clothes they were
Will This More RnsslaT
Athens, Aug. 10. It is rumored that
the Mussulmans bave invaded Herak
lion and committed frightful excesses.
Many are reported killed and wounded.
The Mussulmans forced tbe Russian
consulate and severely maltreated
Vice-Consul Sarrowa. The troops are
powerless to check the disorder.
Valor's Better Part.
Christiana, Norway, Aug. 10. A
paper here publishes a dispatch received
from Spitzbergen, aaying Professor
Andre declares that unless the wind
soon changes be will pack away
a I fT-l. I - - : l . i
rpoa 4Ucro .. .r.aeuc. oi su,- j - - rupuon oi i orow study, requiring
eide. nr. nie was toe son or ex-Con-1 - much thought and contraction of the
freaaman Pile, of California. , brows.
Killed la a Collieloa.
Spokane, Wash., Aug. 13. C C
Brown, Northern eVacific watchman at
Sand Point, waa instantly killed last
night He was on a railroad veloci
pede, and collided witb a freight train.
balloon and postpone bia attempt to
cross the Arctio regiona until 1897, aa
there ia no midnight sun after August
More Carson Crookedness.
San Francisco, Aug. 12. It has dt
veloped tbat Harry K. Brown, ex
change clerk of the Bullion & Ex
change bank of Carson, Nev., who left
that city suddenly about two months
ago, is a defaulter to a large amount.
He robbed the institution in which he
waa employed of nearly $75,000.
The proposed railway up the Jung
frau, Switzerland, will be 12.8 kilo
metera long, and will cost 8,000,000
franca. To pay, it would bave to
carry 17,000 passengers a year.
Colombia Mine Sold.
Baker City, Or., Aug. 12. Minnea
polis parties have paid $5,000 to close
the deal for the purchase of tbe Colnm-
bis I bia mine, on Cracker creek. Tbe bal-
I ance, $75,000. will be paid in a abort
time. The Bonanza mine's monthly
iolean-up waa $2,500. The vein ia
venty-flve feet wide; all pay ore.
Women medical students will, in all j Some gleaners of human family sta
probability, be admitted to the univera- : tistica aays that a man or woman of
ity of Budapest during the next term, correct proportions is six times aa high
aa tbe right foot ia long.