Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, August 14, 1896, Image 1

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NO. 16.
14th YEAR.
I And Accident
I Royal ol Liverpool ,,,rM,t ,,u"
1 T It. nIUV. 0 Mnannntiln l.HrirM
I nunu Diiuau at uiciuauuis-
Sun of London ou,,",t p""' nr "'' ow" wurM.
t tnE Of HjrtfOrd kanfe"'""'1 hf"tt enmiroiiy.
t Continental of New York e f ,,,6 Awiomi co,pi.ni..
The Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford
Largest, olilnut and best Hcelilent Insurance ouniuaiiy In tlm world, and
also (loea a very I rice life Insurance hnsliiess.
00 T" G. H. BESTOW & CO
Shop Opposite ComtrenuKuiml Olmroh,
Seventh Street, Corner of Center, on the Hill.
Main St., Opposite Caufield Block.
Two Shops, Oregon City, Oregon.
Rooms 76, 77, 79, Dekum
Portland, Ohf.qon.
Will he in OreKon
Cllv oflice, Courier Mirny of my friends h.
building, every Sat- trouble to fiud Die; bene,
urday. this card.
MnilaUt aai Locksmith,
Bicycle, Tinbrellas, SewliiB Maohlties, Gum
and all kinds ol small machinery re
paired. Prices reasonable.
S'lnu : 'fmh Street. 0ii'!t DrpOi
The "TWIN' COMET" 1111. 1
Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving
Will sprinkle 4 times greater
area than any other
Sprinkler made.
Highest Award at the Chicago Exposition
' be seen In operation at the residence of
the Editor of this paper.
!end for circulars giving testimonials aud price"
Sole Manufacturers.
Springfield. - - - Mass.
Agents Wanted Can Make Big Muney.
Paper Hanging,
Artistic House Painting
And Kalsoming.
R-nioved from Hnlmaii'i Old Sund to N'ex
Hour to Cockirr HuildlUK on iJeTenih street.
Near uepot, Oreguo City, Oregon.
That you can get your
printing done at the
COURIER office cheaper
than in Portland.
Thousands of samples to
select from. Satisfaction
guaranteed. -3 -3 -3
Quantities equal to every demand, quiili
tit'H thut defy adverse critii-inm, luauti
ml designs that take the eyu of a pri
soner, prices that make buyers wonder:
all these things and more aro presented
to the vision in our (Ira ml Exposition of
carja't novelties . You can't get off the
tl(M)r, and tliat makes it all important to
have this I xiHtn of a room's atttnctions a
triumph of pleasing tKissihilitics Tim
top Mint of carpct-huvihg possibilities
is reached in our stock of 00 different
patterns in 5 different materials from
loo jHir yard and upwards.
15 K 1X0 MY & HI Mil
The Iloiispfurnisliprs,
Leading Agency in
, Clackamas County
slurs in iliu world.
ruf't assets In I lie uuilil, W.VI,-
F. E. DONALDSON, at Commercial Bank.
Malu Street, Oregon City, Oregon
is making business lively with (
us. it you don t
making things hum, take a look
in our store any day in the week.
That's when you will see the
crowds. The people know a good
thing when they see it, and they
realize we are offering them better
values than they ever saw before
in Oregon City.
have traded w ith
to come in find
prices with what you have been
paying for various articles.
If we cant convince vou we are
money savers tor
don't expect your
Build Up
Your Brain...
Steady jour, nerves, and
perfect your digestion
by using bread made
from our whole wheat
flour. It is made from
the whole wheat berry
except the out side hull,
or bran, which is a woody
substance, irritating and
indigestible. Dread made
from this flour is not so
white as that made from
the pale white roller flour,
but it is far superior for
food as it contains all the
gluten, germ, and oily
matter of the wheat and
is much sweeter than
graham or any other
bread not sweetened
The (J kcpi.
Miss Malik' Hall in home again.
Mr. Gottberg got bin bin lar br kj
this week.
Miss Xellie Gottberg has been home
on a short visit.
Six nf T. Freeman's children have
the whooping cough.
Chester Gorbett is hauling lumber
for J. Manning of El wood.
Miss Meadie E. Hubbard Is visiting
friends at Hubbard (his week.
We have hid enough rain for a while
as it lias rained for nearly a week.
We Ilea that Mr. Wilson nf Xewberg
expects to move his family up hers in
two or three weeks. ,
, The Salvation Army capUiii, bis. wih ,
andlittle daughter and two other com
rades, were out from Oregon City two
or three day this week.
J. Gorbett and wife, John Arquette ,
Fred Bonney, Misses Ellen Bonney an I
Grace Gorbett were the guests of Wil
liam Ball ami family last Sunday.
Aug. 7. Lyster. .
tnmk we arei
If you never
us we want you
compare our
you then we ,
Glass & Smith's Old Stand,
Scores of Teachers at the Courthouse
(Quarterly examination of teachers
commenced last Wednesday at the
court house with a large number in at
tendance. State certificates were grant
ed to Shirley Buck, Mary Bickner and
Kdnetta Chase; state diplomas to Annie
llickenbothain and Mrs. Anna Wells.
II. G. Stark. veater.T. J. Gray and D. F.
May were the sutlicient examining
board. Following are the list in attend
ance :
Mnsa Barkley, Matie Godfrey, Ida
Birkemeier, Edwin N. Bates, Mary
Young, Matilda Weiss, Anna Dolan,
Nora Currins, Elmer MuArthur, Geo. T.
McArthur, Agnes McArthur, Kate
Dolan, Alice Williams, Zona Mayfield,
J. C. Zmser, N. W. Boland, Victor
Dickey, II. E Hodges, W. F. Young,
F. W. Cramer, Robert Ginther, Ella
Brush, Nina B. Johnson, Oora Moore,
Maude Salisbury, Minnie Bowman,
Jessie M. Wakefield, Bona Johnson,
Kose Miller, Cassia Eaton, C. E. Mini-r,
A. H. Dunick, I'liema McDonald, Kjse
T. V. Linn is on tlie sick list.
Miss Cara Laek is again working
Oregon City.
J. Patter was in town Tuesday to have
a tootb pulled.
Geo. Davis whs visiting friends at
Linn's mill Monday.
1'. P. Linn was to a dance at Jones
mill and reports a Hue time.
P. P. Linn went over on tha Clacka
mas river Monday oil business.
The Oceola band picnic at Wrrights
swing was grand so we hear.
The potatoes crop looks flue after tlm
rain, but the grain looks sick.
Misg Mildaaud Hester Linn was visit
ing friends at C'uriinsville Saturday
and iMimlay.
Mr. King of Felierville is working
for Mr. McGralli lor a lew days.
.. Mr. Mablock of Highland was visit
ing IS. Eveson, Saturday and Sunday.
.'J. W. Liun, D. H; Mashernnd C. A.
Sprague, was uowu to the dance, at
Preasters, Saturday night and reports
a fine time.
Some of our young men w eie out cut
ting bee trees Sunday and they got lots
of honey so we hoard, some of them
couie home sick.
A delightful birthday dinner party in
honor of Jennie Linn was given at her
home at Linn's mill last Sunday. Mr.
and Mrs. Leek. Princie Leek, T. W.
Linn, J. W. Linn, P. P. Liun, Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Linn were present.
August 10. Enoinkkh.
Hurry Spencer and the other Canemali
boys who went to the coast, returned
last wwek, also Mr. Porter and f.tiniyl.
They all enjoyed tliuir ontinuvery much.
SiriiiKtn 11 is improving in every sec
lion just now. Mr. Turney is piitim;
p a neHt board fence in Iront of Ids
lace, and. Mr. Linsey has b.jen digging
a diicb Iroin bin meadow to tlie river.
Earnest Lowry came up from Astoria
yesterday, where he has been fishing.
Mr. and Mrs. Kinsler left last Wed-
1 nesday for their native country Austria,
j They have tiee'i employed for several
j years h the woolen mills They say
j that times are as goo I there if n.it
i beiter than here.
Mr. U.irothers ;in I family of the place
I went lo the mountains last week for
Mrs. Harry Spencer returned fr ini a
vHt to relatives at Wils tnville.
A nir. 12 Docroit.
! Fnn I shed Every Week by the Clackai.iai
! Abstrsct & Trust Company.
The lackainu AUtrect & Trust Co. Is Oi .iwnei
nf I lie cciyright lo tlm Tliorne lystriu uf almrael
, index fur Clackanuu county, and haa lli only
c.Mnlilet at of abstracts In the county; csu furnish
information as to title to landatonceon application.
' Loans, invputlliellts, real sstste. abstracts, etc Oflice
I 'iter liank of Ori-icon City. 'll and inrestigate.
Addresa, box 377, Oregon City. Oregon.
Emma M Coehran to Pope Anderson
! A Co, 320 acres, t 5 s, r 1 w ; 4430.
Jacob Engle to Frank Switzer and
wife, sw of nw of sec 4 ; $300.
United States to Riley French, w of
sw- i of sec 32 : .
I Edward Graves and wife to John
Mummer, ne i of lie J4' of sec 14; I'iOO.
I Bolton Land Co to F S Kelly, lots 3
and 4 in block IS ; $475.
1 II I) Williams to Mac hell E Bain, lot 5 ;
in block 14 ; 200. i
Peter iabriel to S A I PuU r, ne U of j
,sec3;l. ,
. Frederick Janascky to William j
Karmin, undivided intereet in sec 30 and j
'31, containing 430 a more or less ; $250. :
S A I Porter and w ife to E G Jones,
Albert C Krall't and w ile to II C Pit-,
't-nger. tra t in t 2 . r 2 ; l. ,
The Weather Crops Fruit Vege
tables For Week Ending
Angust 10th.
Weather Showers continued from
last week up lo Friday, in the northern
portion and along tlie coast; in the
southern counties but little rain fell.
The total rainfall from August 1st to Htli
at Portland was 1.13 Inches, decreasing
to 0.11 ol an inch at Hnseburg. From
one to two inches fell along the coast.
This is the first rain on record, covering
seven days, that has occurred the first
part of August. Cloudy, cool weather
continued up to the 10th, and today is
clear though cool.
The temperature averaged 04 degrees
for the week being 2 degrees cooler than
the preceding week. The night temper
ature was the same, 50 degrees, but the
deficiency was in the daytime, which
averaged "2 degrees. The highest
teir.perature for the week was72degrees,
the lowest, 52 degrees.
Crops The rains delayed harvesting,
and may have done some slight damage
to grain in shocks on low land, but as a
whole, the rain did practically no dam
age, except to delay work. Harvesting
will begin at'sin today and will be
actively prosecuted. Some little thresh,
ing has been done and the result . have
beeu better than was expected. A
more general spirit of e conragement
prevails throughout the country. It
must be admitted thut the grain crop is
not equal to former years, yet yields ol
wheat 25 to 35 botdiels per acre and oats
50 to 60 bushels per acre are commonly
reported. Failures are spoken of when
the yields aie much less than those
figures, yet there are few sections of the
world that will produce wheat year after
year and yield even 25 bushels of No. 1
wheat lo the acre, and th:s without
manure eddod to the soil. As the
greater portion of Velt r.i Oregon lias
always grown 2'i or more bushels of
wheat lo the acre, a less yield causes
the former to be discouraged. Spring
sown grain lias made some improve
ment since the rain, but much ol it was
so well advanced that the rains can be
of but little if any benefit.
Fruit- Some correspondents report
that the rains caused more fruit to fall.
All conditions appear to be against fruit
Ibis year. Special reports as to fruit
have been received, in addition to those
repotted last week, The correspond
ent at Langlois, Curry county, reports
that the petite, silver and golden prunes
have very good crops on tbe trees. The
Tragedy prune has a fair crap . The
Abundance; Satrnma and Rhine CI ouds
have poor crops, while the Italian and
German prunes are an entire failure.
The young trees are making a pheno
menal growth. The peach, apricot and
applo crops continue to be reported as
poor, while pears are generally a fair
crop. It must be trankiy admitted that
western Oregon has this year the
poorest fruit crop, in iiantity and qual
ity, that she has ever hid. Late berries
are quite plentiful, but the peri id of
dry wealher from June I'J to August I
was very injurious to them.
Vegetables The rains were of great
benefit to gardens and vegetables.
They were especially beneficial to late
planted potatoes; before tbe rain there
ash danger of the poiato crop being
shoit, while now the crop will be fair.
All vegetables are making rapid and
good growth.
Tbe rains were of inestimable beiielll
lo pastures and the second bay crop.
A correspondent in Tillamook county
repcrts clover bay yielding live tons lo
the acre.
The rain put out the forest fires rind
cleared the air of smoke. The wealher
is now perfect. Math warmer weather
ami no rair. will prevail this week.
Hop Intelligence
The bop maiket is 'wholly devoid of
new features of interest. Crop advices
do not in dicate any change in the posi
tion from previous reports. The yield
in this state will undoubtedly he much
lighter than last year, but with con
tinued favorable maturing weather it is
thou slit the quantity will not show
quite so great a shortage as expected
from earlier estimates and there does
not appear to be anv special anxiety
shown to make contracts. Nothing
new in loreign or Pacific coast advices.
The movement here in spot goods is
small, but current receipts are so light
that slocks show a gradual reduction.
Prices show no change but at best are
little more than nominal. Purchasers
would have to pay ab tut top doted
figures, but lo go out to look fo: an out
let it is uncertain what figures could b t
obtained. .V. Y. Price Current.
Buy your matches at the Racket Store
w here you ran get 3 bunches for 5 cents.
All other goods just as cheap.
19 pounds dr granulated sugar fl;
flour 7 V sack, H His rice for 2V. Red
Front Trading Co.
Closed Last Tuesday The At
tendance Unusually Largo
The Clackamas County Teacher?'
Normal Institute closed last Tuesday
after an eight day session. One hun
dred and fifty-one teachers wero en
rolled, exceeding theeirollment of ai"
previous institiiio, and 102 of them ai
et.titled to institiitu certificates, esc
having attended three d.iys or in ire
Prof. W. A. Wetzel, of Portland, on
ducted tlie exercises in 17. S. history,
grammar and orthography. Prof. C.
W. Dinette, principal of the West Ore
gon City school, exemplifies didactieR,
ph.vchology and history of education.
Ex-County Superintendent II. S. Uihunri
handled arithmetic, and Prof. L. VY.
McAdam conducted the exercises In
pbysiologv and geography. Prof. Mc
Adam and II. S. Gibson are capable
Ow ing to the absence of Superintend'
em G. M. Irwin, U.-v. M L Kugg gave
the addi-ess to the leather at the
Baptist church on last Friday evening.
The Multopour ijiartette of Portlah t
rendered smiie fnvor'te Helec'ions o
music which wa warmly encored.
Salmon Skasos Oi.oskii. The salmon
fishing season on the Columbia river
and its tributaries ended last .Monday.
The close season lasts til' September 10,
and in the Clackamas river until the 1st
of October. The big run of saining
which came into the river the last of
July did not get very far up tlie rivci,
and it is probable that they n
desirous of being allowed to keep on fish
ing in order to make up for the time lost
by the strike. Fish have been taken in
vast numbers In the lower river, ever
since the big run came in, and mun
that have liccn caught could not be care i
for. A great many dead fish, which it
was necessary to throw away, hav?
been seen floating in the river !xilov
Astoria. So far no fish to seak of have
reached The Dalles, and some hopes aro
entertained by fishermen there that tho
flsb now in tho lower river may not pass
there until after Septemlwr 10, when
they will get their share of the school.
A large numlior of persons are preparin
for the fall fishing, the large amount n
fall fish packed last year, and the read,
sale for them, having given a boom, t '
tlie tail nailing business.
Orkoon Hoe Phobi'kct. The Imp
brokers' agent in Salem are watching
the growing vines throughout the Wil
lamette valley with jealous eyes and
nothing every change in the conditions
and prospects closely. They report the
outlook fair for a good yield where tb
yards have been cultivated carefully.
In many fields not a day's work has been
dono, while others have been cultivate I
partly but not sufficient to have a very
promising outlook. Only about one
half of Oregon's acreage has liecn care
fully cultivated and, in consequence,
only alsiut 50,000 bales of hops can he
expected to be placed on the tnarkc t
this year, where 100,000 bales were sol.'
last year. Lice in tbe yards are verv
scarce at present, a very few being re
ported, this being a very favorable show
ing as compared to last year's condition
at the this time. Diligent inquiry 1ms
brought to light the fact that one grower.
John Hornsberry, of (iervaic. has dono
some spraying s i far this year, nr. 1 one
hop dealer was heard to remark yester
day that his was probably done only to
be on the safe side in .case a few I ice
should show themselves. There nro
no new hop houses being built this y cm ,
as those already constructed will furnish
ample room to take care of tbe crop.
Contracts are being made at (1 mt cents
per iMiuud, and, in a few cases, at GJ' to
tlja, 4 cents of the purchasing price bciiij.'
paid at picking time. About 13 to 15
percent, of this year's crop has already
been contracted for and more contracts
are lining made from time lotiinc. There,
is now quite a little of last year's crop
in the hands of growers and growers'
creditors, alxmt 1,200 to 1,500 foaVx
being still held in the State. Gnm'c
in many sections have Set the pric '. '
picking at 25 cents a box owing to i
prevailing low price for which tht-y
bringing at the present time, and it
said that it will not pay to pick unl' -
they can lie gathered at a similar rate
Twenty-five cents will no doubt b thv
universal price paid by grow ers througl -
out the valley.
An Offer of $200.00.
P.. H. Woodward Comoan v. Baltimore.
Md., make a most lilieral offer of $2uU.G
to any agent who will sell 200 copies
their Issik, "Arts of Beauty" or Studies
in (trace; Health and doo.1 lioks," :
Shirley Dare. This is a work of irrei;
popularity, and of special value to a!
women, r.nilorseii !y leading pnys.-
cians. One agent sold 22 conies first
day, another 37 in 2 days, another 78 H
1 week A gold watch is given i"
addition to commission for "elling f )
copies in 30 ilays. Freight paid S i t
rredit given. omplete outfit 35 oeit
Agt-nts wanlt'd also for other Ixsdrs ft i
Billies Write them immediately.