Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, August 07, 1896, Image 1

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14th YEAR.
NO. 14.
Quantities equal to every demand, qtinli
tiua thut defy adverse criticism, burnt i
Jul ck'HinuH thut tuko tho eye of a pri
noiicr, iriw that make buyers wonder J
all these things and more lire presented
to tho vision in our Grand Exposition of
cartH't novelties. You can't get off the
lloor, nnd that makes it nil important to
have this basis of a room's ntttaetions a
triumph of pleasing possibilities The
top oint of curjiet-buying possibilities
is reached in our stock of 50 different
patterns in 5 different materials from
15c per yard and upwardH.
The Ilouscfuriiisliprs,
Tire, life
1 And Accident
Leading Agency in
-Clackamas County
? ROV&l Of LlVBrDOOl Dle" l"l"Be"t buslnemii in tlici world.
- -
t Vm-tli llwHfeti S. Maintila Largest wtet In the world.
4 HV1IU UIIU9U K lUUUBUlUt 000,000.
f SHI! Of LOndOIl (,1,,,,"t purIy ne Insurance otllce In the world.
iEtofl of H2rtfordLarK",t "" bei,t Auervni c"u'm"y-
Continental of Now York0" American companies
! The Tiavelers Insurance Company of Hartford
Largest, oldest and bent accident Insurance ooinuitny In tlm world, and
f also doe a very la rite life Insurance business.
F. E. DONALDSON, at Commercial Bant j
Shop Opposite Congregational Church, Main street, Oregon City, Oregon
Build Up
Your Brain...
Steady your nerves, and
perfect your digestion
by using bread made
from our whole wheat
flour. It is made from
the whole wheat berry
except the out side hull,
or bran, which is a woody
substance, irritating and
indigestible. Bread made
from this flour is not so
white as that made from
the pale white roller flour,
but it is far superior for
food as it contains all the
gluten, germ, and oily
matter of the wheat and
is much sweeter than
graham or any other
bread not sweetened
Seventh Street, Corner of Center, on the Hill.
Main St., Opposite Caufield Block.
Two Shops, Oregon City, Oregon.
M.Mulveyof Mulino is cutting grain
for W. W. May for 50c per acre. Ho will
get more than he can do and the six-bit
machines wont be in it.
Rawlbflctsh is helping J. J. Oliver
through harvest.
e hear John Sehindler is going onto
a ranch this fall. It is now occupied by
Elmer Armstrong.
The populists who talk so much nlout
the corruptness of old party conventions
and politicians had better keep quie
after hearing from their St. Louis eon
vention. If it wasn't run on that line
we never heard of one that was.
R. Fanton talks of buying another
threshing machine.
Chas. Pipka is working in the gravel
pit at Oswego.
The rain is delaying harvest some but
is fine for the potatoes, corn and gardens
R. M. Cooper, our genial postmaster,
has the boss tomato and celery patches
of this part of the country.
The M. E. minister don't fill his ap
pointments here very regular.
August 3. Ghangek,
Will be In Oregon
City nice, Courier
building, every Saturday.
Rooms K, 77, ", Dckura
Portland, Oheoon.
Many at mj friends luna
trouble to nud me; hence
this card.
Machinist and Locksmith,
Bicycles, Umbrellas, Sewing Machines, Gum
and all kinds of small machinery re
paired. Prices reasonable.
S'iou c -veil ft Street, Opfioutc D'poi
The "TWIN" COMET" and
BEST 31 A 1) E.
Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving
Will sprinkle 4 times greater
area than any other
Sprinkler made.
Highest Award at the Chicago Exposition
Can be seen in operation at the residence of
the Editor of this paper.
fend for circulars giving testimonials and prices
Sole Manufacturers,
Springfield, - - - Mass.
Anents Wanted Can Make Big Money.
Paper Hanging,
Artistic House Painting
And Kalsoming.
Removed from Holman's Old Stand to Nei
Door to CuI'riek Building on Seventh Street,
Near Depot, Oregon City, Oregon.
That you can get your
printing done at the
COL'RILR office cheaper
than in Portland, it
Thousands of samples to
select from. Satisfactory
guaranteed. 9
Haying is mostly over in this vicinity.
Charley Gottberg returned home on a
visit to his family last week.
Edward Ilammet gave a dinner last
Sunday and invited some of his friends
J.Gorhetthas first populist gate in
this county, that is one of the signs of
the coming prosperity.
Miss Bessie Hubbard returned home
Saturday from Gladstone, where she has
been working for Rev. Woody.
Miss Grace Gorbett was the guest of
W. 0. Buckncr and family last Sunday.
Last Thursday morning about five
o'clock nature showed us another of her
strange objects in form of a ball about
the size of a barrel . It was white and
blue with a purple tail and was first seen
passing up Milk creek bottom past 8. II.
Dix's residence and in a short time there
was a report as if something bursted.
Mrs. Ball and three dnughtersand Mrs.
Lipsett called on Mrs. Gorbett Monday.
Several of the members of this section
were working on the new trial to the
huckleberry patch.
We do not hear of very many of our
citizens going to the wonderful two days
picnic at Wright's springs.
Bert Palmer arrived at the home of
his sister, Mrs. Marion Hunter, last
The weather has changed since I
commenced writing and it is now giving
us a little shower.
Aug. 1. Lyhtkh.
is making business lively with 1
us. it you don t tnink we are 1
making things hum, take a look
in our store any day in the week.
That's when you will see the
crowds. The people know a goo
thing when they see it, and they
realizew are offering them better
values than they ever saw before
in uregon uty. it you never
have traded with us we want you
1 .
to come in and compare our
price-? with what you have been
paying lor various articles.
If w can't convince vou we are
money savers lor you then we ,
don't expect your trade.
Haying is about over and the hum of
the binder is the latest music.
Miss Minnie Coiner is working
Oregon City for a few weeks.
Miss J ellie Gottberg returned home
from the Falls City on Wednesday to
spend a few weeks with her mother.
Wild blackberries are almost a failure
in this locality this year.
Edgar Stevens, the Herald's ex-devil
spent last week fishing nnd rusticating
Johnny Dolun who was thrown from
his horse and seriously injured three
weeks ago, is now able to be out once
more.1 .
Mrs. Amy Roherson is spending a few
days with her sister, Mrs. G. P. Ball, of
Dicky prairie.
The small bridge over the deep ditch
in front of F. M. Naught's residence in
Molalla road district is in a dangerous
condition. The sutiervisor should at
tend to it before the county has a bill
for damages on account of a crippled
horse or perhaps a more serious accident.
Will County Road Boss Kinnaird consider
this a notification?
The newly located road down the
Oarlyle hill from LeichtweissBro's to the
Canyon creek K. of L. hull has been
ordered opened and work will commence
thereon next week.
S. H. Dix has his new dwelling house
ell under course of construction.
Hurrah for the boy orator of the platte
Wm. J. BitVAN will 1 the next president
of the United States, anil will prove
second Moses to lead an oppressed and
enslaved people to prosperity and con
tentment. All honor :o the gallant boys
at St. Lotus whom tieoplos party national
convention did theirduty right nobly
J ul v 31. . X.'
There is considerable excitement here
to-day over tho hold up of tho Wilhoit
stage yesterday evening. There was a
posse of over 20 went out last night to
guard roads and bridges but no clew was
found until this afternoon when it was
known that they luul crossed the Dicky
Prairie bridge. It is supposed that they
crossed about noon today (Tuesday). A
party of men are now over in the Dickey
settlement headed by constables Hard
esty and McCown. People here are
thoroughly aroused over such repeated
hold ups and other robberies. There
has been repeated robberies of smoke
houses and dwellings hero recently, in
some instances at a wholesale rate, as
much as 350 or 400 pounds of bacon from
both Wm. Vaughan and Oliver Rob
bing, while several other parties near
near here have lost smaller lots of bacon,
flour, sugar, eggs, canned fruit, wearing
apparel, pistols, watches, in fact, nearly
everything of value that was movable.
It is getting to be rather a common oc
currence for some one hero to rejiort
something stolen almost daily. The
citizens are getting tired of such things
and unless it ceases some one is liable
to get caught.
We have lieen visited with a heavy
rain recently which came too late to
benefit oats and spring wheat, but i
will add greatly to the potato crop.
Our new school house is Hearing com
pletion and is all under roof and the (loor-
ing is being laid and painting has com-
menced. They want to get it completed
throughout in time for tho fall term of
school. A Miss Tliomus has lieen seeur
cd to teach one department and Osca
thy the other.
Hardesty and Moody are preparing to
commence threshing as soon as the rain
ceases, they have leased the .lacob
Harless threshing outfit and arc also
preparing to operate a header, something
unusual on Molalla pnurio. The Her
man Bros, have also rigged up tw
steam threshing outfits and are waiting
for good weather. John Everhart has
brought o'H from Portland a new 15
horse Star engine to operate his seperator
ana expects to commence in a few days.
Our stores have each added a new self-
computing scale, which is very" con.
Miss Ida Robbins recently returned
irom Eastern Oregon whore she lias
been visiting relatives.
b. M. Ramsby, ex-county recorder
has moved onto his farm near here and
it looks natural toseehim withusagain.
Uncle Sam has got so that ho can
grind out "Old Hundred" by the yard on
his cornet and thinks that in a few days
lie can furnish it in mile lengths.
August 5th. . X. Y. Z
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Miller of Striii
town left for tho coast about a week ago.
Belden Ganong of Stringtown Imis re
turned from Barlow, where he has lieen
visiting relatives.
Mrs. Coburn of Portland, a sister
Harvey Scott, was visiting Mrs. Stoke
lust Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Fields have goni
to Ashland, where Mr. Field will lxi em
ployed as an operator.
i Tho measles have made their appear
ance here; Willie Marshall was tho first
victim. He is about well and will start
to work the latter part of the week.
Mrs Painter and son have returned
from a two weeks' outing at the springs.
Mr. Midlam put his new boat on the
river Saturday night. Boat building
seems to be the chief industry here.
Georgo Freeman came back from
Astoria yesterday, where ho has been
Mrs. Wilkinson has gone to Salem to
visit her mother.
Mr. Dickerson returned from Dallas
yesterday. He expects to go back in a
few weeks.
Aug. 5. lklRTl.l.K.
Mr. and Mrs. Branch were visiting at
their aunt's over Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Scheive is some lietter so
she sits up part of the time.
Mrs. G rondo's child of two vears has
been quite sick the past week, but is
The contractors has the material on
hand and has liegun work upon the new
school house.
Richard Neubauer was taken worse
Friday and they had to send for the
doctor at midnight. He is some lietter.
Miss Ida Francis has lieen engaged to
teach the school. None others need
apply, and the directors feel happy and
able to turn their minds to other matters.
The rain again begins to descend upon
the just and the unjust, and the croakers
begin to sigh, "the grain will 1 all
damaged." However, it makes every
thing look fresh and clear and lays the
Aug. .1. (I.
Glass & Smith's Old Stand,
j Firt niorltfMKes on improved farm
, property negotiated. We are prepared
j to neotia'e first mortuaes upon im
proved farm in Orem. WaHhin','Uin.
I and Idaho with eastern parties and
'foreign capitalists at 'Aie csual rate of
interest Mortgage renewed that have
been taken Vj other companies no
out of biisiiit-ns. Addles (with stamp.;
I Mervin Sort, Bakert'ify, Oregon
Miss 1'iinnie rauuock returned in
Salem Monday to resume her duties at
the asylum and will not he homo again
until McKinley is elected president.
Daniel Talbert's team ran away lust
Saturday and broke up his wagon and
harness so badly thut it useless to try to
repair them. This is a severe loss to Mr.
Mr. Rich of Damascus preached an
excellent sermon at the new church last
Sunday t veiling on the subject of 'Faith . '
Messrs. Strite, Smith, Kodonald and
Hornbeger went to the const lint week.
Mr. Tracy from Logan was in town
last Friday on business, und we found
him to be a very uffalile gentleman.
J.A. Talbert and daughters, Misses
Dora and Jessie, and Mr. Maxely Web
ster and wife and Miss Georgia Ruth,
Maliel and Myrtle all went up to the
mountains last Satunlay.
Mr. James Root and family left for
the coast last week and expects to make
a stay of it.
Marion Johnson and son, Willis, and
Miss Laura and May Johnson will leave
for the coast this week. Mr. Johnson
will take his drove of sheep out near
the coast.
Mr. Muligan did not fill his appoint
ment list Sunday on account of sickness
of himself and family.
The refreshing showers that we have
had in the past few days have revived
up things and everyone is feeling much
There is a good deal of talk at present
of organizing a ladies' cornet band here
composed of young ladies' of our town.
We hope that this will materalizo and
I hat all will give it encouragement.
A report comes to us that Vermon
White and Miss Rosa Douglas, both of
Wood burn, formerly of Clackamas, were
married aUiut a week ago.
Mr. Ralph Yearnans and Mr. .Milo
Johnson are each getting uj a force to
pick hops, Balph's force to go to Salem
and Milo's to Wood burn.
Probate Court.
Petition of George Stock , administrator
of estate of Henry Stock, for an order ta
sell personal property granted.
In Peter Taylor estato order nint'.e
sitting apart to widow, Edna Taylor,
exempt property.
Instate of Uriah Payne : J.O. BrtulU y
released as administrator.
Circuit Court.
A uif ust 5.
Actions filed in circuit Court since July
Catherine Ilanimar vs. Julius W.
Ilammar, divorce.
S. Knight vs. Daniel Wyland, ct &,
foreclosure of mortgage.
Harris W. Cook vs Ella R. Btughan.'t
et al, forecclosuro.
Jacob Rauch vs. E. 0. Maddock and
wife, foreclosure of mortgage for $7n'i
given August 1, 1892, on 69 acres in se
30, t 3 s, r 1 0.
John Sims vs. Chas. Schmidt, tran,
script" :from " recorder's court of Can by
W. W. Kimball Co. vs. Mary Brown,
for recovery of piano.
Fnn lshed Every Week by the Clackamai
Abstract & Trust Company.
The Claoknmss Abstract St Trust Co. is tlm
of the oopyrlxht to the Tlwrne system of sUtrnoi
hull' ics fur Clackiiiuiu ooimty, and has tlm on I)
complete set of Imtracti in the county; can ftirniHh
information as to title to lunilatoiicoonspjoation.
Italia, investments, real mute, shstracta. eta Otncn
over lliink of Oregon City. Call and iuiroitlgute.
Address, liox J77, Oregon City. Oregon.
E O Van Valkenberg to A E Van
Valkenberg, no sec 28, 5-1 e ; (3000.
II G Piatt to S A D Puter, e .'a' of sw
M and lot 4 sec 30, U e and se ,'4 of sexj
of sec 25, 4-5 e ; $1
SAD Puter to E G Jones, same as
last; Ii7.'i0.
James Wilkinson to Jane Wilkinson,
lots 3 4 and blk 111, Oregon City; (0.
Henry Ranert to r D Jones, se rvv
3ii, 4 0 e ; 4(K).
FD Jones to S A D Puter, same tin
last; If 300.
J BZeigler to II W Hull, part of tra..t
110, Gladstone; $1.
0 G Stone to A M Stone, Hi:.!i4 a in
Stone el; (10.
J L Evans to Ed Cowles, e of se
sec 24, 4-2 e ; $2000.
U S to E I) Seivers, s1 of nw , sw U
of ne nw ' se l4 sec 8, 2-i e ; Put.
Harley Wishart to Anna Weytnan,
lots 3 and 4 blk 38, Go. add to Oregon
City; (MOO.
0 K Greybill to 0 W Mead, 13 a in
Furr cl ; $4i0.
G Svarvened et al to Harriett Lec,
lots 8 7 10 and 11 blk 0, lots 38 and SO
blk 7, Marchbanks ; f 10.
II Y Thompson to Jacob Sager, ta4
deed lots 2 3 and 0 blk 5, Xew Era ;
G D Rows to Jacob Sager, tax deed lo'
3 blk 4, New Era ; $2.47.
Richard Gerdes to Jacob Sager, ,
deed lot 2 blk 4, New Era ; $3.13.
Julius Quandt to Jacob Soger,
deed lot 4 blk 1 and lot 1 blk 2, N
Era; $3.15.
J W May to M A Ranch, part of blk ';.
Darlings Adu to Oregon City ; ;W.
J Lewthwaite to X Langet al, tract "In
Burns cl and 4 acres in Pomernv rl ;
T J Holce to D J Buckley, lots !'5 30
and 37 blk 7, Marchiiinks;$4.!i0.
We Can Do It
Ti e very latest styles of shirt waists,
j twiiititnl patterns, at the Racket Slore.
The Cockier has ju t
added several hundred
dollars' worth of new
material to its plant, and
is now better prepare !
than ever to do any job
of printing of whatever description
at Prrtland prices. Call and see