Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, July 31, 1896, Image 1

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14th YEAR.
NO. 13.
Ul 1
And Accident
Royil of Llvorpool nn ,rt 'ui" ,n wr,'.
North British & fflercantUe.-,',,u7;oB,"e,, '" ,,,e wo"",,
I Sun of London o,,,,"t vumy ,ir iauraiice m,, ' ,,,e worm
jEtllll Of Hertford Lartfeatuml
Continental of New York0" f ,i,e bet A,,'rp n'pn
The Tiavelers Insurance Company of Hartford
Largest, oldest mill neat Hccldi'lit Insurance coinimny In tlia wurlil, and
rnlnu doe it very litrice life Insurance
t LoHKsT
, ...
T F. E. DONALDSON, at Commercial Bankj
-lv3 G. H. BESTOW & CO.
Shop Opposite CuiiKreiCHtM.iint I'linecr. Main kti-Mt, Oregon City, Oregon
Seventh Street, Corner of Center, on the Hill.
Main St., Opposite Caufield Block.
Two Shops, Oregon City, Oregon
Ronun 7li, 77, j, Hokum
1'llUTLA.Nl), OKKIKlN.
Will be iu Oreinm
riiv ofnee. Courier Many of v rrlewln lia
baiiding, cYery Snt- truulilo to nuil me; heuo
urday. "il and.
MachIalstjniJi3Disinitli, j
Bicycles, Unibrel.as, Sewing Machln iuu ,
and all kimla of small machinery re
paired. Prices reasonable.
Shop oi fiwewh aiwt. Uiimn b'tioi j
it ii.l
best maim:.
Unique, Efficient, L;ibor Saving j
Will sprinkle 4 times greater
area than any other :
Sprinkler made. !
Highest Award at the Chicago Imposition
Can be awn in nueriitlmi at tin resilience of I
the Kilitur uf tins paper.
Send for circulars sivlng testimonials ami prices .
Sole .M'imifuoti:rer.
Sl'RIXGKIKI.D. - - - Mass. I
A?ent Wiiiitc. t an Make Ilia Money.
Paper Hanging:.
Artistic House Fainting
Ami KaNoniing.
Removed from H.ilmaii ' did -ihii.I to Ne
Door to CiM'kif.4 HmloiMK mi r-mn -treet,
Near Depot. Orex.m i ily. tlnip.
That you can get jouri
printing done at the j
CoLKitK otlice cheaperj
than in Portland, v ;
Th'uand.s of samples to;
select from. Sit;faction i
ijuarantt-ed. O -5 O !
Quantities eitial to every iUmiiiitl, quali
ties tluit defy adverse criticism, bcauti
tul designs Hint tako tlio eye of a pri
Miner, prices that make buyers womfer;
all these things and more tire presented,
to the vision in our (irund Exposition of
cariH't novelties . You can't get off the
Hour, und that makes it all important to
have this basis of a room's atttnctions a
triumph of pleasing possibilities The
top jioint of earpct-buving possibilities
is readied in our stock of 50 different
patterns in 5 different materials from
15c per yiiril and upwards.
UK 1, 1,0 MY k 1IIM1I,
The llouscfurnisliris,
Leading Agency in
Clackamas County
't merlcaii compa.iy.
is making business lively with 1
It you don t
making things hum, take a look
in our store any
That's when you
crowds. The people know a good
thing when they see it, and they
realize we are offering them better
values than they
in Oregon City.
have traded with us
to come in and
price; with what
paying for various articles.
It we cant convince you we are
money savers fur you then we
Jon't expect your
Build Up
Your Brain
Steady your nerves, and
perfect your digestion
by using bread made
from our whole wheat
flour. It is made from
the whole wheat berry
except the out side hull,
or bran, which is a woody
substance, irritating and
indigestible. Bread made
from this flour is not so
white as that made from
the pale white roller flour,
but it is far superior for
food as it contains all the
gluten, germ, and oily
matter of the wheat and
is much sweeter than
graham or any other .
bread not sweetened
The (Jrxcpr. .
Mr. Milo Thompson went to Wool
burn a few days ago.
Mr Strite expects to start soon for the
coast, and will be gone two or throe
Mrs. J. C. Paddock and daughter,
Nannie, went to Portland Thursday, re
turning on Friday.
Mr. Levy of Portland, a clerk in the
employ of Meier & Frank, dined nt Mr.
J. C. Paddock's Sunday.
A Mir. Purier from Portland was in
the neighborhood setting up and adjust
ing a new self binding harvester for Mr.
J. C. Paddock this week. ,..
The MisseB Strange are visiting
friends here and went with the League
to Oregon City Sunday evening. They
resided here several years ago.
Thirty-four Leaguers went to Oregon
City last Sunday evening. They had a
very interesting time and were highly en
tertained by the League of Oregon City.
think we are 1
clay in the week.
will sec the
ever saw before
If you never
we want you
compare our
you nave been
Glass Si Smith's Old Stand,
Miss Nannie Taddock went to Forest
Grovo last Tuesday on a short visit.
Mr. Kuth isalwut to trade his property
here for property at Falls City, Polk
County, and will remove there in the
near future.
Your correspotitlenec took u stroll
through the court house the other day
to get a glimpse of the new jiopulists
olllcers. Our republican friends told us
that they were a hard looking set of
men ; ignorant and not capable of filling
the resjiective offices, to which they were
elected. We belelve wo saw all of them
but Mr. Marks and Mr. Starkweather
(Mr. Starkweather we are a little ac
quainted with and know him to be a
fine lookinggentleman) and ca n say, ac
cording to our judgement, they will com
pare favorably with those they succeeded
July 27. X X
We hear that P. A. linker has a much
needed new binder.
J.Q.Gage is still rusticating at Nestue
ca Bay, putting up hay, he says .
Mr. Neubauer is able to lie in the field
again, anil his son, Richard, is t-ome
People generally are complaining of
not feeling well, owing to the un
usually hot weather.
.Wells are drying up, but number of
the farmers have built cisterns, so there
will not be quite so much hauling of
water from Mat Athey's spring.
Mrs. Mary Seheive has been near
death's door the past week, with neu
ralgia of the heart, caused by a decay
ing tooth ; and she is not considered yet
out of danger.
The weather still continues dry and
warm, though the mercury since last
Monday has ranged down from 99 to 82,
and the smoke, which has not yet
becouie ho dense as to affect the eyes,
serves as an umbrella, shielding us from
the sun.
July 27. X.
-Curl SUongreen has slashing 011 fire.
v3ii Nellie Gottberg has been home
on ti visit.
Born to the wife of M. T. Freeman,
the Kith, a son.
Chester Gorbett started his binder
last Thursday.
The Misses Holdens tire staying nt
A. Strongreen's.
Mr. and Mrs. J. (iorbett were the
guests of John Dennison of Meadow-bi-ook
last Sunday.
The saw mill has shut down 011 ac
count of low water.
Pres and Burt Bonney came home last
Thursday from Aurora.
M Preston of Damascus is visiting H.
Dix and family this week.
Hev.J. Blair of Rural Dell pivach.-d
at the (Jolton school house Sunday
Frank Countryman and family were
visiting his sister, Mrs. William linker,
last Sunday.
Miss Julia Oswalt of Highland was
vi iting friends in this vUiniiy a few
days this week,
VI. Preston, John, Oscar, and Otis Dix
went fishing over on the Molallu two
days last week and caught 284 fish.
We hear that the grasshoppers are so
thick at the big burn that you can pick
them up by the haudfull.
Why is it that some boys forget them
selves Sunday evening and got ho far
j past their home before they could think
I to go back.
j July 25. Lvstek.
i Jimev I atto has rettirne I home nine
1 again.
j We are having cloudy weather at
I present.
j Some of our people w.-re out to Mt.
i Hood recently.
j K. Mattoon of Tillamook is visiting
! friends in Iiedland.
I B. Spritgue was visiting in l'oi tl.ind
I a few days last week.
j F.E.Linn and D. If. M'x-her were
! in Maple Lane Sunday.
, J. W. Linn and G. E.Spces visit-;
inz at Mr. Catto's Sunday.
; ' !
Our young folks are preparing for a
, litglloll time al llie picnn: at r.giu
1 Siirinvs August 1 and 2.
The picnic will le a grand affair, so
1... .,! rv cue tum out mid .
' help the Oteola brass taind.
There was a ws-ial dance at W.
Sprague's Saturday night. Tho pres
ent en joyed theniselves till a late hour.
! Julv 27. F.M.lM.fc.
Mrs. McGrath has gone to Salein
where she will reside for the future.
Mrs. II. P. Spencer went to Wilson
ville Monday to visit her home of forim r
Mrs. May and son have returned from
an extended visit to her mother at
Willie Morse went out to tho Molallu
last week with Mr. Painter, who has a
ranch in that vicinity.
Miss Delhi Young, who has lieen visit
ing at Mrs. Marshall, left Saturday for
her homo at the Dalles.
William Morse is working in the
Enterprise and will nt some future date
start a newspaper at Canemah.
A pump company of Portland have
been putting in and repairing pumps
luring the first part of the week.
Mr. Porter and family accompanied
by his son-in-law, Mr. Lalier, and Mr.
Kensie, left for tho coast last week.
Neita Stokes has a very nice specimen
of mumps. It seems as if that disease
has come to Canemah for the future.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds have gono to
the coast. If nianv more families
leave, Canemah will be almost deserted.
Mr. Andrew Clear of Sherwood made
a short visit to relatives hero the latter
part of last week. He brought with
him his nephew, Arthur Dickerson,
who has been visiting his relatives at
July 2!). Doxnkh-uni)-1!i.itzi:v.
Some grain has U'en cut and most
will lc cut this week.
Hay is good about all in the barns,
and most of the jmms cut.
Potatoes will lie light and we will not
be able to pick them up with a fork.
The fall sown grain is good, the spring
sown is light but has a good color yet.
M. Grafenhain lost his saw mill by
fire. The first one he built was too
small and this one went up in smoke
when it was about finished. He is not
discouraged and intends to build again
July 27. .0.
Mr. Kilo has lieen burning logs.
Chas. Bigelow is recovering slowly.
Geo. Oglewas out visiting last Sunday.
Geo. Killen was through this county
Thomas Ogle commenced Monday
morning to cut his wheat.
Rain is needed very much, the spring
grain will certainly bo a failure.
The people are picking the wild black
berries about as fast 11s they get ripe.
Mr. Oswalt iiinl ,:olin Bailey have lieen
building fences during the past week.
Mr. M atkins ami family 01 Hubbard
were visiting at J. O. Valiners last Sun
day. The iHiopli! seem to feel better since
they have learned who tin) next presi
dent will lie.
July 27. Dkw Dkoiv.
It. I ah nld i.V iiiniijhl, wniild 1 bete
be sullii-ieiil eiir.li ti pay my di bls and
.rive mr family as uninl mi ,irl us I now
UU'Vide fur tliein ?
no', Imw wuiiM my imiiily in these
quiet limes live?
Of eoiirae jls a serious ipieHiion, Inn
every hilslmiid and lather should think
of it.
Yuit can cieaif ho entail) siitlicient, (o
OH)' all debls and provi t fur the family
si an annual com of hIi nil 2 per cent, of
the amount insured and it is cash at
cIich a!li r your dentil, by taking a
polirv in the .MiixsaeliiisHits Mutual Life
Ins 'o. This I'o. is -J.j yi-ars old, guar
aiitee you agriiiiHt. any losi of your
money, alter one year, nivo you annual
cash dividends to ri-.l-ice yearly pay
ments, and will loan you money on your
policy 111 ri per cei't inleirxt. They
write the safest policy and if you are
iiiM-resteil in the HiiioVct write me for
in'onnm jon.
If. Cohoii Gen. A 111.,
Chamber of Ci.intin rce,
Portland Oregon.
., , , . , ,
Iheai; wafers are f.-r painful, scanty,
proline r irrei ul.ir iii'-imcs, any cause
Ja'lics will tin I that 110 be'ler
rwiniolv cy1i for iIihm- (lillicolti.-H. To I
.void tN-ingimpr,,! p.irby base iuiila-!
Hons buy from our auents ami take
' Preni'll TmtmV Waters fllllv Prii-fl fiv ;
. ' ' . . - j . . . . ...
mail, (2.00. C. ti. Huntley, Drugnist.i
Cmitiel.l I'.hn k,Oi g n ( it).
On 11
The very l.ite-t styli a of hhiit waiots,
1,,'Hlltil'll tatteins, at toe llai'ket More.
Fnri-ished Every Week by the Clackawai
Abstract & Trust Company.
The Clackamas Alxlrnrl A Tm.l Co. la !! nwnoi
of Hie oiipyrlKlit to Hi" Tliuiua tyMrm of abatrut
Imlfiea for t'lachsniKi county, anil has Ibn only
nmipleta wt of altrarl III thr isniiily! oan furnlili
Infiiraiailon aa to title to land al otic on application,
biaiii, liiviliniiu, real rt.tte, nlwtracu, eio Offlee
nrrr Hank uf Orrfcm ( Ily. Call and luVMtlgiUe.
AdilnMS, box Ttl, Oregon I Ily. Ori'K"ii.
Frank Yoorlicis to V M Yoorheis, nc
tfof sw '4' of secO, (l--2e; m.
JD Young to W D Mathews, 125.40
acres in sec 8, 3-1 w ; $1 .
Sheriff to S M ltamsby, lots 7 8 9 and
10, blk 39, Clackamas Heights; t.18.
L L Porter to Portland, lot 1 and e
of nw '- and sw ,'4 of nw '4 sec HO, 1-tt
w; f)00.
S D Wills to May Wills, lots 11 mid
12, Orchard Hill; 1200.
William liuchcr to J A Wells, w a of
Be '4' and lota 3 and 4 sec 20, 3-2 e ; f400.
E G Jones to R E Moss, se l sec 29,
4--(le, n fs of sw, ml lot 4 sec, 3H, 4-5
e; $11(00.
Mary E. Stevens to J Paddock, 5 a in
sec 28, 3-1 e ; $:t00.
Josuo Elmer to It L Iiingo, I aero of
lot 8 sec 20, 4-3 e; $40.
Ind Pub Co to 11 W Hull et al, 2-3 a in
tract 110 Gladstone; f0.
John Meyers to Anna Jones, lot 8, blk
25, Co Add ; 200.
J Kenner, of lot 8, blk 25, Co Add ;
Sheriff to G B Jacobs, small tract
adjoining City, in sec 31 ; $31.55.
J W Shaw to A Freytag, lot 7, blk 3,
Shaw's First Add to Oregon City; $250.
D Olds to (i Olds, h.ts 4, blk 2, Falls
View; fl.
G OldB to I) Olds lot 5 and (I, blk 2,
Falls View; $1.
J S Jennings to Al II Riebhoff, lots 1
2 and 3, blk 2, Gladstone ; $400.
S Randall to A Rowan, 17 j' acre in
Caulield CI ; fS75.
50 Cords of Wood for Court House.
Notice is hereby given of bids to fur
nish the Court Hon e with 50 cordB sea
soned body live fir wood will lie re
ceived by the undersigned at tho Court
House until August 5th, 18IKI, at 10
o'clock, a. in. The right to reject any
and all bills is reserved.
ELMER DIXON, County Clerk.
July 21st, 18. ,
Bids for County - Physician". "'
Notice is hereby given that bids to
furnish all medical treatment and all
medicine necessary for the inmates of
the county jail and the county poor for
one year, commencing August 0th, 1890,
will be receive 1 by the undersigned
at the Court House until AugtiHt 5th,
181WI, at lOo'elock, a. m. Tho right to
reject any and all bids is reserved.
ELMER DIXON, County Clerk.
Julv 21st, 1S!)5.
Annual Teachers' Institute.
The annual institute for Clackamas
Count v will be held at the EuHthara
scl 1 buililini; iii Oregon City August
l.l.ln nii'i; nt i re 'clin k 1 . 10 . and
cniit'iiiMi'u 1 'i' Hiiht dav. All leaciiors
and itnrs i..i.r,wic 111 kiImimI work
should iir. I iil 1.1 tit.nel S-Vtfrnl of
llie mIiIc-i iu.sirii 'loi s of the Mtate will
lie ineaeni, an I a very iuturosting
11. 1 I Hi t: is Ur h 111 .
SiiiH r 1 1 1 1 I i 1 1 1 old ickatnas
O ointy's Schools.
KbM inoritMues on improved farm
propel ly iii'ioii 1i.1l. We are piepared
to neiioiiine lirst iuortiigeH upon Im
proved farms in )rrii:. VnHtiingtOD,
slid Idaho wiili eastern purties and
foreiirn ci'i'ilMiisih nt '.he nt-niil rate of
inleiesl Mi'ityuges renewed I hat have
been Ink m I y oinr conipnnieH now
out of bnsinesH. .ililiess (wiili stamp,)
Mi rvin llrts, Bakei City, Oregon.
Senators, eoiiirre-isiimn. judges, great
Imvyers, pr (feasors ALL pronounce the
I. W. HARPER WHISKEY superior to
tlip'linest French brandy. The leading
physicians prescribx it on account of its
purity. For sain by Hill & Celt?, Oregon
City. Oretfon.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tim Bkst Sai.vk in the werld for Cuts,
Bruircs, Sores. Ulcers, salt Kheum,
Fever Sores. Teltur, Chapped Hands,
( iiilhlaiiis. Corns, and all Kkin Erup-
i lions, und po-iiively cuies Piles, or no
I pay reipiired It im uunrHiiteed to give
pHiiici satisfai'iion or inouev refunded.
I Price 25 cents per taix Kr sale by
' CliMinniii V Co.
Ywr tMrr 'lrty irr.
Aa Olu in, Wcll-Tbiid Ilmror. -In, Win
low'a Soothing Hyup baa bwD niwd for over fifty
yuan by uiIIIhhii f mth"i fur tln-ir childron whll
lM.ll.liia wllh n.rfwl .lici-.nHa. It .tfilliMI tl, rhILl
rt,.n il.a g.oi,,.i:) all paiu.ciirn wind colic,
and la tin Ut iriu-lf f.,r IMarrbiaa. la plaaaant to
"'"" 'M h ' P-rt f U..
World. Twanty-Bra rrnu a bottle. Ila aln iiln
calculable. B aura tud ask for Mrs. Window'
u...i.:.. u..... , i-k. nA .V... 1.1. .!
i7,J.ni(,g l J I 1 ' J' , .III, MR, ,,W V., IB. 1 1 1 V.
it .1.1 1: uvf.x i:imy dm:
riiuu-.iii'l of c.i-e of (,'onsumption.
A-diina, Cough. '' '1 1 anl Croup aie cured
every day hv 'i ili' Cure, K,ir sale by
(.. A. II rhnj.