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14th YEAR.
NO. 12.
And Accident
Royal of Liverpool-
VakIIi Ds.ltle.1i . MtroanHlx.
SOIl Of LOIldOIl 01'le,t PUT"1 Are Insurance office In the world.
JStOS Of HirtfOrd Lret and best American company.
Continental of N6W York one f th be,,t Am''""" companies
The Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford
Largest, nlileat and beat accident Insurance cowuany In tlie world,
also does a very larce life insurauue business, i
Just received at the PIONEER STORE
The Very Latest Styles of Silk
competition. Shirt W aits
Whop Opposite Congregational Church,
Gambrinus Cold Storage.
Tlie only p'oe In the city which can supply yon with anythlne yon want In the liquor line
and saves you money on every article you buy WINE, BtER AND LIQIIOKet because
I sell to you at Portland prices aud save you your electric car lare aud expenses while in
It will save ten years on your life's lease by trading at home with a reliable firm and not
lielne held up by highwaymen on the electric car
What you buy at the (iumbrinus Cold storage is guaranteed to be Just what you buy it (or or
money refunded
Largert Mock of Mquorsand the onlr complete stock of Wines at the Lowkst Prk xs.
WHY HO TO A DKOUNTOKK aud pay WOO per gallon as a pastime when you can buy
better wine at the following price:
California Port Wine, per gallon
Sherry "
" Angelica " " "
Sweet Muscatel " "
Tokay Wine " "
Maderla " "
Malnta " "
KeislingHock" "
Claret "
Bottled Beer (quarts) per rloxen
Porter, Domestic "
Guineas' Kxtra Stout (pints) per dozen
Hwan Whiskey, per gallon
Phoenix Bourbon '
California Grape Brandy, per gallon
California Blackberry Brandy, per gallou
For keg bser, lesve order. The finest family
c s a lon 01
i Insomiils
dia-aes of
ConsllpaHon. 1 1 stops
Dfssol oise:ianp, n
REPOnE asjB Min kidneysand then-i-iarrorransol aU unpuritiea,
ITPIDESE atrengtbensand r'estoresemau wesknnrans. , ,
Tlie reason sufferer are rot cured ltors Is beritnae ninety per rest are tmaweri wrtn
Llltt Curl Mr, r. I" mefwny iimwn -r "
ala. A written roarantr rtren ana ith"'-t iriumni hkh wxi-w wm w vuvi
U a box, six for SVOO, by maiL Hn.I for mxacircular and teaUmooiaJs,
iiUfmviToLauimicr.aiteBjarniicsi roroautt
Oeoris A. Harding Druggist
Quantities equal to every demand, quali
ties that defy adverse criticism, beauti
ful designs that take the eye of a pri
' soner, price that make buyers wonder ;
all these things and more are presented
to the vision in our Grand Exposition of
carpet novelties . You can't get off the
floor, and that makes it all important to
have this basis of a room's atttactions a
triumph of pleasing possibilities The
top point of carpet-buying possibilities
is reached in our stock of 50 different
patterns in 5 different materials from
15c per yard and upwards.
The Housefurnishers,
Leading Agency in
Clackamas County
Does largest business the world.
Iw.""1 In the world. 86,-
i ixl
F. E. DONALDSON, at Commercial Bank.
Pess Goods, j
for Waists at Prices beyond j
at prices to suit the buyer. j
Wain Mreet, Oregon City, Oregon
1 50
1 i
1 SO
1 SO
1 so
1 60
1 60
1 SO
1 SO
2 75
3 76
4 (10
rooms. This place is couducte.1 first-class'
PHOMC .19.
Thla crest Vec .ttle
the generative nrcans, sucb aa Lost Manboort,
Talis in ueiiiicK.BMuiitai iajusion. rtervoos Ueoliity.
rnfiirtfSS to Marrr. .xluuistli,r Drains. Vartrocele aod
all Ins by nay or night Prevents qntrk-
i.jca 11 noccnef Yen teats Ui npej mairn-TTHpa. anq
J m, crewiiiMji n
4 t.e4tfy ernes qvlrkrr, permanently u
--rt, w trs jiemorr, it ui pnun ruwr,
poUtiacf rtin dlxsaar etuae
. "rtJ "ihy..:.:a: T(f t-ocod plump.
"if fir-n! ri -, T'. Writ
Build Up
Your Brain...
Steady your nerves, and
perfect your digestion
by using bread made
from our whole wheat
flour. It is made from
the whole wheat berry
except the out side hull,
or bran, which is a woody
substance, irritating and
indigestible. Bread made
from this flour is not so
white as that made from
the pale white roller flour,
but it is far superior for
food as it contains all the
gluten, germ, and oily
matter of the wheat and
is much sweeter than
graham or any other
bread not sweetened
The Grccer.
The attendance at the Methodist camp
meeting here has been large, notwith
standing the heat. A small admission
fee has been charged at the gate, and
freely paid, to meet tlie expenses of fit
ting up the grounds. This method was
adopted instead of the old one of taking
up a collection. The receipts have been
greater than at any meeting for years
past, and the amonnt has been equally
distributed among saints and sinners.
About a dozen preachers and several
layman and woman, who are good lead
ers, have been present to help in three
or four meetings each day. The great
tabernacle has been well whitewashed,
giving it a fine, clean appearance, as seen
through the green shade trees. dif
ficult problem, touching an abundance
of water to meet the demand of the
crowds, has been successful! solved. A
large new spring has been opened, and
a pump worked by a water wheel run
from the overflow, sends the water into
a tank on the ground, convenient for all.
The Bee-Hive
1st Semi-Annual
Clearance Sale!
Commencing Saturday, July nth, special reductions will be
offered throughout our entire stock. We have done an unusal
good business since we opened in Oregon City and are so well
satisfied that we have placed very heavy orders on fall goods.
They will commence arriving in August and we must make
room for them. The first week of this sale we shall devote to
odd lots and broken lines. Now the chances are among these
lines and you will find just what you need. If you do you can
make a half do a dollar's duty.
Table No. 1
Everything on this table 9 cents, We are not going to tell you
whats there. Come and see for yourself.
Table No. 2
All go at 19 cents, You might not think we were truthful
we told you the rich possibilities in store for you.
Table No. 3
Choice 30 cents. If you are
seekers you will be the Io.er.
Table No. 4
I All on this table 49 cents. Don't leave yovr pocket book at
home. Youll regret it if you do.
riieBtroMgbarbed-wire fonco has made
everything accuro, ami regulates the
crowds, sending them out and in just
where the authorities intend them to go
More people are coming to camp this
week, and it is expected this will be one
of tlie moflt interesting and profitable
meetings on the Can by .camp grounds
lor years.
July 20. 0.
Mrs. Alderman of Woods is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Edmunds.
Master Ben Day of Portland was visit
ing friends in Stringtown Sunday. He
lelt Stringtown about 8 years ago and
moved to California, but recently came
back to Portland. He was quite a small
boy when he lived here but it seemed
natural to him here.
Mrs. Painter and son left for the Soda
Springs Monday. On the Biune day
Harry Kpeucer and some of the would
be's started for tho coast. Canemah
seems to be quite empty at present.
The persons who read the news from
Canemah may be a little puzzled as to
the meaning of Stringtown. Stringtown
is situated above Canemah, on the
Willamette river. There is no distance
between tho two places, for as soon
as Canemah endB, Stringtown com
mences. It is alxmt a mile long and a
house wide ; so tho name has a simple
Prof. Griffith, the phrenologist, gave
a series of lectures Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday evenings of last week.
His lectures were very interesting but
were poorly attended. He stated tha'
the people were only half civilized,
which, I think applies to Canemah in
every respect, although he probably
meant people outside of Canemah.
The fruit as well as potatoes is a fail
ure in this part of the country. The
only pure crop that the farmers of String
town see ahead is the tax levy of '97.
The board of school directors have en
gaged Mr. Hackett of Park Place and
Miss Chase of Oregon City as teachers
for the ensuing term, which will begin
in the fall. Both persons have taught
several successful terms of school here
and have given satisfaction to the people.
, July 2Lt ., Silverite.
. -" -i m . ' ,
Still hot and dry.
Haying is about over.
Wasco Kellogg of Falls City was out
on his wheel to see his father last week.
not among the earlv bajgain
Glass & Smith's Old Stand,
Mr. Carlisle has tho frume of his new
house up.
Albert But ley has gone east of the
mountains to look for work.
Molalla grange took in six new mem'
bers at their last meeting.
W. A. Woodside to talking of buying
an engine to run his separator.
Edward Hammond is making garden
r Dr, Goucher. The Dr. talk of going
to the mines again soon.
J. J. Mallatt and two of his boys are
hoeing teazle for Mr. Sawtelle on Teazle
Mrs. C. E. Xash was out on a visit to
her mother's last week.
Wheat harvest will conimenco next
If the new free silver Raints and half
breed populists capture tho national
populists organization there wont lie a
corporals guard of populist votes cast
here this fall.
Dan Frozer and wife of McMinnvillc
are visiting Mrs. Frazer's mother, Mrs.
. L. Jones.
E. B. Stalk is busy these days fixing
up his new ranch, ready for occupancy
this fall. Socialist.
Mrs. Humphrey went to the coast for
a few days last week.
Miss Wanuie Paddock came home from
Salem Monday morning. She expects
to remain two weeks. .
Miss Laura Johnson and Miss Georgia
Ruth went to Oregon City last Tuesday.
Mr. Ferguson, from University Park,
preached a good sermon at tho M. E.
church Sunday.
Rev. Curl of Tacoma worshiped at the
M. E. church last Sunday.
Miss Georgia Kuth was taken quite
sick on Wednesday at the assembly and
did not get home until Sunday.
Miss Laura Johnson is home visiting
and is resting up preparing for a trip
out to the coast that she expects to make
soon.. She is very much appreciated at
church, Sundav school and League when
at home.
Miss Mollie Talbert lod a very inter
esting League last Sunday evening, after
which the League voted to visit the
League .gect Sunday evening at Oregon
Oity. .77 .
Mr. J. 0. Paddock and Edward John
son purchased a new Empire self-binder
last Monday and expects to start it toon.
The school board have hired Miss
Strickler of Harmony to teach the fall
and winter school. This was a wise act
of the board.
Mrs. Manning still tarries at Spokane
and will not be home for a week yet.
Mr. Manning is feeling very disconsolate
over it.
Mr. Health returned home a few days
ago and will now remain for the future
Mrs. Rodonald and Mrs. Knox united
with the Congregational church last
Sunday evening.
Mr. Willis Johnson went ti camp
meeting at Canby last Sunday.
Mr. Ttunyon went to Oregon Oity on
Tuesday on business.
Quite a number of young people pass
ed through our town last Sunday morn
ing from Portland on their way to Baker
bridge. On their return they disturbed
the peace and quietness of our peaceful
little town with their hideous noise.
Mr. Wm. Foster has gone east of the
mountains to assist in harvesting.
Frank Laudis returned home a few
days ago from east of the mountains.
July 22. Onon.
The young people met last Friday and
putting strong sills under the old school
bouse moved it on to a corner of Mr,
Pol ilka' s place, which he had kindly
offered them for the purjiose, leaving the
old school house hill vacant for the new
building. The old house has stood there
for nearly 23 years, and witnessed many
changes. It was at first built by work
and subscription, 20 feet square. The
district then numbered 17 pupils all told,
two of them Mrs. Larson aud Mrs.
Barnes, now of Tualatin, being under
age, were counted in by the enterprising
clerk. After about seven years it had
grown so that they saw fit to enlarge it
15 feet and now the pupils of school age
number over 80, I believe. Thus the
country grows.
The young people are going to fit up
the old building for literary puroses.
Kichard Meuhaner has been very sick.
His father also has been sick, caused,
they thought, by the beat and hard
It is very smoky, which has been a
help to the grain fields shielding them
from the fierce sun. A good portion of
the early grain is baked when just in
the milk, and it is thought fully one
half is destroyed.
send them to Stafford. Our directors
(three promising young men), Messrs.
Schattz, Weddle and Myer are getting
used to being interviewed and begin to
rather like it, as some less than three
hundred have applied.
Mr. Phillips talks of going to Hubbard
with his family soon. They will be
A number from here attended the
Chautauqua at Gladstone last week.
They report a very instructive and
pleasant time.
July 21. X.
From a Gold View Only.
Mr. Editor: With your permission I
should like to ask through the Courier
if Mr. Latourette is willing to take silver
in payment for any notes ho might
hold, or is he thinking of calling in all
his double-eagles and hoarding them up
until silver gets down to where the green
backs were during t he reliellion?
July 21. E. P. Bands.
Fnn lihed Every Week by the Claokaiuat
Abstract L Trust Company.
The Clackamas Abstract A Trust r. Is ths swner
f I lie copyright to the Thorns system of abstract
indexes fur Clackaniaa county, and baa tha only
oownlets aet uf abstracts In the county can furniaa
information as to title to land at once on application.
Loans, Investments, real estate, abstracts, slo Office
ovar Batik of Oregon Cily. tTall and lnvestigats..
Adilma, box 377, Oregon City, Oregon,
I L While to J B Morgan, tract 17,
Oak Grove; (200.
8 M McCown t i John Graham, lots
10 and 20, blk 14, Gladstone ; CtOO.
W T Bumey lo Chas 11 Caufield. )i of
of n and a nf sec 35, 4-8 e ; and
e of nw H and w of ne sea 2f
n of s and sw )i of sw )i sec 3, e
of sec 4, all sec 0 and 15 nw J4 of and w
) of sw M sec 10, w )i of w H of see 11,
wjj of nw 4' and s y of sec 21, all in
6-3 e; 1150.
W C Johnson to DeVore Johnson, blk.
67,0 0,M.
Willamette Falls Co to Oist No 105,
lota 1 to 12, bit 11, Willamette Falls ; $1.
Theo Schmale to Pora Q iant, lots 3
and 0, blk 30, Milwaukie; 500.
TL.Charman Jo Micheal Minarik,
lots 20 and 21, bU 78, 8 O 0 No 3 ; $225.
Paul OzaonetoE F Kiley, sw H of
tec tl. 3-1 w; 03.
J 0 Powman to W J Miller, 15 a in
sec 30. 4-1 e; $200.
E M Atkinson to J W Noble, lots 1 2
and 8, Wk Jft lark Add ; $40"..
Paul Richards to F B D jdge. se M of
ne M of sec 31, 3- 2ei $395.
Two Llvet Saved.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City
III. was told by her doctors she had
Consumption and that there was no
hope for her, but two bottles Dr. King's
Discovery completely cured her and she
says It saved her life. Mr. Thus. Epgera,
13!) Florida St. , San Francisco, suffered
from a dreadful cold, approaching Con
sumption, tried without result every
thing else then bought one bottle ;f Dr.
King's New Discovery and in two weeks
was cured. He is naturally thankful.
It is such rsHtil 18. of which these are
samples, that prove the wonderful
pflicHcy of this medicine in CointliB and
Colds. Free trial bottles at Char man.
k Co.'s Drun Store. Regular size 50c.
and fl GO
Annual Teachers' Institute.
The annual institute for Clackamas
County will be held at the Eastham
school building in Oregon City August
3d, beginning at one o'clock p. in., and
continuing for eight days. All teachers
and others Interested in school-work '
should not fall to attend Several of
the ablest instructors of the state will
he present, and a very interesting
meeting is assured. .
II. G. Stahkwsatiikb,
Superintendent of Clackamas)
County's Schools.
Firet morlgaues on improved farm
property negotiated. We are prepared
to negotiate first mortgages upon im
proved farms in Oregon. Washingtoo,
and Idaho with eastern parties and
foreign capitalists at the usual rate of
interest. Mortgages renewed that havs
been taken by other companies not
out of business. Address (with stamp.)
' Mervin Sworts, Baker City, Oregon.
Senators, congressman, judges, great
lawyers, pr ifessors, ALL pronxtince the
I. W. HARPER WHISKEY superior to
the finest French brandy. The leading
physicians prescribe it on account of its
purity. For sale by Hill A Uele, Oregon
City, Oregon.
for Ossr Flfljr Years.
A Old aau WeuTxixd Baainr. Mrs. Win
slow's Soothing Syrup has been used for orer fiftr
yearn by millions of mothers for their children whii
teething, with perfect success. It soothes lbs ehilfl
softens ths gums, allays all pain, cares s-lad colic,
sad Is the best remedy fur DtarrboM. Is pleasant to
the taste. Sold by Druggists la every part of 0,0
World. Twsnty-Brs cents a botUe. lis talus lain
calculable. Be aura and ask for Mrs. Wloslow'
Soothing Syrup, and taks so ether kind.
Thousands of cases of Consumption.
Asthma, Coughs, CoM atd Croup aie cure !
eery day by Shiloh's Cure, For sale ,f
C. A. lUnlins.
If there are- any .-li'il (earlier