Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, July 10, 1896, Image 8

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Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure Victorious.
No other mc-dlrlnociin show such a record.
Iloru Is a verltiihln patriarch, 73 yours of
iiko. Willi si runic pn-Juiiico to overcome, wlm
hud llrirt Durnnt l.'i yciir. Ho took tlio Now
Heart euro and In now hound and well.
Samuel O. Stonb.
Oram Lake, Mich., Dec. 28, 1894.
I have been troulilud with Ijeart disease IS
Tears or mora. Mimtof the time 1 was so
bad It was not safe for me to ko out alone,
as dizzy spoils would ramie falling. I bud
severe palpitation, shortniws of breath and
Midden pains thairenuered me heloless. All
physicians did for me was to advise keepln g
quiot. In Auicust lust I conimuncud taking
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure,
and before I had finished the Unit bottle I
found the medicine was a God-send. I have
now used four bottles in all and am feeling
entirely well Iam73yearsof aireandhave
held a grudge against patent medicines all
my life, but I will not allow this to prevent
giving my testimony to the greatcure your
valuable remedy has wrought In me. I do
this to show my appreciation of I)r. Miles'
New HeartOure. SAMUEL O. BTONE.
Dr. Miles Heart Cure is sold on a positive
guarantee that the first bottle will benefit.
AH druggists sell ltatlL S bottles for (5, or
It will be sent, prepaid, on receipt of price
.by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, lad.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure "SKS
j reside in this country 21 years before In'
could become it citizen hud their origin
.with tlic fiirnifi'H in tin) (inuiKt.
AT TIIK l.ol'M) TAW.-;
The Corvnllis Ladies' band, which was !
flit-1 1 a Kiiiilur fuiline of lust years'
ii.-fiti i ii y , ii.'ii(i mis yciir s prouriiiiiiiic
willi u selection The invocation wiih
iii-oiioum-ed by I'm sideiit '1 Ik iiiiK Now
liu, of New liiirif, 'J lien nunc llie ad
dress of welcome I v the president of t lie
association, ( nlmii'l liolert A. Miller,
w lin hj.oki- jiricfly of tlu hiiri-oHH tlmt liml
been iitlniiii'il mill tin assured permit
nciue of llie assembly ii h one of the in
llucnecs iicraliiif for bolter citizenship
in the state, Itonii YmiScnv. of 1'ort-
lanii I niversity, rcsM.n.lo. in a happy;, m,Ht,.r f Hie Crnnne; Juilw 11. i
manner, ins remarks l eiin.' liiru'elv eon-. ii..,:,!,,! nu. .. .i.
ratiilatory Jl.e heads of ll,e various (.ultiiriil Collctro; Mrs. Howard, Mrs
ueiiiiuiiieiiiK were nuriMiiieeil anil a no.- kil. ...,.1 ,.tl..,i M. li....- !.'..,...
, .... . . !' Mill, MIIIIO ll . WHtll l.jllUII
en oi mem inline suiliiiiic remarks anil n,,,,,,,,,, -,i i.,ii ,., .i.:..i.
culled fortli land applause. Tlio uudi-
enci' then stood and rotieuted the 0. 1
S. 0. inottot-H and adjnurned till this
Tlie events aliimt which the most in- fvoiiinjr, when the topic will he n review
tercnt centered vostcrdiiv were the ! ' ''' rn years' work of tin U. L. S. C
A most-enji v.ible hour was njieiit ul
the round t : I le in the old ittiditori.im
Vesterdiiv, .Mr. .1. K. (ireelilield
rorl land, state secretin y of thel'.L.S.C.,
presided and opened the session with a
few appropriate remark, imiiouncinii
Hie theme of the hour lis "What ('ait the
('liantiiu(iiii I'lanof Kdiieutinn Do fort lie
Memliersof the (iriinue." The audience
wiih then entertained Lv short and oiior-
lietic speeches I y lion. Mortimer White
lean, oi .M'w .icrscv v. iW . Jlillcurv
i lie I Ir Mlvcr ami Minwa l't the I'.eul
I DMioniMly In I ho Currency Iaaue,
amioiincecl their rcs'ftivu clasn-s, out
liiiiii)! the ppcciul features to lie dealt
is a sure cure fur Headache and nervous
liseases. Nothing relieves so quickly. I "or
a'e hy G. A. llnrdinE.
Ask your phvician, yur ilrii'r;ist ami yu
rienils almut Shiloh's Cure fir Comuiniviinn.
i 'hey will reconiiiiend it. Kor sale hy (i. A
Conlipatiin, causes niore limn half t'ic i!N
f women. kv LI ver K tot Ua i a
llcasant cure for Consiipa ion. Kor sale hy
!. A. I larding
Consumption, I.aflrippe, Pnruinonin, ami
illThroat anil l.ung iliease me cured hy
Shiloh's Cure, Kor sale hy (!. A. Marling
For flv.r Fifty Vtmr.
An Olo amu Well-Tat kd Hmtnt. lira. Win
.low'i Soothing Byruphu txn uiad fur ovnr Hfty
.'Mn hy milltoniof mothers forlhlrchililren while
'mthlng, with perfect mcoees. Itaoothei the chili,
nftens the guni,llsys all pain, ourin wind oulie,
md Is the beat remedy for UUrrhm. U pleiuwiit to
he Uste. Buld by Drugghts ID erjf irt of the
World. Twesty-nve cents bottle. Its value is In
aloulable. Be aura and uk for Mrs. Wlnslow'
nothing Byrup, and take an other kind
DOCTOR G.VLhiiUitr.ii
The diiIv rt-tnctlv i'Mirnn'rrd to nhxtfurelv
cur cuiurilt uiiif C' nij i re tt-iii,.i ti.i
lUease h urn 111. I loi U h-J fstrui
Eatii full mzt' p:k.iKt :i-nitii' mit .nil n..ntili'
local trt.iiineni, ,ihi lull m.'i'ih'" f : ' l t ' .olt
Heal n g U.ilm iiii'l uiif lull iiH.ntji's Mi 1'ivt.t C:i Lirll,
UIihkI iimJ Siuimi. Ii I'1'1'.
If vnu htv in" n th f .C.iw'nv vi-' ' is. M' rt
W, Stures' C.imrV'e (" 'linli Ctir w H r-i... vn 'm
lnnl rl;ef mnl r.tm,l"'elv auj o-inuini-ii U due vmi
Is the nose mi.rv1 lit V
O.ies volir nne Us Mr.W
Is n."! "!'' an' it" iV
l then nii'n In Iron lie '?
ho V"ll bswk t"fli' r In. liir. s'?
Is vour ihr.nl ilrv In the muMinc?
lo v.ill sleep wl'h v-ur moulh np?n?
Is vour hearlne tsil-n ?
Do voie ers Jl;ch.tr.' e?
" Is the was ilrv In v.mr ear?
Do vmi liesr hfltiT snme lv Ih.in nlhors?
I ymir Iwnrliiir worse wlien v"ulive a -1-1 f
Dr. tl. W. Shores' C"iii!h Cure run s an omuiis
rnlJs an.t hninrli' I nHni'ims. One I. s.- wli 'r
nasnm.lii i r .iip Keep a It ttletatlie " l-t'w
slie Nillli'S 2Vc. It vnu hive lh"se mi w use u
s itlrecieJ on (he h"'le and It will f uie v. u
Have vm a cuiieti?
Do vnu lake M easdv?
Have vou rain In llie si-fr?
Do you raise frnihv maiffnl?
Do you coiinh in the munimts?
Do you aplt up Hole rhsv lumrs'r
Or. O. Shores' Tonic and Blood I'ut ill. r ill an
les anj purities llie h'ooJ. gives Mnnftn ,inJ vnnr.
l ures Uvspepsia anl all nervuu Jnatas. I'm-.
(I per buille. It t einiamnily cum Hie iiiiu.iiin
Is there niuiea?
I In you belch up g.ts?
Are you consiipairJr
Is youi tongue coiited?
Do you blujl up alter titing?
Do vou leel you are xriiwirii; weaker?
Is there constant bad tasta in ihe omuib?
Dr. l. W. Mtorea' kl.lney and l.lver Curt
nuts all d ieases ot llie kidnaya, liver and blajjci.
I'rlce, $1 perjiiitile.
Do you ifct dify?
Ilavu ou coU leel?
l)o you leel micraHe?
Do you uel bred eoilvf
Do you hive hot llasbes
Are your spun lo at limes?
Do ou luveruiublinu in bowels?
D.i vour bands and l,ei swli
Is this minted more ai ii'itln?
Is theie pain in small ot bit k?
lias llie peis'iranon a b.idodor?
Is there pumneai under the eves?
Do you have to ijei up uiien at nnhi? J
Is there a dermit in unns it lei l siand ng
D.m't neilecl these sitjns and risk rinnnl diea
kulinir you. Dr. Snorts kidney and nvei tuie win
luie you it used as directed on the Cuiile.
Dr. O. W. Shores' Mountain MneUli stops t a
Worst pain In one minute. Kif heads, he. I.M.ih.iche,
neuralgia, cramps or Colic ue h esiernal and :n
ternajiv. Prevents and cures diphlhuria it ued in
lime Keep a Isitlle h in Iv. I'rlce. -"c a N.llle
Dr. O. W. Shores' Pepsin Vermllu d. s:r,ns
Intestinal worms and rem.ives On l ule r..uud n 'st
where they lulch and bied It never lads. I'r .
2Sr a Kitte.
lecture of )r CarloH Murtvn at 2 o'clock
and the oratorio in the eveniii(i, hoth of
wlncli HittiHlied the exiK'ctation tf t it-
crowd. J)r. .Martvn's Hiihject wan "The
Devil in I'oliticH,'' it theme hy no means
new, hut made highly interesting ly the
free treatment it received at the hands
of the lecturer. The trinity of the devil
in politics, in this country, lie said, were
the tirotrseller, the camhler and the
woman in n'arlet, which stand stead
fastly tctrether, well organized, confident
and impudent. Though the decent
tK'ople outnumlKT them 10 to l.the lack
o." oixanixation and the working at cross-
ptiipoHes tut tlieir part pave the power in
politic g to the corrupt few. Tliechurehes
have heen swearing prayerniteiich otlier
instead of unitiiii! to smite political vil
lainy. "
. The speaker made hold to say that
municipal corruption in the ci.y of
I'ortland was of the same kind and de
gree of depravity that had cursed otlier
c iinmunit ies in this county so frequt fitly,
and that it was susceptal'le of the same
remedy that had lice n found eflicaciotiH
elsewhere in a few instances. He com
mented on the political conditions that
prevailed in I hicago prior to the ad
ministration of the present Methodist
mayor, and adverted to the situation in
New York I efore the I ark hurst crusade
ami retorm government now in vogue
there, and showed how reforms hud heen
wrought easily when Christian senti
ment united in political action. Jr
Ma tyn lecomnif uded the preachi" s take
i;p the iiisciisMon ot pull I leal topics
w hen then cong'egations g'ow listless
and sleepy. In his leetil'e he di 1 not
attempt a classical O'lition. it was
popular in eveiy sense. 1'ehasa keen
tongue and leaily wit, and he flavored
his discourse with much spice g atefiil
to the avtoage intellectual palate. At
the "round tahle" in the afte noon. )r
si n tyn gave a spirited talk on good
The oratorio given in the evening
brought out an immense crowd and won
laurels for Musical Director Buyer, as
well as fttr all who were associated w ith
him. The first huss solo, "Rolling and
coaming Uillows," was Rung hv I rofes-
sor Heritage in admirable style. Miss
Illoch had the two soprano solos. "With
Verdure (Mad'1 and "On Mighty Pens,1'
abundantly fulfilling the high expecta
tions of her auditors Prof. Heritage
did his best with "Now Heaven in Full
est (dory," which followedan admirable
descriptive recitative, bringing out the
merits ot tlio orchestra. "The Creation
reaches its climax in the tenor solo "In
Native Worth,' which was sung by Pro
fessor Hover himself. The chorus of 110
voices did its most impressive work in
'The Heavens Aro Falling," and it was
excellently done. Professor Kmil L.
Winkler presnledat the organ and there
was an effective orchestra of 23 pieces
The presentation wasu great successaiid
it uroiisetl m in n enthusiasm.
.Mis. Alice llainill-llandcock made a
ve y favo able inip'ession bvht" leading
of "The 15i d S.mg." IK" a t is uncon
scious, and she has a most pleasing p'es-
nce anil style, llie Uhoiuawa Indian
band smpiise.l most people by theexcel-
lence of its iniisic. A L 4 ..fi there was a
game of basket hall between clubs f'oni
hast I'o tluml and Oregon City, which
was so closely- contested thai at the
use of the lime the seine was :i to Ii.
It took ten minutes longer to give I jisi
I'd Hand another tally and the game.
llie ul tendance yesterday was mine
than three times as great as on the lirst
day last year, the number being esti
nialisl at, ';!"( H). Though the number of
111 tin via die Httnyht, would then
be euflieient carh to pay my debts art
ive my family as good mpport as I now
Drovide for Hum?
no', lir w would rry family in Ihefe
quiet times lire?
ui r mte its a f eric lis ijuesiirp, bi t
every bnsl m d si d fttiher should think
of it
You can ereatf an estate sufficient to
pay all debts mid provide for the family
in an annual cosi oi about 2 percent, of
'lie amount insured and it is cash at
nee after your death, by taking a
policy in the .Massachusetts .Mutual Life
Ins Co. This Co. is 45 years old, jfimr
sntee you against any loss of your
inonty. after one year, give you annual
cash dividends to reduce yearly pay
ments, and will loan you money on your
policy at 0 per cent intetfst. They
write the safest policy and if you are
interested in the subject write me for
in formal ion .
H. Ci. Colton Gen. Agt.,
Chamber of Commr rce,
I'ortland Oregon.
rhou-anils of cases of Consumption.
.Vlhinn, Coughs. Ci'l'l and Croup are cureil
every day by Sluloh'x Cure, Kor sale by
G. A. llurding.
.S.,(i-,i iSMf
tents mi the grounds exceeded that ol
last year's assembly w hen every bis ly had
become settle I, the work of erecting ad
ditional ones procedes today, and nearly
Ml remain to be pitched.' There will
probably be 2.VI tents in the park this
Preventive Tested and Advised at the Ex
pertinent Station and Elacwhere.
Professor Smith of tiro Now Jersey ex
pprinirut stem n has iccomiueuded, in
Ids reports and other writings, kaiuit
i.s u preventive of wireworm' injury
Wo havo his testimony tbi)t "where' this
luaicriul is r.scl before planting, coin,
even cu old sod, cut-worms and w ire
worms will do no iujrjry. " It is proper
lo slate that the eCicacy of the above
preventives lias not brrn sustaiin d
experiments Inaile i;t tlio Cuinell uni
versity experiment Ktutinn, but in viev
of llie strn-iu t.liniony above tpjr.tcd
Conutiy (roi.tleLiidi asks, "Li it not pos
sible that whin te:ed in the litdd d.flev
ent. results von Id bo obtained fromi be?
given iu the cacs in tlm insect aty: '
D Cere i it t.)il co:u;t;ons might
yield uii ilii' i inn ui. nils.
Tlia J:rt Ci inelJ bulletin recomuieiid
tiled FMiieion of l!io iniitured insect
tlin beo'le by attracting to a pavis
green p::; t::u -tl clover bait ; frequent inn!
tluuoi gii plowing and piilveiizath::! cf
iioesird lb-Ids for ihvco i.r four v,:t?ks i c;
follov mis ! uiy 2n. f-r breaking tip I ho la;:,
eaiili' :i cei!. in v. hkh tlio aiia is ct n I Ij.i
tallied ;:t tl:fs t.i.)-.i t nd thereby killing
jit, tlirr- h.t! v hv:;t w ryo may be
! so'.yii i-'.mit ruia' ir.ii i:f crn'ii, uiut n.it
One t f the fi n mist citizens and r: p
il:ill.:f.i i f tb't ( .l'linitiiiiii ( Til v is lion.
ot ! t..i... i: t. .. . i iv. ;.. ... ...i..
lonil tr. jjuoi..iliet. iiu in vimiiy
wealthy mid u leader in nianufucturiiig
in this gnut community of manufac
turers, owning; and opt rating great ma
cliinery shops, ( liiployin tlfl'tisamln (if
hands and possessing largo investments
in real estato mid otlier enterprises. IIo
may safely bo placed in tlio category of
millionaire manufacturers. Yet it would
bo hard to find a in an who is moro ar
dently devoted to tlio cause of silvei ban
this successful inilliomiiro miimifactur
er. Mr. Bookwaltor is n well Known
globe trotter, and has mndo nn investi
gation of tho commercial and financial
conditions in almost every known coun
try on tho grout, round earth, No man
is better versed iu practicul political
economy than lie, and when ho gives
expression to any set of views they aro
worthy of consideration.
"I supposo Wall street will make an
other attempt to bulldoze tho Democracy
of Ohio on the financial question," was
tho terse and vigorous fashion in which
Mr. John W. Bookwaltor opened up on
tho silver question.
"I wus in Now York lust year when
they sent out a man steeped up to the
ears in wild and dangerous speculation
mid whoso every business act for years
bus been fur from proper to teuch tbo
doctriuo of sound and honest currency
to tho people of this stute. Just think
of it u wild cat speculator teaching
sound money. When he succeeded in
having the miserable stradtllo of 1802
adopted by tho convention tbo Wall
street agents that sent him out clupprd
their bunds and said: 'That's good I
Ohio, thank God, is for honest money. '
'Yes, they have declured for it,'
said I, 'but murk my words, the Democ
racy will be fairly wiped out of exist
ence. '
"I am for free silver, and am .willing
to lend every effort ou my part to fur
ther t ho cause. I seek no political prefer
ment myself wouldn't touch a position
of any kind but I stand ready and will
ing to help uuy man who is for silver.
I say to you that tho country stands in
most perilous condition, because of
the d::nger cf a single gold stundiud.
Tho consequences aro fearful even to
consider. They talk of English gold
having been poured into this country to
further free trade. If free trado was to
England's interests the gold standard is
immeasurably much so, and she could
afford to send fur more to bring about
such a result, if any is to be or wus ever
sent. Take the writers and authorities
on economics of Europe and you will
lcaru that gold has appreciated from 2.
to 40 per cent in the last 20 years. Thi(t
brings us to a point that should be well
inculcated into the mind of every voter.
."The charge is made that the friends
of silver are desirous of repudiating their
obligations they want to pay 100 cents
of debt v.'ith a 75 cent dollar. This i3
an insult to every man's manhood, cud
many hro deceived. I7cw, I do i ot t;c
ccpt i;::y sue It statement. No he::;-.-1 wau
dcsin s to do fiiiy such thing. lie wants
to pay in t! e n.mo money lcrwhxh the
debt v:;s t culroctcd. Eniland ha hihuv
eld tfxt ; n:8 uxorrcd at the time in :u:.vcl
n:r:i'.v goal, silver, pujier and en L:;t
Cioiify. if fd-.o can bo rep.:;d i:i .;dd
only, tlio deiin-st t,f all, will wt l.cr r.b
iig:i'.lr.i:s be oiliaixi d that l.kcL? Ko,
1 o, the (lit-l.t -jifly is till ci tbo ollirr
::ide, if niciu!s aire to figure in l hi j quo
lion. The crct.ilt r class is ci.tlo:vci-irg
loprt 125ct ni:i rr r.xro fi r tvt .y H O
ocr.tV worth f b!igaur,iis itl.t.lus, und
they will ntimit that this is hx
"Cisl:o:.r,t tbeuiselvt-s, thiy -Iii;rfC
theft i;;?:..i:i t. ctbt rs. I:i this q.-.c ut n it
is tlio e..tt cfi.inst tho west a; d scuib,
h v ti e catt i- i.fir.g the s. ..i
i:j i..::st; in erctlitr is that bi
ll i:guiust tho whole cr-i w:
l ';-t is m it-prcK-itie i.s :.
.i t tdav. ry, i:i.d the t an- ;.
I'.o i ui;.ij'iji;:t:o'.i if y.i
t-j-.i -i:;-llc lil (O. ) Cir. Cii.eiiiUi.
i ;:d is
. Tbc
ii Lo-
inn ;
t-ll'l.l TIU I.MIAY S IIAII.V.
Vester.lay was lirniige Day at the
('hiiutauiiia assembly, and many were
surprised to see the farmers show up.
ami take prominent part in the procec I
nigs. The grangers all wore badges,
lion. W. M. Ililleary, master of the state
lirange, and I'resiilent Cardwell, of the
State I lotieiiltural Society, and a num
ber of farmers occupied the platform
Alter I be opening chorus lion John
Minlo, ol Sulem, gave a pleasant live-
niiniite taiK on liortieulliiro ami wasi
followed by Henry K Ihiseh.oneof the I
liiieetots of the state hortietilttir.il '
s.ii lety, who real a puper on "Some,
Ihu'tumltiinil I'roblenis." lie I'felaced i
bisiaper with a l-rief ilissertatinn mil
the dignity of labor w ith sieeial ap-1
liiieation to the tree, iuile-ndeiit and I
honest lite of the fanner As to e Iu-'
ciilion.be favored the pructieal rather
than the theoretical, ami deprecated the i
culture that ma le H'ople shun assiieia-.
lions w ith nature on the farms and iu
Ihe orchards and gardens. He gave il
lustrations of successful farming where
intelligently applied industry resulted in
freeing the growei from the general
market conditions and gave his products
a big lr:el in the competition all had to
meet. For instance, certain Hitato
orovit-rm 1 1 . . r t':ml v li.-iv.. nn ..sf-ililwli...!
Ir. O W Shnrea" Wlnteifreen Sale .nr. 1 1 ,,.,- i ', i t i i
dlseisri o( ihe k.n. Keiamea tea mn ana i-i i " I'1".'""" unit "Mini iini.iin
pimpiei from the tat tieaia uU aorta m ) to 4a . insures an eMr.i prin-in the San r..i -
;'o"w""shrea- An-I-Cnnatlr,..!... I'll:, I '"a.ket.
un chnm ccunMip ilioa. ick heaJaclie jii4 b.lioua I In the a'ertlloon 1 loll. Mortimer W bite
ai.ck. Price, lc a bottle. ! head gave a lecture on "t ri:anizati,.n of
rJW.!" i !'' '!. as a
It vour in'.ut-le la chronic anJ Jerp-ieaird. rne Dr. ', farmer, ami that all the great inovetnetit
G. W Sho ea rernall t. h'a new vmp'"m l
anJ have yourcax diannoaeJ anj jet hif eat en ai-
Thee fammti remejiea are prerarej onlv rv r.sr-
ftG W Shorea. Zion'MeJl.allnM.lule. Sail La
tv. Utah.
Kor aaie bv a'l Druftlan, or aent to anv aJJreM ,r
receipt ol rrice.
G. A. HARDING," Sole Agent,
OH-rilfll ,MTV. "RltnoN
that bail resulted in the ierniai:ei t
hem-lit ol the hniiian race had been
l started by men close to the soil. Among
; the pending reforms which be claimed
to have been suggested mid urged by
the lirange organization.be mentioned
; the pnNKition to cKs t I'nite l State
seliators I v sipn!ar vole, and be s.ii I
the Mii-t;il savings bank, the income tax
mid the idea of requiring a foreigner to
k( et: V'' fie Ills i'l n id for r.i-
year tv. o i t a time, and tla rou;;h cul
tivu'.iui in I ho fail.
Country Oentleinan says that (here is
strong testimony to the eflieacy of a crop
of buckwheat in preventing injury by
I wireworms, and quotes Hon. A. B.
Dickinson as saying : "After experi
menting with salt and lime, and many
other things recommended, lliavo found
only one remedy for tho rus.cals, aud
that i.s to break tho sod aud sow it to
buckwheat. Plow late and us often us
possible in the fall, and then sow it to
peas iu the spring. With n liko plowing
the next fall, thty will not injure any
crop the following season. "
Iu England a crop of masfiird is be
lieved by many to beau absolute specific
against wireworms. A farmer stated
ut an agricultural meeting: "I sowed
, with mustard a field of 44 acres, which
had never repaid me for 19 years in
consequence of nearly every crop having
been destroyed by the wireworm. Not
n single wireworm could be found the
following year, and the crop of wheat
throughout was superior to uuy tbut J
have grown for 21 years."
Many farmers have ussei ted that wet
either destroys wireworms, drivrs theiu
deeper into tho soil beyond the roots
or renders the soil so obnoxious that the
worms leave.
Ou this subject cue cf the Cornell
professors writes ns follows in Rural
New Yorker: 'Troia a long series of
experiments made in 1H90 and 1S91 at
the Cornell inseetary we found that to )
kill wireworms salt must bensed at the
rate cf abtmt eight tons to the acre, or
over 1 per cent cf tbo soil to a depth of i
fonr inches nina bs salt. Tais amount
Would, f i-m-.i.-i-, L.U i.il vi'pi'..uii.ii. J:i
I!" I v,i th :; -..:i!y t. -t.d li e tii p r-t d
effect tf air 1:1 driving tlie wireworms
i ot:!I:n-et Fl'vcr Mn,
tt. la.u's is the i;cc!i::g place f tla
r i.i tic Kuuthwir!, !.::! i::::: y
of them gal bored here to greet Tillman.
They tell me that there will not be
enough untisilver votes in tho Chicago
convention from states west of the Mis
sissippi to mako the number worth count
ing. They expect also to split the Ohio,
Michigan and Wisconsin delegations.
Whether their belief is justified or not,
these men certainly talk with the con
fidence that they have the western peo
ple behind them. They havo ull tho in
tensity of purpose of extremists, und it
can bo accepted as a certainty that if
they do net succeed in committing the
Democratic national convention to free
coinago und a freo coinago candidate
they will appeal to the people with a
candidate of their own.
Quite as serious perhaps mere so in
its ultimate effect is their determina
tion to have none but free silver Demo
crats nominated to congress this fa!L
They have gono at the work with meth
od and organization, and every western
Democrat who has not stood with them
in congress will be displaced, if it is
possible to do so. Henry L. Stoddard
in New York Mail und Express.
ItraMina Wliy Ami'ibn Hlinuld Not Allow
! i:ur to I ix tlie l'rlro of Silver.
I Y,'h..t mo (lit) facts tudc.y in to the
pn.uortion of silver, r.nd -1iito i.s it. be-
I iny product d?
Tho report of tho direct or cf tho mint
da'lcd Juno 21, 1MM, rhuws that tbo
world's prod md ion cf silver for tho year
lb'Jo, rated lit the ratio of 1(1 to 1,
amounted to iri'OH.aTl.OOO. Of this
amount tlio United States produced $77,
57ft, 700, und Mi xico produced $07, 37.),
(100. The amount produced in the United
States und Mexico wus $134,021, SOO,
and ull tho balanco of tho world pro-
tluectl $73, 4 10,700. But of this f3,
419, 700 the South American ami Central
American states, ull of which aro silver
Using couuti ies and equally interested
with tho United States in maintaining
tho price of silver, produced 044, 700,
aud tho Dominion of Cunadu produced
132 1.400. w hich mukes a total produc
tion in American of tlCO.817.400, und
all tho buluuco of tho world produced
only 148,053,000. Tho nmount actually
produced in Europe wus fl9,15u, 100.
Tho amount produced in Great Britain,
tho country that now assumes the pre
rogutivo of fixing tho value of tho silver
bullion of tho world, was $327,700.
England's production cf silver is less
than two mills on the dollar of tho total
production. Instcud of being ablo to
dictuto the valuo of silver bullion, she
ought not to bo consulted at ulL She
should huvo 110 voico in tho mutter. In
fact Europo combined could not, us
against tho wishes cf America, exert
much, if uuy, influence on tho value of
silver. Tho amount of their production
or of their actual consumption of silver
is too trifling to huvo uuy mutenul in-
fluenco ou its market vuluo. Europo re
quires a certain amount :l silver bullion
annually to keep up her supply of token
money, even though sho might discon
tinue its uso us money of ultimate or
final redemption. The amount now be
ing consumed by her for coiuugo pur
poses uverages ubout $32. 000,000 annu
ally, to which if you udd tho amount
consumed by her in the arts it will be
found that instead of having silver to
sell fbo nnnually consumes moro than
double tho amount ot silver that she
It i::ay bo a fine thing for Europe to
allow l.tr to fix tho price cf silver bul
lion, but it is contrary to all precedent
and an outruge on tho silver producing
countries. America produces moro than
threo times us much silver as ull tlie
buluuco cf tho world und more than ten
times us much us the amount produced
in Europe.
Tno total amount of silver produced
in tho world, outsido of America, is not
sufficient to supply tho demands of Eu
rope for coinage purposes und for uso in
tho arts. It is not sufficient to supply
the demand of India for coinago pur
poses uloue. It would hardly be suffi
cient to keep the silver gods of China in
decent repair, to say nothing about the
necessity cf a new one now and then.
Mexico and in fact all of tho South
American and Central Amcricuu stales
aro equally interested with us iu main
taining the price of silver bullion and
will gladly co-operate with us in any
cfTci t v. o may miiko to restore silver to
its former , posit ion and value in the
monetary system of tho world. It would
bo uu act of imbecility for America,
producing its it does moro than three
fourths of tho silver produced in the
world und moro than ten times us much
as tlio European production, to allow
Europe lo fix tho price of our silver bul
lion. Wo have no interests in common
with Europo on tho silver question. We
aro heavy producers cf silver. Wo have
silver to sell, lb is to cur interest to
maintain tlio prico of silver bullion.
Europe i3 a heavy ccnsnr.ii r cf River.
Sho ticcs not product; enough to supply
her w mauds. Sho must cuter tho mar
ket und buy silver not only for coinage
purposes, but for uso in tho arts. It is
to her interest to buy silver ut us low a i
price a i possible. We cannot combine
with Europe. Let uscombine with those
who have interests in eoiiiuiui with us.
A. J. Utky iu Arena. I
These wafers are for painful, scanty,
profusu or irrm ular meiihcs, any cause
und ladies will fin I that no belter
remedy exists for these diUiciiltics. To
j ii Void being imposed tipot' by base iniita
! lions buy from our agents and take
French Tansy Wafers only. Prico by
mail, IL'.OII, CO. JIunllcy, Druggist,
Ciintli'ld Itlnek, Orego u City, Oregon
Health and sweet breath secured by Sliiloh'f
Cnlnrih Kemeily. I'rlce 50 cents. Nasal
Injector free, b'or side by G, A. Harding,
Cheap whiskies are a mild from o
poison. Consumers urn warned unions 1
iheir use. I. W. Harper's Nelson County
Whiskey is a standard, high grade Ken
lucky Whiskey w hich reaches us direc
from Kentucky, und whose party w
can conscientiously giiHranteo toi tho
seeking a stimulant for medicinal o
ocial us e.
Hill k 0 le Oregon City, Oregon
Wbrn Batiy wan rick, we (?av her Caatortfc
When she was a CblliL she cried for Contort,
When (lis beoame Mlm. she clung to Castorta,
actum aba bail Children, the gave them Coatorla
NEURALGIA cured hy Dr. Miles' Pais
Pillo. "One cunt u close." At, all drugging
Notice N herehv given thut by virtue
ot a certain Hssssmnton the share of
capital stock of the Blue Iiiver Mining
and Milling Uniupany, a c rportion, of
three-fourths of one percent., declared by
tin-stockholders thereof nt their meeting
held on the (ith day of June, 1890, and by
virtue nf the action of the board of
directors nf said cororation, on the 6th
lav of June, lS'.KJ, whereby said assess
ment was declared to be delinquent and
pursuant to the order thereof, now
Iherfore :
The following stock will on Saturday,
AtiaruNt 81I1. 18'Jii, at2o. ni.. at the front
door of the court h-rtise at Oregon City,
Oreeon.be sold by me at public auction,
for cash in hand, to the liiginst binder.
to make iIihhiii -hiiin of -iessiiien ts and
est of ml vert i si n 4 t her.) hi, namely:
C K. Driirgs :5 loi) I 23.02
G,i.i Ward 000 4.00
Da'edHtOreg mCity,Or..July I), 1896.
J. J. COOKE, Secretary.
si rHuiriu ni.
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Sleeping Cars
HELK.NA anil
HOSTON and all
For Information tlce
tit keU, call on or write
carda, mapi anr)
Dave H ill, Cuckinr.
Senator Hill himself vast until re
cently tin outspoken champion of free
coiuugo. In July, ltJUy, ho wrote a let
ter to The Constitution setting forth his
views, and thut letter was made public,
with .Senator Hill's consent, 110 longer
than a yei.r ago.
Ve believe that he was honest iu his
convictions; (hut he leaily held the
views which he expressed in his letter
to 1 be Constitution. But ho bad rut
then been to Washington in his official
capacity. At that time be had not bad
an pi.irtunity to sit ut the fa t cf Mr.
Cleveland and study finance. The op
portunity came when ho went to Wash-
insti n. lie bad n conference with the j WANTED'AN I D EA Ke"impl
pres.dent the public press teemed with tliinn to patent? Protect your ideas ; they may
accounts t f it at the time una sni.'e
mat rime Mr. tun nas notouiy enangeci 1 j q
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent,
Portland, Oregon
955 Morrlaou Street,
Corner Third.
. brine yon wealth,
1 liUKN A CO.
dcrpir into the t-oil. Our result indi
cated that l.f n j -.:!' 1 f r.ilt jwr ueio
inteifertd v.i;ii tiu k. -.n::iM:icii if
In nf, i:nd Le ti er i!r;iv" t!;e wireworsis
deei'ir i':t 1 ti c soil m r c.r.icd tle.-in t.i
ui:;ratij to uay ir-;.:cc:.itv.; u:t.ii.ud. "
The Workingman's Hollar."
"1 11111 by silver like an old Irishman
who heard Put Collins talk on Ihe cur
rency ut Bestcn," says ex-(ovcnicr
Tityh rt f Tennessee. "Collins pt t up iu
a pompous way and held a polil dollar
in one hai-d and a silver dollar i:i the
otlier and said:
" 'My hearers, I hold in my right
hand a silver dollar and in n.y left a
Kohl d'-l!::r, c::d the cue repn soils ."1:)
tvitswi r.b f sllvtr ami is . w 1 : !y '.1
onr t.Kii a .titiy. The 1 tl.tr :.- a t:; y
th:;;:;. but it is worth f 1 v.: ;. v !. se
ihe v.-t llu. "" v.-, which, my f. I.i w t'iti
it 11s vriil yi a t;.ke?'
' -f h, Id irishman p- t tp : : d s:;!.'.:
" 'V.eM. . r, as I have lu.y.ltr, I'll
take ay; lit r. '
"Tli.:t is :;V-T.t tfce :.fr.a::'.-n t t!:
monry qu'-Mi a"
his views on the financial question, bnr ,
ie one cf the most active and
feanS. At-
pHtent Attornevs, Washineton.
for their $1,800 prize oiler.
has Ui
alert cncktTS in the whole
luuta Constitution.
Tl told Committee In the Saddle.
Senati r Hill has been doing seme ts
nrinjjo:! the possabil.ty cf the siiu;
IX in 1 er;.ts ontrollin at Chicago ami
has ct i::e to the conclusion that the re
sult will depend npen a very narrow
marp':;. I:i fat t, be fiun s that it is
quite pessiLle that the l'i vt tes rf Ii'i-
Oregon Central & Eastern
R. R. Company.
Count cling at Vmi'i im Bmv Ith the Sart
FraticiM-u iiii I Y.Kiuitia Bar
Sienriihiii C'.'niiNii.r.
Steamsliii "Fit i allon"
A 1 me! flM-clai in evrv respoet. Paila
braskit. one way or the other, may de- 1 fn-m Yit'inina mr smi Krtncisto aiut every
citle the (vnttit. M is well known, . tiht 1"'"-
there will lie two dt leirations from 2V-
br::rka, one alleped to lie composed ef j
Federal ofTiet boldi ti and Cher stmuii
l-.it'i:ty men, and the other being the I
n r rt ntutives of the silver faction of
th" par'y. The national committee,
whit h v. ill make up the temporary roll j
t f the convention, has a uiajoriry t f ;
p Id MamlaH men. it said, and upon 1
its t!' ii(-n as to the seating tf one of i
;: X br.tvka dt location the nh'do mt- !
(n.'-i'f the tt ::vt utio:i may binp
Washington PtcL
Pi-enj;er ai-ooramiHl.itiona nnntirpeflsed.
Fan troni Alttany or pint wet to San
Cahin - - ft 2 00
sipcmse . - - it 00
CaMi.. rMind trip, ff'md f.ir
rtti lirtys - . 19 00
For aailinj lay apply to
Ar.t. Albany, Orflfin.
I ll t LARK. Supt,
f.irvallia. Or.
j EIW1 tiT't.nf. fgr.,