Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, July 10, 1896, Image 3

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E. McNElL, Keceirer.
for full detaila call on or address
Gen'l Piiks. Atrenl,
Portland, Oa.
Train arrive and depart Iiom Portland u
iDepirl No. 2-For all Kaitern poluU ....7:10 p.H
" N. S-Tbe Dalles local 8:0 A.M
.Arrive No. I-From the East 8:30 a.m
" No. 7 From Tbe Dalles 6:00 m
The Shasta Route
Kxaress Trains Leare Portland Daily.
JSoutkJ 2jorth.
7fl r.u. Lt Portland Ar sTlOi.M
'9:84 p. m. Lt Oregon City Lt 7:28 A. at
14:4 A.N. Ar Ban Krancisco Lt t:OUP. a
The aaore tralm atop at Bast Portland, Oreron
-City, Weodeurn, Salem, Turner, Manou, Jeffer
raon, Albany, Albany JuuoUon, Tangent, Shedds
llaiaaf. llarrisburg. Juacuuu City, lrrlng,
Ku(jeu, CrMwoll, Drains.
'::)0i.M. Lt 1'orlland Ar 4:40P.M
'9:27 4. a. Lt Oregon CHy I.t 8:Mf.H
63 r. at. Ar Koaebtirg Lt 8:01) a.
r Lt Portland Ar 10:15 AM
l:Mf Lt Or.iroii City Lt :27 A M
'S:ltPM Ar Salt a Lt I t:Ut A M
Attached to all Through Trains.
WeatSlUe Division,
Ari 6:40 P.M.
Lt I l:(C P. 11.
At Albany and Oorralila connect with train
of Oregon Panlflc Rallread.
inraasi train d a ii.y( except sondaY.i
4:45 P. M.
7.25 P.M.
8:29 A. M
Can be obtalied at the lowest rate from
I.. B.MOORE, Agent, Oregon City
Mana'er. wt. O . A P. Anl,
Portland. 'V
Tm nnderslrned having been restored t
bealth by simple means, after suffering lor
several years with a aerer lung affection, and
that dread disease Consumption, is anxious to
make known to his fellow sufferers the means
f cure. To thote who desire it, he will cheer
fully send (free of charge a copy of the prescrip
tion used, which they will find a sure cure for
Consumption, Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchi
tis and all throat and lung Maladiea. He
hopes all sufferers will try bis remedy, as It la
invaluable. Those desiring the prescription,
which will cost them nothing, and may proT a
bleating, will please address,
.flev. Edward A. Wilson, Brooklyn, N.Y.
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
ts!entifio American"
Agency Tor
J4 1V"I'' THBti MARK,
For rnfonnatI''n anl free Handbooa write to
MUSS A CO, :M L'bo.dwat. Mw Toaar.
Oldest bnrean lr iwviinnsr pairnta tn Amerlea.
Znrrrrr.t taken out hy ns la brooirht tm
tbeponuebyaBotioe glren tree o charge a BMl
TArr-aS errenltn-n of mvr artentWe paper to
woriL p;en .i-.T i .ivArttd. K IntellK'nt
snaa atwnld be !ihout it. VfeeHy, .4M a
rear: a I jn six moot la. A4dram. MOST A caa
trrr- - j Sal Bnadwaj, Hat Cxy.
rao f
Evidence ot Steady Growth
and Enterprise.
From All the Cltlee and Towni of the
Thriving Slater State
Strawberry ahipmenta have about
ceased at The Dalles and Hosier.
A barbers' union has been formed in
Salem, tbe object being to establish
uniform rules and uniform hours on
Tbe sawmill on Lobster creek, in
Curry oounnty, will soon be at work
cutting lumber with which to build a
fish butchery.
The streets of Westport have been
under water, because of the flood, and
the inhabitants have been compelled
to travel on elevated sidewalks.
A telephone line is being oonstrnoted
from Willamina, through Sheridan and
Ballston, to MoMinnville, where it will
oonnect with tbe long-distance line.
Mrs. Malinda Cole, aged 60, a well
known pioneer of Bakor and Malheur
counties, died at her home on William
creek in Malheur oounty last week.
Philip Brogan, jr., who lost a num
ber of sheep from poisoning in Dry
Hollow, near Tbe Dalles, has found j
that COO head, iustoad of 150, as was
I at first thought, were killed.
A. Field found a young sea bird in
bis spring four miles below The Dalles
last week, apparently enjoying a bath
in fresh water. He thinks tbe bird
waa blown over the Cascades by the
! high winds.
The Qoodale logging crew have com
menced scaling and rolling logs at Co
burg. The drive will consist of be
tween 4,000,000 and 5,000,000 feet
It is not known just when the run will
be commenced.
Charles Raymond and R. S. Radford,
two Southern Oregon miners, are re
ported to have made a rioh strike on
the Umpqua divide, near the head of
Salt creek. Their discovery, it is said,
is a large porphyry reef, which shows
up rich in free gold and will, accord
ing to reports, run from f 300 to $500 a
County Treasurer Kern, of Umatilla
oounty, has remitted $3,000 of state tax
to Treasurer Metchan, at Salem. This
mnlraa 297 AOO wrhlnli hod Ytaan aant r
Hya. .,o0.o- ii
$5,500 yet to be remitted to satisfy as-
sessment of state tax upon Umatilla
county of $33,000, as compared with
$38,000 for last year.
' The Southern Faoifio company is re
pairing tbe roadbed of its lines through
out tbe valley. A train of twenty-nine
fiat oars, carrying about 7,0.00 ties, are
being distributed between Portland and
Salem along the main line. Other
trains are distributing ties along the
branches and south of Salem, and as
rapidly as possible the material will be
used in repairing bad plaoes along the
A hop contract was reoently sighed
by Salem growers in which they agree
to furnish a Cincinnati firm 10,000
pounds of hops, for which they are to
be paid 7 1 cents per pound for the
first year's crop, and oents for the
two following years. An advance of 4
cents is to be made annually at pick
ing time, and tbe porduct is to be de
livered at Uervais not later than Goto
ber 15.
The first annual fair of Paoifio ooun
ty will be held at South Bend Septem
ber 23, 34, 25.
The direotors of the Adams County
bunk, atRitzville, contemplate increas
ing its capital stock to $50,000.
The Spokane river apparently has
reached about its highest for this year.
It is still three feet below high-water
Colfax's school population bas in
creased to 784 from 631 since last year,
according to the school census just
The county commissioners of Pacifio
county have been officially notified
that that county is entitled to a free
scholarship at the state agricultural
college at Pullman.
One thousand oords of wood burned
near Uartlord, on tbe Monte Cristo
railway last week. Tbe forests were
on fire in that vicinity and much valu
able timber was burned.
The cargo shipments from fourteen
mills in Washington during May were:
Foreign Lumber, 15,266,587 feet;
lath, 1,105,670. Coastwise Lumber,
20,747,503; lath, 4,611,500.
Large quantities of cedar and spruce
Biding, and cedar roofing and siding are
being shipped from New Whatcom to
Eastern points. Tbe spruce tiding
sells in some sections for white pine.
The hot' wave which has been preva
lent in tbe Walla Walla valley bas re
tarded tbe shipments of fruit to a
marked degree. It it said that tbe
strawberries have been ripened so fast
that they will not now stand shipment :
to a market at any great distance, and !
will barely bold up to points at far at !
Work on the new ateel bridge over
Stuck river, between Seattle and Ta
corua. will be begun next week by tbe
Northern Pacifio engineering depart
ment Tbe bridge will be of three
tpana, 185 feet long in alL
The West Coast and Puget Sound
Lumberman notes that British Colum
bia mills have supplied tbe United
States with 29,795,000 shingle during
the fiscal yaar ending June 1, while we
shipped 800,000 shingles ctom tbe
line. Tbe exchange of other lumber
and ooal products are la proportion.
A Woman and Her Daughter
Near Sauta Barbara.
Santa Barbara, Cul. , July 8. A
double murder vat committed last
night in the Monteoito valley, the vio
timi being Mrs. H. C. Riobardon, aged
66, and ber 1 7-year-old daughter Ethel.
A workman discovered the body of
the daughter in a vacant field near the
Richardson bouse, and ber throat bad
been out and there were several wounds
on ber bead. Near the body was a
club, wbiob had evidently been broken
in tbe bands of tbe murderer. The
newi of the crime soon roused the whole oials, the state employes claiming that
countryside. ! the United States bat no jurisdiction
Tbe Richardson house was found over quarantine matters in San Fran
looked, and when an entranoe was ! oisoo bay. Collector Wise had threat
forced, the ooroner and sheriff found a ! ened to refuse entry to vessels not in
tra il of blood leading from tbe front ' tpected by the United States officials,
door to Mrs. Riohardson's bedroom, but today - he received instructions
Near tbe bed lay tbe body of Mrs. from Washington that certificates from
Riohardson, face downward, in a pool either local or national health officers
of blood. A ballet bole in the head of ! were sufficient.
the bed and one in the window-casing j
told of ber efforts to escape the pistol
of her assasin. Below the woman's j
left eye was a bullet hole, and there t
I wag another through tbe left band, j
j Abont the face and forehead were deep ,
been beaten by a stick loaded with'
lead. When found Mrt. Riohardson ;
waa still alive, but did not recover j
consciousness and died at noon.
Tbe murder was probably oommitted i
last nigbt, the victims being in tbeir j
night-clothes. Citizens are greatly ex- (
cited, and tbe murderer, if caught, will !
undoubtedly be lynched. I
The suspicions that the offioera first
entertained, throwing the hlame on j
Thomas A. Riohardson, were entirely
dispelled by the startling developments
tonight. If Cyrus Barnard was tha
man who murdered the Ricbardsons,
he was oertainly brought to a swift
reckoning for bis crime. While re
sisting tbe attempt of Officer W. W.
Hopkins to arrest him tonight, and af
ter he had shot twice at the officer, the
iof.. . j ,u . mu utm i.
stantly. Barnard was under strong
suspicion oi having commited the
orimo, and was kept under oloBe sur
veillance. About 0 o'olock tonight,
Hopkins saw Barnard on bis way
home, and followed him. Approaching
him juBt as he was entering his bouse,
he called to him, asking bim to go to
bis offioe. Barnard at first objected,
but finally agreed, telling the officer to
wait until he left a paokage in his
The officer followed bim to the
door and struok a match. Almost in
stantly two shots were fired and two
bullets whizzed by the officer's head.
Hopkins fired one shot, the ball pass-
i ing through Barnard's
head, killing
moa in8tany-
I Report of What They Have Done
Ing the Laat Sis Mentha.
j Salem, Or., July 8 The board of
i railroad commissioners was in session
at the capitol today. A new freight
- and passenger schedule for the seashore
j railroad is being considered. Now that
trains are being run, freight handled
and passengers carried from Astoria to
! the seaside, instead of from Young's
Bay bridge, as before, it is necessary to
make some obanges.
.Since its last meeting, the board has
made its semi-annual inspeotion of the
roadbed, trestles, bridges and equip
ments of the Oregon Central & Eastern
Railroad Company. The commission
found that a great deal of work bd
been dene since the last inspection.
The bridges and trestles east of Albany
are in fair oonditiou, and new ties are
being put down rapidly. The bridges
and trestles from Albany to Yaquina
have been overhauled and strengthened,
and a number renewed entire. New
ties have taken the place of old ones,
and many more are distributed along
the line of the road ready to be put in.
A force of bridge and traokmen was
found at work. The road is in very
fair condition for tbe summer travel.
During the last week of June, an
official inspection was made of the
Coos Bay, Roseburg& Eastern railroad.
This road extends from Marsh field to
Myrtle Point, having a branch to
Beaver Hill, a town of 600 inhabitants,
where are the Beaver Hill ooal mines.
The railroad is about 32 miles in
length, and has been built about three
It is well constructed, and the
track is of 68-pound steel.
a ue uriugHs j
are uniform standard, well built and
substantial. Tbe motive power and
equipment are sufficient for the traffic
demand, and are kept in good condi
tion. Tbe road was found to be in
very fair condition throughout. When
the road is extended to Roseburg, 63
miles from Myrtle Point, the present
eastern terminus, it will give rail con
nection to a thrifty Bection of a now
comparatively isolated country.
Flood in West Virginia.
Wheeling, W. Va., July 8. Trarfio
on tbe Baltimore & Ohio River roads
is practically suspended, many bridges
having been washed out between bere
and Parkersburg and Grafton. Tbe
bridge at tbe passenger station of the
Baltimore & Ohio in this city baa just
fallen, and the Ohio river railroad
bridge is in great danger.
An Official inquiry. I
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Jnly 8. OHcial sary to pay $S for filing tbe suit only,
investigation, into tbe Twin shaft dig- The county will now be compelled to
aster began today by three inspectors refund several thousand dollars to pro
appointed by Governor Hastings. j testing litigants.
An Inault to General J nhn.nn.
TTn Jnlw RAn .nf..in in .1,-1
Spanish army publishes in the Bin the new fiscal year having put
Lucba a card addressed to "Bradley T. . the "P0"1 of 106 naT7 dePartnlPnt
Johnson, Genpral," which is very i,. tppropriationt for work long post
boriously insulting to that gentleman. P". order, have gone forward for
; immedute resumption of operations.
An Ariatocratle Suicide. Qf ftig yj done t ,be
London, July 8. Lady Mary Bligh, UUn(1 MTT T,rfj. In thli yarrJ need
daughter of the Earl of Dartney, bat j,, e the Bennington, Petrel,
been found drowned in a pond at Cob- B-ltimore, Concord, Ranger, Mobican
bam ball, near Gravewnd. It it be- ,d Hartford.1 The work of renovating
hered she oommitted suicide in come- ,nd Mag tteit engines and boilers
quenon of diaappoiatment in lore. will B0W proo8ed with rapidity.
Decision rrom Washington In the
Quarantine Caae.
San Frsnolsoo, July 8. The United
State. ud California bad a dsagree
meut about quarautine affairs today.
Tbe steamship Mariposa arrived from
Honolulu and Australia, and wai
boarded first by tbe itate quarantine
officers, wbo issued tbe proper health
I certificates. Shortly after, the United
! States quarantine officer boarded the
vessol and went through tbe same per
formnnoe. There bas been a clash be
tween the two sets of quarantine oQl-
Washington, July 6. Dr. Wyman,
of the marine hospital servioe, in com- j
mentiug on the action of the San Fran-
oisco board of health in protesting i
against the action of tbe government j
in establishing a quarantine plant on ;
Angel island, in San Franoisoo bay,
and in exercising authority in quaran-;
tine matters at that point, said that j
tbe pliiut was established and tbe neo- j
essary jurisdiction given by special act
of cougross, and that, until tbe act was
repealed, it would be enforced. Hith
erto the quarantine regulations in force
at that port, he Baid, had been inade
quate and the facilities for disinfeot-:
ing bagwge, etc, were of no practioal !
use. The government had erected a
plant with two largo steam disinfeot
ors, with rooms for the use of detained ;
passengers, etc., and a boarding steam
er bad been put in commission, and be
had no doubt that good results would i
be obtained. Dr. Wyman was at a
loss to know upon what ground the ao-
; tion of the board could be justified, but
expressed the wish and hope that all
I-,' , , , , , x . -
j differences would be amicably settled.
Governor Hnatlngs Want the Cause of
the Illaaater Inveatlgated.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., July 6. The men
at work in tbe Twin-shaft mine at
Pittston made fair progress today, ao
cording to tbe official report. Mr.
Fuller, sooretary of the Newton Coal
j Company, produced a map of the mine
and shewed wnat had been done, a dis
canoe of about 800 feet down the slope,
or about 700 feet from tbe foot of the
slope, having been unoovered. Secre
tary Fuller said tbat tbe report of tbe
pillars ot the mine all being worked
ont, leaving no support for the roof,
is untrue.
Another mass meeting was held in
Musio ball tonight. Additional sub
scriptions to the amount of $1,200 were
' Governor Hastings has written to the
state mine inspectors, suggesting that
they meet at the Twin-haft mine to
investigate the cause of tbe recent dis
aster. The inspectors are asked to re
port in writing to the governor what
in their opinion was the cause of tbe
aooident, whether any precaution was
ommitted which would have tended to
prevent it, and what legislation would
in their judgment secure the miners of
tbe state immunity from risks of this
The Cennerymen Send Down to Victoria
for Police Protection.
Viotoria, B. C, July 6. Tbe differ
ences which for the past few months
have existed between the northern can
neries and tbe fishermen, with respeot
to wages, culminated last week in tbe
declaration of a general strike by the
fishermen who are employed in the five
canneries at Rivers inlet The news
was brought tonight by the steamer
Chieftain, Captain Foster, which
brought dispatches to Victoria from tbe
managers of the canneries, asking fur
police protection, the strikers having
assumed a threatening attitude, in
timidating many cf tbe Indians who
were desirous of fishing at the old
rate. The Chieftain called at the
Union wharf on the way down, and
from therrt Cantain Foster informed
Superintendent Hussey of the difficulty
j,y telegraph. He at once swore in
four special constables and sent them
north by tbe Danube, which sailed last
nigbt They are to report to Constable
Woloott, of Alert bay, wbo will go on
the Danube to Rivers inlet.
Fee Illegally. Collected.
! Fresno, Cal., July 6. One of the
! most important decisions in the history
of the county was banded down by
Judge Carter, concerning the collec
tion of fees by the county clerk. For
tbe past year the clerk, on tbe advice
of the district attorney, bas collected
$3 for filing complaints and for placing
the cause on tbe trial calendar, a like
am being charged for every record
preliminary to and during tbe pen
dency of tbe enit Under this system
tbe trial of one case alone involved tbe
payment of over $150, some cases ao-
tually being kept out of court
cether. Tbe decision makes it neces-
Washington, July 6. Tbe begin
Theie is nothing new to report in Vb
butter market. The receipts ooiitinue
heavy, but a good demand from Cali
fornia has kept the market well
oleaned up in this city. The demand
for old potatoes it growing less eaob
day, and prices are drooping. There
is plenty of new stock fully matured
in the market, and, at much of the old
stock is beoomiug soft and spotted, it
is no longer in demand. California
onions both red and yellow are in
good supply at low prices. With the
exoeption of ououmbers, there it plenty
of home-grown vegetables of all kinds,
peas being especially plentiful and
obeap. Tbe stawberry market it weak.
Wheat Market.
There is an air of dullness hovering
over the local wheat market during the
closing days of the 1895-08 season.
Tbe new orop is now ooming into the
California markets, and harvesting
will begin in some parts of Oregon In
two or three weeks. Quotations are:
Walla Walla, 49 to 50o; Valley, 52 to
53o per bushel.
Proauc Market.
Flour Portland, Salem, Cascadia
and Dayton, 2.85; Benton county and
! White Lily, $2.85: graham, (2.50; su
! per tine, (2 25 per barrel.
OATsC'hoice white, 2(J28c per bush
i el; choice gray, 24(ri 2(ic. Rolled oats
! are quoted as follows : Bags, $4.25(3
j 5.25; barrels, $4.507; cases, e3.75.
Hay Timothy, T11.00 per ton; cheat,
1 $7.00 ; clover, d($7 ; oat, $5S.50 ; wheat,
j $5.50(6.50.
i Baulky Feed barley, $13.50 per ton;
j brewing, $1416.
Millstukfb Bran, $14.50; shorts,
$15.50; middlings, tl820; rye, 90c
per cental,
; Bdttbh Fancv creamery it quoted at
j 25c; fancy dairy, 20c; fair to good,
loc ; common, l 'uc per roll.
PorAToas Burbanks, 4045c per
sack; G.trnet Chiles, 4045c; Early
Rose, 50. ; new. $1.40 per sack; sweets,
best, 4s(5)ic per pound.
Onions lev, 75c per eacic.
Podltby Chickens, mixed. $2.50(9
3.00; broilers, 11.50(33: geese, 536;
turkeys, live, 12c; dressed 15(gl7c
per pound; ducks, $4.00(36.50 per dozen.
Eggs (Jregon, 11c per dozen.
Cukbsk Oregon, 10c; California 9c;
Young America, 10c per pound.
Tropical Fkuit Cahiornia lemons,
$3.00(34.00; choice. $3.003.50; bicily,
$0.50; bananas, $1.753.00 per bunch;
California navels, $3.253.50 per box;
pineapplu i. $3.50(25.00 per dozen.
Obbqon vkgktablks Garlic, new, 10o
per pound; artichokes, 35c; green
onions, 10c ; hothouse lettuce, 20c per
dozen ; Oregon peas, 2c ; new cabbage,
1c per lb; tomatoes, $1.752 par crate;
rhubarb, i;a(J2c; asparagus, tic; string
beans, 910c per lb; raiishes, 15c per
dozen; cauliflower, 7075c per dozen;
Oregon, do, $1 per dozen ; cucumbers,
75e(i!fl per dozen.
Fbkbh Fbuit Tasmania apples, $2.50
2.75; California, do, $176; Oregon
cherries, 50c(a$l per box; gooseberries,
2(S21io per pound; currants, 7c per
pound; peaches, 75cl per box; apri
cots, 75c.
Bbiko Fruits Applet, evaporated,
bleached, i($ic; sun-dried, 3i(j4c;
pears, sun and evaporated. 5tic : plums,
pitlt en, 3(g4c ; prunes, 3(g5 per pound.
Wool Vallev. c, per pound; East
ern Oregon, 6 (3 7c.
Hops Choice, Oregon 2(23o per
pound ; medium, neglected.
Nuts Peanuts, 67c per pound for j
raw, 10c for roasted ; cocoanu s, 90c per
uozen; walnuts, iz($i4c; pine nuts,
15c; hic.ory nuts, 8(wl0c: chestnuts,
17c; Brazil, 12c; pecans, large, 14c;
Jumbo, loc; filberts, 12c; fancy, large,
14c; hard-shell, 8c; paper-shell, lu
Provisions Portland pack : Smoked
hams are quoted at 10($ltttC per lb;
picnic bams, c; boneless hauls, 7jc;
breakfast bacon, 10c; bacon, 7c; ury
Bait siiles, tic; lard, 5-pound pails, 7c;
10b, i,'jc; bOs, 7,'bc; tierces, 7c per
1-1 rtttfH TWw IiIHam Kii InViA. al, n A
per pound, ll12c; dry kip and calf
skin, 10llc: culls, 3c less; Baited, 60
lbs and over, 5c; 60 to (10 lbs, 44lc;
JV , ri .... -!- I l ,
tu uuu uu, ic; Kip anu yeai emus,
10 to 30 lbs, 4c; calfskin, sound, 3
to 10 lbs, 6c; green, unsalted, lc
less ; culls, l-2c less ; sheepskins, shear
lings, 10il5c; short wool, 2030c;
medium, 30(g40c; long wool, 50($70c.
Merchandise Market.
Salmon Columbia, river No. 1. talis,
$1.251.60; No. 2, taht, $2.25(32.00;
fancy, Ko. 1, flats, $1.751.85: Alaska,
Ho. 1, tails, $1.20(31.30; No. 2, tails, $1.90
Bkans Small white, No. 1, 2c per
pound; butter, 3c; bayou, lc; Lima,
Cokuagb Manilla rope, lj-inch, is
quoted at 8c, and Sisal, Oj4c per pound.
Sugar Golden C, ic ; extra O, 4c;
dry granulated, S.'c; cube crushed and
powdered, 0,'u c per pound ; c per pound
discount on all grades for prompt cash ;
nan narreis, ic more than barrels;
maple suuar, 15(4 16c per pound.
CoFFEg-CoBta Rica, 2023c ; R!o, 20
22c; Salvador, 1922c: Mocha,
2(&3lc; FadangJava, 30c; Palembang
Java. 2028c; Labat Java, 23 26c; Ar
buckle't Mokaska and Lion. $20.30 per
100-pound case; Columbia, $20.30 per
100-pound case.
Ku e Island, $3.60(2.4 per Back ; Ja
pan, $3.75(44.
Coal bteady; domestic, $6.0007.60
per ton; foreign, $8.50(311.00.
Meat Market.
Bg Groes, top steers,
$3.25; cows,
4(f5c per
$2.25(42.50; dressed beef,
Mutton G roes, best sheep, wethers,
$3.00; ewes, $1.50(32.75; dressed mut
ton, 5c per pound.
Vbal Gross, small, 4ic; large, 8(
3jc per pound.
iloos Gross, choice, heavy, $3.00Q
3.25; light and feeders, $2.60(2.75;
dressed, 3Sfi4c per pound.
F Loot Net cask prices : Family ex
tras, $3.75(43.86 per barrel; bakers' g.
traa, $3.563.6; to per fine, $2.8503 00.
Bablby Feed, fair to good, 714c;
choir, 73?4 c; brewing, 6ti'4c
Whbat Shipping. Jio. 1, $1.07);
choice, $1.10; milling, $1.171(31.22 '
Oats Milling, 76(3H2!-c; surprise,
90(495; fancy feed, 82 ; gwvl to
choice, 7680c; poor to fair, MiJ
72c; gray. 72L,9-0c.
Potato bs rwu. $2.5032.75; B ur
ban ki, Oregon,JW(3j0c. .
Mra. Maria Roblee of California and
tier Remarkable Family.
Up in Canada the government gives
a fine farm to every woman who boa
borne a twentieth child. 1 That Is to en.
courage multiplica
tion and help popu
late tbe Dominion.
Mrs. Maria An
tonio Itoblcs, of
Mountain View,
Cul., could have
won a lot of real
estate long ago If
she had happened
toe mother. to live lu Canada.
Mrs. Roblea bus been mother to twenty-nine
children and Is well and happy
yet. She in 80 years old and has enter
ed the lists as a competitor for the sli
ver plate offered by the San Francisco
Examiner to the
parents having tbe
greatest number of
Little and chunky
and active, she
married Secundio
Robles at Santa
Clara when she
was 15 years old.
She says be was a
t p 1 e ndld fellow,
over six feet tall, brave, and generous,
and one of the best horsemen that ever
threw a leg over a bronco. At one time
they were very wealthy. They owned
so much land that you could scarcely
ride over lt In a day, but Secuudlo was
so generous that he lost It all. Some of
their twenty-nine children are dead;
Bonie are still living. Asked if any of
her children were twins, Mrs. Robloa
Bald: "O, yes; I've bad them three to
once, two to twice, and one ever to
many times."
Bia Career aa an Actor Waa Moat
Bucceagful One.
The drama lost one of Its most able
and distinguished exponents by the
death of Frank Mayo, on a train en
jroute from Denver to Omaha, Neb., re
cently. Mr. Mayo was one of the best
,known and most popular of American
actors. He will be most widely and
most pleasantly remembered In th
character of Davy Crockett in the play
;of that name, which had a run of many;
years. The past two seasons he bas
been acting tbe part of Pudd'nhead
Wilson In tbe dramatization of Mark
Twain's story. He was born In Boa
ton In 1830. He began his theatrical
career as a "super" at the American
Theater In San Francisco, where be
had gone with his parents In 1850. He
continued to follow the stage for sev
eral years In parts of Increasing Impor
tance until In 18C") he came east He
then went on a starring tour which
proved very successful. Ills repertoire
Included all tbe standard Shakspear
Ian dramas, as well as Vlrglnlus, Rich
elieu, The Robbers, The Three Guards
men, The Marble Heart, Damon and
Tythlas, Jack Cade and The Streets
of New York. In 1872 be first pro
duced Davy Crockett In Rochester. Int
1870 he took It to New England. Ho
appeared In It altogether more than
2,000 times. Philadelphia was bis
Invented by Women.
Cella Thaxter, the poetess, had not
an exalted opinion of the capacities of
her sex.
She once said: "Womon never Invent
ed knitting nor any other art." Yet It
la an undisputed fact that the first but
ton establishment was due to a woman,
Tbe machine for making satchel bot
tomed paper bags was tbe Invention of '
a woman, men having tried long and!
unsuccessfully to produce such an ar
ticle. A foundry owner declares that the
first stove he ever saw was Invented
by a woman, though tbe patent was
taken out by a man, and tbe original
Declaration of Independence was
printed by one Katberlne Goddard.
Failure of France's May Crop.
France's hay crop being a failure, M.
Mellne, the Premier, has ordered pro
fessors of agriculture throughout the
country to suspend their lectures and
i proceed to the rural districts, where
they will try to persuade the farmers
to sow vetches, corn, and other fodder
to make up for the bay, and to make
use of oil cake, straw, bran, and corn.
Pleaaant Attraction for Onesta.
A man to bang by tbe neck thirteen
dayt and nights was tbe attraction at
a Montmartre cafe recently. The doc
tors, however, stopped the performance
I at tbe end of tbe fourth day, tbe man
being In a critical condition. Ills name
is Durand.
I There are three things women should
not do: Spit In public, yawn In public,
i or blow their nose In public.