Oregon City courier. (Oregon City, Or.) 1896-1898, July 10, 1896, Image 1

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NO. 10.
14th YEAR.
ta H L i '.-r?lj - i
1 1 11 Mil ri VM
Like tlio fare, should in every way
Iih satisfactory. Kverytliinu on Iho
table should please) tho cyu. Fine
crockery In the lit-Ht kind n( sanco
for t r in in pa of cookery. Our new
dinner seta, comprising 100 piece,
for present an opportunity
not to be missed, and there uie
others in our Block too numerous
to numerous to be. mentioned here.
Come, sue. admire, and buy for
yourself. Nowhere elite in Oregon
Citv can you seo bo many tempta
iona to buy.
The Housefurnisherfl,
Build Up
Your Brain..
by using
from our
flour. It
the whole
except the
our nerves, and
our digestion
bread made
whole wheat
is made from
wheat berry
out side hull,
(Tire, life
And Accident
- UadingAgencyn
Clackamas County t
Royfll of LiT6rpoolDae irgeat ii" the world.
NAittli DT.tHc.1i t. MaroinHla I.nwt eM In the world,
11 Ul IU U11UW U UUVWtuw 000,000.
SOQ Of LOndOIl "0,'1,,"t Purely Are Insurance office In the world.
tOS Of HSrtfOrd LBrle"t "' uel,t America" Venn puny.
COntlUBIltfll Of NOW YOrk 0,,e of t,,e be,t American coiiipnnlea
The Tavelers Insurance Company of Hartford
Largest, oldest and beat accident Insurance oomuitiiy III tlm world, and
alio doe a very lartte II to Insurance business.
Tt if va
t Lowest
F. E D3NALD333., at ommercial Bank. J
I JSpp
(Soods. i
Latest Styles. niniirFO GTfitit
Just received at the
t The Very Latest Styles of Silk for Waists at Prices beyond
competition. Shirt Waits at prices to suit the buyer.
..... m a a m k n mm rpurn t Wl'nfll A XI re
JUHAHIVIAiN a OLMN, uldieral iiLrvwiu to. t
or bran, which is a woody
substance, irritating and
indigestible. Hread made
from this flour is not so
white as that made from
the pale white roller Hour,
but it is far supeiior for
food as it contains all the
gluten, germ, and oily
matter of the wheat and
is much sweeter than
graham or any other
bread not sweetened
The Grccer.
M im Wilier, lite evangeliM, of Albitny
wIioIhih been residing ut Mrs. WHam
hoii. relumed borne yesterday.
Mrs. liriili made a short visit to bcr
daughter, Mm. Wilkinson, a few days
Mr. Carothers of this place, who
went to Montana nouie time ago. bin
returned. Ho, sumitig up ul I, Oiegon
is as good a place an any .
Mr. Freeman and family of Orenor
City, bave moved into tlie boue iliai
wag recently vacated by Mr. Mc'vralh.
who left for California,
Mrs. 0. 0. Rose form r'y of thU p'ace
but now of Hterlow, ban been Uniting
frit-nds here for tlie pa-t week
Mr. Ediniind'a vow died siihlenU
Monday night.
Tlie note in Ibe Cam uihIi correspond
ence two weeks ago, mating Ihsl a cou
of Mr. Uakel's died with cnsii opt ioi.
waa not ho. Tli is correction in bu-e.i
upon anexamiiiatiuii wbicli prjediliH'
tlie cow was not allbcted wicu co.i
Buuiptiuu at all.
July 8. liif.Muu K
weatliiT will mike cropj
Moe dead tlmn alive is Ridland.
after tbe vloiiri.uw Fourth
We are aorry to Rtate that Earl Linn
ami Mix Cora 1.' k ara on the sick list.
Tbe picnic Ht ihe Stricklin school
hou3i was urinl.
Ed Baley is at Vosburj'a. i
There will be Home pretty girls in
Redland in a few days.
The dance at Mt Scot), July 4th given
by the band boys was all right.
Redland w going to have a lime on
t be llib Only 0 cents for ice cream
at the M K. church. All are invited.
Mr. Brnnell.and Kinare making bay
fbrMr! Mraralh:' " ";r-"T'
Klrawberriea are all gone and no fruit
coming in.
F. F. Hellman was over a few days
go. .
July "th. Enginkkk.
The weather in trettimt very dry and
hot lain ia needed badly.
Mrs. W. A. Woodhiile in uo veiy wed
rSayuu Howard laalMOou tlie bicn liot.
Lee Jones and family aie camidnir
out near Oregon City where Lee if,
cutting cord wood.
Albert Burley had the niiNfortune to
sprain his ankle while on a Uil to his
moihei's a few davs hk".
C. A. ChiHkU' has the ground levelled
up for his new house. Ilu alo lias
dome ol the lumber on the ground.
W. I. Sellor ia hard nt work with
hla mower auain.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Newkirchener
are rejoicing oer the arrival of a aon.
Albert's mother ia talkinit of goiug to
Southern Oregon where bet father ix
working in the gold mines.
L. II. Ilobba is laying very sick at A.
L.1 Jones', lie is not expected to
Elmer Armstring has been working
on the Beaver creek hill.
The wheat aphis is aga in at work on
the grain and unless ra in comes soon
will do much damage.
If the free silverites who have left
the G. .0 P. are so anxious for' free
silver why don't they join the populist
and be done, with it inetead of trying to
get democratic endorsement;
July 6. , . Socialist.
The hot
s lort.
Work on the camp groutvl in proserin
ii i! nice'y. The grounds are being en
closed with a barbed win fence. 1:
will cost, from 10 cents to 1 for attend.
Availability uf Dinvrent lrn. rf rin:it (lug ibe .l days f cbu ch. t anipineet-FikkI-
I'roferoucr. Mlion u by 1 l;iut. j jug will bei'in on ihe 14th.
As a rule, comr.u.rciul fertilisers are J c w ,,, )1Mt t.uttjl)u, WOOli fo,
esed for ihe purpose of iuc:fat,iuff the i ... ., ,,
Tbe J hrice-a-week a. x . World aim
Couiuee for $2 per year. The Work
wi'l be ot special advantage to ,
during the presidential campaign.
Seventh Street, Corner of Center, on the Hill.
Main St., Opposite Caufield Block.
Two Shops, Oreoon City, Oregon
..on to....
Shop OppoHlle CoiiKrevntliiiiul Clni'ch, .tlalu Street, Oregon City, Oregon
WAR! WAI!!! WAR!!!
Gambrinus Cold Storage.
The only (he city which can supply you with anything you want In the liquor line
and .ave m iiioii-y on every artiele you buy WINK, BKKK AM LIQI'ORS hecaUKe
I Bell to you at Portland priceB and save you your electric car tore and expenses while in
Portland. xeare on your life's lene by tradlnx at home with a reliable firm and not
beinihelil up by hi'shwaymen on the electric car
What you buy at the (jumbrinu. Cold blunge in Ruaranteed lo be jusl what you buy It for or
m1?rK"t 'lock of T.lnnnrn and the onlv complete slock of Wlnea at the Lowt.sT Pbices.
WHV tiO TO A DKl'tisiTOKE and pay 4.0U per gallon as a pastime when you can buy
better wine at the following prices:
California Port Wine, per gallon - t 50
sherrv " ' " - 1 40
Anitel'loa " " - 1 50
" Joct Mnncatel ' " ......... 1 Ht
Tky Wine " 1 o
Maderia " " 1 m
Mal'ira " 1
Kiting HuV " W
" Claret " " - - - - . - 7
Bottled Beer dpiarts) per doien J M
Porter, Domesne 1 :ji
Guiness' Exrra stunt (pints) perdozen - ....... i,.,
Swan Whikey. per gallon ..... .... 37.',
phoenix Bourben " ......... 4 on
falifornia;raie Brandy, per gallon 3 SO
' California Blackberry Brandy, per gallon - - - 3 00
Mf"For ken b?er.lev. order. The flnet family rooms. This place is conducleJ firsKlass'
.. rniiiia a ... PHONK 3. ' I
N. i-. iMMtnMriM, mgr., Beet.
The Bee-Hive
1st Semi-Annua
Clearance Sale!
Commencing Saturday, July 1 1 th, special reductions will be
offered throughout our entire stock. We have done an unusal
yood business since we opened in Oregon City and are so well
satisfied that we have placed very heavy orders on fall goods
They will commence arriving in August and we must make
room for them. The first week of this sale we shall devote to
odd lots and broken lines. Now the chances arc anion these
lines and you will find just what you need. If you do you can
make a half do a dollar's duty.
Table No. 1
Everything on this table 9 cents, We are not going to tell you
whats there. Come and see for yourself.
Table No. 2
All go at 19 cents, You might not think we were truthful if
we told you the rich possibilities in store for you.
Table No. 3
Choice 39 cents. If you are not among the early bajga n
seekers you will be the loser.
Table No. 4
All on this table 49 cents. Don't leave yovr pocket book at
home. You'll regret it if you do.
rm . wT 4 ' ''f"J. HT'ft T,'Zf"f"t"l'.V?v' rwwiSenHy tnmt ejnlckiy. permanently!.
I3'i ?-.TlI3!i tS Ir-rvwus a,--..-.. Wean penury. U of Brain Powtr, I
y?.: V . , i s e'li ream, lnitOiei.tr and wJ.t;i, diiM-aet caused h
rll T"Tfc IV ."l.1''i', ljuUiiianuo.iaies. lia aertelwlt w
flsl mtf'XCLJ "Kiii A blood lMiMJrr. Hakst'iepaleano TOnr"""nnil plump. I 1 T
CTiJj P. T-!'? S 'V y !i.c"!yt-irrtMlT,"5t'tRt fc I p-Tbol: f 'T "A Bf malLpre- III,
IlSl'Ji'l M''Sn',n. tri'cw-'Jl'n-rrm'orTn'r.,'vi(i. Wrlt os.rree J
t S&'L -VvriL v'Ji-.ie'':"''; l H. sea it .1 t-m!n wrawr. -r'.:l utlmontal ard 1 lV I I
tingle neiiMin'8 crop to v.hicb tbey ure
upplicd. Moat furmors .ln to give to
eticli succeeding crop by i i m I f the plant
food it uecds uud to avoid supplying uuy
cue crop with i:iore uiatoriul limn it cuu
tse to bctit udvuutiige. This is especial
ly trno of tliosti who do not own tbe
t iruis vL:t ', ihr7 work uud who plim
ucli yeur'h vinl; by itself wilhont ref
erence to il!fc ..iti;ro. Under such cir
ftitu: iiuicoH u f..ri;i(r desires lo use Unite
f.ii kin of foriilii.iiig iiiuterinls which
will be taU u t:;) iuot qnickly mid com
pUMeiy by the en pi. Oj the other bund,
the turmer lio m,'hh his It ml fr-qj( iil
ly desires to n o muuruls l lie pli.nt
fuod of which v W Le ulilizcd gruduully
by crops undv l.iili will lust through
fcevcntl seiiHou: . It will tlms bo seen
Unit if cue ri .-ir.w a fertilizer wliich
will uJt ut oi'iv u:d be lurgcly used tip
by Ihe piesei:! crop then he will need
to pnrchuse ! . !r.nt fuod in forms dif
ferent fro'1. j ..o pn relinked by the man
who dos ... :. ovo litsting benefits ex
rending 11.. oiikM M'verul scuhous.
Kitru(,'eu in ihe form of nitrate of so
da acts most quiokly upon plants. Un
der favorable conditions its iuflneuce
npon the plant may be seen wirhiu 4
hours after i'fl application. In the form
of sulphate of ammonia uitro-en ucts
less rapidly than iu thut of mtruto of
soda, but more quickly thuu in such
forms as dried blood, meat scrap, otc.
Nitrogen in the form uf bone dust,
ground ftsh and buucmeul bocomes
available still less rapidly I bun in the
form of dried blood. Ii the forms of
wool waste, ground lefi.il.rr i,;;.l similar
materials nitrogen btoumcs i.vailuLJo
with extreme slowuese.
Potash in the form of ourbonnte, as
in ashes, acts more rapidly thuu iu the
form of sulphate or muriate. Muriate
acts with a little greater rapidity (bun
sulphate, bnt the difference in availa
bility between the different forms of pot
ash is not nearly as ctrougly marked an
in case of tbe different forms of nitrogen.
Phospborio acid in the form of solu
ble phosphate of lime (acid phosphates,
superphosphates) acts niout rapidly. It
acts lees rapidly in the form of reverted
or precipitated phosphate of, . lime, and.
least rapidly in the insoluble form, such
as ground ruck. According to the weight
of evidence, soluble phosphoric acid,
whether made from bones, bouehluck
or rock, bos the same effoot and value
os pluut food, so fur as the soluble phos
phoric ucid is concerned.
It is an important fact tiiut plants
show preferences for different forms of
foud. This preference is indicated by
greater yield or better quality of prod
uct, or both. Thus wheut seems to give
better results when nitrogen i:i applied
in the form of nitrate of soda thuu iu
any other form. Spinut h has been found
to do hotter with sulphide of animouiii
than uiiriite of soda, v.hilo tho reverse
is truo of asparagus. The quality of to
bacco is injured by potuth in tho form
of muriate, and lieute ouly sulphide
should be used for fertilizing purpura.
The quality of sngnr beets nad of pota
toes nppeurs to be butter when tnlphate
of potuhh is used, while peuch tiers uro
paid to prefer the muriate. UnDelii)
Now York Experiment Station.
There will be no fruit except a few
beiries ill's year.
The Mipervieor it doing good w rk on
new road.
Tlie tax execution paper art) pretty
thick around lier.-.
r Some spent the -till at Molalla, some
a Hubbard, some at Port a id, no me at
Ch c des and ome nr. li mit)
Canby talks of In yin-f water works.
Ii ying ia in inter no .
Henry Kn'iliL bus Kie to Portland
f r treatment.
W. Wis in lia -t'.l o te uf hi places
to a in in from D i.; M.
Vr. Ma i n t'lKia of building this
W. W. II. I,aiii.iii was iu town this.
June 8. Seb Saw.
Fnn Ished Every Week by the Clackatiiar
Abstract &. Trust Compiny.
Tlie ClaokHmas Alistrucl A Tnii Co. la Ihe ownei
f tlie convriL'ht to (lie Tlmlllo MXtlll of altrar.l
indexes for t'lnckmiias county, uud has Ilia only
complete set uf abilrucis In llii miimty: can furniili
liirmiiiatlon as tu title to laiulattniceon applicatfon.
Loans, iiivtittnients, real estate, sUtrHcts, elo Ofllce
over Bank uf Orrxun City, ('nil and Inveatlgnta,
Adilrew, box 377, Orcfton City. Ori'Kon.
Sarah Carman to G H Carman, 12.50
seres in Campbell td;$1200.
II M Rude to Rortn Kine sch, e 't of
u w ii of sec 2, 4-1 if ; fit).).
J N Teal to L L Porter, lot 1 e of
ii & w li of na i 8':c!J ), 1-8 ej
2tMi. ,
K M Aikinann to Lmiii Hohenleiter
I 'l5blk 47. Osw.;g-; l'V
Jo .11 Hi It" Kite Itief.Ul a in Parrott,
M JoliiHoii to '.v , I i!i hhi,23 acres
In w,,bh& D.2-J ej sU).
J W Miy tu Arthur Dent, blk 7 Dar
i g A I ', eXtM.rt t 6; II5.
J. p You ik I W D Mathews. 43.40
teres A s )4 of iim '4 otsec 8, 8 Iw; ft.
' Chhh Rastell to H J Kasteli, 100
acres of the C falliha-i il;' 1200.
Ii S Coo'.i to II.ID4 Si-ens n lots 5 to
47 blk 48, Mini hoi ii i8o0.
A It S ephens to .Minnie Inskeep,40
.icea in sec 3, 4-2 ej f 57.1 .
' US -!
Foil Sale on Tit a uk. A good sound
inure, aged nine years, and a eirllng
Inline colt, fur sale cheap for cash, or
ill trade. Inquire of Chits Catta,
d'liryiiii'n, Oregon City.
Glass & Smith's
Old Stard,
Bow a Hrljbt Young American Astonished
Boms Suiart German Officers.
A story is told of n bright young
American and several German officers
who at a dinner one evening set out. to
muko him unenmfortubla by chafflng
hi in ii hunt bis country. Tbeyonnc; man
is Albert II. Wuslilmrii, '.ho United
States couKiilur agent at Magdeburg.
Henry l' Merritt, conrinl at Chemnitz,
wii.h the first ono of tho AiJjerieans at
tacked with a tnunt from one of the
Uennuns that he cou.'d not gio the
mimes j.X (he president of the United
KtateH. Merritt named them ovrr with
eouiu (leJiberiuiou a id drew from bis
Uuruiiiu friend the declaration that he
did not believe there was unother Amer
ican present who could do it.
Young Wushbnrn hud said nothing
Diit:l now, but he bmko in uud declared,
'I cuu do it, and I will give you tho
vice presidents. " He was about to begin
when ii second thought struc!him, uud
he suid, "While I tun it omit it, I might
as well give you the secretaries of state
too." Tho Germans got down a book
giving the imn.es and I. pf till s on tho
young man us he correctly went through
tho lint. They wcro pretty well backed
down nlreudy, but Washburn hud no
dea of lotting them off soeirsily. "Now,
I should like to know," lie said, "wlieih-
er any cf yon can give tho nam en of the
Prussian rulets from the time of Churle
magiiB and bissdns down to the Emper
or William?"
Not ouotf them could go half through
the list, und they were cm the point of
apologizing to the young 3Ia?suehnsetts
scholar when he took them down still
moro ty iii' ciestly ruggejitiiig, "Perhaps
I hud be tier c".o it for you. " Ha begun
with CburlTriagno and went through
the list without a break, mneh to the
! astonishment c.f his German botg and
j the delight of Consul Edwards and the
j other Amerii uiih. "How did yon do it?"
; asked Menitt. "Oh, my father bad a
j taste for cue!) thing and taught them
to me when I was a boy, and, yon see,
; they are sometimes useful to know," be
r?ti:d. Suu rrancis?o Examiner.
Coniwoud taken on subscription at the
(.oi'iiieii office. Now is the lime bring
Two Lives Saved.
Mrs I'hoebe TIioiiiiih. nf Junction City
III. was told by her doctors hIik had
Consumption Hint that tuero was no
hope for her, but two huliles l)r. King's
Discovery eninp elely cured her and she
Miys it wived i.i i i "Co Mr Thus. cWers,
l.'J'J l-'lui iil.i Si , .'u'i i'V uieise . MiiU'.Ted
from u dienilliil i-oid approac-hing Con
siiuiplioii, tiird Hiliiuiii umiH every
thing else then bought one li iitlo i f Dr.
King's New DiM'uvery slid iu two weeks
was cured. Hi t- t ilnrHll I liiinkfiil .
It is hueh riHiilin. i i Hliich tliese are
sampler, tint prove tlie wonderful
I'flii'Hi y of iliin nieilieihe III C. ll.'llS Illld
Colds. Free tiial buleaat Charman
& f'o.'s Druv Stoie. Itiular siu 50c.
and L (ill
Wood won't burn unless
air oxygen Is present. The
food taken into the body must
be united with oxygen before
it can be consumed and give
heat to keep the body warm.
Scott's Emulsion of Cod-
liver Oil with Hypophos
phites, is one of the best fuel
foods. The cod-liver oil ob
tains its oxygen from the air
and heat is produced. It
warms, nourishes, invigorates,
gives good blood, and fortifies
against the piercing winds of
fail and vintcr. The hypo
phosphites tone up the ner
vous system and improve
digestion. Scott's Emulsion
prevents colds, coughs, con
sumption and general debility.
SCOTT'S EMULSION Iim bem -nnned by lti
medical prolMston fur twenty yer (A'k vour dottor.)
The, n beiNe it is jlways p,tlalaNf always uniform
alwjyi ttmtaw tbt furnt liwwgum Cod-lntr Ot
04 Hrp"fohttrl.
rut ap in cent and $i.ao sizes. Hi tm.Fl six
tuy frf t noujth to cur yeajreouh or help your baby.