Oregon courier. (Oregon City, Clackamas County, Or.) 188?-1896, July 03, 1896, Image 8

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Dr. Miles' New Heart Care Victorious.
No other medicinecan showstvh a record.
Here la a veritable patriarch, 73 yuan of
:ige, with lit mm prejuuico tooverfome, wha
had Heart VUeaM It ywn. tie took the Now
Heart Cure and In now sound and well.
Samuel O. Stons.
Grans Lake. Mich.. Dee. M, 18M.
I have been troubled with heart Alsease 15
Tears or more. Moat of the time 1 waa so
sad It waa not aafe for me to fro out alone,
aa dlaty spella would cause falling. I bad
severe palpitation, slionntws of breath and
sudden pafn that rendered me helpless. All
physicians did for me waa to advise keeping
quiet. In August last I commenced taking'
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure,
and before I had finished the irst bottle I
found the medicine waa a Ood-aend. I have
now used four bottles In all and am feeling'
entirely well I am 73 years of aire and have
held a grudge against patent medicines all
my life, but I will not allow this to prevent
giving; my testimony to the great core your
valuable remedy baa wrought In me. 1 do
this to show my appreciation of Dr. Miles'
New Heart Cure. SAMUEL O. BTONK.
Dr. Milea HeartOnre la sold oa a positive)
iuaran we that the first bottle will benefit.
II itmfriuKll ltat.ll a bottles forlS. or
It will be sent, prepaid, on receipt of price,
by the Dr. Jlllea Medical Ob ilkiart, Ind,
id, oa receipt of prlca
Dr. MUes' Heart Core
is a sure cure for Headache and nervous
Incases. Noihine relievo to quickly. For
ale by G. A 1 1 nr (ling.
Ask yourphysiciin,ynurdrufi;ist and your
iends alxmt Shiloh's Cure for Consumption.
Tbcy will reoonnaeeJ it.
ror sale by u. A.
Con-.ti)nliim, crimes more than half the ill
T women. hnrr CI ver Koot lea is n
deasant care fig- Cuastipaiion. For sale by
i, A. Harthnjj
' a fact mam kxowisg.
Conumtiun, T-aGrippe, Pneumonia, and
M Throat and Lang disease are cured by
.hiluh's Cure, For tale by (5. A. Harding
Kr Over Fifty Tears.
An Old asm WaBavTano bum. Mrs. Win
low's SuxMug jmiaa Unas aaa far or fifty
uui by minion. Hi mM Ik tluir ckiklrmi while
'eUilng,wtoperfarjtanaMa, Uaaotbsa lbs child,
uftans Hie guum, allays all piiu.anraa wind oulio,
nd Is the turn natty tar Diaiiliiaa. Isplesaant to
'ho usta. SoU 'by txtt vry P"t of Uio
Vorld. Twnr. (utile. Its value is In
aloulable. Sa m oai ash far Mrs. Wlnslow 'a
-oothing Syrup, and tskai
, .... ... )
Ths only aiaaaaHy i
a akMvlutaty
cars caiatVti and coaatHiaa-y
saaitata the
Jlaaaaa liMttrtlwl mmm ftjtaa
PULL SIZE, $di00; TSIAL SIZE, 25c.
Esch full ciMipatlUwttf.wft'tas ' smnlh's
local lr.tmu ow.lutl MnorVa swrlv u Catarrh
riaalmg Halm ansonf latin' supply irf Catarrh,
Rlotk! and Siotnarh Hilt.
K vou ttv it ftiefntVaiae sviantinw, l)r G
W. Shores' Compel Catarrk Oica rll r've vnu In
il.nl rHef ant cotniVte aaaeamaaatttly cur. you
Is the nose sienred in
Does vout eoss rltMliarea
Is 'he nosa nra anO'teii
l ihi-re psln In trim'
Do vnu hWk1nie"r'n' ,
Is vour Ihrnat 8rv rn aaarng?
Do vnu aleep wit aau aptnJ
Is vour haartnefalliti
Do vou' eT alschmra
Is the wax 4iv tn viaar
Do you Ir1etier v Utaa emars?
I. your harln wnrve have a tmt
Dr. . W, RhsCfaitiCaircunsallcouKli.
Mlds and bron. tii I idarruw slop
namnlif rrrp Keepat ateia lhaKouse Larca
lite hililes 2Sc. If tm " avuipioms usa il
asdlirciad on itia.nesnJ Wwitt cars you.
Hava vou a couirtr?
Do vou lak cold as4ly
Hav vou a rarn ta
Do you raise trothv laaawsP
Do vou coug In fr l'
Do vnu spit vp Hl rtjmpsr
Dr. 1. 5haes' rateaa Blaoal PWrKirr elf an
us and purities iBe. r " nJ y,'K"r'
cures dvspensla and " iiras.s. Price.
(1 per twllle. it (ieiaioll cunts tht following
N there r.aaieaV
Do you belca up (iV
Are you CnsKip.ieJ
1 youi tnnKe coataa?
Do you bliiai p tmt
Do vou tinl yuu are .
Is llirre cocsunt bJ usa is asoeth?
Dr. (1. W. euee' KMmi asjd Uvsr Cur
:uresaii d scase of a tutas, sttf uti blaJJcr.
frit. $1 per eoitle.
Do you eel diciyf
Have you coU teetf
Do you leel ml sot able
lH yuu get tired eatiJrf
Do yuu Uave t emltnf
An vuur anlritk In al MaMaf
Do yuu haveisinbin(akMbf
I) i your hanas ana lacs tmr
l this noticed aiuac at aiirW
Is the a pas u urallU kackf
Has the petsptraooa a kadadwv
Is ihere puttmraaanderakravas'
D j you hav u jf etfi
Is there a deka as arkM a) MHaaetaar
Don tnealeci uesii aa sttiftii a diseas
kllhnir you . Dr. bhoW Kataay aaa uv.t cur. wdl
lur yuu it used a divan ska kort.
Dr. 0. W.UiMMasintawstWI stops th
worst patti In mM. Hn kialnka. toothache,
aeuralcia. cramps or aatc aa N) nwraally and In
ternally Preveata aa cava sthfi if UMd la
Vine Keep a ttl av. Price. 2V a botila.
Dr. 0. W. kk.M VarasWac destroys
Intestinal worms aad wmui.l ak kail round nest
whet they hale a aaaaaV U am lain), fries
IV a tmite.
Dr. (1 W 8r' WlaMi ! fialv cures all
ilsease of fka akw. team n span and black
flmptesfruaitkataaa. Itaats at la 3 to days,
nca. 2s a Nia.
Or Q W fika At Csaattpertlaa Pills
fjr ckroaW: atastiyanaa. .kkeaaraaod bilious
t.cks rVica, He, a
In all rsses. If rh mH tcaeinated uke one of
Or G W Sk.m' AiWt-CinyM.i Pi, at bedtima.
If vmif troabl Is dtnar aad a Mated, writ Dr.
G. W Sh.i twivonaBv symptoai list
aad hav your case Imaatil aad ci Ms perl sd
vk fre. . , .
These f ammrs wnwasia ft' oah bv Doc-
feG W Ska, taaa sasaaaaliiisatuf. Salt Uk.
itv. Jtatl.
for sal v a" IWtXSM. In an addrtssoa
receipt v4 prwa.
6. A. HABDIKG, Sole Agent,
OR960W !TT. OstreO.
Arrangement of the haulau
qua Assembly.
The Choicest Featurea of Instruction
and Entertainment Offered
the Publio.
Following is tho muin ofllclul program
for tho Hummer ( huutuuqua AflHumbly
to bo held at Gladstone I'ark, Ort'gon
City, July 7-17 lncluive, showing a lint
of high class attraction)) seldom equalled
anywhere :
11 :00 Music. Corvallis Ladies' Band
Invocation, Kev.W. 0. Kantner.D
D.. Balem.
Address of Welcome, Ool. Robert A
Aluler, Fresiuent.
Response, Rev. Thos. Van Scoy, D
V., rortlanU University
Introduction of Heads of Depart
Announcements of Classes.
2:00 Music, Ohemawa Indian Band
Chautauqua Chorus led by Profes
sor W. 11. IJoyer
Reading, "The Boy at the Circus,"
Mrs. Alice tlamill-HandcocK..
Lecture, "The Devil In Tolitics,'
Dr. Carlos Martyn, Chicago.
Oregon City Ladies' Quarteite
4:30 Athletics.
5:00 Chautauqua Round Table, J. K
Greenfield, Ksq., State Secretary U
L. S. U., in cnurge.
:00 Corvallis Ladies' Band
30 Grand Oratorio. "The Creation,"
conducted by Prof. W. H. Boyer, as
sisted by jrrol. K. A. neriiage, wiss
Rosa Bloeh. the Anollo Club, of
Portland, antl the Conservatory of
Music singers, oi nuiem ; win
orchestral accompaniment.
11:00 Chautauqua Chorus, led lyPro
fessor W. 11. Boyer.
Lecture, "Some Horticultural Prob
lems," Hon. Henry E.Dosch. (.Juery
1:00 Chemawa Indian Band.
Grand Chautauqua' Chorus, led by
Prof, lioyer
lecture, "Oiganiittion of Fanners,"
Hon. Mortimer Hluteiieiiti, iew
Solo. Prof. R. A. Heritage, Director
of Salem Conservatory of Music.
4:30 Athletics.
00 Round Table, J. K. Greenfield,
State Secretary 0. L. S. 0.
7 :00 Corvallis Lutlies' Band.
Grand Chorus led by Prof. Buyer.
Halcyon Chorus.
30 Popular Lecture, "Husbands and
Wives," Dr. Carlos Martyn, of
11 :00 Chautauqua Chorus, led by Prof.
Lecture, "Cause ami Kffect," Hon.
Mortimer Whitehead, of New Jersey.
2:00 Ohemawa Indian Band.
Chautauqua Chorus.
Road Congress, Oregon Road Club,
Hon. Eugene D. White, President.
Speakers, Hon. W. B. Chase, Prof.
E. J. McCaustlantl, Senator Dolph,
Gen. Bee lie and Ool. Jackson.
Music by the Road Club Orchestra
and Glee Club.
:30 Bicycle Parade.
:00 Round Table at old Auditorium.
;00 Corvallis Ladies' Band, Orchestra ;
Chautauqua Chorus ; Glee Club.
;30 Humorous Lecture, "Is Music a fail
ure?" Frank Lincoln, of New York
11 :00 Chautauqua Chorus, led by Prof.
Lecture. "The Mmiroo Doetrino and
the Nicarauguii Canal," President
V . 0. Hawley, ot Nilem.
2 :00 Chemawa Indian Band ; Chautau
ami Chorus : Violin trio, Professor
Anton Zilm and others.
Humorous Lecture, "The Ludicrous
Side of Life," Frank Lincoln, New
York City.
Solo, Prof. Henry L. Hates, Pacific
4:30 Athletics.
5:00 Round Table, old Auditorium.
7:00 Corvallis Ladies' Band.
7:30 Grand Concert, arranged by Prof.
AV. H. Rover assisted by Prof.
R. A. Heritage, Prof. F.mil L.Wink
ler, Prof. Anton Zilm.
Skakesneareau Reading, The Closet
Scene Iroin "Hamlet," the Sleep
Walking Scene from "MaelH'th,"
Mrs. Alice llaniill-HainlciH-k, of
11 :00 Chautauqua Chorus, led by Pro
fessor Boyer.
Lecture, "Chemistry Related to Agri
culture," Prof. ti. V. Shaw.
2 :(K) Chemawa Indian Band ; Chautau
qua unorus.
Poem bv Ella I liggmsoit, "sunrise
on the Willamette" ami "Gnd'
Lecture, "Tit New Man," Rev.
Anna Shaw, of Philadephia.
Solo, by the child pianist, Beatrice
:30 Athletics.
5:00 Round Table, at ld Auditorium.
7:00 Corvallis Ladies' Band ; Chautau
qua Chorus.
lA-cture, "From New York to Jerus
alem," Dr. Selah Brown, of Los
1 ! Sunday School ct n lucted by 1 ro i
Henry L. liatcs, of Pacitie I ni
versitv, assistetl by Mrs. E. .
Alien! Superintendent of the Junior
IVpartment, and all teachers and
ministers on the grounds; Inter
national I-sstms.
2:00 Ctmgrtvational Sinning, led by
Profeasors Utiver, Heritage and
Btuvalaureate Stiiioii, " 'Olde
TvDies' ami New Times, or The
World tiro ing Better, " Key.
Sdah Brown, 1. D.. of Angeles.
:00 Vesjter Service, Auditorium.
:30 Sacred Concert and Praise Service,
coutiucicii ny rroiessors lioyer, Heri
tage and Winkler.
11:00 Chautauqua Chorus.
Lecture, "The Unimd States Weather
Bureau and its Work," B. S. Pague,
of the United States Weather
2:00 Cheniawii I ml inn Baud j Chautau
qua Chorus.
Reading, "Heleino Tohmer," Bea
trice Baxter, Columbian School of
Oratory, Chicago.
Lecture, "Away Down South in
Dixie," Selah Brown, Is Angeles
i:3u Ainieiics.
5:00 Round Tabic.
7:00 Corvallis Ladies Kami; Chautau
qua Unorus.
Halcyon Chorus.
Lecture, "Tho f ate of Republics,'
Rev. Anna Shaw, of Philadelphia.
11 :00 Chautauqua Chorus.
2 :00 Chemawa Indian Band ; Chautau
qua Uhorus.
Reading, "The Bird Song." Mrs Al
ico Hamill-Handcock, of Chicago.
Lecture, "The Ago Wo Live In,"
Mrs. Marion B. Baxter, of Chicago.
Reading, "Aux Italiens" with piano
accompaniment, Beatrice Baxter, of
4:30 Athletics.
5:00 Round Table.
7 :00 Corvallis Ladies' Band ; Chautau
qua Chorus.
Lecture, "American Shrines," with
stereopticon, Dr. Elbert R. Dille, of
oan f rancisco.
11:00 G. A.R. Drum Corps; Chautau
qua unorus j "America," with Uhau
tauqua Salute.
Lecture, "Our Duty Toward Cuba."
Pres. W. C. Hawley, Willamette
2:00 Chemawa Bant : G. A. R. Drum
Corps ; Grand Chautauqua Chorus,
"The Star Spangled Banner," with
cverylnxly on chorus ; bands, drums
antl salute.
Patriotic Address, "Tho New Amer
ica," Edwards Davis, of Oakland.
Ohautauquu Chorus, "Marching
Thro' Georgia ;" bantls and Salute.
4:30 Athletics.
5:00 Round Table.
M) Hand Concert, Patriotic Airs;
unautauqua Uliorus, "flail fJolum
:3() The Continental Congress by 25
young men in uoioniai uostume
Scent! lnlceudcnce Hall, Phila
delphia, July 4, 170.
Tableau Signing the Declaration.
Music, "The Red, White anil Blue,"
Bands, Retl Fire, Lilx-rty Bells and
11 :00 Chautauqua Chorus, led by Prof.
11 11. dovui
Lecture'ADayatOld Clmutauqut',''
Pres. Thos. Newlin, Pacific College.
2:00 ( hemawa Indian Band; Grand
March of lhautauquans.
i hautauqua Chorus, "Ho, Ye Com
rades," (tuno "Tramp, Tramp,
Recognition Address, "Tho Build
ing of a Man," Dr. Elbert R. Dillo,
San Francisco.
Presentation of Diplomas, Col. R. A.
Chautauqua Song, C. L. S. C. (air,
"John Brown").
Presentation of Certificates to Chi!
dren of Junior Normal.
Oregon City Ladies' Quartet.
30 Athletics.
5:00 Round Table.
00 Corvallis Ladies' Band ; Chautau.
qua Chorus.
Solo, Mrs. W. A. Wetzell, of Port
land University.
Parson's Orchestra.
Brief Chautauqua Speeches, by Dr
Dille, Edwards. Davis and others.
Stereoptican exhibit Columbia River
Scenery, painted by Mrs. Alice
Aubrey Weister, art instructor at
Portland University.
Solo, Mrs. W. A. Wetzell, of Port
land University.
Chatauqmi Bonfire, Bands.
11 :00 Chautauqua Chorus.
Lecture, "Physical Culture," (illus
trated by class) Prof. J. R. Wether
liee, of State University.
2:00 Chemawa Indian Band; Chautau
qua (. horns.
lecture, "The Science of Art," (il
lustrated) Kilwards Davis, of Oak
land. Stockholders Annual Meeting.
Election of Officers, Auditorium
4:30 Athletics.
5:00 Round Table.
7:00 Corvallis Ladies' Band ; Chant i:
qua Farewell Chorus.
Grand I losing I tmcert.
Y. M.C. A. Athletics.
Joxks, He I'ays tub Frkioht. Send
for a copy of The Buyer's Guide, with
latest reductions and market reports.
ent free to any address. Freight on
20 orders paid to any point on the
WilUmettu river reached by Portland
boats. Junks' Cash Stork, 105 Front
Street, Portland. Or.
has placed in his store, corner Seventh
and Center Sts., in addition to his tine
line of i.koi kkies. hay. teed, ktu ,
a full stock of LEAD, PAINTS, OILS
AND VARNISH, which be will sell as
Buckler Anlca Salve.
Tub Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores. Fleers. Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands.
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin F.rup
tions. and jwMiively cures riles, or no ,
i . i
i ii'juinu. a in Kuaiauiccu U glltr
Pfrfoi't satisfaction or money refunded.
Trice 25 rents per box For sale by
Charman A Co.
and l.iver Complaint yon have a printed
guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer
never UiU to cure. For sale U. A. Harding.
Ai .:-;lil , 'Skg
AHHcmbty Auditorium,
" , " U'.'
' '.,' . vi..v.-.-..N
s'":; J ' ".'V
';.-.'r:V'i1''" I' '''
Itev. tUlwnnlB DiivIh, tiw. H ut Hre m-u-r.
...... ....
Frank Lincoln. HumorM.
-Wrs. Alice lliiMill-iln
.jaon. Cons.iraprs are w,r.... I
iiccir n uinn ir" nic n 1 1
their use. I. W. Harrj-r Np!
Whiskey i a standuM, hi'li g
, i .
tnt kv Whiskey wliirh retrbe' ' .
from Kentnrkr. and wlnw-
can ronacienti'iriJitr gutrt"'
seeking a stimulant lor ni-U-.c .1
ocial in e. '
Hill A Cole Otegon Ci'). ''r j
few. .i
Smtiitu tVfwWfj .WOO.
...... I-
mlcitrk. Elocutionist.
i . ' ,i f A tun of a tamoua Frt
ri ' & - . .s or dwMaws of
'I (A '-l I".m .1. falnslnt
i S yi, V rnitw-w
Voll5,:'aitl.n. 1 1 linrn
VvV r'miii ii.-l;:inr . lia -
.. . 7l . I
MAiiunnn PF5TnRFn
ry. t - r: v-j Hinmiuuu iiku i uiilu
11 liC in :-.. j - - -1 - -
f. Bl - a"" At i . k .) , t nrinaryoraanaoi ail uapunues.
aJ a- lul' " 'B-raJ.-..rr-.i"rs small weak orsan
S- "r ;C."."riiniH bv ,raKbar.twntnTaratnwbldwttb)
l.l- l-l fl 'I Vf..:.".i.lvl:TWwnrTnlvIoeoiwilliouimiiiir-riin. ...ir.iuu.nu
Proan'V. ' ' ' ..... -.j.. -rnnmt l( al Intn M MS UlKl a Hnsaataicua.
tusih"".' r"i"
;i-IS C -. J". ' Ba Baa FrtocMro, faJ. itrMaj
liearg A. Haniing; Pragglat
cny rruNciL.
Meeting Hold on
license of T. Trembath con-
liesignation of H
surveyor accented .
H. Johnson as cltv
Proposition of Sarah E. Pquet to
pay 1350 in full for street improvement
amounting to over fflOO. Referred to
street committee
C. W. Stralttm protested against Im
provement of Sevur.th street by brick.
Petition of part of trustees of M. K.
church and Mrs E. Fuchs forimnrnvA-
meiit of raid streel by gravel instesrl of
brick, granted, and plans art specifica
tions ordered prepared and published
with notice of improvement.
II. M. Jackson granted permission to
peddle meat in city for $10 per quarter
and ordinance ordered published in ac
cordance. TreHeurer'a qnarteily report and
rn't'itler'a monthly report approved.
Report of water commission ordered
Notes due city referred for rollf ction
to finance committee.
Conimiilee reported that it waa not
advisable at present time to expend
money lor crushed rock to be used on
-Taolighta on hill ordered changed.
Amendment to contagious disease
ordinance passed, and chief of police
ordered to procure flags.
All finpainleil electric poles ordered
Bond of H. C. Stevens as water com
missioner approved.
O. C. T. o. ordered to pay rent in 30
dHys fur wharf or lease will be forfeited.
L. W. Kinnaird appointed city sur
veyor. IU claims allowed.
E Long, killing 2 dogs $ 2 00
E L Shaw, police CO 00
Chah Bums, police 60 00
T F Kxan. recorder 28 00
PUECo, lights 172 40
P HtmelgfltD, meals for prisoners 2 60
E G Long, hose cart 95 00
Sinr Bios, repairs II 20
H E Snaighl, treasurer 40 00
ChaeGiider. liaulinir 165 loads dirt 8 25
( bus Babcock, s reet work 54 80
J W Kelly, special police 4 00
ii li t oiler, coin cling notes 33 82
It I A nid die ibhight, would there
be ftflicient cafh to pay my dfbls and
eive my family as good ttipport as I now
nrt vide for Ihim?
i Jfnoi, b w vi uld my ftmily in fhese
quiet times live?
Of rf uife its a ferinus questim, but
every husband and falher should think
of it
You can create an estate sufficient to
nay all debts and provide for the family
at an annual cost of about 2 percent, of
the amount insured and it is cash at
" n.irr vour ueain, oy taking a
policy in the Massachusetts Mutual Life .
Ins. Co. This Co. is 45 years old, guar
antee you against any loss of your
money, after one year, give you annual
cash dividends to reduce yearly pay
ments, and will loan you money on your
policy at 6 per cejut Interest. They
write the safest policy and if you are
interested in the subject write me for
11. ti. Col ton Gen. Agt.,
Chamber of Commerce,
Portland Oregon.
These wafers are for painful, scanty,
profuse or irrettular menbes, any cause
and ladies will find that no belter
remedy exists for these difficulties. To
ivoid being imposed upon by base imita
tions buy from our agents and take
French Tansy Walers only. Price by
mail, $2.00. C. G. Huntley, Druggist,
ilaudeld Block, Oregon City, Oregon
Health and sweet breath secured byShiloh's
Catarrh Remedy. Price so cents. Nasal
Injector free. For sale by G. A. Harding.
thousand of cases of Consumption.
Aj-thina, Coughs, Cold and Croup are cured
-very day by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by
L. A. liardine.
NETTRAT.fif A nnnil hv fir Mtlna' Paris
Pills. "One cent a dose. At all druggists.
:hlng to patent ? Protect your ideas ; they may
'jriug you wealth. Write JOHN WEDDEIU
liUKN CO., Patent Attorneys, Washington.
J. 0. tor their $1,800 prize offer.
Jregon Central & Eastern
R. R. Company.
Connecting at Vaiuiiia Bay with the San
Francisco ami Yamiina Bay
.steamship Company.
Steamship "Farallon"
A 1 and Hnit-clam in every respect. Sail.
rom Ya'iuitw for -an Francisco about every
IgDI nays.
PaxfeiiKer accnimHlations unsurpassed.
Fare iroin
Albany or points west to Ssn
a tit ii. Mini,
ta) days
12 00
8 00
trip, good for
18 00
Pur sailing daya apply to
Agent, Albany, Oregon.
CHA3. CLABK, Supt.,
Corvallis, Or.
EDWIN STO.NK, ili;r..
Tbtp rrcat Te- Jtabla
pbyalriaii. villi qiuckly ears yoa of all aar-
I iue geofrauve urviu.a. auca aa ioat jamniKioa.
thefiiu-lcbifmiitai KmusioDa. Kervnas liability,
i to Marry. Kxtuto-uius; Drains. Varlrorrle and
hi unm or hit ur nwni. rrrvnuw qirw-
b if not ehw'itt tn 8prmtnrThaa and
. rrIBiVa.nMlll.liVM. Ui