Oregon courier. (Oregon City, Clackamas County, Or.) 188?-1896, June 26, 1896, Image 1

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    City Library
NO. 8.
14th YEAR.
t. .
And Accident
Royal o! Liverpool e irbuiis h wona.
4 -
.alUX SllUdU V MBiwfMiuie ouo.ovu.
"Sun of London id,,t ur,J, flre ,,,,,o ofl,o ,n th world'
tna of Hartford-i'rei",d be,t AmerIOBU mp"'"
Continental of New York- of tbe be,t Amr,u ii
The Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford--
lamest, oldest and belt accident Insurance couiuauy In the world, and
ISO UUel very i.ra .-.
Lowest thk
Latest Styles.
Just received at the
T The Very Latest Styles of Silk
competition. Shirt W aits
Seventh Street, Corner of Center, on the Hill.
Main St., Opposite Caufield Block.
Two Shops, 0relon cltV- Oregon .
- G. H. BESTOW & CO.
Shop Oppo.lte CouBreiiHtloiml Clinrch, Main Street, Oregon City, Oregon
Gambrinus Cold Storage.
The only plr the city which can supply yJi'ljSKS
.i von money on every art ele you biiy WINK, BltB A l Liyuun-otiiiM
1 1 .el" to yon rto?Uiod price, and .ave you your electric car fare and expense, while in
POr,Itwiil .ave ten year, on your life's lease by trading at home with a reliable firm and not
m0TIt Stick of I.iqoor. and the only complete stock of Wine, at thelowMT Pmrw.
WHV GO TO A DrVosTOKK and pay W.OO per gallon a. a pastime when you can buy
better wine at the following Tw
California Port Wine, per gallon
Angelic " "
" Sweet Moscatel " '
Tokay Wine "
Maderla " "
Milut " " "
" Claret " " -
Bottled Beer (quarto) per dozen
Porter, Domestic "
Guineas' Extra Stont (pints) per dozen
Swan Whiskey, per gallon
Phoenix Bourbon
I aiiiornia'.rapc oi.u.,n.
California Blackberry Brandy, per Klo
For ke beer leav. order. The finest family
tWFot keg beer, leav. oraer. i ue iuc
m H..J-4 JJ U-sHiJa'liTJ
.. .
I E.ly rrm
Like the fare, should in every way
be satisfactory. Everything on the
table should please the eye. Fine
crockery Is the best kind of sauce
for. triumps of cookery. Our new
dinner sets, comprising 100 pieces,
for $7.70, present an opportunity
not to be missed, and there are
others in our stock too numerous
to numerous to be mentioned here.
Come, see, admire, and buy for
yourself. Nowhere else in Oregon
City can you see so many tempta
ions to buy,
The Housefurnishers,
Leading Agency m
Clackamas County
F. E DONALDSON, at oirnnercial Bank, 1
t,.-r "
for Waists at Prices beyond
at prices to suit the buyer.
1 J
1 60
1 50
1 60
1 60
1 60
1 SO
1 60
2 75
3 76
4 no
3 50
3 00
rooms. This place is conducted first-clas-
drm lmponrf and ""'? JZl?si
. - 1... ,,. a ri 1 1 rl .IJ... U..I!n.lMII
talMer. ke.thyilaMrMnrP,t
in tw piriv - . ... it
lw.k. Mle4 'ln wraopor. wim r""n''" .
Build Up
Your Brain...
Steady your neryw, uud
(erlect your digestion
hy using bread V map
from our whole 'wheat
flour. It is made; from
the whole wheat berry,
except the outside hull
or bran, which is a woody
substance, irritating and
indigestible. Bread made
Irom thin flour If not bo
white as that made from
the pain white roller flour,
but is far t-uperioi for
food ah ;t contains all the
gluteD, norm, and oily
matter of the wheat and
"ia much sweeter '.than
graham or nny other
bread not sweetened
The Orccer.
The excitement over the past election
has subsided. One hears no more
political bombast on the street corners.
Work bag commenced on our new
school house, several men are engaged
there. James Smith is foreman. Tbe
old school house has been moved onto a
vacant lot and will be fitted up for a
Men are pawing almost daily to and
from the Ogle Creek mines. From all
reports but very littln work has been
done bo far. Judge Thorn, who has a
lease on the Russell, Pelkey and Ste
wart mine, is now in Oregon City. It Is
to be hoped that the Ogle Creek mines
will be thoroughly developed this sum
mer, but owing to our unusual late
spring work in the way nt prospecting
has been rather slow. Tbe red rock
trail, is still blocked with snow and wilt
be impassable for some time yet. Mr.
Hankins from Arlington, who has a
quarts claim on Ogle Creek, arrived here
recently and has gone to his mine not
withstanding his cabin is still snowed
under! There is several feet of snow
vet at the quaker or red rock mines.
The river route though is open and
free of snow but is a much farther and
rougher'trail than by the way of red
James 0 Dickey left here recently for
AE want your trade on
I I need for the Fourth.
TT with new goods, and
we are not add in?
stock. You all know our prices are way below those
of any other house in Oregon City, and as low as any
Portland house can possibly make. We do business on
the straight American principles. All goods marked in
plain figures and one price to all. If you have
never looked through our shoe stock and seen our
prices you are the looser.
Glass & Smith's Old Stand,
the Trail Creek mines in British Col urn
bla. He ex Docts to prospect that country :
is in the employ of L. Aleyer, now of
Sitokane. but a former Molalla merch
ant. Mr. Dickey expects to be gone at
least three years and perhaps longer
Thai! Btipp.our road supervisor, has a
large force of men and teams at worn
hauling gravel and placing it on the
road running north and south through
Molalla. It will be a decided improve
ment to our road, especially dur'ng the
Molalla is preparing to celebrate the
glorious 4th in first class style. The
Molalla brass band ia meeting In regu
lar practice for the occasion, after being
dormant for some time. They do not
expect to try to render any very diffi
cult music as there are some beginners,
while the old members are entirely out
of practice. The principal part of the
instrumental music will be furnished
by the Molalla orchester, consisting of
six peices, three violins, a flute, cornet
and baritone. Guy Dibble, a lad only
eleven years old, plays one of the lead
ing violins and is competent of reading
difficult music. Wayne Robbim also
plays a leading violin and is advancing
rapidly. The orchestra has beeu
playing but a short time. It is nnder
the management of Prof. J. 8 Dugan, a
musician of many years experience who
was chief musician for four years during
the war of the rebellion.
R.J. Moore has commenced a new
barn which will be ready to raise it in a
few days. L. Schultheis is building a
large barn. Major Hungate has com
menced the erection of a fine dwelling.
Geo. Adams is the architect and fore
Geo. Hungate had the misfortune to
get a fine horse badly crippled by the
horse breaking loose and running away
with a peice of board lastenea to its
halter rope. It will probably have to
be shot.
Joe Harless has commenced the
butcher business and has opened up a
shop in the old Noyer building. T. G.
Husband handles the steak knife
and cleaver.
June 23.
X. Y SC.
Summer weather haa come at last.
Quite a few Carusites joined the Cen
tral grange which was organized in the
Beaver Croek school house last Satur
day. The grange is a grand organi
zation and every farmer should belong
to it as only by solid organization can
they obtain their rights
Charles Spangler is clearing up 12
acres of now ground this springs rr'-
Squire Spence" went to. Oregon City
last Saturday.
Mr.Erickson has the frame of his new
barn up.
Haying will soon commence.
Eight or ten from hem are working
on the Beaver Creek hill, which will be
no bill at all when they get through
with it.
Preston and Arch Cooker are slashing
for MraCrowlyon her Milk Creek ranch.
what little
fixings you
Our store is
there is not a
week that
something new to
R. Fanton went to the mountains
again last week accompanied by Jules
O'Conners sawmill is still turning
out first class lumber.
R Scheubel Is talking of working in
Oregon City this auinmsr
If the popnlists are going to combine
with the Mitchell republicans to control
thr legislature, as they seem to inti
mate, they wont he if it at the next
election in this neck of the-woods.
June 22. Changer.
As the hop picking is drawing near
we would like to ask for space in your
valuable paper to make a few romarks
in regard to the price and the price of
picking. Mr. Rees of Aurora was in
this part a few days ago for the purpose
of contracting the coining crop at o;t
cents per pound for one year, as the
outlook for price is very bad. People
do not care to invest money in hops as
the acreage has been cut to quite an ex
tent but not enough to make a mark in
the Price as there is tons of old hops on
the market yet. and yards that are being
cultivated this season are making a good
showing for a large crop. The hop
growers of this county will not pay
more than zo cents per box for picking
this season as they can not afford to pav
the old price, it is rumored mat the
Butteville hop association will set tbe
picking price at 25 cents.
The Lowav vard is being run and will
be picked and also the Moshburger yard,
which will be about tbe extent ot the
picki. g in this vicinity this season, the
two yards above mentioned will pay 25
cents for picking. Hoi' Grower.
We are having fine weather; roads
are improving very much wits the work
being put on them and the warm
weather combined.
S. H. Dix has the frame for his new
dwelling house erected.
Rev. B. F. Bonney of Wasco county
expects to be in our niiust in a few days.
Rev. J. Blair of Rural Dell preached
at the Colton schoolhuuse Sunday,
June 2Ni, at 7 o'clock p.m.
Miss Elva McLain of Macleay ia stay,
ing at D. UobersoL. and attending
Miss Sophia . La'erty, who has been
under tbe physicians care at 'he Glad
stone hospital sincalast March, returned
home Saturday. She has improved
very much but not able to leave only for
a week or two. ., . .
. The Colton school i prdkressingT
nicoly under the auspices of the Victor
J. Gorbett and sons are running their
saw mill full blast. -
Win. Tinnerstett of Tillamook was in
our vicinity Monday, lune etn, on
Sam Kaufman of Needy is staying on
his brothers bee ranch attending to the
Tom Lenian has been assisting C. E.
Gorbett in building a fence around his
June 18th. Lystek.
Cutting hay is the order of the day.
Miss Mild iit Linn was at Damascus
Saturday night to a dance .
G. E. Spees, J. W. and T. W. Linn
was down to Fred Waru's place to the
dance Saturday night all got homo.
J. W. Linn was in fortland Monday.
Miss Mertle and Martha Young of
Currinsville were visiting friends and
relatives here a few days last week.
Girls, when you haven't anyplace to go,
come again.
The band boys will give a dance at
Mt Scott hall July 4th. All ore invited
to attend.
There was a dance at Mr. Leek's last
Thursday night. A good time was had
by all present. Some came irom tue
eaflt, the south, the north, the west,
some straigli up ; some got down but
couldn't get "up."
The entertainment at HoiconiD sciiooi
house last Friday night w as good.
Mr Johnson and W. Carpenter went
to Portland .
F. F Sellman moved to Sandy last
Saturday . ,
June 24. Engineer.
The Fourth at Molalla.
The procession under management of
N . J. Hardesty, grand marshall, will
form on the public square at 9 a. m.,
beaded by tbe Molalla brass band, and
march to the celebration grounds in J.
R. Shaver's pasture, where the follow
ing program will be rendered:
Music Molalla Brass Band
Vocal Music Molalla Choir
Reading of Declaration ol fndependence
Music Orchestra
Oration J E Hedges of Oregon City
Mnsic Orchestra
Vocal Music Teacl Creek Choir
Music Molalla Brass Band
Vcal Music. . Molulla and Teasel Creek
Music Orchestra
Impromptu Speeches
Base Ball Game.
75-yd Foot Race, professionals honed ,
prize fl .
Fat Man's Race, prize 50c
Wheelborrow Race, prize $1:
Sack Rr.ce, prize oOc .
Boy's Race, from 6 to 9 years, prize 30c(
Boy's Race, from 9 to 1 1 years
handicap, prize 50c.
Grand Ball in evening.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla
Fnri lshed Every Week by the Clackatiiaf
Abstract L Trust Company.
The Claok.ma. Abstract A Trust Co. Is tht ownei
of the oopyriiflit to the Thome system of abstrael
Indexes for Claokamas county, .ml hw thn only
complete set of abstracts in the ootintyt can furnish
Information as to title to land at ooceon Application,
Loans, investmotits, real estate, abstracts, .to Office
over jlatik of Orejcon City. Call and Investigate.
Address, box 877, Oregon City. Oregon.
Nellie R Howard (o .1 Scttlrinier, lots
4 and 5 sec 18, 5-2 e; $1.
Hirxm Ortin m T II Monro, no of
nw ii. n of tie and se i of ne J4
of sec 30. 4-0 e; 1800.
A M StRitabery to S F SUnilieiy, ne
M of se i ami se of ne M of sec 23,
2-4; $1000.
T L Charman to E E Bell, lot 2 block
3, Weslynn; $221.
M J Broderick to Thn C'lmrmn &
Son, lot 2 blk 150, OCi$150
J W Noble to E M Atkinson, lot 5
block 47, Oswego ; $400.
E P Carter to W Briggs, n M of sw YA
of sec 3, 0-2 e; 250.
John MurdocK to W Briggs, 11 4 of se
M and s H of ne J-4 sec 4.0-2; $850.
Casper Ramsby to R E Rumsby,e
of nw J-4 sec 12, 5-2 e; $1.
E C Maddock to John Price. V acres
in PLeecl;$350.
T F Ryan to Robt Kelland , lot 4 and
1- 3 lot 5 blk 28, OC; $158.
Close & Scollard to TF Ryan, lots 6
7 and 8 blk 4, Edgewood ; $402
Valentine Brown to Peter Paquet, 5
acres in Garrett cl ; $500 .
U S to J II Ingram, ne of sec 13,
2- 3 e ; patent.
Jacob Bauer to Aug Holden, w of
of ne -4 and nw of Be sec 20, 5-3 e;
II J Minthorn to L D Johnson, lots 6
to 20 blk 75, lots 20 21 22 blk 80, Min
thorn ; $100.
Alfred Smith to J C Smith, se M of
sV M of sec 31, 3-2 e ; $000.
U S to J R Robb, lots I 2 7 and 8 blk
68, Ore City; patent.
W A Wise to John Wise, 10 acres In
Abernethy cl: $1050.
O I & S Co to S A McMillen, I at 3 blk
24, Oswego; $200.
M. E. Camp-Meeting.
The Oregon State Cam p-meeting of the
Methodist Episcopal Church will be
held at Can by, Ore., on their beantiful
grounds, beginning Jury 14th ahd con
tinuing antill July 27th. Tbo grounds
will be suitably arranged and every
thing in good condition for enjoyable
and profitable meeting. By the order
of the association tho grounds will be
enclosed with a barbed wire feiice, and
UifteirrVaf isprfliiTfrmoVr wtir-
by drumming for moiiey to pay expenses,
a small fee tif ten (tents for "sing u ad
mission will be taken at the gate. A
seuson ticket foru single individual
good during the cuiupiiiKtitiug can be
had for fifty lents, and a family ticket
one dollar. This includes all campers
upon the ground, without any additional
expenses to themselves and family. The '
boarding house will he fitted up with
care and let to responsible persons, who
will furnish dusirable board at reason
able rates.
Tho duto is lutur than usual, but after
consultation with interested parties it
was thought best, owing to tho back
wardness of the season, the Chautauqua
Assembly in session so near to us and
other considerations, to fix the date a
few uays later than usual. As far as
possible we wan' to make this a real old
fashionetl Methodist camp meeting
where sinners are converted and
believers sanctified. Surely there are
hundred of needy souls among us who
are longing fo' a deeper Christian ex
perience anil in thus coming together
with one accord eternity alone will
reveal the good accomplished. Let all
Methodists take a deep interest in the
camp meeting. uome, bring your
children and your neighbors especially
the unconverted. G. W. Gue, President.
A new lino of bountiful Uues just ar '
rived at the Racket Store .
. There are medicines which'
change the action of organs
and tissues. When a part
does not properly perform Its
work, they restore it to health. !
Such remedies are called " al
teratives." Scott's Emulsion of Cod
liver Oil, with Hypophos
phites, is one of these rem
edies. This is largely be
cause of certain drugs which
naturally exist in the oil, as
Iodine and bromine. If you
are neither hard sick nor real
well; if you feel below your
usual standard, these altera
tives will change your con
dition and bring back your
health and strength.
SCOTTS EMULSION Ut htr ndarvd It
sWnftnyruaa (W tmnt? ftmrl. (Atk roar dtf
. 7u u sn.iue a u tlwmrl pijUU Wnrf
ior m tlwtft enUtmt llu parnt CYJoravfiasl
Of-fewr Oil mmd Hjrpcpkorfkiln.
'Put Bp m o tnU mad f.oo un. Tf mmsjl rnt