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NO. 23.
Your Liver?
Is the Oriental salutation,
knowing that good hoalth
cannot exist without a
healthy Liver." "When the
Liver is torpid tho Bow
els are sluggish and con
fltipated, the food lies
in tho stomach undi
gested, poisoning tho
blood; frequent houdacho
ensues; a feeling of lassi
tude, despondency and
nervousness indicate how
tho wholo system is de
ranged. Simmons Liver
Kegulator lias been the
means of restoring more
peoplo to health and
happiness by giving them
ii healthy Liver than any
agency known on earth.
It acts with extraor
dinary power and efficacy.
A conrral fnmlljr ritmedj for dyipoptls,
Trilil I.Ivor, t'cimllpstlun.elc, I hardly avitr
duo anything elan, .ml hsve n.v.r beau dl
iHilntt'il iu tli flTtit-t produced; It iiimi to
b almoat a perfect euro fur all dlsMM. of to
Stuiu.vli and Bowel..
W. J. MoBLaoT. Muoo, Us.
A submarine cable of 500 volts was
luid between ban Diego and C'oronado the
oilier day. It is to supply the force to
run a new electric roud at the latter
p I uce,
A 200-foot tunnel has just been com
pleted at the Sultana mine In Grant
county, and a contract is soon to be let
for one tiOO feet long. Exposures are
The coyotes in the Verdo river section
In Arizona are afl'ected with hydrophobia
to such an extent that it is dangerous to
travel through that country and especi'
any to camp at nignt
Steps are about to be taken toward the
construction of a Hah ladder at the falls
of the Willamette at Oregon Citv, for
which the last Oregon Legislature made
an appropriation ol f 10,000.
A London company is said to have
bought the nickel mines in Oregon. It
is believed the company will erect
plant to manufacture armor for battle
ships and tor other purposes.
The Farmers' Insurance Company at
Spokane has been so managed that the
stockholders have been deceived, and
receiver has been appointed. The com
pany has out $218,000 worth of policies,
wiin assets ot fo.wu.
A report comes from Los Angeles coun-
ty, Cal., that a grove of bananas in the
Calmeniia foothills will produce this sea'
son 250 bunches of good, merchantable
fruit, and will Yield, it is said, a hand'
some profit to tiie owner.
A bank in Arizona, which closed t
short time ago, issued the following no
tice: "This bank has not busted: it
owes the people $;iti,000; the people owe
it $55,000 ; it is the people who are bust
ed ; when they pay we 11 pay
The Board of Public Works at Tacoma
has discovered a shortage of 5,000,000
trillions of water daily in the water com
Danv's guaranteed supply, which was
purchased recently by the city, together
'wun tiie eicciric-iigut paint, lor fi,ou,
According to the report of Receiver
J lad ley the uregon I'acitlc is running
behind, lie reports: June, earnings,
21,83.S.1G; expenses, $25,(117.41; loss,
3,784.21. July, earnings, 110,940.31 j ex
penses, $23,581.07; loss, $0,041.30. Au
gust, earnings, $10,307.01; expenses,
$1!,238.61 ; loss, $3,870.90.
The Linn County Board of Kqualiza
.JJon. has assessed the Southern Pacific at
$4,000 per mile on the road and $557 on
rolling stock on the main line. The Or
egonian and Lebanon branch was placed
at $3,000 on the roadbed, and the
Oreiron Pacilic will be about $4,300 on
roadbed and rolling stock.
From authentic reports received at
Poi tland by persons in a position to know
it is believed that there has been a re
cent and sudden uprising among the na
tives of Alaska. Many persons were
killed, among them being several mis
sionaries sent out by the American
It has been figured that Philadelphia
took about 480,000 baskets of peaches
tins season.
Tl.o Lin. Illln,! .Ill , ,!..
. no imivifl llllvu lUIUO nihil K'JIU UlUh
sealed them and passed them from hand
10 nanu as coin.
Now York claims the distinction of
being the only Btate that produces both
rock and brine salt.
A paper lias been Invented in Germany
from which ink writing may be erased
wiui a moist sponge.
The aniline dyes were invented In 1820,
and now over $7,000,000 worth are annu
ally used in the United States.
Female tramps are disponed to claim
their share of a business which has here
tofore been monopolized by men.
The largest gold coin in circulation is
the " loot" of Anam, which weighs as
much as 325 United Stutos dollars.
Pennsylvania ranks first In the elvar
output of the country. New York, Ohio
and Florida follow in the order named.
The largest gold nugget ever known
was the " Sarah Sands." found in Aus
tralia. It weighed 233 pounds 4 ounces
Keports of increase of street railroad
earnings whore electricity has superseded
mule power in large cities average 00 ner
More than 10.000 tons of salmon were
packed by the canneries on the Frazer
river, 11. C. this season. It took near!
3U,U00,000 cans.
Among the curious products of the
State of Maine are wooden bottles. These
are made not for liquids, but for pills
powders and tablets.
Cuba has 102 coffee plantations, 700
sugar plantations, 4,600 tobacco estates,
3,200 cattle farms and 1,700 small farms
devoted to various products.
The silver product of the United States
is about per cent of our total min
eral production, which according to the
census was in loau ltm,Z3U,wiz.
Commander Ludlow of the Mohican
which has been patrolling Behrinv Sea
an summer, cellmates tiie product ol pe
i : i! .i.i
mgic sealing mis year ai ou.uuu sains.
The stoppage of silver milliner will re
duce our annual supply of gold by one
third. Just about 33 per cent of the
yearly yield of gold is takon out of silver
Colorado Miners Unfavorable to
a Sliding Wage Scale.
Immigration Into Canada Choice
Lands in the Bed Blver Val
ley of North Dakota.
The harvest of the Florida orangocron
nas commenced.
A telegraphic printing instrument. r-
cently perfected, threatens not only to
supersede the telephone as at present
employed, but to revolutionize tolcgra-
pny in general.
Counting the bearing and non-bearing
orange trees in Florida, there are esti
mated to be 10,000,000 trees. California
is credited with having 6,000,000 trees
aim Arizona aoout x,uou,uuu.
One tow boat on the Mississippi in
good stage of water can take from St,
Louis to Pew Orleans a tow carrying
10,000 tons of grain, a quantity that
wouiu require ntty trains ot ten cars
The whaling industry has fallen off so
much as to play but a small part in tho
world's commerce. The latest figures
obtainable show the production to aver
age between 15,000 and 20,000 tuns of
an gallons eacn per year.
F. P. Loomis, formerly United States
Consul at St. Ktienne, says that from an
investigation he made he finds that about
iio,ouo Americans ol the better class visit
hurope every year, and that they spend
auoiu f iuo,uuu,uw.
Erastus Wiman is reported as Ravine
in a late address that there are 1455.000.-
000 in the forty-one savings banks of
view lorn and Brooklyn, held by more
man i,ouo,uuu depositors, and the capi
tal of all the national banks in the coun
try is only $700,000,000.
Mrs. Blount, the ex-Minister's wife.
says that some of the native women she
met in Honolulu were as cultivated and
refined as any women she ever saw.
Five Irish Peers take their titles from
places that are not to be found on the
map of Ireland. These are the Duke of
Aberdeen, the Earl of Sheffield, the Earl
of Darnley, Viscount Bangor and Vis
count Hawarden.
A brother of the King of Siam, with
a numerous suite, is expected to arrive
in Italy shortly. After visiting Naples
and Rome the Siamese Prince will pro
ceed to Monz, where he will be received
by King Humbert.
William F. Weeks, the New York law
yer who embezzled millions of his cli
ents' money, and who is now a fugitive
from justice located in Costa Rica, was
one of the original owners of the town
site of Everett, Wash. He is still inter
ested in a great deal of property in that
Mrs. R. R. Phillips, a respected rem-
The'southern Pacific Company ran a I ,'lnJ LlfeiIalsJ' ,hfl, J"8,1 covered
free excursion train out of Sacramento '""'' i. -'neBS, aur-
tlw. ntl.-r uflwnnnn hniin.l far R.nn. I inB whk'h tlu1 SUe wa given Up tor
Nev. Between 300 and 400 Indians, who :d.t,ad twice, bhe makes the startling
went there to nick lions, were provided
with accommodations and sent to their
homes in the Sagebrush State. They
went in freight cars, and pulled out for
the mountains cheering.
A letter received at Kaslo, B. C.. dis-
closes the fact that a young fellow who
ran a restaurant in that town, and who
died lately from fever and dysentery,
was the son of an Irish Earl. The young
man, who was always very reticent about
his people, was a general favorite. His
name was Charles Reginald Weatherly,
and his mother is Lady Louisa of the
same name.
Frank Shay, a Southern Pacific Com
pany attorney and for many years Sena
tor Stanford's private secretary, is con
sidered to know better than anyone else
the value of the great estate left by
Stanford. He savs 455,000,000 would be
a conservative estimate of the value of
the property. The assessed value of real
estate owned bv the late Senator is $3.
230,000, and the market value probably
Mayor Mason of Portland has selected
Miss Eugenia Shelby to touch the but
ton which will launch the battle ship
Oregon. Miss Shelby is the sixteen-year-old
daughter of Eugene Shelby, a
Common Councilman of Portland and
agent at that point for Wells-Fargo Ex
press. The Oregon will be christened
by Miss Daisv Ainsworth, a native of
Oregon and tbe daughter of one of the
pioneers of that State. Miss Ainsworth
is now a resident of Oakland, Cal. M iss
Shelby is a granddaughter of General
Lane, who was appointed Governor of
the Territory of Oregon by President
Tyler in ltny.
Great interest in the San Francisco
Midwinter Fair continues to be mani.
tested by Eastern business men, who
want concessions and are willing to pay
for them. The German restaurant priv
ilege has been applied for. A number of
restaurants will be fitted up in gorgeous
style, and will surround the electrical
tower. The building spare for Santa
Bartara has been laid out by Engineer
O'Shaughnewy, next north of the Ha
waiian exhibit, and will occupy 4,000
feet, containing aqnatie specimens and
features of feaiHa Barbara. The elec
trical theater and hunters' hall has been
phvvd south of tb administration
'claim that she died and came to life
again. Mrs. Phillips also alleges to have
got, a gumpse oi neaven.
Belva Loekwood confesses to 63 years
of experience in this wicked world. She
was born in New York, taught school at
14 and was married at 18. Her youthful
characteristics according to her own ac
knowledgment included a fondness for
walking on top of rail fences, a fearless
ness of snakes and an inability to keep
her face clean.
Alexander Herbert Bailey, the lost
Englishman for whom search has been
in progress for several years past by the
solicitor of an estate in England, of
which Bailey is the heir, has been dis
covered at fast. He has recently been
peddling books for a Chicago publishing
house and posing as a spiritualistic me
dium for recreation through Washington
county, fa.
Mr. Balfour, who will, it is thought,
be Premier of England some day if
his health lasts, is also thought to be the
most interesting bachelor in England,
He is handsome, his face being uncom
monly refined and clever in expression :
and for a statesman he is young, his
years counting 45. He is a nephew of
the Marquis ol Salisbury, and an unmar
ried sister presides over nis household,
Victor Herbert, the composer and vio
loncellist, is the new leader of Gilmore's
band. People are wondering what so
fine a musician as Herbert will do in
such a position, to which the members
of the band have elected him, with Mrs.
Gilmore's hearty approval. Mr. Reeves.
who has been leader since shortly after
P. S. Gilmore's death, will return to
Providence and resume the control of
the band which so long bore his name.
An American who was recently a guest
of Prof. John Stuart Blackie thus de
scribes him : "An erect figure, not tall,
but above the medium height. White
hair falling about his nerk. The bluest
blue eyes I ever saw, with a keen, merry
expression in tneir searching deptfis.
Eyes that have never used glasses de
spite their owner's 84 years. A fare al
ternating between ruddy and pale tints,
like a mixture of heather red and white.
A pleasant speech, with a quaint twist
of Glasgow in the accent, y laint, un
conventional, honest maimer?!, all the
more elegant bj ration of their Terr
A diBpatch from Fall River savs that
all the in i t 1b are running.
Horses and cattle are dying of drouth
in various parts of Texas.
The IndiaiiB are costing the govern
ment about $7,000,000 per year.
Mob law was strongly condemned bv
the Knoxville (Tenn.) Presbytery.
James A. Garfield is to have a monu
ment in Fairmount Park, Philadephia.
Congressman do Armond proposes a
tax on all incomes in excess of $10,000.
The report of the Utah Commission
says that polygamous marriages are a
thing of the past.
Over one-fifth of tho whole number of
people in the United Status have visited
the World's Fair.
Georgia negroes will form an assocla
tion to prevent lynchings and other out
rages upon the race.
Secretary Lamont has appointed t
board to appraise Fort Bliss in Texas,
witn a view to its sale.
Ex-President Harrison is said to have
received $1,000 for a recent magazine ar
ticle on me worms fair.
More than 4,000,000 words have been
used In Congressional debate since the
silver repeal question came up.
Several pupils in Philadelphia, rang'
ing from 9 to 12 years old, have been ar-
rested for carrying revolvers to bcIiooI.
More than one-half of the Cherokee
Strip boomers have already left their
claims and gone back to theirold homes
Virginia comes up smiling with the
largest peanut crop lor years. Norfolk
reports 600,000 bushels more than lost
The Missouri State Board of Railroad
Commissioners and the express compa
nies arc preparing a new schedule of
Railroad trains will shortly be lit by
electricity. The New York Central rail
road is probably the first to use that
Representative Cooper of Texas has
introduced resolutions in the House re
ferring the question of silver to a vote
of the people.
Immigration into Canada has proven
a failure the past vear, a decrease of 25
per cent compared with the previous
year being shown.
Kansas farmers have been taken In by
swindlers, who sell a compound alleged
to double the amount of butter from a
given amount of cream.
A Kentucky Congressman wants the
government to pay rent for the school'
houses and churches used as hospitals
by the armies during the war.
The canal between Georgia Bay and
ako Ontario, which will shorten the
Chicago route to the seaboard by over
,uuo miles, is nearing completion.
In Maryland the finest varieties of
peaches are selling in the orchards at 25
cents a bushel. Prices are so low that it
does not pay to ship them to market.
The Chicago irrand lurv has found in
dictments against twelve men, who are
charged with arson. They were com
bined to insure houses and then burn
A whistle that will make itself heard
for twenty-five miles has just been fin
ished by John Bowman, and it will adorn
the car shops at Third and Berks street,
The indebtedness per head in Colorado
$206. Even Kansas, which has always
been an insatiate borrower, has only
succeeded in running up a mortgage debt
ol $170 per head.
A Rochester man has devised a nlan
by which a trolley street car can be
itopped almost instantaneously, or with
n a space ol three leet, while the car is
going at full speed.
Bartholin's magnificent statuary group
which is at present on exhibition at the
World's Fair will be kept at Chicago.
The work is of bronze, and is composed
of heroic figures of Washington and Lafayette.
The silver-mine owers at Aspen. Col..
have proposed a sliding scale of wages
to the men, but the latter are not dis
posed to accept it, and work will not be
resumed until the price of silver justifies
the old wages.
The New York World boasts of having
given away in charity on a recent Sun
day morning a pile of bread " 20 feet
long, 6 feet high and 6 feet wide," and
" did not have enough to give each hun
gry man a loaf."
Senator Dolph hat Introduced a bill to
ratify tho agruoniciit with tho JimIIhiih
uii mo allium ii-m-rvniiu.it ii mo
cesnion of their lamia not needed for al-. General Paralysis of ManilfdCt-
Arrangements are being made at the UmS M fcllglailU.
Navy Department for the trial of the
new cruiser Olympia, built by the Union
Iron Works of San Francisco. Tho trial
will take place about November 1 over a
forty-mile course in Santa Barbara Chan
nel between Point Conception and Santa
According to a Treasury statement is-1
sueu uy nocreiary uarusie me amounioi
money in circulation in the United
Stales October 1 was $1,701,0:111,1)18. Tho
average circulation per capita, estimat
ing the population at 07,300,000, is there
fore $25.20. a net increase in circulation
during September of $21,:i77,247. Tho
greutest item of Increase was gold coin,
vis., $14,820,741.
President Cleveland has sinned tho
proclamation setting apart a larire tract
of land as a forest reserve under the act
of March 3, 1801. Tho reservation will
be known as the " Cascade forest reser
vation." It extends from the Columbia
river 200 miles south wan), about twenty
mileswIdo.takingintheCasciuIeKange. Tne King of Sweden used the tele-
.lll.i 1.. 1 If
Secretary of the Treasury estimates for
appropriations for the Interior Depart
ment for the fiscal year ending June ,'t0,
1805. The appropriations linked airirrn.
gate $170,770,134, as against $180,087,030 ! M.000 paujiers in the Japanese Empire.
lor the current tlscal year, the principal
item is the armv and navy pensions.
The Fastest Cruiser Afloat-Women
Eligible to Olllce-Revolu-'
tion in Argentina.
Parliament will meet again on Novem-
WTi- i
ijuecn Victoria has iv id a typewriter
to her secretarial staf.
A new great seal for Iilund has just
uwu uiuurru at a COM OI &HO.
Iii England there is a fcoble move
ment in progress against tipping,
The British Labor Congress has agreed
.mi, mc uuy ui eiriKen nas passed.
lone for the first time a few days ago.
F(VVnt'a Anllnn ll.l- Ml 1 -
Mwwlanr link fi.nltl.-l.... .. fai Ilia ' .n nTui'uui : ' . . " 7r " "
. ' . " , w.wu.uw pounus lamer than in ih .
Widespread suffering has resulted from
the strikes in the English coal mines.
It Is estimated that there are less than
The French government charges worn
en a tax of $10 each for wearing troueirs.
The Poe has postponed indefinitely
...a encyclical concerning social ques'
There are associations in Great Britain
which insure against elopement, matri
mony aim iwins
The Argentine government announces
mat me revolution in the Republic ap
proaches its end.
Experiments made in tobacco cultiva-
wnich loot up 1100,000,000. Tills is a
decrease of $5,000,000 from the present
fiscal year.
Representative Henderson has had
prepared for introduction into the House
a resolution for the appointment of a
ppecial committee of five to investigate
and report on the transactions of the
sugar trust, with power to sit during tho
session of Congressto send for persons
and miners, to secure the Hid of ll.n De
partment of Justice and, if the facts ; t'on throughout Europe have not given
warrant, to report a bill to annul Its cor-1 much promise of success,
porate existence. Under extreme pressure Siam has
Judge Charles D. Long of Detroit, and agreed to sign both the treaty with
a member ot the Supreme Court of . Franco and the convention annexed.
Michigan, has filed a petition for a man- Tval foloernma an nn li,,. ...
damus in the District Court to compel ! mitted through pneumatic tubes in most
the Commissioner of Pensions to pay his of the principal cities of Great Britain.
(plaintilrs) pension, which, he holds, is . ,!,. ,, i,.i . .
if egally sui.ed.' This will bring out ' ZASX
the whole question of the action of Pen- .i ( : 'rii'vi. ? . u
sion Commissioner Lochrro in suspend- " laHl f '-'Us
ing pensions. The Commissioner is cited . m," , T , , , ,
to show cause Octolier 10 why the writ ' The women of Iceland, who have had
should not issue. I municipal suffrage ever since 1882, have
Representative Hermann has favor- ' 2ow. oeen maue wme w """""Pa' of-
ably reported to Congress his bill from
the Committee on War Claims, requir-l. lrof; Koch, the great bacteriologist,
ing the adjudication of claims for com- J1?8 8ot himself into trouble by divorcing
pensation for property lost in the mili-; ,11B w,fo 8Iul marrying a Berlin variety
tary service of the United States. This . stress.
especially refers to horses and other There is littie doubt that the whole
urojierty lost, and which the department Austrian Cabinet will resign if royal
has heretofore declined to consider be-1 sanction to the civil marriaee bill is
cause of the statute of limitations. It withheld.
is of interest to claimants in the Indian
A bill appropriating $3,447,045 for the
payment of damages sustained bv citi
zens of Pennsylvania from Union and
Confederate troops during the late war
was reported favorably in the House by
me uommiiiee on war uiaims.
Sensational newspaper writers are at
tributing to New York bankers and to
the United States Treasury orlicials
threats to " turn the screws " and bring
on another financial convulsion if the
Senate does not soon pass the repeal
During the month of October the State
of North Dakota will offer for sale nearly
100,000 acres of the choicest lands, all
located in tne tamons Ked Kiver Valley.
State owns 3,500,000 acres, being a part
of the grant of land donated by Con
Oklahoma had a population in 1890
larger than Wyoming when admitted as
a state, and with the increase since and
the sudden addition of fully 00,000 more
on the opening of the Cherokee Strip it
must have now a population of over
Elder Roberts of the Mormon Church
complains that he was barred from par
ticipating in the proceedings of the Par
liament of Religions at the World's Fair,
notwithstanding the belief was enter
tained that all religions could have the
right and privilege to be heard.
It is reported that the crops of peaches
and grapes in Michigan this year are too
great to oe moved. I be various trans
portation companies that are engaged in
carrying the product to Chicago and
other markets are overwhelmed with of
ferings f material to be carried away.
A PartV of nperm minora naaBm..
through Chicope, Kan., f.om a visit to
vt ler were called " scabs " bv a lot of
boys, and stones were thrown at them,
when one of the negroes fired bis pistol
at the boys, wounding one. Much ex
citement resulted, and the negroes were
laaen w niiSDurg, jaan., to avoid
wars of the Pacific Coast,
The Democratic members of the Wavs
and Means Committee are making prog
ress with the tariff bill. The ground
work is understood to be free raw mate
rials, with compensatory reductions on
other materials. There is a growing im
pression that the consequent deficit in
the receipts will be met bv increased ln.
ternal revenue taxes on whisky and to
bacco. Carlisle is understood to favor
an increased tax on whisky to $1.20, cal
culating this will increase the revenue
The charges made by the citizens of
tiKianoma uity ot alleged misconduct on
the part of Captain D. F. Steele of tho
United States army (retired) in connec
tion with tho openincr of Oklahoma to
settlement had their effect in the issiiinv
of an order by the Secretary of War for
me conri-iiiiiniai oi uaptam Steele, llo
is charged with fraud in his official ca
pacity, while in command of the troops
in 1802, to secure control of some of the
best land sites in the Territory and with
making a bargain with an auctioneer bv
which lie purchased at the very lowes't
price government ouildimrs and other
property sold when the military camp
was broken up. The court-martial will
meet at tort Reno, Oklahoma.
Strenuous efforts have been mado by
uiose iavoring and opposing the ilc
Creary substitute for the Geary bill to
agree upon a time when the bill shull be
considered. It is feared that there will
be no quorum in the House as soon as
the vote is taken on the Federal election
law repeal bill. Elforts will be made to
take the bill up as soon after this vote as
possible. Some of its opponents want it
put off till November 1 to wait for a
quorum. There is little doubt expressed
that the bill will go through as goon as a
vote can be reached. Several Western
members are preparing speeches which
will severely arraign the administration
for the non-enforcement of the Geary
In his report to the Commissioner of
Indian Affairs Prof. Putnam in chaive
of the ethnological exhibit of the
World's Fair denounces as falsehoods
the charges bv Mrs. Sickles. Chairman
ot the universal I'eace Union, that bru
tal and cruel exhibitions of the Indian
sun dance were given at the fair. The
accusations are characterized as misreP'
resentations; he says there has been no
representation ot the Indian sun dance.
and there has not been a single Indian
belonging to the United States who has
taken part in any exhibition except the
piavajos, who nave been quietly sitting
in a hut weavingand making silver work.
Indians from Vancouver Island, who are
entirely outside the jurisdiction of the
TTU.V . i ..!.!!
uiiiwu rcm;o, imve uiveii exiiioiiions,
performing ceremonial songs and dances,
Secretary Carlisle has sent to the
House his reply to the resolution of that
body asking him why 4,500,000 ounces
oi silver million were not purchased dur
ing July and August as required by law.
The reply says, as the United States is
the largest purchaser of silver in the
world, the Secretary of the Treaaury
after an examination of the offers and
quotations each day should determine
what in his judgment is a fair price. He
either has to purchase 4.500,000 ounces
at the dealers' prices, no matter how un
reasonable or exorbitant, or he must era
ploy such means as are at his command
to ascertain the actual market price.
The effort of the department since June
12 has been to simply ascertain the fair
market price of bullion each dav it was
offered for sale, and when ascertained to
make purchases at that price.
The Foreign Affairs Committee has
decided to report favorably the McCreary
substitute for the Everett bill. As agreed
on, it extends the Chinese registration
period six months from the passage of
tne act. it strikes out the word "white"
from the Geary act so as to permit the
testimony of anybody except Chinamen
to be adduce. to prove "Chinamen are
entitled to register." It defines a Chi
nese laborer. Geary offered his amend
ment requiring photograph in a- in con
nection with the identification clause,
but onlv secured three votes in its sup
port. The majority deemed the regula
tions of the Treamiry Department suffi
cient. Geary cast the only adverse vote.
He declares tiie bill's teeth are drawn.
that it is a makeshift in keeping with
the course of the administration. an,1
tUt be will fight it tooth and aaiL
A million acres of oats were grown
this year in Scotland, and only 280,000
acres wnra devoted to nil ttiAnthpr amino
Last month the officers of the Fish
mongers' Company, London, seized and
destroyed 100 tonB of fish as unfit for
human food.
The coercive measures against the
young Czechs, the Nationalists of Bohe
mia, continue to be enforced with in
creasing rigor.
A number of smaller coal pits in Staf
fordshire, Nottinghamshire and Derby
shire-, England, have reopened at the old
rates ol wages.
The vintages in France and Italy this
year are unusually good. In France the
output and quality of champagne will
lie exceptional.
Germany's foreign trade for the first
seven months of the year shows a heavy
falling off in imports and a considerable
increase in exports.
So vast are the ruins of Pompeii that
they cannot all be excavated at the ordi
nary rate ot progress More the middle
oi the next century.
The Moslems plant a cypress tree on
every grave immediately after the inter
ment, which makes the Moslem ceme
teries resemble forests.
The three British battle shins now un
der construction have been modified as
regards armor in view of the informa
tion gained by the loss of the Victoria,
A new street railway is beinir laid in
Cairo, Egypt. Passengers will hang to
me same kino ol hand straps with which
cars are luxuriantly furnished in the
cities of America.
The fastest cruiser afloat is the Yoshi-
no, which has fust been constructed bv
Sir W. G. Armstrong, Mitchell A Co. for
me Japanese government. Tins vessel
attained a speed of 23.031 knots.
A Projected canal from Marseilles In
me vauey of the Khone is attracting the
attention of French engineers, and they
are at present engaged in seeking an
ouuet on tne Mediterranean coast.
Wiiat Valley, 06g7)ft'c;
Walla, 85a87Jc per cental.
Hams, medium, uncovered, HlS'tc
per pound; covered, H'Cioc; break
fast bacon, uncovered, 10;4(9l7c; cov
ered, iU!ti7c; short clear sides,
CtlOc; dry salt sides, 14$14c; lard,
wmpounu, in tins, io'o per pounuj
pure, in tins, 1314'-4'c; Oregon lard, 11)$
Burlaps. 8-ounre. 40-inch, net cash.
6c; burlaps, 10-ounce, 40-lnch, net
cash, 6c; burlaps, 11-ounce, 45-inch,
7i4c: burlaps. 10-nnmw. AO-inch, lie-
burlaps, l-ounce, 70-inch, 14c; wheat
rags, Calcutta, 2x30. spot. 8c: Z-bushel
oat bags. 7?.,o; No. 1 selected second
hand bags, 7c; Calcutta hop cloth, 24-
uuuee, ioc
Hops '02s. lOffllflc per nonnd. accord-
Ing to quality; new crop, '03s, lie for
inferior 10 it ftc lor choice.
wool rrices nominal.
Hipks Dry selected prime. Be: omen.
salted, 00 pounds and over. 8'c: nndnr
60 pounds, 2(8 3c; sheep pelta, shearlings,
10c16c; medium, 20(c35c; long wool,
30000c; tallow, good to choice, 33c
per puunu.
Floob Standard. M.00: Walla Walla.
$3.00; graham, $2.50; superfine, $2.25
per barrel.
Oats New white, 863flc per bushel ;
new gray, 8233c; rolled, in bags, $0.25
0.50; barrels, $0.75(7.00; cases, $3.75.
MiLLSTurrs Bran. U0.00: shorts.
$18.00; ground barley, f 22(323; chop
feed, $18 per ton: whole feed, barley, 80
itt85c per cental; middlings, $2328
per ton ; chicken wheat, tl.10rai.25 per
Hay Good, $1012 per ton.
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A Simple Device to Keep Cows
From Becoming Soiled.
Good Water Essential for Cows-
Valuable Information Con
densed for Farmers.
daiby produce.
Bdttb Oreiton fancv creamery. 27U
iu30c: fancv dairy. 22a25e! fair in
good, 17ii320ci common, 1510o per
Lurks r Oregon. 1012Wc: Califor
nia, 1314c ; Young America, 1510c per
aaa 25c per dozen.
Foultby Chickens, old. 1.1.000)3.50 !
broilers, $1.50(83.00: ducks. $3.00(4.00:
geese, $8.000.00 per dozen; turkeys,
uve, lie per pounu.
Livi and dbrssid mrat.
Bxar Prime steers. 2.5032.76: fair
to good steers, $2.002.50: good to choice
cows, Jl.WMZ.OU: dressed beef. t3.50ft
6.00 per 100 pounds.
Mutton (Jhoice mutton, $2.002.50;
dressed, $4.005.50; lambs, $2.002.50;
dresBed. $0.00: live weiirht. 12.00(32.50.
Hoos Choice heavy, $5.00(35.50; me-
u.uiii, fi.uuiwu.uu, ngiit anu leeuers,
$4.506.00; dresBed, $7.00.
ViAL $4.0u0.00.
Tin I. C. charcoal. 14x20. prime Qual
ity, $8.500.00 per box ; for crosses, $2
extra per oox; i. v. coke plates, 14x20,
prime quality, $7.60(38.00 per box ; terne
plate, x. u., prime quality, $0.507.00.
Nails Base quotations: Iron, $2.25;
1 M OE. I An Eft ,
aura., fA.ou, wire, fi.ou per a eg,
Strkl Per pound, 10c.
Lrad Per pound. Vie: bar. O'dfo.
Naval Stohhh Onknm.x4.f)0tf)5.00nflr
Daio; resin. M.80(35.00 ner 480 pounds:
utr, orocKiioun, 13 ; Uarohna, $u per bar
rel; pitch, $0 per barrel; turpeutine, 05c
per gallon in car lots.
Iron Bar, 2Jo per pound j pig-iron,
$2325 per ton.
The bicycle haB become so popular in
France that the railroads are making
special accommodations for carrying the
machines and storing them at stations
tor tne use ol travelers seeing the coun
try roads.
Aline, jjamoertde Kothscluld is among
the latest enthusiasts for bicycle-riding
in Brussels. She goes regularly to the
liois oe la Uamhro to practice. Bicycle
riding has created quite a furore in the
city among the gentler sex.
An international exhibition will be
held at Vienna from April 20 to June 10,
1804. The exhibition will embrace eco
nomical food supply, army sustenance,
life protection and means of transport
and a special sports exhibition.
Hardly ten years ago the first step was
taken in Germany to bring the whole
body of wage-earners under compulsory
State insurance. To-day nearly 13.000.-
( 01) laborers are actually insured against
sickness, accident, invalidity and old
Some one seems to have told the Sul
tan that chlorate of potash is a danger
ous explosive. Consequently no druggist
or pharmacist in Constantinople is al
lowed to possess or sell it. The Grand
Master of Artillery alone is allowed to
have it in keeping.
The authorities at Port Darwin. Aus
tralia, have notified the steamship com
panies that in future the strictest inter
pretation of the Chinese restriction act
ill tie enforced. This beine so. no
steamer having on board more than two
Chinese passengers can enter Port Darwin.
The general paralysis of manufactur
ing ln England is costing the country
millions weekly. Nothing like such mis
ery and disaster has ever been known
before in England. There is no parallel
for it anywhere, save perhaps in some
peculiarly savage and widespread phase
of devastation by war.
Throughout the east of Europe and In
Roumania there has lately been organized
a system of lady commercial travelers,
whose mission it is to supply wedding
tronweaux, layettes, mourning outfits
and other goo Is. These ladies hail from
Paris, and carry with them specimens
and samples from the first French
cannbd coops.
Cannkd Goous Table fruits, assorted,
$1.75(42.00: peaches. tl.H5ffl2.lMlr Bart-
lett pears, $1.752.O0; plums, $1.S7
1.50; strawberries. 2.25i2.45 : cherrinn.
9 .4.1. 1.U..I.I : At uEniiA
uiiwivuvn 1UH, f ioui(i'4.uu.
raspoerries, z.w; pineapples, $a.Z5(
2.80; apricots, $1.052.00. Pie fruits,
assorted. (1.20; peaches. 11.25: plums.
1.00(81.20: blackberries. $1.25(3.1.40 per
uu.en. iie iruiis, gallons, assorted,
$3.153.60; peaches, 3.60(a4.00; apri
cots, $3.504.00; plums, $2.753.O0;
DiacKuerries, .zog4.uO; tomatoes,$1.10.
Mrats Corned beef, 1b, $1.60; 2s,
$2.40; chipped, $2.553.00: lunch
tongue, Is, $4; 2s, $0.75 j deviled ham,
$1.752.15 per dozen.
Fish Sardines, s, 75c$2.25; ks,
$2.154.60; lobsters, $2.803.60; sal
mon, tin 1-lb tails, $1.25S$1.50; flats,
$1.75;2-lbs, $2.252.50; -barrel, $5.60.
Vroetablrs Cabbage, lc per pound ;
potatoes, Oregon, 75c per sack ; new on
ions, lc per pound: tomatoes.- 35
40c per box ; green corn, 15c per dozen ;
sweet potatoes, ljc per pound; egg
plant, $1.00 per box ; new California cel
ery, 90c per dozen ; Oregon, 36(260c.
Fruits Sicily lemons, $0.00((tfl.50 per
box: California new crop, $5.00(($550
per box ; bananas, $1.60(33.00 per bunch :
oranges, market bare ; Oregon, peaches,
85c per box; California, per box;
fall butter pears, 65(380c per box, lelc
per pound: watermelons. 75cril.fiO nr
dozen; nutmeg melons, $1.50 per box;
Casawvas, $2.00(32.50; grapes, 50(300c
per box ; Italian prunes, 00w80c per box ;
apples, Baldwin, King and Gravenstein.
85c$1.00 per box; Waxen, 75g00c.
Dried Fruits Petite prunes, 10llc;
ilver, ll(iil2c; Italian. 13'6c: German.
luetic, piuins, mavc; evaporated ap
ples, 10(a. 11c; evaporated apricots, 14(
15c; peaches, 10(ftl2.c; pears, 7llc
per pound.
Honiv Choice comb, 18c per pound:
new uregon, ioijuc; extract, H(alUc.
Salt Liverpool, 100s. Ilfl.00 : 60s.
$10.50; Btock, $8.60i(t0.60.
Salvador, 23c; Mocha. 2028cj Ar-
puckie's, uoiumuia and Lion. 100-pound
cases, 25.30c per pound.
Brans Small whites. 333c;' pinks,
3c; bayos, 33.'c; butter, 4c; lima,
,1'ic per pounu.
Kica lsland,o.7&B.uujJapan, -New
Orleans, $5.50(30.26 per cental.
Syrup Eastern, in barrels. 40055c;
in half-barrels, 42(i?67c: in cases, 350
80c per ration : $2.25 per keir: California.
in barrels, 20(g40c per gallon; $1.75 per
Suoar D. 6Kc; Golden C, 6c ; extra
U 8Jic ; confectioners' A, 64c : dry aran-
mated, 6c; cube, crushed and pow-
uerea, per pound; $c per pound
uiscounv on an grades lor prompt cash ;
mapie sugar, lotgioc per pound.
lilac HaU la BotUm.
Said a hat salesman tome: "People some
In and see a hat oa my head and at ones
want It I don't know what for, unless
they think I select tha best. In tbts way I
mid H bau one nann.'N-Boston Globs,
There Is more profit in five irood than
in fifteen inferior cows.
Don't get a eeneral-nurpose cow tor a
special-purpose use, or vice versa.
Do not be in too bier a hurry to store
the corn. Let it be well cured before
When trluiminsr shrubs and bushed
cut out the old wood ; leave the new for
next season's bloom and fruitage.
First-class butter sells for a good price
almost universally. It is only the infe
rior grades which bring low prices. . A Brld' oilaama.
Pharaoh's lean kine ate up the good A charming young lady walked Into a
ones. The same thing, so far as profits hair dresser's establishment in the south
go, is repeated often on many a farm. , eastern section of the city one day last
Feed liberally, for it is only from what week and informed the proprietress that
is received above the amount required she wanted her hair thoroughly washed
and shampooed, her bangs frizzed and
curled and her tresses dressed in tha
is, I always have tome Income, both
summer and winter. No matter how
hard the times are, people do need eggs,
and chicken meat is cheaper in many
localities than pork and beef. I can al
ways find a market for my produce, and,
unlike most crops, it is always in a con
dition to be marketed. While the work
at times becomes tedious, it is not neces
sarily laborious."
a simplr dkvicr.
A correspondent of the Conntrv Dan.
tleman gives a device he uses to keen his
cows from getting soiled while in the
staoie. ine plan is simple, and places
no restrictions on the animal. He says :
"A device I am using answers the pur
pose. It is simply a board, which may
he padded to keep from rubbing, the hair
off, placed across the stall, fust high
enough not to touch the animal when
standing at ease. When she wishes to
void excrement she must arch her back.
The position of the board prevents her;
so she steps back to get into the position
nature requires, and the excrement falls
in the gutter or offset, far enough away
to permit her lying down in the clean
stall. The board must be placed at dif
ferent heights and lemrths to suit tha
size of the animal. A little notice of the
actions of each will give one the exact
place to put it."
lor maintenance that animals rive re
Now that the strawstack has settled,
a dav mav be well used in fixing it up
ior ine tan rains, uoea yours need attention?
A light mulch of new-mown grass will
help the bed of animals by keeping the
Srounu moist anu cool during the hot,
ry spell.
If you have cultivated vour crop the
oast, season simply to keep the weeds
down, you have not done the best by
your farm.
If the cocks have not already been re
moved from the flocks, do so at once.
The number of eggs produced is not af-
lecteu uy inem.
Keep a dust bath within reach of the
fowls constantly. They enjoy wallowing,
and it helps to keep them healthful and
free from vermin.
In selling dairy products the minimum
quantity of fertilizing elements leave
the farm. Dairymen usually build up
M.o rorbiui-y ui ineir lana.
The concensus of oninion favors hav-
ing cows dry for a few weeks before calv
ing, although some dairymen insist that
continuous milking is best
Two tilings never learned by the blun
der-head buttermaker are when the
cream is just ripe enough and when the
putter is worked just enough
Not Importaat.
"So yon and Agnes have a difference. Is
it maUrUlr"
"No; only the trimming.'' Detroit Trik
nna. Jmt tb ThUg.
Hsr-Yvu an to klswU In white.
6l(M-Vott feakt at tan pai4f)u
It is almost a stereotyped nhraHe to
recommend good water for cows, says
the New York Tribune, and if "line
upon une and precept unon precept"
enforces great truths, there ought to be
very nine neeu oi sermons upon tins
subject, but the other dav In a fortv-
mile drive across the country, the heart
r . . , . .vr. .
ui me areat uairy section oi uiuo, it was
surprising how many dairies this drouth
stricken section was compelling to drink
out of stagnant pools and dugouts, the
water of which was, with its pollutions
of mud and the offal of the cattle them
selves, thick and horribly filthy. This
need not be so, and the fault is all with
the man who owns the farm, and not
either in the withholdings of Providence
or natural defects in the living water of
tne iarm itseu. in these days ot cheap
aerometers and cheaper pumps every
man has a spring on his farm and an
abundance of water at command, and
no excuse exists for cows drinking filthy
water. In the dairy districts bad water
means more than its injury to the cattle,
for it has its deleterious effect nnon the
butter and cheese, for milk beinir 87
parts water, and this serum must have a
water origin, it is seen that it is very
probable that bad water will give as bail
iniiuence to the mi k: lor while with
good food and water it is onite a difficult
thing to influence the natural flavors of
dairy produce, vet with imnmner fml
and drink it is one of the easiest, tl.im.a
to feed a "stink " or objectionable flavor
into wnac would otherwise be a table
luxury butter and cheese. Good, pure
wuior in as certainly demanded as much
as good food, and the present drouth
ought to pe tun ol heeded lessons in
these very particulars.
The Homestead thinks farmers will
not allow the Poultry to be slivhted. as
they realize more fully what can be made
out of it, and recalls the instance of a
small farmer who became converted to
poultry farming by an experiment
wishing to adopt only those branches of
farming that pay him the best, he kept
a ledger account of all his crops vege
tables, grain, hogs, cows, poultry. lie
kept this np three years, and then set
tled down to poultry as the best crop.
His farm pays better to-day on ten acres
than any 100 in the neighborhood. He
states the situation in this way: " If I
put much time and expense in the grow
ing of vegetables andadryorunfavorable
year should present itself, so that the
crop becomes a failure, I am at a big
loesj but with poultry I am safe that.
highest style of the art The attend
ants started in, and after duly admiring
the magnificent luxurUnoe and fine
silken quality of the fair one's golden
locks and they were beautiful pro
ceeded with the shampooing process.
Then it was necessary to fan the hair
and put it into a warm box to dry it
The customer Interrupted this portion
of the performance by saying suddenly,
"Please hurry np the other part of this
business; 1 am to be married in an
"But," exclaimed the startled hair
dresser, "it will require all that thus to
dry your hair, and 1 cant dress it until
it is dry. "Fix it somehow," was the
reply. "I can't keep the young man,
the minister and the guests waiting."
Her hair was piled np on her head, wet
as it was, and after the bang had been
arranged she left, saying, "Pm not go
ing away, and 111 run run in tomorrow
and let yon finish np the job." "I haven't
seen the bride since," said the lady of
the establishment in tolling the story,
"and I suppose she's too happy to think
of even her hair. She paid me al) right,
but I or some one else will have a terri
ble time ln putting that young wife's
head in order one of these days." Phila
delphia Record.
A Napoleon of Literature.
' The man was as thin as a rail and bad
the cadaverous look of a poet out of a
job. At least that's the way he appeared
to the editor as that gentleman raised
his eyes from his work to tee what it
was shuffling across the floor toward his
"Good morning," said the visitor.
"Good morning," responded the editor.
"You are the editor." said the visitor
inquiringly, half in doubt "Yes, I know
yon are. I can always tell an editor by
his intellectual expression. I have here,
sir, an article for the press."
"Prose or poetry? queried the editor.
not regarding the flattery.
"Both, sir; combination effort, I
may say."
"Ah, yon must be a genius?"
"Well, sir," and the visitor plumed
himself, "I am considered by my friends
Napoleon of literature, sir."
The editor didn't like that a little bit
"Urn," he said, looking him over.
''Urn, I didn't know yon were a Napo
leon, but I knew you were a bony part
of literature. Anybody could see that
with half an eye." Detroit Free Press.
Two Army Officers.
An American officer who went through
the Franco-German war with the Pruastia
army in order to study the art of war late
ly told tne following anecdote:
He became intimate with two German
officers, one of whom was a grave, elderly
man of undoubted courage and long ex
perience in his profession. His knowledge
of military tactics made him an authority
in his regiment; all disputed points were
referred to him by bis brother officers for
The other, who was a gay young fellow,
fond of cards and dancing, held a higher
rank ln tb corps.
Toe American one day commented Indig
nantly on this fact to the older man.
Why," be asked, "should P , a man
much your inferior, outrank youf
"Hold therel" said the old officer. "Ton
mistake. P is not my inferior. Per
haps be has not stndied the art of war as
thoroughly as I have, but the little he
knows he pots into practice. When yon
kw us In battle you will understand the
difference. I know what ought to be done.
Ua does it If a park of artillery is to be
taken, while I am for a moment or two
heniMting over scientiflo rules as to the
best way to do It he, with half of a nils
dimly in his mind, takra It"
Dr. Price's Cream Baking
The Only Pure . . .
Cream of Tartar Powder.
Contains neither Ammonia, Alum, nor any other adulterant
Does finer and more economical work than any other, owing
to its marvelous purity and greater strength.
It is cheaper at 500 a pound than the ordinary kinds at aoc
Tb Best U always the Cheapest.