Oregon courier. (Oregon City, Clackamas County, Or.) 188?-1896, August 18, 1893, Image 2

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Ce j,ottrier.
Oregon City, August 18, 1893.
In December, 1808, when Governor
Ponnoyer was editor o( the Portland
Daily Herald, he expressed opinions
on negro luffrwe, the principle under
lylns which liiDDllcable now. via., that
by hasty action in managing the rant
and intricate concern! of a great people,
incalculable and irreparable injury may
be done. It would not be difficult to
prove this by many event! of history.
If ill considered or temporizing measure
re adopted by congress, in effort to
restore the prosperity that belongs to
us. they will be found, like negro suf
frage, to be worse than lamentable fail
ures, only complicating the evila they
were Intended to correct. But let the
governor speak for himself:
The radical party contrary to all
reason favor the extension of the right
of iuffrane to the brutish negro while
at the same time they are clamorous
for lurther restrictions in our naturali
sation law. What can be the incentive
n .niimn nf arilnn ao unreasonable?
Is it possible that tliey are aware mat
tneir insane uogmas " -""
stand the faintest glance of reason and
that therefore they should diminish as
far as possible the vote of the intelligent
citizens wliue ai ine same time hwj
should augment the vote ot me ignorant
negro, who has not native sense enougu
m Mt hpvond radical ideas in the mat
ter of politics? or is their scheme deeper
and more damnaoie t are wiey actually
plotting for the overthrow of free govern,
ment and as a means thereto will they
dwarf the intelligent vote while they
anirment the vote of that class whose
sutfrage cau be scared by a bayonet or
bought by a hoecake i ' ' "
Nations and peoples all through the
ages of time have, in fits of temporary
madness, performed certain ridiculous
antics, and embraced for the moment
wild and foolish dogmas, but never,
never since the morning stars sang to
wilier, have anv Deople. race or nation
under the whole canopy of heaven made
such notorious fool of themselves as the
American people have over the sweet
scented "descendants of Canaan, the
son of Ham."
Tub recent fall In the price of eecuri
lies in Wall street has affected the stock
of the American Type Founders Com
pany, which represents the consolidation
of 23 type foundriea. In November
last, when the organization was formed,
its stock as 101; now it la 60. Fiv
foundries stayed out, of which Barnard
& Co., of Chicago, with a capital of a
couple of millions, is the strongest, and
they are not only making competition
lively for the consolidation, which failed
to earn its semi annual dividend, but
holding their own very well. The Gen
eral Electric Company's stock hag also
taken a slide down the chute, its full,
since October last, being from I'M to
3U-4. This company represents the
leading electrical syndicate of the
country, with business ramifications in
many slates, and so great a change in
the value of its stock is of more than
passing interest. The decrease in the
value of securities in Wall street is many
hundreds of millions.
Rkv. John F. Spalding, Episcopal
bishop of Colorado, and the ministerial
association of Denver, are experiment
ing on sinful congress with the power ot
prayer, which, in accordiance with their
instructiona, now ascends to the Throne
of Grace from the hearts of the devout
throughout that state. If congress were
t.i pass an unlimited coinage of silver
bill at the ratio of 10 to 1, the Colorado
ministers would no doubt consider their
Vjrayers answered. II they even succeed
j in making momoers of congress more
faithful to the Interests of their consti
tuents and less interested in their
several political fences, they will not
have prayed in vain. But praying for
congress by the people of the silver
state seems like praying for rain or
for a victory in battle as if one were
attempting to monopolize God's favors
at the cost of others.
Tim management of the collapsed
Portland Savings Bank is causing much
uneasiness and indignation. There are
seemingly good grounds tor suspicion
that some crooked work has been
done, and depositors' money has been
invested without caution. The offi
cers and other connections of the
bank lent themselves goodly sums.
Oregon needs a law that will hold the
stockholders and officers of a bank to
strict accountability. If we had this
now, with the surity that it would be
rigidly enforced, the public would have
no fear that deposits in any bank were
insecure . The personal honor and in
tegrity, and businets sagacity of the
managera of a bank form a most valu
able part of its assets. The two Oregon
City banks are as trustworthy as any of
the so-called ' big" banks of Portland
One can have too much of a good
thing. Uncle Sam has 4000 tons of
silver in his treasury vaults which he
cannot sell and on which, through its
depreciation, he has lost millions of the
taxpayers' money. If the silver miners
have a right to demand that tho govern
ment buy and maintain the price of
their product, why is it absurd for the
fanners to demand that the government
store their crops and loan them monev
on them?
Once a Wkkk thus summarizes the
financial seesaw: "Demonetize silver,
and the deposits in savings bunks are
wortli more, have greater purchasing
power, than when tht-y were deposited;
give us free and unlimited coinage of
silver (rating the coin according to the
Intrinsic or market value of the metal),
and the same savings are worth less
than when they were deposited."
Ir one-half of the accusations made by
me calem Independent against Mr.
downing, superintendent of the state
penitentiary, are true, this official
i morally far better adapted for
wearing the atriped convict's suit
than moat of the Inmates, but at
""u'7 me mesne oi our law are
too small to catch big thieve.
Ouoow ia sending devout men and
women to foreign land with the Gospel
of Chriet, and yet the Portland heathen
land annually 200 parentlea (presuma
bly bastard) children in the "Baby
Klpaa Tabulee cure constipation.
Kipua Tabolet cure liver trouble.
KipuM Tabula cure billouaacaa.
The grave problem that the next
legislature will have to cona'der I the
piactical extinction, few years hence,
of the Chinook salmon In the Columbia
and tributaries. In 18S3, 029,000 cases
of Chlnooka were packed ; this year only
U7.000. The total pack this year la
but 282.3.W ctsea, stealhead and blue
backs and all, tails Included. Already
tho May-June run, which used to make
the Clackamas alive with salmon, haa
uumd verv small proportions. That
atream was once the favorite resort of
salmon. This year no hVierman haa
caught anything above Mr. Cross' dam,
and but comparatively few below it.
The fact la the fish are going rapidly
and a hatchery or two and a close season
of 2),' months are not going to aave
them. Ten year ago there were but
few traps and wheels In the Columbia
and the boat numbered 800. This
year the multitude of traps, seines and
2000 boata with gill nets have fairly
crowded the river, and the wheels at
Bonneyville and elsewhere have slaugh
tered fish by the ton, and yet all told
they caught not one-fourth aa many
Chinook as there were caught in 1883.
To give exhausted nature a chance to re
cuperate, the legislature should prohibit
fishing for several years, but the Astoria
and Portland lobby will not submit to
such a heruie remedy, and the cannery
men will be left the opportunity of giv
ing the final blow that will lay out the
finny goose that laya the golden egg.
What fools we mortals be.
Uneventful Existence of the Militia Men.
While the militia encampment at
Gladstone is not yet ended there are no
two opinions as to its unqualified success.
The initial construction work was begun
last iliurstlay auu ou Saturday t Com
pany went down from here and received
their compatriots from Portland with
open, or more correctly, presented arms.
The camp, named in honor of General
Compson. is but a mile and a half from
Oregon City and an hour'a ride from
the metropolis, ao that many ot the
militiamen work all day and return to
the camp in the evening.
Camp routine ia begun at the un
seemly hour of 5 o'clock in the morning.
breakfast Is served in the long sheds at
the end of the camp and then comes
battalion drill for a couple of hours in
the cool of the morning.
After battalion drill each soldier Is
expected to put his tent in order; every
thing must be in place or the Colonel 'a
eagle eye will search out the discrep
ancy. Inspection over, each captain takes
his own company and puts it through
the uiuerent drills, it is rather an
amusing spectacle to see our proud citi
zens careering at a breakneck pace over
the dusty plain, the hot sun wringing
the perspiration from them at every
step, but they all seem to enjoy it. In
fact, the whole atl'uir ia voluntary. No
one need remain or take part if he has a
reasonable excuse.
The middle of the day ij rather dull in
Camp Compson. Most are away, some
are BWimming, sotno are lying in the
shade, and only a few straggling men
are seen about in the evening thing
begin to liven up, visitors pour in from
all quarters and the blue coats of the
soldiers make the scene quite pictur
esq no.
Under the efficient command of Colo
nel Beebe, the camp has been remark
able for good disciple and general good
order, t Company, uaptam uanong,
has made an excellent . showing in
numbers and in conduct.
The chief benefit of such an outing ia
not. perhaps, in the increased patriotism
and efficiency under arms, but in the
healthy bodies and freshened Intellects
which our citizen-soiuiers bring uack
to their daily avocations.
Oregon Crop-Weather Report.
The temperature during the past week
has bem couler by tour degrees than
it was the preceding week; the sunshine
was about normal. Ou the 12th the
sky became cloudy and the temperature
began to full; Sunday the 13th was
cloudy, cool and fresh winds, with ruin
along the northwest coast and along the
Columbia river to Hood liver. A light
sprinkle of rain, not sufficient to lay the
dust, fell in the Willamette valloy, south
ward to Linn county, principally close
to the river. Smoke Irom forest fires is
appearing In the atmosphere, being
more dense In the southern counties.
A good aoaklng rain would be of great
benefit to the hops, corn, late grain and
truit, gardens and pastures. The winds
are dry, making the soil very dry and
hard. Hops have good growth, thev
are very clean, there being few lice ; but
the Lurr is small, produced by lack of
rain, an improvement in tho size is
anticipated. Peach plums, the early
peaches ami apples are ripening quite
rapidly ; usually they are uoe by July
lutn. l lie couun inotn is developing
rapidly and damage will be done by
them to the apple and pear crop, (j recti
corn and tomatoes are in the market .
The potuto crop is generally good,
though it would yet be improved by rain.
Harvesting of fall wheat and outs con
tinues; thrashing will begin this week.
fhe correspondents all agree thut the
grain is turning out much better than
was expected. Some little thrashing has
been done, which yielded from zs to 4.
bushels per acre. Spring sown grain
does not show much improvement; it
will uot be harvested for ton days or
more and indicates a yield below the
average; not more than 12 to 10 bushels
of wheat and 30 bushels of oats to the
acre are expected.
The fore part of the week was warm
In eastern Oregon, but the latter purl
was decidedly cooler, with light frostN
on the higher elevations ; an occasional
sprinkle of rain fell, through practically
there was no rainfall. The mean tem
perature varied from 02 to 70 degrees, as
against 08 to 72 degrees the preceding
week. Harvesting is in progress
throughout the Columbia river counties ;
in Union and in part of Baker couutv,
in the counties to the south it will begin
next week Some thrashing has been
done and the yield is beyond all expec
tations. The wheat, oats and hurley
crop will be excellent, the total product
fully equal to or greater than that of any
former year. The quality will be good
too. Some farmers are troubled about
how to get the money to have their
grain harvested and how to get the
sacks to sack it. The alfalfa crops are
good and the reports indicate a plentiful
hay crop for next winter. Hie fruit is
ripening nicely and will be freer than
usual from insect!.
A Noted Mlnatrel.
M. T. Skiff, formerly business inarm
ger for W. J. Scanlun, the Irish Come
dian, suffered with rheumatism for year
without relief until he bought a bottle
of Drummond's Lightning Remedy. Two
bottles made a well man of him. There
are a thousand remedies for rheuma
tism, but none have received the un
solicited testimonials from prominent
people aa shown by Drummoiid'a Light
ning Remedy. Ask your Uriggist for it,
or send to ti e Druuinioiid Medicine Co.,
48-5 Maiden Lane, New York. Agen s
Instruction books, for pianos, oritans
and all string instrument ut Hurniein-
ter Androgen.
Tf affllctA! with acalo dia-a.Aea. hair
(allino onL and nrpmatnre haldneaa. do
not nsa creaso or alcoholic prepr.ratiuns.
but ppljr Hall. Hair Keneirer. . kc
Keport of receiver on vacation of
Qninn and N'olin read approved and
road declared vacated ; expense of :K 40
Keport of recelvoi on Mulloy road
approved and road ordored opuned ; et
peuse of $10.00, allowed.
Ibtport of viewers of damage on Mur
ri Wheeler road approved, and when
the damage mourning to $123 are paid
and receipt tiled with clerk, the road
will be ordered opened; expeime of
$0.00 ordered paid.
Petition of J. II Day for damag a on
account of review and relocation of
Baker' Bridge & Kock Creek road de
nied. No claim tiled.
Matter of the care and keeping nf Win.
C. Kent, pauper; alloauce increased to
17 per month, warrant to be indued in
favor of W. 8 Runynu on the 1st of
each month.
Application of Geo. Heabold for rebate
oi tax cost allowed anil the clerk will
issue a warrant in f.ivur of Geo. 8ttab ld
for $3.75, rebate on 1802 taxes.
Taxes erroneously collected of Kdward
Hughes were refunded, and clerk issue
a warrant for $10.00.
Application of E. It Cliarinan for re
turn of Uxes erroneously collected, al
lowed, and warrant to be issued for
Application of E. E. Cliarinan for re
t irn of taxes erroneously collected,
allowed, and warrant for $7.80 ordered
Application of E. K. Charman for re
turn of money paid for lot 0, block 42,
Sellwood, at tax sale, allowed; amount
Application of Hubert fl. Wilson or
tax rebate, not allowed.
Ben C Irwin, stationery $ 18 0
8 Smyth, surveyor's foes 13 00
8 M Kamsby, recorder's fee. . . . 451 00
Geo F Morton, clerk's fees fil2 83
0 W Gunong, sheriff ' lets and
jail expenses 1427 S3
Pope & Co, court house exp. . . . 1 1 00
G A Harding, p.uperexp 31 43
E E Williams, " " 18 05
Robbing & Son, road acct 4 64
Geo Broughton, " 18 08
J Kouke k Co, " ...... 13 75
Pooe A Co, " 22 35
Sidney Smyth, " 8 00
Inquest, l.illie Bradley . . 3" 05
6'tate v Marry Elvalker, insane 13 Ou
" Mrs Ann Hewitt, " - 18 00
' Claire Hatton, dim 2.. - 12 05
. " JohnH Revenue, (list 13 S I GO
" Krnet Howe, dint 2. . 12 05
" Fred Hitter, dirt 8. . . . 01 35
" C 8 D. de, dist 8 30 10
' Kobt Young, distd.. .. 14 20
W W Bullock, dist 8. . 18 KO
Frederick Kilter, dist 3 0 25
D J Slover, pauper acct 10 00
Suspension bridge repairs 03 50
Courier, delinquent tax list.... 1001 40
E M Hartman, pauper acct 2 15
O C cemelnry fund, pauper acct ft 00
Cole Bros & Co, road acct 7 04
C G Huutley, pauper acct 45 30
J W Powell, " 30 00
Enternrite, stationery 09 00
O C Water Woika, c h exp.
15 00
J C Bradley, assessor 287 00
Unas 11 IJodd & (Jo, road acct. . 300 00
D J Slover, pauper icct 5 00
C P Winselt. " 25 00
Cal Powder Works, road acct. . 73 30
Robbing & Sun, road acct 1 25
D L Puine, pauper acct 29 00
State vs. Helen Hastings, insane 15 00
II Cochran, bridge sect 11 00
Deeds of Joseph Mumpower et ni
and Mary J Dicken to Cluckamus county
ol land lor roau purposes approved, uc
cepted and recorded.
Petition of Geo W Prosser et at for
viewers for a county road from Oregon
City to Oswego, granted; Sidney
Nniytii to survey and iv a Aicuianthlin
J P Davis and J W Roots to view said
road, to meet at place ot beginning at
9 o'clock, a. m. on August zzti, 1899.
C W Ganong, sheriff, as tax collector
for 1802, wus grunted until September
term in which to make tils unnuul re
Report of W L Sineral, stock inspector
of Marion county, on the examination
of diseased stock In Clackamas county
received and dim not anowea.
Bids for physician to render medical
attendance to county paupers: 1) L
Paine, $000; Enid Schubert, $298; O W
Yeargain, $700; W li Carll, 150 iu Ore-
am City and $1 per mile Cone Way) in
country for first 130 miles and 00 cents
per mile afterwards, not to exceed $200
in country; J w roweu, witnin a ramus
of 1 miles of court house $l.b0 a visit;
outside ot above limits, si per mile, ex
amining insane, $3 or $00 per month
Contract awarded to W E Carll.
Bids for furnishing county wood ; John
Sower, $2 15 per cord ; Geo W Baker,
$2.10; O'Coiinell & Glass, 2.17; Geo
W li Jones, lo. uon tract awalded to
Geo W Baker.
Report of E P Carter, superv'r dist 4
for month of July, approved and expense
as fullows ordered paid : Labor $2 70,
supervision $50, muteriiils, $53.45; total
370 13.
1'etition of U 1 S Uo et ul for
county roud granted and Surveyor
smyth to survey and J a Kisiey, frank
Ford and Lester Shipley to view, to
meet at place of beginning Monday,
August Zlst.
Report of A W Uooke, supervisor dist
1 lor July, approved and expense as (o.
lows: Labor $029 10, supervision $80,
materiuls $279.18; totul $988.31.
Recommendations of A W Cooke on
road work in dist 1 : The amount cl
$'J00 is uppropriuted to the Raker's
bridge ami I'sgalde's Mill roud be
tween Uriium'j blutf und Baker's bridge,
work to be done under supervis
ion of supervisor.
Bridge work needed in district 1 . Supt
Cooke is authorized to procure materials
and rebuild the bridge ou Deep creek
and make the repairs to bridge on John
son creek refered to it petition.
Report of A W Cooke on improvement
of Clackamas and liukers's bridge road
near Lewthwaite's approved and 44 24
additional be appropriated, and ex
pense account ol $'244.24 ordered
paid, and it is further ordered that the
additional sum ol $125 be uppropriuted
to complete the improvement.
Report of W 11 smith, supei visor dist
2, approved und claims allowed as fol
lows; labor $203.83, roud fund; super
vision $08, roud fund: materiuls $484.44,
county lund ; lubor $ii40.38, county fund ;
total, SHjU.Oo
SuouiviHor Smith is authorized to pro
cure material us recommended in re
port and makeiepairsto bridges referred
Ordered that A W -Cooke, supt dist 1,
be authorized to procure powder, not to
exceed lotH) pounds, to complete the
blasting on Uakei's Uridge A Fugalde's
Mill road.
Matter of survey and review of road
leading from Oregon City to Sandy vis
Damascus ; oidered thai S Smyth sur
vey and C C Babcock, A W Cooke and
John Straight view said road, to meet
at place ol begiuning ou Wednesday,
August is, at 10 a. m.
Report of G W Prosser, supervisor
dist 6, approved and expense ordered
paid as lollows: Labor, out of road
mud, $01; bridge work and material,
out of county fund, $023.92; supervision
40; total 1724.92
Mutter ot relunding money errone
ously collected of till Aladdwk ; urdt-red
that fchvritl correct clerical error in
taxes ol K C Muddm-k as sppeara on j
page 111, line II, of tax roll lur 1802.
amount 127 72, by crediting said .Mad-
dock ; with said amount on 1,1s mortgage ,
uv l.ir IWI-' I,
Improvement and change in Oregon ,
Illy and Apperson road: Ordered mat
the plans a, piollle u! nid liiml tiled
in elerk' oltiee U-approved nnd udonted ;
that improvement be dol e under S'l
! pervixiuu of 1' S Flitcralt.
Application of C W (iunonit fur raten
i aion uf time to collect taxes llo'ei and
tiuieextciidetl to Wednesday, September !
, til It, ami that he inuk carelul exarouia- I
tioll of delinquent tax roll of 1392 as he
siitfiftnteil In apldicatiun.
Krrt of V il r'oater on care ami
- ,iii of M.irKcret Kin, panpr, a-
proved, and that allowance he increased
to $20 per month from the lOtli day of
August, 189.1.
Ordered that an adjourned at-aaiuii of
this court be held on Tuesday, August
22d .
Mileage and per diem of cimiiiild"ii
ers; C Bnir, 4 days and 28 miles, $14 .80;
It Scott, 0 days snd 38 miles, $21 .80.
J. D feluvtr'i Record of Service of
Thirty Four . Year A Steamboat
Hand In the Fifties and a Volun
teer In the Indian Wars.
At the last meeting of Fountain ll"i-e
Company fo. I, I).
J . Slover prewi.l. d , hIho Kiii-vivcs to poll
te to the coiiipai y . . , . 1
ed (..rliveu.HH.'-.,B,,"rtl ,"1"0' 11,9
hi exempt ceitiuYute
which lie hud receive
live service in its ranl.s. It was hand.
somely framed and huh iithusluHilcully
received. The presenlHtion speech as
iiwuh iv roremu i iti. wuimi on ue iihii in
Mr. Slover. and was accenied bv ,1...
president. Hon. II. Straight, of the com.
pany, In a neat little seech in which he
commented upon the remarkable caret r
of Mr. Slover as a firemun. Probably,
he said, no other man in the Northwest
can show an unbroken record ol 34 years
of active service as a fireman.
Mr. Slover became a member of the
McLaughlin Kngine Company No. 1,
August 12, 18o9, whose was the first
engine in the state of Oregon, lie
joined the Columbia Hook and Ludder
Company, January 18, 1800, as a mem
ber of which he distinguished himself at
the big Port I und lire by carrying a
stream to the top of the St. Charles hotel,
and by his hard work and bravery the
hotel was saved. On December 0, 2879,
he joined the Cataract Hose Company
No. 2, and was transferred lo Fouiiluiu
Hose No. 1, July 13, 1881, in which
company he proved himself to be un
able and faithful man ut hydrant oribaflea corresponding to stout steins, to
Ch..m il.iu ... .nu 1. u u,.a ' .1.1 . . m 1.,1, .... 1
jiiftftiu. j-iumi lino t.-u.,'M"' " "
granted an exempt certificate June 18ih,
1803. He is curried on '.he roll as un
honorary member, but is yet always
ready to respond to duty at the tap of
the bell
"Jap," as (he boys familiarly cull
him, crossed the plains as a boy iu 18"2
and Bettled in this valley. In 185,'J he
was a deck hand on the steamboat Cane
mah. Captain Cole, with the late Cupt,
Jerome as mate, and served in the same .
capacity on the steamer Knterprise, 1
Cupt. Jamison, lie was next employ, a
on the Uazellu He was cairying a can i
uf tullow from Albright's butcher sho;i
in Uregon City to tanemuh, and hud
just arrived at the steamer's dock when j
her boiler uursted. lie assisted in res-
cuing several passengers and helped to
lay out and burv the unfortunate victims
ol the catastrophe, that numbered 28. lie
also Berved on the old steamer Jumes
Clinton, Capt. Jas. Cochrau, in 1857,
niiienuiiu, I'ljriiiK ucmeuu mis uj biiii
. .. 1 . , . ,1 i i,.. . I
p .1 I "
Mr. Slover has a military record 0f
n hii-li Im mav lie nromi ll enliMled in
Company C of Cluckamus county, First
Oregon Kegiwent, .letober 1st, ISoo,
and participated in the battle of Siuicue
Canyon, Yakima, under Cupt. Cor-
liellUS. 1118 second enlistment was III
Commmv E, First Kegiment. of ISuiiton
, .:i ,1.1. liuui ....i i. 11. a
. 1 ' 1 .1 1 t.'i 1 ,'. . . b'iici n u
uunucr 11 itiuuimitrui vn vicuk twin
under Col. Kelsey. He entered t,;
it. n .rv!p N,,VUmiu.r ml.. iKiut i
Company E of the regular army, from
which he received an honorable (lis-
charge, ami is n member of Meadu Post
No. 8 of this city.
After these long years of putient ser
vice to his fellowmen, Mr. Slover is ar
ranging his affairs preparatory to emi
grating to California, and on his depar
ture he will carry with him the love and
esteem of his brother firemen and his
comrades of the O. A. K. He has been
sexton of the Odd Fellows and city cem
teries for a period of years and is the
only one in this community who can
point out and name sunken andlorgotti n
graves where sleep many a pioneer hero
or heroine whose bravery and hard
ships paved the way and gave to us as a
lasting heritauce the grandest spot on
mother earth to day, and in bidding us
farewell we will say to him, "Jap, may
the blessings of Uod be witli you, in all
vour trials and cares, and that the record
you have left for us to prolit by, be em
blazoned upon the annals of our tiruve
pioneers as one which Our' Using
Webfoot generation can point to with
pride, is the best wisli oi your many
Parties holding mortgages iu (his
county, who have not yet paid the tux- a
on the same, will please consider tins
notice tint, unless they come in and
settle at a very early date, I shall levy
on their property to satisfy the si me.
Timely attention lo this notice will save
you trouble and further en-Is. Don t
jbIuv. v. VV. uanonu,
Sheriff oi Clackamas countv, Or.,
By 10. C. ilackett, Deputy.
Dated August 11th, 1803.
The success of Mrs. Annie M. Beam,
of McKeeport, Pennsylvania in the
treatment of diurrhiea in her children
will undoubtedly he of interest to many
mothers. She says: ''I spent several
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, I i
1'ha Lately ( Annumim anil V liul Is
tl from Tliolr hLilelnin-Till) i
Da Kot Tulli Thi-y fcimply lliv-lliinu-tlful
Animal Vs-tiililni.
Tho term "conil Insect" nrvives In
literature although scienco discanled It
long ago. Pcssihly the idea of "toll"
ami "pulli'iiui" and "building for the
future," as the lesson tiinght by the coral
lit u moral und
same order as one
praising llie industry uf the nut or the
bee. Alus for old beliefs! Our irrurxl-
m(Awn wcr8 exhorted to reflect on the
,,, .,,. , , ....
i ""' Ilio moth and the butterfly.
Now it is known that the moth and
the butterfly ure among the chief Agents
by which the most beautiful and fra
grant flowers are fertilized, and that
honey und perfume and color and fruit
largely depend upon the energy of tho
insects formerly despised. The other
so called Insects huvo no more energy
than a implo vegetable existence, Their
toil is nothing greater than dying and
leaving their skeletons behind them.
Uut how beautiful are these skeletons,
or u conglomerated accumulation of
myriuds! And how beautiful and inter
esting, too, the animal vegetables, or
rather flowerliko animals. "Sea anem
ones" is the popular name given to the
whole tribe, with their disklike mouths,
their petuloid tentacles, their stomnch
suggesting seed vessels and their fixed
( say noiiung or ineir oriiiiuiu colors,
rjVBiig the most gorgeous corollas ever
1 1,1,....,,
Ac(.orJi to Dr. Uu8tliv Eison, there
i . , , " , . . , ., '
amus oi i-unus ui inu sen uueui-
"10 oruer-iuose which prouuee conn,
that la, the Hard, culcureous formation,
; and thono which do not. The popular
term "coral, as npplied to the accumu
lated dead skeletons of the dead polyps,
is not strictly correct; corul, properly
speaking, refers also to the living aui
uiul. The sea flower, ultlioiigh suggesting a
pluntlilie structure, is still a true ani
mal. It has it skin, also rudimentary
nerves. It can seize with Its tentacles;
it can swallow und digest its food and
throw out the refuse from us mouth; it
can defend itself from its enemies by
forcibly ejecting poison from its many
Bti 8 It lnu some sensation. Quito a
I uiim. M P-.VIW Ul jn, , i.o u'a.'
lu.a nf a,,n.,.,a .if n,.l.'a l.nt.a
meniury eyes, uriangeu nrouiiu wieir
. , , ,,.
. circular euges iihb oeuus. 1 ue iinrueneu
base of tile sen llower corresponds to
j a skeleton in a higher order of aiiininl,
even though in some anemones the hard
' ncss may only be relative.
Corul animals of the sen anemone or
I ,!, rHiirmlnen tlmir kind In svrnl u-nva.
'n ; 1,,, , ,,.i,ii, ,ii r
v"' '" "'-,F ira.ic.
poly, within the parent llower. An
i 1.1 t . i u. .-n ,
other mode is by budding; still unother
bytiH8ion. Ia the hitter method a new
mouth may form beside the old one iu
the center of a fringed disk, which then
i divides into disks, each surrounded by
its own tentacles and each leading to its
own closed sue. In the budding process
brunches are thrown out, from which
spring new polyps. Teur one polyp to
pieces, and each piece limy reproduce
all the parts It needs to form a fresh
The familiar tree corul is the resnlt
of the budding process. The branches
below are the dead skeletons, above
which the living polyps have mounted,
The singular convulutions in "brain
corul" were caused by fission, one mouth
giving rise to strings of others, which
never completely separated from each
other, and so left a continuous line of
stony skeletons. It must not be sup
posed, however, thut zoophytes of the
style of sea anemones are the only coral
producers. Some calcareous secretions
are left by animals reluted to the me-
dusm, or jellyfish. Other corals come
from the bryozoans, which look like pol
yps, but really belong to the subking.
dom of mollusks. The bottom of the
sea is largely covered witli deposits from
such animals. It is even believed that
in early times they made up the greater
part of limestone strata. Mention must
also be made or the beautiful and mil
limit corallines, or vegetable corals, cal
careous seuweods, which look like red,
white and yellow branched coral, but
which, properly speaking, are algae,
Corals of some kinds are found in all
seas. Those stony formations popularly
called corals are mostly produced within
the tropics. Probably the variety best
known is the red or limit coral, long es
teemed for ornaments. This was found
in the Mediterranean from a very early
period. Now, however, it has become
so rare as to be practically extinct.
The specimens of coral seen in hid
seums and private collections are of
course uuuses of dead skeletons. Hard
as rock they are, as might be expected,
when it is remembered that tho famous
reefs of Florida nnd the Pacific isl.mds
are built up of them no credit to the
animals, however, despite the old tale.
Vet if the antiquated moral be lost, the
study of the calcareous formation is
none the less interesting.
There is the fungus coral, a dull gray
in color and studied somewhat as the
umbrella of a mushroom, with ridges
running from the long mouthlikc center
to the edge. The hice coral, of a pure
white, with delicate wheels, indicates
the radiate structure of each animal
when alive. The frost coral, just as
dainty us its popular name implies,
shows a mossy grove of tiny npriglit
spires. The organ pipe coral is a tree
form, with smooth, round, nearly per
pendicular branches. '
Perhaps the museum ulso contains
specimens of fossil coral from the des
erts of Arizona or Mississippi valley.
Are you surprised to learn that a great
part of our continent is underlaid with
corals produced thousands of years ago
by animals long extinct? Iu many of
these dull brown formations can still bo
traced the radiate character of the skel
i etons. Sun Francisco Chronicle.
j Yucatan' Giant "Skeetera."
I "The largest mosquitoes in the world
are to be found in Yucatan," said Ricli
I ard Beverly, "Until a few years ago
t there wus uot a mosquito in all Mexico.
They were introduced by vessels from
the L'uited States, nnd have iu the land
of their adoption attained proportions
unknown in other countries. The low
lands of Yucatan swarm with monster
mosqnitoes whose bite is almost as pain
ful as the sting of a bee. The historical
Jersey unwiuito sinks into insigiiifl-
cunce beside the- Titans of their kind.
which are frequently us larce as house-
flies. Iu neigliiwrhoods where marshes
abound it is impossible to keep stock of
nv ki., mi llarix tl)e
people wear coarse netting stretched
over face and neck to keep these inserts
from devouring them." St. Louis Ulobe
Deiuocrat. -
( HEAPJnn PKlMTi.xr.:
Reinomlier.wlientherortliin.lprinii.iu !
''Mice ilruinmer comen around, that tl.e
I nl'KIER omee l pnnnnir '
cheaplT and a well anv l'.rtlund
c ncern
Pjtnini llie li on printing '
Ri an Talm'w : for sour atoinach
j t'unr Nclt-liliiira ami Fellow H Irene
M ini Hum Ti'iril li.
Mr. M. (jiiliin ol Oregon Ciiy mih:
"I wus laid up uiih ii m' vein nllm k nl
In lln m in it I ii y ile-iriia'ixiii in n m, ,nt
acute fiirm. Three itpplini!i,iiH f the
fliuiolis HeiiMeed llelneily eiltindy I'lart'd
Mrs. (! I!"d l.nvy, M , 1 1 r fi i,
says: "Ii U u.nili ii 'icl;ht In I -1 ,,r
Mrs. Chin''" ,,v. nt.'i Mrrrt. my.
"My hoy's light 'eg was psia')' li- .
his hip 'down, S'i tSiil I,- un i !. n
put his fot im1 our .un 1 1 i ,,ut tulte
Itlftnlhu. Aftir lin ' llilei. l.i.-tl,.M ,,f
kf. n .. . w. I I, I I... I
pir. iiiiii'M'itii'" ,.,(,,1 rn it in. -ii. iiu
can run Hruuii.l nul'iuil hisst!ci.H "
Mrs. Whiis, .liU'ersini street, y :
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luck of inun'iil ii rheum. i i-ni h llrHi
applications nl i,i Seaweed lleiuetly "
Null I l,y (i, K Il.tiMiiiK.u'Ks.S. Mh.Iii.ii
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.Main HI reel.
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remedy In exlMieiictt fur the lltix.
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Attempt at Suicide.
It Might Han Been Prevented.
From the Boston Post.
While the walks in the Public Garden
were crowded yesterday afternoon about
4.30 o'clock, people near the entrance gates
at the corner of Beacon and Charles streets
were horrified to see a man suddenly plunge
a knife repeatedly into his throat and full to
the ground.
Inle waiting for a conveyance on ollicer
questioned the would-be suicide, who was
about 60 years of age, as to his name, address,
and reason for wishing to end his life, b it
the man steadfastly refused to give any infor
mation regarding himself. He was taken to
the Massachusetts General llosiiiiiil and
surgical attendance given him. Although
weiik from loss of blood it is pronulile l.o
will recover. About 9 o'clock lu-t night a
hospital attendant got a little information
from him. He said his name was Samuel
D . and that he came some Weeks nen
from New Brunswick. The last few d.ivs
is head hoi felt queer, and he has been wan
dering about the city, not knowing which way
to turn. What impelled him to commit his
rash act lie was unable to sav.
The above is the familiar but terrible
story ot the results of mental derangeniei-t
caused by overstrain of the i cr ous system
People who have diaineii, l,w.utke or bad-
ache, or who are troubled with nelancholy or
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When life became a burden I would use the
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Mrs. II. Bnowrs, Rochester, Ji. Y.
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N OTirF. I herehv civen lo all whom It may
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In the I'lri ult Court of tlm Hlnle of (ireunn for
the County ut t:luekHiiiu.
Nell I. I', Urn II, I'Ulllllir,
II, W.
Wem o uiul l M
. I'ai'lK,
Huto of (ireuuii, ,
t'ouuty of t'liu-kniiiiiH.i
Kutleo In linreliy iilveti thut by vlrlim of an
execution mill outer of ilu Imih-iI out of tin
circuit rourl ul tli ninie of Orcxoit for I lie eouiily
of rliM-ktilmiH, Iwnrlllrt iliile the 'i.Mlil diiy o( July,
lnn:i, In oiill u herein Nellie I'. Iirown Im pliilu-
lill. atel II. . wim'it anil I.. M. iiuvih uieiie
felldillitN, euiiiliinudllllt me, III tile lliillle uf the
utile uf nreuuii, that out or tin, reiil emule here
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7th, IHirj, m M kt eeiil. iwraniuiiu, and hIm, llie
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lee o( atiiu, mi now neerueil of Jl In.
Now, tlieri'lore. In olK'illi'iice to aiieli Uei-ree, 1
Old, on iliu villi diiy of Aiiul, ln.il. duly levy
iiihmi, and ivtll. on hiiturduy the ntli diiy ut
Hepteiulwr, Ihui, m the hour ui one u'eluek p. in.
of tttdil day, at tin, futiii dinir ul the court home
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and Nell lo the hlKliei-t and Ik-mi bidder, fur i-iinIi
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lipilierty, lo-w It: Tim w). of Mcctlon pi Iu Inwii-
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f. tt. UANONa,
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County ot t liickitinitM.)
Tho NnrlhwtMt Kiro nit'1 M irlne
inminiiiru ( onimy, i'litliitill,
C. H. Ilnwi.rtl), Mttrtlin A. Hituorlh
mill I'avltl I', Struitoii, Hcft'inluiits
tuc til it ii fxcfiitlun uiul oriliT ut mi In isiiiftl
oul n( thf "irciilt 4'nurt uf tlio hIh(w uf On-con Ur
tliu nullity nft Mu. kttmiiK lM-ari:iK tlio I2th
of July. 1HJI, In a milt wlu rclu tlio 4oi(ivVfM
Kiri'iitnl Mtirino Jti!nrtini'o ( oiiipiiiiy in pUlii
till, nti. I C. II. Iluu-orth, MiirllmK. Un worlli hihI
liivll r. Mmitoii were (It'U iuiiintf, commiitKlitiic
nic. in lii. ii tine of tlx Minte of orcuou, thut out
f the rtiil estate lief i limfttir Mcwrllu'!. to rcnlln
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(lwree. i nut. on in,, .'..in iiiiyot ,iuiv
l-.i:i, duly
vy uiiou, iiii'l will, on SiituritHV, tile tit Ii ilnv of
Setileinlier, l"ti:l, at the hour uf 2 o'clock T. .M. of
MMiil ,l:,y, at the front door of tin- conn house In i
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Meeliou -.'i. all In towuxhlp tvvo(-j) Noutli, ratifte
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'Mtnte, rl-.'ht. title tut t interest the defc nihilita I
had ur held th,'r, lu on the Utli ilnv ul AimiiHt.
1W7, the .lute ul the lmirti:tu:o uuon decree of
forccluMirc f whleli Hiild urder of mhIc ivik
inMiied and ti m nil the ei;il', rhdit, tlileaud
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JWyj "About ten years agu !l con
Kcl traded a severe case or blood
poisot Xavoding physicians prescribed
medicine after medicine, which I took
without any relief. I also tried mercu
rial and. potash romedins, with tinsuo
oessfol results, but which brought on an
attack of mercurial ri.eumatism that
made mv life one of asony. After suf-
erlng four yoars I gave up all remadies
and commenced using & 8. S. After
taking several bottlos, I was entirely
cured and able to resume work.
rSaa Li the greatest medicine for
QCa Hood poisoning to-uay on
the market."
Treatlso on Blond and Skin Diaeaaes malted
free. tiwirrbi'iicinoi-o., Auiux-,,oa.
Your Stomach
aftereatlng a hearty meal, and the
result la a chronic case of Indiges
tion, Sonr Stomach, Heartburn,
Dyspepsia, or a bilious attack.
Promote Plfrpntion, RpunlntP the
Htoimicb. Liver and Rowfls, Purity
the lllood auUare a Ponit.ve Care for
roDHiipatient Hick Headache, HU
iuusuens and all other Duieaies arliiluii
! from a li entered conlitl-D of the Llvt r und
I Stomach. They act Kfiitly yet promptly, and
Klnnnn Tubules take the placeof an Entire
Medicine (.bent, ami fttmulc be auditor
Sold by drvgglsU or sent by
Price. Two Dollar.
! Spnia St., New Vrk.
AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Com
mission hr THE ONLY AUT;,01IZD
By HAH I.TON. hi i library exeeut r
with the co-op. ration of hii- family, ale I 1 r Mr.
Blalne'm omi.M. W.irkv -'I H K.N I V VI: A K
(IK ( IIMIHK-i "and M later U.t.-l-.i.
I.ITK AI, Hist I s-to - (,UP pr.,.p.K in,
I,,r ,ner .1 r.n nr.i.i.i.,1, ik, K- iu ine mar
ef. A. K. P.Jonlaii of Me .t.- k liior.bre from
lint lie ralla: aienl . prolit H mo .-.cl Mm Hal
lard f l). t-x.k l.'.orJem. 13 Sal Ku-ia. In 1 i1.it
prolit '- .V E . Rile of Man,. Iia.k 17 nnlr'r.
In -i data: profit ttt SI. J. I'artndiw of Me
took l3onler In m 3i', cale.: pr-.tit S.V l..
A. I'almr nf n. Pok tnnk vt or.i.T. in 3 ,lar.
prutit ?.-. KM I.I Kl VK TKKHITnltt
!. II rim w.-h to axki. I.AIt .i: Mu.VKV.
write Inniu diatelv for lerrn- to th
HENRY BILL PUB. Cfj . Kvuiit. Conr
Job Prbting at the
Courier Office.
S S.7
Halt Lake, Denver,
Omaha, Kansas City,
Hhicago, St. Louis
AM) A 11
Eastern Cities.
31 DAYS to
U n 1 1 ro the 0Qckest t Chi'
Il U U I o cago and the East.
14 n 1 1 fo Qcker to Omaha
nUUlo and Kansas City.
Fur rules mid Kciierul infuin mini ( ul!
on or iiililrcKH,
w. ii. ii I'liLuunr. ahi. u.,i. iw ,ie,,t
iol U'uHhititftoii Si,, cor. Tlurd,
l'Ul!'II.AM, UUKlitiN .
The Shasta Koute
Vllll'lll 1.' It Illill,.,
"tllillJ J-iViiriU LU.
l'.xpre Truiur Leave rurllainl lully.
i"ouih.T . ' ' ZZZTirih." "'
7:oo r.. l.v 1'urdauii ir i ? r. 1 ". '
7:.'il r. a.
Orcuuii city ,v Hwiuia .
nan hraiieiMco l.v 7;oo r. k.
111. l.i A.M.
AhovelruliiMslup umy ul iuIIouIiik li.lii,a
north uf ItoMenui,,.. Kasi l'urtliin.,oieKoi c iy
ttooduum, .Nilein, Alhany, lan.ieni, tdu.ou i
ItiiUcy, Humour Junction -y,lrvlnK,.nK. ,it'
ilMUK M.
, l.v I'urllaiid
l.v UreKuntlly
I Ar ItoMehuiic
Art 4:mr.n
l.v :Llir. a
Lv 7:1.0a. m
Albany Local ijally peeit Hiiiidny
H lKl p. m! I Ar
OrcKun C'lty
i iii:::ua.h
l.v , U::ll a. a
l.v j 6:.Hi a. m
Attached to M Throiiuli Trulna.
WeHlsliln IMvinlou,
l.utweei, I IHtTi AM) Mn,l t (lit VALl.ls..
jLiii '.'ILI'i'L1 1; 1 1 K ' ' ' " 'I" " N 1) A Y . )
:S0 A. M.
I V rurthniil Ar 1 5:: r, P u '
il:1.1 I'. 11
lirvalllkLv l:(iu H. H..'
At Alluiuy mid
ofOreann I'aeltie
orvnldM coiiueel with
- l""'-l TRAIN DAII.V(mcitrTaPKnA' " I
t:Al. M. I l,V PurllanJ A I lot
7.25 P.M. Ar MeMliinvllle l.v H !l i'
fail he obtained nt llie lowest raten from
I.. II. MOOIIK, A l-. lil, 0,,c f,y
Jlsii.il asm. i, y t ! ,,
Purllaml, Or
Orsgon Pacific P?i'roarf Company
E. W. IIUll.KY, Hbcrivkr.
This C,ililwiy'M strai,ilHjnl:
"WM. M. IIO.M1"
iit. (ln Itmibe
Capi. H.J. Yoiui
Tld, C.liipiui.v rraerrm tin, rlKl,l to vrv from thl
oi.nl, as i-hciuH.taue., may r,ulr,.. with;,,, ",;",!!.,
(i Iye I'urlliiml, Sunday, WwHiwhv m.,1 Fri.l.y,
8 a""ii l'"''v""l" s,"'ly. WwhiHiday ami Krlday,
,lll;;,'a!u1li;' ""'. Tumi,,,-, Thrly ,d Sat,.r. .
:.vi-S,i Fmni-lsci., July llih, ilsl ami ;)is(.
,1'iivi.s la.iilna, .Inly .Mli. n;ih anil a;th.
Kr irelght and ,aswi,Bi.r ralej, a,
"'' ."r I""'""'' Hil- I'uiniMur a,'S?r iT.
'in nil aui'iit, Saluiui
I ilnrk l'.,rtlu.l
II. K. Ml UAUV.UtJl'i; Supt.,
U. T. WAKM.AW T. K, $ P. ,
(Joldpii Cppoi'tmiity For Suffer
ins lluianiiity.
I'hjiclam diva Tle lr Ilnucli,., ,i u Peuple
ana w will , ii, j,,,, frr t ciharare a Fin.'
coCBE of ipcilaMy ph-parial remrili,.. I.H Kv
M'ilATIOS. VK WANr VUl" lK''011-
iVF P S 'J P 1 1 U C "" "fWri''ul tlltram.
' t OHll UUnC '"' . IW lmt in rata,
UT all ill.,a uii.l ,lel, iruiili.-a lira Mulern anil,
feii-nliSc, ariiuirnl b many ywlI1' exprirnca?
wliicli eiiul.l,.. ih to lluanuitio a Cnre. llo not
N. II. -WV have t, lv p.,ltv cnr fr
Ki'li.KPHlr i KITS) and Hatarrh. Ilrfereneea
ijiveii. iVrniioieiitlj lucutpil. (Ilhl ostablNhed )
7 .-II Market St., sun Fmiielana,
. tat.
ro consumptives
The lin.eriuuiil havinir been r,.-ir,..l ,n
health hy iui.le inetiii, after mltering for
.ever.il years with a aevere luni! otlietloii. and
hat ilreud iliseae f'iiiitlu, K anx una lo
wake known to hla fellow aiilt'eri-ra the meana
f elire. To tho.e who il,.Hir ii. Iiu will ..hAu
'nlly avnd (free of ch-irsr) a copy of Ihei reaenu-
ton uneii, wiiu-h thev wiii lind a aure i ore (or
f'on.iioipil,.,,. A.tbnia. Cntiirrh, Itronrhi-.
.i ami an uiroai anil linK Mala, lira. He.
open all aiifferera will try hla remedy, aa It ia.
invalualile Those deslrluir till, nren-rlnllnn
which will cost them lli.lhlii,. ni.l i.ov nrv. -
bles inn, will dense addresa.
Rev. Edward A Wilson. Iliooklyn, New York
T. rai"rmaiion ana rr Handbook write to
i Scientiflo America!
Agency 'or
B- XTfti?iveATt,
i a to. ta BKoaLwar. Mw Tore.
OMeat bnreaa tor ieeunni eatenn in Amenca.
fcrerr patent taccn out b. q , broturbt befoiw
Uw puoue bra Douce $ i.en trea ot charfeta taa
Scientific mcriran
larnat errralatlna ef bbt neatiSe paper In taw
vorio. $Dien.l!dlr lllaKrmteu. 'o mtelllrena
Baa ihonid be without it. Week it. a.i. a a
Fi auauuu. 31 Bruadaar. Stw lack QuT