Oregon courier. (Oregon City, Clackamas County, Or.) 188?-1896, February 21, 1890, Image 4

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If jr wife, nls molher, rocki blm
And braids her nut-brown blr,
And smiles, Mid stoops to fond)
Our new born ton and heir.
Triumphant gnu maternal I
Hlnco Eve's In paradise
What ruptured orb. supernal
Could match her love-llt eyeef
Their gloried (low angello
tiring. Kdoa back again t
Redeem, a world'e long struggl.
With aormw, ain and pain.
For Lore can win In toning,
Kind victory in defeat
Knit pain-rent tics the firmer,
Muke all Earth', sorrows swoet,
Knt Life a unfuthnmed riddle,
Not Dcath'a unnumbered irravea,
Can daunt the trout of manhord
In the Mother-lore thut mi von I
. Chicago JnurnaL
A. Hero In Kid Gloves and Patent
Leather Boots.
"Dandy Jack!"
Thin was the Involuntary exclamation
that came from several of the group of
bluejackets (jattiprnd about tlie main
maHt of the Colorado, when the nw
lieutenant we were expecting came up
tlio ward-room hatchway, and stepped
out on the starboard aide of tbe quurUir
deck. Ho was a trim and dapper little fel
low, barely five foot five in bis allocs;
slim, and yet with a certain wiry nous
standing out that to the careful observer
told of strength. Ills clothes looked as
though they bad lust come from tba
tailor, so bright and fresh wero they,
Ills rap, reNplendent with Its un
tarnished ornaments, set jauntily on s
bead whoso ovory hair seemed to have a
place and occupy It His black side
whiskers wore as carefully arranged,
and a kid glove clothed the band that
he held out for the trumpet that do
noted his charge of tho dock, while
patent-leather boots shone beneath tbe
smoothly -buttoned gaiters on bis foot
We were used to the neat clothes and
bright ornaments, for many of our offi
cers were noted examples of well
dressed manhood, but wo had not been
educated up to the stundard wherein kid
gloves and patent leather were blended
with salt water and tar, and our criti
cisms, if not loud, were many.
Hut "Dundy Jack" (fur tho name thus
Involuntarily given clung to him), if be
knew of these, gave thorn no attontlon,
and a dully acquaintance with thorn
loon maun us accustomed to the Innova
tion, and we quickly discovered that
our new lieutenant was a thorough mas
ter of the different drills we found
thrust upon us by tho opening of hostili
ties. We had been ordered South, and
were lying olf Fort Pickens, with the
Confederate flag in plain sight, as it
fluttered over tho walls of llurruncas
and Mcltiio, and at the truck of the flag'
Half in the nuvy-yard at Warrington.
riteumers from l'ensacola ran down to
tho lust mimed pluco, and now and then
t schooner winged her way alongside of
the sou-wall fronting the buildings. Hut
there were no signs of wurliko prepura
tlons on hoard of these, and so they
brought us no excitement.
The case was chunged, however, wheii
one morning we saw, hauled under the
shears und ulready partially armed, a
schooner whoso yacht-like build and
rakish spurs told of an adaptability for
prlvuteer purposes thut could find ready
nuiployniont if once allowed to get out
In tho waters of tho tiulf, so full of
Small Yankee traders. To capture this
vossel, or destroy her, was an object
that our ofllcors much desired, und an
expedition wits soon proposed, and us
quickly organized.
Wo did not know the number of guns,
or how large a crew tho schooner cur
ried; but wo did know thut heavy and
efficient butteries, manned by a numer
ous Lon federate force, protected her,
for she was moored directly in their
range. Yet this was not considered dis
couraging, for one cun not expect such
enterprises to bo dovoid of danger. Wero
they so, it would tuko from them a great
part of the charm thut makes men suck
the excitement they now possess.
Of course the preparations for the ex
pedition wero curried on secretly, so
thut no Intimation of them should reach
tho enemy, und on the lilth of Septem
ber every thing was ready for tho dash
we wero to make thut night. Five of
tho bouts wero to compose tho expedi
tion, bended by tho first launch under
the command of Lieutenant Uussell,
while the second olllcer In rank was
"Dandy .luck."
The night was just Biiited to such an
exploit us wo meditated, being one of
thoso gloomy, mlst-pcrvaded seusoni
when objects become tho mostindistinct,
though not too dark to discern outlines
rising higher than the low sides of tho
bouts wo wero In. After leuvlng the
ship we pulled slowly anil with muffled
oars up to the shore of Santo Rosa
Island, and cautiously followed this,
keeping well under tho shadow of Fort
Pickens until we reached a point whoso
bearing with the navy yard und tho
schooner hud been accurately deter
mined. Hero the boats were rungea in
order, and then the whispered command
of "give way," made us bend steudily to
our work, und, in a little time we wero
gliding swiftly forward, the ours inuking
' no sound suvo a light plush that was
very much like the wash of low waves.
In a few moments we saw "Dandy
Jack" lean eagerly forward, und heard
tho words: "There she Is, give way, my
boys!" spoken In a low but clear tone.
And wo did give way, just as an exci
ted voice a short dlsluiico from us cried:
"Boat ahoy! What bout is thut?"
No word made reply, but our muscles
grew harder with un added strain, as
tho cry of, "Tho Yanks! the Yanks!
Jleat to quarters!" sounded through the
The next Instant our boat grated
alongside of tbe schooner, and we grap
pled a chain-plate. Then the flash of a
musket shone redly In the gloom, and
by tho sudden light we saw, standing
holdy out on the rail above us, the dap
per form of "Dandy duck," who hud
been the Hrst to clamber up the side of
the enemy. In a moment, cheered on
by his act Bnd voice, we bud reached the
dck of the schooner. Already Iho yard
beyond was loud with the turmoil of
men rushing to arms, and we soon found
that we could not get tbe schooner out,
to the lire-brands wo had brought were
lighted and flung Into the huld.
Waiting a few moments to see thut
these were doing thiair work, we re
treated to our boats and pulled away
Into the darkness, stopping to Bend a
few rounds of grape and canister among
the men we saw forming ranks beyond
the blazing schooner. Tbe work we had
set out to do was accomplished. The
Judah wss cut adrift from the navv
iMni, uiiu Ktpi uriiiuig who ino tide :
if the bay, , mas. of leaping and curl-1
"ng flames, while wo slowly retraced our
war back to tho ship.
"Dundy Jack" become a hero with ua
after this, and when order for blm to
report North for a command were re
ceived, we were sorry to lose blm Hut
It was not a long separation, for soiuo
of us, as new men, were sent down to
take tho pluco of those whose terms of
service bud expired, and among thoso
were several of the groiin who huil
greeted the new llentei ant with thai
tho namo of "Dandy Jack."
We did not care to remain long on
bore, even though discharged, unit
auekiug out the gun-bout that "Diinily
Jack" had been ordered to command, wo
shipped for three years, feeling sure
that we should not be Idle. Those wore
the busy days of the bbs-kade, for thougr
men were plenty, they wero not drilled
hands, and the few old men-of-war's meii
who wero attached to each vessel, be
uuio the pivots thai gave this new ele
ment strength.
Of course there were many disparag
ing remarks passed abont "Dandy Jack,"
the new bands voting blm a milk-sop.
and declaring that wo would never smell
powder while be wus in t-omniund. We,
who had been with blm in the boat-din?
of the Judah, knew better, and told our
comrades to wait, for notwithstanding
the fact thut "Dundy .luck" Insisted ou 1
weurlng kid gloves and patent leather
hoots, and on having thedecks scrubbed
und the bright work cleaned, they would
And thut he would not order them to go
on when danger sUmnI in the way, but
would call for them to follow.
Many Incredulous smilesgrected these
assertions, but we did not take them to
beurt, patiently biding our time, and
feeling confident that "Dandy .lack"
would not be found wanting. Wo cruised
ulong the Atluntic seaboard for some
time, blockading Inlets und small ports
on tbe Carolina and (irorgia coasts, und
ut lust reported to tho olllcer who hud
command of the little squadron that
guarded the ports of the lower stretch
of the Atlantic shore.
Ily this time wo bad become a thor
oughly drilled and well-organled crew,
and a landing party had bees formed
that was formidable hi cause of its strong
discipline. This binding party was
"Dundy .luck's" hobhy, and 1 felt that
he would let no occasion to employ It
pass unimproved. Sereral times, when
we were putroling tho coast, the ship
was run close In, und we were exercised
at storming Imaginary earthworks, and
the spirit and dash shown by our com
mander at thoso times proved to my
mind at least thut ho hud some object in
Wo bud run north toward .Savannah,
hoping to pick up a little prize money,
and were steaming leisurely sonthward ,
again, when we made out a sail making ,
for us. Tbe decks were cleure d for ac- ;
lion, but we found this wus superfluous !
work, us in reply to our signul tbe near- !
Ing craft set the numberof the fleet, and
soon came alongside. Her captain, who '
wus the junior of our skipper, came on '
hoard, und though wo bud no positive ',
know ledge, a rumor soon spread through
the ship saying thut some expedition
had boon detenu I nod on. ,
We were certainly headed sonth, anil j
the ships kept in company, arriving tho I
next morning ut an inlet just north of j
the Fioridu line, where wo found severul
more of the little squadron guthered. A
council quickly convened on board of
the flag-ship, ami tbe result was an
afternoon of preparation, every thing
I'ointingto a landing. Of course "Dundy
.luck" wus In his element, und It wus
soon seen that he wus the leading spirit
of the affair, us the other commanders
made frequent visits to our vessel.
lust below sundown we all hove up
anchors und steamed northward, keep
ing the coast well in view, and a llttlo
after night-full we came to where anoth
or vossel of the fleet wu anchored. Wo
made no signals, for such wero the or
ders, and her captain wus evidently ex
pecting us, but came to anchor, and
were ordered to turn in, as we would lit
culled curly.
It wus but three in the morning when
we were roused from our hummocks, und
found that a hot breakfast wus alreud
nailing us. This was promptly attended
to, und the bouts were then lowered
Al ined und manned, and on pulling to
ward the llugshlp, wo found our com
rades gathering there, und just us the
bell struck eight for four o'clock, we
bent to our ours ut the command ol
"(ilve way." and made for tho dim loom
that told whero the shore lay.
"Dandy .luck" wus in our bout, und
our bout wus in the van. Soon we saw
that we hud entered the mouth of an
inlet, und we us quickly noticed that vr
were headed for the southern bunk
The iiiornln-' wus misty, und huckwurd.
hut the pallor of tho coming day wu
growing in the east, und we knew thai
we would soon be discovered if u good
wutch wus kept, when wo felt the bout'
keel grind on the sand, and "Dundy
Jack" said in the soft, cleur tone thai
was his peculiarity:
"Steady now, boys, and get ashore ui
soon us you can, und bo suro to kee)
your arms dry."
Ho led the way, jumping lightly t
tbe sand, und we followed, forming runki
with our faces from tho water.
Tho indistinct lino of an elcvatiot
rwsn a hundred yards or so from us, bu
wu did not think this was a fortitlcutloi
till, just us we fixed bayonets, u sharr
startled cry echoed from it:
"Who goes there?"
"forward, cried "Dandy Jack, ai
ho led the way on, not waiting to set
whether the other bouts were nil In.
A sharp report rang out, followed bj
tho cull "lo arms! to arms: und v
rushed on after our commander.
Wiry und 11 .'lit of foot, he kept a Uttli
ihead of us, and we saw film scrambu
up tho earthwork wo wore assaulting,
und stand, with bis sword waving us on,
at its crest.
Already we were nenrly up with him,
when a red flash shone out, followed by
the rat lie of muskets, and this was sue-
"ceded by desultory discharges, tho last
showing us "Dandy Jack" toppling huck
wurd from the wall be hud been the Hrst
to gain.
He fell in one of our crew's extended
arms, und maddened bv the slirht, wo
sprung forward, quickly scaled the wall
andcha- ged, a reckle: mass of animated
vengeance on the men forming within
the works. They were well handled and
ably led, but they could not resist the
rush of our onset, und guve way, some
flinging down their urms and surrender
ing, while a portion fled to their rude
barrucks for shelter.
Our full division had now come up,
snd we were about turning a field bat
tery we hud found on the barracks,
w hen the men in them surrendered, and
our triumph was complete.
Hut we had lost "Dandy Jack." and
though our conquest closed an Inlet that
was very favorably situated for the use
and safety of bloeksde runners, we. who
r i . ., , , ,
Ssv K " "
'Ho had taught ui a lesson we never
forgot, for no matter how much of fop
a man seemod, we always remembered
after this that the heart of a hero could
beat as warmly beneath a dandy's coa
s It could beneath garments of a
sterner mold aud coarser cloth.
Thomas 8. Collier, In Muring Uold (Mass.)
Thar Are Altogether Too Numerous and
You Call's Aruld Thrin.
In going about tho city tho same tire
some people are encountered everywhere
The man who at all times and upon all
occasions makes 'puns and does most of
tbe luughltig himself, Is exceedingly
tiresome. Uo Is closely related to the
man who has alw i gut a good story to
toll and Is bound 10 tell It, no matter
bow violently it may clash with the sub
jiH't of conversation in tho group of peo
ple to whom tho story is told.
That effusive srson who, when ho
meets you, squeezes your hand until bo
neurly dlslis-utes a bono and shakes It
until your arm aches to the shoulder,
he, too, Is a weariness to tho flesh.
When you see bltn coming you are opt
to dart down a side street or get Into the
lee of somo building until he bus passed.
The person who In the hurry and
bustle of business and at other inappro
priate times talks religion Is apt to make
you very, very tired. Ho Is almost ul
ways a super-sanctimonious person who
conveys the Impression thut to bo relig
ious Is to lie sud, whereas tho person
who Is religious from conviction must of
necessity bo joyous.
The fond mammas and no less doting
pupus who uro always telling of tho cute
things their children huvo suid and of
tho remarkable things they have done
these make you tired also. They talk
right along without stopping, and give
you no chance to say a word regarding
tho prodigies that there may be In your
own family, and when they huve reeled
olf a variety of stories regurdlng their
juvenile offspring they commence upon
tho various discuses which they bnve
had. and how the doctor t routed the
and how they llnully survived tho treat
People who ulways havo a grievance,
whoso corns aro ulways being stepped
on by somebody, and who seem to ex
pect you to rise In your might und strike
tbe aggressors while they look on; men
who "curry their hearts upon their
sleeves for daws to peck at" and haven't
spunk enough to shoot tho duws away
when any of these cximo round, as come
they will, one longs for a lodge In some
vast wilderness where tiresome people
are not known. liiooklyn Standard'
Kmploj-eil In the nlanufnatur.
wf (Hana-Wari.
Tho process begins with the gatherer.
His blowpipe is a tube of wrought iron.
Hvo or six feet long, and of lighter
weight than the plpo used in blowing
window glass. Ho dips tho end of his
pipe Into tho molten contents of the
boot, and brings out a muss of red-hot
plastic glass. If the bottles to be blown
uro small, ono gathering suffices, but.
for larger wures, two or even three
gatherings muy bo necessary to got tho
requisite supply of material on the end
of tho blowpipe. When the gathering
is done properly, this lump of red-hot
gluss is a perfect homogeneous muss,
Its subsequent fortunes rest with the
blower. He takes tho blowpipe from
the gatherer, and resting tho plastic
gluss uguinst a mnrverlng table of stone
or cast iron, bo gives tho pipe a few
adroit rotations, thus fashioning the
gluss Into un evon cylindrical shape.
Ily further rolling it ulong the etlgo of
the table be forms tho smaller prolongs
tlon of gluss which Is afterward to bo-
come tho neck of tho bottle. Lifting
the Btill red-hot glass from tho tublo,
ho blows through tho pipe, forming
small bubble of air in the interior of
tho mass of glass. This Is afterwurd
extended until it becomes tho Inward
ness of the bot tle.
The partly fashioned bit of glassware Is
now Introduced Into tho mold which ono
of the "shop" boys bus ulready opened to
receive it. r or convenience in working,
tlie mold is placed oil a somewhat lower
level than that on which tho blower
stamps. It is made of cast iron, and is
commonly formed in two pieces. One of
these is stationary, while tho other
miens outward, its motion being con
trolled by a footlever. When tho blower
places bis incomplete, bottlo, still at
tached to tho blowpipe, into tho mold,
he closes the mold with his foot, and
blows through tho plpo until the plastic
glass is everywhere forced against the
sides of the mold, and him impressed
upon it the form of its prison. Prof. V. II.
Henderson, In Popular Science Monthly.
"How things huve gone on and Im
proved since 1 wus a boy!"oxcluimed the
old gent, us be laid down his pen and
blotted his letter. "For Instance, it
wasn't thirty years ago that no ono hud
any particular way of spelling 'shugar.'
Now everybody spells it just us 1 ulways
said it ought to be spolL"
Overt! resalnir.
lI'llMmrir libiatuh.l
Here in our climate people' cannot be
loo careful' about thuir dross, ami it is
iibout time they were beginning to un
derstand that ovcrdrur-siug is just as
dctriir.cntul.to health ns liiulordressing.
The liiiimui body is so constituted its
to readily mail safely adopt itself to any
orilinnry iitusosphorilo changes thut may
take pluco. When the heat rises ls
yotul a point, peivpirataon sets up und
is followed by cvnporutaon, which is the
natural process for reducing the temper
ature. When tho temperature falls be
low a given poim, combustion is in
creased and bout enough generated to
keep the warmth of the body up to the
normal standard.
Nature can bo aided in this work, but
there is great danger of doing more
harm than good, ny dressing very
warm she allows bor lires to get quite
low in fin t, many have to resort to the
cooling process or, by not wearing suf
ficient clothing, she may exhaust her
supply of fuel in her c. torts to keep up
the necessary heat. Kithor extreme
should be studiously avoided.
When llrimkenneu Was a Virtue.
St. Louis tilnhr-lk-nincrat.)
The reign of Ceorgo III of England
was the most os-nly dissolute iwriod in
the history of Ureal Kritain. State
officials who had aoiucred remitatiotis
for drunkenness were then the most
popular. It was then that gout at
tained its highest degrco of perfection.
a mun wno im not wear a split shoe
was only under protest admit led into
the cm U s ol polite society, sir Philip
rruncis, tils in awakening at night and
finding himself sober, wou'il imme
diately get out of bed und proceed to
get drunk again. Lord Weymouth,
alter ietiding lortuno and becoming
Utterl) worthies, was appointed sivre
taryof stale in re ocuitton ol bis aliili.
tic i It UrUQaOfd, "
I am broken down and discouraged, and
don't know just h hat to do for my health.
Th!s remark we often hear from both men
and women that are positively In that con
(II Ion that life I no longer to them a
pleasure, but instead a continual bore.
I.IV'KH CUltl'I is especially adapted for
Just such rases. It acts gently on the
bow eU, purines the blood without unsight
ly blotches, renovates tbe kidneys and
liver, the xreat o'guus of existence Unit
mind lie kepi clesr. Ily liiiiad'ilii Its work
It bring i the nervous system Into a heull by
condition, producing sound and refresliiiiK
sleep, For all female complaints, leuenr
rhes, suppress) d menses, no matter from
w but cause, allemled by severe pain, and
all other complaint so common among
women. It luiiiiodutely relieves and ellerta
a permanent cure. Put all all prejudice
and give Ibis most wonderful slid best of
all remedies a trial. Warranted ptnely
vegetable. Delliihtlul to the tiste. For
sale by a 1 druggists. Take no other.
There was an Inerrasenf ns,OiSl.ono In the as
escd value of real ndale In New York last
AKr.d Tlioinu', Home Rule member
for tho East Divi-io'i ol t-liiiuorgniisliire
will at the coining ssion move nn
iniemln ent tl the uddnsi in reply to
fie Queen's speech peni'g Parliament,
de lining thai I lie ullairs of Wales om-lit
In Ik-administered lya pecid depart
ment p'csidod over by a .Minister ac
quainted wiib Welsh national airairs.
Quite a sensation has been creu'ed in
e'ericnl circles ut the announc -incut thut
the Archbishop of Canterbury bus de
cided to allow oMVtisu'i for tbe Hiehop of
Lincoln, who was recently trifd for rit
ualistic practices, lo reargue h:s case go
far as it rclst"s t the ns" i f lighted can
dl s by the Hislmn in church services,
which praeti'0 the Privy Council lias
long since de lured illi gil.
An pxplos'nti occurred in a colliery ut
Abersycham, in Monmouthshire, ten
iihIcb' northwest of Xewort, F.nglnntl.
Siiiy dead lisvo been taken out. Latest
ct'iiiHts place the loss of life at not let
tl an 151). Plivsiciaus in attendance pro
nounce half of the number dead to have
'een killed bv flrn and concussion and
be other liu'f bv stilfocition. Several
of tl.osi rescued alive Iinve since d ed
If men will hare no cure for the future they
will Kooii have sorrow for the past. Asiatic
I'oor lluniniilly I
1 lie common lot Is one of Borrow say at least
the pessimist", they who look at the worst
side, ( eiloinly wiiai wouiu ouhtwiho ne a
liriK'it eiiHtt-ncH Is of ten shadowed by some
ailment that overhanvs It like a pall, obsuiir
iiiK perpetually tbe radiance that else would
liKlit llie pun. phcii an aiinie'ii. nun siur
i-imimuii fin, is iinrvoiiMuts. or ill other wonis.
Avsknesa of the nervous gyitrm, a condition
only IriL-ini-illulile wiu-ru un indent or mi
uroner iiii-hus iii-u t-iken to relieve II. Tho con
current eMu-ricnee or nervous people who bare
iHjp-islciitly used llurttetter's titoniacli Itinera
is. thut II lonipn-rs . nllrely superseii-lt veiiesa
of the tierrt-e, as well as discuse - so called
which are invit-d a-id uUincd by their
ubronlo weakness. As the nerves Kain stamina
trout tbe ureal tomo the trouble uisappeurs.
Use tho Miters fur mal iris, rheumatism, bil
iousness and kidney troubles.
In tssti, 8IU.II0O Kiiropesns settled In the Ar
KC-iitlne Itvpiiblie.
He was a hrhrht, handsome boy of 16, sunny-t-iiiis-rul.
brilliant and ciisagluir, the delight of
his iiareiiis. the lov of his home aud the nride
of his cIh. Hut a shadow fell across bis hrlvbt
prospects. It beaii with h trlllingcoiigii; soon
enmr premonition of ('otiFUuipt Ion, his strength
fulled, bis cheeks urew hollow, and he seeaied
doomed to sn inrlygrsve. Then a friend ad
vised Ur. Pierce's tlnlden Medical Discovery.
He tried I and was saved. Health and streiulb
returned, his rhit'tlu' voice rung out aiialii
rt- nms the school phoiirounil, his cheeks strain
urew rosy, his eves bright, llu Is still "the ride
of his class," uud he graduates this year with
liigliost honors.
Chronic Nasal Catarrh positively eured hy Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Itomedy ; isj cents, by druggists.
There Is no mall delivery 111 the cl y of Lou.
Ion ou suiuluy.
Do you wish to know bow to hive no
.ileum and not half I ho usual work on
wsshduj? Ask your grocer for a bir of
Dobbins 'Elect' ic Soon, and the directioi s
will tell you how. He sure lo get no imi
tation. There are lots of them.
Small omelets are delicacies In l'arll.
Dr. William's Ind'an Pile Ointment Is theonly
-ore cure for Hllud, Hlwding or Itching files
ver discovered. It uever falls lo cure old
-hroulc rases of long sIsinllLg.
Judge Coltlnbury, Cleveland, 0., Hays:
"I have found ry einerleuce that Dr. Wil
liam's Indlau file Ointment gives Immediate
Do not suiter an instant longer, sold oy wu-
llamsou's ManulseluriiiKCo., Props., Cleveland,
Oti in. Hie and tl.
Sold bv 1,. Blumaner l Co.. wholesale Drug
gists, fort laud, Or.
Uft in a niurrv. out of which we are to mold
und chtticl Hud complete urhuratier. Uoethe.
l ml (isMinral ltilt!11lv. Tliwtnru HiNnirrPtt hm tn
the relative value of Cod Liver Oil j.id Hypo-
tilinnpiuu's; llie one fliinpiyu.tr. MrviiKin mm
h. the other irmnir nerve .tower ami act ink
tHHtonletn the digestive and entire svfitem.
;ni in Sent t h KmuUiou of t oil 1,1 vr (Ml with
lyHih(Ntihl(eti the two tire emnhincd, and the
t.Vet i wonderful. TIxxuhikIs who have nV
ived ii' iienmiiieut bene til from other nrenaru-
tloiiH have hee.ii cured by 1lifn. Scot ft KnuiUion
itt oerfeclly palatable, and In eutily digested bv
those who ran not tolerate plain Cod Liver Oil.
Anv one anywhere who cult 1 pte a hobby at
the cxiieiiHe of other people's cjmfort 1b makiuit
a failure of life.
MI'KK it KK IOK riLKfel.
Hure cure for blind, bleed! uk and itching Piles.
One boi has cured thu worst case of ten years'
standing. No one need intTi-r tcumtuutcii after
tiMiug Kirk's German Pile Ointment. It abiiorbs
tumors, allays tlie Itching, acts as a poultice,
gives relief. Dr. Kirk'n (iermau Pile Ointment
Is prepared only for Pil'H and itchiug of the
private parts, aud uothiug else. Kvery box Is
Holt) bv Drugg st and gent ht mail on receipt
)f price, $1.00 per box. J. J. Mack dt Uo Whole
sale Agents, Han Francisco.
What It Costs
Mut hiMari'ftilly rniililtn(l by the great ma-
irl'y of )viilo ln'foro buying an article which
cm-' iiifeoliitcly ncccsMirv. HikkI s barwiiiHrllla
iipih'uiIm itM-lf with s lal force to the grca1
mhl!h clafttc., hoi-ante it combines positive
i. no ny with great mnlhinal power. It Is the
ii 1 y in -i-i"n of which can truly bp i.ahl.
liii.' s line II llsr " n il a bottle of lloml's
aa a lis ink n aeio i! n- to directions will
'.vorsge to Inst a inoiiih. ivhlle oilier nieilielncs
tat hut half or iua'icr ss loug. Try Hood's
Saiaiarllla ami see for yourself.
We could not ho without I loo W ssrjapsri Ha
lt l the best medicine we ever kept In the house.
My family an- all taking it." Mas. J. M. Bab
BKK.Snu Joatiin and Fremont streets, ftoclston.
" I have taken one botile of Hood's Sarapa
rtlla for liidiue-tlou, sni It has done me a great
deal of ko mI.' DiKODoKE Wallack, IVtaluma.
Ilood'nt .-irnarill.i
sold by all druteim. II: sis for V I'reisred
only by r I. Ilium & ill .Apothecaries, Low
ell, Ma..
Doses One. Dollar
$75 2t0$250 2
. . v wurlting fr u
Cin IrM mid)
pr-ffr'rd mhn cn furnish a hor and t tl.tur hi,t
tim tnttif. tminrsn Npsir niom-Tilismv bf tr..ft.l.l.
fm liit.t A fw T.'nuf in n and ril.M
a k . Juti N 5U.V a WO. k'Os 4a 6i, fiK.iii.ei4, Vs
mar f.ir si. I'..,..,-.
There Is ranld a-rowth In Anatralla of a sentl
meul favorluu lbs establishment of a Kcpubllo,
They dUaiMH-ar like hot cakes before a SU
ixjuh irauip " lanaiu s 1'uncu ' oe cigar.
Hnumanla bu VUO.OOO lypsles and Hungary
Ilrla-bt'a Disease Cured.
About two years ago our daughter bad con
estlnn nf the kidneys, which developed Into
eriKin s niii-ase, tier hhiv was swollen lo tu
viHiriiioui ! nu-amirliuc Ah Indies around
the walsl, ami IS Inches below the knee. After
iiiiysieiaus nail si veil up her case, 1 determined
of navi- iht iry ir. rv-iiueuy a -rAvoaiTa ksm
Kov,"nf Itomloiit, N. Y. Gradually tbe swell
lug was nslm-cd from 4'i to M inches. She be-
Kaii to us I n strcinrth, and was able to walk
without fHllmie. We llu not klmw hour In its-
press our Kratlludo lor what It has done for our
num. we are comment tbe Favorite Itcmiily
will ilu all that Is claimed for It surely Uod
has hlctil It In this esse, ami we earnestly
n-vomiucim u mail sum-riiiK irotn suiniiy dis
orders H. I). Van llllxk Irk. bemarint. N. Y.
lis. KsNNKiiy'a Kavosits Kkmkuy, made at
nonooiii, 3. v, si; oiorsn.
Hcud for book, how to cure Kidney, Liver and
in mm msurucr.
Brooklyn Is goiug In for an art museum.
An Kleuuiit Fuckase of Fine Cards,
Including 15 rare novelties, shaoes and ar
tistic imnorted olographic and chromatic
cards. This large and beautiful collection
sent by mall to any one wh i will ilo this
Itiiv a oox or ine genuine Ur. c. Me Lane's
i.cienraieti Liver rills from anv druralst.
price 25 cents, and mail us the outside
wrauper with your address, n'alnlv writ
ten, and 4 cents In stamps. The genuine
Kici.snes i ins are prepared only hy
Fleming Pros., Pittsburg, Pa., and have
been In constant use for over slxlv vear.
i ney sre superior m an oiners in purity
aim eiiectiveness. A certain cure lor 111
digestion snd i-ick headache. Addres-
I'leining liros., Pittsburg, l a.
An lucaudcsceut lamp burned 10.WU hours.
Frenrh Tauxy Wafera aie tbe Meat.
Dr. Livingston s Tansy Wafers for the
restoration of suppressed menses nkvkh
kail when ine directions uoon me oo
are strictly observed.
Tlie iausy Winers cannot oe Dotigni at
drug stores, So don't allow yourself to be
imposed upon In spurious and weak Imi
tations of Dr. Livingston's French Tansy
Wafers, and rememlier that the genuine
can only be obtained fr un us, so It you do
not want to be disappointed send 2 in a
registered letter or postolllce order to the
Livingston chemical Company, roruana,
Oregon, and a box will be sent by return
mull securely sealed from the eyes of in
quisltive people, to your address.
The new society of Artists In Paris has de
cided to admit foreign artists to meinbersuip.
Thy Okkmka for breakfast.
After 22 Years.
which was ejtnplctt'ly cured as follows:
Paragon, Intl., July 30, 1668.
I .Buffered with pahis In my bead from sun
stroke 2! years. They were cured by St. Jacobs
OU aud have remained so four years.
8 A Ml EL a 8HIPL0R.
At Druggists and Dealers.
you can ctrTaiity
WfJ lo tarts wo
Idses or homy To
ewe frarfof
"Perry DaviV
-1Ty iv
i Ta,hKi
Jo rc 7h f oat,j hth zrij
Fabers Golden Female Pills..
For Female Irregular
ities: nothiiiglikelhem
on the market. Sever
nil. rluceessfully used
by 'prominent ladies
monthly. Guaranteed
to relieve suppressed,
Don't be humbugged.
Save Time, Health,
and inoueyitakeuu oth
er. Kent to anv address.
secure by mall on re
ceipt oi price, ...isj.
Western Branch, Uox27, f 01 XL AM), OR'
So hi by Wihim.m Dr o Co., Ftnland. Or.
I 1 lie fiimniift Ihtvcy P!
Store of o"t-'n, ami Ilovev
Smwirt ol Cuinbriilut.
Maiw.. Iiiivp t)fen moved to
I Kant l'ii:nli itii. 4'alifornitt.
when (lie liusmeaa Hill be
vtmlurlftl ns
Tbe Raymond Flower
and Kft H tort.
C. H. HoviT.ilaimt'rr.
T.nnt Pitftatlrnia, fill.
lUfiMl forcmplltetalofiie.
3 are thoie pat np by
' Wbo are the largest Seedsmen ia the world. 1
V. M. FBKRTft Co's
TMiistraird. Descriotive and Priced
lor iBjO will be malted rKbiv to all ap- i
piicant, ana to iasi leasott tcuMomera.
it is iwtter in n evrr. tvrry peroa
using c artf 4mt fum r ttrld
fny gi I cured a man of chron-
NiSTiQfYshc? 10 P8'1" from ,uu'
Ivy I "V y form of chronlo
md Best Couh 8y nip. Taitei irood. Un Q
S3 In tifne. Hi ml by dniggiMn. gf
p. v. f . . v. oi
I liftvn luuiln a apnntlitnir ithoiiitfiil HsiiininAfiiin nf Hit. I'lfirK't. fiivAU HAiriKrx
Piiwdkh which I pitri'liaacd from aton i in lliiaclly, and flml It to bo free from all
foreign aubttancoa, audi as Alum, Ammonia, Lime, elf , and iih nearly clmmli nl'y
pure m can lie made lroui the purest nnteriuls.
HENRY G. HANKS, Chemist, Assayer and Geologist.
San Fhancikco, February 5, 1HH0.'
This Week We Shall Offer Banains as Follows in Almost Every Line:
(iayden seed, general variety (nut peas, beans or rorn), H0 paKrs (prepaid) for It.
!o"d iillia (comforts), full width, f 1 and up lo 2, and even ti each.
(In y bed blankets, ll.tfi pair up, all colors, i ; II up lo llu.
Wall paper, general variety, nice stvle, per doiib'o roll Vi cents np.
Cotton hatting fo-oiilts, nice iiiaiity, 12 cent, up lo I ft cents.
Boys' overalls, a to VI. :u cents lo Ml cents; 10 to 17, -III cents to lU cents.
Hoys' L'hevoit shirts, all prices and sizes, Ml, 40, .VI cents.
Men's Cheviot shirts, extra value, 3fi, u, 10, fit) cents.
Men's Cheviot shirts, extra slie up to 19' j neck, 6.1, 7A cents, $1.
Men's every-day pants, to close out, from cents pair up.
Men's all-wool cassimere pants, genuine, W pair up,
llovs' suits, ages4 to lit, from .7;" up, great bargslns.
Infants' underwear, grey. 1U, A, cents. Hoys', !ttl cents up.
Men's grey or white uiii .. wear, extra, W cents up.
Men's all-wool red underwear, l up.
Men's every-day slio-s. good iiinllty, II to II, Jl.W.
Men's rtiindiiy shws, good qualilv, ft to Id1,, 11. TU up.
Ladles' kid shoes, slses, to 7, )I M up; ealf shm's, JL.'iO up.
Caiined corn, 1 dozen up; canned fruli, II dor.cn up.
Canned toiuatH-a, 1.7n per case of 2 dozen; gallon cans, IJ.7A.
Heavy bacon V to 10 vents; lighter, 11 to 1'.' cents; extra light, 1.1 tn II cents.
Hutter per roll, common, to fts cents; good to extra, it) lo 4.r cents.
Bargains In dress goods. In nrlnts fcnlico). In canton tlauuel. In woolen flannel, lis .lor.
bam, In gooda of all Jcluds aud lu every Hue.
Henri for full price list of evorytliinir,
price ami below. (Sample copy free.)
t'urle Kraiu. on Tobacco.
Yon can't fool dla ohilu id your truHhto-
backy. I amoke 8kaih and don't you forgot it
Home smokers think that anythinir thai
niikea smoke, la good enoiurh to go Into a pie.
They will Und by a little i-xp irl ciicm that there
ia a vast diirerence In Smoking Tobaccos. Just
try "Hkai. or Kokth kiii.ina.' himI you will
see the ditrercnue between it and the imitation.
Dojou wanttoiSell orliuyaKarml Write to
us. Owners and Manners Property, At
tention! The POKTIjAND LANIJ CO. ad.
Tertlse in 81 newspapers in the United States,
and are therefore tbe people to handle city and
addition properly. It will pay ? cones
pond with us. Loans made on Farm and City
7?v v';
AJellB you si
frjTqh de tile &Jf-Jjtf&UQ.
mat) dra
are only begotten of healthy mothers. How important, then, that the
health of the future mothers of our land should be carefully guarded.
Our girls need the tenderest care as they are entering upon woman
hood. At this critical period of their existence it often happens, through
neglect, that the seeds of distressing ailments are sown, which afflict
them in after years. As a regulator and promoter of functional action
at this important stage, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a most
reliable agent for building np the strength and system and establishing
the proper functions. " Favorite Prescription " is a legitimate medicine,
carefully compounded, by an experienced and skillful physician and
adapted to woman's delicate organization. It i pnrely vegetable in
its composition and perfectly harmless in its effects in any condition
of the system. For all those peculiar weaKnesses, "bearing -down"
sensations, weak back, displacements, as pr. psns, anteversion, retro
version and kindred ailments, it is specific. The only medicine for
woman's peculiar diseases, guaranteed to give satisfaction in every
case, or money refunded.
A Book of 160 pages on Woman, Her Diseases and their Self-cure,
mailed, sealed in plain envelope, on receipt of ten cents in stamps.
Address, World's Dispknsaey Medical Association, 663 Main
Street, Buffalo, T. Y.
TW Piama'd Pollaf C
Jji 1 1 Xvl J V P JL7 OilO 10
over 4.000 articles oflVred' ut wholesale
4IU Front Street,
San Francisco,
Kt. mu' uu cuu m., ue bu it., ludiuu,
1 prescribe and full. sa.
dorss Big U as lb. only
sneclflc for Ihs certain cur.
of tblsdlsesse.
Amsterdam, N. Y.
W. hsvs sold Blf O for
many years, and It has
fnven ius Dsal 01 salls
actlon. D. R. DYCHK CO.,
CBlcago, I1L
tl.OI). lold by Druggists.
OICinnHI. A BKA!H.Oabler. Hoe
nlsh Pianos; Burdett Organs. Band InstrumeBta.
Largest stock of Sheet Miiaio and Hooks. Rand,
supplied at Eastern Prices. MATTHIAU
GRAY CO. 206 Post Street, Ban Franctsi o.
10.000 AGENTS Mole!
To sell th complete atM ODONIM
fciBtory of tti muniirof WTt vnw 111 111
Giving a fait and complete account of toe ooturplracf:
the trial and verdict. The tMokeMUIaiefw ieo UImIt
Cloa. Onelartre it! mo. volmnn of about duo pages, price
aljfi.aVO. OITriTBHoWbsUDT. fiend, at one, tteente
for an outfltiflnitcoine.fi ratwrved. ThisisjhejhMoeoe
iiui'iui eataw mum h i h
Hufc and alar?, rt llahle. Ladle,
a.k ItruBfftit fur Diamond Brand. In
red, mt-unifi rjoirs, raid iu bluai
ril.N.n. Take no ain' r. All n U
In paatoboant bniM, pink wrpir, ir)
lsitiiMMiiB aMisi(pnltA. Henri in.
i.iaiiiiiR) lr arilcuUri, tetlmonlli and
IIrllerfor Ladle" in Uittr, tj retmra
null. Sam lnutr.
ChUkMUr Ihcai'l altea Ba, W.f
frn'",e lese the Uvw, stomach
and bowel. oB a dot Br 4ruf flit
s.ti.HS. as'asw
Miesae Hss
mo W cared msuy
toisus bsnil fur Vr.
b'ClSSII 1,1 111
Talk' snd ottmsnxia ff
Mimcinlsls. TtnjJ
trill nunviro. M
g f TO S DSTI.ll
VunalM. .a
um un -lj sy las
! I