Oregon courier. (Oregon City, Clackamas County, Or.) 188?-1896, February 21, 1890, Image 1

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NO. 41.
err. IjOttib
Midlcil and Surreal Olspaasary I
J. HENRI XW8LER, U. P., Manager.
tOS Seen. It-set, mar Tarlor, Portland. Oreson.
on III. tlrst floor. NoHr Im limli.
III. niost conveniently arriiitid unlet. In Hit;
a city lor the treatment of all
'Prlvnto Slaeaaea.
The Poclorl guarantee to cure any cau of Nou
rilala, Mrk headache ami Kln.11n1a1l.1n. All
diseiikea of Wnimii i.iiccMfiily tnutid. t
guarauiee in cure any Cough, Lung 1 rouble nr
Thioii DI'Mio tumble. IliMi linri-a from Kilo
rurcl In a short lime, old Hum, llcera fanivre
and Skin iJIktaaea cured.
" - ujio at, Wua,
A 11 ttil kl'il. nl growths n moved from any Htrl
til '.lit h d.-, mi il.rcrcui'tt liuw long ..landing, or
aiov Irt'Ku they limy Ik.
Th-rn In rn'iiui led Willi the Kt. Louis Mcdlcu'.
Dliuitjiy tint Lkhi Surtf val Skill on I tic Tui'llli
Cmui. i
Young ZiAdlea, '
tVin'l u iuimum.i my I uik, r with (In ae Hlolcliri
ami I'luiiiUiH i-l ruckle on your fu.ns.kinl thai
iuuuI in k lllnii unili r your I vtn. ( nil 01
wr.to. nil! remove tint iwrtuaiiriitly and
giv you ll"niliHil oinnlixlou.
i Tib I.x i..r liifnlnh iin i. nlirlno am) every
Ml, ,i l. '. iiv ir'niii. ('niiMillallmi Kree.
TMIice Honrs. 8 A. M Inl'.' M.,miiiI iior. I. M.
r r. A.I I i cr.ii. im rril irii,iiiulv. 1 all and
eo n. a a iiUmiily talk casta nothing.
The steamer
Taylor Street Dock, Portland.
Eighth Street I 'nek, Oregon City.
Oregon City 7:30 h. in. ami J p.m.
l'lirtlnnil, 10 r. in, and 3:.')U p. m.
Union Pacific Railway,
Trains for the Hut Ichvc Portland Hi 7:in A. M
' ) I'. M. dally. Tickets to nn,l from nrlurlpa
polnii In the thiltftl hlHti'N, t'liiiiuliiiiiia Kuru.
Prpi t'olonliit nloi'iiluir rum run tliroiiRh on ei-
Cri'MH trtiliiH tn OiiihIia. CouihI1 IIIhIVn. Knima.
Ity.Clili'aKoalnlst. I.iiuln H777HT ClUStW.
Close win iierl Inn at Portlnnil for Han FrHiiclaco
ami i'URi't s, inn, I iiniiiti. lor further irllrulart
lliiiinriioi Hoy .koiii oi iin v tunoiiny or
T. W. I.KK.
() P. A.. 1'orl IhiiiI. Or.
C. 8. M ELLEN', Gcnenil Trntllf MniiHucr
Ths Celebrated French Gure,
, la Sou) on A
lo euro any
form of nvrvuiia
uiki'tiM, or Hiiy
iliminler of I lie
RE ccneriillvo or-
fimt ul I'illier dux. whuihcr iiiWiiii from th
.icesnlvsn.icotStliiiuliiula, ToIjiiiio or Opium.
ortliroiiKh youthlul lu,lliintlon, over lmlul
ijiii'i', Am., Kin li ns Loss of Diiiiu I'on cr, Wnktfnl
ucn, llcaiiiiK iliiwii I'n i iii in tho I'.ni'k, .Seminal
Weiikiiess, Hysteria, Nervous I'loMiuliini N'octiiru
I Kmlsslons, I.eiii 'ni li'i'n, lilnzlnens, Wenk Mam.
ry,I.oiiof roivernuil f niHilciiry, wlileh If n..
glei'teil often len,l tn ii'einiiluaoMin;eiluil Ilium
Ity. I'rli'o 11.00 n box. A lioxui forfVOO Sent by
mall on rcccljit ol price.
A W It ITT KN Ci II A It A NT K K for ovtiry ,M3
"nriler, to refnnil the money If a I'eroinii.nt
lire is not eireeleil. Thiillsauila of tcstlinnnlall
Inmi ol, I ami yoiiiiu, of both oxc, pet uiiiueutly
anreil by Ai'iinoni riNR. Clreular fi-ee. AiMrtss
0X V I'OKTI.ANl), Oft,
S,il,t by Oi.in Si lxiils. di'iiKglsiK, Mile atienta
O rugun (-'Ity. or
Doiilcr in
OJImkh, putly, Jco.
Prescriptions carefully Compounded.
A 8 DaasHBR,
T A McBhibi
Attorneys at Law,
Farmers' Land Company,
Office at Noblitt't Stable, near Railroad
Depot, Oregon City, Or.
Buying and Selling Farm Lands
lu C.lMrkam. onilly n KprUlly.
Corre.poinlenee Solblted.
N. N. ROBBIN9. Aaeii
Noblitt Livery and Sale Stable
Da thi Street between the Bric'oe and the
Double and liiic1e rl an1 M1lle linria al
war on hanrl at (lie mtw, mi 4 a mrral
alio fo'titet'ltxl Hlth Urn Warn fr ntrnk
Any Information rrKHrdiiitr aitr kin1 i atock
pioraptlr mi. n'led 10 Itv It-tier or jMn.on
F. 0. 3UC0WN,
Attirnay at Law,
J;i t i Ore J5i City, Gregos.
JUail .Hatters i Spetlaltj".
TO 'it?
Hiring. Vlrlaltiiila of Ilia Widow ol a
ItoiiiniiiiiHii Trim Mliilatffr.
A l'l'lni'i'mt und the widow of acclo
(irnli'd IVIiiin MinUtor lias jitut ex
pired tit (J ntz, hh un Inmuto of tho
city uIiukIkmimi. Twenty ynre ngn
I ho fiittiu of IVInuuae Mario (ihyku'n
liciitily extonded from tho shores of the
Diinnlio to the bitnki of the Sclno.
N'lipuliion III. wax one of her mtiHt
furvont iiiliiilrorH, mid thoru are dnnhU
Iohh ninny of thoHO who took part In
tho fiiMtlvitk'H at the '1'iillorloH and at
SU ('loud durinif tho cloalntr yoitra of
i ho Empire who will rncull to mind the
urn ro und lovellnogti of the wife of tho
Itoumiiiilun I'ruinlor.
A Tyrolem) by birth, nnd of humblo
purunliiBO, alio had II rut attraotod the
Pr'.niM-'H nttrntlon whlli? ucting its
govornvM to tho childron of a wenllhy
nohlctniin at HiiuharoHt, Finding' that
iih in tho I'lino of tho Kmprotja Euponle,
"tho only road to hot lioart lod through
tho fhnnol," ho murrii'd hop, muoh lo
tho iiidlrnatlon of Ills rolaliveR. Tim
htttur obtained tboir rovengo In
!H7-', whon tho I'rlnoa diod very
iiiddnnly and unoxpontodly, lenv
liii; liix affaire in tho mottt torrihlo
conftiHion. liy dint of an linmcnsn
amount of brlbory and of p ill ileal in
flnonuo tho luifiirtuiiiito widow waado
privod of any pni'tlt'tpation or bonelit
In hor htmband'e estate. Finding hor
se If ponnilose, she in a moment of
rockloHnnoHs and despair forgot what
was due to hor rank and etatlon, and
Kave way to the tonipintinn which hor
beauty caused to bo bold out to her
from every eido. She lived in turn
with several of the boat known mom
bora of tho Austrian "jotinosse doroe.''
Dissipation and increasing; years
caused her charms to fado, and a
couple of years a:o sho waa found
starving In a tonoincnt houso of tho
suburbs bore. A small sum of monoy
was collected in hor behalf and a room
eecttred for her in the almshouse at
Gratis, whore she has just expired.
Among those who lavishod tholr
wealth on hor, and who ruined thorn-
solves for hor sake whilo her beauty
still lusted won un Italian mimed
Morel 11, who was Btated at the time
horo to have acquired In Now York the
fortune which ho spont on hor.
Vienna Lottcr.
To miiko delicious peach jam or
marmalade, allow half a pound of
eugar to every pound of peaches. Put
water otioujjh in the presorvlug-kottle
to cover tho bottom; heat all to tho
boiling point, then mash tho peaches
lino, and hoi! and stir for fifteen min
utes. Sot back on the lire and sim
mer twenty minutes longer, stirring
ocriuiioniilly, that it may not scorch.
Put up in stone jars. DetnoresU
II peculiar efficacy I. flue
union id in. proc.i. aim
NOTHING in compounding na to
una it the Ingredlenta tb.niMlvea,
win. ii Take It In time. It checks
disease. In the onu.t, or IT
they be advanced will prove potent oure.
So Home Ul lie Without It
tt take, the place of a
Wtor and ctly V'
crlptlone. All who lead rO" WHOSI
aedcnlary Uvea will Hud KNIFIT
It the beat preventive of
and cure lor liiillKeatioii,
Con.tlpatlon, Heariucli., Wllomne...
Pile, and MentHl lepreaslon. No Uiaa
f time, no Interference with biialneaa
While taking. Kor children It la moat lo
Hocent aud harmlesa. No danger from
xpoaurn after taking. Cure. Colic. 1)1
arrhma, Howel Coinnlnlllta, Fevei'tah
ami and Feverish Colli.. Invallda and
delicate persons will And It the mllrleat
Aperient and Tonic they can use. A little
taken at night Insurea refreshing aleep
aud a natural evacuation of the bowels.
A little taken In the morning sharpen,
the appetite, cleunaea the stumacu aua
weetena the breath.
"1 have been practicing medicine for
twenty years anil have never been sbl. t.
put ap a vegetable compound thst would,
like Simmons Liver KegnUtor, promptly
and .nectivey mov. the Liver to sction,
and at the Sam. time aid Instead ofw.sk
ning) the digestive and assimilative
towers of the system-"
M. Hinton, m.d., Washington, Ark.
Marks of Oennlneneaai Ixxik forthe red
Trade-Mark on front of Wrapper. and the
aval and signature of J. H..ellln4Co., In
led. on the aide. Take no other.
FaEainRNT. Cash irr
Bank of Oregon City.
Paid un Canital, - - $30,000.
A general blinking business transacted. I.o.nl
r.. iii.i.. in 1.1. .j. a
uisuc nil ainiini'ie Dri:iuiijr. in .ins. ui (uvu
paperniscnuntert. ruueeitona mane.
Interest naid on tlmedenoslts.
12a 10 E L. EAHT1IAM, Managei
po5anoA;E SMITH
FlnMt rniall Q.
nnnnfart tired
and tbe tlit ciioiceoC nil
exiturLa. In Cullbr &.'.
tt and 44-litiL 81hkI or
niprioaa ani largei miri"..
Beat aaalllv wrought
tMl. VHtvtlkUV lllUM-L'tcd
ftr wnrkmannhm nit Btook. Unrivaled '
finish. ilnvMhllitV anil irriMri. Do
D1 be ittxctvi hy cheap malleable iron imitation
oftn aolil fur the gvuulne article. Titer are an re
liable and dangerous. The Siirnf A WiWiH Kc
toltbrb are aiinied iiiid the ttarn-l with flrm'a
name, adtlreM anudateaof itatenu, and arc gamr
atiieed iiw rfn-u InwUt upon harina: tbem, and If
jroiir dHifer cannot upi-ly ytru, an orrler sent to ad
drnw bliw will recelveprompt atteniloo. Detcrlp
ti cAUtiugne and prtivraupon applk-atloa.
It kills all iD&smmatloil aad irrlutloa, and 1 th
em'y aura afrtteyec of Mlcrvtof asd outer
ruse; us,
VMfrt prtcti 5 writt Qei,
ML-) v
fori J
News of the Week
At a iiiectirg of the Midlund Pncillc
railroad at Sioux, Oily. In., it wai deride 1
to I'Xtend the road to Seultlu within the
next live years.
A Ltahiemib'y dropsed woman In (If
riraml opera home, Now York eturtled
tin audience during the )il:tv by rifling
in hor sent ih d Hcnamiiiif. Tho ctirtaiti
waa lower d" wIipii she f-iiiiiel ami was
curried out into ihe I ibliv, who e sho was
cli 1 voted of a iMiuncing iwy.
Four wrpses were found recently thirty
mills from Punell on the Okliihoua
plain, ly two cowUivp. Tne.v iim the
rcinaineof a luiiii ami woman about oil
y a'e of ago, a woman of S) ycats and a
oov about ft years. A'l of them wt-ra
shot, j 'I be Muralial will iovnti;a'
An tiiKiucPSHfiil attenit win made to
wrecif. a tiam on the l'aoiiic to st, rail
road near Santa Maria, t'al. Anionic
those on board weroJ. M. liilmori', Oen
oral Manager of the road, J. I.. Howard
of 'lie l,og Olivas Ind Compsiiy andex
(Jovernor Peikins of Uoolall A Perkiua,
San FranciBco.
Lieutenant Schwatka, noted as an ox-
nlorrr. and who miiilo an expfilitioti in
search of North pole info-ination, lias
arrived in L-iuoauo irom jiuxi o. no
wag acrompa i lied by i b-ven wi'd men
from the mountains ol Chihuahua and
known as the clill or cave dwellers, th
last of their race.
A committee from tbe cepm! rii?lits
convention ca'W on the rn anient, ami
presented a copy of an address adopted
liy the convention. Tho President px
preesed sympa'liy with Ihe inovi'in nt,
and assured Hie committee ho would do
ali lie could within the law to ameliorate
the ooiulitii n of tho colored people.
Nearly C.'IOO tieofile attended a recep'
tion in Rev.T. neWittTiilmaie'shonoru1
the Thirteenth IUviment nrtimry, Urook
ly ii. Mayor Chapin, (.leneral Sherman,
Ueneral llarnea ami m ny piounnein
clervnien and other citizens were proa
i-iit. " Spce lies were made welconin
Dr. Ta'mai-e home, and t'ie ahovo gen
tleineii resMiiuled eloquent y.
Maior F,. I). Burns of Kio Arrilm, N,
M . lias teltura idled the S eotld Nation: 1
blink at Stntia.o to s ml Aue t Adams
of the Navajo In Urn reservation 00 t
he g'ven to reli.tivei of d e,ucd Xavaj
Imliaiis recen'lv shot by seniors for kill
inn cuttle. The Iii'liu- md lid's as
an alternative toi. oina ie warp itli.
The Planters' l.ousc, the oldest ami
uio-t fiimous ho'el in St. Ixmis, was
cloud bv the Sherill. The Merch nta
hotel, another o'il litivliimrk, whs closed
in ihe same way last week. I lie rimr-o-b'
house was built in IHiiti. It wit
fiiliuloiis'v mentioned in Dickens
"Aiiierc.ui Note," and bus tioiistd
many of the mo-t die iiiguislud men ol
The Methodist Church intemh to found
a nntinii.,1 university in Wash niftoii, I).
C , and arrangements are iM-ing ma le f r
the puivhai-e of a ninety-acre tract i f
land on the leineiivtown roiti ne.ruan
View, iheC'l 'VeUiula' country homo, as
a site f jr the university. Uisliop Hurst,
win is at tie head of theiiioveinem, has
pa d an option of 1,U0 1 on the property,
which will hi sold for 1U0, 00.
The jury returned a verd'et of " no
cause of action" in the casa of the suit
of Rev. 1)'. Bad of Huffulo a ta'nst th
New York Evening Posi for libel. Hall
was one of Cirover C'evel'ind's protni
nnt do iti al enemies in ihe campaign
of 1KS4, and circulated letters denouno-
mii t levelaii'i tor his aiuvea triumetr
of Maria Halp n. The F,vetiing Post
excorijted Hall ; hence tli'J suit.
The Illinois State Supreme Court has
dcivd'd in l lie famous Anarch s cae of
Ni be, Fielden and Schwab, now in the
Stat! penitentiary, that they were de
nied tho cons it .tioiial right to he pres
ent when the Court pissed sentence on
them. 'Ibis point lias n-ver been de
cided by the Feder.il Supreme Court,
and if it is sustame i, win release tne
t'iree prisoners and many nth-rs and
render illesl the execution of Spies,
Parsons and F.ngel.
A sensation was created at St. Paul by
a r- couiiiiendntl n tnat tne Ameriian
Build ng an I Ixi ,n Association wind up
its allairs and qui busine-ie. Kxiininer
Ken von litids that it hai'co t the Amer
ican $30 V 00 to do a bus ness of $ , 00,
IIOj two years. I he-e is a (Illicit of f7o,
000, and' 'he Attorney -(ieneral will h!o'
th associaiioii out at once. Im alleged
aii.tal is 10,n0i,000, it; headquarter-
are at Minneiipilis, and i s st.ck is held
in every t ite in Hie Un on.
Preeideiit Fitzgerald of the I' iah Na
tional Leiigun iisues an appeal to ihe
muiibeis, stating tile penrem made ami
urging renewed ell'or sand con' ri but ions,
no matter h ,w Bmail, to bring about Ihe
victory which is neir at hand. He tuk. s
o cas'on to seveiely st ore some p.trty pa
pers ttn t commented s ucastically on the
l'arne lites ncro's the w. ter, who do not
want a convedion here now, but urge
contributions. He says the e p persa'C
puny imitatoisof the londou li x.es.
C.'F. Mdler of Tacoma, representing
a syndicate of Kast-rn capirlists, has
been in Rose urg the past to weeks
examining into the Rjeehnrg and Coos
Hay railway project.
The Santa Rosa baa left San FMnrsei
for Portland and the Walla Walla for
Victor a, both Inav ly loa lid and c Try
ing the mails. The O egon has gone on
tho dry d)ck for repairs.
Yakima farmers are nrgingthe passage
of an irrigation measure by tne Oiytnpia
Le.'isla'ur. The hi 1 provides for the
buildii g of ca'.als and Uin Is for a lien;
term of yeara to raise money to p y for
the same.
Tne parties to the Carroll-iIcAulihH
fight met at Sin Francisco and rinsum
lulled tbe match by depositing $ yiOO a
.id, Carroll having concede I h s punt
to .McAulirle and al'owing McAuliffe to
we:gh alun slripiied 137 ponmls.
One million bushels of wheat are now
stored in 'he vtan h us g and e'evators
of ths Northern Pacific Elevator Cvm-
panvai'uated alonit the inof the Noith-
ern Pac ric ra lroa I thrrnuh the Paiotise
and Wada W 11a wheat districts.
A sealing fcbooner, which .tiled from
San Fran'-iiK fir Al lakan water neady
a monrti ao, baa ret imed to have Vr
Iniuri's rer.a red. r-h eo outit r- d
vere welder, and had ivu bwt bji
igiuan fcetvy wavti for tt wki jit.
Henry Goorp, author of " Progress
and Poverty," has left Sin Francis o for
Australia on .the a'fninship Mariposa.
He was the found r of th I'.v ning post
of that citv many ye.irs u. Ho was
nuiti warnily received by citizens there
during his stay.
Tim County Commissio'iiTs hive
linally a.ci'p'cd the p'ans of W. A.
Uitchie for the new Whalcon c unity
Courthouse. The plans cont 'inplale a
brick mil itoiie at r net tiro, throe eoies
hi Ii, to cost (105,000 and to be completed
liy October next.
Tlia Oregon CVnsits Superigr,rs are to
tret $1,000 ea 'h, and censiM eniinieriit irs
2 cents to 2'4 and 3 cents a name 2
cents a name in the populous districte.
There will he about HlK) enumerators,
who will hive abiut ten ti fijteea ihyg'
work and earn from t'SJ ) $'
- Ilurlrre th8ltodrrr.ftih Thariy floitfed
away Sattvie's island, the steamer Jo
seph Kellogg transferred for manv of th"
dinners 1 0 mi bead of sheep and 1,300
head of cattle to the highlands across the
river. The steamer Toledo also assist d
in removing families from iiutmUtcd
General Manager W. S. Milieu and
(ieneral Supprinlendeiit M. C. Kimberly
spent some time at Kalama l a'atin the
site for the new inclined. The company
ointiMiipliites building an extensive
wharf mi I warehouses at that point and
putting on a new tun stealer between
ttiere ami Astoria.
Senator Stanford has acknowlpilg d
the receipt from the San r rancisco Uh un
her of Commerce of a memorial asking
for an additional survey in the sulmon-
lislung district of the Al isknn Covst.and
heaj promised to present it to the Senate
at en ea'ly date and endeavor to se ure
the surveyB needed.
In San FranciBco the Britieh Beiievo,
olent Society chartered two tegs t carry
visitors to li. M.S. fSwiltsure. JNot be
ing able to lu'coiniii ida'e them all, John
Kiigcle", a i oilman, ran opposit on tug
the si cietv objected and rais tl the Brit-
idi Hag. F'ligelcs' men (diarg d and lore
it down. Tliore was quite a riot. JNo
arrests. ,
Suit has been filed in the United StareB
Circuit Court in Los Angeles, niv lving
the title to 1,100 acres of land and oilier
properly in Sun Luis Obisp) county of
the to' id vjlue of 8100,0 K). The com-
lil iinant is na'iie i Jean's (.ie'bea, a citizen
of Chili, residing in Santiago. Fr.iu I in
seitdtu up an estate is tho came al eg d
for the suit.
W. K' cd. 69 years of age, tva'ed him
self before the mirror in his room af tne
Monliromerv Avenue hotel, Sin Frail'
cis o, and suicided by blowing his bra'ns
out with a nis'o'. CertillcaVs for fl,MM)
at'd bank bxiks showing f2 OOlldt p mired
were found. T here n no lung to indi
cate the oaii"o. He was at one tun vice
pr nrpa of the Valenci i-s!reet ai bool.
The winter has bro'ten aArjton,
Or. The sheep perished in (.iidiain,
Mo row and Grant count es will n 'luher
in thn tliousinds. Hundreds of head ol
horses and at le have died on the rang s
from starva ton. Althoitah this has lie n
a hard winter on s'ockiiicii, it win nip
th farmers, as the hartl rains wo h ive
had l ave melted the snow gradually and
t iken it into 1 1 ground.
The steamer Areata has arrived at San
Francisco, fori v-me hours from Co)-
bav. On tlio t ip up Will am Cbppet, a
seu'Piui.fell o'.'erbounl and was drown il.
Ciptain riiomas r-ports tlint the iii'd-
ciiaiine1 ouoy at uoos my went aurnt,
Tho ichoiii -r (J. il. MTchant was
wrecked at Co is bay. Sh went ashore
on In! n irth spit on an ebb tidt after
crossing Uo'is luiy o.ir. ltie ere v tout
to the boats and reached the shore in
safuty. Tne s diooner was valued at $15,
William H. Kellev, second engineer of
the sVamer Sun Juan ol San rrancioco,
was ki 1 d by Ja :k Palace in a quarrel.
Detectives are after Palace.
S. J. Morri-ou, a San FraiiciHco cir-
penter, found his wife on John Hani-
sou's lap and emp i'l the coilenis of a
jus ol at llarnsou, but ttlioiit elKct.
Ransom Floyd and his wife were shot
by burglars at West Point. Mrs. Floyd
is dead, and v lovd c inn it recover. 1 tie
burglars obtained $3,000, tbe price of a
farm Floyd had just sold.
Secretary Windom Ins directed that
the charges of driinkenneis and cruelty
preferred agiinst C'aplaiu Halvof the
rev.'tiii3 cutter Bear ne investigut.d at
an Fraiiei'co. A b arl of revenue of-
fic rs will constitute tbe court.
Ned Buck lev, the well-known actor,
was whipped in a saloon in S in Francisco
by loin Bvrnes, a capitilist, who was
lalousol attention? shiwn airs, ueore
Dab1, wde of tbs leuler of iin Olympic
U ub, by B ickl y. Byrnes waj arrejte I.
In lSHand 18S9 lliiro were flfty-eight
lioini 'iiles in San Franc'sco and only two
executions. Jn r-eptemiier, iskh ulex-
aml r Oildinson wns haiwed and Dj-
ceinher 2S, HMI, a Chinaman. No one
has been hanged since. The community
is bo oiuing agitated.
It is now thomrht the shortage of Wal
ton, the aha 'ond ng cleric ot tin Tactile
Exprcs Ciiupaiiy at Dallas, Tex., will
reach the sum "t $ .0,00.). It is known
that Walton, notwiihst Hiding Ihe go d
character which he bore, was on fanrliar
terms with two notorious wotntn, upon
wl inn he lavished a large amount of
money. He went North, ami detect ves
are in pur-nit.
At Miami, M or tola, during the ab
sence of Jo''n Mo'ton, aged 52 years, h i
father, aged "."), aims :d Mrs M irton, his
daugliter-m law, aed 61. iVb n the eon
returned lie remonstrated with his fa
ther, wherrupon the old man t' ok down
a gun and sleit bis s n, instantly killirg
hi i hi . He ih n turmd the gun on Mrs
Morto i und sho". her in the aNIo nen,
ehe iying w-t'dn an honr. The old man
doe "nov deny the cririie, and eays be
dii it in ten ionally.
The dwelling of a farmer named R -th
npar St vejsn, Al l ,was burie I. Ko h,
his wife and fo ir clnld en p?rislied.
A n of Frank Johns in. a prominent
contort rof SjKikniie Fall, was canght
by a 'allirg tree at Sand Point, llho,
an I sen msiy injure!.
So more erio ia avalancbea lave oc
curred in Cienrd'Al-ne. Elvn rn-n o
fir have Wt their liven in 8,'0licl'.
The rJa cot me;Ts and par i tho upow,
At Olympia, while removing a pot of
collee at Iwilmg heat from a s'ove, Mrs.
John (iiiun accidentally spilt the con
tents on her youngest child, aged 17
months, scalding it fatally,
Four children of Jacob It. Slater of
Kingston, N. Y., were drowned while
kat:ng. M's Sinter in trying to rescue
them was drowned, end Slater in endeav
oring to help hie wife met the same fate.
Two workmen, M nrkley and Dunmire,
at the l'li'i'ii'X Brick Work., Kittening.
Pa , c trried a lighted lamp into a kiln
where natural gas was escaping, and
enuH'jti an explosion. Both were fatally
A fat si railway accident occurred on
the Michigan Central east of St. Thomas,
Out., by whi' li Fmgiueer John Cooe,
one of the b"st known of the older men
in tho service, lost his life and several
train n eu were budly injured.
By an explogion of gas In the East
ro-ton mine near Luzernelinrongli, l a ,
John M'Kechnie, assistant hns, and his
brother Clmrli s were fatally burned and
Hiidolph Ri inking, David Jones and
William Prysn seriously injured.
A sharp and distinct shock of earth
quako w as felt at Port Tow nsend, lasting
a few seconds. The ground shivered as
with the force of an explosion, (loo Is
upon tbe shelves of stores on Water
street rattled and shook, espot tally glass
ware. A few buildings on the water
front rocked perceptibly, and people ran
in'o the street, not knowing what waa
going to happen.
The new glass works at Blairsvillc, Pa.,
wore blown down during a severe storm.
Chares Barr, the Superintendent, and
Mr. Boirney were killed and a number of
persons injured. Superintendent Barr
is still under the wreck. Another un
known man is under the debris.
Washington hall, the largest in the
Slate of New Jersey, was entirely de
stroyed by lire at Patterson. The l"S9
on the building nnd adjoining property is
300,000. A hall wus in progress in the
ha'l at the time tbe tire broke out, and a
panic ensued among the participants, all
of whom, however, es ajicJ.
A tlirouvh mail train on the Baltimore
and Oiiio railroad ran in'o a huge snow
tlrift three miles east of Ohio Pyle The
engine and a comoination postal and
bagiaao cir went over the hill into the
Yoiighiogheny liver, entirely demolish
irg them. The smoking car stopped on
the brink. Several were seriously in
jured '
A west-bound passenger train on the
No-folk and Western railway was
wrecked by spreading of the rails near
Bristol. Va. FIxpress Messenger Kerr
was killed, Mail Agent Bock fatullv in
jured and ihe baggage master badly hurt.
Conductor Barnes and two passengers
wvre olightly hurt. The others esciped
wi ll a nuking.
A fierce slorm of wind occurred In the
vicinity of Conne'lsvillo, Pa. lVt of
the famous old National Locomotive
Works at New Haven was blown down.
Other bui'dings were blown down and
de-droyed in Pitt burg. The heaviest
snow storm of the season has set in, and
still continues with no immediate pros
pect of ceadng.
An explosion in the washing and con
densing room of the St. Paul Gas Light
Coiiip toy resulted In the death of Daniel
Desmond and tho injury of four others
The for. e of the exp'osion was terrific,
buildings for four blocks being shaken
by it. Tne building itself was wrecked,
and the report of the expl ision wu
beard for a mile or more away.
It is estimat' d that it will cost $ 0,000
to put the wrecked HriHeh ship Clan Mc
Kenzie into condition for sea. The cost
of raising the siiipand putting her along
s'do the wharf in Portland, where she
now is, was $10,500. She is a'so dam
aged a't. No trace of the remains of the
two sailo-s Slid to have been crushed to
dea'h in the forec.is'le has been discov
ered, and it is generally supposed that
ihey deserted.
Before the House Committee on Ma
rine and FislieriesJames B. Montgomery
ot Portland, Or., read a document in
favor of subsidies to American vessels.
President and Mrs. Harrison, in view
of the recent alliictioii in the families of
Seer taries Blame ami I racy, have re-
ailed all invi'a'iims issued to public re-
c-ptions and dinners until Lnt. Vice-
TreSldeut Morion lias also recaucu an
invitations to serial festivities at his
house The ollicial serial season is th.is
pr th ally at an end.
There are indications that the Blair
educat onal bill in the Senate will run
through tbe week and pe-baps a longer
period before a vote is taken. The b'll
lo orgnnize a terrilorial government for
Oklahoma will probably be dhsp .se 1 of
in tbe morning hour, and the odd hours
of time therein remaining will be de
voted to miscellaneous business on the
Mis. Tracy's death has virtually closed
the social season for the winter at at t he
While Houe and at the home of Vice
President Moiton antl of the Cabinet
Ministers. Any event in which Mrs
Tracy would have participated has been
indetinitely postponed. The Cabinet day
receptions on Wednesday will net he
held; neither will the Tuesday night re
cep'ion to officers of the army ami navy
and tbe marine corps, nor the reception
that was set for the night of Shrove
The new cede of rules will be tbechii f
subject of inter, st lo come before the
House this week. It is the inU ration of
the Committee on Rules to iall it up as
soon as possible and to ask the Houso to
limit debate so that final action on the
subject may le reached within two or
three day. While many features of the
th- new rules are obnoxious to the Dem
o-Tats, it is not probable that opposition
ill be n anifeateil otherwise than by
speeches and by adverse votes on them,
provi ltd the minority is afforded what
ihev regard as a reasonable time for dis
Adv:ces from Formosa report that the
imierid troops have defeated the na
tives of Formosa and destroyed thei
stronghold. Natives refusing tia kno
edge allegiance were killed with gr
The Colonial Federation confer
has open: d at MeUourne. James
ice, I rime Minister ol iton
elected President over tl.o body.
can uiiiie. rreid?tit ot the
j Leis!5tiv Cow-sii, gv b
1 tlt tyktM, ,
Jobber have been exceedingly buoy all
the week gutting off orders and receiving
good, delayed by the blockade. Continued
bad weather still retards outttlde business,
but aa soon as weather and railroad, as
sume their normal condition a consld r
ab'e Increase la anticipated. Altogether
Ihe outlook I. considered cheering, and
the prospective requirement, of consump
tion Inspires a frell g of confidence re
garding the future that Is the most .Ignlf
cant feature of the present situation.
Breaking Plow....
Ilroftdcast Seeders.
Minding Twine,...
Binding Wire .
Grain Drills.
Gang Plow
Osborne's Mowers
lOperetdls lHc
. 20 per ct du
" lteaner
48-0 55
" ComMwrs&Rprs "
" Dronpers ... - "
" Steel-frame self
bind'g Harvest " "
Railroad liarro-va, iron whls doi
Kailroad Barrows, wocd whls ''
Koad Plow
Solid steel ec.-tDer.
. au3ri
12( 14
. Mi 90
.125 170
. 76'al
. 90,25
Steel disk harrows . . .
Spring wego.i.
Su'ky Plow
walking plow.
Wagons, all makes. . .
Hnrlaps. 40 In
Burlaps, 45 In
burlaps, ou In
Gnnnies, :8x40
Potato baira. uel casn
Wool 4 th, "
Wool 841b, "
Wheat sacks, spot, net eh
Wheat sack, extra, second baud.
Guatomala, f lb. 214AT23
Java. lb & tatf
M Kha, k lb 28 6031
No. 1 Costa Klca, D t 1J4-8
Rio. Iflb 22 023
Salvador, tf lb 21,(0,4
llnaated. la Hag a.
Arbuckle's Arlosa. at lb IWcttift
Closaet & D.'s Columbia 1 lb ors. . . . 25 (e2tl
Costa Rica 25 28
i.uateiimla 25.,28
Roasted Java 81 (a2
Roasted Mocha 85 (J.37
Vegetable irreah).
Cabbage, lb 1
Carrots, persa 1 25
Oarrots, young, V dos 15
Celery, f dos 601 00
Lettuce, don l'ii
Oiiiona. kt 100 ttis 2 002 50
I'otalors, Iff 100 lbs 1 251 50
Potatoes, sweets. If lb 2)
Kadishes, If do. 12
Turnips, sk 1 25
Chickens, large young, f dos. . . 8 0O0 50
flliiekana. hmilors.
Chickens, old 6 00'6 6l
Ducks, ldos 7 OOiiSoO
Geese, young, t dog 10 J0il 00
Turkeys, young, tt lb 18
Grouse aud Pheasants 8 0 1
Apples 1 50(82 00
Bananas, f bunch 8 SO'eM 00
Lemons, California, V bx 3 75 1 4 00
Lemons, Sicily, f bx, new 5 otXjtfl 00
Limes, V cwt 1 60
Oranges, Riversides 8 00
0: amies, Seedless..'. 4 5034 75
Barley, whole, tfctl
Corn, V 100 lbs
Oats, good, old, If bushel.
Oats, new, "
live, V 100 tls, nominal . . .
W'heat, Valley, V 1' 0 tbg.
Wheat, Eastern Oregon . . .
... 80 00
... 1 221 25
,.. 1 1741 20
... 1 12J1 15
Oregon fancy creamery-
Choice dairy
Pickled, California
Kastern fancy creamery
California choice
Oregon full cream
Oregon skims and old
Swiss Cheese, domestic .
Young America, Or
Oregon, r dos
Kastern, tfdoi
15 18
Portland patent roller, If bbl.
Salem intent roller
I luirlnil t.u I -nllof.
8 75
8 75
3 (tt
8 Hi
8 61)
3 75
2 60
8 75
8 26
6 OU
Cascadia patent roller
v uuiitry uranos
White Lily
Kye flour
Uraaa Meeda,
Orchard Grass
Red Top
Blue Grass
Knglish Rye Grass
It. I Ian Rye Grass
tustralian Hye Grass
Hungarian Millet
Mixed Lawn Grass
Clover Meeda.
Red Clover.
White Clover
Alsyke Clover
Rape, California
Bran, If ton...
Hay, ton, br
Ground Darli
Mill Chop If
Oil Cake Al
.Short, If t
Rough. .
Edged. .
T. & (J
No. 21"
No. 2
No. ?
The Selene of Making Map. a Decidedly
Laborious Industry.
The early map used by Prof. Hors
ford are partly French, and this, with
the remarkable dlsplayf maps at the
Paris Exposition, and the great work
undertaken by the French bookseller,
Hatcbette, lead, ma to say a word about
map-making, or "cartography," as the
Fronoh call it The age of Louis XIV.,
which produced so muoh else, gave an
Impulse to map-making, and early In
the last century, the great atlas of
D'Auvlllo, which was forty years in
making, was the ancestor of innumera
ble maps since published. France also,
under the Bourbons, made tbe first Im
portant topographical survey, under tbe
lead ot Caslna do Floury, who was en-,
gaged on It from 17& to 1783,'and his
maps were used by Napoleon and Wel
lington In tholr campaigns.
In our century, however, geographical
science snd art under Uumbolt, who
studied in Parts, and Rltter have
migrated to Germany with other
branches of learning. The great pub
lisher, Porthes, at Ootha, employing
men like Stlelor, Sydow, Spruner aad
Peterman, and the rival Berlin pub
lisher, Klepert, have for fifty years held
sway In map-making Haohette, In the
days of the Second Napoloon, undertook
to break down the German monopoly in
this art and to restore France to her
former eminence in it, and this Paris
publisher employed Vivien de St. Mar
tin to edit his new atlas, which is now
coming out in monthly numbers, be
ginning with 1887. A still larger atlas,
begun In 1887, is waiting to follow.
Vivien de St. Martin died before much
had been issued, and he bad been suo-
eaeded by V. Schracder. The prepara
tory work is done and the publication
will soon begin again. A single map
will occupy an engraver a year or two.
In the smallest atlas, maps of Switzer
land, the British Isles snd the Russian
Empire are published, and appear to be
bettor than the best former maps those
of Stlolor, the German. Compared with
work like this, the new atlas of Middle
sex County seems rather orude and inac
curate, but the maps are on a large
scale, and in the villages every man's
house is put down with the owner's
name. Sprlngflold (Mass.) Republican.
The Oood Woman Was I'repared for Any
Dodge Her Uubby Might Make.
A couple who appeared to have
walked a long dtstanoe over a country
highway, and to be man and wife, were
wrangling on the north portico of the
City Hall yesterday, when a policeman
approached and asked what was the
''She's kicking up a rumpus," replied
the man.
"No, I hain't, either. He wants to
flunk on his bargain," she protested.
"Well, what Is it?"
"Why, we've been married about a
year," said tho man, "and we don't got
along together. I said we'd better di
vorce, and she said she'd take five dol
lars and lot me go."
"Soven, Jim I said seven."
"You said five."
"Where wore you going to get a di
vorce?" askod the officer.
"In here. That's what we came for,
Boon's we git it I'm going to Canada."
"I said seven dollars, Jim," put In the
"You said flvol"
"Sovon dollars or I won't sign!"
"You've gutter fur five!"
Tho officer proceeded to enlighten the
couple a little on the dWorce question,
and whon he was through the husband
"If I can't get a divorce then I'll ab
duct myself."
"Then I'll abduot after you!" she re
plied, and as be started down the street
she trotted along at bis hools and was
prepared for any dodge he might make.
Detroit F'ree Press.
An Eiperlence Which Disproves Oua of
Durwln'a Theories.
According to Darwin one ot tbe chief
mental differences between man and
woman Is woman's greater tenderness.
Of this feminine tenderness the world
has been able to judge on a vast scale
ig the last two or three years.
"r to statistics 30,000 humming
' 'n London in one after--of
Brazilian and
-no auotion
" ' One
j i.ass