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A. W. Mnrlcle Editor
Published Friday of Each Week
404 N. Jer3cySt7 Umpire 0321
Subcrlptl on prlo S1.50, pr yar.
Tub RKViRt; U entered ot post office
In Portland, Oregon, na mull mutter
of the second clnu under the Act of Gon
gnu of March 3, 1879.
Y. W. C. A. Notes
The annual Hallowe'en frolic
by all the girls' clubs will be held
Saturday evening, Oct. 28th from
7 :H0 to 10 iJIO. at the Y. W. C. A.
building. All aorta of costumes
will be in evidence. Don't miss
it. Parents cordially invited.
On Friday, Nov. Hid, from 3 to
0 p. m. will bo held the biggest ho
cial event of the season. All l'nr-ent-Tcaclicr
Associations, W. C
T. U. members, church women. Y
W.C.A. and eltdi women are cor
dially invited to this benefit lea.
to be given for the farm home for
children at Corvallis. A few very
special numbers will make the
ttrnirnin. mid a biir ircHoiM'tlier
meeting is desired. The teachers
in all the schools are urged to lie
present. Don't forget the dato.
The St. Johns Branch (Ills a
apace at the Health exhibition at
the Auditorium. Leonard liar
rington and Kenneth Adams, mi
pcrv'iscd by Mr. McMillan, leach
er of the hoys' manual training
cliiKH in ilames lohn High School,
made a miniature building of the
Y.W. 0. A. The building was ar
tiatically painted by Mrs. Aman
da .Steele Imd. (lirl Jlcscrv
nnd the women in the sewing 11
gymnasium classes are nIiow
with tiny dolls dressed to repr
Kent tlii! different urouns. Hi
booths 10 and 111 at the Audi
r! 11 111.
Stripes, Plaids, Checks and
Solid Colors
18c Yard
lMlet Nets, Iitntnincs, Scrim
In Plain or Fancy Weaves
22c to 55c Yard
Black Sateen Dresses
ART LINEN, 35c, 55c, $1.19, Yard
$3.95, f4.50, S5.50, $6.50, $7.75
Tuxedo Style, Klnstic Shape
Retaining Stitch, a High
Grade Sweater, Colors Navy
and Drown.
Men's Underwear
$1.75, $3.25, $4.95
90c, $1.50. $2.75
Women's Flannel
Gowns, $1.00, $1.25
These Gowns arc Fleecy and
of finer weave, the Low Prices
do not intimate their worth.
Boy's Shoes
5 to 8
$1.85, $2.00, $2.75
11 to 2
$2.00, $2.95, $3.15, 3.50
2j n G
$2.60, $3.35, $3.60, $3.95
Portland must have nmn
bridges across the Willamette
river if ills to fulfill its dentins
oh a great city. Willi two-thirds
of the city's population residing
east of the river, ami with only
five liridLM'H not 11 sinirle new
one having been buill in the past
JlJ years not lung else hut hen
ouh trafllu congestion at the
hrhlucH could bo expected. The
time must come when bridgcx
must be erected both norlh 11111
south of the present structures,
and tlio sooner I hey are construe
ted tlio hotter lor the develop
went of the whole city. Portlaui
and Multnomah county as a
whole will vote on November 71 h
on the proposal to authorize
bonds for construction of the
Ross Island bridge. This bridgt
would invo a direct route to inn
from tint west m'dn for 11 ureal
volume of vehicular trallle of the
central cast Hide and the south-
rout aectiou of the eilv. It wouh
give relief to traflle eongestiou on
the Morrison and llawthoriu
bridge, and would be advauta
gvous to the oily as a whole.
The time will come when Hi.
Johns will be asking (he voters
of other sections or the eily to
aupport its lirulge measure, 11111
tho joint lirulge eommiltee in
charge of the ltoss Island bridge
camnaiL'ii. unroH that suiinort
nliould be given it by this district
nnd that there he reciprocity
when the Kt. Johns bridge mens
urn goea before tho people. -Con
A favorable vote 011 the three
mill tax measure for general mu
nicipal purposes is urged by the
members of the tux supervision
nnd conservation commission. It
wfw this same unity that recom
mended the resubmission of the
measure in order that a technical
point be cleared up. Hut the
name members declare that the
city cannot be operated without
tho use of this special levy at the
present time without curtail
mrnta that would spell disaster
to tho city of Portland. The
three mill levy was authorized
twice before and is not a new nor
nu additional tax. The l!.:l city
budget has been cut to the "very
bono" by the city council and the
tax commisaion that has the an
thority to make any reductions it
ee.s lit, will have the budget for
Its action after the election. In-
ftsmucu as the tax eommiMiiou is
sworn to curtail any and all ac
tivities .that are not deemed nee-
Nisary, the public has a double
protection. Put a vote against
the three mill tax will not result
in savings, say the tax commit
doners; it will result in disaster.
The parenta of the Whitney
Boys' Chorus of St. Johns gave
the boys a very pleasant evening
last Monday at the high school.
The beginning of the evening
started with drilling, marching
and various exercises for the
boys, and ninny of the parents
Raid It was the hist ibiug they
ever saw, and Kind they never
knew what Jheir boys were really
tnught on Monday evenings. Af
ter the exercises a short time was
taken up with singing, and if you
were not there you missed some
thing. After the short rehearsal
a very pleasant time was had by
all. About 150 plates were serv
ed witli sandwiches, cakes and
cocoa, etc., which was arranged
for by some of tho parents. He
there next Monday, and if you
have any boya bring them nlong.
Protect Your Health
Hundreds of people today, arc suffering from Nerves, Indig
estion, Lack Of Energy, due to the absorption of poison from
Decayed or Abscessed Teeth.
Why not visit our office today mid have your mouth put in
first class condition?
We are specialists in all branches of dentistry, having cared for
thousands of cases during the past Eight Years In This City.
We will examine your teeth free of charge, tell you what is best
for your particular case and the exact cost.
Get our prices before going elsewhere.
Crown, llridge Painless Extractions
and Plate Open Kvcnlngs
Specialists. Telephone Kniplrc 1889
108J .1 south Jersey Street
IT YOU desire Quality
Meats at Reasonable Pri
ces you can purchase them
in St. Johns at the
OUR AIMS Quality and Service
101) North Jersey .Street Market Phone Umpire 0021
Lavrack's Grocery
41 6 N. Jersey Street
Specials For Friday, Saturday and Monday
6 Pounds Sweet Spuds 25c
Now Crop Brazil Nuts, pound 15c
4 pounq No. 1 .Macaroni 25c
3 pound No. 1 Spaghetti 25c
4 Packages Jiffy Jell 25c
25 Pound Box Seedless Raisins.. . .$3.00
M. J. B. Coffee, Pound 40c
3 pound Lavrack's Special Coffee. $1.00
1 Pkge. Nono Such Mince Meat. . . .15c
Sweot Cider, Glass Jugs, Gallon. . . .65c
4 Pkgo. Naptha Washing Powder. . .25c
8 Bars Lenox Soap 25c
Sea Foam, Largo Package 24c
Free Delivery
One hundred sheets of coed
typewrit ini: paper for 125 conta
at tliLj ofllec.
Warranty deed blanks and
contracts of sale at this ofllco; 5c
each, or 50o per dozen,
Bridge Emergency
The people of Multnomah county are con
fronted with the serious problem of traffic con
gestion and loss of the present bridges span
ning the Willamette.
Four years ago 36,000 vehicles crossed our
bridges daily, while now G7,000 vehicles cross
each day and our bridges are rapidly becom
ing useless under the very heavy and rapidly
increasing traffic they were not designed to
We Must Have New Bridges
Over two years will elapse before .new
bridges can be built if approved at the com
ing election. What will the increasing prob
lem of traffic mean at that time?
Owing to it's central and natural location,
the Bumside Bridge must be rebuilt. The
old bridge has about outlived its usefulness
and we must rebuild our most used, and cen
trally located bridge.
The new bridge is ninety feet in width,
with sufficient height and ample approaches,
and is designed to meet our great problem of
traffic congestion.
In accordance witli the provis-
ions ot Urclinanco ino. no-:,
nnaand liv tlm Council October
4th, 1922, St. Johns Improvement
Bonds numbered bb'J to ui:,
inclusive, dated December 12th,
1913, are hereby called for re
demption December 12th, 1922.
The face value with accrued in
tornst will lin nnid nnon nrescnta
tion of said bonds at tlio office of
the undersigned on the abovo
dntn. tho Raid dato being semi
annual coupon period. Prom and
nncr sum uaio mc uu
said bonds shall cease.
City Treasurer.
Portland, Oregon.
Date of first publication, Oct.
27, 3,922.
Vote For the
Ross Island Bridge
Ballot No. 14
It will provide a direct west side
connection without a draw. No.
grade crossings near the approach
es. It will save lives, time aud mon
ey. It will connect direct with
Powell Valley Road, open up the
cntiic southeast portion of the city.
Approved by the City Council,
County Commissioners, City Plan
niug Commission.
Paid mly.
Trading With Us
You Will Get the Most For Your Money
Look Below at Our List of Prices
VVc Will Have Sonic FREE Cold Drinks to Every Customer
Soda Crackers, pound ICo
Graham Crackers, pound.... le
I Oyster Soup Crackers Ili....l(ic
All kinds of Cookies, Hi .'Joc-iioc
Hcst Head lliee, pound fl'-Ae
Small white Cal. Beans, 11 lb. 25c
Red Jnp. and Met. Beans 7c
Shortening, 2 pounds for. ...35c
l'ure Lard, f pounds 'Joe
Washington Macaroni c
Spaghetti 7c
Choice Noodles 8c
Choice Macaroni Bed
tfgg Noodles 8e
Booth 'a Sardines, can 20o
lilue Jack Sardines, can 8c
Jockey Sardines, can 13c
American Sardines, (5 cans . . .25c
Deviled Ham, 0 cans 25c
Will give you a good Brooin..45e
Albers' Chicken Fecdt 100 lbs.
at $2.25 and $2.-10
Potatoes, full sack weight . . 90c
Crystal White Soap, 23 bars $1.00
Uoyal White Soap, 27 bars .$1.00
Olo Palm, C to customer, bar. .fio
Peet's Mixed Soap, bar 7o
Peet's Mechanics' Soap, bar ..8c
Van Camp's Pork & Beans,
sizo 1;s lie
Pork & Boa mi, size 1. .'c
Pork Sc Ileum, size 2V 23o
Jersey Corn Flakes 10c
Kellogg 's Com Flakes 10c
Shredded Wheat 12b
Post Toastics 10c
Moiled Oats, .'1 lb. G or. .......25a
Quaker yellow Corn Meal ...lilc
Toilet Paper, G rolls 25o
Toilet Paper, 3 rolls 25o
Borden's Milk 9e
Carnation Milk )
Campbell's Vegetable Soup.. 10c
Vim Flour, sack $2.00
Del Monto $1.85
You I Geo. Kaady Grocery
Vote For
1148 Lombard Street
Phono Empire 1707
The Bin nsi lie Bridge
Paid Adv.
108 Philadelphia St. W. J. FORSYTHE
Opposite Masonic Bldg. Phone Empire 1588
The Store of Personal Service
Friday, Saturday and Monday Specials
,1 Pounds Spaghetti for 25c
1 Pounds Macaroni for Sac
1 I.g. can Columbia River Sal
mon. 25c, 2 for 15c
Large Can Flat Medium Red
Salmon 20c
3 Large Cans Pork aud Beans. 25c
3 Lbs. Central Hleiul Coffee. . 1-00
Citrus or Sea Foam Pkge 25c
Larj?e Can Mince Meat 15c
3 pounds Sugar $1.00
25 baw R. W. Soup $1.00
fl Jb. sack Rolled Oats 50c
See Our Window for Halloween
Pumpkins Special from 5c up.
New arrival of Seeded Seedless
Raisins, 2 Packages v35c
ello All Flavors Pkge 10c
Albert's Flap Jack or Waffle
Flour 80c
A Good 75c Broom for 49c
Hard Wheat Flour. .$1.60 $1.65
and 1.85
7 Rolls Toilet Paper 25c
1 Lb. Calumet Baking Powder, ,30c
1 Lb. Fancy Cocoa Nut 18c
New Dry Prunes Lb 10c
4 lbs, Rolled Oats 25c
9 lb. Sack Y. or W. Corn Meal. 30c
9 lb. Rolled Oats 50c
2 lb. New Brazil Nuts 85c
j lb. Folgers Tea 25c
Citron, Lemon or Orange Peel at
lowest price.
Keep Fainted Woodwork CLEAN
Clean wooden floors, linoleum,
tile, marble, concrete, with
Makes all house-
cleaning easy.
Large cake
No waste
U Kuf.Ktwtrt
Tuck Mm? aa'i Sa C.
NewYftrV. U.S.A.
& r 1 ry " I Trr
I 4J
j --
Exclusive Care of Eyes
Honliam-Curtier Bldg.
Res. Hmp. 10S6 Office Ump. 1SS3
Try an
Oyster Supper
at DAN'S
City Commissioner
rA x m ji
Because he has made good
in holding Public office in
the post.
Because -ho will follow the
same conservative policy that
his past record indicates.
Because -as Chairman of tho
Ways and Means Committee
in 1913, he was instrumental
in enacting some of Oregon's
most Constructive Legislation.
Vote 97 X
(Paid Adv. by T. L.
Campaign Committee.)
f announcement!
W. II. BALL has purchased the interest of C. A. Wright
in the Weeks & Wright Anto Repair Shop at 105 West Leavitt
Street, and the firm name hereafter will be Weeks & Ball.
The new firm is now ready to do all kinds of Auto Repair
Work in a Satisfactory Manner. We are now Agents for the
Chevrolet Car, and are prepared to sell cars as well as parts.
Weeks & Ball
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Pord Specialists
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Ford Repair Shop
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Towinf! Servioo
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