St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, October 20, 1922, Image 1

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Johns review
(By our Unobserved Observer)
St. Johns is growing more this
year than in any pre-war year in
its history.
It seems probable that com
plaining about the high cost of
fuel will be one of the popular
indoor diversions during the com
nig winter.
A careful observer has decided
that many auto accidents might
be avoided in Portland if drivers
would always remember that it
is necessary to give some atten
tion to the car behind the one
ahead of you. It is also import
ant to watch the ear ahead of the
ono behind you.
Any one who regularly reads
the marine news in the daily pa
pers must be 'impressed with the
growing importance of Portland
as a seaport. The lista of vessels
in port and of those arriving and
departing are very satisfactory
IJut the- fact 'in this connection
that is of greatest importance to
St. Johns is that a very largo part
of the cargo carried by the many
ships that como into the harbor
every month is handled through
icrniuiiu io. i.
Ono good citizen of St. Johns
has been disillusioned. N. J.
Bailey has been u resident of St.
JoIuih for many ycors and is the
owner of a very attractive homo
on bouth Ivanhoe Btrcct. In a 11
the years of his residence here he
has been strictly Idyal to St.
Johns and to Oregon, but like
many other men who formerly
lived in the middle west lie has
clung to the belief that that re
gion has certain attractions and
advantages not to be found else
where. Ho remembered tin
prairies and the broad fields of
grain, and he was sure he could
never forget tho flavor of Michi
gan apples. He hud also n natural
desire to visit his old home town.
And ho a couple of months ago
ho decided to start on a long de
layed journey. When tho train
that carried him eastward reach
ed the prairio region he became
impatient to arrive at his destina
tion. The Bcencry became less
interesting; tho distance seemed
A 1 l A . f .
ioo long aim ine tram was too
slow. But journeys in this world
have nM end, and Mr. Bailey 'a
journey to Michigan was no ex
ception. When the train at last
arrived at the little station that
he had kept in fond remembrance
for so many years he alighted
with a joyous feeding of antici
patcd pleasure. But one look at
the town and surrounding conn
try brought disappointment. The
town looked older but not much
larger or more attractive. Many
of the farms and farm houses
seemed to have boon neglected. In
short the signs of great progress
that Mr. Uailey expected to see
were nowhere m evidence. Of
course there' were some amonir
his old time friends who through
industry and prudence had accu
mulated wealth, but there wero
also many who had not. And
when he once more tasted Michl
gan apples he was completely
disillusioned, for he know at
once that Oregon apples are of
better nuality. He enjoyed meet
ing the many friends whom ho
had known in earlier years and
ho had a very pleasant visit, but
lie was soon ready to travel west'
ward again, lie longed to see the
green inns and valleys Hint are
made still more beautiful by the
abundance of roses, in Oregon.
licforc returning home he also
visited in Indiana and in Kan
sas, where he found conditions
much the same as in Michigan.
And now with tho knowledge of
actual conditions in tho middle
west still fresh in his mind he is
more than ever before content to
make Oregon his permanent
Levy Vitally Necessary
Laying its cards squarely on the
table, the city council has issue!
a statement pointing out that ma
terial cuts in vital municipal ser
vice must be made utiles the spe
cial U-mill levy passes at the No
vetuber election. Tho statement
is not issued by way of throat but
simply to point out the existing
emergency in municipal uflairs.
The tax is not new. It has been
twice passed by voters at pre
vious elections. However, th
tax supervision and conservation
commission last week raised a
technical point regarding the
levy. It became mandatory for
the city council to again ask the
electorate to pass the measure to
protect present municipal ser
vice, xno increased taxation is
asked. Persona are crowding
the council at present for nn
provetnents and street lighting.
Funds will not permit extensions.
In view ot this the council points
out the real emergency hovering
over failure to pass tho special
levy. "It would mean cuts of
practically 23 per cent in the bu
reaus of lire and police," Mayor
Baker said. "At present these
departments are under manned
and under equipped. I have nev
er been termed n calamity howler
but a real emnrgeney exists. I
rcpectfully ask voters to pass the
measure in the interests of assur
ing proper municipal service for
the city in vital departments."
A wise old minister, before
parting with a young couple ho
had joined in matrimony, used to
slip a card into the undo s hand
on which was printed the advice
"When you marry him love him.
After you marry him study him.
If he is honest humor him. If ho
Is generous appreciate him. When
he is sad cheer him. When he is
quarrelsome ignore him. If he is
slothful spur him. If he is noble
praise him. If he is confidential
encourage him. If he is secretive
trust him. If he is jealous cure
him. If ho favors society accoin
puny ji i in. when tie docs you a
favor thank him. When he de
serves 'it kiss him. Let him think
how well you understand him;
but never let liim know that you
manage him."
Hard Time Dance given by
Women of Mooseheart Legion nt
Moose Hall Monday, October gild.
Admission, gems ;ioe, imiies ioe.
Itcischmiiii's Orchestra. Wear
your rags, frizes given for the
best costume.
His Troubles Now Over
W. P. Greene has always hat
t rouble with his engine in con
crete mixer, as does every one
who tries to run a mixer with the
little cheap engine that is built
for them; they are most always
under power and unreliable, it is
said. The Columbia Machine
Works and Oarage finally talked
him into mounting tue mixer on
a truck and running with the
truck engine, which they did to
his complete satisfaction. The
truck has ample room for all
equipment. When ready to move
ho loads wheelbarrows, cement
left over.etc, gets on the seat and
is gone. He also has a hoist on
the mixer to elevate concrete for
high walls, lie is mixing and el
evating the concrete for the new
building for the Home Mercan
tile Co. on Jersey and Chicago
streets. This is about the best
equipped and most complete lit
tle outfit in the city. It ran for
eight hours without a stop on the
The Ladies' Aid of the Commu
nity church spent Wednesday af
ternoon at the Community house,
where they had a very entertain
ing meeting. Plans were made
for a bazaar and cooking sale.
'in... ..... i... ...............I i
i ill nun it in iji iiiiiiwiuii;ii luii'i.
i'lie ladies will also meet at the
ionic of Mrs. J. 0. Bailey, 1007
S. Princeton street, Friday after
noon, uct. u tn, lor a silver tea
and a general get together social.
All nre invited.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Livcrmore
of Seattle have been visiting at
the Nourse home at 115 S. Smith
avenue. Mrs. Livcrmore is a sis
ter of Mrs. Xourse.
Gave Informal Party
Miss Clara Cole of the Peninsula
National Hank gave an informal
party at her home on North Ivan
hoe street Oct. fith. Music, both
vocal and instrumental numbers
were rendered. Delicious re
freshments were served. The
place cards for each guest repre
sented a miniature postofliec,
with Cupid as the postniiuster
holding a little letter in his hand.
The letter announced the sur
prising news of Miss Clara
Cole's engagement to Viking J.
Larson. Those present were the
Misses Gladys and Marie Brede
son, Clara mid Grace Cole, Vir
ginia Dunsmore, llildegard Dur
anil, Nettie Johnston, Valltyria
and Sylll Larsen, Solum Moo and
Minnie Plasket; Mesdiimes
Frank Cole, Hdwht Carlson. Per
cy Johnston, Sam Tyoma, Jr., and
i. (i. Wright.
Y. VV. C. A. Notes
Rally Successful Event
terosts of
some very
The James John High Girl Ho
serves held a social evening Sat
urday evening, Oct. Hth, from
:UU until later hours. The gooi
time began with a "pot luck
supper consisting of a variety
of foods. Immediately after the
supper a mock wedding was Itch
which was ot interest to every
one. The lovely bride was Mrs
ltohcrtson and the honorabl
bridegroom Charlotte lteid. The
ceremony was performed by th
famous priest, Mrs. Shaw, who of
course tied the knot. The brid
was very charming in her clabor
ate dress. Members of the Gir
Reserves acted as bridesmaids
The wedding was followed by
stunts furnished by different
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The Community cliuuoh rally
was n very encouraging alYair.
Tho attendance nt the morning
.service was good. The evening
attendance and interest was
something good to see. Mr.
speaking in the in
the church brought
good thoughts. Mr.
Me. Million then spoke in the in
terests of the little people in the
Sunday school, and 1211a Acker
man, representing the Young
People, emphasized the need of a
christian cooperation between
all members and departments in
the church. Tuesday evening
some of the men of the church
met for the purpose of organizing
n Urotlierlioou. 1 lit cen were
present and the idea was favora
bly received. On Thursday even
ing at (1 o'clock the Sunday
seliool workers met nt the church
for supper and to consider prob
lems coining up in their work.
The parish house is doing a good
service now, having been used
four times this week. The Pri
mary Department will meet there
next .Sunday. The tlijine for the
Sunday morning setiu-n will be,
"A Man's .lob;" in the evening,
"Reverence.'' On Monday even
ing, Oct. :10th, there will be a
Hallowe'en party at the church.
There will be spooks and goblins,
music, refreshments and a good
time generally. All friends of
the work are invited. The base
nient of the church is being dug
out and the furnace repaired.
This is to bo a year of progress if
our plans work out. And why
Hhoudu't they? There are plenty
of opportunities and the member
ship is united in the determina
tion to be more than Christians
in name only. If you are without
church alllliations you will llnd a
fellowship and a welcome at all
of our services. Reported.
members of the club. Dancing
and volley ball was enjoyed by
all, There were sixteen who took
part in the social affair including
the worthy chapcrones, Mrs.
Shaw, Mrs. Robertson and Mi's.
Ucid. Reported.
Attention, Voters of
Johns District
National Hank
has just received from the Comp
troller of Currency at Washing
ton, 1). C, a new charter which
grants to it an extension of its
charter for a period of !)!J years
from July 1st, VJ'SJ.
111(1 DANCH every Saturday
night. Music by Al (loodiiiau's
i-piecc orchestra. Admission
C. X. McArthur, our Congress
man who is seeking re-election,
will address the voters of the St.
Johns district on Saturday, Octo
ber '21, at 8 p. m. at the hall in
the Masonic building. He will
tell of the work of the present
Congress, as well as proponed
legislation, and will discus the
issues of the campaign. Mr. Mc
Arthur has served four tonus in
Vashmgtoii and has been nomi
nated for a fifth term. Ho in a
tlticnt speaker and an experienc
ed campaigner. During his pub
li.; career in the Oregon I.cginhi
ture and in Congress he has vot
ed for many important nienmire
of special interest to the woiiwn
and they are especially invited to
attend Saturday night's meet
ing. St. .Johns Republican Club
by W. A. Carroll. President.
Iva Seobce, Department Innpcc
tor V. H. C. of Hood River, Or.,
will pay an olHeinl visit to II. li,
Conipson K. C. No. TrJ on Sat
urday, Oct. '21st. All member
requested to bo present. II. II.
Conipson U. A. R. Xo. gg will 1m
guests of V. R. C. on that day.
After session refreshments will
be served. Press. Cor.
Did you ever hear of such s bir
gaiu : (! room modern limine eon-
uccted with sewer, garage, Jhwji,
ever hearing strawberrTi, alma
in; all for $1000, must Intve nil
cash. This is for this week only.
Aniizich has this bargain, MR N.
Jersey street.
Miss (lladys Poe, who is teneh
ing al Dee, Oregon, spent the
week end visiting her parent.'
Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Poe of Rob
erts avenue.
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Rcpreienting the
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I'HONH HMl'lRH mi)
Thursday mid Krid.v, Oct, Wm
"AKIcAID TO l-MOIIT" -Cui-vcrsal.
Krom Saturday Hveii
lug Post story of the same
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jo. I.
Halm-day, October 1M---To
bo aniioiiiicod ktor.
Sunday and Moinlnv, Oct.
"IICMAN 1 1 HA UTS"--Culver,
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Thursday and Friday, Oct. aU-'JT
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