St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, August 25, 1922, Image 3

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On Easy Terms
The cool autumn evening will soou be here, theu
you will want a little fire to take the dampness and
chill out of the house and make It warm and cheerful
We have a large stock of heaters which we arc pre
pared to sell on Easy Terms. Our stock consists
of high grade heaters made by reliable Manufacturing
Companies Cast Irou Wood and Coal Heaters, Cast
Iron Wood Heaters, Heaters with Steel bodies and
Cast Iron Linings, some of them for burning wood only,
and others for coal and wood. Wc have these heaters
in many styles, all of them up-to-date designs, with
plain nickel trimmings and foot rails.
See Our Window Display of
Your Credit is Good
Qftmondu B;ios
"Gloria" Coffee'
"Sinclair's" Bacon
It seems to be time to put up Peaches and Pears now as both
Klberta Peaches and Darttctt Pears area little earlier than usual,
the quality is above the average this year on account of the w.irtn
sunny dayti.
We will have plenty of fruit jars of the standard makes and
Lids and Rubbers.
Wc are still selling Sugar below the Jobbers quotatiou.
Good Tomatoes arc coming in now too, if you arc canning
them, The same may be said of String Deans.
All fresh vegetables are fine and the rains have saved the
late Potatoes so that they will be reasonable this winter. Wc arc
more-than ever convinced that Oregon is the best state in the
Union. ,
When you need Flour the next time why not ask for Vim, the
one made' here In St. Johns?
The Grabateria Grocery
"Del Monte Products Vim Roar
We are now taking Pears for the Cannery, will take all
Pears from 2 inches up that are free from scale or worm holes,
we want them now. We have choice apples for sale now, also
Loganberry Juice in quarts and gallons, we deliver auy place.
Any one who owes us money please come and pay us, as we
need money and need it bad, we must have it to pay our Bills
From now on all our business will be strictly cash. We buy
fruit for cash and will have to sell it for cash.
108 W. lt Street or FUone Office Umpire 392. Resilience Col. 377
U6uertie World
10 Pound Pure ?Q
tha 05c
Puffed 11p
Campbell's 1 A
Saturday and Monday Only
At Piggly Wiggly Stores
f210 North Jersey Street
And 186 Fifth Street, South of Yamhill
Get Your School Books and
Supplies at the
The Prescription Store
Miss Minnie Mclntirc returned
Inst week from Kainicr, Ore.
J. W. Peterson is erecting a
residence at 1G25 Alnin street.
J. N. Hnrncy and fninily spent
the week end nt Wallace, Idaho.
Tho Minerva Social Club will
give a 500 card party in Moose
Hall next Tuesday evening.
The fellow who wntchca the
clock can hardly expect to bo
anything but one of the hands.
Christian Science: Sunday
morning services at 11:00; "Wed
nesday evening nt 8:00 at 403
Smith avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. II. h. Hurtle and
daughters Hazel and Hose, and
Jack Gillis are on a two weeks'
motor trip to LaGrnnde.
15. S. Currier, II. W. llonham
and J. N. Harney and their fam
ilies have returned from a pleas
ant camping trip at .Columbia
George Chancy, son of Mr. and
Mrs. I). O. Chancy, -103 15. Much-
nnait Htrect.arrived recently from
Urooklyn, N. ., and may remain
F. II. Piper, tliu gonial mail
enrrier, has sold his residence at
120!) South Syracuse street and
purchased a homo at 12 1 12 North
Smith avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Dorecy Hill and
Fred Schmalliug, their cousin,
left Monday for a two weeks'
trip into Southern Oregon, their
destination being Crater Luke.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Tooley
lave been spending the week cud
with her mother, Mrs. Alma Clio-
ipictlo. Mr. Willis is the owner
of tho Gem Theatre at Silvcrtou.
Ilov. D. 15. Nourse, pastor of
tho Community church, with his
family returned last week from n
vacation spent in tho mountains
near Toledo, Oregon, and at Now-
Mrs. Joseph McChosuoy and
daughter, Kathryn, of 314 Chi
cago street, returned Sunday
evening' from Kalamn, whom
thoy have been visiting rolntivo
for the past week.
h, V. Larson, who has been with
tho Peninsula National Hank for
the past two and one-half years,
has resigned his position and lias
accepted a posit ion in tho ofllco of
the Portland Manufacturing Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark and daugh
ter Ernilla of Tacoma, Wash., ac
companied by Mr. Clark's moth
er of Saginaw, Mich., motored
down on their Huiek ear and
have been the guests of Mrs. Al
ma Choquetto at 110!) Philadelphia
street, leaving for home Monday.
Remember tho Community Club
will convene after its Summer va
cation in tho Y. W. C. A. building
Tuesday evening, Sept. 5th. If
you are not n member, bo roady
to join then or hnml in your namo
to the secretary In tho meantime,
and do your share toward mak
ing conditions m St. Johns even
more gratifying.
A most enjoyable surprise par
ty was given Mrs. J T. Pond on
Thursday afternoon, August 17,
in honor of Mrs. Pond's 7Uth
birthday, at tho home of Mi's.
Marchaud,1107 b. Ivanhoe street.
Following a luncheon served by
the charming hostess, tho after
noon was spent with music; Miss
Smith and Marcel Marchand at
the piano, vocal solo by Mrs.
Marchand, Those present: Mrs.
A. J. Horton and daughter Mar
garet, Mrs. II. P. Toliver and her
daughters Ruth and Ethel, Lou
raine Smith, Amelia Stone, Mar
cel. Marchand, Gladys Smitb.Mrs.
Scammond, Mrs. J. T. Pond and
Mrs. J. Marchand. Reported.
Death, due to scalding when he
acidentally fell into one of the
natural hot springs at Klamath
Falls, came to Frank Albert late
Sunday night. He was at the
spring to fill a barrel for house
hold use when his foot slipped
and he plunged into the spring
which had a temperature of 107
degrees. His screams brought
help and he was taken from the
hot water and hurried to a hos
pital, but died there after a few
Hours, ins skin was cooked in
the hot "water, Albert has lived
at Klamath Falls for the last ton
years but has no relatives thore
or elsewhere so far as can be
learned. The spring whore he
met his death is known as "Tho
Devil's Tea Kettle."
A. Morey is erecting a line res
idence at 812 N. Kellogg street.
Mrs. Julia Lott left Monday
for a short vacation at Seaside.
One hundred sheets of good
typewriting paper for 25 rents
at this ofllco.
An optimist is a fellow who
loans a guy $10 when raid guy al
ready owes him $20.
Looks as if a lot of the girls
were actively participating in
the "paint up" campaign. Ex.
The Gleaner Class of the M. 15.
church will hold their regular
monthly meeting at the home of
Mrs. I j. 15. Rose, 71fi S. Kellogg
street, Friday evening, Sept. 3d.
Good progress is being made
on tho hard surfacing of the St.
Johns river road. Muck & Son
are hauling the sand and gravel
for this improvement. When
this roadway is completed and
the street car lines are laid upon
it, the saving in time and con
venience in making the trip to
the business section of Portland
will be of great advantage.
Mrs. Rose F. Coleman, of Oma
ha, Neb., and Miss Dorothy Rob
erts of Dillon, Mont., were
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C.Winn, 711 W.Mohawk
street, on Sunday. The ladies
are aunt and cousin of Mrs.
Winn. They have been attending
the summer term at the Califor
nia State I'liiversity and are now
touring the Coast before return
ing to open their Fall terms of
school. 1
The marriage of Miss Laura
Lott and Mr. Gordon Bellinger
took place Wednesday afternoon
at n clock, August Kith, at
the home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. .Julia Lott, in the presence
of relatives and a few friends.
The ceremony was performed by
Dr. II. F. .Jones. , Jminediately
following n dainty buffet lun
cheon the happy couple left for
Seaside tor a lew days. On their
return they will make their homo
with the bride's mother at 2111
Willamette boulevard.
When your eyes burn and
smart and pain you, the situation
is like an automobile driven with
out lubricating oil untl it screech-
m and its hearings neat, iiotli
are serious danger signals. Own-
rs of ears would not think of al
lowing their machines run with
out oil. Which is more import
ant, automobiles or eyas! Any
one knows where to go for oil
and gas for his auto. Dr. Frank
Sandifur will relievo your eye
trouble. Otlleo Itouham-Currier
Uldg., phono Empire 0370.
Pythian Sister Altruistic Club
met with Sister Itertha Nelson at
her home, HOG N. Edison street,
last Tuesday at an all day meet
ing, and wasnjoyed by all pres
ent. Crocheting and sowing was
tho work for tho day. A pot luck
tumor was served at noon, Those
present: Mcsdamcs Nellie John
son, Douglass, Weimer, llovd,
Swift, Moore, Hriee, Horry, Ethel
Ioiioh, Wright, Walker, Jaoob-
sen, uiiius, ucmirioKs, urace
Johnson and the hostess. The
next meeting will be with Sister
Oihus, 313 W. Hurlington street,
Sopt. fth. Reported.
Last Sunday at the Community
church Dr. Ilorden gave a very
interesting and helpful talk at
tho morning service. At tho eve
ning sorvice Mr. Green spoke,
His message was appreciated by
thoso who wore present. Next
Sunday the pastor will be back
from his vacation anil will preach
at both servicos. Mr. Fassett will
sing in the morning and tho
Young People's Chorus will givo
a special number in the evening.
The Christian Endoavor will meet
at 7 o'clock. Sunday school at
10 o'clock promptly, Robt. Mc
Mahon superintendent. Our con
gregation sings. Reported.
September 3rd has been set for
the Bachelor Club's initial foot
ball practice this season. The
Portland News is sponsoring tho
league, and Pior Park will be tho
scone of Kovoral hard fought
games. The liachtdors won the
championship last season and an
ell'ort will be put forth to win it
again. Last year the players
were forced to day gamos with
out the proper equipment, and
this yoar, in order to get good
houlder pads, etc., tickets will
be sold for 25c. Howevor, tho
Bacliolor Club does not want any
one to miss tho games who cannot
afford to Bpend the money, liv
eryone is welcome, with their
ticket or without it
hTBiiToad MalbEmpire 1133.
"Wiggle your toes
Twelve Inch Inside Mill Wood and
Planer Trimmings. Empire 1133.
If in need of a Buttery see
Weeks & Wright, 10fl W. Leavitt
street. Mac-Dry Batteries, Fed
eral Tires and Tubes, Waverly
Oils, Chevrolet Parts Servii.e.
Flemish Giant rabbits for sale.
Also have two White Leghorn
roosters. 808 S. Crawford St.;
Empire 00 IS. -13
"Bottcr Wood" Col. 258.
Stand Hard Nox.
If you want a choice little
farm, well located, good build
ings, I hnvo a bargain for you.
Phone Empire 0!)30. 41tf
For Rent Six modern house
keeping rooms, partly furnished,
reasonable. (Ill 15. Charleston
R-O-G-E-R-S' S-H-O-E-S
Good for bad boys and not bad
for good boys.
Trade two lots for auto or as
payment on house 114 N. Jersey
We install the new Spiral Bevel
Gears in your Chevrolet, three
times as strong and absolutely
quiet j total cost $2r.()0. Weeks &
Wright Garage, 105 W. Leavitt.
For Sale On account of trick
ness will sell grocery and confec
tionery Btoro at 203 N. Jersey St.
for $175 to $300, $10 cash, $5 per
mouth. Don't wait if you want
a lot. Just 12 lots left; good lo
cation, three blocks from ear line
Seed. F. Gillmore, ll.'P. North
Jersey street; Empire 0081.
For Rent (i room furnished
modern bungalow; would lease
ror one year. Call Emp. 1303.
For Sale Vulcan gas range
with broiler, price $30. Call at
room 22, Peninsula Bank Bldg.
If you want to build a home, 1
have a lot, very choice location,
that I will sell reasonable and
give terms. Phone Emp. 0030,
If your ear needs repairing get.
our prices, Wo am out ol the
high rent district. We repair all
makes of ears and guarantee our
work. Weeks & Wright Garage,
105 W. Leavitt street, block
oil' Jersey street.
Wanted Man with ear to sell
lost low priced Cord Tires made.
$100 per week and expenses.
Graham Tire Co., 3003 Pipestone,
Kenton Harbor, Midi.
Four room brand new bunga
low, near Kenton ear line, lot 50
xlOO, $150 will nut you in: nrico
$1150 only for this property. See
Marum x. Amizieli, 300 North
Jersey street.
Miss Arzolla Sullivan retimed
from Salem last week. She was
accompanied by friends from
Tho George School Parent
Teacher Association has a call
for a cook stove. Any one buy
ing a Htovo to spare, kindly call
Empire 0300.
Mrs. Foul of John street in
dressing one of her R.I. Red hens
found sixteen eggs inside, all ful
ly developed or nearly so, which
is something very unusual.
Mr. Hendricks of Currin's For
Drugs and wife have roturncd
from a very pleasant two weeks'
sojourn in White Salmon valley.
They made some line catches of
L. K, Simmons, grocer, and his
mother, Mrs. Georgia Simmons,
and sister, Vesta Simmons, and
Arthur Johnson are spending a
two weeks' sojourn at Long
Beach, Wash.
Rev. W. T. Wiliams of Council
Grove, Kansas, in company with
L. F, Clark, was a pleasant visi
tor to this office last Friday, lie
had been at San Francisco and
.stopped off on his way home.
W. E. Mulkey and wife of
Blythe, Cal., have been guests at
the home of the former's broth
er, Dr. S. A. Mulkey, tho past
week. Mr. Mulkey notes many
improvements in St. Johns since
his last visit here five years ago.
Jack and Hazel Eug.ell loft on
last Thursday on a touring trip
through Oregon and Washington.
Thoy will be at Jack's grandfa
ther's a couple of days and at
Silver Lake a fow das. From
there they will stop at places of
interest until their vacation time
Im cvpireil.
MvMMHAT vou save todav laruelv determines what
wflwvou will be tomorrow Financial Indenen- 8
mm dence is essential to Advancement.
The table herewith shows how money grows if
deposited regularly and careful persual of the fol
lowing chart will strikingly emphasize to you the
value of Saving Systematically.
3 per cent Savings Compounded Semi-annually
pay as follows:
Weekly One Three P'ive Ten
Savings Year Years Years Years
$ 1.00 $ 52.77 $ 1(53.11 $ 280.2G $ 005.54
3.00 158.34 480.52 841.02 1817.14 .
5 00 203.90 815.88 1401.74 3023.98 '
10.00 527.83 1031.83 2803.57 G057.18
Peninsula National Baink
! United States Tir
Are Good Tires
Here's Our Price; Profit 'by it while
our Stock lasts. These prices1
are good if we can fill out of
30x3 Usco Trend $ 9.81
30x3J3 Chain Tread $12.38
30x3.', Nobby Tread $14.30
32x3 Chain Trend, .s. .. .$15.90
32x4 Chain Tread $20.95
34x4 Nobby Trend $22.85
TotheNUW YORK MOTOR CO., Comer of Pittsburg
ami llrmlionl Streets
Heat Work, Guaranteed to Stand up. Drive down ud te us,
Wc Save You Money.
Also Motor lioat and Cruisers lluilt and Kepuiicd.
Yours for Service,
New York Motor Co.
P. S. I. I,. II. c.
Botter Wood, Empiro 1133.
For Rule At U20 N. Cuntral
avenue, Jewell km range uiid al
so wood range, both hi good eon-ditiou.
for $17i to $.10(1, $1(1 etudi, $!i pur
uioutli. Don't wait if you want
a lot. .Inst 12 lots left; (food lo
cution, throe blocks from our line.
See J. F. Uillmoro, UVj North
Jersey strcul; Kmpirc 00HI.
Did you notice HUliKKS out
pulling up all the awnings dur
ing that heavy ram, so lolks
would have to buy his umbrellas J
Cord Wood, old growth, Empire
For a Dripping Noso
And chilly toes,
Wear KOOHUS' warm
ilSo IIOSK; ! pair $1.00.
Large, light, well furnisliod
room, furnace heat, beautiful lo
cution. 1001 Willamette boule
vard; Umpire 2108.
Hy owner, 40 acres !lf miuutos
drive from center of Portland ; 110
acres in lino potatoes., some tonus.
Impure 111 S. Princeton .St. 4111
Hy owner, two fiuu biuiipijowt;
located in St. Johns; somu terms.
Inquiro 111 S. Princeton. 41tf
Two room bunuulow, lot 50x
100, fruit trees, tfrapu vines and
shrubbery, concrete sidewalks in,
furniture, electric light, gas,
toilet, Itli) Kast ISiichanau street.
All this for $1)00. Sec Amuieh,
:i(0 N. Jnrsey; Empire 1.102.
For Sale Good Whuolcr &
Wilson sewing machine, nil at
tachments and houiKtitchiug, tun
dollars. 2140 Willamutto lilvd.
For Sale by Owner Fivo room
modern homo on yood stroot,
I'loso in. 721 Oswego street. 42
After travoliriL' across the cont
inent, you wonder how Colurnbus
e 'ii a i' I ! v '
S. B. A. 2776
MuiiibvrK of St. Julius fouitoil
277i: You art irat'riwliy .
miudiMl thul on tin Iirl Thin,
day in Setmlicr, 7ili,l!22, liters
will bu un election of oflloers. Tb
protiuut ortloein are liopuitf thai
iiiuihIioih will elicit how ummiiImm
to till tliuir chair, Your dltfy
calls you on this itusvtiuir night.
(iood Dions ShirU $l.SSr
K O ll li-K-S.
If you WHiit to keep liegllliy uat
Hxtru Virifiu lulimt Olive Oil.
For kmIo Ht Jst. John Avunue Urn
eury, corner North' Jcrsv St,
i wo oiioicu ioim on i.ooiwnl m.,
siduwalkK in Mud mUK nt kut
half price. Seo Couom Ktutoii,
2015 N. Juracy stray t. I
Suwinu, uttinjr, eroeheliiiif. rail-
linury and embroidery done
uhoap; also 1021 Cleveland mo
torcycle for salt). lnuiro 1103
Oswego street.
For Sale") room buuiialow two
blocks from St. John liitfji aohool
two blocks from ear;. toruM.
Phono owner, bullwood Q (78.
For Swlo Tim loir om itroD
erty on Smith avcuutt; nil kinds
of fruit, an acre of roi,yul, vt
mum biiiuwuikk, uero XMoverwi
with llr, cedar and dogwood
truon; easy' down payujeitt and
linal payments to suit piin)laer.
I. (J. Urbun, 727 Smitirlayeuue.
Orchard for Sal--:Teu lien of
bearing Spiteubvrg tjd New
town apples, trees 11 yews old;
new house, now packing UoUfte,
new wire feiiuu uud otl;cr out
buildings, some took; oil Vrout
hake road, near school uud boat
ing dam; in splendid condition ;
crop goes wuli place; 1000 boXM
last year; yitimtiul in Whit Sal
mon, Wash., valley. PrlooTiGSOO.
Miirhr consider !rnd for farm
in r