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A. W. Mntkle Editor
Publiahed Friday of Each Week
404 N. Jersey St. Phone Col.321
Sub or I p tj o p r I o 8 1 . 6 O p r jr e n r .
THR R8VIKW Is entered at post office
In Portland, Oregon, ns mall mnttcr
of the second class under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879,
The C. C. C.
The young people of the Baptist
Friday, October 7, the third nnd Congregational churches are
termers gave their first class proud of their new name wnicn was
party, which was held after the decided upon by nineteeu members
foot ball game. Later games of the class at the V. W. C. A.
r rr.t .... ft 1 ....
were enjoyed in tne gymna- oepiemuer zmi. u was ueciueu up
"Come to Church Sunday!"
The Episcopal church invites
you. Services at Odd Fellows'
Hall, 7:30 p. m. Reported.
H. Peck of 7M South Craw
ford street, with four entries of
chickens at the Salem Fair, re
ceived four prizes, two of
which wero first prizes.
Rev. Chester Paul Gates, pas
tor of tho Evangelical church,
will preach his final sermon Sun
day, prior to taking up his
work as EvanRclist for tho Ore
gon State Conference.
Church of Jesus Christ of hones to havo
Lattor Day Snints: Sundnv
school Sunday morning at 10:30
at Bickner Hall. Cottage meet
ing every other Friday even
ing at 7:30, 521 East Mo
hawk street. All welcome; no
The Epworth League held a
business meeting at the beauti
ful now homo of their pastor,
Kov. Kloster. After tho meeting
adjourned games wore played,
after which a lunch was served.
Wo all had a good timo. Wo
meet oTcry Sunday evening at
0:30 in our now church. Come
and join ua. Reported.
Tho women of Portland on
Tuesday ovening organized the
Womon'B Realty Hoard of Port
land. 1 he officers are: Mrs.
Johnson, president; Mrs. Neti
hauser, vice-president; Mrs.
Slocum, secretary; Mrs. HarriH,
assistant secretary: Mra. Kelley,
treasurer. Mrs. Tato of St.
Johns was made a member ol
tho oxccutlvo committee. Fred
Iirockman was organizer.
Wo call your attention again
to tho revival campaign in the
old M. E. church which began
Thursday ovening of this week.
Wo aro expecting a glori-
ouh meeting. Wu desire you to
como and help us in Hinging tho
songs of praiBo; unite with us
in prayer. God is a wondorful
God indeed I Ho who made the
world and all that iu in it. Come
and bring your friends and let us
An assembly was called Tues
day, October 4th, for the new
students of James John High to
acquaint themselves with the
different organizations of the
school. Tho organizations wero
explained in turn and some of
the school yells wero given. The
meeting was closed by singing
the school song.
Wednesday afternoon of Octo
ber 5th the girls of the Hiak
Klatawa Club met for tho first
hike of theseason. They crossed
tho river and followed the Ger
mantown road for a mile or more.
Many inviting trails wero dis
covered and followed until it was
timo to return homo. Tho club
several long hikes
Ion that the class would meet the
second Tuesday of each month.
They also made arrangement for a
party which will be at the home of
Miss Mabel Heed, 423 Kast Charles
ton. After the meeting adjourned
the rest of the evening was devoted
to games and refreshments which
were enjoyed by all. Reported
before the bad weather sets in.
Tho paper campaign was
scheduled for the first school
week of October. Owing to the
slowness of tho entire student
body to respond, last Thursday
in a ronsing speech, Dorothy
Coulter granted a week's graco.
By Monday night over three
thousand pounds of paper were
realized. Several students have
volunteered the use of their cars
for hauling the papers, so by
Friday wu hopo to havo five
tons or more.
Friday, October 7, James John
eleven met Commerce on tho
Multnomah field. Tho gamo was
marked with plenty of action, al
tho tho field was dusty and the
thermometer registered hearly
eighty degrees. Tho Book
keepers registered thoir seven
points in tho second quarter
when Grider skirted right end
for a touch down and Schneider
man kicked goal. Tho J.J. play
ers completed two forward
passes lor a touch down in tne
last minute of play Robertson
failed to kick goal. Tho stars for
the Commerce wero Copple and
Mix Grider: for James John.
Surlier and Ermler played a good
D. C. Lewis has moved his
law office to 422 Chamber of
Commerce building; phono Main
8G67. Can be seen at his resi
dence, 1G11 Willamette boulevard
Saturday afternoons and Sundays.
Real Estate Broker
Business Chances, Loans and
422 Chamber of Com
merce Building
Phono Main 8667
Dr. L. F. Pickens,
Oflicc hours 8 to 12 a. in. 1 to (J. p. in.
Kveuinga 7 to 9.
A Pleasing Entertainment
Tho entertainment given by
the employes of tho Pacific Tel-
r your mends and Int 11 n unhonu and To Inirninli Cnmnnn v
consider tho wonderful priv- Tuesday ovening at tho Y. W.
ilegos Ho holds out to human
Uy. Reported.
John H. Fisher of 031 North
lvanhoo street died at tho hospi
tal Wednesday, October 12th, of
hardening of tho arteries. He
was born in Cheboygan, Wis.,
and camo to St. Johns in June,
1917, coming hero from Michi
gan. Deceased was aged 72 years
and was a member of tho Evan
gelical church. Ho is survived by
his widow and one daughter.
I-rancos. Tho funeral sorvicoH
will bo held at tho chapol of the
St. Johns Undertaking Co. today,
Friday, at 2:30 p. m. R1)V.
Chester P. Gates will preach
tho sermon, nnd interment will
tako placo in Columbia cemetery.
At the Sunday school service
the Community church Sunday hut
n Mioit peiiod was given to the
study of the lesson. The remainder
of the time was taken up by a short
Rally Day program which con
iMed of a recitation, Welcome,
Mildred Swart.; song, boys in
Mrs. Smith's class; recitation,
Rdith Stone; violin solo, George
ScarU; recitation, Donald Smith;
exercise, primary class; lecitation.
Myron Hanhurg; Autumn greeting,
girls in Mrs. Hoyd's class; solo. .Mrs.
Noursc. At the worship her lice Mr
Veneas, a Whitney choius director,
sang. Six new members were ic
ceived into the fellowshin of the
C. A. auditorium under tho hub
pices of tho St. Johns Com
munity Club was an enjoyablo
a Hair. It was instructive as well
as entertaining and interesting.
A well shown moving picture of
the telephone lino from the no
riod of cutting tho brush in tho
wilds, digging holes for tho
noles, placing of same and string
ing tho wires, on through tho va
rious processes until tho lino
reaches tho big cities through
underground conduits, and thus
serving tho world wore depicted
in interesting detail. Another
picture demonstrated tho con
venience of th" telephone in
timo of fire, burglary and illness,
besides tho various devices used
in perfecting tho system.
I. T. itotz. salesman in tho
of commercial department, gave an
interesting talk in which ho
gave a brief history of tho tel
ephono set vice in
stating tho first long
line was constructed to St. Johns
and a charge of 25 cents was
made. Ho impressed upon his
hearers tho importance of cooper
ation between tho patron and
Central in securing tho highest
degree of service, and told of tho
convenience of tho telephone, es
pecially in enso of tiuarantine.
Another interesting and in
structive ftnturo was tho switch
board demonstration. " What
Happens When You Lift Up the
Peninsula Hank Dldg.
Office Phone Columbia 1183
Pulley & Zurcher
Pliimblrifr, Heating & Tinning
We Repair Aluminum Ware
Phone Col. 02 207 S. Jersey St.
I'liono Columbia 977
Electrical Engineers and Contractor
wiitiM) 1'ixTtmits and hi'ituhs
(icucrnl KcjMilr Work
109 S. Jeriey fltrtet, Portland, Ore a on
OlficcCol. ir, Rcsldcncc-Col. 477
Dr. E. P. Borden
I'uiiilcst extraction of tcclli ttutlcr tittrous
oxide gm
PciiIiuiiIa HuiiK Illilg.
St. Johns. I'lirtliimt, Oregon
& Davis Barber Shop
IMll & Davis, Proprietors
108 Philadelphia St. Maths 35c
MhiiIrt lluildcrs Hxclwnge
W. P. Greene & Son
Contractors & Builders
(OT, l, lll'CIIANAN STIlltllT
Portland, Ore. Phone Col. 102Ti
Michael Qoarcke
Transfer and Long
Distnnco Hauling
Phone Columbia M76
Residence .1011 N. Jersey Street
Portland, Aiifnm'itip 1iAnriPOir
distance rftUlUlllUlll IfUUUjUW
Phono Columbia 72 between
7 A. M. and 7 P. M.
organiiation, und the Lord's Supner Hocoiver." presented by live
was observed. The pastor and one young ladies. This gave an ex
lay delegate will be in attendance at
the btate Convention of Congrega
tional Churches which meets iu
Eugene this week. A report of the
convention will be given at the
morning service Sunday. The
hcrvice for Sunday night will be
slides representing the Parables of
The marriage of Miss Maudo
lreno Clayton, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. (J. W. Clayton,
of Last Lake, Minnesota, and
Joseph W. Kane was solemnized
.yeunesoRy evening, uctohor largo audienco in attendance.
hi u;ow, a i mo nomoot Air.
anuwrs.Joiin Kane, 21(5 N, I
cellent iden of how phono calls
are received and tnken caro of.
Pleasing numbers that were
hoartilv encored wero: Instru
mental qunrtot, selections by Tel
ephone Mixed tjnartet, selec
tions by Telephone Jazz Or
chestra, baritono boIo by Mark
Daniels, and a minstrel team,
black face, amused tho audi
ence. That there aro some es
pecially line singers and musi
cians among the employes was
fully demonstrated. Tho ovening
was thoroughly on joyed by tho
ii you nave property lor sale or
trade, bring your proposition to me.
A square deal will be given you at
at all times. Or if you want to buy
a piece of projHirty I will sell to you
the same way as I Ilk to buy.
Ask those who have done business
with me. Iam here for business
301 N. Jersey St. Cor Halliinore
Residence 1008 S. Smith Avenue
Ollice Phone Columbia 12S5
Res. Phone Columbia 1228
Wtatcmtitt ol ovi ucntiln and management ie. I
quirru d mean 01 vvngiraa 01 Auguti H. 1911.
1 nr m. juiiui ticvivw. iuuiiuvi wrcfciy ai 1
junui, ivmauu, megou, lor im. i, 1411
ol The SI.
Mate ol Oteitou.
I'ouulv ol Multnomah
ntiore in. a notaty ruuue, 111 and lor the
Slate ami county aloiruM, icfaoually aipcarnl
A w. Mail!, who Itiiwug been duly aworu ac-
I vr.11.
hoo street. Dr. II. R .Innns niii.i.
ating. Tho brido was gowned in
cream colored net, beautifully
trimmod in ribbon and tiny
roues. She carried a bouquet of
Ophelia rosea. Mrs. Alvin C.
Vogel (Mary K, Ashton) was
matron of honor and wore a
gown of navy bluo satin nnd
georgette, heavily beaded. Mr.
Alvin C. Vogel was best man.
The guests included Mr. nnd
Mrs. II. E. King, Mrs. Per-
detiauouglas.Mr. and Mrs. 10. A.
IcuiiIIuk lolaw.ilrnoacaaud up thl he Ii Iht I
tmtilUhrr ol lb bi Johni Review auj ttuttbei
lollowiog It, to the tot ol hi Vuowlrtli anj I
I Inside of 2 Weeks I
THIS IS FINAL: Only a few days left for you to get your pick of
medium and high grade Furniture at lower prices than you will ever see
LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES: Is the Feldstein policy. Such a pol
icy requires a large volume of business. The business not being here,
Rather than haul the Furniture back to our main store in Portland,
we will almost GIYE IT AWAY.
From now until we close our doors we have decided to take NO
PROFITS on the Furniture that remains. You know you will need more
Furniture this winter. The earlier you make your selection the wider
choice you will have.
A little foresight now means no regrets later. DON'T PUT IT OFF
206 Philadelphia St. BRANCH STORE
Columbia 821
Buying Is Brisk With These Prices
Olympic I' lour. 49 lb. Knck..$2.00
Vim l'lonr, I'J Hi. Suck fl.Ofi
(Made In St. Jolim)
Ilrtt Cniie SiiKr, 100 III fO l!
Hot Oriitlc Potatoes, 100 lb. i'l M
Sweet Potatoes, 4 Hi ... 26c
Scmlcli !'(.!, 100 lb 2.70
Pent Orwle Hhk, -Ite
llutter, Smuet Creamery, Hi.. .fiOc
Cxriinllou Milk lite
Armour Milk 12c
Creum Clieene .80c
Kn Syrup, f II -IGc
K'uro Syrup, 21 lb 'Xc
Mnptt Syrup, 12 oi 30c
Maple Syrup, Pint. 12 oz COc
Maple Syrup. 1 kI1o $1.20
Maple Karo Syrup 25c
Walnuts, per lb 35c
Sm;ar, 111 lb. (or $1.00
Salted Peanuts, lb 15c
Cookies, lllj,' I.uucli, lb 25c
I'lK Ncutons, lb 30c
Co.'ouuut IUrs, II 30c
(Sluger Simps, lb 25c
Chocolate liclitlrs, lb 40c
Cliaranlcllis Chocolate, lb 40c
Gunpowder Tea, lb,. 45c
Fruit, Vegetables, Hreatl, Milk, Pastries, Conned Goods,
School Supplies, Notions, ClRars, Tobacco, Ktc.
Use Your I'lione, Col. 1299 Prompt Delivery Everywhere
Handy Grocery
JOO iV. Udlnoit Strvot
Quality Goes CfcarTfirvutfh
Dort Gars Reduced From $1295 to $971
This is a great value for anyone who contemplates
the purchase of a car.
See us about taking your old car In on trade.
107 Fessenden Street
Y. W. C. A. Notes
Wo need moro Indies reRia
tor?d in the Kymimaium class on
Thursday ovoninns in order to
koop our instructor.
A special millinery class will
begin next Wednesday evening
at theY. W. C. A. building. Any
high school girls who want to
learn to make their hats will be
welcome, i ho afternoon class will
bo luesday from 1 to 3. Call 57
Richter. Miss II. M. llobson. Miss or Lol r infomation.
mi l i t . I
xnoima marsnaii. Mr. and Mrs.
A. U. Voce nnd Mr. and Mrs.
John Kane. Tho ceremony was
followed by a wedding supper,
after which tho brido and
groom departed for a brief wed
ding trip. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kano
will make their home at Lebam,
Kor Sale. Kirst-class Hur
bank potatoes and Hural New
Yorkora, ?2 tier sack at Mock'a
barn or $2.25 delivered in St.
Johns or vicinity. 1292 W. Lom
bard, evenings or Sundays. At
Mock'a barn any timo during
titllcl. it Hue tUtrinent ol the owuci.blii, mtn.
gciucnt, rlc , ol the UttMt4 ublictuu lor I
tnr uic Mumn in me iwrc capitou. to wit.
That the uiue Dil ndJiOKt ol the nubllih
tr. editor, lutiuglug editor auj tmilutu uin-1
ruinuncr, a. , utikte. ivniiuj, uregou
XUuaglug IMKor. '' 1
Hu.lurn Killtor 1
Tlitt the owuett ic:
A W MmVIe, I'oitUuJ, Oicjon Ittttte. ClrarDtlJ, 1'euu.
That the known twndhoMen. mortuaerei and I
other tevuitty hoitlxa owning or holilTng 1 r I
vent or wore ol total amount ut boud. msrlgf I
bc or other evurillea aie MaikU lUtate, I
irarneiu, iTuna.
That the two luiatrai'tn ueit above, clvlni
the liaruet ol the owutta, aUxkhoUer anil ae-l
raiity holdcra, It any, rontatu not only theUitl
oi iix'knoiuera aim accumy nouiera aa tney atv I
lear uon tne Dwia oi tne ruuiaay dui io in I
re where the ativk holder tr acvuilty bolder
apeara uHn me ruoaa or tne company trua
tee or Iu any other fiduciary relation, the name
ol the iYtui or corporation lor whom auch
liu.tre U aclluii ! given, alto that the aald two
paragraph couiaiu aiaiciueuta erubraclug am
ant'a lull knowledge and txllcl at to the circuru
taneea and couditiout under which atockhold
ciaaud acvuilty haldcta whodj not airar upon
the hooka ol the comivtiiy aa liuatcca, hold nock
and Mvuiillea lu a capacity other lhau thatol a
Iwua tidrowurr. aud thla altianl bai no iratou
luklUit that aut other (Kraou, aoociatloa, or
corporation hat any IntcrcU UUtvt iv iudlrcvt la
theutd Kvk. iKiiidi. or other accvtUiea than at
to ttated bt hlni. A. W. Maikte. fublither.
tiworu to aud tubv-ribed belorc rue thlt i?th I
day ol tcpt., lJl. A. W- Dartt, fioury
Feed Specials
80 lb. sack test Mill Run.... 96c
100 lb. sack Scrutch Fetxl,
any bruml in stock.. $2 40
100 lb. sack Wheat ... . S2 -10
Free delivery on 10 sack lots
Our last car load of Alfalfu
Hay was exceptionally Rood,
Delivered at $19 00 per ton.
Oat and Vetch Hay $17 per ton.
Keed, Coal ami Hutldiug Material,
Peninsula Mercantile Go,
"The House of Good Feed"
670 Lombard St. Columbia 795
Dress Pants $2.50 Up.
In accordance with the provisions
of ordinance No. 39941 passed by
the Council September 21st, 1921,
notice is hereby given that St. Johns
I Improvement Bonds numbered con
secutively 576 to 5SS inclusive,
doted December 1st, 1912, are
hereby called for redemption, De
cember ist, 1921.
The face value with accrued in
terest will be paid upon presenta
tion of said bonds at the office of the j
uudersigned on the above date, the '
said date beiug semi-annual coupon
period. From and after said date
mterest on said bonds shall cease.
City , Treasurer.
Date of first publication Oct. 7th,
Dr. Herbert F. Jones
311 North Jersey Streel
Your troubles will receive
personal attention
Day Phone Night Phone
Columbia 97 Columbia 690
St Johns Transfer 8 Storage
Successor to
Careful and experienced furniture
Feed and Fuel
Col. 82 109 K. Burlington St.
Cess Pool Brick and
fire Brick
Residence 502 ndison
Office 301 N, Jersey Col. 1285
Dr. W. J. Gilstrap
Physician & Surgeon
Glasses Accurately Fitted
X ray Laboratory
Peninsula Security Co. Bldg,
St. Johns.
gfeLaurel Lodge, 1. 0, 0, F,
No. IOO. BI.Johna.n.anliB
Mccti each Momlny evening In Udifl'cl
lows lmll at 7:3o, A cordial welcome to
nil vltltliiK brother.
t 8. CorniRiir. N O. Thmiu.TliottiMon, V.O,
Jo Kobe rta, ftcc 8cc. O. W. Noitnt, Plu.HfC.
II. I' Clark. Tiraa.
St, Johns Gamp No, 7546
Modern Woodmen of America.
We heartily wllclt the attendance o(
our member nt our regular meetings
every nun 4111 iiiurruiay evening.
C. li. Hatcliltt,
ry :
10. W. .Muhiii,
riioue Columbia 9G2
Col. 14M.
Meets every l'rldnv nlnht t
V.a o'clock In HIPIiNHU
pj Hall, Visitors always wcl-
ifiSa, come.
Woodmen of the World
St. Johns Camp 773
Meet every Monday evening in
Dickuer Hall, Hurlincton and Jersey
streets. Visitors always welcome.
N J. Klmmoiit.C C.S W, A. Trent. CIcik.
A. r. and A. M.
Sleet the first nud third
Wednesday of each month
In Masonic Hall, VUL
tors welcome.
John M. Illalr. W. M.
A. W. Davli, SecreUry,
N. 43 R, . U.
Sluteil meetings ou the first
Monday of each month In M
Mule Hall. Visitors Welcome.
W, A. CAKROI.L. . ii. r.
O. II. I.KMOW, Secretary,
my or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
Fire Insurance and Notarv Public
t ... ...
mai yum jiroucny wun me it you
uesire to sell quickly
402 N, Joraey Straet
Abstracts of Title Prepared
Titles Examined
Thone Columbia 255
General Auto Repairing, Tires
and Accessories
Work Guaranteed at Reasonable Prices
Phone Col. 142 1415 Willamette Blvd.
The Fraternal Boosters
Meets every Wednesday cveninc
in the
Join and Help Boost
J. G, Chambers Mrs. II. R. Iiwry
Funeral Directors
248-250 Killlngsworth Avenue
Telephones; Woodlawn 3306 C 1133
Mr, Chambers is the nnlv r. A. R.
undertaker in the city of Portland,
Personal attention and supervision
given to arrangements.
National Vulcanizing Go.
J. W. BALL. Prop.
General ReDair.
Satisfaction Guar
anteed in all work
205 S. Jersey Street
418 North Jenev Street
Furniture Making and Job Work Poff & (VNeil
a Specialty. Refinishimr nnd R. I
pairing neatly done. TRANSFER AND STORAGE
C.1 .1 r t
nMiv i . 71 I Jrtuu uuu j ravel
Don t send your printing out Dally Trips to Portland
oftown- JPWu him MCI.