St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, February 25, 1921, Image 3

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Clearance Sale
At Ormandy Bros. Big Furniture
This Week's Cash Specials
Golden Fir Dresser, has 3 Drawers, Mirror
16x24 $19.75
Golden Fir Chiffoner, has 5 Drawers, Mirror
16x20 $19.75
Ivory Enamel Dressing Table t. $21.85
Dressing Table, Chairs to Match $6.25
Quartered Oak Chiffoners, has 4 large
Drawers and 2 Small ones, Plate Glass
Mirror 16x24 $47.50
The Following nre Reduced Prices on TERA1S
40.00 Ivory Enameled Dresser $37.60
$43.75 Ivory Krmmcled Bed $33.60
$15.75 Simmons Coll Spring $14.25
$22.50 Felt Mattress, CO tl $19 50
OAmaadu Bags
The Grabateria Cash
Constant activity, co-operative buying giving
us quantity prices, no bookecpiug, low rent, lota of
space, fiye location and extensive acpuaintancc has
spelled the success of the Cash Grocery business as
conducted by the Grabateria. With the mills partially
closed the business has kept up because it is known by
those who were thrifty and saved that the prices we
put on all our goods is consistent with the very low
cost of doing business and they have the money to buy.
We arc keen after the trade that expects us to
keep the stock fresh and clean aud of variety that
appeals to every palate.
Our nhouc is Col. 102: our delivery recrular
& aud our attention to phone
Phone Columbia 102
Dr. l P. Sclmltze, Res. Col. 1131
Office Col. 379
Drs. Schultze & Swart
1-6 Bonham & Currier BldR.
Lost A sterling Eversharp
pencil with B. B. on it. Finder
please call Columbia 878.
Pleasant rooms for rent; board
if desired. Call 313 N. Syracuse
street; Columbia 791.
Maternity cases taken reasonable
at 1109 Princeton street, near Burr.
Call Columbia 901. 8so3t
one contemplatinR buying a. range,
heater, victrola or auy kind of fur
niture ould do well to inquire at
510 S. Princeton St. near W. Rich
mond St. Will sacrifice goods for
quick sale.
$1800, at $150 canh, a 4 room
house, new cess pool, lot 125x
11G 1-2 with fruit. See Rico &
Tate. 107 N. Jersey; Col. 887.
For Sale One young cow
cheap. Also want to buy a sec
ond hand brooder. Phone Col
umbia 664,
First class dressmaking and
plain sewing at reasonable prices
201 W. Richmond. 18
For Sale Three room house
to be moved from its present
site, 501 E. Burr street. Will
be sold at a bargain. Call at
above address.
orders is personal.
Dr. D. S. Swart, Res. Col 283
Office Col. 379
For Sale 50 egg incubator,
brand new: also go-cart. Inquire
202 E. Polk street
For Sale Six room house, lot
50x100, good foundation and
basement, 6 fruit trees. Call
833 N. Leonard street.
Wanted SmaU modern house;
trade two improved lots, pay
balance cash. Dan's Restaurant.
uargain xoung cow, gives
close to 4 gallons rich milk, sell
on time; 2 calves 4 months old,
trade for phonograph or chick
ens; some doors and windows,
good house and lot; Moline
scales. 619 E. John street
Look! I have some good buys
houses and lots. Would like
to hear from you if you want to
buy or Bell. Columbia 1320.
Will Trade-First class launch.
22 foot, six and one-half foot
beam, with 5 h. p. medium
heavy Duty engine, for Ford car.
Call at 211 N. Fox street, St
For Sale Five room modern
house, lot 50x100, good cement
basement and 9 hearing fruit
trees: a snap if taken at once,
on easy terms. 520 E. Mohawk
Friday and Saturday Specials
$5.00 combination fountain Syringe for. . . .$3.75 15c letter size tablet 8 cents
15 cent can Presto 8 cents 35 cent Armaud talcum Powder. .25 cents
35 cent Pitchers Baby Brand Castoria ... .25 cents
The Prescription Store
Subject for Christian Scicnco
services Sunday: Jesus Christ
A lazy man is no worse than
a dead one, says an exchange,
but he takes up more room.
W. J. Nolan of Boring. Ore
gon, greeted old time friends
here the past week.
Do not fail to attend The Con
spiracy of Spring at the Y.W.C.
A. building Saturday evening.
uVhv not teach grammar in
the schools?" somebody asks.
What for? Nobody ever uses it,
so far as wo can hear, Wheel
ing Intelligencer.
Miss Minnie Nelson is spend
ing her vacation at homo after
just completing n course at the
Emanuel Hospital' as trained
The Laurelwood Past Noble
Grand Club will meet with Mrs.
Nannie Snyder. 349 Wheeler
street, Thursday, March 3rd, at
2 p. m.
Commissioner Pier has outlin
ed on interesting system of boul
evard improvements, but ho
omitted the keynote of it nil a
high bridgo at St Johns.
A. W. Davis has sold the C.
A. Fry cottage on South Ivanhoo
street to Matt Rank. Also the
R. H. Shields four room cottage
on Calhoun street to II. J. Shaw.
Rev. Osborne Tnvlor lectured
on Masonry utMnsonic hall Wed
nesday. Feb. loth. Another lino
lecturer will mnko an address at
the hall the- first Wednesday
in March.
Jack Cnmnboll. one of St
Johns' well known citizens, is
opening up n vulcanizing busi
ness nt Alberta street and Wil
Mams avenue, and will bn ready
for business the tlratot next
Mrs. E. P. Schutze was host
ess to members of the Friend
shin Club nt luncheon Wednes
day of last week, honoring Mrs.
Alex. Scales, who bus dopartcd
to snond several months in l.os
Angeles. The club was organ
ized recently by twenty matrons.
Rvnrv nrennizntion on the
peninsula should line up solidly
for the 1925 World's Fair to bo
located on the Peninsula. And
the sooner this is done tho bet
ter hope for success. Tho Pen
insula is tho logical locationjor
the Fair.
Thn Rpciirltv HnnofU Associa
tion of tho Knights and Ladies
of Security is now in a nourish
ing condition and tho talk is
vprv strnnor to build n new two-
story hall, to bo used for Lodgo
purposes exclusively. 1110 struc
ture unilor consideration will
cost about $15,000 and be of tile.
Laurel Lodge No. 186 was en
tertained in a highly pleasing
manner by Woodlawn No. 171
Monday evening, me local uuu
Fellows were treated in a most
royal manner by their Woodlawn
brethren. The local ex-Service
Men degreo team accompanied
them thither. The team gave a
demonstration that made n de
cided hit
Mr. (J. O. Blomnuist of Linn-
ton, Oregon, and Rosella Wilson,
formerly of Kearney, Neb., were
married at Stevens, Wash,, Jan.
29th, 1921, according to news
received. A great surprise to
all friends and neighbors, but
we wiah them a long and happy
life. They are now at home to
all theie friends at Whitwood
Court, Linnton, Oregon.
Mr. Joseph Galloway and Miss
Dorothy Brimner were united in
marriage Monday afternoon at 3
o'clock at the M. E. parsonage,
Re. W. E. Kloster pronouncing
the words that made them man
and wifo. Thn bride was attend
ed by her sister, Miss Frances
Brimner, and C.M. Jaeger was
best man. The groom is one of
St. Johns finest young men, and
the bride is a charming St.
Johns young lady. The numer
ous friends of the happy young
couple wish them a most happy
and prosperous journey down
the sea of life.
The St. Johns Community
Club will meet Tuesday even
ing in the Y.W. C. A. building
and it is desired that every
member as well as others at
tend. The meeting promises to
be an interesting one and sev
eral matters of importance will
bo taken up. Henry W. Kent,
Chairman of the Floral Commit
tee for tho 1921 Rose Festival.
and also Chairman of the Public
Service League, will address
the meeting next Tuesday even
ing. Mr. Kent has been making
addresses at the various schools
and his talk next Tuesday even
ing will undoubtedly bo highly
interesting. Turn out and hear
, what he he has to say.
K. C. Couch came over from
Hillsboro and greeted his old
friends hero this week.
The Community Club meets nt
tho Y. W. C. A. building Tues
day evening next Remember,
and attend.
Wallace Tindall, who is now a
typical farmer or Toledo, Ore
gon, visited his old friends here
tho past wo.'k.
Willis Mccon hriB sold his lot
at corner of Charleston and Cen
tral avenue to Mr. Bays, the con
sideration being $750 cash.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Scales
left Wednesday for Los An
geles and other southern points.
Thoy expect to bo gone for nn
extended period.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Startup of
Muskegon, Mich., now traveling
on tho Orpheum circuit, took
dinner with their old friends,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Basic, Tuesday
Dr. Harry Irvine and wifo of
Corvnllis hnva been the guests
of the latter's mother, Mrs. E.
D. Vinson, on South Ivnnhoe
street Tho Dr. has returned to
Corvallia, but Mrs. Irvino will
remain a few days longer.
An eastern firm declares that
it is going to try to do business
without money. Information on
tho subject will bo cheerfully
furnished by almost any coun
try editor. Choyonno Nows.
Appropriate exercises were
held at the Sitton school in
honor of Washington's birthday
Tuesday, in which the children
took part. Miss Stevens gave an
interesting talk on the child
hood and youth of Washington.
H. B. Comnson W. R. C. ac
companied by Pnt Inat. visited
Williams school Jan. 11 and pro-
setued a beautiful Uuir to school.
Tho following Thursdny a simi
lar exerclso was held at Penin
sular school and a flag present
ed to them. Press Cor.
Tho Conniracy of Spring at
tho Y. W. C. A. building Satur
day evening, February 26th.
On accountof tho limited seating
capacity, scats will bo held for
thoso holding tickets until 8:15
o'clock, after which-ooor admis
sions will bo received. The
program will begin at 8:30.
Homo mndo candy will boon sale.
Tho girls of tho I. G. II. Y.
club attended the dnnco given
by tho Woolen Mill club in their
club rooms Inst Monday night.
Wo enjoyed the ehnngo from
our usual routine and all of us
cortainly had a good time. The
noxt meeting will bo held nt-the
homo of Edna Titus on Smith
avenuo noxt Monday night-
New books and exchanges nt
St. Johns Library: Julia France
and HerT mes. Atherlon: Joan
and Pete. Wells; Out of the Si
lences, Wnllon; Our Squares and
the People in It, Adams; Golden
Bird. Daviess: Letters or Trard,
Kinlincr: Chnracter Building
Thought Power, Irvino; Roam
ing Through tho West Indies,
Mrs. Willis Moxon and daugh
ter, Margery, will leave for Los
Angeles on Sunday for nn ex
tended trip through southern
California and Mexico, and will
return about September first
While there thoy will attend tho
wedding of Graham Moxon,
which occurs at San Diego on
March 10th, tho bride-elect be
ing Mies Moore of Kansas, who
has been wintering there. Mr.
Moxon is in the U. S. naval ser
vice and stationed at San Diego,
Ynn ar rcnueHted to be pres
ent At the meeting of tho Fra
ternal Boosters at I. O. O. F.
hall, Jersey and Leavitt streets,
St. Johns, Friday evening, Feb.
2itt.h nt R n'nlock. It is our de
sire to promote any movement
for good that may be in prog
ress in our several communities,
tn nnlinlrl thn nrlncinleH of OUT
Fraternal Orders and have well
in mind the coming event of
1925. Your cooperation is essen
tial. Fta nrpsent. Non-mem-
bers cordially invited.
W. D, Wheeler has sold the
Cliff House at Nyebeach to if. O.
Gilmore. who has taken over
the property and will continue
to operate it. Mr. Gilmore is an
experienced business mnn quite
familiar with the art of catering
to the public and will no doubt
succeed in making the Cliff
House the most por ular hoitelry
at the beach. Mr. Wheeler has
taken over Mr. Gilmore's poul-
try farm just east of the city
and will entraee in poultry rais
ing. Yaquina Bay News, of
Newport. Mr. Gilmore was for
merly a well known business
man of St. Johns.
Divine healing services will be
held in the I. O. O V. hall Sunday
evening at 8 o'clock.
l'OR. SALK 1'otir room.strlcllv mod.
cm cottage. Iocnted cloc In on corner
lot 60x90. Paved street and all lui.
provcincnts pnid, Nine fine fruit trees
on lot, and house U just beInK complet
ed. This Is a real bargain at $2300.00.
Small payment down, balance easy
terms. Inquire Mr. Doyle, r-cnlusula
Security Co.
Modern Garage for Rent at 517
Oswego Street. $4 per month.
For Sale- Shepard strnin An
cona sotting eggs. 714 S. Craw
ford street: Col. 819. 17
Spring Millinery Opening nt
St Johns Millinery Mar.4 and 5.
When in doubt when nnd what
to oai, try our waffles and collee.
Good Ents Cafe.
Hair Weaving.- Mrs. T. Hill.
G15 E. Tyler street; Col. 783.
Spring Millinery Opening nt
St Johns Millinery Mar.4 and 5.
Found Lady's glove. Samo
may be had by calling nt this
office and paying for this notice.
Will Exchange-Rabbits rais
ed in April for pullets rnised in
April or May. Call at G10 W.
Charleston street
Seems like ROGERS uses lots
of wrapping paper.
For S900-A Groom house.only
$85 cash payment; balance easy.
Rico & Tate, 1U7 N. Jersey; uoi.
Your income tax duo March
15th. See A. W. Davis, notary
public, who will help you out
with proper report. tf
Men's and Boys' SHOSE, 1921
For Snlo Crocheted Scarf
Ends, Yokes nnd Pillow Slip
Lace. Orders taken for nil kinds
of crocheting nt 814 N. Smith
nvenuo. HI
I wish to thank several of my
customers for their patience in
waiting the r turn to bo waited
upon Saturday evening ROG
lights nnd plumbing, gnrngo and
hen house, lot 50x100, good
torms. Rico &. Tate. 107 N.
Jersoy; Col. 887.
Hatchirg Eggs For Sale
Single comb Whito Leghorns,
trnn nest, good stock, mated to
Tancred Cockerel, and BulF Orp
ingtons, good stock also. 10J2
N. Syracuse street 18
You won't bo full of PRUNES
if you wear ROGERS' SHIRTS,
'cauBe they'ro both an Orognn
Somo like ham nnd eggs, some
liko steaks or chops, but they all
liko tho good meals nt Good
Eats Calf).
Wanted Day work or any
kind of houuework or cleaning.
Call 2215 Willamette boulovard.
For Sale Six room modern bun
galow, street improvements in and
paid for; one block from car line,
023 N. Ivanhoe street. 16
To whom it may concern: I
wilt not be responsible for any
bills contracted by Mrs. Bertha
Usher. Mr. Herman Usher.
l'or Trade An ttnemcumbered
five room house in Woodlawn for
dwelling in St. Johns diMricf will
pay difference. Phone Woodlawn
541G. i2-5t
317 N. Jersey Street
Prc-War Prices
Suits Cleaned and Pressed
for 1.60
Suits Pressed 50c
Ladles' l'lush Coals I.tlceNcw.. ft
l'luin Suits and Drcttes Cleaned
uud I'lesscd..... M-50
French Dry or Steam Cleaning
No Charge for Calling for and
Phone Columbia 1289
Siitlnfitotlon dimriitttviul
One word may mean much to You
As a rulo, when one needs financial advice, he
needs it badly. How fortunate you are, under such
circumstances, to be in a position to get it from your
banker. His "Yes" or "No" may mean hundreds or
possibly thousands of dollars to you.
Besides providing its customers with all the
usual facilities and services of a sound commercial
bank, this institution
tate to consult us.
I il Peninsula
Vms as a mt
Timely Bargains
Regular $3.60, Guaranteed 28xl Standard
mcycie Tires lor
n I n rt r t
ueguiur uoc, ivzv ueacn xennis Dans, wnne
they last for 25c
Regular $2.75 Ball Bearing Roller Skates $2.38
St. Johns Hardware Co.
run wixciinsTiM sroitn
Ollicc riinne Columbia 025
llcsldciicc l'hoiic Colutnblu 477
Nitrous Oxide Ous (or
1'iiIiiIch ltxtrnctlou
of Teeth.
House Raising and
61W I!. Polk Street I'liunc Col. H17
Dr. W. D, McMillan
Oirice Hours- l;:WtoG:30 1'. M.
4 07 Oroitttnliut (,'.
Cll and Alder Street rortUnd, Ore.
Plowing, Central Team Work1 and
(lascmcnt Excavating
877 Yale Street, St. Jnliu.s.
Call after fi p. M, or Sundays,
Violin Instruction
STUDIO, 215 N. Syracuse Street
l'hoiic Columbia 302
WANi'KI) to rent a to 5 room
partly furnished or unfurnished
house with suHicient uround for
Harden and chickens, convenient
to St. Johns business center.
ABk for Watson, Columbia 1001
or 978.
1 have G or 8 corda second
irrowth fir and polo alder wood
onchalf mile up Gormantown
rood from went ferry landing;
fir down and trimmed. Will k'ive
to any one wantintr to cut it.
A. L. DaKijett.
New House For Sale at 929 13.
Calhoun Btrect. Three rooma
with kitchen and dining alcove,
built in china closet, built in
Dutch kitchen; overythinw very
latest. Will sell on your own
terms in reason. See owner,
Hoy Crouchley, 920 N. Central
avenue; Phone Columbia 1061.
Last Friday evening a cottage
meeting was held at Mr. and
Mrs. Hazel's under the direction
of tho Elders of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. It proved very success
ful, havini? many in attendance.
President Peterson of their
church of Portland was tho main
speaker. Every Sunday morning
at lU.'iiU a Sunday school is helu
there. All are welcome to at
tend. On March 4th thoro will
bo another cottage meeting held
at Mr. and Mrs. Hazel's, 524 E.
Mohawk street, which will bo
open to all who ure interested
in religion. Reported.
nets as n counsel and advisor I
Nat ona Bank
Federal Reserve System
qtf.ys ?
m. r 1 1 1 1 . V
Office l'hoiic Columbia TXl
Nerve Mocking (or
I'nlnlcss 1'reiMrutloii
of CmvIUcs und Surclcnl
Kcmovnl o( Teeth.
Vulcanizing Co.
205 S. Jersey St.
Is the Oldest Es
tablished, Best
Equipped and
most Reliable
Tire repairing
on the Peninsula.
All work done on a mon
ey back Kiinrantec. We
take pride in turning out
the best retreads in Port
land. New uud second lisud tires for
sale. Just one block fcnutli of the Ten.
iuiuU National Ilnuk, on enr Hue,
StJohnsFair Store
Highest Quality and Lowest Prices
Toys a Specialty
207 N. Jersey St. Phone Col.&M)
Tin: Sisrvicks ov Tin?
arc held every Sunday at 3 P.M.
In I. O. O. F. Hall
Sunday School at 2 p. m,
JOHN I). UICI5, Vicar
Poff & O'Neil
Sand and Gravel
Dally Trips to Portland
Phone Col. 308 206 N. JERSEY ST