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A, W, Matklc, Editor 1
Published Friday of Each Week
404 N. Jersey St. Phone Col. 321
Subscription prlo $1.50 par yaar.
Advertising rates. One week 40c ct
inch; two weeks 371c jer Inch; ! weeks
35c per Iticb; jcr yenr 25c jcr inch; first
page additional cfmrge; political, 50c per
luch per week. Locals 10c per line for
first insertion, 7jc subsequent insertions.
Minimum 25c, Ads reset more than
once in four weeks 5c per Inch nddi
tlonal for each resetting.
Tint KKVinw is entered nt post office
in Portland, Oregon, ns mail matter
of the second class under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
MMBMBttfcJMaBMi'i'l ' uTiln
From "The Scandal"
The IJaehclor Club's Olliclul l'njwr
Uacuolor (to a cvrtnln maiden whom
ho had called up Hlx nlghtH In hiiccuh
nlon): "Hone, tliuro Ih Homething I
watit to iwk you tonight. I um nfinld
almot to usk you for four you will
nay 'no,' ami 1 um praying you'll wiy
'yes.' This has burnt on my mind thu
limt few duys contlnuitlly hut I ro
nolvcd to say it tonight 1 mutit Hiiy It
tonight. Do you think you'll Buy yen,
lloo (snuggling closer): "Yes,
Ducholor; "Tomorrow Ih Tuesday
nnd tho Club holds Its weekly meeting.
llavo I your purmluslon to uttond?
Nolo. Hlnco that tlmu lie euu hi'
found each night In thu Club rouniH
playing pudro.
Thu broUioru uud ludy frluuda uru to
bu comiillmuntud on thu houIiiI uud ri
iiuncUl tiuccom which inurked tho hiiH
ket hocIuI of Uecombur 11. A coord
crowd wan out nnd thu taut Hint! of tin
present mciihdu marked tho iicoiihIoii.
Thu club rooum wuru In 11 tidy condl
Hon unil iircHuutvil food for cotmldcr
nblo favorablo gouulp. Thu hull wiih
blussvd with 11 pluuslng offoct, duo to
Mumu urllHtlc work on thu purl of Tail,
(luff and HI u ffy. TI10110 iifiilluiimu nun
miiiiiu now uud novel Iduiui worked out
with cedar ImmkIih nnd Oregon grunt'.
Whllu tho daucu hull won ho InvltliiK
thu othor roonm wuru no lowtt utntlly
decorated. Ilrolhor Hip hud it uhiik of
palnturM uud cleauerH under IiIm wtiteli
lul uyo tho curly purl of tho wul;, mi
that tint iiuurterri wcro Hplek uud npn
thruout. Whenever 11 cleanup I
Htngud In thu rooniH, llrollier .lp ihu
nlly humltt the work and pluyH an un
tiring part In thu 1 ole. Ah a piellml
nary Item for Hie huitchm of our social
functions Ilrolhor Zip Iiiih no pvr.
And further mure ho Iiiih enjoyed UiIh
rating for a goodly number of wutHtnit.
(Jolting back lo I lie Imnliel hucIiiI ami
(ho ovciiIiik'h fun wo van nay t lint It
wiih uiuHily ull fun and excitement,
dancing wiih Hid main hill of fan till
thu orchcMtra wiih iIIhiiiUhciI at about
11:45. Then thu auction commenced
and hul'Ii bidding iih I hero vmih! The
iiiomI coin relieving auction tho writer
over wIlneNHud and that Ih taking In
illlllo a few, Including Ihu annual Hindi
uliow al North I'orllaiiil whoru (hoy
bid In five or mIx flgiiicM and who con
voyorH to cart off tho mouiy,)joMii.'
goon high I hero, but Ihu biiHltclH went
higher here. A largo mciiHiiro of I he
fuel ami urctlll gout to Dido, who
showed carmarkH of a profcHHlouul auc
tioneer. TIiIh Ih real credit an lie vol
uuteurcd for thu pohIIIoii. Aiiyouu that
can gut lop prlccH for every iiamici tie
Nurveii a largo amount of pralHo uud he
Hiiro filled the bill. Our popular prim
dent, l-'looey, wiih led In the it'lar of
Miioririco whon hu wiih um up 111 s.r.v
hlu liuil Hiuui'kle, for u flfltfii lent
banket of candy, lie wiih eoiirnnvui
mid laid down thu account, men in
formed tho varloim out that "II" wnn
fine. During the bidding oil tin I.ihi
banket, which wont to it record price
of IL'3. '.lp ami Toiiuy nun u niiitnt nil
Imttlt) with Tuhpy coming out 011 (he
winning tmd. 'lp Iiiiiik on till Iij had
tho farm iitorlgagcil ami fur a mirkci
couldn't bo html, except by li Ih ninn
opulent oppmituit.
Thu auction netted approximate!)
$200. which, iih ban Ihh-ii thtt ciihIoiii
if tho club, to devote to CIiiIhIiiiiib
cheer III thu couiiituiilly.
Canla of thunliH notlcow me
churned for at tho riiUs of lifty
cents unch. 1'ornoiiH (lutiii-iiiK to
have Htieh notieoa piililiMhed
Hhoultl make a note of tliiu.
One hundred 11 rat ol is envoi-
open with your nauio and ail
dresa neatly printed on tho cor
ner for one dollar at tho Review
ollice. Additional 100 for 7fii.
Tho postotllco tit'piDtiiu'nL ad.
virfOH tho tiso of printed return
cnvolopos. .
Meet the
I Home Merchant I
Half Way
By Cccille Langdon
1(c), 320. Wmtorn Nawapapr Union )
ANTA CLAUS wiih expected
lo arrive In prodigious
grandeur around Helmxhy
Corner. Thu niiind applied
to n block of tenements n
good dcnl nbuvu nqunlor
. .
.kTT7j. nuu tne general iin.Mgiiiii
WS? ties of tho hIuiiis, tilllloiigh
Its population mainly rep
resented poor, while thrifty people.
i'ho men were hard working nnd so
her. (lie women Industrious and rare
ly sliitlcrnly. In fact, old John Helms
by, who owned tho square of build
Ing. hud (elected n reputable clien
tele ns to tenantry, nnd In lower cir
cles HelniMhy Corner held n certain
air of nrlslocrncy.
Ivan Vlihil was a decided Instltu
Hon of the ptnee. Old residents could
remember him hack for ten years. He
wim n little, brlcht-pyed ninn whoe
constant smile nnd eager, friendly
ways scnttercd sunshine.
"I hnvc to work hard. I have a big
family, you know," Ivnn delighted to
tell strangers and new friends. And
then he would count on his lingers,
"(Iraiidpii. Oriimlmti, and Ihu five lit
tie children," and the lovcllght would
coino Into bis eyes as he enumerated
(hem upcriilenlly: "llebecca, Ituchel,
Itulli, .liirnb nnd Levi."
Hut the big family did not entirely
represent kith and hlu of the generous
heurleil fellow who hud conic flout
IdM home tieriws the water Willi a wife,
to lose her In a your, and to have her
aged father ami mother, nelllicr now
lit for hard work, iih pciimIoiioi'h upon
his bounty. How gladly uud uuelf
I h 1 1 1 this was awarded, the uniform
willing klnduiwH ami euro of (van
nuinlfcMcd to all tho world. He did
not earn much mid their quartern
were confined, but nut only did hn
inaiiiige lo nmke the old piople com
forluble, but when a cIo.ho friend, a
widower, died, Ivan adopted his tfou
little ouch.
"I have none; they mIiiiII ho as my
own," lie pledged himself, mid never
fulled In Ihu sacred pledge.
Ivan was a peddler of plus, needles,
yum, and boxe,
An Incident occurred about six
months before Christians that gave
Ivan 11 secret lo keep, but Hie result
of which ho did not experience until
Inter. One day quite a distance from
Hie city, sealed eating IiIh humble
lunch 011 tho veranda of a road liouso
ho overheard two men talking. They
mentioned a iitiuui that caused Ivan
to prick up his curs. It wiih that of
A I ma llelniHhy, the daughter of his
wealthy landlord. Ivan wiih quick
willed, plecinl together Hie fuels
mimed, and comprehended that one of
the men expectisl to huvo MM HcIiiih-
by meet him noun In her automobile
ami they were lo elope. KuoumIi wiih
kIchiunI by Ivhii lo confirm the fact
Hint the fellow wiih a inoicllcn scoun
drel alieady married, and only after
the money of the rich helrens.
It wax by pure (iriiim-tauic Hint an
hour later Ivan dime uhiii MIhh
lleluisby In her liUloinoMIe In bis
a-S r Silk
He knows YOUR seeds.
Ho knows the NEEDS OF THE
You'll get BETTER TREAT- 1 1
in this tows than you will any- t
where ele. 1
iveep the Dollars
In Town
liiine, lint coin lining way be told her
of the true ili.:i;itlcr of her lliince.
She bellevtHl him, and pule and In
learn returned home, offering him
money for Ids fccnlce, which Ivnn re
fiiMtl, and Imploring him lo keep the
entire matter secret.
Ivan had forgot 1 en all about this In
cident as time pusnsl on, It was Hear
ing holiday time when ho cmiio homo
from 0110 of his trips with it bug full
of farm plunder for tho little ouch
and a great fat white gooxo. It was
to tdguulUc their Christmas dinner
and was an object of Immense Inter
14.1 to thu cxpcvtiiut children. Little
I.uvl had set xoiuo hay uiidor the fowl,
"lo lay an egg 011," he put It, and the
spirit of tho wagon lufoi'lod all bauds.
Then a queer thing happened. John
lleluisby dropped In several (hues
during the week. He evinced it new
uud mysterious Interest In Ids poor
tenant. Then, Just a day before
Christinas, he brought his daughter
with him. .Mr. lleluisby had been told
nil about the goose and the expectant
egg. and his daughter bud to bo show 11
(he prUed fowl by little Levi,
She gave Ivan an Intense look ns
bhe departed, and tho honest peddler
was in) stilled Just then. Not later,
however, on Christmas morning, when
Levi burst Into the room excitedly
with the Incredible announcement :
"Ob, father, father, tho goose has
laid a golden egg I"
And there In his hand was the evl
doiuvu glided paplcMiuiche egg, and
Inside of It was found two $1,000 bills,
Ivan VldHl's reward for saving h
young girl from a lifetime of misery,
and keeping Ids knowledge a secret.
The poor, honest fellow wept for
Joy as ho realised how much the great
gift meant to himself and those he
loved upon that blessed, happy Christ
uius morn.
The well known
Has shown iipuuin with tt new
O. M. C Tittik ready to do nil
kinds of Transfer, with Daily
Tilps to the City Located at
Battery Prices are
Replacements for All
Don't forget we take care o
anything Electrical on the
An to
or !
St Johns Auto Electric Service
Cor.Jcrscy and Charleston Sts
Phono Columbia 80
Canned Goods
Wc protect our custom
ers by handling only such
brands of conned goods
whose makers have high
reputations to uphold.
There are nomcroos poorer
erodes mnrkclcd which wc
! have carefully avoided tn
V. sclcctinn for our trade.
i though wc might profit more
jl by slocking them jl
1 The prices of these bolter
grades arc low enough to V
$ suit all.
Ml l'esicmLii I'hoiie Coliimbl.i HO
Save Money
By buying your
Groceries at
C. L Holmes'
Grocery Store
lCvorythincr at Cash and
Carry Prices and Delivered
to your home.
Green Vegetables Daily,
all of the Host Quality.
302 Fessenden Street Cor. Oswego
Real Estate Broker
Own Your Home
New Listings for your ius
peetion now on file at our of
Some fine hnrgaius in homes
both city and country.
Phone Columbia 1285
301 N.Jersey St
i. i mm .
We Can't Figure Out
Vh any one will neglect
their eyes, when we fit glasses
ami gnurnntee satisfaction
lMtysiciuu uiul Surgeon
1 1
Poff & 0'NeiI
Sutul niul CI ravel
Daily Trips to Portland
Phone Col. 308 206 N. JERSEUl
Frank A. Rice
Office 107 N. Jersey Street
Phone Col. 887 Ruldtnoa Col. 389
Bonutlful gray or
blnok ndult cnsXot,
henrsr, box, 2 nutos
ombnlmlntj and refln
od service for
I'unernls it iloslrerf for tW, $80, f 10, $00. IIlKhcr jirlrwl funeral? In pro
jwrtlon. Wc nmnufneturf coskeU. l.mly tiMNtnnt
Ilcmitlfiil fuucrnl chnncl,
Main 2691 Indopondtnt Funoral Directors A 7B05
Wnjlitnglon at Llla Street, Dctwccn 20th aand 2sl Sticel, West Side
W. A. ANDREWS, Representative
614 Central Ave. N.
Phone Columbia 888
Waste and Saves the Eyes
The case with which rt workman sees his books
and materials, determines in a great part, the quality
of his work, as well as its quantity.
This also applies to the Home.
In Working or Reading you will
appreciate Bryant Marsh Mazda
Lamps. All kinds and styles at
Standard Prices..
liuy Electric Goods at an Electric Store
Peninsula Electric Ce.
Phone Col. 977
109 S. Jersey SI.
Four Kinds of Laundry
A 7 u u v
The quickest;
The best;
The cheapest;
Suits Pressed 45c
Dry Cleaned $1.25
You Hring and Take Away
is the Reason
4 Stores
217 N. Jersey Street
The Bank Of Commerce
116 North Jersey St.
Business concerns and
individuals are invited to
bank with this institution
under the assurance that
prompt and courteous
treatment with every con
sistent accomodation will
always be extewled.
llu,vAor w sd avis'1' e an("e Everything in
Real Psttlte Homes, acnut Lots, Acre-
Fire Insurance and Notary Public SS'"!'
List your jwoperty with me if jou , Qr So)U soe
desire to sell quickly ;
Don't send your printing out KILL & 1 Jl 1 L
of town. , 107 N. Jersey Columbia 8S7
meats. Wc won't allow a piece of meat to come into
this market that doesn't live up to what wc expect of
it. It must be able to stand the tests, we give it.
Folks know when they buy a pound of meat of us they
have purchased sixteen ounces of wholesome purity.
109 Nortit Jersey Street Market Phone Columbia 21
Mrs. Homelover:
There's a charm and a comfort in a room with nice
chairs; they make a room look "livable."
Wc have a complete line of chairs, all kinds of sixes
and for every room. These chairs arc from reliable makers,
who put properly seasoned wood into them; they are strongly
made, beautifully upholstered and handsomely finished.
For a Chair, or any other piece of Hirniturc, or a
Rug, come to the store where you get the UP-QUALITY
and the DOWN-PRICE.
H. F. CLARK, the Furniture Man
400-402 S. Jersey St.
Selected Teas and
For your own
daily use or for spe
cial occasions when
you want
the very best of Coffecj
and Teas for the
least money.
Our Coffees are all high
qualityfinest flavor, best
selected beans, all evenly
roasted. No matter what
price you wish to pay,
wc can please you.
And our stock of Teas
is made up of the choic
est varieties of leaf any
thing you want both as to
flavor and price. Try us.
MUCK GROCERY 301 S. Jersey Phone Co!. 118
St. Johns Lumber Co,
Wholesale and Retail
Columbia 131
c nor
FootofBurlington St.
j. G. Clumber Mrs. 11. R. Iwry
Funeral Directors
24S-250 Kiilingsworth Avenue
Telephones: '.Voodlawn 3306 C 1133
Mr. Chambers is the only G. A. R.
undertaker in the citr of Portland.
"Personal attention and supervision'
given to arrangements,
Dr. Herbert F. Jones
311 North Jersey Streel
Day Phone
Columbia 97
Night Phone
Columbia 690