St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 04, 1920, Image 3

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Tapestry Brussels
$1.00 Week
We have a large stock of
Seamless Tapestry Brussels
Rugs in sizes 83xl0 and 9x12
which we are offering at
. prices considerably lower
than the present market
values. Don't hesitate to
buy your rug this spring, the
price of Rugs will be HIGHER
next Fall.
gW 2 pattern Oriental
83xl0 small all over figure 41.00
Floral design 42.00
9x12 IiighSpire(seamed)sj)ecial 30.00
9x12 35.00
9x12 small tan and green figure 37.50
9x12 small tan and red figure 37.50
9x12 small all over figure 42.00
9x12 small figures, 4 patterns 49.50
Your Credit is Good
Ouixondu Baos
The Cash and Carry Grabateria
The Changing Times
The era of Chain Stores came about because a
group of men with large capital could, by staftiug
stores in different localities increase the outlet of
merchandise eminating from one source.
The Chain Store system is nothing more than
any other store except the buying part is concentrat
ed at oue place. The buyers for these stores have
their headquarters at the source of production and
they buy direct from the packer or the producer.
It goes without sayiug that a buyer who can buy
the same sort of merchandise for several, hundred
stores can command a better price than a buyer for
just one store.
. The secret of advantageous grocery prices in St.
Johns is this ability to buy in connection with many
other stores. That is why you have had established
by this store better prices than prevail almost any
where in Portland. m
Coupled with this buying capacity, the activity
of the owners, the acquaintance with the locality be
cause of our loug residence here ought to convince
any one that we can do business at less cost than the
average grocery.
We always believed that "a word to the wise
was suficieut."
The Grabateria Cash and Carry Grocery
n li
lt sc
Bestfor Corns and Bunions too, KORN REMOVER I
A safe, painless and reliable remedy for hard and soft corns, bunions and callouses. Knsy to
ply, causes no pain and requires no plasters or bandaging. Put up in clean packages, ready for
and highly recommended where other remedies have failed. He sure it is KORN RKMOVKR.
St Johns Pharmacy
The Prescription Store
The largest coppersmith plant
in the United States is in Ore.
J. H. Jones of Milwaukee.
Wis., is a guest of his sister,
Mrs. Mary Chancy.
Mrs. Blow has been spending
the week at Independence.
A. Kochanek had purchased
tho residence of H. W. Bonham
on North Syracuse street.
Attorney Frank A. Hico left
The only carbon pnper manu-' Saturday for points in Montana,
facturer west of tho Mississippi
Kiver is in Uregon.
Lawronco Layton has disposed
of his property on Leonard street
and is moving to Corvallis.
Kansom Young has sold his
property on Buchanan street to
Mr. Grccno and will move to
Tiger Island, near Corvallis.
Tho graduating exercises of
the Jnnie3 John high school will
take place in the auditorium of
the building next Friday evening.
Wilfred Boyce of Graham,
Wash., is a guest of his cousin.
L. E. Wood. It is his first trip
to St. Johns and he is very much
pleased with it.
N. J. Bailey has disposed of
his factory on Erie street to
parties from Grand Rapids.
Mich., whom, wo understand.
will enlarge it into a big furn
iture factory.
Fred Hnskell, and G. W. Nor-
one of Laurel Lodge No. ISO I.
O. 0. F. and Nannie Snyder
and Emma Burroughs of Laurel-
wood Kcbekah Lodge No. 100,
wcro delegates to Grand Lodge
which was held at Baker, Oregon.
All reported having u very fine
time. Mr. Haskell was very
much taken up with the city. He
is planning on Baker as his fu
ture homo. Reported.
Tho Sunshine Clu' met Thurs
day, May 27th, at tho homo of
Mrs. r. J. Llascman, wz iitirr
street. Mrs. Orvil Gaines wns
enrolled as a now member. Miss
Agnes Nelson, a sister of the
lostess.of Loknlo. Minn., was a
guest. Refreshments were served
to fourteen. The next meeting
will bo with Mrs. C. Campbell,
121 South Syracuse strcot, next
Mre. N. C. Jamison was do
ichtfully surprised at her home
Wednesday afternoon, by a few
of her neighbors, the occasion
being her birthday. At tho end
of a very pleasant afternoon
covers wcro laid for Hix: Mrs.
N. C. Jannson, Mr3. M toner, Mrs.
Shriner, Mrs. J. D. Kellhor,
Mrs. U. T. Luman and Mrs,
Chadwick. All wished Mrs. Jann
son many more happy birthdays.
Mrs. Laura Jones Rawlinson
will give a demonstration of the
Dunning System of teaching
music at tho Little Theater, 23d
and Washington streets, on Fri
day evening, June 11th at 8 o'
clock. Invitations may bo ob
tained from Mrs. Frank A. Kice,
who is quite desirous that all her
former pupils as well as present
ones attend this demonstration
of thfc Dunning Sstem.
Imnres3ivc serrices were held
by tho old veterans ut the public
snuaro on Memorial uay, wnicn
was observed on Monday. The
parade of the G. A. R., Ladies
of tho G. A. R., W. R. C. and
school children was held previous
to tho orvices at tho monument
at the intersection of Ivanhoe
and Philadelphia street. A
patriotic program was given In
the hall and dinner was served.
Will Preston has purchased
the establishment of Jeff. Pitch
ford on Philadelpha street and
also the confectionery store of
Mr. Danton on Jersey street. He
has moved the goods from the
Jersey street store to the one on
Philadelphia street. ueorgo
Imboden. tho enterprising pro
prietor of the St. Johns Cash
Market, will extend his meat
market by removing tho parti
tion and enlarge the room oc
cupied by Mr. Denton's confect
ionery. It will be thoroughly
uptodate and very attractive
throughout, and will make one of
the finest meat emporiums in
A reception was given Rev.
Chester P. Gates and family at
the Evangelical church Wednes
day evening which was a vry
pleasant affair. A pleasing
nrocram was rendered which
consisted of solos by Mrs. L. P.
Hoskins, Harry Fassett and
Cecil Greene, a violin solo by
Alma Rassi, piano solo by Eliza
beth Ogden, reading by Mrs,
Geo. M. Hall, addresses by Dr.
Borden. Rev. Kloster and short
talks by a number of the mem
bers in extending a most cordial
welcome to Re'. Gates and fam-
ly. Rev. Gates responded in a
neat manner. Refreshments con
sisting of ice cream and cake
were afterward served by the
ladies of the church in the base
MEN'S SUJTS. $25.00 up.
tho Dakotns. and may take in the
National Convention at Chicago.
Fish Coster: "Fresh! Why
mum it breathed its Inst when it
saw you coming." Customer,
sniffing, "And what n breath it
The annual commencement
exercises of the St. Clement
school, Smith avenue and Burr
street, will take plaeo Wednes
day evening, June 0th, at 8
A link saw that weighs just
8-1 pounds, yet can cut 10130 feet
of timber per minuto und buwh
through a 28 inch bone dry log in
50 seconds is to be turned out by
the Poninsuln Iron Works.
W. J. Bunch, who has been
assisting nt the Sunset Cash
Grocery for some time, has ac
cepted a position In the postof
fice department at Portlund. Ho
will no doubt make good in his
new position.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Graham
of the Sunset Grocery returned
Thursday evening from a five
weeks' sojourn in Scramcnto,
San Francisco and Howard
Springs. They roport a very
pleasant time.
Seventh Church of Christ,
Scientist, will hold the formal
opening of their new Church ed-i
ifice. crncr of New York street
nud Sniitn avenue, on Sunday, i
Juno Gth. Services will he held
at 11 a. m. and at three and 8,
p. m. I
After getting their full of an
alcoholic sediment
A silver tea for the Ladies'
aid society of tho Congregation
al church was held at thu homo
of Mrs. Cade, 1010 South Will
amette boulevard Mny 20. Miss
Veda Garlic entertained the
gucits with musical selections
and Mrs. Edith Schuartz and
Mrs. Graco Blnlr with vocal
solos, occompnnied by MrB.
A complete line of Ford parts
in stock nt the St. Johns Garngc.
Chilly Underwear for Men
nnd Boys $1.25 up. ROGERS.
For Sale Baby carriage, good
as new. Call E. Burr strcot,
St. Johns.
WORK PANTS 2.75 up.
Young couple umnloycd want
to rent small furnished house or
apartment. Phono Columbia 10.
Workablo NeckticB 25c. ROG
ERS. Lost Breast pin. between St.
Johns business district and
Smithlnvcnue. Finder leavo at
this o'fico; reward.
Boys Elk Hide Shoes. ROG
ERS. While they hist, five prong
cultivator, special priced $1.00
each. See window display.
St. Johns Hardware (Jo.
Children's Barefoot SAN-
Fifteenth Anniversary
June 5,1905, the Peninsula Bank of St. Johns
opened its doors for the first time.
Its capital stock on opening was
The population of St. Johns at
that time was around 1,000.
The few industries on the Penin
sula maintained a monthly payroll
of perhaps $50,000.
June 5, 1920. The population of that part of
Portland which was St. Johns is
about 10,000.
The combined monthly payroll of
industries in the district is around
The Peninsula Notional Bank of
Portland now has Capital stock,
$200,000; surplus and undivided
profits 550,000; deposits $1,700,000;
total resources $2,200,000.
Wanted Board and room with
good respectable iirinto family,
by man with ihe Emergency
Fleet Corporation: not too far
which had fr0l A,,BWer A'
collected at tho bottom of tho cnro l,UH ou,aj'
silo on tho Rcirs farm ntGlonvlow Save timo in tho garden. Uso
Illinois: two ducks chased all a Hall Wheel Cultivator, with five
tho other fowls off tho farm, tools, $5.75. See window dis
altackod a number of Glcnview play. St. Johns Hardware Co.
residents nnd bit n policeman on rni nupcq maps ci pnn
i "I'M, oiushti inn u
e . .1.-.. ...... ..I... i -lJ.
num. inuy I'luwii'ij
Member Federal Reserve System
Sieer Mo OVP oOh
r '
the shins.
back to tho
under a stove nnd died of duck
For Sale at a bargain Fivo
delirium tremens. Their gizzards room house, gas and electricity,
have been sent to a chemist for
A very pretty wedding took
place at tho close of the meeting
in tho Christian church Thurs
day evoning, when Mr. Dorsey
Hill und Miss Louise Lott wcro
united in tho holy bonds of
matrimony by Dr. H.F. Jones in
tho presence of the congregation.
Tho beautiful ring service was
used. It was a pleasant surprise
to the congregation as well as to
the mony friends of tho young
couple. The bride is tho (laugh
ter or Mr. and Mrs. li, U. Lott,
nnd the groom spent many years
in St. Johns. Both have num
erous friends who wish them un
bounded happiness nnd pros
perity. They will make their
home in Portlund.
Children'! Stockings 45c and
50c. ROGERS.
Patronize tho Review advertisers.
garden already planted, plenty
of fruit and flowers. Will be
sold at less than cost. If taken
in ten dnys will tako $3500
terms. See owner at U22 E.
Burlington streot. Phone Col
umbia 112.
Mens Dross HAT ?2.50, $3.00.
lor bale uootl bany carriage.
Call D2U N. Ivanhoe.
Mechanical Drafting
Rales by Hour or Contract
023 South Decatur
l'lione Columbia 108
9 i 9 it i iy v i v ?
m Mm mmm
You will find that our Hues of Mdse. are becoming more broken and
as this is the case, we cut the prices accordingly to move them, which
gives a continued hue of bargains. Anyone wishing to buy luige (Minn
tities I will give the wholesale prices. Iater will offer the fixtures for
sale, as I expect to retire from business after over 33 years.
A tfuv lliu'unliis Muntluuvtl Iloluw ttt Coso Out
3000 yards Hmhroidery anil Insertion, at old wholesale price 3Jc, Ojc. 9c
100 1'Ieeced L'nimi Suits f2.26 to 2.T6 value, now at $2.00
1 lot ChiMron't. Oingham Dreisus....,, 1.21 value, now at .86
Men's Hats $2.00, 3.00, 8.80 to 6.00
Men's Overalls 2.6U. 2.76, 3.00 pair
Ladies' Pelt Slippers , 1.26 value, now at .06
1 lot of Indies' Middy Mouse 2.60 value, now at 1.60
All 4 fold Yarn ...worth 41$e wholesale, now at .36
Adjustable Kiddie Car 3.0Q value, now ut 2 26
Ladies' I'ateut Leather Slippers (.00 value, now at 2.06
Mi stirs School Shoes , 4.00 value, now at 3.46
Men's Shoes 7.60 value, now ut 6.60
Men's Shoes COO value, now at 4.H6
Men's Shoes , 6,60 value, now ut 4 36
1 lot of Niehoif-Shoes , 7.60 value, now at 0 60
' NiekoiT Shoes 0.80 value, now at 4 ;
Men's Heavy Wool Shirts, f 1.60 value, now at fli.M
Heavy Knitting Yarn 1.16 value, now at .H6
Saxony Yarn , . , , 86 value, now at .26
Men's Aquapolle Pant 4.00 value, now at 3.60
Men's Heavy Socks .SO value, now at .26
Men's Heavy Socles ,,,..... .40 value, now at .36
Meu's Heavy Socks , CO value, now at .45
Men's Cotton Socks 16c to 60c
Heavy Coat Sweaters , 1.60 valuu, now at 1.16
Heavy Oloves 2.28 valutr, now at 1.60
Heavy Comforters 6iX value, now at 3.76
Good II room ,60
Mens I)re I'anU 8.S6 to 8.26
Iloy's Summer Under Drawers and Shirts 46c
Columbia and Silko Crochet Thread 12ic
1 Lot Dress 1'asteners, 4 Doz, 'Oc value 26c
Men's Cotton Oloves, per pair 16c, 20c, 26c
Ely's Cash Store
113 W. Burlington Street
. y ' ii
St. Johns Hardware Co.
The Winchester Store
Phone Columbia 35 i
Cloverland Creamery
Pasteurized Milk and Cream
Fresh Buttermilk Daily
Phone Columbia 659
We carry a full line of Edison Blue
Records and Disk Records to play on all
machines, also full line of Phonograph
. The STtradivara Shop
202 N. Jersey St.
St. Johns Auto Transit
For Hire Cars. Any Place any Time.
Iiigliway and Party Trips Careful Drivers.
Phone Columbia 308, between 7 A. Al. and 10 P. Al,