St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, May 28, 1920, Image 4

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    Substitute flour may have gone
out of vogue since the war, but
the spud product is still holding
its own at Gresham, whore the
Northwest Potato Starch & Mill
ing Company is converting them
into potato flour. It is now
running its maxium capacity.
J. G. Griffith, inventor of the
process, expects to lino up
cnouch ncroatreto keen thenlant
in operation aftor mid-summer
and will preparo to increaso its
nrodtiction. The factory is us
ing culls, thus doing away with
n big waste.
nwnrn I
Children cry for ROGERS
I r
To Our Customers fi
f. it
Mechanical Drafting
Rates by Hour or Contract
023 South Decatur
Phone Columbia 108
Monday, May 31st, being ob
served as Memorial Day, this store
will be closed all day. Buy your
groceries Saturday to last over
Monday. Thanking you for your
Successor to Harry Laird
Leonard Ear Oil
Relieves Deafness, Slops Head Noises
It is not put in thccniH, liiit is "Rubbed
in Dnck of lints" mid "Inserted in the Nos
trils." Huh limlti Successful Sale since l'J07
1'orsnlc In SI. John, Orci(OU, by St. John I'lmriniwy. IOC N. Jersey St,
n.r .1 ............. .. in i. i... ii. ..i .i. i.i '
i iuwi vi uiiL-pn mil iik igiYi'ii jvii iiy iiiu mnivc iuhK1""
This Signature on Yellow
Dox and en Bottle
United States Easily First In Metals
of Greatest Importance to tho
World's Industries.
This country of ours tmwuxri more
mliicnil wenlth tlinn miy otlior tuition
though Orent llillnln (Including wlmi
ulic controlH) Is n close vncond.
Wo lend the world wllli !t" per rent
of nil tlio Iron and 35 per cent of nil
tho eonl4 Those, of cniirxu, nro nm-l
linporlniit. Wo own or control 72 per
cent of till tlio patrolenm.
Copper Is tlio trout Atnorlcnn iii'l d
Wo produce CO per cent of the en' re
wnrld'H yield of Hint liivnlilidile Mill-
iitnncp. Of lend wo product) 111 per
cent nno" of stlne .12 per rent.
MWiiini Is nwny nueiitl of lis where
cold Is concerned. Wo produce only 2'l
per cent .of this preclou Huff, where
ns Orent llrlttdn's output ninounts to
UN per cent.
On tlio oilier Imnd, we clnltn f2 per
cent of thi mJIvui Die Mexlenn out
put lielnu' miiVir our coinmerelnl f ti
Irol mill It Is iiclurdly In tin po.. i of
our Kovcrnincnt to innlte tint tnnrkei
prlco tif tlio wlilto nietnl wlmtover t'n-
cle Sum clmnxe.
Of tlio world's sulphur wo produce
OS per cent Mut we hnve no tin
worth nientlonlnn (n serious inUrm--Itnie)
und tittle iintnsh, Now, ho-
ever, tho poliiNh wipply Is m loiiit'-r
rontrolled hy (tertniiny, territory re
cently rellntiilshed to Kroneo rontnln
Iiir n Inrp) purt of the th-po- Its of thnt
mineral inlt. t'hllndelphlii I.cdper
Memorial Day
This'storc will be closed ull day Mou
day, May 31i to observe Memorial Day.
Community Club Meeting
The Udlcs of tho Methodist Church have
signified n willingness to serve dinner for The
Community Cluh nt our tioxt meeting Tuesday,
June 1st, in their Chinch Uasctuent at 0:30.
The cost will be seventy-five cents per plntc.
It has been decided to meet at their invita
tion Instead of going to the High School as
decided at the last Cluh meeting.
Closing Notice
Beginning June 9th our store will close
on each Wednesday during the summer
at noon. This is being done in defercnci
to our help aud ourselves and is follow
ing the lead of the local Industries in
giving the help half day each week.
Our Drv Goods Dcnartmcnl has stocked rtinnv sheer, thin material nrrfnrtttr cultnblo far Ptna Dmt nr rim,!,. .t... n..-
W store is your store and wc invite you to examine and price what wc have before or after you have done so over town. We arc assured
ii win oc to your auvamngc to ue:u witn us. you win nnu everyunng trom Ribbons to Silk Underwear.
; l'illhAr New Vork City
Pioneer in St. Johns
Has NOT Moved
But Will Continue in Business at the Old Stand
Gas, Oils, Supplies, Stomo mid Repairs
107 Fessenden Street Near Jersey
Portland Manufacturing Co.
Panels, Berry Boxes, Coffee Drums, Ex
celsior Grape Boxes, Egg Case Stock,
aud all kinds of Veneer
I Sunset Cash Grocery
111 Philadelphia Street
Phono Columbia IMS
We honestly think our store merits this title. We have
done our bet to justify it, ntul we are constantly trying
to improve.
Our special sale on Holgor's Golden Gate Coffee was n
grand success, mid we again ofler for Saturday:
Golden Gate Coffee, 1 lb. can 55c
Koyal Club Coffee, 1 lb. out r5c
Ud ward's Dependable Coffee, 1 Ib.'enu 55c
Sunset Special Coffee, 35c lb., 8 for $1,00
Experiment!) Have Gliown, It Is
Claimed, Durability of This Old
and Inexpensive Material.
Adoho, tho oldest Itnown hiilldlne
miiteiliil In southern Ciitlfnrnln, Is iln--for
ii revival, necordliiK to .Itdin W.
C'luird, Hniitu itnrluirn urthlle'l. He
HHsertM t lint If properly prepared this
unlive material can he titx-d to t ry
eoiislderahly cut the cost of hulldliiK'.
"Kxprliueiits," nays Mr. Chard,
"have hhowii that adohe Is the least
nffeetetl hy cliutiKeH of teiiiperiiture
niiiong nil the Iniltdlnc materials. Ten Is
show that ndolm hrletts rejiNter no
more than six degrees difference he
tweeii I'cliruiiry cold and extreme Hep
temher heat. As a hulldlug material It
Is fur htriuiuor tlinn Is gunernlly Mip
posed, und devtdops a ("impressive
strength as htgh as 1(H) pounds to the
hipinro liii'h.
"The proper plaster protection will
Insure an udohu wall iittiilnut delerloria
tlon. Hard cement plaster Ihorotmh
ly uueliDretl Into the walls mid treat-
etl with an ull-mliiernl wnter-proollng
compound u III give ndtihu walls great
"Adobe Is wet soil mixed with
straw, cHst Into mold of required w
mid left to dry In tbu nun, As u Imild
Iiik maturlal ndoho Is vvcrlnsUng.
soiiudiroof, iinneoiiducllve mul lire
proof, al ways of minimi temperNture,
mid Is cool In summer and warm In
winter." Los AimeltM Times,
Boy's Suits
Never during the II. C. h,
period have wc marked our cloth
ing up with the firm intention
that wc would have to mark it -down
twenty per cent to trfovc it.
Our boy's Suits arc at all times
and always have been priced at n
closer margin of profit than the
City stocks. Wc know; it is easy
for us to compare our lines aud
prices with those stores; just ns
easy as for you to do f.o. Our
only difficulty is in convincing
you of what arc plain facts.
Your boy may have n pront
Incut part in the School closing
activities; he should be well dress
cdjniul he tuny he nt your door.
Time's Chanaea In Dlsbee,
lllnhtie, Arlx., where Is now heard
the honk of the modern niitomohlle,
the licit of wrist watches and the wa'.l
of sill; hose of all colors extending
over tho tops of $10 shoes, was entire
ly different til. visirs ago, remlulsees a
writer In tho Ilovlew of ItlstKto, Tlien
tho hard-working miner hud to si rug
gle for hours to get a ami nt a poker
table nr a "IihiI; In" nt m furo Kme,
Main street was mice one of the live
liest thorouKhfiiroti In the western
hemisphere. Miliums, glided slid other
wise, having been the honored tmiiie3
I enteriirUeti which lined Uith side of
tho street. If nioboily had prtHilcted
Hint a street railway would at some
future time run through tho cuiijer of
.Main street, or that It would wine
I day liciHime as dry and arid h tlw
.Sahara and Hold deserts, he would ha
tuedlately have heeu taUou hefoie a
lunacy comuilMiluu.
The clean cool, comfortnhle white
ICeds for Ml, Woiiiuii mid Child
ren, '
SaA 5 1 -IltffKl I
1 ! i'lr
r NwrtRorontERa
I- 1 i.
Slen's Suits
Nifty., new models of Men's
Suits in Serges and Worsteds and
no excessive "mark ups."
While the stock is not extens
ive, it is ample.
The patterns comprise Greys,
Drowns aud Dluc.
Kcds nro xulnr with Men mid
Hoys, too, for evening and Sunday
Milk is due for a further ndvnncc.
Carnation and Borden's Milk, tall, 2 cans for 25c, case $5.75
Hardwood Milk, tall, 0 cans for 70c, case 5 50
Caroline Milk, tall, 8 cans 85c, case .5.80
CROWN FI.OUR, limited, sack .'. ". .'. . ."$8.55
lfUI!IrCUJAM CIIKKSK. w lb 85c
Canned Goods at I.ow Prices:
Shnsta Teas, 15c can, G for. . , , 85c
Iowa Corn, 18c can, 0 for $1,05
Solid Pack Tomatoes, 10c can, (5 for. . . . , 50o
Standard Tomatoes 2 for 25c, b for , ,75c
liooth's Sardines 19c can, 3 for , , , , . .55c
American Sardines, 3 for, , 25c
Council Deviled Meat , 5 for ,, tJ t, . , ., , , . . , , , 25c
Crystal White Soap, 10 bars for ... . .", . . . t7. ". . . . . .72c
Dob White Soap, 10 bars for t G5o
Sunny Monday Soap, 10 bars for 70c
Cream Oil Toilet Soap, 3 for. 25c
Dutch Cleanser, per can , i,. , '. T, , 10c
Too Much Ceremony,
The Imttullou was nn-llai: Imtldo the
road toward the end of Its lil mlle hike.
After the weary marchers had en)
their pucka and nipped fmui their near
ly empty canteens, they watched dis
piritedly the ,enen:etle setting-up ex
ercises bollix Kme Ihrouch hy a straup
outfit In a neu by Held.
"What's tlait there khukT' Imiulrod
Private Hanks of Oklahoma without
"Infantry candidates' school," r-
piled tho corporal.
"Candidates! infantry candidates I"
m plotted Hunks. "My good kos.1i I Do
you have to make application aud be
Initiated to get Into this luoai noun-
duys7" The Home Sector.
Kellogg's Dran, packet ,, 20c
Ralston bran, packet 18c
Wheat Hearts No. 4, packet !s8c
Post Toasties, 2 for , o5c
Kellogg's Corn Plakes, 2 for !..!!!!!!!!! 25c
Kellogg's Krumbles, 2 for , 25c
Ghr. Grouud Chocolate, lb , , , ,,,.f,, .loc
" " " 8 ibs :.$ii0
Fostum Cereal, packet t 20c
x insi, targe .jgc
Knticy Italian Prunus, 20c lb, 5 for 95c
X Kaucy White aud Black V igs 18c lb, 2 for . , 35c
Sculptors In the Doldrums.
According t Aiuerlean Art .Vows,
the sculptoi-j complain that there Is lit
tle work at present tu their line of on-
deliver, and even the loadiiw men aro
"waiting." The eointuoiuointlve war
statues und patriotic groups that were
to decorate cities, towns and ceme
teries have not thus far materialised.
The unsettled conditions uf tho coun
try, they contend, which aro holdlne
up building, uro accountable for tho
present "doldrums."
No Wonder He's Crazy.
This poor follow Is In n terrible
condition." Mild tho visitor.
"Yos," replied the asylum attendant.
"He's the most vlolout (Kittout wo have
In this ward."
"What caused htm to lose hU
"He tried to tlgiiro out some wny
to IwruesM iko energy that was goliig
to Mia in ttuistj iirlora.Kr-aiIrnliiB.
ham AgivlleroloV '
Wash Materials
Common sense teaches us to handle
only wash materials that nre sub
stantial aud permanent in color and
fabric. Our store has sold yards and
yards of Dcvoushircs, Ginghams,
Percales and Ripplctcs and uever a
single solitary complaint do we hear.
When we buy aprons or house
dresses it is our firm endeavor to deal
with those houses who give us sub
stantial merchandise. The sales we
make 011 these garments convinces us
wc have what is right.
Lisle Hosiery has been scarce in the
better grades ns it has been popular
because of the extremely high price of
Silk Hose. We are particularly fortu
nate of having a good stock of these in
all sizes for all people. The Misses
styles are from 5Qf to 75 per pair;
Ladies 75to$1.25.
L. E. ROSE, Mgr. Men's Dept.
216 North Jersey St.
Autlioriml Ford Service Sta
tion. Only cenuiue . Ford
parts used.
Paint Your House Now
Our Paints are good and prices
right. We have your kind..
Tires, lubes nnd accessor
Woo'.ley Bros.
I'hviK- Columbia C90.
J. O, ChamKrs Mrs. II. U. Lowry
Funeral Directors
KillingswortU Avenue
Telephones: Woodlawu SS0G C 1133
Mr. Chauibeis is the only O. A. R.
undertaker iu the city of Portland.
Personal attention and supervision
given to arrsugeuieuts.
Paint your automobile now before
the dust comes.
Buy your' Lawn Hose and Sprink
lers Qf us now at last 'years prices
while they last.'
Our Building Material prices are
I KnigMs and Ladies of Security
! Or. Johns fniinrll milK
RtguLf btulu.n nitcltoK itl nl j4 UoniUy.
Open rarctlnii. to lb public ml rocmUts tad
mlth lguily.. VMtort nil raciabcf cor
dUlly Invited (a itlcnd l tUcr 11.11.
Laurel Lodge, 1, 0, 0, F,
rto, ibo, at. Johns. Oregon
Meets each Monday cveniuK in Oddl'el-
lows hall at 7:3o. A cordial welcome to
all visiting brothers,
C V. Dahl. N. O, Crl Scckmtn. V. O.
Joe KoUlU. Krc. Ikc a. W. Nottot, Via. Ike
.11. V. CUrk.TrcM.
SI, Johns Gamp No. 7546 -
Modern Woodmen of America.
We heartily solicit the attendance of
our members at our regular meetings
every 2d and 4tu Thursday evening.
G, W, Muhtu, Irvln Grouiachey, Clerks
consul, yiu if. bymcu.
kwciits or pvntws
Meets every Friday night at
7:30 o'clock In BICKNBR
Hall. Visitors always we-
come. .
Dr. N. E. McAlister
Jflkc Phone CvlutuhU 251
-toldeucc Phouc aiSCo
St. Johns, Portland; Oregon
JJrtas In your Job 'prtntlos walls
yea think of It. Doa't wait ' i
Come and see us r '
Home Mercantile Co.
209 West Burlington Street
E. W. Hood
Coiisultini' Member ot the American
Technical Society,
Builder of Automatic Machines
Practical, expert advice itlven 011 anr-
tliiu; mechanical. H27 9ott It. Pm14m4
S Barber Shop S
108 N. Jersey St.
Woodmen Of the World
St. Johns Camp 773
Meet every Thursday evening in
I. O. O. FHall, Vavitt and Jersey
streets. Visitors always welcome.
N. J. Simmon., C C; O, U, WorthlDgton.Cltrk.
A. C srs A. M.
Meets the first aud third
Wedacsday of each taoatlt
ia Masoaic Uall. Vkl
tors vrelcoeae.
A.R. Davis, W. M.
A. W. Davis. Secretary,
Minerva CfcapUr No. I059 0. E. S.
Meets everv aecnnit ami
fourth IVesday of each
mouth ia Masonic Hall.
Visitors welcome.
Catherine K. Stephen.. W. U
Hcuie V, Foit. Sec
m; S. Priccrton strert
United Artisans
Wlllumbki Assembly No. 300'
r . m . n
- everj iucsuay ai o r. M.
Joe Roberta, M. A.
RobccW, Sk' Pro Tm.