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With the filing of articles of
incorporation nt tho office of
the secretary of state at Salem,
the first definite step has been
taken in the organization of tho
Portland Vegetable Oil Mills
company, which is to establish
an industry that will require
about 2000 tonB a month of copra.
The authorized capital is $1,000,
000, divided into shares of the
par value of $100 each. More
than half of tho stock has been
subscribed, chiefly by business
men who have appraised tho
valuo of tho enterprise in develop
ment of tho traffic of tho port.
Tho remainder of tho capital
stock Will be quickly absorbed,
in tho opinion of those familiar
with tho industry. Tho loca
tion of tho now plant will bo on
a tract of land containing nino
acres, located at Linnton, and
with a water front of 400 feet.
It ia-located between tho rail
road tracks and water front, with
every advantage for tho economic
handling of cargo and products.
The plans contemplate the cofjKl
Btruction oi a rciniorceci concrete
bulkhead and modern dock witlv
a reinforced concoreto buildln
of thfl most permanent character
of construction. Tho estimated
investment w
II bo. $260,000 in
buildings and $200,000 in mnch-
in cry. tho can
Italization nrovid
ing ample fund
Is lot operation in
tho commodities from which oil
is obtained and involving con
siderable investment at'timea in
order to accumulate tho supply
in tho far islands of tho Indian
ocean and South Bias and in;
otner section oi tno Antipodes.
Installation of now mnchinory
and equipment, which has just
boon completed, makes tho plant
of tho Peninsula Iron works ono
of tho most complcto foundries
and machine shops in tho North
west. The improvmcnts incluao
tho installation of n now two-ton
electric furnace, as well as thrco
largo new transformers. Two
jarring machines lmvo recently
boon installed in tho foundry to
savo hand work in making
moulds. Tho machine shop is
thoroughly equipped, tho plant
containing several pieces of
special machinery. One of tho
lathes handles work up to forty
two inches by thirty-one feet in
dimensions. Another is nearly
as largo, and thero aro sovon of
smaller sizes. A twenty-four
inch Universal milling machine;
also is provided for special work.
A five-ton traveling crano is
iionil In .tA.itna lift linatri, I
mntni-tol frnm flin fnlin,! in
tho machino shop. Tho crano
is electrically driven. A pattern
shop is operated in connection
with tho business.
Tl c dint1
occupies an entire block. From
.eight to 100 men aro employed
by tho tho company, tho payroll
running about $150,000 annually.
A T n MMrtii I to 9a 1 1 rtM nn.l
general manager: P. Sinnrock"
is vice-president; M. R. Mor
row, secretary; Timothy O'Brien
is superintendent. Telogram,
The Ladies Aid of tho Congre
gational church and a large
number of their friends met ut
tho homo of Mrs, Cado on 1010
South Willamette boulevard on
Wednesday afternoon of last
week. Tho occasion was a sil
ver tea which was tastefully
served by several of tho mem
bers. Several instrumental sel
ections on tho piano wero ren
dered by Miss Veda Carlie, solos
by Mrs. Edith Schuartz and Mrs.
Grace Blair, with Mrs. Bailey at
the piano. Every ono present
had a very enjoyable aftornoon.
:swmi School of Improved
Music Study
Announces that she has received from Carrie Louise Dunning a
diploma as an exponent of the Dunning System of Im
proved Music Study, which includes the Faelten prin
ciples concentration and the Leschstzky Technic.
Formed into classes pupils are taught by musical characters and
rhythm sticks. An Ingeniously constructed keyboard with grand
staff attached, simplifies notation by uniting these two important
Each difficulty is presented in such a thorough manner that
a child of ten or twelve years can master transposition, scale
building, melody writing by dictation, the Dominant Seventh
and Modulation. The written work teaches the student that music,
as a language, they must learn to write, as well as interpret.
The muscles of fingers, wrists and arfns are strengthened by
table technic; ear training' and sight reading forms apart of every
'Mrs. Rice will be glad to show you BY APPOINTMENT
the especially made apparatus for teaching this system which in
cludes one class lesson and one private lesson each week, making
, a far more economical way of acquiring a musical education.
Classes Now Being Formed
i Studio 412 S. Edtaon, cor. Richmond Phone Col.389
A growth of 51,074 residents
for Portland has been experienced
in tho last 10 years, according
to census ngures just announced,
which place tho city's popula
tion at 258,288. This means an
increase of 24.G per cent. Pract
ically all of its growth has
been since 1845, when it was
first recognized as a town. Kb
area then composed 16 cityblocks.
One year later tho city was en
larged and covered ono square
mile of territory. But today Port
laud includes G6 Enuaro miles.
The first census ever taken here
was in 1850, when 821 persons
wero counted. Tho city grow
so rapidly that in 1910. GO venra
later, its official census was
given aB 207,214 people and Port
land was then ranked as tho
twenty-oiirhth city in tho United
States. Ten years after the first
constiH was taken the city had
, . from V . - tiiHrt 1'mm
r ii i. u ".! .71 nil uit rHt"'
; p. ri ,-. fen .-m:b l.V. r '
the lSVd c mils jliewH Portlur.d
hurt 82U
i0 urtl TJC'. so tbf?i -:i
t 'lufcor Hiui aoilth MU'JfittiSi
i-ftn e a part of thu citt'.-sPitii!i
v.n takn to annex St. Johns
,f - 'ills ,V '0 duruv tb'u per-
I If
'Hi iiruipriu,H'
Pl..'n T i o i
ln8t named districts
wero nddod
to Portland in 1915. in 1918 a
small area between St. Johns and
Portland was nnnexed to tho
fast growing metropolis. East
morcionu ami ucrkeloy were
brought within tho city limits
during the 1918-1920 period.
In thoprcsenco of a largo com
pany of friends and relatives as
sembled at tho Evangelical
church, tho wedding of Faith
Isabello Greene, only daughter
or Mr. ana Mrs. w.i' urccne,
ana rcrcy uarrotc smitn was
solemnized at 3 p. m. Sunday,
May lu. Edith urccne, 4 year
old cousin of tho brido, carried
tho ring upon a lily and Dora
Layton and Hazel Grceno atton
ded the brido. Cecil Greeno and
Orlo Young attended tho groom.
Tho Rov. A. P. Layton of Cor-
valliB, former paitor of tho
church, read tho ring cermony
The bridorwos given in marriago
by her father. Mr. and Mrs.
Oy Hi
Sllll til arO botll
well known on
tho Peninsula. Mrs. Smith came
horo two years ago from Denver.
She 1b a graduate of Denver
Bch001 nn( nlso of Bohnko
Walker Business college. Mr.
Smith is tho son of Captain and
Mrs. F. E. Smith and was born
and reared on tho Peninsula.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith will reside
A thrco mill tax measuro to
provido funds for tho construc
tion of permanent school build
ings in Portland will bo submit
ted to tho votora in the Portland
school district at the annual
school election next month.
There is great need, it is argued
by tho school directors, for permanent-
school buildings. Tho
present buildings aro filled to
overflowing and thousands of
pupils are being housed in tem
poral y structures. A three-mill
tax for two or three years will
provide funds, it is said, suf
ficient to build several large
buildings which are most badly
needed. Astract.
1 nroine, sti' jnrrcaao oi i itwiiv
l&?5ovor Lhe p.vUmi, count. 'Ami taking
bast ro.tiai;'! ..i AWlna WSt-W fljiy,
annexed to vr, city . j.atwomn. tlu
At eight, while 1 am still in bed,
I take a tablet for the head,
At nine a doso of Aspirgin,
At ten my headache medicine.
I At eleven gnrglo at tho sink
With stuff that tastes like prin
ters' ink:
At twelve through rubber tubes
and glass
I breathe hot Eucalyptus gas.
At one I take a thingumgig
With which I push and poke
and dig
Until 1 reach a tender spot
And wonder will I sneeze, or not7
At two I press Eau-doCoIogno
On cotton 'gainst the nasnl bona,
Then until thrco I spray cocaine
l'ooasooff tho resulting pain:
At tour it b unenoiorm ior mo
In moro than moderate quantity,
At five I nearly, molt away,
But I uso Bad renal in to star;
At bIx I sweat, at seven freeze,
At eight I've only strength to
Doctor l)v i, i il mo
Tnugh kuening all fr.H air
tli ruo eiiuuio menla
drum th-.t I can
i yoo ioti -
this buastly
Plain are now under for
thu orn :tion of n n".- kicking
plant for the Storrett rm'kinir
impHny, nccoruing to tiM.'Hincc
niinf. niHt nmiln liv .1 I.. S
1, . I HUll,
head of tho company.
plant is to bo located in tho North
Portlnnd industrial district, ad
joining tho Portland Union Stock
yurds company's property. An
option hns been held on the pro
perty for some time and Mr.
Stcrrctt has finally decided to
locato the plant there. Accord
ing to Mr. Storrett tho cost of
tho building to bo occupied by
the company will bo something
in the neighborhood of $100,000,
including tho cost of spccinl
equipment for refrigeration pur
poses. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fnnncll.
of 814 Oswego street aro being
folicitntcd upon tho birth of a
daughter Sundny.
$25.00, $28.50,
Underwear, Hats and Caps
I Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves ii
Good Stuff at the Right Price
Bank of ComiMfce Building ' ST. JOHNS Opn Eveninp
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
THOS. GRICE, Manager
208 North Jersey Street
Office, Columbia 527 PHONES-- Residence, Columbia 299
This is not a branch of any city undertaker's
Safe Deposit Boxes
Protect your bonds and valuable papers by reutiug a safe de
posit box. The annual rental is surprisingly small less than lc
per day. We have a limited number of vacant boxes. Phone
your reservation.
-This is a good time to check up on youc fire insurance. Have
you increased your fire insurance to keep pace with cost of re
placements? We. will be pleased to quote you rates and explain
forms that will give you tie broadest covering at lowest cost.
Wo "Wrlto All L.ino oi Iimiiriinoo
I 108 South Jersey St.
The Oregon Gropo Club was
royally entertained at tho homo
of Mrs. Annie MncGrezor. 1404
Mears street, on Wednesday. I
A f ino chickon dinner was served
nt 1 o'clock, by a very competent
rnmmlttoo. and n lollv crood timo
nninvnri liv nil. nflpr whlrh thn
retrnV Club meeting was held.
nml anvnrnl nnw nnmna nrirltrl fn
the membership list, inoso pre
sent were Mcsdumes Armstrong,
Brice, Boyd, Benm, Bigler, Ber
ry, Bell, Costello, Cormany, Earl,
Frmitz, Gage, Haines, Muhm,
MacGregor, Munden, Mnrchand,
! Killcbrew. Murphy, Miller, Pal
mer. Russell, Rowekamp, Teel-
ing, Thomas, Weimer, Hotelier,
rum, miSHua uuiuuuu mukuiuKui,
Vivian Muhm, Doris Earl, Ethel
Bigler, Mary Jane Gage, Mar
jorie Munden, Joan Munden,
Master liornnra Murphy, Mcrio
Berry. John Rowekamp and
Prnnkio Costello. The Club wil
hold tho next meeting at the
homo of Mrs. Weimer, 003 East
Burlington street.
Saturday afternoon May 20th
tho children of the St. Johns
Schools aro going to present a
nngennt under the auspices ot
tho St. Johns Library. Tho
nnurennt will Btnrt from tho lib
rary nt two p. m. and pnrndo
down Jersey street returning to
the brnry whero scenes from
books, drills, and a Maypole
dance will bo given on tho lib
rarv Inwn. weuther permitting
Tho Pled Piuer will lead tho pro
cession followed by Mother Gooao
and all her children. Sunbonnet
Babies and Overall Boys, Twins
from all tho different nations
Buffalo BBIII, Tom Sawyer. Joan
of Arc. Queen E zabeth anc
her train, and mnny many other
characters from books, dear lo
tho hearts of children. About
ono hundred children will take
part. Saturday p. m. 2 o'clock.
May 20th. Remember the dato
Wanted Capable lady or gen
tlomnn to soli high grndo pro
ducts direct from manufacturer
to consumer. Permanent, picas
ant work with good pny for right
parly. Givo address unu toio-
I'liuuu illinium in
enro Review office.
$30.00, $42.50
Phone Columbia 161
The St. Johns Lumber Co. I
ball team won from Nevvberg
Sundny afternoon by a score
11 to 4, the gamo taking placo
at Newberg. Tho result of this
Ignme places tho locals and tho
Eastern & Western club tie for
first place wit i a percentage o
1 1000 each. These two clubs wil
tussle for first honors nt Collim
uta rarx next Sunday ueginmng
at tho noon hour, and undoubted
ly it will bo n warmly contestct
struggle A star feature of tho
cranio nt Newbenr wna Phil Flet
chnr'a homo run in tho ninth
with tho bases filled. Phil is tho
center fielder for tho locals. Kay
urouso again pitched gilt edged
ball, striking out ten nion nnu
allowing only thrco hits. Tho
bnttory for Nowberg was Carson.
Padden and Vcstilo; for the
locals Urouso and Smith. Tho
standing of tho other clubs in
tho League: Newberg GG0, Port
land Lumber Co. 333, and the
Poninnulu Lumber Co. and Head
quarters linvo not yet won i
Tno Sunshine Club gnvo a birth
day nnd fnrewoll party at tho
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Sconso
on Burr street Friday evening.
May zist. ilio homo was benuti
fully decorated for thu occasion.
Tho evening wns token op with
music nnd games. Ico cream,
enko and punch wns served. Thu
farewell was in honor of Mrs.
Hoy McWndo who expects to soon
leave for Oakland, Cal.. and tho
birthdays of Mrs. W. A. Sconso
and Mrs. S. Hcnmcr wore honor
ed. Members present wero Mr.
nnd Mrs. G. Rosso . Mrs. J. Mc
Donald, Mrs. W. J. Mackcy,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Hcnmer, Mrs.
llynn, Mr. nnd Mrs. McWndo,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hansen, Mr.
and Mrs. II. Poclcrand. Mrs. II.
Shilti. Mrs. C. Cnmnbiill. Mr.
nnd Mrs. S. W. Davis, Mr. and
Airs. bconBc. ilio guests wore
Mr. and Mrs. Orvil GainoB.
Wo understand that most of
tho loading businoss houncs
of St. Johns will close on Wed
nosdny afternoon during tho
months of Juno, July and A.i
giiBt, providing no holidays oc
cur during tho wcok. This will
nfforu tho proprietors nnd nssis
tants an afternoon of recreation
during tho warm summer
months, and tho public will not
bo incommodntod to any oxtcnt
when it gets used to tho chsing.
Cortnlnly tho business men nro
entitled to this period of recrea
tion, as their hours aro so long.
As Monday is a holiday tho
Wednesday aftornoon closing
will not bo inaugurated until
thu following weok.
A visit to tho Dovils Punch
iiowl and a shower behind Mult
nomah Falls woro included in
tho adventures of tho motor
party from St. Qlemcnts Catholic
school Monday honoring the
graduates. Lunch was served
nt Eagle Creek. Included in
tho pnrtv wero Father Hyacinth
and Father Ridonmy, Sister Ger-
adine, biator Joscttn, sister
Lililosa, Mr. nnd Mrs. Mack
Ihringcr nnd daughter Eleanor,
Mrs, Holmes and daughter Mary,
nnd the graduates, Ruth Smith,
Stella Hulisz, Margaret! Poopp.
ing, Margaret Kearney. Clement
Muck. George Dougherty. John
Stedemoier and William Gatton.
Monday will bo observed as
Memorial Day instead of May
30th, which occurs on Sunday.
ho program will bo found
elswhcro in this papor.
Cool Dress CAPS $1.00. UOG-3RS.
rpHE story of the Brunswick Method
A Reproduction is to music lovers
"The Sweetest Story Ever Told." For
is tjie story of true music.
The Brunswick Phonograph once
heard adds another admirer to the
millions. Of its handsome design
and beauty of case finishes there i
highest praise.
Hear The Brunrwick today. See if
you agree that it it the most perfeet.
Currin's for Drugs
Cedar Brook was tho scene of
hnnuy week-end for six of
tho Boy Scouts from Jnmes John.
It is to bo concluded that Mr.
dcorge, their leader, had as
much real Bport as tho boys had.
The last regular Student Body
Assembly of this somestcr was
held Tuosdny morning. Tho ro
tiring officers reviewed tho
semesters work of thoir depart
msnts and tho newly elected of
ficers briefly outlined their pol
icies for tho ensuing term.
Tho officers for tho Student
Body Council of next semester
nro Jack Vinson, pres. ; Romayno
Brand. Public Wcfaro Com.:
Sybil Barrett, Literary Com.;
Adeln do ISggtnan. Music Com.:
Selma Moo, Finance Com.; and
Peter Ermlcr, Athletic Com.
Tito representatives of each
class for clcanup week worked
exceedingly well and fast Wed
nesday morning nnd so trans
formed tho building and grounds
that they looked as though a
thousand good Brownies had been
at work. All honest labor has
its reward, thcrcforo Mr. Plot-
chcr presented oach team with
a hugo cream pio of a delicacy
fairly to melt in their mouths.
Mr. MncMillian. who acted as
supervisor of tho cloon-up stunt,
and Mr. Taylor, who acted as
judge, wore also rewarded.
On account of unsettled
weather nnd too great expense
tho Hiak Klatawa girls gavo up
their trip to Englo Crook. Later
on they will havo an excursion
of some kind, tho it has not yet
been decided whnt or whore or
when it will bo. Mr. Fletcher
entertained City Supt. Grout
Asst.Supts Whitney nnu Thomas
Principals. Jenkins of Jefferson
Davis of Lincoln; Cleveland of
Benson Tech; Arnold of tho
Girls' Tech.: Ball of Franklin
ticrdan oi Washington; nnu
Elton of Commercial, at n do
icious luncheon prepared by tho
Domestic Scionco J girls, iho
girls transformed tho dining
room into a bower of loveliness
with masses of flowers and a
riot of color every whore.
Many nconlo visited tho Art
Sowing nnd Manual Training
exhibit at tho High School Wed
nesday afternoon. Dainty ro
freslimonts woro served by sov
oral girls from tho Domestic
Scienco Dopartmont.C. A. W.
Let's Fight the High
Cost of New Shoes
lly KettliiK the old ones repaired at the
same old price, In first class shape.
Men s leather hull soles. ,f 1.K0 to 1.76 pr,
.dies " " " 1.10tol.26pr
Men's leather heels , ,COc
ladles' leather heels, Otic
Voting folks half soles from GOc up
All Oak Tan
.adlcs new heels froi 91.00 to 11.25
I'or ONE MONTH commeiicliij: Mny 20
Wednesdays ONLY, wc will moken tcclal
rice on rubber Kd'i Ml"'!
Hcst (irndc, iion skld rubber heols
for men, women and children,. . 35c
Men's rubber half soles...... $1,00 a pair
lAdfeV rubber half soles, . . . , .00c a pair
Alto a out price on everything
All of our work Is ubiolutely fjuuraulcvil
We carry everything In thu shoe line
Wc aicslhocumkcrsof IS years exM.'rlvuce
St. Johns Shoe Shop
201 South Jersey Street
Phoic Columbia 1137
The Only Union Shoe Shop in St. Johns
it Hj
-in rnv
Open Suutkys 2:15 to 11:00.
Mondny ntnl Satunhiys open nt 6:30.
Other ilaj-.i nt 7:00.
Saturday, Mny 20lh
ailSSUUKI," l'arnmount.
Sunday, Mny SOlh
u, w. uritntn presents
A bltf seven net Western picture.
AUo At St. John In "Sltll' AltOV."
A show that will please,
Monday and Tuesday, May lU-Junu 1
lllli RIGHT
OI' WAY," Metro,
blc Hand" No. 8.
Also "Iiivlsl-
Wednesday, tunc 2
TO OUT," Paramount. A Rood one.
Thursday and l'rldny, June 3 nnd i
III "PINTO." The twit she has
made si ncc'Mlclccy.'
Saturday, June Gth
Sunday, June Ctlt
1UN1) Tint DOUR," Aricrutt. An
exceptionally strong picture.
Monday and Tuesday, June 7 nnd 8th
mnruuN uavies ju "Ai'iw,
l'OM.Y." Also "invisible J Unit"
No. I).
Wednesday, June 0th
01' MHS," Universal.
Thursday mid l'rlday, tunc 10 and 11
A 111k KKX IIHACII Special,
A story of Alaska. You have read
It, sec it. This picture was shown
over town at 60c, but wc oiler It to
you at our regular admission prices.
Vegetable Plants
Cut Flowers
Floral Designs
Beckett's Greenhouses
814 nnd 816 North
Kellogg Street
Phoic Cslombli 401
Willamette Blvd.
1270 Willamette Blvd.
Special enro given to
Maternity Cases.
Prices reasonable.
Call Woodlawn 2I50
A. M. Warner
Phone Columbia 010.
Office 208 South Jersey.
Come Right Along
f you are in need of hard
ware and are narticular
about quality as well as cost.
You will find right hero
hardware that will riivpIv
meet your views in both re
spects, you can easily pay
moro than we ask without
getting better hardware.
You cannot pay less and get
within a mile of the quality
we supply.
Beyerle & Armstrong
420 N. Jersey St.