St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, May 21, 1920, Image 3

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Violin Instructio;
STUDIO, 215 N. Syracuse Street
Phone Columbia 302
(Licentitatc of the Royal Academy
of Music, London.)
Teacher of Piano
1957 Hodge St. Phone Col. 872
Miss E. Brown
Certificated Pianist and Teacher of Mnilc
European Training
Pupils Prepared for Recitals
Phone Columbia 843
903 Dcpauw Street.Univcrsity Park
Dr. Evart P. Borden
Painless Extraction of Teeth under
Nitrous Oxide Gas
Office Peninsula Dank bldg.
Office phone Col. G25; res. phone Col. 477
Hours 9-12 a. m.; 1:30-5 and 7-8 p. in.
Phone Columbia 379
Res. Columbia 1131
Dr. F. P. Schultze
Physician and Surgeon
Room 4 Peninsula Bank Building
Dr. L. F. Pickens
Office Hours 8 to 12 A. M. 1 to G P. M.
livening 7 to 0
Peninsula Hank Hide.
Onico Phone Columbia 1183
Dr. Samuel A. Mulkey
Office Rooms G, 7 and 8
Hours 0 to 12: 1:30 to 6 nvcnltigs 8 to 0
108)4 5. Jersey St.
Phtne Columbia 930
Kalsomining Painting
Columbia 873
(307 It. Allegheny St.
For Fine Chocolates
ice Cream, Tobacco and Cigars
311 South Jersey Street
Dr. W. J, Gilslrap
Physician and Surgeon
Glasics Accurately Fitted
9:00 to 12 M. OI'l'ICKS
1:30 to 4:30 P. M, Peninsula Sc
7:00 to 8 KM P. M. curlty bldg
Sundays, 9;00 to 10:30 A.M. .
Dr. Herbert F. Jones'
311 North Jersey Streol
Day Phone
Columbia 07
Night Phone
Columbia 690
Davis Barber Shop
S. tf. DAVIS. Proprietor
108 Philadelphia St. Baths 35c
402 N. Jr.y
Abstracts of Title Prepared
Titles Examined
Phone Columbia 255
Real Estate
Thirteen years in the business in St.
Johns. List your property with us. We
make sales. S. C. COOK, 402 N. Jersey.
Poff & O'Neil
Sand and Gravel
Daily Trips to Portland
Pbm Cel. 508 206 N. JERSET ST
Let Me Care for Your Eyes and
Your Eyes Will Care for You
206-7-8 SWCTLANO BtDG.
. AH and Washington Streets
Ifcla 7567 Porttajwf, Orafoa
For County Assessor
No. 149
On the Republican Ballot
Major Welch has served as a val
uing officer of Multnomah Co. in
Administrations of four Assessors,
aud is at present Chief Field Dcpu
ty in the office. He has the in
dorscmcnt of Assessor Reed, who
saya of him:
"Major Welch is nu experienced
and competent valuing officer, is a
man of splendid executive nbiltv and
judgment, is fnmilnr with the fun
damcutals of taxation and the lnws
pertaining to it, and is fully quali
fied to fill the important office of
Loumy Assessor. His service in
the Army iu the Spanish War, in
the Mexican border troubles, and
fn the world war entitles him to the
special consideration of the voters.
Mojor Welch's Slogan: "Long
experience iu the Assessor's office a
sure guarantee of efficient service."
For Congress
Ho has reached a position
of influence and usefulness
that comes only after several
terms of continued service at
Washington. He has made
good. He has a credidable
record. Ho stands for
straight Americanism and is
against class legislation,
Why change? Why replace
him with an unknown man?
.Republican Primaries
May 21
51 on Ballot
Paid Adr.
French Dry Cleaning
And Pressing
We Call JFor nnd Deliver
217 N. Jersey St.
Phone Columbia 951
Uncle Sam Officially RictQ'?' Bea
con Designed to Co ic.rc to
the TlU.ti.c etc.
After wven years thu "tute" Hcht
In the lighthouse on the roof of the
Sennien's church Institute tins obtain
ed olllclnl recognition on the govern
tnent charts of New York horbor. For
i yenrs this green beacon was Ignored.
Later It wns recorded na n "fixed
point." Now It Is marked with a stur
on innps.
Thu lighthouse was erected to com
memornte the heroes of the creates!
tnnrlne disaster In the modern world.
the sinking of tlio steamship Tltnnlc
off Newfoundland April 15, 1012. The
llghthouso wns dedicated on the (lrnt
anniversary or tno disaster ns a me
morial created by public subscription
.and tho work of prominent women.
Thu light called "tuto" by eemnen,
soon was guiding pilots who, as they
"turned tho Hook" 15 miles or more
away, might mnko out tho green nud
brilliant star supplied by thu 7,500
candlu power of three Cooper llewltl
quartz electric lamps 211 feet above
thu city streets. This green light on
the starboard especially provided nn
excellent rnngo for vessels making
their way to tho Unst river.
Tho llghthouso also has carried
slnco November 1, 1013, n time ball
4 feet in diameter which drop each
day at "stnndard mean" noon, when,
as 'Arry remarks to Dill down In "the
slip," "she's Jes 5 cr'cloclc In Lunnln."
Aztec Dignitaries Had Impclng Tombs
In the Little Village of San
Juan Teotlhuacan.
Tho llttlo vtllngo of San Juan
Tcotlhuncnn, which In the Aztec lan
guage meant "City or tho Hods," was
In tho early days of Aztec history the
sceiio of extraordinary religious cere
monies. The two pyramids, ono dedi
cated to tho sun, thu other to the
moon, nro known to hnvo been the.
tombs In which hundreds of tribal
dignitaries were burled nnd rxcnva
tors have exhumed wrought Mono con
taining human bones, obsidian knives,
terra cotta bends with broad faces and
flat noses, fragments of rnru pottery
nnd grcnt numbers of arrowhead. One
of tho most recent and most vnluablo
discoveries was a Jndcllo musk of
somu past monarch, with thu brow
covered with the dlndein known to
early Mexican history. Thu pyramid
to tho sun nnd tho ono to the moon
both contain chambers nnd their sev
eral stories are complete temples In
themselves, but connected by winding
Thu Inscriptions bnvlng Chinese
characteristics were discovered through
excavating In tho ruins of what has
generally been known ns Lit Cludadela
(Tho Citadel), but which, according to
recent reports of Investigators, nro
what is left of n pyramid larger nnd,
pcrhnps, older than the two pyramids
to tho sun nnd tho moon.
Whence Comes Turpentine,
Most peoplo know that turpentine
Is n product of tho pine tree, but nro
not acquainted with tho means by
which It is obtained.
Ilenenth thu bnrk of tho treo nro
rcNln-secretlng cells, whosu output is
meant by nature for healing wounds.
If tho skin of tho treu bo wounded
severely, many more of these cells,
much larger in size, develop and pour
out great quantities of resin.
Hence, to procure thu resin, tho bnrk
Is well scarred with cuts (preferably
made In n series of parallel V's), nnd
n receptnelo is placed beneath to
cntch tho fluid as. it exudes.
Tho fluid Is then distilled and the
volatllo part of It, which passes over,
Is. turpentine. Thu reslduo Is what we
cull "rosin" nnd Is used for many pur
poses, one of Its employments being In
tho manufacture of explosives. Kan
sas City Star.
America's Telephone Industry,
According to thu report by tho bu
reau of tho census showing Uio results
of the census of telephones covering
tho year 1017, thcro are 53.234 separate
telephone systems and lines. These
lines and systems operated 28,827,188
miles of wire in the United States
enough to girdle tho earth at the
equator 1,153 times and connected
11,710,520 telephones and 21,175 public
The messages or "talks" sent over
theso wires aggregated tite stupendous
total of nearly 22.000,000,000, or, to be
exact, 21.845,722,333. Figured on Uio
estimated population of tho country In
1017, this gives 211 messages per an
num to orery man, woman and child.
Heart Expels Bullets.
Dtirlntr the war surgeons did some
extraordinary operations on the heart
An account of tneso ana or uie teen
nlque is given by Sir Charles ISullance,
consulting surgeon of St. Thomas' hos
pital, London, in the Lancet. An In-
terestlnc fact related by him is that
bullets that penetrated tho heart were
often expelled through tne uortu wun
the blood and were found ut remote
parts of the body where they bad
stuck in an artery.
Bump the Bumps" for Eleetrlo Iron.
In one of tho large electric manu
facturing companies which is among
other things engaged in the manufac
ture of electric irons, a specimen Iron
from each hundred or so is taken and
subjected to a severe test by a series
of bumps on a hard surface, rei-roduc-
Ing as far as possible the shocks wnicn
receives while in use on tho irouing
hoard. A well-built iron will stand this
treatment from 10 to 24 hours before
it falls.
Phone Columbia 803
General Contracting
Cement and Brick Work of all
Carpenter Work, Houses Moved
tand Repaired, Basement!) Excavat
ed, etc.
401 N. Ivanhoe btreet
St. Johns, Oregon
Bring in your job pointing.
The Thrco Tax Measures
The following argument has becu
advanced favoring the adoption of
the three measures rclutive to the
street car situation:
The three tux measures thu
the city council litis put on (lie
Jjullot lor tne special election
on May 21, for the purpose of
Inking some of the public bur
dens from thcshoul(lcrs of the
car rulers and distrtbuthm morn
equitably are all short and easy
to understand.
The first one aims to reduce
the present bridge lolls from 3
cents per car lo 1 cent per car,
Ibe difference being made up by
luxation amounting to a levy of
iivc-ienuis ui a mm tor two
years, and three-tenths of a mill
annually thereat (er.
Tho second one spreads the
cost of new paving laid on the
streets between the ear tracks
over the general tax rolls in
stead of making it an exclusive
charge against the street ear
comnanv. The tax lew In cnv.
er this plan amounts to six-
tenuis ui u iiuii i or two years
and llircc-lcmhs ol a null there
The third measure relieves
the car-riders of the cost of
repairing and maintaining pave
ment already laid, and makes
it a charge against the general
tax rolls of the city, llie tax
levy for this proposition
amounts to 1.5 mills lor two
years and 1 mill annually (here
What is really sought for in
these measures is to see that the
regular patrons of the street car
company are not made to bear
more Hum their just si in re of
the cost ol the service. Hereto
fore the man of family nnd who
spends considerable money of
ms weekly or mommy pay lor
transportation has had churned
against him all these public im
posts continued in these metis
tires, while the heavy property-
owners, mg Dtismess concerns
and other interests which have
grown and prospered because
llie city lias modern street mil
way service have not Iieen as
sessed for any portion of these
various items oi expense.
The adoption of the forctio
ing measures is of vital interest
to the modest home-owner an
taxpayer for. while lliev would
add a trifling sum iu the way Of
taxes, amounimg to si.uu lor
$1,000 or taxablu properly, this
would be offset many times
over when thu dillerences in
cost of the car rides be consid
ered, for the city council aud
pumic service commission vir
tually agree that if the measures
do not pass, an 8-cent car fare
will he necessary to pay for the
car service rendered, while, if
the tax measures are adopted,
the rate of fare can be kept to
cents, in case ol the taxpayer
wno uas several car-ridel's in
bis family this will make a sub
stantial difference iu thu course
of a year approximately two
cents a day, or about $7 a year
per person.
Another item winch one of
the measures seeks to readjust
on an equitable basis Is to see
Hint in an indirect way, at least,
that abutting property helps to
pay for the paving m thu ear
trucks just as it does for the bal
ance of the street on the ground
mat tnu street car company
does not use or need this pav
ing, and that under the present
arrangement the car-rider must
pay for it iu the end. -
"Publlck Occurrences" In 1690, Oot
Out One Issue, and Then the Au
thority Suppressed It,
America's first newspaper, tho Nob
ton News-Letter, first published in
1701, en exhibition at the Massachu
setts Historical society, marked the
beginning of continuous journalism In
the Ilrltlsh colonies. Until 1701 Uie
nearest approach to a nownpnper In
tho everyday life of the colonies was
tho manuscript "news-letter," which
was usually addressed by thu writer
to a governor or a leading clergyman,
and was presumably shown around
and thu "news." further circulated by
word of mouth.
An earlier effort than that of tho
Hoston NowM-tter to publish n news,
paper In the colonies Is on record Iu
the uttempt to publish 1'ubllck Occur
rences, In 1000. The Introductory
paragraph announced that "It Is do
signed that the countroy shall bo fur
nished onco a month (or If any (Hut
of Occurrences huppen, oftencr) with
nn Account of such considerable thlngH
as have arrived unto our Notice." The
"legislative authorities" of the time,
however, found tome "refloctlons of n
very high nature" In Its columns, and
the I'ubllck Occurrences ma do no sec
ond appearance.
The capacity for making friends, the
ability to win others to us, to fasten
them to our souls with hooks of steel,
to surround ourselves with those who
are loyal and true, Is a wonderful
power. Some possess It In a marvel
ous degree; they make friends without
effort. Itut although coinpurnUvely
few are thus gifted It Is possible for
every one to develop the power In
greater or less degree.
"Only be admonished," us Emerson
says, "not to strike leagues or menu-
ship with cheap persons where no
friendships can be. Our Impatience
betrays us Into rash and foolish alli
ances." Orison Swett Marden, In Chi
cago Dally News,
Vote For
Present County Commissioner
Always on tho Job
Continued Good Service
Republican Primary, May 21
A. A. Aluck's Platform
"I favor 100 per cent Amer
icanism iu nil departments of
county government: enforce
incut of law and order; dc clop-
uieut of thu budget system;
reduction of cost of govern
incut by consolidation of con
dieting activities; home labor
nud home products.
"I shall keep my ofliccdoor
open, as I have in the past, so
that the public can transact
business without delay."
Ballot No. 138
Puld Advt
State Senator
"I have faith in
Oregon's resources
and desire to bring
them into produc
tivity." "I will oppose all
freak legislation."
Ballot No. 72
Paid Adr.
204 N. Jersey Street, St. Johns
We make enlargements any sUe from
Kodak films or vrood Photos, do artistic
framing and mat cutting, copy 'd pict
ures. If you have anything In this line
bring it to me for best results. A new
Lighting System recently installed.
a, nurr, rnoiograpncr.
Ballot No. 130
Richard Deich
Republican Candidate For
Department No. 2
Now Deputy District Attorney
Over Seas Veteran.
Practiced law for 10 years.
Broad Legal aud Practical
First came to Portland thirty
yenrs ngo.
Knows the County aud its
Will make n good Judge.
Paid Advertisement
Philadelphia Shoe Shop Shoes Repaired
licit mater:! obtainable. Prices reason,
able, All work guaranteed.
Carl Juhnke
St. Johns, Oregon
301 N. Jersey St.
Musical Instruments of all kinds,
Violins a specialty.
Violins repaired, adjusted and graduated
Residents of St. lohns Imvltii! taxes
nud city Ileus to pay In rortlami ann
make their txiymcnts without Inconveni
ence by rivalling themselves of our ser
vices, we will pay same aud secure your
receipt without inconvenience to you
Pec. SCc. References: Any St. Johns
Hank. Peninsula Title, Abstract aud
Realty Co., by II. Henderson, Manager;
Wl North Jersey Street.
Ed. Gloss for
the Inst three
yenrs Deputy
Coustnblc, is n
candidate for
for the office of Coustnblc.
Mr. Gloss wns born iu Snn
Francisco iu 1876 nud has
been a resident of Portland
since he was 3 years old. He
is married and lives at 951 h.
Couch St. Prior to becom
ing a Deputy Constable he
was 111 the bakery business.
Ior o yenrs he was the single
scull champion of the Pacific
Coast, nud is an honorary life
member of the Portland Row
ing Club. Mr. Gloss was a
member of the Oregon Nation
al Guards 3 years, aud was
active in Red Cross work and
Liberty Loan drives. He is a
member of Multnomah Camp
No. 77, Woodmen of the World,
Lang byne bociety and Mult
noniah Guard. His slognu is
Lmcicncy nnd Courtesy 111 of
fice, Three years experience
as Deputy Constable.
r14 J
Ballot No. M8
Fair Assessment and
Lower Taxes
Plowing and General Team Work
Basement Excavating
710 Calhoun Street
Ultimate furnished on all kinds of Con
crete and Repair work.
Phone Columbia 4II
617 N.Jersey St. PORTLAND, ORE.
FoEUooD roads may 21
ViU302 X Yss fr4 SUt 8ut Emm1 Utatt
Toilet and
Laundry Soaps
Our stock of soaps in' ft
eludes all popular brands ft
for toilet purposes as well ft
as for use in kitchen, ft
laundry or workshop. $
Wc handle daintily pcr-
fumed hand or bath soaps !
whichwill not irritate the
most delicate skin-
Our larac variety of laundry $
don fbrour needs.
SIA1AIONS & CO., Grocers
Pesseudeu Phone Columbia 210
The Bank Of Commerce
116 North Jersey St,
Business concerns nud
individuals nrc invited to
bank with this institution
uudcr the assurance that
prompt aud courteous
treatment with every con
sistent accomodation will
nlwnys be extended.
Fine line of Vogan's Candies
Opponlta Cuntntl School
lid. Monalian, Prop.
Transfer nnd Storage
We deliver coods to and (rum all kuU
ot Portland, Vancouver. I.luutoii and
surrouuditiK country. Piano and furni
ture uiotIiik. Phone Columbia si'.
109 ICast llurliiiKlou Strict.
There Is really no cnuiMiriou
Letweeu the etucuud tlioimih
iitu with which an Hleetric
Cleaner removed dirt aud tho
difficulty ot sweeping.
True, one CAN clean ruus nud
carpets without au cteetric
cleaner, A broom or carmt
sweeper will brush up SOMU
of the dirt; aud if you like the
exercise and have plenty of lliuu
and strength a biooui and carp
et beater will do the work alter
a fashion.
Iu the same way one can
wash without soap. Water a
lone will remove some dirt if
applied with enough "elbow
IJut people uie soap because
It cleans more easily aud better
thau water aloue,
For the same reason people
use Itlectric Cleaners because
they clean more easily and far
better than other methods,
Portland Railway
Light & Power Company
Dr. Lewis J. Keliher
Peninsula Bank Bldg.
Consolidated with
Office Phone Columbia 793
Prlvato Operating Room
The place where good service nud
courteous treatment prevail. Children':
hair cutting teceive special attention.
Prank A. Rice
Office in Peninsula Security Building
Phase Col. 887 Rtftldenow Cof. 389