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"The Stato Highway Com
mission i9 "not asking for more
money," saidR. A.
misaionor, in addressing a Lane's
County audience on the 4 per
cent road bond limit measure;
"all wo want is tho power to cap
italizo the income now on hand.
Tho Btato road funds are now
taken from two Bources tho
one cent tax on each gallon of
Rasolino and tho automobilo lie
onso fees. Tho stato constitu
tion, as it now reads, prohibits
moro than 2 por cent being: put
into tho roads, and what the
commission wants is an amend
merit of this clauso so 4 por
cent can bo put into tho roads.
A direct additional tax ia not
asked for, nor is any increase in
tho gas tux orautoliconso fees."
Mr. Booth also brought out that
"a new road program is not to
bo rushed through, but the pro-1
sent one is to bo finishod provid
ing tho voters of Oregon back
up tho 4 porcontlimitmoasure."
Commissioner Simon Benson is
also on record against rushing
construction too rapidly, consid
ering high labor costs and tho
high cost of money, but favors
ratification of this 4 per cent
bonding amendment so Micro will
be authorisation to issue bonds
at such times as ravorablo con
ditions justify. I-innl control
over actual bond authorization
rests with the legislature, as
unless tho legislature passes en
abling legislature ns under the
4 por cent amendment, tho high
way commission is without au
thority to issuo bonds.
Whon a Plumbor makes n mis
take, ho charges twico lor it.
When a Lawyer makes a mistake,
it's Just what he wanted, becauso
ho gets to try the same enso over
again. Whon an Electrician
makes a mistake, ho blnmcs it
on "induction," becauso nobody
knows what that is. Whon a
Doctor makes a mistake he buries
it. Whon a Judgo makes a mis
take, it becomes tho law. When
a Preacher makes a mistake, no
body knows the difference. And
when a Printor makes a mistako
but who in the world over
heard of such a thing. Scllwood
Fred Lockloy, who has been a
firinter's dovil, carrier, compos
tor, pressman, circulation man
ager, editor and business man
ager on country wccklioa and
small town dailies, as woll as on
larger papors, and who was gen
eral mnnacor for some years of
tho Pacific Monthly, taking
hold of it when it was badly in
flnlit- nnri nnllinis it. nut of flm
lmln nnl tiii flnrv ft An n nfivfnryl
basis, is a candidate for secre
tary of stato. Ho has also tho
hustling powor needed for tho
office. Investigate his claims
boforo making up your mind as
to whom you will support.
Dunning School
Announces that she has received
diploma as an exponent of the Dunning Systsm of Im
proved Music Study, which includes the Faelten prin
ciples concentration ami the Leschvtzky Technic
Formed into classes pupils are taught by musical characters and
rhythm sticks. An ingeniously constructed keyboard with grand
staff attached, simplifies notation by uniting these two important
Each difficulty is presented in such a thorough manner that
a child of ten or twelve years can master transposition, scale
building, melody writing by dictation, the Dominant Seventh
and Modulation. The written work teaches the student.that music,
as a language, they must learu to write, as well as iuterpret.
The muscles of fingers, wrists and arms are strengthened by
table technic; ear training aud sight reading forms a part of every
Mrs. Rice will be glad to show you BY APPOINTMENT
the especially made apparatus for teaching this system which in
cludes oue class lesson and one private lesson each week, making
a far more economical way of acquiring a musical education.
Classes Now Being Formed
Studio 412 S. Edison, cor. Richmond Phone Col. 389
I uiH honJU your buiinctt in
Cwvtwf n fir
tUpufctkan PiUauT
lUr :i. 19X
Knock-down houses to the
number of at least 15 a week are
to be turned out from tho Port
land factory of the Alladip Com
pany, largest manufacturers of
ready mado dwellings in tho
world, which began operation
last week. Already a number
havo been sold and shippod.
Nine western states and western
Canada composed the distribut
ing nren of tho now branch.
Portland mills are supplying
rough lumber for tho Alladin
mill and cut up factory. Tho
frame factory has been in onora
tion sinco tho first of tho year.
but tho actual preparation of
houses did not begin until May.
One hundred and ten people are
now employed at the plant, but
tho staff will increaso as pro
duction speeds up. Manager
sorter, who is going east shortly,
expects to conter with tho com
rrany officials relativo to estab
lishing a sash and dcor plant al
so in .connection with the Port
land factory.
If with pleasure you arc view
ing any work a man is do n sr.
If you liko him err lova him tell
him now:
Don't withold your approbation
till tho parson makes oration
As ho lies with snowy lilies o'er
his brow
For no matter how you shout it.
ho won't really caro about it;
Ho won't know how many tear
drops you havo shed:
If you think uomo praise is duo
Now'ri tho timo to slin it to him.
For ho cannot rend his tombstone
when ho's dead." Anon.
There was n distinct air of
chastened resignation about him
as ho penned tho following noto:
"Dear Miss Brown I return
herewith your kind noto in which
you accept my offer of marriage.
I would draw your attention to
the fact that it begins "Dear
Georgo." I do not know who
Georgo is, but my name, as
you will remember, is Thomas."
Houston roat.
Tho miser wns dying. "You
chargo twenty cents to shnve
livomen7" "Yes. that is my
price." replied tho barber.
''What you chargo shavo dead
men? "Ono dollar," said tho
barber, somewhat annoyed.
"Then got busyrr-quick."
When Roosovelt was polico
commisHioner or Now York City,
he asked an Irish applicant this
question: "If a mob were to
gather and you were ordered to
disperse it what would you do?"
Begorra." rcn ed rat instant
ly "I'd pass around tho hat for a
collection, sir."
Roses aro a little Into this yenr
on account of tho hard froczolast
wintor, but when they do bloom
they'll ho very pretty in
is claimed. .
of Improved
from Carrie Louise Dunning a
a buyout -like mantlet.
C.illfl.J Public AccountiMi
Tho Loyal Guards Club gave a
very successful reception nnd
banquet at their club rooms, 208
South Jersey street, May 17th,
from 6 to 8 p. m. Dr. Sandifur,
acting as toast master, gave a
talk on tho bonefits of tho club
to tho young men. which was
much appreciated by all present.
A. M. Wnrnor. organizer, wns
called upon to tell the purpose
of tho club. Warner is n car-
ponter, and public speaking is
not as easy for him as driving
nails, but no has u purpose in
view, and mainly to help tho boys
along Christian nnd patriotic
lines. Rev Kloster was next
called upon and furnished the
gathering with soma interesting
stories, lor which ho is tnmous.
Mr. Galloway, Mrs. Alico Learn
ed, Mrs. McKinnoy and Wendell
Kloster responded with well
wishes for tho success of the
club. Thoso present were: Dr.
nnd Mrs, Sandifur, Rev. nnd
Mrs. Kloster, Mr. and Mrs.
Gnllowuy, Mrs. Thurston. Mr.
and Mrs. Skells, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fnirchild, Mrs. McKinnoy, Mrs.
Vroomnn, Mrs. Norcne, Mrs.
Weeks, Mrs Alico Learned, Mrs.
0. E. Learned, Miss Gnllowny,
Miss Sandifur. Tho young men
present wcro: Wendell Kloster,
Paul Sandifur Baxtor Galloway,
Georgo Skells, Loyal Thurston,
Oscar McKinnoy. Ralph Fair-
child, James Norone, Paul Wag
ner, Earl Prowitt, Arthur Vroo-
man. I. Shcda. Sherm Cochran.
Tho boya especially wish to thank
Mrs. Sandifur. Mrs. Gnllowuy,
Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Alico Learned
nnd Mrs. 0. E. Lounicd for
their kintirinc efforts to make
tho bnnquot u success in every
way. Yo Scribe.
Rov. Chester P. Gates, tho
now pastor or tho uvangoiicni
church, is now nicely settled in
his now home ut the parsonage.
Rov. Gates is well known to
many of our people, hnving pre
viously been patHor of tho samu
church. Ho is a fino sponkor,
energetic nnd n splendid pastor
and is bound to mnko a fino suc
cess of his pnstorato here.
Thoro aro two kindB of trouble
in this world, tho kind that wo
find, and tho kind that finds us.
nnd the former is by far the
hardest to bear.
I Work Shoes $3.85, 4.50, 6.00, 7.00
i Dress Shoes, $9.50,
1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 2.25
Arrow collars Fine neckwear
f O Oi El R
Bank of Commerce BuBdibf ST. JOHNS Open Evenings
St.Johtis Undertaking Co.
THOS. GRICE, Manager
208 North Jersey Street
Office, Columbia 527 PHONES - Residence, Columbia 299
This is not a branch of any city undertaker's
Safe Deposit Boxes
Protect your bond and valuable papers by renting a safe de
posit box. The annual rental is surprisingly small less than lc
per day. We have a limited number of vacant boxes. I'honc
your reservation.
1920 Clean-up and Paint-up Campaign Alay 16-22,
This is a good time to check up ouyour fire insurance. Have
you increased your fire insurance to keep pace with cost of re
placements? We will be pleased to quote you rates and explain
forms that will give you the broadest covering at lowest cost.
1Te Write All Tuition of Ittuuritiiou
I 108 South Jersey St.
The St. Johns Lumber Co. ball
club won its second game of tho
season in the 4-L League from
the Poninsuln Lumber Co. Sun
day afternoon on tho Hill
grounds. The score was 11 to 1.
Ray Brouso was in tho box
for tho loculs and allowed only
three hits, walking one nnd strik
ing out eleven. St. Johns mnde
eight hits and three errors, while
Peninsula mnde nine errors. ,
Battery for St. Johns: Brouso
and Smith; Peninsuln, Beck-
man. Pnddcn and Booth. Tho
locals will play at Newbcrgnext
Sunday. The League comprises
St. Johns, Eastern. As Western
Nowberg, Peninsula, Portland
and Headquarters. Tho three
formor clubs havo won both
games and havo a percentage of
Under a recent ruling by tho
Treasury Department tho tax on
toilet preparations nnd paten
and proprietary medicines is
based upon tho selling prico of
each article and not upon the
total price of n number of articles.
If n person buys five packages
of 5c cough drops, a lc stamp
must bo attached to each pack
age. If a person purchases r
tube of tootli paste for 115c atu
a bottle of perfume for G5c. r
2c stamp tnurt be plncjd on tho
tooth pnsto and He on the per
fume n totnl ofGc. In other
words, tho tux is on each article
nnd not on tho combined pur
chase price. Ihis revokes anil
ing previously mndo by the Do
Rev. and Mrs. E. D. Black-
man. Rev. nnd Mrs. E. A.
Hopper, Miss Martha and How-
nrd Hopper. Mr. and Mrs.
Bnumgurdticr nnd Mrs. Bnrtlctt
attended tho annual Beusion of
the rrco Methodist Conference
which convened in Salem May
12th. cloning Sunday evening.
Rov. Bluckmnn and wife wore
returned by the conferonco to
St. Johns for another jenr, nnd
Rov. Hopper was re-elected to
the district oldcrthip for the
snmo period. Mrs. Bartlottwas
sent by tho St. Johns Hocioty as
u delegate to tho conference,
Two bits'of sugar has dwindlod
down to ubout vost hockot size.
Potatoes aro running a cloao
11.00, 12.50, $14 i
Phono Columbia 161 4
Elementary School Aleastire
Thnt tho people of Oregon aro
keenly itiercstcd in the passage
of the bill which provides a two
mill tax levy for tho sunnortand
maintainance of the elementary
schools of the state is attested by
the hundreds of organizations
that have given it unanimous
endorsement and the hundreds
of pcoplo who nro devoting their
time to tho furtherance of its
Mrs. Alexander Thompson,
Oregon's only woman legislator,
who is tho author of the bill,
Bays in speaking of It: "There
is a shortage of 140.000 school
teachers in this country and of
this numbor Oregon has her full
quota, our shortage being 500.
A total oi Z3U school rooms arc
locked and bolted because thoro
aro not teachers, 4G00 Oregon
children lack school facilities
and unless there is relief by the
voting of this monsuro tho mini
bcr will bo doubled next year.
Tho numbor of teachers leaving
Oregon schools to go into other
professions has mere than
doubled during the ern of tho
high cost of living. The increase
in living cocts during this period
are estimated at from 88 nor
cent to 91 per cent. Teachers
sularios have increased less than
25 nor cent. Normal schools
ami teacher training schools
show decrease in attendance of
30 per cent.
"In western Oregon thoro nre
many so-cnllod noverty districts,
jn5 of which have an annual
school revenue of loss than $800.
Lane county has 121 such dis
tricts; Marion 58; Washington,
M; Douglasa, 55: Lincoln, il
and even urban Multnomah has
nine such districts. Whore
nopulntion or taxable wealth is
scant it Is with difficulty that
schools aro supported. In these
districts tho rato oi taxation is
very high, some of them valuing
education enough to tax them-
selves as high as CO m'lls. In
other districts less public spirited
schools aro olther closed or arc
presided over by totally incom
petent teachers.
In HI counties of Oregon there
aro 220 1 rural teachers who for
this year's school work are
drawing an nverauo wairo of
$734.22. Of this number 002
draw less than $700 a yonr and
(Ml draw only SG00 a year, min-
num lawful wago for oight
monthsof school work. Of 005
rural school districts M0 havo a
total revenuo of less than $800,
tho nverngo being $508 or in
sufficient to pay tho $000 min
imum wngo for ono teacher for
each district. Thoso aro prowor
salarios and low ones at that, it
is impossible to live on them now.
Washington contributes
por census child to tho education
of her children: Oregon contri
butes $11.83. Iioth Wnahincton
and California pay better salaries
than Oregon, ilonco iho do-
irablo teachers are being callod
out of the state. Tho wnr taught
us a great lesson concerning
illiteracy and un-Amoricanism.
Twenty-four nnd n no-tonths
per cent of our soldiers could not
read or write. Bolshevism nnd
icnoranco can only bo counter
acted by a good public school
system. Tho foundations of a
democracy rest upon an intelli
gent citizenship. Your voto in
tho Hlcmontary Kuucational Hill
Is a test of your citizenship.
Iho whole aim of tho bill is
equalization and every county
receives back overy cent that
they pay into the fund. Thoro
is now moro than $iu,ooo,oou
worth of property in Oregon
which escapes taxation for tho
support of tho elementary schools
because it is outsido of any
'"PHE story of the Brunswick Method
A Reproduction is to music lovers
"The Sweetest Story
is the story of true music.
The Brunswick Phonograph once
heard adds another admirer to the
millions. Of its handsome design
and beauty of case finishes there is
highest praise.
Hear The Brunrwick today. See if
you agree that it it the mott perfeet.
Currin's for Drugs
Airs. (Jnrruth is teaching in
the high school at tho present
time, as Mr. Uarruth is Hi and
unable to attend classes.
Tho Domestic Art and Manual
Training classes will givo an ex
hibit in tho school on Wednesday
afternoon from 2:30 until 4 on
May 2G. All naronts and friends
are invited.
Last Thursday tho Sociology
class, under the supervision of
Air. liny, motored to tho County
Poor Farm for tho nurnoso of
observing tho mnnagoment of
this public institution.
Ruth Hoffman. William Curtis.
Solon Dugbeo, Ulchard Girt,
Georgo Miskch. Oliver Jcssup
and Lindroff Sknar will attend
tho Junior week end at O. A. C.
They will leavo Friday.
Mrs. Johnson took her first
termers on a hike to tho hills
abovo Linnton Inst Thursday at-
fcr school. Woinies and buns
were welcomed by tho young
crowd as thonftarnoon lengthen
ed intoovening.
Tho different classes elected
soveral committees on Tuesday
morning after assembly for work
during clenn up week; ono com-
mittco elected by each class is to
servo in such capacity during
tho remainder of the term.
Tho Hoys' and Girls' Glee
Clubs, undor tho leadership of
Miss Kincaid and Mr. Hay, di
rectors, had a lovely timo across
the river on tho hills and at Linn
ton beach last Tuesday afternoon.
iiy tho light of a bon firo they
feasted on "hot dogs." buns and
toasted marshnllows.
Tho overactive Latin Club will
present the Minotaur at thoir
meeting next Friday evening.
t is said by those who know
thnt this opora wil bo a rival of
tho Famous Clcouatra. Tho Sir-
on of the Nilo. Tho composers
aro Miss Clinton faculty advisor
and Stunloy O'Connor.
Yo Poets' Club hold thoir
monthly meeting last Saturday
evening at tho homo of Mary
iho club nnnor tho Lyno has
mndo its nppenranco on tho bul-
otin board.- nnd is receiving
much attention by its witty shy
Who shall ho elected for cor
tain offices in tho Student Body
s tro main topics of converaa
tion in school this week. Tho
soventh tnrmors nro at some
what of n disadvantngo this
yearns thoir class numbers only
eight. Jack Vinson of tlio fifth
term class has been elected pres-
dent of tho Student Hotly for tho
coming somostor and Homnyno
irnnu of the same olass has. been
elected Public Wei faro Commiss
Mr.C. II. Wobbor of O. A. C
poke briefly in Assembly on
.uosdny relativo to tho Junior
week end at tho college. He
extended a most cordial invita
tion to tho J. J. seniors to bo
como acquainted with O. A. C
U. A. W.
district. If this monsuro is
passed this property wi II bo com
palled to bear its shnro and moro
than $80,000 will thus be added
to Iho resources of tho schools.
Oregon is now ono of only
Rovcn states in tho union which
evy no tnx for elnmentary
schools. Go to the polls May
21 and voto U14 Yos una urgo
your friends and neighors to do
ikowiso and thus help to put
Oregon at tho top educationally
as sho already is in so many
Ever Told," For
Evil! iShOISS b
M ti-ieatmb" if
Open Sumlay9 2:15 to 11:00.
Monday nnd Saturdays omi st 6:).
Other ilnys nt 7:00.
Regular Admission Co, 11c, lc.
Saturday, May 22
HO," l'or.
Sunday, May 23
In "MARIini) MHN," UnlvoMfll.
Considered by tunny to be the best
picture he has mnde this yonr.
Monday and Tuesday, May 21-25
MY Ul'ST." Artcraft. AIo "111
visible Hand" No. 7.
Wednesday, May 20
1.0VKS AND MHS," Select.
Thursday nnd 1'riday, May 27-23
11HI 33." A very attractive West
tern picture.
Saturday, May 20lh
Sunday, May 30th
l). w. umiitli presents
A bltf doven net Western picture.
Also At St. John in "SltU' AHOY."
A show that will please.
Monday and Tuesday, May 31-juuu 1
ubrti LT I tUL nt run ku.iit
OI WAY," Metro. Also "Invisi
ble Hand" No.H.
Wednesday, June 2
. TO OUT," Paramount. A jjood one.
Thursday nnd 1'rlday, June 3 and I
In "PINTO." The best she ban
mnde since "Mickey."
Saturday, June Gtli
Tomato Plants
20c por dozen up
Cabbage Plants
15c doz., S1.00 per 100
Cauliflower, Pepper, Cel
ery, Cucumber and other
Vogotablo Plants at right
prices, flanging Baskets
are now filled; make your se
lection early and have them
delivered later. Window
boxes filled to your order.
You nre always welcome lo look
around greenhorn.
Beckett's Greenhouses
814 and 81G North Kellogg Street
Phoic Columbia 401
Willamette Blvd.
1270 Willamette Blvd.
Special care given to
Maternity Cases.
Prices reasonable.
Call Woodlawn 2I50
A. M. Warner
Phone Columbia i) 10.
Office 208 South Jcnwy.
St Johns Fair Store
Highest Quality and Lowest Prices
Toys a Specialty
207 N. Jersey St. Phone Col. 889
General Dressmaking
Reasonable Prices
422 Hast Leavitt Street
Vote for Good Roads
Vote 302 X Yes for
4 Stato Roat! Bond Limit
Present Auto License Fees anil Gasoline
Tax will pay both principal and iuter4t
on oil the bonds under this constitutional
amendment. Approval of this amendmtnt
Is necessary to permit early completion of
State Highways.