St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, May 14, 1920, Image 6

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Amonpr this week's activities
ia that of electioneering for the
new Student Body officers to be
elected next week.
Rev. Johnston of University
Congregational Church, hold the
students spell bound as he talked
on his "Memories of Africa," at
assembly on Tuesday morning.
The Hiak Klatawa girls, un
der the splendid supervision of
Misa Von, nro going on a week
end oxcursion, to Eagle Creek
'in May 22nd. They will go by
loat to the Cascade Locks, and
then hike the rest of the way.
Tho Senior play "Engaged By
Wednesday" was a huge success.
"Martin Henry" was a delight
ful gloom chaser and Ruth Hoff
man as Lucile was a charming
leading lady. Messrs. Bay and
Gotz proved nmply their ability
as coaches.
The Sewing and Art exhibits
were put on display in Bonham&
Currier's store windows to re
main until Monday. The Dom
estic Art class with the aitl of
Miss Straube also put on an ex
hibit with the other high schools
of the city at Coffield's on
Morrison and West Park, on
Thursday. Friday afternoon in
tho Auditorium ac Meier &
Frank's the I'ashion Show was
given; the girls taking part
from James John were Irene
Faulkner, Idrys Woitner, Anna
i'oe. Helen Anderson, Helen
You cannot stick
too hard
to the proposition that buy-
inir hiiKhvare from a mail
order catalogue is risky bus
iness. You may come out all
right and you may not. The
safest thing is to come here
when you want hardware.
Wo can certainly match mail
order prices and wo can and
do beat mail ordai qualities
out of their boots.
Byerle & Armstrong
420 N. Jersey St.
Ballot No, 154
Roberson Charlotte Jones and
Stanley O'Connor arc charter
members. C. A. W.
Mechanical Drafting
Rates by Hour or Contract
023 South Decatur
Phone Columbia 108
A comprehensive exhibit from
the Portland Flouring Mills of
the different processes by which
bread is made, of the different
kinds of flour used, and of the'
uses to which grain is put, is on ,
..i.ii 'i ill i. ..i i i
cxiuuk mis wcck at uiu at.
Gntkc, ,lnno Bedford, Viotta Johns Branch Library. The
Hayes and Nettie DnwBon. exhibit comprises over forty
Tho livinL' demonstration given separate parts and is mostin-i
by the Domestic Science and toresting and instructive to both
Homo Nursing clnssea on Thura- grownups and children.
day from li-z nnu irom wi mu Wo aro glad to see Old Man
in urmunciy uroinera store win- Sun abIo lo l)0 0II duty uscaln and
uuwBwuHvury iiiiurvaiiiiK. hope his health keeps improving,
taking pnrt in tho Domestic n3 t,cso warm tlny8 on our mr.
Science exhibit were Lucilo Bai- ,iCM9 win htsv bont Uic ii, c. L.
ley, Lnura Lott, I'lorenco Blom-
gren, Marjory Dotson, Anna charter No, loioa. Reserve itt No. 12
Mead, Catherine Banbury, Lucy lu-i-ort of the condition ci
1 nomas, veneta Brown, uinr ,,,, , ..,,,,,,
lotto Heid and Agatha Waite. DfM MQ A NATIflNA
Those in the Homo Nursing ex- rLMIIlOULH llHIIUIlrlL
hibit were Lela Taylor. Helen AT rOMXANi)
(iatko, Hallio Mason, Sibyl Bug-
, JlalllO Mason, bioyi UUg- hi the Statu of Orcitun. at the close of
bao, Hazel Williams, Margaret uiicm Mny , 10a.
i I, iii mill (HkouiiU.
including rellH-iiiiiU,...fl,01W,ir,.ft2l
Uvcrilriift,iiiiecurt!il ISO. lit
P. H. (iuveriiiiieiil nveiirltiun owirii:
I)l'KWltnl to M-ctiri:
circulation (U, S.
bond mr vnlne).UOO,000.00
Pledged to MCllfC
tr. a. ifMMit(i iWi.ow.M
Hedged to MfCiire
xtnl SNVlugs le-
kIu (wr VHlue). . fi.OOO.W
l'ledged its collututHl
for Slate or oilier
dcixttiUor 11 lltt
imyMhle HH.WO.00
Owned nml tin.
pledged 3t.7tHS.0U
l'mulum on U. S.
ImiiiiI ll.W0.00
Wiir Saving Curtlfi.
eiilim mid Thrift
Kt(lltlHt HCtllllll)'
owned TlW.tli
Tolul I'. S. C.ov
i-riituuiit seciiiitliw 9t78.MTi.Ol)
llomlit oilier limn u. h,
pledged tOH'l'tltf JHMtNl
MvliiKitiluiHMiliii.. Jt0.17fi.U0
lliiuiln nml Stint Itle
iiledgt-d 111 collatem!
lor htiite or other do-
Candidate For
Republican Nomination
Present Incumbent
rid Aiivittiiiicut
Bueerman, Viola Keyscr, Mil
dred Brandon, and Laura Noreno.
Ye Poet's Club is one of tho
lively clubs of school. There are
thirteen lucky pools in its mystic
circle and on tho thirteenth of
every month they reunite in
thotr noetic rites. Thoir offlcora
arc Stanley O'Connor, Poet
Laureate; Ualcigh Myers, Pro
mtilgntor of Public Benofits:
Sybil Barrett. High Guardian of
Slate. Miss Clinton is 1'neulty
Advisor. Sybil Barrett, Cecile
Ballot No. 130
Richard Deich
Republican Candidate For
Department No. 2
Now Deputy District Attorney
Over Seas Veteran.
Practiced law for 10 yeans,
Hroml and Practical
lurst came to Portland thirl'
years ago.
knows the County and its
Will make a good Judge.
I'd id Advertisement
IKUilHOr lllllll IMVUllIl!
(Ktul excluded) OO.SOI.fW
Sunset Cash Grocery
111 Philadelphia Street
Phone Columbia 11-18
Si'citrltii'H other thuti
I". S, ImiiuU (iwit ill'
clmlliiK Mock)
owned iinnlwluwl lilt, WW, 111
Colliitcrnl Trutt hih!
other note of cor.
rHiloii ImimI for
mil Iiim tlmu one
yvHT nor muic tlmu
llirve vo.irittlniB. . 1.000.00
Totnl IwoiU, Mciirititi. t..
oilier tliHii I . a X31.UO0.W
btm'kn. crtlif r tlMii 1'iwUwl
Hwivc ItMiik tock Xd.VOU.UO
of I'tnllTIll Uwitc
llrtiik dO ixst t'viit
of MilMrlptiou) IUftO.00
I'liriiniirt' huh nxtiuM in.ft
Ollivr rt-ul ftl owiiwt KSitn.l l
Lawful Ki'tvrvv with
1'tslontl Kvrv ltank 11 1.810. 10 1
ClUll III Vlllllt Hllll IlUt MIIMXIIIU
ilue Ironi iiiuIoimI lnukM....Sl).0(l.irl
Dili' Irom Imiik hii1 iMiikvrn
(other tlmu Inclu.lisl 1S.U.1 1) 12.W)8.,-,:
TotHl ot Itl'IIU 18,
11. 15, 10. 17 . . , lU
Clivvkn on UiiiU kvutwt out.
kiik' of city or Um u of r
hiIIiik lnU HMtl other
null Itviits
UttUiiiiHuuifuittl with r. S.
i cuMurer nml uuv Ht u.
S.TriMuivr lU.OtHMW
Good Thoughts Should Be
Pushed Along.
Some person had good thoughts and the Woolen Mill
Club House was built. Some one else had a good thought,
it was pushed along and right now the Baptist Church is
being repaired and altered to house the Y. W. C. A.
Some other person had good thoughts and a Library
Building for housing books, which are the expression of
good thoughts, was built.
All the Churches, Schools, Fraternal Orders are good
thoughts "pushed along." It is good thought that en
ables the local industries to close their mills so that each
week the employees may have half a day for recreation.
There is an agitation right now looking to the closing
of all the local mercantile establishments in St. Johns on
WEDNESDAY at noon each week during the months of
June, July and August.
We believe that agitation is the result of good thought;
why should the sales people of the stores, the owners and
their families be denied that sort of thing. Particularly so
when it is unquestionably a popular idea.
This firm hereby goes on record that it favors giving
the Mercantile Fraternity WEDNESDAY afternoon during
the three summer months and closing the stores during
that time.
And this is due notice that our store will be closed
tight at twelve o'clock each Wednesday beginning June 2d.
L. E. ROSE, Mgr. Men's Dept.
t . 1 1 . I . ft.... . tl t lf
inniauuu ami jtiiim-ns ,miik, iuii, cm in ior 20c
lluzchvooil Milk, lull, (t cutis for 70c: J
uiuoiuie .MiiK, n inn mi, s cntiK tan, ;s;e
Uiiii'co Nut Margarine, 1 lit. carton I!5c
CfCiu Nut Margin iue, 1 lb. ciirtun Hfic
Crisco, 1 lb. can 35c, 3 II). can $1.10, 6 lb. can . . ,2,10
liootli Sanliuas, tmistaul .spice ami tomato, per can 20c
Ifnncy Dry .'nek Sliriiu), per cnu 20c
I'nncy Hal .Salmon, xr eon 20c mat 30c
Surdities for Picnics, three for , 25c
Deviled Meat, per can ,. ficuiul 10c
Cove OyMers, per can 20c
String lieati.s, special price, 2 amifc for 25c
Sea Koam Washinj; Powder, package 2c
Crystal White Soap, lfi bitrs for , $1.00
Koyal White Soap, .1 for , ,, 25c
Hob White Soap. 4 for , 25c
New PoM Tousties, two for , 25c
KelloKR's Corn Plakes, two for . . , 25c
Kellogg's Kntuibkti, 2 for 25c
Buy Jelly at these prices and Save Aloucy
Large size Jelly, regular 18c, now each 15c
Ten lb. pail Jelly $2.10
No. 5 lb. can Poppy Jelly 1.50
Coffee has again advanced, Here ore our prices.
Uuy now and save money.
M. J. 1). Coffee, special, 1 lb. 55c, 3 lb. cans 1.65
R. Club Coffee, 55c lb, 51 lb. can 1.55
Sunset Special Hlend Coffee 85c lb, 3 lbs 1.00
Royal Hreakfast lllend Coffee .15c lb., 3 lbs 130
Saturday and Monday, May 22 and 21, wo propose
giving away 1000 lbs. Golden Gate CofTeo free. Watch
for our ad. in the St. Johns Heview and in our store
for this Big Sale. THE SUNSET GROCERY.
216 North Jersey St.
Ar.tWicd Ford Service Stn
iott. Only genuine Ford
pnrts used.
Tott ftiai.ouuu
Capital Mock wM in fHOO.000.00
UiiilivltlMl if)tltii . . as.7Kl. IH
1,14 eurii'iit VHIUHH,
irrun,l!-rmW ... THF ST. inHNS RARARF
ii;....i..ii.. ...j..v..,.i,...,ll.. tkiii iuvi ., w ' "ii'ii'wx
I. ft lftftn. ftn.lVltftm. IK . MW.VW.W
wt uwouiiu iluv to DttHka,
IwiiWcr Mini iruat itiwiM.
iiIm (otlirr IUhh IiicIihUhI
in item at or Ml &0W.G1
Cottilitsl du-ck uMUtainliHK.,.. 2,007. It
t TAktlll-r ft'lKVk ou uu u
think oiiUUmlliiv: -lT.ftMI.Ht
lotMl ul tU'iiutai.iKi,
SI. W uii.l 66.118, T
PoiiuumI iltiKMit:
liulu iiliwl llciKwitK tub.
iivt toelu-ck,V
tvitlncatiii ut ilt'Htt
iiur in ii-Mi uuui no
day It.ll0.0te
Mate, county, or other mil- .
niciiMl di'iHwiik Mounnl bv
iiKslKoof uvts of tliUi Uiuk lK-t.KCXI.OO
total ot iU'iiiHiul
doKiu 1)11.076.67
Tunc Ik-iMi.iU:
Certificate ot K HMtit 190,366.05
riwuu MivtiiK'iviHMiu rJ.Ta.s.iy
OlhiT time iK'iKMiti. 676.lsiO.iiJ
Total ot time ilt'UiU sull
ied to KM!rvv 7.J6.7t)
War ItMit uccituut 5.1,250.00
Hill iwyrtble with l'Mlvnu Ko-
serve iuiik
Total i!.tSl).C10.40
Of the total louts ami tlieouiiitiilwHu
above, tlie amount on which interest
ami diiicouut was clmrge.1 at rate in
exee&i 01 uioe iiermutoii uy ww (bee
ol'JT Kev. btat.i, exeluttve of uoIm
ukui which total charge not to exceed
W cents was iiunle, was none. The
number ot such Umiis u notie.
mill r
JIMV- fli m,um
Tires, tubes rind accessor
Woo' ley Bros.
I'hoiu Columblu 51H).
State of Orvuon,
T County of Multnomah, BS
41 1. C. 11. Rusell. Cashier of the
T aiKive uaituHi ihuik, no Miemuiv i,wear
that the above statemeut U true to the
bet ol my kuowliMlee aut Uuici.
(J. . KiUMiit, CMbier.
StiUcriUsl ami svorn to before me
this 10th ilay of Uy, 19,
r.oulou S. OgtluM, Notary lHiblk).
Muluvmai cwuhIv, Ore.
Correct Atttt; J. N. iWlelsiw,
1. l. ntltikur,
K. C. Couili,
J. l.. cu.iuiiiv-rs Mrs, H. K, I.owry
Funeral Directors
il!i-25o KiUiiiKSworth Avenue
YeWpbone. Wootllttwn 3300 C 1133
Mr. Chambers is the only G. A, R.
undertaker m the city of Tortlamt.
l'erkoual attention ami supervision
gtveu to arrangements.
Knights and Lais of Security
St. Johns Council 377S
HrguUr butlntM raKllpt lit (nil j4 Uoodty.
Opcu mcfUusstotb public and mtmtxr uJ
udith Mondars. VlWton and tnemteri cor.
ilUlly Invited to attend at montr W
SgbLaurel Lodge, 1, 0, 0, F,
Dr. N. E. McAlister
Ulliee I'tioue Columbia 2ivt
Reaideuce I'Uotie 31865
St. Johns, Portland, Oregon
Urlnj in your Job prtnUnj while
you talnk of Jt. Doat wait 11
Tramp, scuff! Tramp, scud! All day long. No unprotected
floor can stand it, The surface goes, the wood warps and splint
ers. Your ffoor is n .sight! .
It is cheaper to walk ou Acme Quality floor varnish thau ou
a bare floor. Varnish saves (he surface aud thereby saves all. A
varnished floor is easier to clean thau n bare one. It looks better.
It Is better.
We keep a complete line of Acme Quality floor varnish. Stop
in aud we will tell you something of floor economy.
Home Mercantile Co.
209 West Burlington Street
E. W. Hood
Coujultinc Member of the American
Technical Society.
Builder of Automatic Machines
Practical, expert advice civeu on any
thing mechanical, I7C4trJSt. Pwtlisd
2 Barber Shop I
108 N. Jersey St.
180. St. Johna. Drason
Meets each Monday evening iu Oddl'el
lows hall at 7;3o, A cordial welcome to
all visiting brothers,
C, V Debt. N O Carl Itckman, T. O.
Joe Kobcits, Krc. 6re. U. W. Noitno, Vin.8c.
11. V Clark. Treat.
St, Mnslamp No, 7546
Modern Woodmen of America.
We btartily solicit the attendance of
our members at our regular nestings
every M ana -Un Tnursuay evening.
G, V, Muhui, Irvin Gromachey.Clcrk
Consul. 910 N. Syracuse.
Meets every l'ridav night at
7:30 o'clock iu BCKNKR
Hall. Visitors always wel
Woodmen Ol the World
St, Johns Camp 773
Meet every Thursday evening in
I. O. O. F. Hall, Leavitt and Jersey
streets. Visitors always welcome.
N. J. Simmons, C. Ci G. M Worthlogtoo.Clcrlc.
A. F. and A- M.
Meets the first and third
Wednesday of each month
in Masonic Hall. Visi
tors welcome.
A.R. Davis. W. M.
A. W. Davis. Secretary.
Minerva Chapter No, 105, 0.E.S.
Meets every second and
fourth Tuesday of each
month in Masonic Hall,
Visitors welcome.
Catherine H. Stephens, W,
neuic v. rou, bcc.
Ii7 6, Princeton street
United Artisans
WillumbU Assembly No. 30O
iteeu every Tuesday at a Y. il.
H695E tALL, krfatMi Stfttt
Joe Roberts, M. A.
Mary Roberts, Sec'y Pro Tem,