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    UlilbrUM Society
Anotherery interesting and
entertaining meeting of the St.
Johns Community club was held
in the club house of the Portland
Wqolcn Mills Tuesday evening,
where dinner was served In
pleasing style by tho cafeteria
department. The Portland Wool
en Mills club orchestra rendered
u number of delightful selections
during tho dining hour. A
good attendance was 'present.
L. F. Clark gave n "sneezing"
song that made a big hit; Mrs.
Georgo M. Hall gave two enter
taining readings; Melford Wes
ledor rendered two fine violin
solos, acompanicd by Miss Helen
Story; J. Gill and Mrs. Alex
ander Thtfmpson made a few in
teresting remarks on tho millnge
tax and Fire Marshall Grenfcll
made timely remarks relative to
the cleanup campaign soon to be
launched. He said that twelve
districts had been planned with
St. Johns und Kenton ns one of
them, that tho schools would be
given a holiday ono day during
cleanup week; that paper, rags, j
iron. etc.. would bo purchased
at thn firo station, and that
prizes would be given to the dis
trict making tho best showing.
Harry Fassott rendered u couple
of highly enjoyablo solos, Miss
Bowers accompany ist; and the
Juhnko Quartet rendered delight
ful selections.
A resolution from the V. C.
T. U. favoring tho establish
mont of n hospital in St. Johns
was read and n committee con
sisting of A E. Jones, Thomat
Autzen, J. M. Blair, Charles
Stcclsmith and Mrs. G. C. At
chison was appointed to look in
to tho matter and see what could
be done.
Mrs. J. M. Shaw rcnorted
that nineteen persons had sub
scribed $125 each toward alter
ations and caring for tho Baptist
church, which had been leased
for four years as a homo for the
Y. W. C. A. and for community
purposes. Another $125 was
raised at tho mooting, which
will mako a total of $2500 in all
F. P. Drinker, reporting on
park, stated that ho had conver
sed with Commissioner Pier con
cerning it, and ho gave assuranco
that St. Johns would get a satis
factory purk, but it would pro
bably bo a fow days yot beforo
tho matter was concluded. Mr.
Drinker also stated that satis
factory progressives being made
toward securing a roadway to
tho Swift Packing plant, which
will start on this aido of the East
St. Johns depot on Columbia
boulovard and would follow tho
railroad right of way to tho Oro
gon Slough.
Charles Foss broached the sub
ject of making an effort toward
having tho passenger trains mako
stops at tho East St. Johns do
pot and told of tho disadvantages
of St. Johns people being carried
past their homes to tho Portland
depot, Tho secretary was dir
ected to take up tho matter with
tho railroad officials.
E. L. Thompson gave an out
line of a plan under way for the
construction of more houses in
St. Johns."
Prof. Fletcher called atten
tion to changing the names of tho
Central, East and North schools
to Williams, George and Sisson,
respectively. He suggested that
it would bo far moro appropriate
to call them after the names of
St.Johns pioneers instead.
Dunning School
Announces that she has received from Carrie Iouise Dunning a
diploma as an exponent of the Dunning System of Im
proved Music Study, which includes the Faelten prin
ciples concentration and the Leschetzky Technic.
Formed into classes pupils are taught by musical characters and
rhythm sticks. An ingeniously constructed keyboard with grand
staff attached, simplifies notatiou by uniting these two important
Hach difficulty is presented in such a thorough manner that
a child of ten or twelve years can master transposition, scale
building, melody writing by dictation, the Dominant Seventh
and Modulation. The written work teaches the student that music,
as a language, they must learn to write, as well as interpret.
The muscles of fingers, wrists and arms are strengthened by
table technic; ear training and sight reading forms a part of every
Mrs. Rice will be glad to show you BY APPOINTMENT
the especially made apparatus for teaching this system which in
cludes one class lesson and one private lesson each, week, making
a far more economical way of acquiring a musical education. ,
Classes Now Being Formed
Studio 412 S. Edison, cor. Richmond Phone Col. 389
man school notes
James John and Columbia U.
will have a dual track meet on
Fridny, May M, for their stud
ents under sixteen.
Lucile Bniley and Veneta
Brown on Thursday served the
fifth luncheon being given to
the business people of this com
The clnss pictures for the Turn
alum are be4ng takpn this week.
It is to be hoped that Clarence
Gilstrap's camera will still bo
intact when the task is completed
Students and teachers aro anx
ious for school to close so that
tho lovely weather wo aro now
having may be moro thoroughly
onjoyed. There is only about
five more weeks of school.
rttt 4
ine senior class play was a
decided success in every, way as
a capacity houso each night
would testify. Tho orchestra
camo gallantly to the front in
furnishing music for tho oven
Tho Kink Klatawa girls, laden
with wcinics and buns, hiked
to Columbia Slough on Thursday
aftornoon after school. As they
startud away somo one, not a
Kiak Klatawa, muttered, "Lucky
kids; wcinics, buns and a bon
The English five class has
been divided into four groups
for studying drnmas of four per
iods, tho mirnclo and morality
plays, prc-Shakcspcarian comedy
and tragedy, Shakespearian
comedy, and post bhakespcar
inn comedy. The four captains
of tho groups aro Dorothy Coul
ter, Eloiso Gray, Cocllo Rohor
son nnd Hejcn Diotrich. The
plays irom whicn scenes wcro
presented by these groups were
"Passing of tho Third Floor
Back," "Gammer Gurton's
Needle." "Merchant of Vonice"
and "School for Scandal."
The eighth term class is tho
largest over graduated from this
school; there aro forty to leave
in June. Thcv are Ella Acker
man, Alico Banbury, Sibyl Bug
bee, Edith Cochran, Virginia
Dunsmorc, Helen Edmondson,
Ircno Faulkner, Gertrude Hnn
sonen, Tlielmn Hnskctt, Ruth
Hoffman, Charlotte Jones, Myr
nn Lane, Nancy McAllistor,
Margery Moxon, Edna Prickett,
Dorothy Rude. N Inn Scales, Bor
nice Shaw, Helen Shoemaker,
Amanda Steele, Johanna Vandcr
wall, Idrys Weimer, Dalton
Brnne. Solon Bucbec. Lewis
Clark, William Curtis, Sherman
Cochran, 'Clarenco Gifstrnp,
Richard Uirt. Jacob Urlfflth,
Frnnklledges.Rnymond Kettncr,
Alfred Mnunin. August Meyers.
Georgo Miksch, John Ohm. Paul
Sandifer, Lindroff Sknar. George
Skells and Thomas Wood.
After considerable debate ns
to where to hold the ontor class
track moot last Friday, Columbia
University was decided upon as
the grounds woro better than
the Hill Field, nnd a less amount
of equipment needed moving to
the "Vers ty" than would have
been necessary had tho meet been
held at Columbia l'ark. I ho
eighth termers won first place
in tho meet by making b7 points,
second place went to tho third
termers with a total of 31 points.
Dick Girt of tho eighth term
class won tho most .individual
points, 303 in all. Olivor Jessup
of tho same class camo in second
with 153 points. For the girl's
of Improved
Billy and Nanny May Be Profitably
Employed In Clearing Away Hie
Impeding Underbrush.
The monkey cottnn picker wns never
nn entire success. The monkey could
pick the cotton, hut It cost more to
provide human direction to pultti' his
eiTorts than tho nefro cotton pickers
nsked for tho whole Job, nicking, direct'
Iiir nnd nil. Hut the Angorn t;nnt ns n
clonrer of land require no direction.
Just string n few strands of luirbcd
wire nround the liiml to he clou red so
thnt Mr. and Mrs. Goat nnd the kids
"shall not elenr the Innd Hint Is not to
bo cleared nnd they will do tho Job
without oven n citsunl suggestion from
the Innd owenr.
Tho success which hns attended tho
rnlslng of Angora goats In thu rugged
Or.nrk country of sotithueslorn Missou
ri litis suggested to speelnllsts of die
department of agriculture Hint It might
be cunlly prolllnblo to place such
herds on tunny other wild tracts, par
ticularly those which have been cut
ovcr.'hccnusu these gouts are proving
of great help In clearing away under
brush. Growing mohnlr und producing
kids, the Angoras In the Oftirks are
also trimming down tho brush, miinjir
Ing tho hills nnd preparing the way
for grass, cattle nnd sheep.
, According to reports secured by n
representative of the stnte college of
ngrlculture In Missouri, the Angoras
required to clear nn acre of laud
varies from two to live, dciK-mllug on
the density nnd site of tho brush.
Old Volume, Known as "Judgment of
the Dead," It a Taney of the
Ancient Egyptians.
"Hook of tho Diwl" Is n very old
book, known In nuclcnt Kgypt hm tho
"Judgment of the Demi," nnd It con
tains thu funeral ritual of the I'eyp
tlnus, describing In mystical Imigmigu
the experiences of die soul nfler donlli
nnd the text It must quote lo escape
tho torments nnd trials of the lower
events, Eleanor DotiKhty of the
Hccond term nnd Florence Thonip
son of tho first term tied with
9J points. Sylfi Lumen, n third
termor, received Hi points. Iho
cup won by the eluht termers
nnd tho ribbon by individunl win
ncrs, wcro nwurdod nt na.senuily
Monday by MIbs Clinton, chair
man of Athlotic Committee C.
A. W.
4444 -
Barefoot Sandals
Men's and
Hunting Coats and Pants
Hats and Caps, Pants, Shirts
Gloves, Underwear
Bank of Commerce Buying ST.JOHNS Open Evenings
. xAe.
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
THOS. GRICE, Manager
2.08 North Jersey Street
Office, Columbia 527 PHONES Residence, Columbia 299
This is not a branch of any city undertaker's
Fire and Automobile Insurance
With Ten Large Companies, I,owett Rates, Direct Ad
justment in case of Toss ami years of underwriting experience, we
are able to offer you unequalled facilities in placing your insurance
through this office. Then too, you have the satikf-iction of plac
ing your busiuess with an agency heavily interested in the com
muuity, wfibse interests are mutual with your own. We employ
f no "wauderinR solicitors" all
case of loss, you deal only with this agency.
Wo Write All Litton of I tiHiirimuv
108 South Jersey St.
world. HI one ennpter, tne longest in
tho book, Is n picture showing the
Judgment which the defunct, before en
tering Into the Holds of, the blessed,
will undergo In the lower world. In the
presence of Oslrls hud 12 Judiies of
monstrous form, who nrc on hnnd to
devour tho guilty nnd drink his blood.
Anubls, tho god of the deml, nnd
Thoth, tho god of wisdom, exiimlttt
the deceased by weighing his henrt In
the "sncred" biilnnces of Justice. The
fnmous "negative confession" entailer
ntos -12 cnlptnl sins from which thu de
censed must bo free. Should he full to
pnss tho ordeal, he Is either bunded
over to bo devoured by the monster,
part hippopotamus, part crocodile nnd
pnrt lion, which represents the Hgyp
dan Ceiebus, or Is thrown lulu tho
fiery Inkc.
Queer Weddlna Presents.
Tho following lire n few of the many
curious wedding presents that hnve
been received by lhou about to enter
tho bonds of mntrlmony.
A well-known author received on
his mnrrlnge, from n rival titan of tot
tors, n scrnpbonk containing n collec
tion of nil the ndvorse criticism Ids
works hud ever received; while n
popular nrtlst wns on similar ocenslon
presented with n set of elementary
works upon hclMnslructlon In drawing
nnd painting.
Unusiinlty vexation wns the gift re
ceived frorii his neighbors by nu Inllrm
octogenarian who bad iniiriied n
plensuriMovlug woman more limn fifty
years his Junior. II took the foiin of
a large bra cage, "Inii-nded" so ran
the nccompfinylng iwie- "lo restrain
the wayward (tight of n giddy youux
wife who had married n deireplt old
fool for his money."
Dritoln Needs New Heme.
It hits been estimated dint ftsl.OOO
new I ioums are needed In the UiiIIihI
Kingdom lo prowrl hmio tho mpii
hit Ion. All building win nt a stand
still throughout His wnr. Itoennso of
thu enormous Microtis' In building ma
terials nun the luereiK'd ciwt of ta
bor those house eniuiot In built for
loss than twice the amount they would
have cost In KIM. Thousand of big
houses In London tire for wile, but
these lire life to iicwlywods.
who In most Instiiucos cannot nfford
lo ninliilnln them, nor run they get the
seivaiils uocoMry lo keep up stub
establishment, It bus Ihh-ii found loo
costly lo try to convert ninny of these
hoife Into upnrlmeiil. They now
aro iiionumtiiis to prewar and npti
b ut family life In Imdoii, when serv
ants, woro employed hy the iloxeu.
64e6, -.) (
Play Suits f
business is handled direct, and in
Phone Columbia 1G1
(Sivnlost interest is niuiiifesl
I'd iit llio proper svlulion of tin
piVSl'ltl SllVl'l fill
situaiion in ail
purls !' (lie oily, mul litis is
particularly so in litis pari of
the oily whore such n largo bull
oi'tno population is mimic up
oi Miotics l Home-owners ttiitl
small liix-pnyors. The unusual
sanation presented in die pres
ent campaign which will come
(o a climax al the special elec
tion on May 21st is (hat it vi
lally affects" the small properly
owner ami lax-payer.
The Ihreo slrool oar measures
thai aro to he voletl on directly
concern Iho propcrly-owners be
cause llie election is lo dolor
mine whether Hie oar fare i
going lo ho 7 or S cenls shortly
nfler Iho election, for Iho infor
mation lias come from aulhori
lalivo sources Hint tin increase
must he granted llie company
without much further loss of
lime if it is lo lie saved from
If Iho llirec street car meas
ures pass, it is declared that the
oar fare can bo kept down lo
nol over 7 cents, while if Iho
(hrcc ordinances fail to carry!
tho Public Service Commission
lias let it bo known that the faro
will go to 8 cents, ami that this
increase will be necessary as a
result of the thorough investiga
tion of the finances of Hie com
pany made by botlMhe commis
sion and Iho city's own exports.
II is therefore going to make
a (iiiieronee oi one cent lor
every car ride, whether the
slrool oar measures pass. And,
il is in Hint phase ol the badly
tangled silualion Ibal the small
lux-paver is most closely con
The city authorities have fig
ured il out Ihat Hie passage of
Iho Ihreo measures on Iho ballot
will lift a lolal of 1200.0 01 1 a
year in public charges now paid
exclusively hy the ear riders and
ilace this burden cuititiihly up
on all the lax-payers of the oily.
The iuvesligalioii shows that
this will moan an average year
ly increase of 1.(1 per cent in the
lax levy.
Take Iho ease of the small
property-owner who is paying
taxes on $1,000 worth ol prop
erly, for example, ami the pass-
ago ol 1 1 lose measures will mean
an addition of $1.00 lo his yciir-
Iv taxes, il Ihoroforo seems
Hint il will be entirely to his
advantage liiianeially lo oxerl
his host olTorls lo secure the
passage of (hose ordinances, for
if he does, his on Ira burden will
ie only Iho $1.00 in (axes,
wlioroas, il mo measures an
no! adopted, there will be all
extra car faro of one cent,
which will mean an oxlrti ex
pense of two cenls a day
for the man who lives in Iho
suburbs and who works down
town. At two cents a day, this
will amount to about $7.00 a
year, and il more are tiiree
other members in bis family,
Hie tolal ex Ira burden placed on
lim will run up lo $1.8.00.
wlucli is many limes llie addi
tional lax resulting from llie
enactment of Hie street car
Another advanlaiio lo the
small tax-javer which would re
sult Irom llie adoption oi llie
imposed ordinance is thai Hie
)ig busiOcss concerns, stores,
clc, and the large properly
owners, wlio liavi
vo growl
from Iho benefi
s of ra
pid in -
urn transportation
Have been ten years in St. Johns yet
riicy are always rilit up to the minute, Note a few of the standard
laics they represent. Tliey never let n
will only find the very highest class
guarantee. You cminot lose at (Jama's because yon always nave a
come imcl:. J tut loot: over iiiik lineup tor coons aim see n you cotiui
possibly suggest another item that
Household Kcinediuti Squilib's
A. I). S., Nyal, Orioa, I'easlar, Hohsoa, Pnrola and Currin's. These
have no superiors.
Toilet Articles and I'erfuiaes
Court, Sanitol, Nyal, A. I). S. and
tig elegance and charm llieic are foremost.
Music Victrolas aad Ilrnaswicks, the only two phonographs that
we know ot taai arc maae complete
the largest and best equipped of any
make the home more habitable. They keep I'a and the boys there.
Kodaks Keep a picture record
Clocks Famous Wtmtlock always on tigk.
Watches Famous Ingersols. You know them.
Fens Waterman's Ideal.
I'eiicils Hversharp. ,
Stationery Colors and everything.
You have to watch Currin's for Drugs to appreciate what they are
doing for your health and comfort. They are with you and for you
and will put on 'anything for the good of this section of the city,
Major Hiram U. Welch, who
is a candidate for the Hcpuhli-
can noimiiatiou lor assessor ot
mmiiioman i.ouuiy to succeed
Henry 12. Heed, who is not a
I. IS ... ,
candidate for rc-clcclion. Major
Welch is now Chief Field Dep
uty in the Lounty Assessor s ol-
ficc and lias had long experi
ence as a valuation deputy, lie
promises, ift elected, efficient
and economical service. His
campaign slogan is "Long ex
perience in the Assessor's office
a sure guarantee or efficient
Horn hi Illinois on October
1201b, 1870, Major Welch came
lo Lebanon. Oregon, wilii his
parents in 1881. Ho was edu
cated in the politic schools and
Willamette University. Ho came
(o Porlland in 1800, first en
gaging in Hie machinery busi
ness, and later entering Hie
service of the county.
His military career began
twenty-six years nun when he
euiisicd as a private in tne la-
. . M
Minus Hallery A, Field Artillery,
ol me urouon National uuard.
In Iho Spanish-American war lie
served as second lieutenant of
the hallery. lie was chosen cap
tain of Hallery A in 1808, and
alter serving in tiiat capacity
lor sixteen years lie resigned.
Following his resignation lie
was appointed minor in the iu-
siicclor-gcnerars department of
Hie .National (ittard by doveruor
Wllhvcomhe. and ns such wns
called into service during (he
Mexican (rouble in 101(1.
When Iho United Stales en
tered llie world war. Major
Welch volunteered his services,
allhough he was past the age
Html ol !; years. In Hie spring
ol MILS no was appointed eaii
lain of licit! artillery in Hit
National Army, and soul In
(lamp Jackson, S. (1. Suhsi
(luenlly, ho was transferred to
(lamp Taylor, Kentucky, and
promoted (o major.
will ho called upon lo hear their
'air share of the lax burden,
whereas al present they do nol
pay one eenl for such benefits.
It was shown in the hearings
holorc the C.ilv Council that
some of Hie big business iutor-
esls ahsoluloly depended upon
street car service lor their pros
perils- and that I hey could not
exist (10 days without such serv
ice, ami yet Ihey did not con
tribute one cent toward main
laiiiiug this service.
From this fact, too, therefore,
il seems thai the only Hung that
llie small lax-payer and proper-
ly-owuer can do il lie would
conserve his own interests is lo
vole anil work for Iho adoption
of all Ihreo of (hose measures.
It is only in this way that the
car-rider ami tho modest home
owner can got a smiarc deal and
be relieved of excessive burdens
thai rigidly should bo shared by
all (he tax-payers and nol by the
small ones alone, (.onlrihuled.
Seventh Church of Christ,
Scientist, will hold thoiraervicca
Stindny, May uth, In tlioir now
building, Cornor of Smith Ave,
nuo and Now York Street. An
nounceniont of tho formal open
ing will ho givon in thoao col
Minns lutor.
For Sale Dining room tablo
and four chairs, also good drca
nor. Call Columbia 770 at once.
Also rnngo for sale.
Wonn ROGERS Dollar Neek
for Drugs .
they nre as new as the newest.
ko taliiR k by I their store you
coods that nre sold on absolute
would improve it:
Chemicals, the standard of quality;
Spiehler, Melba, . Dejerkis, Garden
Currin's. For beauty utid preserv
in taeir own lactones, which are
in the world. These instruments
of your affairs to refer to in the
Open Stititlflj-s 2:15 to 11:00.
Mondays nnd SAttinlays onon nt 6:80.
Other ! nt 7:00.
Regular Admission Co, Uc, ISc.
Saturday, May 8th
The heat he has made In some tlmr.
Sundny, My Oth
TRAtiK A71Y0
A ripping story of the Texn harder,
from the fntuoiu -mum of the same
Monday nnd Tuclny, May 10 and 11
OI'FS." Also "Invisible Hand"
No. C.
Wednesday, May 12th-
"The I.ok of the I'-IU," n two reel
picture taken on the Ocriinin
that sank the I.ulsltanin. Thin U the
ical thiiiK, showing the Gorman Mill
marine warfare at It worst.
Thursday, May 13th
in "IIKR
l'rlday, May 1-ltli
The jilaee where jjmvd nervlct mnl
eon-Icon treatment pievall. Children')
hair cuttliiK receive niieclal attention.
A. M. Wanier
I'lionc Columbia M l.
Office 20H South Jersey.
Dr. Lewis J. Keliher
Peninsula Bank Blrig.
Consolidated with
Offico Phone Columbia 793
Private Operating Room
Frank A. Rice
Office In Peninsula Security .ulldliuj
Phone Cot. HH7 Itldcncn Cul. 1H'
For Sale
in St. Johns
Five room modern buugalow.
full concrete basement 2-lx l l , pip
cd for v,aa, wired for electricity,
fixtures all in, connected with w
cr, 800 llu. feet sewer, iiOO lin. feet
of sidewalk nnd cross walks around
this block and all paid, lata lioutk'.
barn, 21 fruit trees. This prupeity
is free and clear and will xive nood
terms to tinlit party. It must I
seen to he fully appreciated. S
J. S. Downey
933 N. Syracuse Street.
Tomato Plants
20c per dozen up
Cabbage Plants
15c (107... $1.00 par 100
Cauliflower, Pepper, Cel
ery, uucumber ana other
vegetable Plants at right
prices. Hanging Baskets
are now filled; make your se
lection early and have thorn
delivered later. Window
boxes filled to your order.
You are always welcome lo look
around these greenhouses.
Beckett's Greenhouses
814 and 816 North Kellogg Street
Phoit CtlumbU 401
St Johns Fair Store
Highest Quality and Lowest Prices
Toys a Specialty
207 N. Jersey St. Phone Col.839