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The St.Johna Community Club
hclda most enjoyable session at
the club houso of tho Peninsula
Lumbor Company Tuesday oven
, inir, making tho trip by auto.
The members met at1 tho Penin
sula Bank corner and nutos in
abundance wero on hand to
transport them to thoclub.houso.
Thomas Autzen was in charge
of transportation, which was
assurance in itself that every
member would be well lookod
Tho trin to tho Peninsula club
rooms was made at the invitation
of Mr. 1 C. Knapp, who proved
a royal ontortainer as well as
abundant nrovidor. Upon ar
rival at tho club houso tho guests
wore condpeted to tho Peninsula
hotel, where a real banquet was
Barred at 1 10 expense of Mr.
Knapp. Tho tables woro fairly
groaning with good things, in
rliidincr meats, salads, uicklea
nlnm chowder, cakes, coffee,
friiit.ico cream and othor ac
cosBories. It is needless . to
savl that tho St. Johns aggro
iration did ample justice to the
nnnotizinir feast, as tho ride in
tho ovening air placed avory one
in tho pronor framo of mind to
tako caro of everything in sight.
Tho culinary department of tho
hotel, is to bo congratulated upon
tho Bplondfcl dinner and tho man
nor in which it wns prepared
and served. Wo understand thofe
wero 232 at tho tables, which
necessitated dining in relays.
After all had dined and inspec
tion was made of the fino club
house, which was erected by the
Peninsula Lumber company for
tho boneft and entertainment or
tho cmployps. tno guests as
sembled in the auditorium and
nncl onioved aovoral wall ren
dared and enjoyablo selections
hv tho houso or
chestra, after which tho mooting
was called to order by rrosiuent
Monahan. As tho tho secro
tarv. Miss Edith Uoworu, was
'absont attending tho wedding, of
n s ster n Snoknne. Mrs. mow
acted an secretary in her stead.
After tho minutes of tho pro-
vious mooting had been read and
nnnroved. Mr. Mohatian cnuoci
upon tho park committee for re
port Chairman of tho commit
tee, Dow Walker, responded and
Hfntofl thnt a delegation had vis
itcd city council at its mooting
on Wednesday of last week,when
it was agreed that mora ground
than was contained in tho Caples
tract was needed. Later in tho
week, Mr. Walker stated, he
was called up by Commissioners
and aikcd if two moro blocks
woro added to tho Caples tract
if It would bo satisfactory, and
Mr. Walker replied that it would
scarcely bo onough yet. Then
ho was asked if three blocks
would bo satisfactory and Mr.
Walker rosponded that so far as
ho was individually concerned
it would. Mr. Walker stated
that tho three additional blocks
proposed aro double blocks and
would total something over
seventeen acres and extending
from Lombard street to Hudson
and from Tyler to Buchanan,
that it was the intention to mako
Central avonuo a dividing lino
with the Lombard Ptroet side
to bo utilized for playground
and' picnic purposes and the rear
given over to athletics. Tho
purchase of this amend
ed, ho said, would necessitate
the purchase of nine houses,
which could be salvaged, and
that three short streets would
neceisarily have to be vacated.
Mr. Walker, in comparing the
Caples and the Nicholas tracts,
said that around thajormerni
005 Buah 4. Lans Bldo.
013 Alnsworth Ava.
410 Oawago St.
HTHE story of the Brunswick Method of
Reproduction is to music lovers
"The Sweetest Story Ever Told." For it
is the story or true music.
The Brunswick Phonograph once
heard adds another admirer to the
millions. Of its handsome design
and beauty of case finishes there is
highest praise.
Hear The Brunrwiek today.
you agree that it is the moit
T P H i Mil liBII III!
about $7500 worth of sidewalks
whilet'here were none at the lat
ter, and that water was piped
to tno uapios tract and not to
tho -Nicholas tract.
Mr. Walker
said that if we secured the Ca
pies trnct as augmented wo
would have tho best in the city
in ins estimation, lie advised
that a large delegation attend
the council meeting the follow
ing morning, when tho mirk
question was to bo definitely
settled. No objections boincr
manitesteu, Mr. Walker's report
was accepted and it was agreed
that a fair sized delegation would
attend tho council session. R
D. Powell stated that ho had
walked over the proposed now
Caples tract and estimated that
tho proposed addition would give
uuxyzu icct additional ground
und lie counted fifteen houses
and two shacks on tho site.
Mr. Jones of the police com
mittcc reported Unit tho com
mittco wus still attempting to
secure some action.
Chairman Monahan mado n
plea that all not registered should
do so at once, that it was a duty
nono should pass up. Ho said
tho Peninsula should show its
full voting strength, us tho Iar
gcr tho vote tho greater would
bo tho influence that it could
wield. Ho also called attention
to tho Boy Scout meeting in the
Christian church Sunday ovon
ing. more definite information
concerning which appears else
where in this paper.
A numbur of interesting com
munications wero read that gavq
evidence of tho good work the
club is doing. Mr. Knapp, in
response to an invitation of Mr.
Monahan .to mako a few romurks
concerning tho Peninsula, stated
that it was not necassarv any
more to talk nuouttnol'oninsula.
that it passed tho slago whero
boosting it is essential, that it
now stands on us own icot. no
said thcro woro going to bo somo
bier Industries located on the
Peninsula in the near iuturoand
that t will grow rapidly. Mr.
Monahan responded to his re
marks in a neat little talk.
Mr. Knapp was given a rising
voto of thanks for tho his do-
ightful hospitality and gener
Mrs. J. iu. Shaw, owing to
-tho fact that her timois too fully
occuu ed tu .servo lonircr. ten
dered hor resignation as treasur
er of tho club, which wns accep
ted with regret. Mrs. W. L.
Montgomery was selected to fill
the vacancy. Mrs. Shaw was
given n voto of thanks for hor
clficient service
Mrd. Durham reported that
a report on tho "city beadtifulU
would be ready for next meetinr
nicht. An invitation wns given
to nil to attend n lecture on land
scape gardoning by Prof. Peck
of tho 0. A. C. nt tho library
Friday evening, April ICth.
Sorgeant Crane stated that tho
St. Johns firo dnpartmont had
just received a new triple com-
b nation firo engino, which ho
said was something unusual, as
suburbs as a rulo receive ap
paratus only after it has been
outgrown or discarded by the
west side departments, it was
decided to send tho commissio
ners a resolution of thanks for
thus treating us bo nicely. Tho
new firo npparahis wn9 socurod
argeiy inrougu. mo uiions qi
Capt. Stark ot tho local depart
ment, and he was called upon
for a speech. Ho said the new
ongina was as good as any in
ho U. S.
Seraeant Crano favored the
audience with two beautiful voc-
selectiono. Mrs. G. M. Hall
gave two recitations in her own
pleasing stylo that captivated
Main reao
Woodlawn 2002
Columbia 064
See if
iii iTrlpEI"
At what is expected to be tho
piggost meeting of its kind over
hold in St. Johns, James E.
Brockway. Boy Scout Executive,
and W. T. Fletcher, Principal
James John High School, will
bring homo tho facts of juveni
welfare beforo a mass meeting
of parents and adults at tho
Christian church. Central avo
nuo and Oswego street, Sunday
night. April 11, at 7:30. Tho
Christian. Evangelical, Method
1st, Congregational nnd Baptist
churches aro making it n union
meeting. St. Johns lodges nro
endorsing it and sending officin
representatives. I ho bt. Johns
Community Club, the Bachelors'
Club, tho Y. W. C. A. and oth
or organizations aro behind it.
Tho meeting should go u long
way toward heading un a con
structivc plan for boy and girl
wolfaro in St. Johns. It comes
at tho right time. There novcr
wns u time when tho community
is pulling together as it is now.
In the midst of our nrosnority
nnd expansion wc mustn't forgot
thnt tho building of citizenship
is fundamental. There possibly
should bo n committee in tho
Community Club chosen espcci
ally to bo on tho lookout for what
is best for tho boys and girls of
bt. Johns. Thoro nro to be
various fon hires on tho program,
out tho presenco alone of these
two prominent mon. experts in
their callings, should pack tho
church. No admission is char
ged. Fathers, mothers and other
adults, attend.
tho audtoncc. Miss Adalaidn
hffgmnn rendered two f no solos
that wero heartily enjoyed.
Tho membership committee
reported fifty-two now members,
making a total of 239. F. C.
nnpp was mado an honorary
Adjournment then occurrod to
meet two weeks Inter in the lib
rnry. Tho balance of tho ovon-
ng wns then given over todanc
ng, which wns enjoyed by a
argo number of the members,
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BanX of Commerce Building ST. JOHNS Open Evenings l
St. Johns Undertaking Go.
OTH08. GRICE, Manager
208 North Jersey Street
Office, Columbia 527 PHONES Residence, Columbia 299
This is not a branch of any city undertaker's
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Attorney F. A, Rice
Room 4
Peninsula Security Bdg
Monday, April 12lh, is
the last day to register in
St. Johns. All who have
not voted in the last two
years or changed their res
idence must register anew.
Office open evenings.
Miss Alice Rnssibecamo the
hrido of Mr. Dick Uowlov Mon
day evening at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Rassi. The cere
mony was performed by Rev.
Layton, pastor of tho Evangel
ical church. Guo3ts include'!
Mr. Ray Vanderbeck. who acted
us best 'man, nnd tho hitter's
wifo. and bride's father mu
mother, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Rassi
Miss Alma Rassi. who sorvct
as bridesmnid, Mrs. Wm. Row
ley and Miss Gertio Rowley,
mother nnd sister of the groom.
from Gorvis: Mr. bam Connru
and Mrs. E. Corbettof this city,
Viola and Catherine Rassi. and
Alfred Howley. The hrido was
dressed in blue silk taffeta,
wearing u largo bridal bomiot.
Upon their return to Portland
from their honeymoon trip Mr.
and Mrs. Dick Howley will
mako their home in St. Johns.
Tho young couplu is woll known
n St. JohriB and their many
friends wish them a long, happy
By P. J. Kupfor.
April 12 is tho latest date
which fiominntinR petitions or
tleclnrntioii8 of candidacy for
election to national and stntaof
fices, judges of tho circuit court,
I district attorneys, stato senators
!nnd representatives shall bo
filed with tho sccrotary of stato
I April the 17th is tho last day for
filing for county offices and
district and precinct offices wit
tho county clerk.
According to tho above dates
for candidates to declare them
selves for office, wo aro of tho
opinion thnt this week will find
ovory one who is inclined to run
for office ready to jump into the
Among tnosc wiio aro now
playing tho martyr for human
ity's sake wo might mention
few of them as to their nunlifi
cations, o'tc. For Secretary of
State thcro are now four candi
dates in tho field, in fooling
out tho sontimcnt ' off hand'
thoro seems to be tho genera
opinion that Mr. Shulderman
will bo tho leading man in tho
the race. Being a resident of
Portland all his life, ho has
naturally made many friends and
nartng been corporation com
missioner for six years makes
him u very formidablo opponent.
I would not bo surprisod but thnt
ho will carry tho stato by an
overwhelming majority.
"Tom" Swesnoy has nnnounc
ed himself for Congressman and
I anticipate a pretty warm timo
in tho next fow weeks. Ah
understand, "Pat McArthur is
coming out to personally super
viae his campaign and has givon
advance notice to all hiu old
henchmen to keep hands off.
When Pat gets hot under tho
collar and makes up his mind to
wako up. look out for tho firo
works. Eugene Smith has ulso
begun to meander around tho
different clubs and organizations
expound nor- his views on tho
dilutory methods of office hold
ers und congressman in parti
ular. A littlo later wo will
have a hotter "insight" of who
may bo tho successful candidato
for this insignificant office. It
scorns that candidates shy for
congressional honors. Wo can
not fathom tho reason unless it
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Beckett's Greenhouses
814 and 816 North Kellogg Street
Phoic Caiurabla 401
rank A. Rice
fflce in Peninsula Security Building
Phone Col. 887 Raaldonoo Col. 389
A. M. Warner
Phone Columbia M4.
Office 208 South Jersey,
. 1 U..J-. l"l - ml,
is tho II. C. L., as only a paltry
salary is attached to it and it
costs just as much in Washington
for a connressman to livo as it
docs a senator.
Congratulations to our old
friends "Hob" Stanfiold and
"Gcorffo" Chamberlain. No
worry and a "pipe-cinch." Tho
votar will have somo difficulty
in extracting the humor out of
his ballot when it cornea to cast
ing his or her vote.
.In previous letter wo hinteds
at certain candidates who havo
a stock of "slogans" on hand to
bum foozle tho public, but wo
havo come across a good one
this timo that 1 bcliovo is meant
with sincerity and honosty.
It's by William A. Cadwoll, who
is n ropublican candidato for
assessor. Ho states on his cards
that ho will work for lower tax
es and fair assessments. If he
will do that and Bhow his uood
faith ho ought tobeelccUd. Mr.
CadTTolI is well known through
out tho county and ho intends to
mako it pretty lively for his
John IS. Kelly. Mr. Muck, tho
proscnt incumbent, and Mr.
Chas. Huduen ar goint to mix
up matters very seriously, no
I understand, for the oftico of
county commissioner. Why
this should be auk mo not. Thar
aliot much salary attached to
this office, but thoro is great
deal of work, which theso gentle
men arc and havo bean doing
most all of their lives. In fact
they "eat-lt-un." and osuecinlly
Mr. Hudson, who is tha best of
nil of them whon it comas to eat
ing raw meat. Mr. Kelly iu a
vory nlfnblo gentlonun and
would make n cood commiss
ioner. Mr. Muck has been on
tho job all tho time, oo ha says.
ami if that is tho caio ho likes
tho work moro than ho doo tho
salary. Mr. Kudcon i one of
tho most energetic citizens in
Portland and durinr hiu rostd
enco hero hni accumulated quite
a fortune. Ila dots not care for
tha salary but hai certain ideas
n his mind which ho wants to
enrry out for tho benefit of tho
nubile welfare. Mr. Kudean
taa been successful and in nil of
lis undertaking in bus ncss has
mado it a ml lo play the game
lonest and above board.
Stanley Meyers, tho denuty
city attorney, is going to get at
tor Walter Evans' icxlp. Ho
isu announcod himiclf as
candidate for tho republican
nomination of district attorney.
Stnnloy is n pretty good chap
and knows his profession. lie
iti had coniidorabl experlonc
n municipal matters and in cane
te should beat Mr.Kvani to it in
irimariea it will be of groat ad
vantage to him in tho now office
Mr. Evans hai had two terms
and has made good in every ros
pect. iio l an able lawyer and
most attentive to his uiulneu.
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Mondays and Snturdiiys open nt 6:30.
Other dnys nt 7;00.""
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Saturday, April 10th
MUCH JOHNSON--l,nmntonnt.
Sunday, April 11th -
National production. Also n two
reel l.toyif comedy, "llitmplnj; Into
Monday nnd Tuesday, April 12 nnd 1(1
Sec announcement elsewhere
iu this issue.
Wednesday, April 14th
mount. Thursday nnd 1'riday, April 15 and 10
a 7 net Social.
Saturday, April 17th
Sunday, April 18th
INO?" TlicMimu Man who made
"231 Hoiiro Leave." They are ul
waysuood. Also Harold l.lnyil In
"His Royal SlyueM."
Monday and Tituitdny, April ID ami U0
Wednesday. April 21
IS WHITIf l'nnuitount.
Thursday and I'rtday, April 22 nuit Ull
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