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Purchase by tho city of the
Caples tract in tho Peninsula
district as an aaaiwon io uiu jm
Byatem was blocked at Wednes
day morning's council meeting
when a largo delegation headed
by Dow V. Walker appeared in
protest. Tho protest was based
..., the, r1n!m thnt tho Canles
tract was not of suf ficient area
to accommodato tno uisinci, ami
t-ut- fntnntv.norn trnct nnioin-
in! the O.-W. U. R. N. rtahLof
way was more desirable. Walker
and IT. U. Knapp wuru mo iu mi-
:i nnnnlnra rnnrnsflntintr the
delegation against Commissioner
Pier SProposCU oruiiiiuiuu w imr
uan fim tiot. C. J. Anderson
was tho lone advocato in favor
of tho purchase. anciorson
.. nhnrircd that the big business
5nff.rn.qta in tho North Portland
Kafriph wnrn attomnting to
switch tho deal to selfish pur
Tim mmmnn nfnnlo. he
nnid. ' who really desired the
tract, woro at work and unablo
to appear before tho council and
atatothoir sido of tho matter.
Pier's ordinance was finally re
ferred for furthor investigation.
F. C. Knapp, prosidont of the
Dininniiin T.nmhnr fyunrmnv. in
favoring tho purchnaa of a larger
tract. Bald, "i wwn mwiu
- tell tho mayor and council some
of tho things 1 know but upon
which I am pledged to secrecy.
TTim mttanlf linWQVCr. I Cnn SUV
till It.uv...,
that I expect to employ 500 more
men at my pinncaionowumu me
year and that 1 am scoking a
location on tho peninsula for an
industry which if located thcro
will employ 1C00 men. "In talk
ing with the superintendent of
tho Western Union Telograph
company tho other day, I learned
that the Westorn Union consid
i aidora Portland as in first posi
tion an a progressing manufac
turing and industrial contor, and
seriously expects this city to
pass Scattlo in tho very near
future "I learned that this
compnny nlono has appropriated
$12,000,000 for improvements to
its Bjstom in tho Northwest,
and that $10,000,000 of this a
mount ia expocted to go for n
China cable, with tho woit coast
end at Portland or an Oregon sea
port." Telegram.
,Tho Standard Oil Company is
constructing an oil filling station
on 'tho Learned tract at tho in
tersection of Jersey, Richmond
and Columbia boulovard. The
realty building thnt formerly
occupied tho Hito Us been re
moved noarer the French block.
A contract for tho construction
of Pier No. 5 at Municipal Tor.
minal No.4 was awarded Wednes
day by the Public Dock Com
mission to A. Guthrie & Co. for
$37,805. This pier is boing con
structed to caro for tho im
mense shipments of potash from
Idaho, which will bo transferred
hero to vessels for the Orient. A
covered conveyer will be built to
carry tho potash from tho cars
to bins, from which It will bo
loaded to tho ships.
Mr. Harold H. Hookham and
Mrs. Annie L. Oliver, both of
this city, were united in marriage
on March 20, 1920. Tho, bride
was gowned in blue silk and
wore a beautiful boquot of bridal
roses and ferns. A large num
ber of friends and relatives wero
present at their reception. They
received many very appropriate
and useful presents, Tho newly
married couple will reside at 525
E. Mohawk street at present.
Wo wish them prosperity and
Through tho transfer of 83
membori of tho supply and
sales division of the emergency
fleet corporation from tho North
west National Bank building to
the St. Johns concentration
warohouse of tho organization,
tho family ot workers at St.
Johns hns boon increased 250 per
son. I ho concentration yard
was formerly the plant of tho
urant smith-l'ortor Ship com
pany and, while it nnnears n tie
cidedly busy place at present, tho
working strength is nut to be
compared with that during the
height of ship construction there.
when 67G0 person woro on tho
payroll. That was in September,
1918. Many of tho sale and sun-
ply division employes aro women
and already they have formed
coffee clubs." where they Ra
ther at noon, while most of the
men hio themselves to tho ton
of tho hill for lunch. It is un
derstood a number of tho male
contingent have applied for mem
bershin in tho clubs and p an on
taking part in noon debates on
fashions and similar tonics that
have so far been featured. The
sales forco has been at tho yard
ono wcok, and already thcro has
been a decided stir in tho dis
position of surplus mntcrial and
equipment there. Sales for tho
week on the coast reached ap
proximately $2,500,000 and of
this amount slightly moro thnn
half was takon In by tho St.
Johns office. San Francisco and
Scattlo oflices about dividing
honors. -Journal.
F.Hnb TTntrnrnf rnm In nrnnMinr
a residence at 20G E. Edison
Buyers waiting! List your
houses with us for sale. Wo
haro the buyers waiting. S. C.
Cook, 402 N. Jersey stroet.
A man who doesn't advertiao
is like a young fellow winking
nt his girl in tho dark. He
knows what ho id doing but tho
girl doesn't.
Tho now parking signs on
Jersey street hnvo caused con
siderable grief among tho auto
mobilists in tho St. Johns dis
trict who hnvo had an especial
ikintrfor that particular locality
nsn parking plnco. As a result
red tags hnvo been placed in a
numborof machines an tho own
ers hnvo journeyed to Second
tnu Oak to make explanations.
Parking on the wrong sidoof
tho street is another habit which
officers aro correcting.
Mrs. J. Blair entertained tho
Pollyanna club at noon luncheon
Innh I'rlilnv nt hor homo. 313
North Smith avenue. The after
noon wns spent in doing fancy
work and sawing. Airs. u. i.
Rntriwin. Mrs. F. W. Houehton.
Mrs, J. F. Gorman, Mrs. II. O.
Brown, Mrs. R. Norris, Mrs.
George Currior, Mrs. J. G. Haw
kins, airs. i. l'. Moyor, Mrs.
P. W. firiswold. Mra. II. M.
Fassott and Mrs. Casteel were
Tho St. Johns Community club
will enjoy the hospitality of M
F. C. Knapp and associates at
the Poninsula Lumber Company
club rooms next Tuesday even
ing. Auto transportation win
be Droided for all who wish to
attend. Thos. Autzen is chair
man of tho transportation com
mittee and will see that all aro
Drovidod with auto service.
Those desiring to attend aro re
quested to meet at tho Peninsula
National Bank corner betwoan
6 and'G:30 o'clock Tuesday evening.
60S Buh 4. Lana Bldg.
BIS Alneworth Avo.
410 Oiwcgo St.
ris aguish.
Main 7680
Woodlawn 2002
Columbia 604
'""THE story of the Brunswick Method
Reproduction is to music lovers
'The Sweetest Story Ever Told." For
is the story of true music.
The Brunswick Phonograph once
heard adds another admirer to the
millions. Of its handsome design
and beauty of case finishes there is
highest praise.
flcar The Brurwuiek today. See if
you agree that it is the most perfect.
liiii:iii':iiirftlll lli'mnr-i
f J r
in i i -f
Asst. School Supt. Rico was a
James John visitor Wednesday.
Friday and Monday aro all the
Easter vacation tho school re
ceives this year.
In tho Philathcnum meeting
Tuesday evoning tho methods for
securing moro honor points were
Among tho familiar Alumni
seen in tho halls this Easter
vacation of tho colleges have
been, Gordon Avery, Hazel
Green. Randolph and Edward
Howard, Margaret Nelson, and
John McGregor.
Mr. Flotcher wns greatly sur
prised on March 2G when the D.
S. Dept. prepared a delicious
birthday luncheon in his honor.
Covors woro laid for oightecn.
Tho guests were the faculty and
Mrs. Durham from tho Ponin
aula National Bank. The room
was tastefully decorated in tho
spring colors, green and yellow.
A birthday cako graced by dainty
candlos was a delicious testi
mony of tho culinary art of Miss
Von b mother.
Tho seniors hnvo decided on
"Engaged By Wednesday" for
tho class play to bo presented
on April 23-21. Tho lucky sen
iors who won places on tho cast
aro uhariottto Jones, Mabel;
Amanda Bloelc, Mary; Ella Ac
korman. Jnno: Lowis Clark, Ar
thur; Georgo Mikach. Dick;
Gertrudo Hanson. Mrs. Watson:
Sibyl Bugbcc, Miss Persons;
Alice Banbury, second girl;
Margory Moxson, Mario; vir-
ginn Dunsmoro, first girl; Her
nico Shaw, second gypsy; Idrys
Weimer, first gypsy; Frank
Hodges. Jack; Tom Wood. Fred:
Ruth Hoffman, Lucilo; Lind-
roff Skarr Martin; Messrs.
Getz and Bay aro tho concha.
If pop and good acting make of
play a success, no further
rccommondation for this play
and enstnre noeded.
March is tho month of birth-
dnya among tho faculty, as Mr.
Fletcher, Air. Campbell, Mrs.
Johnson and Miss Rundall cele
brated their birthdays.-C. A.W.
A. A. Muck filed today his
declaration as candidate for ro
election as CountyC'ommissioncr.
Mr. Muck has made good during
hi3 present term and is deserv
ing of another. Tho people of
St. Johns and the lower penin
sula in general, as well as tho
district across the river, have
reason to feel well satisfied that
Mr. Muck has been a member of
tho Board of Commissioners for
tho past few years. Previous to
his election this part of tho coun
ty received but scant attention.
but sinco ho has. been in off ico
there can bo no complaint nloiur
that line. Just what his efforts
have produced for tho benefit of
this section will bo dwelt upon
in greater longth a littlo later
on. following is his declara
tion filed at Salnm:
If I am nominated and elected
I will during my term of office,
favor and enforce ono hundred
per cent Americanism in all de
partments of county govern
ment. Favor tho development of tho
budget Byatem to that tho peo
ple will be fully informed in re
gard to expenditures.
Dovoto my entire timo to tho
ofileo, as in tho past.
Continuo to discharge my
duties with officlcncy, courtesy
and economy.
Keep my off ico door open, as
1 hnvo sinco I becamo County
Commissioner, ao thnt people
having business with me may
consult mo without delay.
Favor reduction of cost of
govcrnmont by consolidation of
conflicting activities.
Favor Homo Labor and Homo
Favor enforcement of law.
Slogan: Presont County Com
missioner. Always on tho Job.
Continued Good Service.
Laurolwood Rubckah lodeo
held initiation at its regular
meeting in the I. O. O. F. hnll
Wednesday oroninir.Mnrch 24th.
Tho now members aro John
Korli, Miss Ircno Jencks and
Mrs. Birdiu Swarthout. Tho
Indgo is making a steady growth.
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Bank of Commerce Building ST. JOHNS Open Evenings
St.Johns Undertaking Go.
THOS. GRICE, Manager
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This is not a branch of any cily undertaker's
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If you believe I'm sawing
wood as well air any follow could,
hand me nword of nraiso: with
out encouragement 1 feol I vainly
nly the maty steel, and wa9te
my toilsome dnys. But if you
say, "You are a peach 1 Tho way
you saw your elm nnd beech is
Bimply out of sight," my heart
...hi .1... 1 .
wiui grauiuuo ib warm, now
energy iB in my form, l know
tho world's all right. Wlion 1
hnvo nut my saw away, to rest
forover and a day. no doubt
you will como along and viow
my pile of ash and oak, and
sigh. "Alas, that ho should
croak, so patient, bravo and
strong! I watched him sawing,
year by year, and always meant
to grab his ear, and whisper
something nico; but ore I could
my messngo say, thoy boro his
work worn frnmo away nnd
placed it on ice." And thus
wo'ro always heaving sighs,
when somogood friend or neigh
bor dies; wo're fillod with wild
rogrot, becauso wo breathed no
word of cheer into his tired and
sagging ear, when ho was with
us yet. When someono dies we
nil unito to make his character
seem white, without tho slight
est flaw; wo glvo his virtues
quite a boom but he can't sit
up in tho tomb with laughtor
nnd applouoo. Walt Mason.
Wo are boosting good old St.
Johns becnuso wo lovo it. By
tho way, what is lovo? Love
is the root of all that is good nnd
evil. Nothing can bo dono
without lovo that ii dono. Lovo
is tho greatest power on tho
earth. Tho ovil man docs ovil
things becnuso ho lovea to; tho
good man does good becauso he
loves to do good. Without Ioyo
thoro would bo nothing done.
Groat men love to bo groat be
cause it is great to lovo. If a
man hates his brother it ii bo
caiiHO no loves to hate, and if
ho didn't lovo to hate ho would
surely love. Earl Wood, Booster.
Septletu wero born last weok
to the wife of Jesus Lopez, n
private in tho Moxicnn army.
Tho nrrivals nro throe girli and
four boys, woighing about two
pounds nplcco, and each perfectly
developed in every rcapuct. It
is boliovod that this blow at
rnco suicido is unprecedented
in nny country.
One Good Thing
After Another
Is offered hero. When thcro
is anything new and good
in the way of paint wo have
it here first. And if a price
concession is to be had wo
get that, too, and pass it
along to you. Come and see
what we offer right now.
Byerle & Armstrong
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Easter Lilies
Hydranjeas, Genistos, Cin
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Flowering Pot Plants at rea
sonable prices.
Select your Easter Plants
now and I will deliver accord
ing to your instructions.
Your iuspectiou invited.
Beckett's Greenhouses
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Phoie aiurabli 401
Frank A. Rice
Office in Peninsula Security Building
Phone Col. 887 RosJdenc Col. 389
A. M. Warner
Phone Columbia M l.
Office 208 South Jersey.
Written by a St. Johns lady
When tho pttMy willows come agnln
In thnt beautiful suggestion of spring,
'Will our homes nil be the same,
Or will it sorrow to some bring?
01 the beautiful coming of spring,
We nil look forwnnl to,
May it happiness to all bring
llccausc sorrow wont do.
Wc all look for the first peep of tho
pussy willow,
As wc know what that mentis;
It is n coming of the beautiful spring
Wc have hud in our dfcauis.
So wc dream of the springtime in life
w licit wc cxpcci to mm as me pussy
Wc do not count on the strife,
Aim pcrimpi being thrown on tho
Wo all look forward to happtness,
We do not count on the sorrow
We nil KfnP for the ulsdness
Aim sorrow lest not hare biiu borrow.
Let's like the pussj willow any way bloom
Ami make all times a snrtm: time:
Tnke nway ns much as we can of gloom,
As we walk down the lile ot time.
The young girl and bor too,
Isn't It a joy to sec them,
in (tic springtime ot uie as they go.
with no inoughtoi sorrow or condemn.
Soon to men and women they grow,
To take up tin duties of life;
May it all be a springtime as they go.
aiiu tney ncter know sorrow or striie.
Mow as we meet those dear lives,
With the spriugtlme passad;
May wc throw thonghts of the higher,
That will intuit tlieut to the last.
Those lives too with th spring,
ui earth almost gone,
Uut the heaven of the springtime,
just beginning to uawu.
They can feel the heavenly springtime,
as it draws near to them,
And sends a gleam of eternal time,
Which is n rtit and liappiuesa to all
of them.
And now on the ere of life,
They have from th earth gone,
May it have been to them,
Just on happy song.
In heaven It Is all song
And happiness too,
If wc have lived good lives
And did all tlic good we could do,
So Just make your life tiers
A springtime to nil you meet,
You will llud when you cater 111 gates
ot heaven
To all it has been so sweet.
God in his goodness gava us springtlm
That happiness to look torward K,
May In return n good Ufa yon have lived,
i lint is the best oua can do.
It, W. II.
Over five thousand mothers
uml 21.G51 children in the Uni
ted States ware irlvcn health
restoring uutnmcr outings by
th Salvation Army iaat your.
Mm. K. L. Hosso arrived laat
week from Lincoln, Neb., and
will spend the Biimmor with her
sistor, Mrs. J. Konea, 318 Hart
man stroet.
French Dry Cleaning
And Pressing
Wo Onll Jfoa eid DoUvov
217 N. Jersey St.
Phone Columbia 951
Why the Electric Cleaner
There is really no cotapsrlso
bstween tin aid thorough,
ness with which an niwtrla
Cleaner removed dirt and tke
difficulty of sweeping.
True, one CAN clsan rars sad
carpsts without aa lacUia
cleaner, A broom or aarptt
sweeper will brush up ROHK
of tht dirt; and If jou like the
exercise and have plenty of time
and strength a broom and carp,
et beater will do the work a flee
a fashion,
In the aatue way one aan
wash without soap. Watar a.
lone will remove some dirt if
applied with enough "elbow
Hut people tis soap beaau
it cleans more enslly aud butter
than water alone.
I'or the nine ritason poplo
use JMectric Clcauers because
they clean more eaillv and far
better than other uiethoJe,
Portland Railway
Light & Power Company
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OtMsn .Sundays 2:15 to 11:00.
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Other days nt 7;00.
Regular Admission 6c, 11c, ICo.
Saturday, April 10th
MUCH JOHNSON" Paramount,
Sunday, April 11th
National production. Also a two
reel Lloyd comedy, "Bumping Into
Monday and Tuesday, April 12 nnd 111
Sec announcement elsewhere
in this issue.
Wednesday, April 14th
Thursday nnd I'riday, April 15 nud lfi
a 7 act Special.
Saturday, April 17th
lltttie CASTLE 111 "THH IN 110NI)" l'iirmnotint.
Sunday, April 18th
INO?" The anine stars who made
"234 Hour Leave." They nro nl
ways irood. Also Harold Llovil in
"Ills Royal Slyness."
Monday and Tuesday, April 11) mid U0
Wednesday. April 21
IS W1HTK" lMniiiiouiit.
Thursday uml I'riday, April 2 nud lit
rumen uitf special
By ZANIl ORHY. You will like It.
Saturday, April 24th-
Sunday, April 2filh
MAN." ami Al St. John hi u 2 ucl
comedy, "Speed."
Monday nud TiuiMUy, April Ud and IT-
INO HIT Tlllt Tltl'TH."
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Tires Yourself
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Johns; terms. See 1. II, TKNNANT,
Vhoue Columbia 330.