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Deserves Your Support
What does the opecial two
mill tax 'avy moan to the resi
dents ci St. Johns nnd the Pen
insula? This question has huen
propounded by many voters who
are interested in Portland in
general, but in the Peninsula
and St. Johns districts in par
ticular. City Commissioner Pier,
in charge of the department of
finance and paries, answers the
question in the following inter
view: "There are perhaps few dis
tricts in Portland so vitally con
cerned with tha succesa of the
special two mill tax levy as are
the people of St. Johns and the
Peninsula districts. While it is
true that the entire city is in
many ways equally as interested,
or affected by tho measure, it
must bo rcmoiTibcrcd that at the
present time St. Johns is faced
trith polico protection which is
inadequate. This is true of the
entire city, but tho separation of
the St. Johns district from the
city proper makes it even more
aurious in your diHtrict.
Tne inadequate police pro
toction, I find, is due to the
lack of men in tho department.
Mora mon cannot lie placed in
tho department unless the city
has additional rovonuo to pay
tho bill. There is no doubt but
should tho present two mill tax
levy bo defeated that the polico
department, already far too
small to covor tho city of Port
land, must oe reduced, and in a
reduction each portion of the
city will naturally sulfur.
"Another connection with tho
two mill measure and your dis
tricts come in the street lighting.
My observation in your ( sir ol
and reports which 1 have received
has convinced mo that many arc
lights aro necosuary in your din
trict. Hut unless tho two mill
measure is successful it will be
impussihlo to install additional
arc lights during tho coming
"Again tho failure of the vot
ers to approve tho mensuru will
result in tho postponement of it
large improvement program
which is to bo paid for by tho
property ownora benefited, but
which the city mint pay thocostn
of engineering and supervision.
This program will necessitalo
tho employment of Nevoral
thousand mon and can bo used t
handle any possible unemploy
ment problem which might arise
In tho city.
"And spoakingof employment
should bring to tho mind of
uvory voter that the defeat of the
two mill measure will result in
tho closing of tho federal em
ployment bureau in Portland.
This bureau has hcon operated
by tho government, but fin
ancial uupport from tho govern-
The North school has a daily
attendance of more than 300 pu
pils. Eleanore, Wilfred and Al'ce
Zink, children of Mr. J. Zink,
entered school this week.
Mr. Boyer mado us a pleasant
visit last week. Miss Ruifi's
room made the highest grade in
Mrs. Tennant and her two
little boyb spent the afternoon
with our popular first primary
teacher, Miss O'Brien.
One of our recent visitor? was
Mr. D. C. Lewis, who talked to
the advanced grades on the life
of Theodore Roosevelt.
Emma and Edward Kiehl have
been perfect in attondancc,
though they como each day from
Irv mrton. They wis i to com
nlcte tho eighth grade in the
school where once they were be
The Frances Willnrd Memorial
services were held in North
school recently. An appropriate
address on the life of the great
founder of tho W. C. T. U. was
given by Mrs. Turrcll. Miss
Stevens spoke of a visit to tho
grave of Frances Willard at Hose
hill, Chicago.
Who is the ,irty that wanted
chicken ranch In St. Johns?
l'lnc home of seven large rooms with
lariic lot; fruit and berries; a well locat
ed home. Price for this one J2G00; will
make you easy terms.
Three room house with lot 70x100, lo
cated on comer; streets improved and
sewer on street all paid. Price for this
one f'JGO. I'ny 35U cash, the balance
like rent,
Large seven room modern house with
100x110 foot comer lot, with fruit in
abundance, streets improved nnd paid.
Price J37G0: terms, fli)W cash, balance
can be easily urrauged.
mcnt has stopped. Unless the
two mill measure carries, tho
city of Portland will not have
funds to conduct the office.
"This employment servico is
far more essential now than it
has over been. Tho continuation
of such service means that the
man who is iaced with unem
ployment can obtain a job with
out cost, and that ho will not bo
forced to depend upon agencies
operated for profit for this ser
"Each taxpayer should re
member that the success of tho
two mill measure is essential,
that its success will mean less
than three coins a week added
cost to the average tapayer and
that, it should bo the duty of
uvory "100 per cent American"
to kuep up thostnndard of living
as a truo American citizen by
going to tho polls on November
12 and vote Yes."
Auto Gloves ?3.00.
Used Cnrs For Sale
Model 715 Overland, newly nvcilinulcil.
new top, ri'lNilllteil, Kjod lire, f 700.
1UI7 I'ntil, :' 1 eouililiim, fr.H0.
I'JIH Olilnimlilte 8, Kd condition, flKX)
107 I'eMendeii St.
New three room bttnenlow. has
toilet and electric liuhts, streets
Hunt, streets Un
paid. Price for this one
me $100 cush, the balance
The Store That Cares For You
Dry Goods and Shoes for Everybody
Try Chop Suey uuil Noodles ut imiimiIii
juice, Home made iMntry every day it t
'Tale ol Muilt," We aerve breiikMul
uuil dinner. )ii fioui II a. m. to 12
in.- iw j. jcraey Mreci.
Cloverland Creamery
Pasteurized Milk and Cream
Fresh Buttermilk Daily
SSSSSSSS- MMaJlMBaManaaanaMaaiiBSaiRMMBnaa
Phone Columbia 659
:: roniana Manufacturing lo.
,m a n r if a C t r r i ; r s ok
I Panels, Berry Boxes, Coffee Drums, Ex
celsior drape Boxes, Egg Case Slock,
and all kinds of Veneer
Sunset Cash Grocery
.4 - A ftaaaaav - O
m Philadelphia Street
Phono Columbia IMS
Beat Goods nt Lowest Cost to Consumer is our Motto
Jersey Belle Butter
73c Roll, 2 lb. Roll $1.45
If you are particular nliottt
your Hutter, Jersey Uelle will
Mi rely please you. Quality
guaranteed until you have
used the lost ounce.
Oakdale Butter
65c lb., 2 lb. Roll $1.30
Oakilnle is u very high
grade Hutter at u lower price
than Jersey Ucllu.niul is pleas
ing hundreds of families iti
St. Johns. Quality guarnn-teed.
Fuji Cream Cheese 35c per pound
Olympic Flour Crown Flour
Kb,jl ck 3'00 U I'M- sack $3.00
Hear Hraiul Flour $2.S5 per quarter bbl. sack
Extra Sui;ar Peas, Kic can, (5 cans for )0e
COFFEE 42c Pound
Regular 50c Coffee
Sunset Spec In 1 Hlend Cof
fee 35c lb. 3 lbs. $1.00
Why pay -10c for coffee tiot
us good?
proved nnd
$1000, Pay
like rent.
New four room modern bungalow.
best river view in tlic city, Imril surlnc
eti street nun eonnccteil witu sewer.
My price on lids one is f 21C0, on easy
How about this one? A 5 room home
with lot 37JxI00 ret with one of the
best river views in St. Johns. My price
lor tins one ssoti. Your terms ure mine.
Vou should sec this one.
l'ive room modern hunenlow. one of
the best in St. Johns, well located, close
III to Mulness center, lot is fiOxlOO.Mrcct
Improved and paid. My price for this
one 42800. Vou ti.iv fllOO ciuh. the bal-
mice like rent. You should sec this one
to iipprccintc it.
l'ive room modern houtc. fair condi
tion, I ii re tot fiOxlfiO feet, well located.
Price $1750; pny 12GU ensh, balance like
l'lvc loom modern buni'olow, a dandy
fitie location; streets Improved. Price I
$2000; nay me SfiOO eash. bid, like tent.
Nilly five room modern buiutnlow.
This is n new one. My price 2000, pay
1 700 cash, balance like rent.
l'ive room bungalow, except b.illi.wlth
100x100 corner lot, At location with im-l
proved street. My price f2IOO; pay $:tr0
casii, iKiinncc like rent,
I have many others to select from.
Call and allow me to show vou some of
215 N. Jersey St. Phone Columbia 2
Notice of Pinal Account
In the Circuit Court of thcStatcof
Oregon for the County of Multnomah,
III tne .-Matter ol tile estate ol Kolicrl
I'. MacDouidd. Deceased.
Willliiin Mac Donald, AdmliiUtrntor.
Notice U hereby given that iiudcrlguctl
us MilmlustrrUor of the Itstate id Robert
I. Mitel taiinlil, Decerned, has Med III ll
mil iiccouut In the Circuit Court of the
Slate of Oregon, for Mulluom.ih County.
nun uiai aiuuuay, iiicziintiityoi .mi vim
ncr, win, at tne uimr ol u.;iu o'clock in
tho forenoon of said day In the Court
Uoom of Mild Court has been ilisluuuteil
by Mid Court us the time mid place for
(he heariui' of objection thereto and the
settlement tiiereoi. urilcr lor puiillcn.
tfou made Oct. III. 1010. l-'irtt iiubllca
tlou October 17. 11)111.
1111 I lift! l . . IWtV'AI l i . I... I.. I
D.C. IiHWIS, Attorney (or AitiufnlMrnlor
J. ( Chambeu Mrs. II, It. liwry
Funeral Directors
2IH-2T.0 UlllliiKSwnrth Avenue
Telephones: WoodbuMi IWlMi C 1IU3
Mr. Chambers Is the only (V A, K,
undertaker In the city of Portland.
1'eiMiuid attention mid supcrvUion
Kiveu to urrrfiiKcmeut.
(. WXW.
In the Circuit Court of the .State of
OrcKon for the County of Multnomah,
I'ciiiusubi Hecutlty Comuiuy, mi Ore
jjon CorMinitlou, 1'biiiitilT, vs. 1'. V.
Ilrmlley and Avn llradley, his wife, Mil
ilreil Iiradley ami Hsther llriullcy. Ik
To V. V. Iiradley. Avn llradlev. Mib
iireu nrauiry mm itmiier nriuury
iii tne iiAiue ol tne Mate ol WrciMti
eacu in you are ueieity rcquiteit to op
H-ar in uie aixive euiitieii court ami mi
swer t lie complaint liletl aealuM yiu lu
the alKive entitliil suit, on or before tin
expiration of six weeks from the date of
I lu- hrt pubUcHliiuiof IhUsuuiiiHMis. the
date of lirst publication belli l Pild.iy.
September 2iilli, lUlt). If you fail to so
The Ccntemcri Gloves
Kid Gloves are high but
not any more so than is con
sistent with the price of
other wearing apparel. And
they make the very best of
gifts. Jot down in your list
for Christmas a pair of Cen
temeri Gloves
Infants Wear
You will dress your baby
well if you have nothing for
yourself. And the baby can
now bo dressed daintily and
comfortably right at our
store. Dresses, skirts, boot
ies, stockings, carriage pads,
carriage robes, baby blankets,
stork sheeting, stork pants,
knitted jackets, knitted caps
Yarns and Embroideries
To be busy is to be happy;
there is no unrest or unhapi
ncss with the girls who like
knitting or who like sewing
or embroidering. We like to
encourage that sort of thing;
you will realize that if you
read our advertising. And
because we like that sort of
thing we carry a stock con
sistent with our feelings.
The selection of yarns aro
varied enough so that a gar
ment can be knitted to please
most any one
You are planning a Thanksgiv
ing Dinner or party; you will
want to freshen your home for
the occasion.
Keeping the pace of the times we have stock
ed an unusual variety of Cretonnes, Marquisettes
and Scrims. Renewing these where now hang
the old draperies and window curtains will make
your home a happier occasion. The cost is not
too much; there is nothing particularly extrava
gant in our store but if you buy from us you
know you will have value and you know there is
no profiteering.
Racine Shirts for the Out-of-Door
Each year we have sold the
Racine Brand of Men's Flannel
Shirts has seen an increase in the
number of Shirts.
In the five years wo have held the St. Johns
Agency for the Kacino Shirts there has never
been a single complaint brought to our attention.
They are honestly made, honestly advertised and
honestly sold.
Boston Rubber Footwear
The Boston Brand of Rubbers
is a first quality rubber; they
have been sold from our store
for years.
Other brands have been tried out but wo have
always returned to tho Boston.
Price them at tho shoo stores over town and
then price them hero and see how much cheaper
they are here. For Men, Women, Girls, Boys
and little Tots
L. E. ROSE, Manager Men's Dept.
Just New
A new consignment of
Mai lory Hats is just here;
they are the very proper
shapes and colors. The Mal
lory is a standard medium
priced hat.
Umbrellas that are
The Umbrella handles are
changed this season. Add
distinction to yourself by
carrying one of the now
White Handled Rain or Sun
colored. Protect yourself
from the elements and lessen
the chance of the Flu
Warm Underwear
Right now is the time to
protect yourself from the
changes of weather. Warm
undergarments may save tho
call of a doctor, the loss of
work or the health of your
iipjHmr mid muwer, for want thereof, the
plaint, to wit:
uiutill will apply to the above entitled
court for the relief prayed for in its com.
I'or u judeiueiit aeaiut each of the de
fendant for 7M.00. with lnteret there-
on at n wr cent per annum I mm lull
lt, l'JIS, for the iutthcr sum of 100. 1
attorney' lees, mid cost, I'or the fore
closure of the plaintiff morlKnne ie-
corded .September UOth. 101L, in 1hkU
IS7, at pane 207. Record of Keal l'roier-
ty .iioriii;e oi .Mumiuimiii touuty, i)r
cKon, imunt l.oU 12, 13, U, lf, lu, mid
the .North ten (ID) u-et ol l.ot 17. in
lllock 12. lu Toiut View, now u the C tv
oi rortiHiui, .Moituomuii county, lire
Kou, unit to nave mm property bold us
iiui execution at law uud the Dnveedn
uppiivu o mc lMYineiii oi llie Junmenl
recovered in Mid suit or to the navuieiit
oi uie iiuieuiCiliiCM owlne; to tile plain
till uuil keeuied bv laid morli'iii'i- Thli
summon is served ninin you by nubllca-
inu in me .11. joiius Kevlew, a weekly
new simper of ceuerul circulation, mint
ed, published uud circulated in Multuo
mail County, State of Oreeou, pursuant
to an order of lion. Win. N. Oatens. one
oi tne jmiKesut the above eutttletlconit,
Mtil order was made ami entered on the
till day of September, 1910. uud re
ptiles this summons to be published in
Mid uuer for six coutccutive weeks
mul lues the date of the lust publication
September 20th, 1010, and requires you
u apiH'ur in uie unove eutiueii court
and uutwer s-'id complaint on or before
the expiration of six weeks from the
date ol the rlrt publication. September
;oiu. ivrj. will tie tne date ol the tirl
publication, and November 7tb. 1010.
will he the date of the but publication
of said summons.
Attorneys for the l'lalutill.
Residents of Oregon.
IWoOiee address, 1117 Hoard of Trade
tmtldiUK, Portland, Oregon,
(1 i6a
In lit Ciivuit C. .ut I he el Drnieti
ihc v uuuiy hi .Aiuiiuamaii. .
Uiy l.irlHiiuuii I'Uliilln, t I). C. Ka(i
ami AMMath Kunris, lilt wllr. I'lrt NsllMat
IhrnkulM luhu. aeumHllii. W.K. Ilekie,
IHIU. .11 IM.u W W. lluguii, N K VIUi.N. I
n iHuiiuiii AmtiK, itmui; uuiHr miner
IIk uauir ui tkHinuil AaUlk I.HHtbtr Comixii)'.
TaW K Il..klii2 K. K. Wallet. N. rt. IKhi-
Mil auj C. C A.Ml.
lu the name oi ih Mate el Otvuou .men ul vou
aic Itritby t4unr.l iapirr in tUt abtHrcmli
llrt euuit auil Die euni plaint filnl at;aiHt
MM iu Iter above rutillcil suit. tHl at tttlut c iht
riirli.iH ui iv urtka Irew I lie tiatr el h MM
H.WHali.'U .1 tin. .umiyiHia. the ilale ol nr.t
numicaiixu 1 1 way, Nci uwitr mil. WW
IttiHilail l m auuear ami answer. Ir Maul
tbitl tlic vUiutiM Hill atly to the aWetn
tulttliuuit tor tit, itllcl irncil lor In liervoHi-
imiui innii
I'or luiUim. ut auututt I) O. Kocrr autl A
lull! Kon. lot fjs oui, ullli luuir ttwieou at
lUr ralr ol - uer uul in?r auiiuw I row May win,
wi? Ilicluithrr um ol liMvo allot net. Ics.
aiul lirr n .i.iii.l tiiurMiueuta ami lor u ilcvrec
ileereeniK lul wliater tlltl. title or In
or claim to or in i. uihii the liereiualttr JrwttU-
eJ (uopeitv ili iniautsor auy ol them way !ue
ta Mipwiiutni in inue aim iHicrier tu rum to
Iitaiuim s liiulltui- ami (orecliMim; ti e l4iln
I tit) a moil.!.:, at .'ii.t ulll Lot. 1'tie. iu MloeV
lo tu .lliin AiUUiHiit. ami ..ot tine ami the
Soutlnn.tti .me lull ol Lot Pour In Hlotk 8ev
ciitcen ldiu. K hn AiUltiloti lo St John, all
no hi Hit m ,.i orilan'u, Multnomah County
iHroii n lu, ii kaul uiortiiaiic I. revvrJeU lu UuoV
Vt at liaue i. i lit-, .r.l'ol Keal rraiwftv Mott
Uiie Mullii.'uili Cuuuty, tiieiion. ami direct
mat Mia iuoikiu be sola as ueoti rxevulional
law ai'tt Hi.,l applleJ to the liuytuent ol
mm luoyiiiuu an.l ur sucu other lelitl as the
latuttn 1. 1 iitttie.l to in eiiutly. This suiuruous
K-rtetl upon ou Uy iiutHknllou In the St
kly uewsivaper ol c
iubllshel auJ clieula
Mulluoutah .OLint , Male ol Oregon iwrsuaut to
an outer oi I- u . i at ie w in. n. liaieus. one oi
the JuJcesol thealwiveeutltleU ejutl, s.tiJ orvler
as matte .iuj i utemlon the 14th ilayol SepUm
twr. 1414 uud it mines this summons to lie puh
lishrU iu uiJ iuir (or six couccutic ucek
aud rise the tluir .( drst puUicotlon. SeptcHtUr
asth. wisi ami leuulrea ou to aiuit In the
aUe euiuUil vouit amt answer saUt vomitlaiut
on or belote the rxpirutlon ol sis weeks Irom
the ilale ol the hut milill.-atlou. Seutemlier aftlh
ibi. win lie inc aaie 01 tne nrsi imoiKaiiou, auu
.Nwaitcr rih wilt be the date ol the last
91 39
0011 ciiwarsiimniioNv.yiuj), 2 cutis aoc, 5 11). 70c, 10 lb.
ocuuuer h Aiapie toyrup, lull tjuarts (55c, one-linlf f-ullon
ivu u ayiuii, uuik iv iu. can jij. U5; white 10 lb. can 1. 15
f " 55c; " 5 ' oOc
Royal Urntid lVautit Hutter, pur pound 20c
These prices good for Saturday and Monday Oniv
Fine line ol Vogan's Candies
- - CM.!, IX
Opiasito Contcnl School
U. Moauhan, IJrop.
IHtUIUatiou ol Mul summons.
Attorneys lor the 1'UiiiUll
UesMcuts ul Oregon.
lstoiiiee ajtlies.. u 17 Board ol Trade bulldlni;
Residents of St. Johns havini! taxes
uud eitv liens to iviy iu l'ortluud can
make their ivaviueiits without itieonveiii
euce iv uv.itiiite themselves ot our ser
vices. We will v Mine and secure your
receipt wniiout inconvenience to you.
l'ee, 25c Helerences: Any St. John
llanU 1'eiiiusula Title. Abstract ami
Kealty Co., by H. Heiideryon, Manager;
4Ctt North Jerey Street.
Portland and Oregon City
plannintr bridges across the
Willamette river.
The Home Mercantile Co.
Are Headquarters for all kinds of
Roofing and Building' Paper, Roof
Paint and Roofing Cements.
"Stop that leaky roof."
.See us for your Paints, Kolsomin
ing and all Building Material,
Also for Hay and Feed for your
cows and chickens.
Put in your winter's supply of
Coal and Briquets before the winter,
rains and bad roads, and save money.
See us for United States and Fire
stone Tires and Tubes.
Home Mercantile Co.
209 West: Burlington Street
.Knights and Ladies of Security
at. Johns Council 2775
KrfiuUr tmtltic mettluf; it anil jl Mondays.
Open iiuetlUK. lo the pulilie amt roe ruber lad
atidalh Mouiiaa. Vbilora anil member cor.
ilially luvilt.1 to attend at Ulckner Hall.
Barber Shop &
108 NJersey St
Portland tax levy 86 mills
against 79.1 mills for Seattle,
Transfer and Storage
We deliver good to and from all parts
of Portland , Vancouver, l.iunton and
surroundiiiR country. Tiano and furni.
ture uioviuK. l'bone Columbia 82.
109 Hast Hurllngton Street.
SLaurel Lodge, 1. 0, 0, F,
No, IBS. St. Johna. Oranon
.Meets each Monday eveniiiK in Odd l'el
Iowa hall nt 8:00. A cordial welcome to
all vifitlng brothers.
I'red Ha.kell, NO C. V. Dabl, V. O.
Joe K)UU Kic Bee. O, W. Noicne, fin. Sac.
St. Johns Camp No, 7546
Modern Wdodmen of America.
We heartily solicit the attendance of
our members at our regular mjetincs
every 2d anil 4th Thursday evening,
A. I.. Marcy, Irvin Grouiarhey, Cleric
Consul, . 010 N. Svracuse.
Meets every I'ridav night at
7:30 o'clock in ifiCKNER
Hall. Visitors always wcl.
Woodmen ol the World
St. Johns Camp 773
Meet every Thursday eveniug in
I. O. O. F. Half, Leavitt and Jersey
streets. Visitors always welcome.
T. COUrK. C. C; W. n. COON. Clerk.
A. P. and A. M.
Meets the first and third
Wednesday of each month
iu Bickner's Hall. Visi.
tors welcome.
A.R. Davis, W. M.
AW; Davis. Secretary.
Minerva Chapter No. I05.0.E.S,
Meets every first and
third Tuesday of each
month in Bickner's Hall.
Visitors welcome.
Dixie M. Lewis, W. M
Ruby R. Davis, Sec.
Hood River
in this vicinity
an acre.
-Prune growers
realizing $1000
United Artisans
Willumbia Assembly No. 300
Meets every Tueiday at S P. M.
I, 0. 0. F. BALL, Carstr Jmty iti Lcivtat Ut,
L. K.SiHiQ,tM.- A.
Mary RoUrU, S'y Pro Tew.