St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, October 17, 1919, Image 2

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A. W. Marlcle, Ktlllor
Published Friday of Each Week
ADVItkTISINO "rATHS J.cirni ntid
all display, 25c per inch per week. Lo
cals 2 cents per word per week: mini
mum 25c.
Subi orlptlon prlc $1.G0 par year.
nil i
In Portland. Oreiron, ns mall mutter
of the second clnss under the Act of Con
gress of Mntcu 3, 1879.
It hnnnened in the Anronne.
A regiment was cut off from its
support. The telephone was
!S. 10
knocked to pieces.
Ket ai
it was needful to send word
to the supporting column, three
miles away and out of sightover
a low ridge. The cut off rcgi
mcnt was surrounded by its foes.
It could hold out but n few min
utes longor. No human courier
could hope to traverse one-tenth
of that three thousand yards of
open ground without being
blown to atoms or riddled with
bullets. A dispatch, telling of
the regiment's plight, was tied
to the neck of a young collie
The colonel lifted the dog over
the top of the trench, livery
oyo in the regiment watched
him sweep away toward the
distant ridge. It was three
miles to the supporting column
-three thousand yards of it ra
ked with the German fire. The
collio set off like a Blrcak of
golden light. He ran as gaily
as if His master and tils lionu
waited for him instead of death.
The enemy sharpshooters blazed
into action at tho first glimpse
Modern Homes
We own and offer for sale the
eight modern houses located
on Willamette boulevard and
Edison street, between Fessen
den and New York streets.
These houses are thoroughly
modern and up-to-date. Built by
day labor, with the beat of
workmanship and materials,
completely finished in every de
tail. These houses are offered
for sale at a price far less
than they could be built for
today. Wo will givo surprising
& ly easy terms to responsible pur
f chasers. Peninsula Security
Company. Phono Columbia 161.
That English walnuts, when
properly cared for, results in
biir returns to the grower in St.
Johns, is evidenced by a four
teen year old tree at the homo of
II. N. Spencer, 301 West Mo
hawk street. It ia of the Van
quetto variety, and this year
produced iuu pounds ot walnuts.
Mr. Spencer expects to realise
about $160 from this year's pro
duct. Last year ho soul over
$100 worth of walnuts from the
tree. It is now 20 inches in
diameter, about fifty feet high
and has a spread of fifty feet.
You can't miss it mid feel happy
after. Why?
It embraces tea years of life's fun.
Mini utu'Mi ai, uiu Mini. K'liii '3U I c nt .t n t ii i
of him, an along ti.o iino taking St. Clement s School Hall,
put uiiuia at unit luiimj. rur n t j n i nr
yd i uiu ay, uci. zo
ovor two thousand yauls he sped
along close to earth, his gold
and white 1 o ly whizzing through
tho shell sraken air like a cat
apault. He cleared crntvro in bin
stride, ho hurdled groups o
doad. Ho ran as unerringly
straight toward that ridgo as a
crow could have flown. And a1
tho time tho bullets wero spat
ting into the rocky earth in
front of him ami behind him
and over his back. It was
glorious race with death!
When ho was within five hun
dred yards of tho ridge a groan
wont up from tho whole faaefna
ted regiment. The collio hud
leaped high in air and had come
crashing to tho ground n uouirm
ing, huddled heap. Hut on tho
infltant.tho groan changed to a
hysterical cheer. For tho dog
was up againi Keeling, stag
goring, lurching, bleeding -
stumbling along as no animal
does unless ho iu mortally woun
ded tho collio continued his
journey. And tho sharpshooters
redoubled their efforts to got
him. On ho lurched, still in a
atraight Hue, anil with such
speed as ins mighty will power
couiu injoci into ids stricken
body. Ah ho noarod tho summit
of tho ridge, and was outlined
'gainst tho Bkylino.auother bullet
or moro than one- found him.
Ho collupscd, helpless; and lay
still. Hut presently ho was not
lying huh any longer, no was
moving. Ho could not stand.
Tho last shot had hit him some
where in tho spine. Hut ho could
still crawl along, by means of
his forelegs and his splendid
will. And over tho ridgo ho
wriggled his way. He crawled
up to tho general to whom ho had
been sent; and died as his nose
touched tho general's outstretch
ed hand. Ho had saved a whole
regiment. And ho had lost
nothing but his own life. Tho
L adieu' Homo Journal.
To tho child objecting land
lord: How long would your pro
perty not you an income if the
raising of children would stop?
wny, wnen soiling property.
don't you ask, how many child
ren have you instead of, how
much can you pay down? That
seems to bo the leading uuos
tion. Tho house 1 live in is just
a shell nid one of tho oldest in
St. Johns, but 1 hava to move or
knock my children in tho head.
so will moro us soon as 1 can
find a house not to good for my
children. - A Mother of throe
boys, and proud of them.
214 N. Jersey Street. Si. Johni
When in need of itood Photos of ony
kind, cnll un Ui. Our nioliirei are unex.
cr lied. Ileal remits obtainable, lilve uc
II. C, A. HUM-, I'holotfttplier,
: St Johns Fair Store
Highest Quality and Lowest Prices
Toys a Specially
U07 N. Jersey St. Phone Col. 839
Spcrry's Drifted Snow is a
perfectly blended
White Hour
Include a sack with your
next order and the whole
family will love the cook and
tri an k us lor telling you a-
bout it.
Phone Columbia 528
Toilet and
Laundry Soaps
Our stock of soaps in
cludes all popular brands
for toilet purposes as well
as for use in kitchen,
laundry or workshop.
We handle daintily per
fumed hand or bath soaps
which will not irritate the
most delicate skin.
The Ideal Home Phonograph
Notice to alt Music Lovers
Wc have just received
our first shipment of
and wish to announce
that wo are ready to de
monstrate this quality
Phonograph to all inter
ested. This Ideal Home Pho
nograph makes your
home complete. Plays
all records.
107 Philadelphia St.
Our large variety of laundry j
soaps affords an easy sclco ft
tion for your needs
SIA1AIONS & CO., Grocers
I'cssemlcn I'liouc Columbia 210
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
iy local iptillealliinii, si Ihty cannot rraeli
i tin million ,if I lie tar. Tlicr If
only line wny la cur. itra'niu, unit thai la
uy cniifiiiutinnm rrmruirs. iwniiirii
i.mispil liv an Inrtuninl cmiilltlun of th tmi llnlii of (hp ISinlacliInn Tub Whrn
(lilt tu tiu innamni you nsvo a rumuiinn
1'iunil nr Imiierfri t lir rln, nml when II la
entirely lmmns in lh mull, ami
unlun the Inrmrmnntl m can lie taken out
ml Dili tub rrtinrtil to lla normal comll
tion. hmrlnir will l.. iliroyel forereri nlti.
man out of len ar' rauurd liy Catarrh,
which la noililna but an Indameil conillllan
of tho tmicoua urfaret.
V. will live One Hundred Dollar for any
rate of l)'(ne. (ramril by catarrh) that
cannot be etirrrt by eMail'! Catarrh Cur.
Vend for circular, free
y J. CIIKNMV A CO., Toledo, Ohio,
Mold !. ttrtliil.l. T(c
Tak Hall's family I'lll for conillpallon.
Building Contractor
Day or Job Large or Small
Phone Coi. H33 912 So. Syracuse St.
Summons .
No, G-9120.
In the Circuit Court of the State
Oregon (or the County of Multnomah.
Jessie M. Stanton, I'lnlutlff, vs. Char
les IJ. Stanton, Defendant.
Tu Charles K. Stnntou:
In the tmmc of the State of Orccon
you arc hereby required to appear in the
aoove cntiiieu court anu answer tuc com
plaint filed against you In the above en
titled suit on or before the expiration
six weeks from the date of the first pub
I lent luii bcine I'riday. October 3rd. 1919
If you fail to so nppcur and answer, for
tnc want inereol, tile piaintllf will apply
to the above entitled court for the relief
prayed for in her complaint, to wit: I'or
a decree dissolving absolutely the bonds
oi matrimony now existing between
plaintiff and defendant.
This summons) served upon you by
puuilcailon in tlic bt. Johns Review, i
weekly newspaper of general circulation
printed, published and circulated ii
.Multnomah County, State of Oregon
pursuant to an order of Honorable Wll
iiam N. Oaten, one of the Indues of the
above entitled court, which said order
was made iind entered on the 30th da
of Sentembcr. 1919. and rcmiires till
summons to be published in said pope
for six consecutive weeks, and fixes tin
date of the fitst publication, I'riday, Oc
tobcr 3rd, 1919, and requires you loop
tcnr in tlic above entitled court mm un
swer said complaint on or before the tx
titration of six weeks from the date ul
the first publication, to wit: October
3rd. 1919. I'HRKINS & IIAIUJV,
Attorneys lor I'laintiir.
KcJl'tctils of Orcnon.
l'oslofficc address, 1117 Iloatd of Trade,
l'ortland, Oregon.
Dr. E. R. Sparks
717 Dcktim Bldg.
Acute and Chronic Diseases calls day or night
Office Main 47S3
Ret. Tabor 7075
I buy or sell St. Johns Property
Ren I Estate
Fire Insurance and Notary Public
List your property with tuc if you
I desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. John
Patronize tho home merchant
Who is tho imrty that wnntei
to pnrchiiHo that chicken ancli
in bt. JoIiiih Hotter comu in
and see mo quick. I have
room house with 0 Innru lots lo
cated in tho beat pari of St.
.lontiH, ono mock irom enra;
price for muck an e 52001). Pay
mo $2?0 cash, tho balance like
rout. Not many utich opportun
(ties; cot busy quick.
Kino homo of ho ven lurcoroomH
with larue lot. Htreeta tnnroved.
cioae in location: mm. berries
anil k'nipi'H in abundance. Price
today S2G00. Terms if dealrcd.
Small room bouse with cor
nor lot 7Bxl00 feet, street im
proved, also sower on street.
rrico today S1000; pay mo SHG0
cash, balanco like rjnt.
I have customers who wish to
purchase properties as follows:
want ft room modern house; will
pay 500. caah, balance reason
able monthly payments.
Want threo or four room mod
urn house; pay $150 caah, balanco
WantO room modern buncn ow:
will pay ?7f0 cash, balance
Want ft or (1 room modorn homo.
must bo uood; will pay tho cash.
want u room modern homo;
pay $100 cash, balance monthly.
Want'l room modorn homo;
will pay ?a00 cash as first pay.
Want 2 or tl room modern house.
close to woolen mills, on reason
able terms.
I have many other customers
wlo wish to nurchaao homes.
Como in and let mo know what
you have to sell.
Your Eyes or a Million Dollars
Would you sell your sight for u million
If you value them to that amount is it
nut fair thut you consult me, us 1 know
your ryes and know what they must liuvc.
If I tart foMour tyti
Your Eyti Mill Cart for you
OltltclUIn 7J67 . H, 1 1 US I
tlourtiUA, si. lo 3 t . si,
ttenlngi tiy Appolnlmcnl
206-7-8 SWtHAND DLDG.
nilh and WMonton Str(t
Mdln 7367 Portland, Oregon
Get your shoes Repaired
in n first class manner
at the Old Reliable
Prices right and prompt service
Used Cars For Sale
Model 75 Overland. newly overhauled , I
new ton, rejiatntetl, jjooii tires, flw.
HU7 I'onl. kooiI couilltlou. f&w.
HU8 Oldtuioblle 8, nood condition, POO
107 1'essemleu St.
Bonutlful gray or
blaok ndult oaiktt,
huorsr, box, 2 autos
ombalmlng and rafln
ed sarvloa for., ,
$75 I
aW W Ppjpv,
I'unerglj if desired for f20, ?3D, fit), $00. Ili(lier j-rucl Iu1 cmI Id uo
portion, Wc manufacture caskets. I.ody utut.
lleautiful fuiicritl chapel,
Main SOOt Indopondont Funsrnl Dlrootors A 7008
Wjjlilnxton at CIU Street, Uctern 20lh and 2tt Street, West Side
W. A. ANDREWS Representative
CM Central Ave. N.
Phone Columbia 8S8
Dr. Lewis J. Keliher
a layer cake is a dream to behold
ana a joy to tnsie. as a sun
beam, with fillimr thut simtilv ciin
not be described, the cake will prove
a roym treat. At your next alfair
order out nnd you'll make yourself
lainousioryoitrspiemiut uosmtality
Wc kit 1st but. Orders UVcn for Vcddia Cikt.
Fennln's Bakery and Delicatessen
I I 5 North Jersey Street
Real Estate
Thirteen years la the utilities in St.
Johns, List your jirojierty with us. We
susc Mies, a, j, tuoK,g: n, Jersey, 1
Peninsula Bank Building
Room 10
Offlco Phone Columbia 793
Office Hours 9 A, M. to 6 P. A.
Wireing, Fixtures, Auto Accessories
Diamond Tires
Expert Storage Battery Work
Appliances of All Kinds
Phone Col. 977
418 N. Jersey Street
Eg Clothing, Trousers, Notions, g
& UPN'3 IINflPRWFAR Uinmon'c llndorupsr 4
yj u uiiuliim knii if UIIIUII u unuuinuui (
A plentiful assortmeut
of undergarments for men,
of cotton, all wool or mix
ed, Single piece or union
suits In all weights.
Prices from $1.25 to$G.75
An inspection will prove
their quality.
made iu a rouge of styles
for everv dress aud cut so
as to insure perfect fit.
Some are with low neck,
short or without sleeves,
knee or ankle lengths in
medium weight. Regular
sizes $1.35 to S1.50. Out
sizes $1.50 to $1.75.
Also high neck long
sleeves ankle length, in
wool or cotton.
Underwear for children from infant sizes
to 1G years. These are fleece lined or of
mixed wool, separate garments or union
suits. They are comfortable, durable and
warm and in prices that will suit you.
302 Jersey St.
War Kuui
' Come iee ifienv.
HramBps mm
are Jkmn
Dear Mary:
I think that the Orientals are entitled lo a prominent
nlace in the Hall of Fame. They, in creatine: their luxuri
ous rugs, have given the world ideas both of comfort and
beauty. Lwasdown at II. P. CLARK'S yesterday . and
seeing their charming rugs was like going through a pict-
ni'n nrollntf Tlinn ni'innrnl Inuirrnc unin ni'olinnfinrr nnrl
the French and domestic patterns surprisingly harmonious
and the prices so low. You ought to see them.
Your friend HELEN.
P. S. Fverv home should have beautiful rugs such
as they have at
H. F. CLARK, the Furniture Man
400-402 S. Jersey St.
Fresh Vegetables
m Season
Eat plenty of
vegetables. and you
will enjoy good health.
They are full of nour
ishment and have a ben- . -cficul
influence upon
your whole system. -;
We keep a large and f
complete stock of all the
fresh vegetables in season
and sell them at prices you can
easily afford to pay.
- '
And those not in season
can be found in our
canned goods department,
where quality and prices arc al- ,
ways sure to be just right. ' ' '
MUCK GROCERY 301 S, Jersey Pho(ie Col. 118
Under New AlanngemciU from Sept. 15, 1919.
The St. Johns Millinery
For Seasonable Hats at Reasonable Prices
Order work and Remodeling a Specialty
Hats Reblocked, Plumes Cleaned, Curled and Dyed
Mrs. M. E. CRANE, Proprietress
High class mechanics in charge All-work guaranteed
Dealers is Used Uars, Tires, Tubes and Accessories
C. L. Hickman A. A. Smith
107 Fessenden Street
Sherman Cochran
Dr. N. E. McAlister
St. Johns, Portland, Oregon
Be Sure and Order From
St. Johns Lumber Co.
The St. Johns Shoe Shop
201 South Jersey Street
Does all kiuds Shoe Repairiag. Rubber heels put on ia 5
All work guaranteed "Unioa Shop
i raitmtes. 1 I