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    St. Johns review
An Interesting Scene
Making a Busy Place
American and Oriental prod- Activities in conection with
ucta met in commercial scrim- the supply depot of the Emergen
mage at the big municipal dock cy Fleet corporation are makintr
at acjonna wnen imported roous, a uusy place again of the Grant
from hemp to tea, crossed the . Smith-Porter shipynrds, says the
trails of loganberry juico and Telegram. At the height of tho
cow tails billed for the Far East, shipbuilding program G00O men
Bays the Oregonian. With the were employed in thcso St.Johns
Eccles Gets Permission
arrival of the steamer West
Munham from Shanghai, Manila,
Kobe, Yokohoma and other Or
iental ports, and the assem
bling of the outbound cargo
which will go this week on the
steamer West Hartland, thcro
was created at the terminal a
scene of export and port activ
ity which indicated that Port
land is hitting its stride ns a
seaport of importance in the,
world's all airs.
One of the unique shipments
to tho Orient is a quantity of
cowtaiis done up in so von big
bales and destined to Yokohoma
Tho shipment originated at an
eastern destination. Tormina
Superintendent Charles E. Stool
'smith had visionsof tho sending
to America for materials for
f ilso whiskers when ho spied the
curious shipment, the purpose
of which is still a mystery so far
as the superintendent is concern
Other articles billed to tho
Orient readily suggested the
uses to which they will likely bo
put. For instance, ther are five
carlouds of egg case fillers and
oight carloads of shooks in which
tho Chinese eggs will be pack
cd. Chincso egg importations
havo been heavy for some years
and tho packing duriccs sent
from America in this shipment
are taken to indicnto that the
Chincso hens are still doing a
thrlvinir business.
thoro woro three automobilo
trucks bound for Yokohoma,
thrco cars of nails, six or soven
cars of oats, shoot iron and gal
vanized iron, mnchinerynnd mo
tors, 100 tons of print paper, ono
carload of uauutt motai ami
enouirh loganborry juico and
grapo juico to quench tho thirst
of sovcral regiments of Orien
tals. Tho outbound cargo will
also contain a largo amount of
tin plate and steel wire. Both
floors of tho pier wero filled with
tho froight, which included from
tho Or ent 2000 tons of hemp.
each bale weighing about 275
pounds. In handling this freight
thoro wns practically no damage
sustained which could be traced
to tho transportation companies.
As rapidly as poaaiblo tho Orion
tal goods billed for trans-shipment
wero loaded on board
froight cars which had boon held
in readiness on tho siding ad
joining tho pier. Tho crews
load on an averago 15 box cars
a day. Efficient servico on part
of tho longshoremen ennbled the
West Munham to discharge her
cargo in less than three days.
Despite the fact that the pres
ent pier is 180 feet wide and 000
fcot long, tho congestion of
froight temporarily demonstrat
ed tho need of the additional
improvements which are now go
ing on at the terminal under the
direction of the public dock com
mission. Workmen are now
erecting the frame for the shed
extension and pier No. 1 will be
mado 1500 feet in length. The
new pier which is under con
struction will also haye a length
of 1500 feet.
Declines the Proposition
Claiming that it Is now sus
taining a loss on every passen
ger hauled on its St. Johns line
and that any addition to this
service would only entail addi
tional loss at the present basis of
fare, the Portland Railway,
Light and Power company last
Saturday filed with the public
service commission an answer in
opposition to the application of
the city of Portland for an ex
tension of the St. Johns line
from its present terminus to the
new terminal elevator. Opera
tiation of the extension as an
interurban line, as was propos
ed in the application, is declar
ed by the company to be im
practical unless the entire St.
Johns line can be considered as
an interurban line and a reason
able rate thereon be established
on a mileage or zone basis. Fur
thermore, the answer states, the
company has no funds on hand
for constructing the extension,
yards. Practically all of tho
business of this company has
now been finished and at the
present time it is maintaining n
payroll amounting to only $5000
n month. Urant Smith & Co..
contractors, ure now operating
an outtuting plant, and the re
mainder of the buildings and
yards havo been turned over to
the Lmergency Fleet corpora
tion. Tho huge covered shin
wnys are being used to house
materials of dilfcrcnt kinds
which arc being nsacmblcd thcro
from shipyards and other plants
which woro engaged in war con
tracts. These materials are gath
ered from many sources. Tho
government has established on
ly three depots for the assem
bling of government materials
on tho Coast ono at Tncomn,
on3 at San Francisco and this
ono at St. Johns. Although .the
ship ways afford n great deal of
housing space, ofilcialb of the
licet corporation says that thoro
Is not sufficient room for all of
the supplies which are being
constantly added to. The largo
recreation building which was
used by employes of the shin-
yards will probably bo turned
into a warehouse, mid it is ex
pected that additional ware
houses will bo constructed. In
addition to tho mnterials which
are being salvaged and stored
here, thu supply and sales di
vision of tho licet corporation
also keeps ship's stores at this
depot, and four largo trucks are
kept busy all tho timo hauling
supplies to various docks whore
government vessels are loading.
It is estimated that it will ro-
qu to thrco years for all of the
mntcrinls from tho entiro dis
trict to bo assembled nnd dispos
ed of. As dill'erent shipyards
which woro engaged on govern
ment contracts complete their
work nnd close down, tho unus
ed mnterials nnd machinery will
uo brought to this station. Tho
business boing handled hero is
increasing from day to day and
will not reach its height. for
some time. Tho shipping board
payroll for tho supply depot now
amounts to $10,000 n month.
The Grant Smith Co., which hns
contracted to outfit many of the
government wooden hulls, will
mnlntnin nn outfitting dock.
and will cngngo in mnrino con-t
struction nnd other kinds of
construction work on n largo
scnlo. The weekly payroll, which
now amounts to $15,000, is ex
pected to increase rapidly as
much new work is in prospect.
The Portlnnd, Astoria and Pn
cific Railroad company, organiz
ed under the laws of Delaware
and capitalized for $5,000,000,
was last Thursday granted per
mission to operate in Oregon.
The articles state that it is the
purpose of the company to oper
ate n line of railroads, at pres
ent owned by the United Railways-company
between a con
nection of the United Railways
tracks with tho Spokane, Port
land and Seattle railroad at
Linnton. This connection and
extension of the United Rail
ways into the great tract of tim
ber bought by the Eccles group
in Northwestern Oregon, coupled
with transfer of the main offices
of this group to Portland, is n
mnttor of significance for Ore
gon, and may mean a 'lot to St.
Wooden Ships Sold
The disposition cf 21 Portland
built wooden ships is given in
nn official list of the first 50
ships of the Lake typo sold by
the government, which reached
Portland last week. In all, 127
of these ships have been sold by
the shipping board, and other
sales arc to be made soon. Of
the 21 Portland-built vessels
sold, nine wero constructed by
theSupple-Ballin company, seven
by the Peninsula
Principal Events of tho Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
An exchange relates the fol
lowing story of a retiring edi
tor, presumably of some other
country than the United States:
An editor retired from jour
nalism and his 'uoodbyo'
chronicled in tho following
company, four by the G. M
stand i tor construction corporn
Hon, and ono by the Grant
Smith Porter company. Tho
Grant Smith-Porter ship ltnnca
was purchased by tho French
American Line, Inc. All thu
others wero bought by. tho Nn
clrcmn Steamship company oi
New York.
Tho Albany post of tho Atnurlcnn
Legion 1ms 100 members.
Contractu have benii let for tbo iav
Shipbuilding M"K of ,liro atrectH In I-'roowntor.
Married, at tho altar of tho St.
JohnsMcthodistEpiscoim church
by tho pastor, Rev. J. II. Irvine,
Tuesday, September KUh, Mr.
James G. Ruhlatul of Calaveras
county.Californin. and Miss Corn
was i L. I'ox of this city. The ring cor
Inn-! emony of tho church was used.
guago: I no undersigned rotiros, mr. Koy i. ihompson and Miss
from this paper with the convic- Dora V. I'ox. sister of the br h e.
lion that all is vanity. From doing the honors ns best man
tno Hour ins paper was started j and maid, ino undo is of one
to tho present timo ho hns been of St. Johns' mont estimable
solicited to lie on every given! young ladles, and tho best
subject.and can't rcinombcr hav- w s hos of a host of fr onds will
ing told a wholesome truth with- follow the happy coun o to t ho r
out diminishing hla subscription now hearthstone. Mr. and Airs.
list or making an enemy. Un- uuhland will make their homo in
der these circumstances of trial,
and having a thorough con
tempt for himself, ho retires
in order to recruit his normal
Wo carry a complete lino of
this city.
Wo sell VICTROI.AS and
on easy terms. CURRIN SAYS
Painters' Ovcralls.ton pockets,
iv iss'T incur
It ilocm't mutter- nut nt nil
If from the k , the rain ilnM Mil "
KOOKKS K UNCOATS- keen folk dry
III price U rllit mid nut too IiikIi
Receives Large Order
A ten-groove sheavo weigh
ing J&UO pounds is tho heavy
tetn In a largo order for ma
chinery being completed this
week by tho Peninsula Iron
Works for shipment to Everett,
Wash. It is !)G inches in diam
eter. The Portland Flouring
Mills company .is building a new
mill at Everett, and the Penin
WORK PANTS $1.95, ?2.75, $4.50 Cotton Cloves 15c 2 prs 25c
WORK SHIRTS 98c, $1.00, $1.25, $l.35,$l.50, $1.75, $3.00, $3.50
ARROW COLLARS "ROYAL" Mlc to Mi tvurc Clothe
I have a fine selection of HATS, CAPS and NECKWEAR
I'on know fs GOOD If you trot It from
j livvrytlilug to licojt you DltV
Modern Homes
Death of Mrs. Nugent
own and olTer for sale tho
modern houses located '
ful bidder against several rCn
iron workins concerns on Puget.j, ,n nnd Now YnX
Mrs. Hester Ann Nugent diod
nt the home of her son nt 912
buiujiuii imnanua uiu outcvaa- i i 1 i
nu ICII. ,.l (ll .. if at...
Sound for tho contract for trans- LHPV nrn thnrn ifrhiv and 18 (,a'Sl Liver trou,, wo
mission machinery. This com.lmS the cause of her death. She was
panyalso has the contract for) dav ln Moores Valley. Oregon,
machinery of this character for'wa0yrk SiJ' ld ' ! ;n,! ml bee her0 ony 1)0l,t
the new mill being constructed . SSHf&i.f"? i fr three weeks preceding herdeath.
by the Portland Flouring Mills 7" ,' She Is survived by throe sonsand
for sale at a nrice far less .WJW
than they could be built for , i;:x71,'i70V',"
h this city, which is to one of
the largest cereal mills on the
Coast. The Peninsula Iron
Works ha? been engaged almost
today. We will give surnrising-
orKH hup ueen enagea airnuai , . terms tn rpRiionsililo nnr.
tPoXC?oh0the0Ev&tnflao"uC''"' Pl"" "
mill is practically tne tirst in
stance of a return to the manu
facture of transmission machin
ery, which was its principal line
before the war.
Mrs.II.C. Ross of Mace, Idnho.and
Mrs. II. Christensen of Oregon
City. The f meral will take
place Sunday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the chapel of the
St.Johns Undertaking Co. ; in
terment in Columbia cemotery.
Cornelius Vanderbilt. Jr.. has
turned his back upon the New
port season and gone to work as
'cub" reporter on the New
York Herald. The heir to num
erous millions was hired at $25
a week. "I wanted to be a repor
ter," he explained, "because I
have always found newspaper
rrm Mn,?p known resident of the Irvington
xiome iwacie ,iatint ,k,i of r.m
.if lipf nf UIOHIVl, UIU OV UC1 IIUIIIl., UU1
a stroke of
U p. m. b. Jersey street. - ch tu. 7.1 vnrq nn,i
which. iWis estimated, will cost:men the brichtest and most alert
approximately ?,uw, ana no
means of raising the necesiary
capital without selling bonos at
a great discount to be redeemed
in tbe future at par. The prob
abilities are that the extension
will be made at the expense of
the dock commission.
our KUUAK. lqjNJbUJNU de
partment a very popular place
for KODAK ERS. BrTng us your
people 1 know. When in France , next roll of films. GURRIN
with the Thirty-seventh division, 'SAYS SO.
I noticed any duty calling for
Try Chop Suey
at popular prices.
Pastry every day
1 1 w i i. r l i
met u. iu aurvc uruuKiusi mm s ..n c
dinner. Open from 6 a. m. to , ii " ;iZ
! ago. She was 74 years old
t , had been a resident of Portland
PROMPTNESS. COURTESY since 1893. Funeral services will
AND EFFICIENCY havo made be held today.Friday. at 10 a. m.
Ur. hdwaru 11. 1'ence, pastor of
Westminster church, officiating.
Interment will bo in the River
view cemetery, the St. Johns
Undertaking Co. in charge.
resource and initiative nearly al
ways was given to a former
Automobile insurance. Direct
adjustment and prompt settle
ment in case of loss. Peninsula
Security Company,
We haul any thiug, any time, any
place. Prices reasonable
Daily Trip to Portland
Enquire, 317 N. Jersey St. coiumhu 377
NiU th Ufel n yur fifte.
Deceased was the mother of Or
mandy brothers, well known
furniture men of St. Johns.
Pleasure for every member of
the family every day in the
year is what a VICTROLA
BRINGS TO YOU. Currin Says
Coiulnictlon work 1ms buenn on tho
nw $5(1.000 Ullcn ImllilhiK In lloppiior.
Hood Itlver cull nppllM Imvo itovor
lii'cii In Rttcli iluninnil un UiIh kouhoii.
MnrvcttltiK of cronliurrUm In tho low
er Colutnblti rlor ling Inmlti Iiuh start
ed. Mnrlon county will prudiico more
tli tin l!00 carload or tipplo title sun
ran. A new Jn ll for tlio Umatilla county
court hotmu was rocominondod by tho
grund Jury.
Thu lunibur Industry or tho Coon liny
country Ih HtiffurliiK dm a romilt or .1
far iiortum.
I!ail I,. I'IkIht, county umofliior of
Mint county for thu punt itovou yoarn,
hint rcKlpnthl.
Twc babltM woro born In Portland
.InrliiK tho month of Annum for ovury
Icrtlh tlmt (M!i!iirred.
Tnirkun. flour pacl(orn and wheat
liiiullorn einphiytHl In flourliiK mills of
Portland wont out on strllto.
Tho IhiiuI Uuo for tho oouittructloii
r n Mtorui mtwnr HyHtoin In Dalian
vhh rrrli'd at a Hpeclul ulcotlon.
The mint jwiwora of tho Wlllamidlu
valloy pouled thulr mint nil for .It) dnyi
md ure hotdliiK out for IS a pound.
CottRKo (Irnut hooii will havo ono or
:ie moiit modern and IkwI viiulnnid
uiihi,i In that Mention of tho Mute
More than Hill) MudentM are now on
'oiled In Iho I'euilletnu lilt:h mcIiooI,
'.litt himent uiirolluient ll Iiiih over had.
It wiim with coiiHldorablu difficulty
that rooiiiH were found to Iioiihu lenuh-
m t'niployed In thu ItuHuhurK kcIiooIh.
Aurom uauU morn water and lum
leoldiHl to put down uxpnrlmuntal
aoIU on both hIiIoh of thu I'uddluit
All loutraclR for thu KIIih' four-
itory temple nt I'midlotuu have been
ilducd and work U well under way 011
he excavation.
Kxeuvntlon for Iho plauliiK of thu
'ouudatlon for Iho womuu'ii bulldliiK
il the ntHte iiMlvemlty In Kukiiu ban
)et n completMl.
WHIUm (I. MnAdoo, former cre-
ury or tne irnttttttry, win lie one of
he Mvernl Hutnblwt to vlelt the i'en-
Helen Itimnd wp.
The I .Inn eiHitity nwd bond Iiniio
iiu Ihh'h Npproved ami plane are liehiK
ompUdwl for the wile ur thu flrnt
jIim K of IWI.IKI0.
.MeMiiiuvlllu will hold a moiiHter
'weleome home" coUbmtloii for thu
vluniwl KoldlerM aul millorx or Vam
it 11 county Friday.
. Roveruiitent chemlMt repreiMutliiK
lie dlvUloii or hydration. United
iialeii depurtment or iiHrluulluru, Ih
o m Imatud In 8feui.
The llooil Itlver apple crop from
rNunt IwllcNtleiH), will approach
done to the Koveriiment'M inhl wimmer
climate of S.OeO.WH) Imxee.
Forty ucoiifjod InnitltKeie will liu
liven the nieoluI utleutlou or Iho Unit
Hi Ktutwn Kruud jury, which upeuwl
wkmIoiih In I 'or I lead Muttduy.
Mise Kthel II. (Illtmm, uruduuio or
he NorthwoHteru eolleKe. NuMrvlllu,
ll, linn looii necurMl un llhrarlun for
h" (iruntu J'hhh publlu library.
tlhlpiueuu or outlle from I'llot Itock
if late have been w hauvy ai to re
pilro the ittock cure thut oan put
illdy Ii,' gent to thu liruucli lluu.
The home of thu late Supreme Jua
lee Frank A. .Moore ut Malum In to bu
(old lo a club or ill Willamette unlvur
ilty men. Thu property will uull for
An Inteimlvo cammlnn wan (ijiaiwl
11 I'ortluud by member or thu Ameri
can I.eKlou to et former toldlere, null
r and marluee Into thu runkH of thu
ocul Ht.
The IioumIiik sltuutlon lu The Dullue
lue liecome acute. Muny or the buiil
aeee enterprlRee have hud to curtail
thulr work. IjoIiik unable to et help
.uto the city.
A largu number or sheep have been
hrouifhl Into county Oil yuar
iiul thu number now In the county la
:llml)liiK back' to what ll way four or
flvu years ago.
Lieutenant Kdwurd dlvurett WlUou,
iS, vino president of tho Klrnt Nutloiiul
bank or l.lnnton, was klllml ut Car
ruthere aviation fluid nuur Fort Worth,
Toxiu, while flyliiK-
Hearliitf of tho uiiplloatluu or the
I'ortlaud Itullwuy, l.loht & I'owur com
pany fur an lucreaee or rate on ltn
traction Hue hue been But for Mon
day, September 22.
Mine Florence Kngatrom, who ban
kurved a ntunogruplier In tho offlaeH
of A'ljutunt-Ueneral Stufrln for eomu
time, hag reined. Hlie will outer
the University of Oregon.
(luorgu U. Haunderu, Indloted In tho
Josephine county courts on u chart; of
embezzlement of $281 from (ho Itoguu
river publle eervleu oorporatlou, waa
ocfjultted at Grunt l'aei.
Bring in your job printing.
Portland' hlnti school tcachar havo
organized a union and havo applied
for a charter to tho American Federa
tion of Tcttchors, which Is allied with
the American Federation or Labor.
Mrs. Alexander Thompson, Ore
gon's only woman legislator, was elect
od prosldont of the Portland Federa
tion of Women's organizations to suc
ceed Mrs. U. J. Frnnkol, resigned.
Comparative prices of 60 of tho
larger cities of tho United States, as
compiled by a Snlem newspaper, show
that It costs loss to cat hero than In
almost any suctfon of Uie country.
What Is considered Ilia worst main
road In Oregon, that meandering
through the monntaltiB from Itonoburg
to Coos Hay, will rccotvo Immediate
attention from tho stato highway com
mission, Major William a. White of Kugena
has been chusen by the state fair man
agement to have chargo or tho detach
ment or Oregon national guardsmen
who will net ns guards at tho Btata fair
at Halom. ,
At a meeting or tho Hoseburg Metho
dist Hplscopal church In quarterly sua
sion, It wns voted to ask llliiliop
Hughes to reappoint C. 8. Hpcnccr, tho
present pastor, to this church fur au
nt her yenr.
After having been conducted as a
loll road for many years, tho Old liar-
low road through Clackamas county,
from Handy, mid extending to Wnplnt
tn, In Wasco county, has passed to thu i
ilate of Oregon,
A new truck, among those senl by
tho war department for distribution
imoiig the counties of the state, has
been drawn by County Judge Htowart
3f Lane county, nnd will bo used In
road work In thai county.
Assembly of ull officers of thu 3d
Oregon Infantry, national guard, lu the
Multnomuh county uruiory has been
irdered for three days beginning Oc
:ober 3, according to a letter sent out
'jy AdJulnnMlcncral Hlafrln.
Thu Loyal Legion or Loggers and
Lumbermen or Mnrshfluld will upon u
(cucrnl store In provide necessities ut
Ifo, and some luxuries, at not more
linn 10 per cenl over wlioloialo cost,
md perhaps as low us 7W per cent.
Ml alrplanu flight records between
Portland and Kimono wero broken,
hou Lieutenant Ilulton, member of
.lie government forest patrol crew on
luty, flew from Portland to thu Ku-
(cno uvlatlou field tu ex'uetly 4S mln
Correspondence courses aru not reo-
Kiilzod us coming within the - provl
lions or the soldiers' eduoatlonal bill,
iccordiiiK In an opinion by Attorney
iHiuiral llrowu for the guldaucu of
km A. Koiur, deputy secretary or
Illds for furnishing 32,000 bronxu
ueduls for Oregon wildlers, sailors and
unrlnoH who purtlelputixl In tho world
vur are to bo opened in Salmn on
i.lober 10, according o a dualslou
miicIhmI by members of the so culled
)ruHou medal commission.
ItefiiNul or Hiilem retull book miliar
o handle school books 011 a IS per
lent margin bus resulted In a decision
in the part or the J. K. dill eompauy
if I'ortluud, representative for all pub-
Ishers rurnlshliig books for Oregon
n'liools. tu lustult a store of Itiolr own
11 KuIhiii.
Delegutea to Iho ouutrul labor coun-
d of Portland and vicinity voted that
r tho usu or the I'ortluud public audi
orlum Is reftuud by thu city coinmls-
doners for u genural umuesty meeting
if labor, tho oounoil shall call for a
'Mfuroudum vote 011 u Mineral strike
if protest of S4 hours' duration.
Tho war savings stump cumpulgu In
Drugou bus beuu placed in the huuds
f the Oregon State Klks' association,
iccordiiiK to an announcement made
olnlly by IMward Couklnghaui, direct
r for the war loan organization lu
Jregon, uud Hurry (1. Alluu, president
r thu Oregon Hlutu Klks' usiioclatlou,
The 88 Oregon Imnks reporting dor-
Hunt deppidts or more than suveu
guars' stuuding under tho recent blen
ilal cull, have buon notified by Attor
ley (luuerul llrown to rumlt thu same
thu stale treasurer, by whom thuy
Alii be credited to thu statu's public
uihool fund. Thu fund aggregates $12,-
Illds for the construction of thu
'ulro-NysHu suction or thu John Day
ilghwuy, lualudlug nine miles of gruv
il surfacing, and the llund-Juffursou
ouuty lluu suction of Tho Dalles Call-
'ornla hlghwuy, covering 23.0 mlloa of
1 rail lug, are usked In un advertisement
mudu publlo by thu stutu highway com
uilsslon. Murchauts, rrultgrowuru and fruit
vendors are wurnud by William A. Dul
elul, deputy statu sealer, that thu state
law forbids thu selling of peaches or
jthor slmllur commodities by tho
bushel. "The law clearly states thut
ill commodities shall bu sold by not
weight or numerical count," the warn
ing reads.
Returns received at tho offico of
Adjutant Guneral Stufrln Indicate that
Colonel Creed C. Hammond of Port
land, formerly or Kuguue, woe una u I
mously elected to succeed Colonel
John L. Muy, who resigned recently
as commanding officer or the 3d Ore
gon infantry. The election was held
throughout .tho stato, with all field of
ficers and captalus of tho organization
1515 Alntworth A vr 11 lie
410 Cmvi-k .Httt
Phones: Woodtawn 20U2; Columbia Pfrl
Mrs. Gabriel Puilin
Vocal Teacher
DinpliMin llrcnthliiK, I'onwMl TH
tdnccmont and Clear dictkm,
Pupils tauuhtto tHkr tmtt In Trfc au.1
1M5 Lomlmrd Ht. Phone Columbia IN
Mrs. Frank A. Rice
Violin, Mandolin and Piano
. Pupil nt Nnlrr D.unr
Studios Coil V. John Htrl
Telephone Columbia it-U)
Tiipll. may lmir Memtxit of thr JiifMttt
Orclitlrn Mhlcli nmki' imMk uniiMtatiiM
Violin Instruct ion
STUDIO, 215 N. Syracuse Strett
Phone Columbia .'t02
(Mccnlltntc of lite Koynl Actltny
of Music, I.oikIoii.)
Teacher of Piano
1957 Hodge St. Phone Col. 87s
Dr. W, J, Gilsfrap
Physician and Surgeon
Glasses Accurately Pitied
oi'Picit nouns
0:00 to 12 M. OlM'ICKH
1:110 to 4::i(l P. M. PenlHsula
7:00 to 8:00 P. M. nully IMp;
Sundays, 0.00 to I0i0 A. M.
Dr. Evart P. Borden
Painless lixtrncllon of Teeth titulur
NilroiiH Oxide Otis
Office I'ciilnsiila llanU hlil.
onice phone Col. Olio; res, plmiif Col. 177
llourfc U-lUa. m.; LltO H and . in.
Dr. Herbert F. Jones
311 North Jersey Street
Day Phone
Columbia 97
Night Phont
Columbia 000
Phone Columbia 379
Rat. Columbia 1131
Dr. F. P. ScIiuKze
Physician and Surgeon
Room 10 Peninsula Hunk HuiWIw
(inicc Hours H to lit A. M. I U 4 V. U.
KvetiliiKs 7 to 'J
Peniiiiiila llank llldu.
Ollicc Phoiitt Columliia 1 1)
The idarc win-re kikI crviee ami
routieoiis troMtmeul ieai. Childrcu's
hair cutting receive cihI utUntiuH.
Davis Barber Shop
S, W, DAVIS, Proprietor
108 Philnddphiu St, Hatha 26c
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
208 N. Jersey Street
1'Ih)b Ciluttilii4 Stf
Columbia m
Automobile lleur;.
Gel Our Pr'ces Before Going lo PwiNd
402 N. Jurs.y
Alt.ttHcts of Title Prcarl
TitUii lU-uuiucd
Phone Columbia 366
Not Ova LibcI en your pr.
Hauling and Moving
Done Quickly and Promptly
iMtily Trii to and trout 1'orUaud
7. S. iA'.V
phn ci. 1050 718 L:. Richmond St.
Poff & Green
Sand and Gravel Hauled
Daily Trips to Portland
Phone Col. 308 206 N. JERSEY ST
Wood of all kinds
Auto Express
Price Reasonable Prompt Sorvtsa
Columbtn 810
Good Secoud hand Sewing; inachiuet lot
rut. II, V, Clark. t(