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Auto Park Sites
City Commissioner Pior Is to
bo complimented upon his untir
ing efforts in securing parking
altna for automobiles, lheae
Of Interest to Soldiers
Editor Review: A great many
men who served in the Canadian
nrmy are now resident in the
Says Cafeteria Necessity
"Construction of n cafeteria at
the munic nal terminal at St.
Johns is a public necessity and
sites will bo located in different the Pacific coast. Under the
United States, particularly on the money to be expended on the
Hnntinna of the citv.and the pub
lie will bo informed in the near
future of their location. Tour
lata sojourning throughout the
country will find this now inno
vation to bo a great conrenienco
to them upon their arrival to
the city, and as Mr. Pier con
templates to fit thorn out with
all necessary improvements such
as soweragc, water, etc., the
tourists will not bo compelled to
bo at any groat expense while
here. At the same time it gives
ftmrrt nmnln nnnortunlty to do
some shopping and enjoy all the
comforts of home. It case
they aro accompanied with their
families, givo tho youngsters
plonty of playground for their
amusement ana in wo iut,ui
will be tho means of inducing
them to makomoro frequent vis
it tn tho citv. Mr. Pier has
had this matter uppermost in
his mind for somo timo and now
that tho opportunity is at hand
for him to carry out his plans, ho
In trn ntr to aa r irht atiouu anu
make tho "automobillst rendes
f renl nleaaurc. com
fort nnd enjoyment. Mr. Pier
la to bo congratulated In this
"long felt want of making life
wnrrh livlnir." and ho will be
long remembered as a truo ex
ivinnntof tho iovs and linnpl
nous of mankind, not only by tho
citizens of Portland, uut ny an
thnna who mnv scolc tho hospi
tality of our fair city in tho fu
A Ripe Old Age
.Win Shall, nuid to ha tho old
nt livlnir man in tho United
States today.cclobrated tho 131st
anniversary or his Dirth at Lex
ington. Kv.. last week. The
aged mountaineer celebrated his
birthday by taking hit first au
tomobile rido. Ho told friends
that this is tho first birthday
on which ho did not work and
said ho was anxious to get uacx
to his farm, on which, hp said,
thnrn in a mortorace. Shell told
newspaper men that ho does not
exnect to livo to see another
birthday. "I am getting old "
ho said. Mr. Shell was exhibit
ing hlmaell at n ralr in Lexing
ton and will uso the monry do
rived in paying off tht mortgage
on his farm, ho said. Shell was
firafc married at the age of 19
and lived with his first wlfo for
more than 90 years. Ho iiveuu
vi'iira in one house. He is W10
father of 29 children, tho oldest
now Hvlncr being moro than 90
years of ago. Six years ago he
married again at the agt of 125.
By his Becond wife he has one
child, a boy aged five years. Ho
was at tho advanced ago of 74
dur ntr the C v War. lie was
horn near Knoxville. Tenn,. 12
years after the battle of Bunker
Hill, and was lull grown wnen
tho war of 1812 besran. Ho bears
his ago well.. His mind is clear
and his eyesight is far better
than that of many men sun in
their ycuth.
Would Sooner Be a Man
I contemplate the poor dumb
creatures, whoso lives are shy
of pleasant features. They aro
not learned, they are not clever,
they eat and drink and sleep
forever, and have no sane and
high ambition to reach a, loftier
condition. Their hopeless state
1 can't help seeing; I'm glad I
am a human being. I'm glad I
am a human critter, though life
ia often hard and bitter, though
gladness wanes and sorrow
waxes, and 1 am 'stuck for in
come taxes, hopes ar phoney,
I'd r "ntobea Shetland pony.
Thougn 1 am deaf and growing
deafer, I'd hato to bo a Hereford
heifer. And though a gloomy
weird I'm dreaming, I'm glad I
am a human being. We long
for happiness unbroken; that
sort of wish is often spoken; but
if life handed us no bitters, we'd
be just like the poor dumb crit
ters, which have no dreams of
high endeavor, but eat and sleep
and drink foreyer. I have my
cares, I'm doubting, fearing,
I'm stung by merchants profit
eering and though from griefs
I'm always fleeing, I'm glad I
am a human being. Walt Ma
son. Automobile insurance. Direct
adjustment and prompt settle
ment in case of loss.-Peninsula
Security Company.
original Order in Council deal
ing with tho payment of War
Service Gratuities, men who did
not see service in France and
men who were discharged pre-
viuuh io me signing oi me arm
A & - . ......
isiico on wow ntn, luia, were
not entitled to pnrticlpato in
same. Under a recent Ordor in
Council this ruling has been
changed and men who come un
der the ubDVe classifications aro
now untitled to payment of
Gratuity. Tho Assistant Dis
trict Pnymastor advises mo that
n great many men who nro en
titled to gratuity under this or
dcr have not yet filed nnnlicn
tions for same. I should appre
ciate it very much if you could
see your way clear to make
theaj facts public through the
columns of your paper In the
hope thut they. might be read by
somo of tho men interested. If
any man who comes under the
above cntegonr will wnte mo on
closing n cony of his discharge
certificate I will be pleased to
furnish him nil particulars re
garding thia Gratuity, also tho
necessary aim cation forms.
THnnklng you in anticipation,
I remain, yours faithfully, Geo
F. Pyke, General Secretary, B.
C. Returned Soldier Commission,
Parliament Bldgs., Victoria, B.
New Books at Library
Mayo The Standard Bearers.
Stories of special feats of tho
rennsylvnnin btnlo Police In
their efforts to prevent or pun-
lull crimo. More thr nir than
any detective story, and thoy're
Cohen Out of tho Shadow.
A Russian Jewish immigrant
girl of twclvo years follows her
father to America and together
they earn the money to bring
tho rest or tho family. Tho
struggles, tho joys, nnd their
satisfaction in becoming Amor-
cians aro full of Interest to
ready mndo Americans."
KendallBenton of the Royal
Mounted. A tale of tho North
west mounted police.
Pnrripli Wolves of tho Sea.
A thrilling story of Spanish buc
caneers and pirates of two cen
turies ago.
Emerson Weed Our trees and
how to know them. Now edi
tion. Characteristics of tho
different trees nnd their pecu
liarities of chango with tho seo
sons. Thero is n pinto of each
tree, showinv its foliage, bloom
and fruit.
Davis Grain value table.
Shows how to figure tho con
tents ot bins by measuring tho r
Mcuermnld -Shipyard prac
tice. This book is intended to
provide aknowlego of the actual
operations performed in tho ship
yard during the construction
and outfitting of a warship.
bchuiti-Bird Woman. Tho
romantic story of Sacajawea,
the Indian girl who led Lewis
and Clark on their expedition to
the Columbia River.
project is fully warranted," says
G. B. Hecnrdt. engineer of the
public dock commission, under
whose auspices the eating plnco
is to erected. Referring to tho
enfeterin Hogardt said: "For
the convenience of longshore
men employed in loading and un
loading shins at the St. Johns
terminal It was decided by the
dock commission that a cafete
ria building should be provided.
Tho terminal is. about one and
a half miles from St. Johns
where the nenrest restaurants
aro located, and it is not prnc
leal for the workers to walk back
and forth this distance for their
meals. Plana which I have
drawn for tho enfeteriu build
ing call for an initial expendi
ture of $9000, although this sum
will have to be increased some
what, tho intention being to
provide ccrtnin sleeping accom
modations for tho men. The
Pacific Steamship company now
hns in operation on tho Port
land Oriental run two steam
ships, and the completu sched
ules will call for tho service of
four ships." Journnl.
Advocates Consolidation
For Sale at a Sacrifice -On
account of illness in tho family,
will sell live room house at 202
North Fox Btroot, lot 75x100,
for S1000 cash, which Includes
furniture garden truck, wood In
basement, fruit, etc. This is a
splendid buy for anyone want
ing a desirable home. Also har
bor shop doing a good business
at 108 Alta street. For further
particulars boo J. E. Coffey at
108 Alta street.
Net th label on your papar.
There will be introduced nt tho
next regular meeting of the City
Council an ordinance by Com
missioner Pier authorizing the
consolidation of all duties con
nected with tho management of
municipal property, which in
cludes civic stores, tools, auto
mobiles nnd garages. City Com
missioner Pier presented infor
mnlly to. tho members of tho
Council his plan and nt once ro
eclved tho sanction and indorse
men from them as most feasi
ble in its oncrnt on nnd farsec
inir economy itv the buying of
goods. Tho mqln object is to
supply all tho bureaus from one
storo and to doi away with tho
system as is now being done of
each department buying for its
own nceas. Air. ricr concedes
that with his man in uood work
ing order tho city will be nblo
to Have thousands of dollars a
venr in Mivinir in uuantit cs ant
nt the samo timo will result in
preventing useless waste. At
the present time the city has
over $2000 worth of old junk on
hand which Air. ricr claimB can
he assembled and disposed of ad
vantngeously under tho now sys
tern which he proposes to intro
duce. Heretofore no one has
over paid any attention to con-
vet ting this stull into money
mid Mr. Pier intends to mtika a
general cleanup mid assume tho
entire management hereafter of
tho buying and disposition of all
goods and material used by tho
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
Notice to members of K. and
L. oi S. : Monday evening. Sept.
lGth, election of olllccrs. All
members should be out. Meet
inir called to order tit 8 sharp.
r. uasser, Pres.; J. Mitchell,
Ptomaine Poisoning
Ono of the hardest problems
faced by the canner today is tho
false fear of "ptomaine poison
ing."declares J.O.Holt, manaerer
of the Eugene Fruit Growers' as.
sociation, one of the big men in
the canning industry, who em
phatically asserts that there
no such thing as ptomaine
poisoning from canned goods.
Olticials of the National Can-
ners association have for years
been running down thee stories
and trvincr to find an authentic
'case of ptomaine poisoning trace
able to canned goods but with
out success. Two years ago a
committee headed by Dr. Rose
Water Repellent Coat and Pants
JUMPERS, heavy radp, ?2.2S "Union Madc"C0VEItALL5 $3.75
OVERALLS $2 and$2.50 !
lrri .now itn GOOD If kiii not It iVoii
J llvorytltliW fo h-vot you UliV
Modern Homes
We own nnd oiler for sale tho
eight modern houses located
on Willamette boulevard and
Edison street, between Fessen
den and New York streets.
These houses nro thoroughly
modern nnd up-to date. Built by
Iflnt I o lr utffrli tliA liidt A f '
West Munham Arrives
Adequncy of Portland's new
terminal at this plnco and some
Idea of the immense amount of
foreign and local freights which
are now being handled at tho
pier may now bo gained by any
one who will personally Inspect
fint I ttf t tfju tLlifrli firn nniu in
rkmanship and materia s, ,)r0Rrc3a there. The arrival from
npletely finished In every do-hoyar East 0f tho steel stonm-
tail, inese nouses are ouoreu er Weat MUn,am this week with
jor saiu in u ur icn inr carR0 vameil at $1,500,000 in
than they could be built . for , hemp n,one nsi(o from a mo
today, we will give surprising-
ly easy terms to responsible pur- tea3 aml other products, has cre'-L.
v..0v.. . ... ,,... ,ateu a busy scene. L,ong8tiore-
Company. Phone Columbia 101. men are I)ilinj, the pjer hh,h
; wjjjj merchandise and to add to
niiniin Tniin mrr I the general air of business, car-
IIIIIINI1 llimi littrr go is now being assemhlea on
the nier for tho tho next Hailinir
Try Chop Suey and Noodles 0f the Pacific Steamship compa
at popular prices. Home Made ny, whose steamer, West Hart
Pastry every day at "Cafe of land, is soon to commence work-
neau of Harvard univeraitv was Merit." We serve breakfast and ! inir her initial canro for far eas-
appointed to try to settle this dinner. Open from 6 to. m. to .tern ports. Despite tho large
matter. After studying 51 cases i P. m.a. Jersey Btreet. amount of space available on
involving 1500 persons they the pier, the goods that are being
have been unable to verify onej ppniipTMpcc rnnnTFQV i stowed there temporarily are
case of ptomaine poisoning trace-i.UplpipM occupying the floor ac-
able to canned goods. "-Port-:52Pvoniy tho immedi-
partment a very popular place
for KODAKERS. Bring us your
ANNOUNCEMENT. The St. next roll of films. CUHKIN
and Press.
Johns Millinery will hold their SAYS SO.
Fall opening SepMZth and 18th,
showing the latest models and
materials used in the art of mil-
inery. adv.
We sell VICTROLAS and
on easy
We haul any thing, any time, any
place. Prices reasonable
Daily Trip to Portland
WlUK FHUNUUKAFHS Fiiatilre 317 N JerjevSt r i -7
terms. PTIRRIN RAYS "qt"re' 3I Jmcy M' '' 37
I Nt hs lbl n your ppr.
ate vicinity of the pier workmen
are rushing to completion the
new 1,000,000 bU3hel grain ele
vator under the auspices of the
dock commission, and other
gangs are driving piles for pier
construction and extension.
Workmen are also engaged in tho
installation of six big steel stor
age tanks for the vegetable oils
which are expected to como to
Portland when suitable facilities
shall have been provided by the
dock commission.
Kuroiio will soon Imvo n commorolnl
nlrpltuio of Ita own.
K. l- Hlnilo, cxnmlucr In tho ntato
banking (lnmrtment lina rcstatu'ri.
The pencil crop ot Clncknmna conn
ly is mo inr-gooi Known for tunny
A campaign will ho nimlo to'ctiroll
COO now nioniborn In tho Bntoin Coin
nicrdnl club.
Klftuon hundred MmlunU nro count
oil on to unroll at tho University ol
Oregon thin full.
A total of $2,082,000 fn pahl to rout
dents of Oregon Inst your by life lit
niirnnco compitnlca.
Duurnt brother of Sliorldmi received
n cjieek of $22,000 for tholr crop of
wheat nnd ouU from n local miller.
A liir,MO vein of ooul three foot In
tlilcknoMn Iiiim been dlncovured In ihu
Warm HprlngH renervntlon country.
I'rnnk Cauipboll, u prominent liiKiir
niii'O limn of ICiigeno, died In Han
IVuiicIhco, following a minor opera
Iteturned nervlco men of Iteilmond
have effected mi organization ami np
piled for n charier In the American
A rich ledge of gold iiKitnylng $10,000
r ton him been uncovered on Homo
creek In Ilia Hoiilliern part of Coon
llecnuwi of it change In tho Hohedulo
of tho primblonlliil train, I'reHldenl
Wllwui will not bo nblo to mako n
mop nt Hnlem.
Tho United Htatim government lins
awarded n contract for 20,000 ImrreU
of Pacific count nofl wheat flour to
Pendleton roller iiiIIIh.
Mm, Mary Jaiio Heater, who cauio
lo Oregon with tho overland Immlgra
tlon uf 1850, tiled nt her' homo near
Sprhigbrook, aged 00 yearn.
IIohh lllckeriiell, iho new Instructor
on (ho cornet In Iho hcIiooI of iiiuhIo
nt Iho Unlvomlty of Oregon, arrived
In Kiigeno from Warren, O.
Ileppner lodgo of Klkn nwnrded
tholr contraet lo I.. N. Trnver of I'ort
land for tho coiiHtruollou of (ho new
lodge building (o cont $SI!),900.
Army kimhIh at nrmy prlcwt will bo
offered to (ho people of I'orlland nt a
retail utore to Iih oponwl by the Unl
led Stat army Heptembor W.
The tmcoiul annual convention of
Hie InleriiHtlonul Aiwoolatlou of I'lre
I'lghtem couvhiuhI In Portland Mon
day mill continual until Halurday.
I he monthly flnunelal ulntHiiiunt
Juit Umiml by (he Htulo ImliiHt rial no-
i-ldeut cominlMlon nIiown a balance
In the accident fund of $1,114,011.6!).
There wan n tola! of ft'J.1 accldontu
In Oregon diirluK Hie week ending Hep
limber 4, according lo a report IhhuoiI
by (he ludiulrlul uuelilenl cominlHslon,
The idMclrlt: light plant ul Klorunco
nt the mouth of Hie Klimlaw rlvor wait
deittroywl by fir and (Iih (own will
Ih In durkiiHHM for twine time to come.
UenerHl ellinttlun and olMmrvancu
of "coiutltutlon daj-" on Wadneitday,
HeptemlHtr 17, thriuiMliout (he Htate In
urgiHl In a letter ImuiimI by Governor
Workem in tho uml HhlpbulldliiK
phuitH of I'ortlauil will receive an In-
rreano of 8 cnnU an hour In all (ho
rrnfii and a 11 hour wtMik will b
gruntwl (hem.
MUtt llellw O rover, doun of women
at Ma.Mliinvllla ooIIwm. ttlwtl In Su((lu
Ihh( wek. Shu had genu to Hwtttlo
to take a 8iecial eourw at Ihu. Wash
Ington unlvwritlty.
I'eriiiuuuut oranlzatlon of an na-
Miclntlnn lo hold annual falrn In Al
bany wuk efnotad at tht maiitliiK of
Mini repriutentatlven from varlona
parts of the county.
A hum NIcIioIh, roaldont of I. Ion
county for 46 year), dlod at thu huinu
of liU (ton. Jiiuuti Nlcholv, nuar I'luln
view, aged 'J'.i yearn. Hu wuh a voter-
an of Ihtt Civil war.
The flugnhlp Illrmlngham, a vturnn
ruUar of HI moutha' uurvlco In for-
ciKii water, and u BQiiudron ol hIx
totpudo boat dotroyrn, paid a five
day vUit to Portland.
Secretary of tho Navy JohojjIiuh
DunluU arrived In Portland Tuevduy
after upending Mynduy afternoon vU
King (he proposed naval base site at
Tongue Point, near Anlorla.
Hood Hlvfcr KnlghtM of Pythlag
lodge has euiploywl C. 11. Sohultz, for
merly a member of u Han Frauolnuo
orchestra, to Instruct a baud Just or
ganized by the fraternal body,
Dr. 11. It. Wallace of Albany hau been
appointed examiner for I. Inn county
for the bureau of war risk hindrance
and U examining Linn county dis
charged soldltfrs with disability roo
ordi. Am (ho romilt of a vote taken at a
HeMlou of the Portland fair prlco com
mittee, lettorn will be sent the Oregon
duleKatlon In Waxhlngton, I). C, urg
ing that 8tei8 be taken to relustatq
war-time food regulation requiring'
llceimlng ot dealers and limiting pro-flU.
An nvoraRc ot 703 nnmos arc called
for dally nt tho general delivery win
dow of tho llond postofflce, according
to tho count kept lftHt week. In ad'
dltlon, there aro T4S rented mall boxes
Jeromo 8. Workman, formerly boc
rotary of tho Ktigeno chainbor of Com
morce nnd load or In patriotic work
during tho war, has gono to Wood
burn, whore ho hn purchased n farm.
At a meeting held at Coqulllo, nt
tended by n largo number of ropro
sontatlve citizens from various pnrtt
of tho county, the Coos County IA
brary association was permuiientl)
The uso of tho Portland municipal
auditorium for n debate on (ho Irish
republic, to Imvo boon hold under tho
miBplcos ot tho Contrnl Labor council,
wns denied by Iho unanimous vote of
tho city council.
Studios: ?J5 Alnawortli Avenue
110 Oswego .Strcrt
Phones: Wood lawn 2092; Columbia &TJ-1
Mrs. Gabriql Puliin
Vocal Teacher
Dlnphram Ilrcathinn, 1'orwnrd Totw
placement nnd Clear diction,
Pupils taught lo take jHtrt In Trios and
D05 Lombard St. Phone Columbia IK
Mrs. Frank A. Rice
Violin, Mandolin and Piano
. Pupil of Notrf D.inip
atudloi m V. John .Street
Teleliholif Coliimbm IM)
l-ui'lU may l,mir McnilH-tt ..I the JwTnlle
I Oirlitwlrn wliicli will mnkr tmMic BiHMatanM
The dreadnoiiKht Vermont, carrying wonihiy. , , ......
VIcu-AdtnlrnI Clarence S, Williams,
Violin Instruction
STUDIO, 215 N. Syracuse Street
Phone Columbia 1102
Mccond In command of tho Pacific
fleet, and the armored cruiser North
Carolina entered tho Columbia river
and visited Astoria.
.Systematic placarding of tho dolour
roads, made necesnary because of (ho
Improvement of tho main trunk linos
now in progress throughout Oregon,
has been undertaken by the atnto
highway department.
Plans for n no accident week cam
paign to bo conducted hi (ho state ot
Oregon ?ro being formulated by tho
newly organlied Oregon safety conn-'
ell. nnd It Is expected tho drive wilt
lake place next mouth, I
Willi sugar stocks practically clean-1
ed out nnd Portland lubbers omecllmr.
no shipments for another month or UIHSSCS ACCUTalClV i'ittCU
more, If consumers' supplies nro not OIM'ICIt IIOUKK
used sparingly thero will ha n roali ?:2j " ?,$,. ., OII'lMV1
,.. .. l:.10 to 4:fl(l P. M, Peultisuln 8e.
nutii (iiiiiiiiu iii l uiifiiiiu nuuii. i 7fMI Ifi H-nfl I M
Mrs. Bertha C. Burdick
(I.lcutititnte of the Koynl Academy
of Music, utidon.)
Teacher of Piano
iJ57 llotlgc St. Phone Col. 87a
Dr. W, J. Gilslrap
Physician and Surgeon
Hearings wilt bo held nt Tuiimlo
September 12 and 1.1 by Ooorgo Coch
rane, state witter superintendent, for
tho adjudication of Iho water rights
on Know creek. Approximately 3000
acres of Irrigable land nro nffected.
The stale highway cimiulHslou has
prepared itilvcrtlsementH for (ho sale
of $2,000,000 worth or road bonds to
be Issued under authority of Iho $10,
000,000 highway bond ineasuro passed
at Ihu Inst session ot tho state legis
Tho flro prevention parade to bo
hold during tho convention ot Paclflo
coast flro chiefs In Portland on Sep
tember ID, 10, 17 nnd 18, will bo tho
biggest parndo6t Its kind In tho world
according to I'lre Marshal Hdward
Out of respect In 1111 early citizen, nil
stores and places of business In Hood
Itlver were closed nt Iho hour of tho
funeral of I). .MoDeuiild. Mr. Mellon
aid was connected with ihu First Na
tional bank nnd wits prominent In all
clvlo affairs,
The entire telephone system of Polk
county was plucod under one head by
a deal by which tho exchanges nt
Dallas, Pulls City, Monmouth nnd hi
dependence worn consolidated under
tho new title of tho Willamette Tolo
phono company.
Plans for Iho Huterprlso Irrigation
district In Klamath county have linen
submitted (o Peroy Cupper, atnto en
glower, nnd will bo approval with
slight modifications. The proposed
district Includes approximately 2400
acres of Irrigable land.
IteorganUatlon uf conipanbw A and
II, Oregon engineers, wus ncoompllsh
Ml nt n baniiuut of Iho members In
Portland, tho two companies being
merged Into a single comimny of on
Klueeru which will be a unit of the
national guard of Oregon.
Hverutt It. Cummlngs, an Albany
youuK man, Is now taking parts In
motion picture productions of (ho
Thomas II. luce eoriMjrtitloii at Los
AuHeltM. hi Hie pust mouth lie has
worked In (tuats tnuidud by Douglus
Kalrbanka and Charles Hay
Tho ICuguiiu uhumlier of commerco,
ut n special meeting, ludorsed the
dan of the Oregon state chamber of
cummurc: to raliw a fund of JltW.000
by taxation for the puriMise of adver
tising tho resources of tho state
throughout (ho Pulled States.
The Hherldau kohools have been hit
by Ihu high cast ut IIvIuk and as a
result the school board Is having a
hard time filling vacancies caused by
resignation of (eucln-rs who feel (hey
cannot afford to stay here when better
salaries are offered elsewhere.
Two urined and unmasked highway
men made un unsuccessful offort to
rob tho Moutuvlllu savings bunk ot
ortlaml. They wore frlghiinitxl uway
uhun Ooorgo Pickering, bank clerk
ml bookkeeper, fired throe shots
: from a revolver to attract attention.
Up to August 31 a total of 78.298
motor vehicles were registered In Ore
gon during tho onrreut year. During
the same perjpd In 1918, CI, 108 motor
vehicles were registered, shewing an
Increase In the number of curs In use
In Oregon in 1919 over 1918 ot 17,190.
Tho 17th annual convention ot tho
Oregon Iturul Mall Curriers' associa
tion, whlou wus held at Independence,
elected A. O. Sturm, Lebanon, presi
dent; M. II. Grant, Dallus, flrst vlce
proildunt; Kd Wuiuler, Independence,
second vice-president; K. II. Cornell,
Albany, member executive conimlttou;
W. II. Hoy il. Ilesvarton. secretary
(reuiurer uud national delegate to tho
Minneapolis convention September 21.
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Kuiiditys, U;(X) to 10;H0 A. M.
Dr. Evart P. Borden
Painless Hxtrnctloti of Teeth under
Nitrons Oxide Gas
Oflice Peninsula Dunk lilihj.
Olllce photic Col. 02o; res. phone Col. 477
Hours 0-12 n. iti.; ItfUGsml 7-8 p. m.
Dr. Herbert F. Jones
311 North Jersey Street
Bring in your job printing.
'Day Phone
Columbia J7
N'tKhl Phone
Columbia GJ0
Phone Columbia 370
Res. Columbia 1131
Dr. F. P. Schuilze
Physician ami Surgeon
Room 1() Peninsula llmik ihifhltm:
Ollicc Hours 8 lo 12 A. M. 1 U C P. M.
Itveiiliigs 7 (o l
Pciiltisulu llauk llldii.
Ollice Phone Columlim 1 HU
The idaie whir uimmI Mrrvicr awt
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uuir liming rtritivi- iki mi ettcutton.
Davis Barber Shop
S. tf. DAVIS, hoprutgr
108 Philadelphia St. Hath
St. Johns Undertaking Go.
208 N. Jersey Street
PhoiKM Columbia 867
ColemWa 2ft
Automobilv IIeurs.
Gel Our Pr'ces Before Going Is Portland
402 N. Street
Alwtrscts of Title PriMrd
Tttlvs ItxnwiiMsl
I'houe Colmul.U 3615
Hauling and Aloving
Done Qmckly and Promptly
Daily Trip t imid frm l'orthtbd
Fhoai coi. ioso fio l Kiciunonu M.
Poff & Green
Not tha Uo on your paper.
Sand ami Gravel Hauled
Duily Trips to Portland
Phone Col. 308 206 N. JERSEY SI
Wood of all kinds
Auto Express
Prices Keusouuble Prompt Stirvjoe
Good Second hand Scvriiiir uiuchlucs,for
rtut. II. V, Clark, tt