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The Store That Cares For You
Dry Goods and Shoes for Everybody
Attorney-General Asks Former
Food Administrator to
Resume Duty.
Congress Is Told That Present
High Prices Are Not
Justified. ,
H. Perclval Dodge, named first rep.
rtianUtlve of the United States to
Cincinnati. "It la radically socialis
ts ami: ought to bo fought," WlllTnm
lil. Tn,t aald of tlio Plumb plan for Uto
administration of thu rnllrnndn, In a
statoruont hero. "I vury much disap
prove of tha plan. I nm nlmoat cortaln
the ropubllcaua will oppoNO thu l'liimh
Dja,n, and I hupo the domocrata do, too.
Wa. ahould not lot tho aovlut system
tn oron a tooliold In Amorlcn," ho
"I do bplovo In closo auporvlalon of
tha railroads of tho country, but auuh
auporvlalon aa wo have had liaa boon
too aovero. Wo ahould p.lvo tho rail
roada a chanco, kIvo tlioni ntloquuto
rermiuos by propor rntca no thoy can
attract tho nccossnry capital for nucus'
ary malnlonanco and Itnprovoinmita,
Wo havn not allowed tho rut on to go
up aa thoy ahould."
Hofcrrluc to tho strikes of railroad
ahopmcn throughout tho country mid
tho demand of other rnllrond union
tor lucrunioil wnKua, Mr, Tnfl anld:
"Whllo I havo not koiiu Into tho
suhjoct with tho llinrhiiBliiH's lo war
raut a final JiiilKiurnt, I will any thut
from what I do know, It sooma to inn
that tho men nrn roiiuoatluK n jtrouto
lucroaao than tho purcontano of In
crosso In tho coat of living warrants
Thus, It appears thoy urn asking moru
that) thoy mo entitled to receive."
Tho llolulnn chamber of iluptillcs on
Friday ratified tho pencil treaty with
(Jrnuanv by a uniiulmoua vot.
A ilecrno prohlbltliiK thu oxportutluu
of ajutar wan piomulKutt'd by thu Ar
tfiitliio eoverniiiunl.
(.'barge i with cousplruoy to vlolat
section i of tho Inderal foud net
Ueorjfu W. Hhnrldan, prushltint of th
Central Hiikut company of Chicago,
nd threo representatives of thu ion
cern'n Pltlrourg branch, uro under ar
mt by federal authorities.
Thu IiIkIi price of shoes was declared
to be duo to exreatlvo profit lukim lo
ttery factor In shoe product Ion In
report by tho federal trude commission
to congress.
General March, chief of atuff, In
formed thu aenato mllltury ooiuiulllw
that., tho army of 610,000 mid rompul
eory tralulng proposed by tho war d
prtmeut bill will coat fUOO.UQO.OoO
A conference of mayor of Hpokutir,
reatt, Tucomn and Portland to com
b4 profiteering In food will probubly
be held In Bvuttlo Tuesday, AiikusI
lf accordlnc to plana outlined In
Ulram scut by Mayor lluker of Port
land to Mayor Hanson of Seattle.
To aacefjnJn wheru tho profit U bo-
laf tnade In the wdu of flour the
United 8t,tea Oralu corporation la now
conducting au InvcatlKatlou ua to tho
wholesale and retail prlco of thla oom
utodlty lu the ten principal cities of
Orlu, WashluKtou and Idaho,
Ho that the famous old huttleshli
Oregon, onco pride of the American
uavy, cnu steam from Ilremerlou to
Han Francsco to participate ) tho
welcome to the 1'aclflo fleot there,
work costing f 160,000 must be done on
the warship at the Pugot sound uavy
SanaU Sprues Probe Commences.
Washington. Tho seuato aircraft
9P)ntlUeo will hold a hearliiK ut Chi
osso with (Jharlo W, 8lleh. of Oram!
Maplds, Mich., uud W, K. Morloy of
Cleveland as witnesses. Several wit
u.sjmcs.wIII bo heard at Ht. I'nul and Ui commllteo will so to Seattle
for a lengthy hearing Into spruce pro
duction, begluulug about AukusI SO
American Store 8old to Belgium,
Washlucton. Approximately J 10
pp.Opo worth of- urmy foodstuffs stop
t,d,.4t Antwerp and the Hook of lul
in nd, h,H becu sold to the ilelglan
0jjtfqejB, Cannot Bo Cured
y t, ipllctlmi, lhr csnnui rtucti
Ibf. 4lriiJ4 portion ut Ilia car Thrr It
aljr oat r la cur d(n,.,, snd tlil Is
bjr tnttllutloti rrmtdlr. IxalniM U
MUHd by an ImUtnrJ condition of Hi. mu
U4l Unix of lh Kuiltchtin Tut. Vti
UiU tut I InlUmtd )uu rumbllns
fUMl 'f lwi'rfci hrrlu, and wbn It I
fTT(ljr elf ). Drafiu'M la th mull, and lOflsmmstlon urn In ttktg out
aalin ti'l rni'ttl to tt normal conJt
H; htarlsa lll U fortr; nln
S oat of tn ar CAUatd It Ctrrh.
Vktcti u notblns tut an Inruintd condition
r Iks mucoji turfacia.
W will slv On llundr4 Iollr (or any
. f DafntM (caud tir catarrh) that
aaMM. b cur 4 by Hall's Catarrh Cur.
EsTfer, circulars, ft.
r. j. aimtr a ca, tU4, om
(r MtlUa.
Washington. I'rceldent Wilson laid
several specific proposals before con
Kress for cheeking tho IiIkIi cost of
living, but at tho samo time declared
permanent results could not be e.i
pectrd until peace-time baaes worn fully
restored by ratification of the peace
IIIrIi prlcett, the president told con
groan, wero not Justified by shortnKe
of supplk'M eithor prcRont or pros
pcctlvt, but were created In many enses
artificially and deliberately" by "vl
clous practices."
lletnlters, he said, wore responsible
In I arm- part for extortionate ptlcea.
Mtrlkes, the president wurnt'd the
labor world, would (inly maku mutters
woise uud thoso who sought to employ
threntM or coeiclon wuro only "prepnr-
liiK their own dostructlon." I.caderM of
oruautted labor, the president said, lie
was suro would presently yield to sec
ond sober thought.
Prices Raised by Criminal Methods
"Illegal" uud "crlmlnnl" woru tha
woids thu president used In character
Ir.InK the methods by which somu pros
ent-dtiy prices have been brought about,
I'reueut laws, ho aald, would be on
ergetleally employed to tho limit to
force out food hoards and meet tho
situation iih far ns possible, but to sup
plement tho oxIstliiK statutes he spec!
flratly urged (ho following:
Licensing of nil corporations engaged
lu Intorstittn commerce with specific
regulations designed to secure competl
tlvu selling and "prevent uiiconsclou
able profits' In tho method of market
I in;.
Kxteuslou of tho food control net to
peace times and tho application of Its
provisions ngalnst hoarding of fuel,
clothing uud other neccssltlea of life
ns well ns food.
A pennlly lu tho food control act for
A law regulating cold storage, limit
lug lint time which goods may bo held;
prescribing a method of disposing of
them If held beyond tho permitted pe
rlod, mid requiring that when released
goods bear the date of storage.
Stamp Prlco on Storage Ooods.
Laws requiring that goods released
from storage for Interstate t-ommerco
bear the selling prices at which they
went Into Mtorngo mid refilling that
all goods destined for Interstate com
inerco bear the prlco ut willed they
left tho hands of tho producer.
Kimrtmeut of thu ponding bill for the
control of security Issues,
Additional appropriations for govern
ni.'itt agencies which car supply thu
nubile full Information us to
pi Ires at which retailers buy.
I'nrly ratification of tha peuro treaty
o that tho "free processes of supply
and demand can operate."
Immediate steps by executive iigen
cltw of thu government promised by
tho president Include:
Tho limiting uud controlling of
wheat shipments ami credits to fnclll
late the purchiiso of wheat In such it
way us not to raise, but rather to
lower the price of 'lour at home.
Sell Government Stocks.
Sale of surplus stocks of food and
clothing In tho hands of tin govern
Thu forced withdrawal from storage
and sales of surplus stocks In private
In concluding too president-made a
plea for deliberate, Intelligent uctlou,
reminding congress that un unbalanced
world was looking to tho United States,
"Wo and wo almost alone," ho said,
"now hold (ho world steady. Upon our
teudfiistucsa uud self-possession do
ponds tlio uffulra or nations every
where. It Is lu this supremo crisis
this crisis for all mankind that
America must prove her mettle."
Washington. I'rom all pa'ts of tho
United States conto reports of pro
gress In the people's fight itgnlust the
rising cost of living. In this huttlo
local and federal agencies uro co
Whllo this battle goes on all aver
thu laud, congress Is busy digesting
President Wllnyn's recommendations
for reduction of Increasing prices,
Prompt action 'by congress was prom
Ised on those of tho president's rocom
memlatlons which did not "affect pro.
foundly thu policies of the govern
ment," as phrusod by Itepresontatlvo
Mnudell, Wyoming, republican leader
lu thu house.
At Pittsburg, Pn., 32 farmers wore
arrested under state law on charges of
hoarding and profiteering.
At Cincinnati, ()., tho county grand
Jury reported nvldenco of both hoard
lug and profiteering.
At Sacramento, C'ul., tho president of
tho city commission Invited tho people
to Join with him and federal ngenoles
lu n profiteer hunt.
Court proceedings against profiteers
In milk wero promised by tho federal
attorney lu Tacoinu, Wash.
All special agents of thu department
of Justice over tho country huvo boon
ordered to assist district attorneys In
uncovering evidence of profiteering In
foodstuffs and other necessities,
Allied Not to ftoumanla 8trong.
Pari. Tho note Hio supremo coun-
ell of tho peace conference sent to
Houmaulu rulativo to (lie armistice
terms the Houmauluus sought to Im
pose on Hungary, was much stronger
than at first supposed. It stated thut
tho peace conference was compelled
to believe tho Houmanlan government
determined to defy tho conference and
separata Itself from tho allied and
associated governments uud requested
Knumunla to deny by acts and uot
words tho chueges made aptliist her.
Union Leaders Not to 8trlke to Con
trol Railroads.
Washington. Leaders of the 15 or
ganizations of railroad employes uni
ted lu a definite nssertlun that they
had no deslro and huvo nono to Im
press upon the public by violence or
threat" their proposal (hat tho rail
roads bo nationalized under "tripar
tite control."
Declaring that thu requests of tho
men that living costs ho reduced or
their wages Incruased was aside from
tho questlou of tho futuro disposition
of tho railroad problem, tho labor
leaders said that If President Wilson
and congress could uot meet this re
quest tho men would "hayo to try to
find another solution,"
Whllo tho labor leaders did not men
tion tho president's address to con
gress, It was (ho general belief thit
their statement resulted from his
warning to the labor world that
strikes would only make proseut con
ditions worse, uud that those who
sought to employ threats or coercion
wero only "preparing their owu de
Washington. Attorney dcnernl
Palmer has 'started out to ascertain
how much of tho high cost of living
Is due to oxccsslvo profits by retailors,
In a telegram to alt state food admin
istrators who worked with Adminis
trator Hoover during tho war, tho attorney-general
ruquested tho appoint-
munt of a "falr-prico commltteo" lu
each county to InvcstlRato what Is
being charged for retail necessities,
and It Jn excess uf what tho committee
considers Just, to publish a list of fair
prices for thu guldauco of tho public.
ttetnllcrs who aro gouging tho ulti
mate coustimur will havo to bo disci
pi I tied by public sentiment, which of
flcluls have no doubt Is mifflctcntly
alert to tho situation now to act vigor
ously lu cluar cut casus.
AUornoyOeiiernl Palmor received
"enthusiastic" nssont from virtually nil
slate food administrators of whom ho
mked cooperation In tho government's
efforts to reduce tho high cost of liv
ing. At thu samo tlmo ho aunt In
structions to all district attorneys to
get In touch with thu food administra
tors and to uct at onco on any evidence
of law notation.
Thu attention of tho district attor
ney nlso was called to the "unlimited
avullablllty" of tlio secret service for
any Investigation work necessary to
tho punishment of hoarders and pro
Cinderella Feet
We are displaying a table of ox
fords that were made before the
era of leather substitutes and ex
tremely pointed toes but they are
not such out-of-date shoes after
all. But to have them fit, you
must wear not larger than -a size
four; there are many pairs of
sixes three and three and a half,
a good many fours and a few
fives. If you have the undersized
foot you may havo a pair of these
perfectly good, substantial and
nice looking low shoes for $1.00.
And you will not delay for many
pairs have been sold simply be
cause they are in evidence in our
Our Policy of Markup
There Is a lot to be said about the
markup of merchandize just at llis
time. You may .be lured by "Special
Sales'1 and that may be policy pro
viding you am n good buyer and know
values anil confine yourself to the
'Specials." Hut If you arc wise you
will take this tip and avoid the stores
thut arc making the new nrrlvals nt
"replacement values'' rather than on
the Purchase Values; mid most of them
arc doing it. The larger butlttess or
ganizations particularly. It Is worth
the price to divulge a business secret
occasionally and wc would have you
be levc us when wc define our Policy
of Markup. Most all goods, particu
larly shoes, that will be on our shelves
this fall and winter, have been bought
for several mouths; some weeks before
the icnl skyrocketing prevailed, Wc
arc going to sll our noes and prac
tically nil of our merchandise that
wc were fortunate enough to buy
early, nt a markup bated on the price
paid and not on the price we would
pay If buying on the present market;
which lu the caic of men's shoes
means from otic to four ttollaisa pair;
women's shoes about the same and
mUscsnmt children's almost aa bad
In proportion.
White Skirts
The season v of. White Dress
Skirts is well advanced and finds
us with a number of Skirts on
hand that ought to be on the per
son of our patrons. In the en
deavor to close these out so that
funds will be available for the
fall lines wc aro offering them at
substantial reductions, and these
were never marked at "replace
ment prices." We are also show
ing the nifty Stylofit Skirts in Silk
Poplins of Navy Tan, and Taupe
and Silk Plaids. To go with these
Skirts we offer you a selection of
Blouses that compare in appear
ance and materials with those
displayed over in the city at pri
ces that exceed ours materially.
Price them for yourself.
Men appreciate quality and a reasonably large array of goods from which selection may be made. This
store has increased its stock of Men's Wearing Apparel as fast as demand permitted and in many cases faster.
And now wo can boast of stock of Furnishings, Suits and Shoes that appeal to the Banker, the Boss, the
Foreman or the Mechanic or their Boys.
L. E. ROSE, Mgr. Men's Dopt.
Crossett Shoes Arrow Shirts and Collars Kenosha Underwear Rest Knit Socks
Men's and Boy's Suits Mallory Hats
1. The Oaks
2. Council Crest
51. Columbia Bench
l. Cr.vslnl Lnke Park
f. Rock Island
(i. Doilgt: Park
7. Hstacnda Park
8. Hull Run Park
D. Mucleay Park
10- Peninsula Park
11. WashhiRtoir Purk
12 Oak Grove Park
13, Mi. Tabor Park
11. Riverbiile Park
Try Them by Trolley
Portland Railway
Light & Power Company
8ugar Price Set at 12 Cents.
Chlcuco. Henry O. Holopp. In
churKu of tho federal food administra
tion sugar bureau, sut 12 con is a pound
as a fair prlco of tho commodity to tho
consumer. Ho declared that any retull
prlco lu excess of this figure was "out
rageous profiteering-" for aoVorul
week grocers have charged as high
as 1C cents a pound.
Army Strength la 549,000,
Washington, Bluco the uriulstlco
3,lti5,t!42 officers ami men havo been
discharged from the army, tho wsr
department announced. Tho force re
maining In France on August 5 was
placed at 123.885. making tho toUl
strength of the urmy on that dato
j. C, Chambers Mrs. II. R. Kowry
Funeral Directors
24S-UfiO KilltnRswortli Avenue
Telephones: Woodlawn 3800 C 1133
Mr. Clumbers it the only O, A, R
undertaker lu the city of Portland.
Personal attention and supervUfou
given to arrangements.
Building Contractor
Day cr Job Large or Sma)
Phone cel. ii33 912 So. Syracuse St
Auto Supplies
Paints are advancing "Buy Now"
Enamel your floors with Kyainze
Enamels, all colors
See our Home Fruit Dryer
Contract with us for your winter
supply of Coal before the pric ad
vances. Home Mercantile Co.
209 West Burlington Street
Argentina to Save Herds.
liuenos Aires, President Irlgoyen
has asked congress to prohibit tor e,
period of three years thu slaughter of
cows and heifers for food.
Andrew Carnegie Dies,
Lenox. Mass. Andrew Carnegie,
steel magnate and philanthropist, died
at his Lenox summer home, "Shadow
llrook." at 7:10 Monday morning. nf-M KIADS Of WOOD
icr un nun's in man mreo oats I . .
liiuilC viuiuuiu via
St. Johns Fuel Co.
V. C. SPIiCK, Prop.
For Sale Cheap
with bronchial pneumonia.
101 Kast Richmond Street
A plot of ground 100x000 feet.
which contains twelve 50x100 foot
ots, just across the river front St.
olms, bounded by Wood and Mills
streets. For quick sale $1000 takes rt.....i. . a..- n.t...h ,'.
.em, which is less that $100 per ! IZ IT' 0,1,3
n,vl .... :. rir.
The followlug list of legal blanks
are kept for sale at this office and
others will be added as the demand
Warrauty deeds, Quit Claim
Dxls, Realty and Chattel Mort
gagai, batufaction of Mortgages,
ot. Good
this office,
terms given. Call at
FOR HINT w4 at this ff).
Residents of St. Johns havintr
taxes nnd city hens to pay in
Port and can make thoir nay
ments without inconvenience by
nvai intr themse vea of our ser
vices. Wo will pay samo and
secure your receipt without in
convenience to you. Fee, 25
cents. References: Any St.
Johns Bank. Peninsula Title,
Abstract and Realty Co., by H,
Henderson. Manager; 402 North
Jersey street.
's a Friendly Tip"
says the Good Judge
Knights and Ladies of Security
St. Johns Council 2775
Hcuulur Iluslno tnictltig 1st and 3rd
Mondays. Open meetings to the public
and members "ml and 4th Mondays. Vis.
Itors and members cordially Invited to
attend nt lllckuer Hall.
Frank C. (Josser, Pres.
Lester Tccllng, Secretary.
jpMftft, lAbld.L LODGE '
" No. 186 I. O, O. r
UmIi each Monday evening In Odd FV
lows hall at H;oo, A cordial welcome to
all vliltltig brothers.
I'iril lUtkttl. Noble Orsod
C. V lUhl. Vice (Ifsnil
Joe KjbtiU. Krc. rc.
). W. Notcnr. I'ln.lKC.
II. I' CUrk.Trrst.
St. Johns Gamp No. 7546
Modern Woodmen of America,
Wc heartily solicit the attendarlcc of
our iiicmuers at our rruuiar nieciiiiKS
every Thurwlay evening.
A. I.. Marcy, Geo. Muhm, Clerk
Consul. 103 SmlUi avenue
kmciiis or P VI III AS
Meets every l'rldav night at o'clock In HICKNHR
llall. Visitors slwsys wl
Woodmen til the World
St. Johns Camp 773
Meet every Thursday evening iu
I. O. O. F. Hall, Leavitt and Jersey
btreets. Visitors always welcome.
THOS. COUl'Ii, C. C,
W. K. COON, Clerk.
Men who know tobacco,
chew the best without its
costing them any more.
They take a little chew ana!
it's amazing how the good
taste stays in a rich, high,
grade chewing tobacco.
For lasting tobacco satis
faction, there's nothing
like a small chew of that
rich-tastiug tobacco.
put up fa two styles
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
If you are a stranger in town read
The Review and get acquainted.
I buy or sell St. Johns Property
Real Estate
Fire Insurance and Notary Public
1,1st your properly with me if you
desire to sell quickly
202 N. Jersey St. St. Johns
Office Room 5
Peninsula Bank Building
Hours 9-to a. tn.; 1.5 p. m. and
Officephon Col. 254; Res. 910
Transfer a'nd Storag
Js7i daJiver your roods to and from
ak pet of Portland, Vancouver, Llnn
ton, Portland and Suburban Exprsii
Co., Mj 4oek and all points aecibl
W wafi. PUm fld fwmktmu mtsmg
Hume Woclhtwu &K0
i&Uealland Bsllvsr
The Skltora Clean rs
Cleaning, Pressiufe, Alterations am Re-
pairing specialty
V. C. JUSTICE m SUtewc Street
Cards of thank e notices are
charged for at the rate of fifty
cents each. Persons desiring to
have such notices published
should make a note of this.
Brim 76r Jab priatlBg vUH
you thlak ot 1C Deal wait tatll yM
ar atiTAlr out. catcd
ta tors et Mt aad ttMj ycUM
mwttr Par yrfeaa. ar Imb.