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ST. Johns review
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Canned Salmon Rejected
Details of rejections by the
army of the entiro canned sal
mon pack of 1918 and its resale
to packers at cost, less certain
refunds, were learned Saturday.
The situation disclosed is that
1,T78,000 cases, approximately
5, 000, GOD cans, wora rejected as
having failed to attain govern
mont standard and. are now
being marketed by packers.
On July 26, thoro had been re
turned to packers or shippod
upon tl oir orders 540,003 cases.
Befoco resale by packers to
wholesalers, it is stated that
. the goods aro cxaminod bv food
inspectors at points of delivery,
but what proportion is being
passed as tit for consumption
cannot bo ascertained. Thogov1
ernment standard is that from
' selected sum of staples not over
5 per cent of canB may bo bad.
Officials of army purchase divi
sion explain that probably large
porportion of pack is good, but
they could not afford to take
chances on it.
In February and March; it is
Btutcdjicomplaints began coming
from army camps that the sal
mon was bad. Thereupon sam
ples were ordered sont to Wash
ington. Brands of over Bovonty
different packers wore examin
ed and a large majority wcro
found to contain over 5 per cent
of bad salmon. Somo brands
vran under this proportion, but
' it was Impossible to detect bad
cans without opening, because
when salmon is packed after
spoiling, go6d and bad havo the
same outward appearances.
Confcronco of packers was
then called. In May representa
tives of Pacific Coast Packers
Association and of smaller pack
ers mot army purchasing oDicials
and were asked for an explana
tion. The theory advanced by
largo Alaskan packers was that
tho oxtromo hot weather caused
fish to spoil when on tho way to
tho canneries. Smaller packers
aro represented to havo said sinco
arrangements were being mndo
to roturn tho goods back thoy
should como into it, too. Ex.
Contract Awarded
Bids for the construction of a
municipally owned office build
ing at tho St. Johns municipal
terminal were opened at a meet
ing of the commission of public
docks Tuesday morning and n
contract for the construction
awarded to A. C. Meyer, whoso
bid of $10,835 was lowest. Tho
noxt lowest bid was $11,GG9. At
$13,600 a contract was awarded
to tho Variety Manufacturing
company for the installation of
steel doors at the terminal. As
' signment of the leane of W. R.
Bagot, one and one half acres of
land adjoining tho terminal to
be uaed aa a (lour mill site, was
asked by Bagot in a communi
cation to the commission. He
would transfer his holdings to
tho Eagle Flour Mill company, in
which he js interested. The
matter was referred to tho
city attorney.
Frank Anderson, a brakeman
on tho Western Cooperage com
pany's logging train, was in
stantly killed while at work
Monday at Astoria. A train load
of logs was being hauled from
California Barrel company's
camp when one log dropped
down and displaced the load on
the two cars behind. Anderson
ffUi caught between two logs
and the top of his head was
pinched off. Anderson was 23
years old. His parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Anderson, reside at
Bandon, his sister, Mrs.. Edith
Hollenbeck, lives at the Western
Cooperage company camp. It is
expected tho remains will be
shipped to Bandon for inter
With the best of companies;
lowest rates; a thorough know
ledge of local conditions and
heavy interests in the commun
ity, is jt not reasonable to sup
peee that we can give you better
insurance service-than the wan
dering solicitors, who may or
may not be in the business when
a loss pecurs? Let us figure on
your fire insurance, or insurance
of any kind. We write all lines
in. the best of companies and
give you insurance service sec
ond to none in the city. Penin
sula Security Co.
Try Chop Saey and Noodles
at popular prices. Home Made
Pastry very day at "Cafe of
' Merit" We serve breakfastand
dinner. Open from 6 a. si. to
12 p. ru S. Jersey street.
Worry Didn't Help
I had a little field of wheat,
fivo acres and a third; through
winter storms and springtime
heat my vigils wero absurd. I
thought tho climate should be
run with my small field in view,
with jusl enough of wind and
sun, and timely rain and dew.
In other fields of great extent
the wheat of neighbors waved:
I didn't worry worth n cent if
they wero lost or Bnvcd. Tho
only wheat in all the land for
which I cared a whoop was that.
by idle zephyrs fanned, beforo
my humble coop. I trembled
when tho sky was bright, for
fear a drouth would come: and
clouds would fill mo with off
right, lest wild tornadoes hum.
I kicked if there was too much
rain, and jawed tho brood inir
sky; and I would grumble and
complain if days were hot and
dry. I ragged tho wind in heat
cd terms when it enmo from tho
west; I creamed of bugs and
army worms, and overy other
pest. My wheat is harvested nt
last, it lived thru rust and
blight, survived the torrent and
the blast, and filled my bin
all right. And I'd havo had as
big n crop if I had let things
slide, if I had raised no yelping
ynmp nnd had not wept or sighed.
I worried o'er thnt field so much
I aged a hundred jsnrs, nnd
now I hobblo on n crutch, nnd
sec how vain woro fears. Walt
Pretty Home Wedding
Tho homo of Mrs. Edith D. Vin
son, 582 S. Ivanhoo street, was
tho scene of a wedding of quiet
beauty Wednesday noon, Aug
ust Gth, when Dr. Harry S.
lrvino and Miss Delia A. Vinson
wcro united in marriage. Pro.
Paul lrvino and Miss Marie
Herring did tho honors as best
man and maid, Rev. J. H. Ir
vine, officiatimr. Tho bridal
presents wcro beautiful and
valuable. Dr. lrvino is IIoubo
Doctor at St. Vincent'a Hospital,
and ono of Portland's rising
young professional men. Miss
Vinson is ono of our James John
High young ladies and has
been engaged in tho oflico of Dr.
E. R. Seeley, during vacation,
Whilo tho guests wero regaling
themselves on dainty refresh
mcnts, a touring car spirited
away tho happy couplo on n
bridal trip to parts unknown.
Oil Regions Lively
W. S. Gillmore. who had been
spending some months in tho oil
regions at uanger and other
points in lexas, is in bt. Johns
on a two wcok's business trip,
after which ho will return to
the new oil regions, ile brings
glowing reports of tho fortunes
being made almost over night in
and around Ranger, which he
said two years apo was a village
of 150 people and now has a
population of fifteen thousand.
So enthusiastic is Mr. Gillmoro
over prospects thero that he has
made soverai investments in
oil land, which he expects to
rapidly increase in value. In
fact, he stated that he was offer
ed double what ho had paid for
one tract. Mr. Gillmoro has
several interesting samples of
oil taken from his brother-in-
law's field, which shows tho oil
SB it comes from the ground.
This well ig expected to produce
from 5U0U to wuu barrels per
day. Any one interested in
hearing about the new oil fields
should consult Mr. Gillmore.
A lady said to us; "Why I
have had KODAK finishing
done in a number of down town
places, but have never had as
nice work as you folks do for
me." Satisfied; that's the way
with all our kodak finishing pat
One Enlargement FREE with
each dozen portraits. HOES
STUDIO, opposite Central
Boy's Heavy Bib overalls
$1.25. ROGERS.
Our record stock is as com
plete as it is possible to get it
under present conditions and,
compares favorably with any in
the city. Currin Says So.
Men's Rubbers $1.10. Roger.
Have your photo made by'
HOES, opposite Central School.
Bring in ypur-job printing.
An Island of Gold
An island of gold, in compari
son which tho treasure islands
of pirate romunce fado into in
significance, is what R. II, Wil
oon, of Tacoma, Wash., says he
haB discovered in Great Slavo
Lake. Back from the far north,
Wilson has told his Monte Oris
to tale for the first time. He
is an old miner and knows val
ues. He says no sucli store of
gold has ever boon discovered
sinco Klondike days. lie has be
gun tho work of sinking a mine,
which ho estimates will pay
$240,000,000' beforo it is ox
haustcd. Talcs of rich copper
deposits in the Great Slavo
country hired Wi son in 191G.
He had heard the Indian tradi
tion of a wonderful lost gold
mine on Copper mine river, fur
ther north. Ho left his homo
in Tacoma and went up thero
and spent several months pros
pecting the regon alone. While
out ini his canoe in tho Great
Slavo Lake in pursuit of u
wounded swan, ho landed on the
beach of n little islund. He hud
often seen tho island from
shore, a little misshapen
mound of black rock, treeless
and desolate. It was .known
among the Indians and trappers
as Littlfl Caribou island. As
far as he could learn, he was
tho first white man who ovor
had set foot on it. Hc'fouml the
rock of tho island roso quartz.
Ills trained oyo knew it at
once for gold rock. In a brief
ramble ho nicked un u handful
of gold nuggots. Ono was as
big as a hen's eirir. E orvwhero
he folind traces of free uold.
When ho went back to Tacomn
ho took a nuantity of ore. It
assayed, ho says, from $11 to
$20 a ton. Convinced thnt his
treasure island ho d uo den
wealth beyond tho dreams of i
s. o
You ore stircof service on any of ROGERS'' Alcrclianclise
Good Work Pants $1.95 Tennis Shoes 85c
ltOGlSHS novrfn .von- , on nvvtl
Jlotwoon Utulvrtolilint
i 202 N. JERSEY ST.
avarice, he kept his secret and
laid his plans. He hurried hick
to Canada and took a govern
ment grnnt to the island. Then
he organized a company in
Washington to exploit this
discovery. This took time. He
had no chance to return to his
island till this summer. Ex.
ntBEnif ''sMMTTTrnwrrBffr
MWf Tin
Albert U. Cummins. Senator
Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce, will be especially prominent
at this session of Congress because of pending legislation before that
committee. Senator Cummins has long been recognized as one of the
foremost authorities on railroad regulation. His yiews"oiT the railroad
question yrttl receive wide attention, : ' ' r
The Perversity of Man
"Why folks don't leave the
city and move out intothe
country," seems to be a ques
tion that is engaging the minds
of mnny political and economic
philosophers. The answer is
easy. Wages are too high
Where, in the city? No, in the
country. When tho government
takes its ortmcuu price away
from wheat and it drops to six
bits a bushel,' then wheat fields
will be full of men working 16
hours a day for a dollar. When
form hands get $30 a month on
tho farm they will leave the
city for the farm job. Man is
naturally a perverse cuss nnd he
is iroing to do' just what he
shouldn't do. He won't herd
rheep at $75 a month, but he
will for $30. He won't sotn hen
when eggs aro worth four bits
a dozen, hut ho will Bit up all
night nursing a sick hon when
eggs aro selling for eight cents
and ho will milk cows from
morning till night when butter
is worth 35c a pound. Do you
think he will split wood for $3
a cord. is too much money;
ho would ruthemvult and next
your work at it for a dolhr
a cord.and so there is no use to
talk about coming back to the
farm now for the wages on a
farm aro too high. Man is sure
ly a pcrvcrso cuss and far too
obstinate and contrary to even
want to follow a trail. Canyon
City Eagle. -
When Juntos' A. Garfield wus
president or Hirum College, a
man brought up his son to be
entered aa n student. He
wanted tho boy to take a course
shorter than tho. regular one.
"My son can never take all those
studies," said the father. "Il
wants to not through moro
quickly. Can't you arrnngo it
I'orlut ami t'lvturo Show t
Open Evenings j
for him?" "Oh, yes," said Mr.
Garfield. Ho can tako a short
er courso; it all depends on
what you want to mnko of
him. When God wanta to make
an oak He takes'a hundred years,
hut Ho takes only two months
to mako a squash'
Not tha labal on your oapar.
w safe j-j
from Iowa, as new rhnJrman nt
Will Sell Tomatoes
Tho first step taken by the
city of Portland to combat the
high cost of living was tho
placing of an order for two car
load of cured bacon and one car
load of 2 1 2s solid pack toma
toes, which will be offered for
sole at coat plus freight charges.
The bacon will no shipped from
PnniD Lewis nnd it is probable
thntrnt least one carload of the
popular breakfast meat will
reach the city by the end of the
week. The shipment of tomatoes
will como from l'ort fllnson,
Cttl., and will not reach Portland
until about August 15. Author
ization of the purchase of the
food Btull'B was given by the
city council Tuesduy to City
Commissioner Pier at a spe
cial meeting called by Mayor
linker. Not only has Cnmmls
sioner Peir been "investod with
power to make the purchases
mentioned, but ho also may
continuo to purchase food stulf
from the government' as long
as. the supply and demnnd exist.
The bacon which tho city will
purchase is of good grade,
which City Purchasing Agent
Mcintosh says sells at whole
sale for 12 cunts a pound and
rotnils to tho consumer at prices
between GO cents nnd 55 cents a
pound. Tho city will procure
this -bacon for III cents per
pound plus freight charges,
which will bring tho coHt of the
bacon to tho buyers at about
Hi 1 2 cents per pound. The
cnrload of tomatoes will contain
Hti.OOO cans, for which the clt
will pay llii cents per can phis
freight charges, bringing the
approximate cost to the consum
or to Mi cents per can. Tho
same grade of tomatoes retail at
prices between 20 and 2G cents
tier can, according to Mr. Mc
lntosh. Final arrangements for
tho handling of tho foodstulfs
has not yet been determined by
Commissioner Pier. Simon Mro
titers, operating a storo nt First,
Second and Alder streets, havo
offered to handle tho foodstulfs
for tho city without cost. Wrap
ping paper, string, cost of
wages for employes and other
incidental costs will not bo as
sessed either against tho city
proper or added to tho cost of
tho foodstulfs. Julius L. Meier,
general manugor of Molnr
Ironk company, hns offered to
to sell tho city-bouirht goods on
co8t-nlus scale. "This purchase
of fooditull's," said Commission
er Pier, will give tho pooplo of
Portland an opportunity to lay
In supplies for tho winter at
prices below wholesale costs. It
presents a wonderful opportun
ity to break down tho high cost
of living and 1 feel sure that
tho people will welcome tho op
portunity avnilod thum through
action of tho city council." Or-
Since tho nhovo was
type, it is learned that tho
con supply is gonuiQd up
fore Portland can get any,
will havo to bo content
so it
Advises Not to Pay New
After an oxhoustivo study of
tho telephone situation, 'Chief
Deputy City Attorney Tomlinson
Wednesday issuod-an opinion
advioing teluphono users to
refuse to pay tho now rates
tho company is attempting to
"Tlwso rates are not lawful,"
says Tomlinson, ami tho com
puny is certainly tnking a high
handed stand whou it tries to
foist them on the public. Com
nany officials claim thnt tho new
rates wero ordered by Postmaster
General Burleson, but thoy have
not been uble to produce uny
such order." Tomlinson says
subscribers muy, if they so do.
sire, tender puyrncnt of bills to
the company on the old pro wnr
schedule, but oven this is not
necessary. Meantime the tele,
phono company ia swamped
with orders from all purta of the
city to have phones taken out.
CityTrallic Expert E. M. Cousin
ended his term of service wi n
tho city Wednesday morning.
He strongly advises tho 'public
not to pay any bills until the
lawful rate is definitely es
tablished; Cousin goes back to
his private business as traflic at
torney in tho Railway Exchange
building. News.
Is growing rapidly. Thoy ren
der an up to date service of roal
value to their depositors and in
vite your account. 114 North
Jersey' street. udv.
Ladies PANT-A -DRESS $2.00.
ROGERS. Fine for gardening.
The Union Savings arid Loan
Company of Portland, Ore., or
ganized under tho laws of tho
State of Oregon and safo guard
ed by the Blue Sky law, Of this
State, have established airagency
in St. Johns for tho subscrip
tion of fetock and collections.
They nlready havo a nico stock
subscription from tho very
best and most conservative
citizens of St. Johns who have
investigated the Company and
subscribed for tho stock. It is a
well known fact that Building
and Loan Companies aro tho
greatest cooperative money mak
ers for their investors for tho
reason that they deal in nothing
hut cash. It is a proposition of
compounding interest 12 times a
year. All mortgages and notes
nnd other securities aro to be de
posited with the Sffltc. To
mature $1000 will cost tho in
vestor $5.00 per month for 100
months, paying in $5.00 and at
maturity tho stock accumulates
to bo worth $1000 face. Past
experience indicates the stock to
go to maturity in from 108 to
120 months. This accumulates
you a nice Btako on a small
monthly saving. You also havo
thu privilege of a loan with
this stock also to bo paid in
monthly payment. In case of
sickness this company will
grant u cessation of payments
for one year, if it is necessary,
on tho slock. It Is a good in
vestment and a fine saving
proposition. Any young man
who wants to bo thrifty nnd get
into a proposition thnt is
safeguarded by tho State of Ore
gon, can call on our nirenl at St.
Johns for further particulars.
Soo A. W. Davis, 202 N. Jersey
street, Resident Agent.
Notice to Creditors
In llic Circuit Court the Ktnlc ot Or-
t-((oii for the County of Multnomah,
icxtttmcni oi j'roliiilc.
In the ; Mutter of the lUtntcol Niincy
C. Ilurloii, Dcccntcd.
Notice i (given of the death of Nnucy
C. Ilurloii, nnd Unit the uuderidKned hs
oven duly apmlntcil executrix of Iter
l.iut Will Mini Tcstnuicul mill of her ct
lute, nml Item (iiinllfied, All iwrtoiift liny
Ini; claims nunliul mIi! tlcccilent, or her
otte, nrc notified to prctuut nunc to
uiu ui me oiiicc oi my AKoriicyn. rcr
kin & llflilcy. 1117 Hoard of Trade
lliiildlni!, l'ortlnud, Orruou. with proper
vouciiiTN. muy vcriiini ns ieiiiireii uy
law, within six mouths from the diilu of
(lie firt piibllcutloii of thin notice, to
wit: inly lbili. lull.
ItllA' N. KOK,
Notice of Hearing Final Account
In the Circuit Court of the .State of Or-
i'Koii for the County of Multiioiinih.
iJcptiriiiimit oi rrolmlr.
In thu Mutter of the lUtute of Uric 1'
Peterson, Deceased.
.Notice is ulven tlint William I. Wei
Ion, fxecutorof the l.iut Will nnd Tes
tament of l(ric I'. l'uturMiu, dccHuvd,
lias tiled witli (lie County Clerk ot .Mult
iiniiinh County, Orcuoii.hU final account
un such executor, nnd Hint .Monday, All
Kiikt IHtu.nt J MO A. M., nt the Court
,.IMI-V! WI .lIMIIIIUIIini, VMMMI. wiiTKi"l,
DeiMrtiucul of I'robnte, mid before Hon-
iii.ii.ii vT iniit...IHi. f-.....!.. r.........
oralile lirorc liuwcll, Juile, lias lit-eu
ilxtMi n l lie time nml place lor liixirlnK
iiliiJCtltiuii to said account slid thetet-
Moment of the same, and to the distrlliu
lion uf the property hvlaiiuiiiu to iid
late. Any tiersnu haviui! oliicctlons
to wild account may lie nruril at tlie time
and place nforesald.
Perkins & lluifcy, Itxvcutor.
Attorneys for gxecutor.
Notice to Creditors
In the Circuit Court of tlwSUteof
Uncoil for thu County ( Multnomah.
Department of Probate,
In the Mutter of the Jitteo( Stanley
Itorusiewski Drcpasrd.
Notice Is given of the death of Stanley
llomsicwkki. and Hint the uudersik'iied
hits been duly appointed executrix of hit
l.itkt Will nnd 'Icktttinent nnd of his en
title, and hns miuliued. All urwlis hav
Hi),' claims against said decedent, or his
cktute, nre notified to present tame to
me ut the office of my Attorneys, Per
kins & lUlley. 1117 Hoard of Trade
JluihliiiK, Portland, Oregon, with proper
voucners, uuiy veriiimi u rpnrcti ny
law, within six months from the date of
thu firtt publication of this notice, to
wit: July 18th, 1919.
We haul any thing, any lime, any
place. Prices reasonable
Daily Trips to Portland
Enquire, 317 N. Jersey St. coiuS." 377
Wnnted Men or women to
sellguurunteed hosiery to friends
nnd neighbors. Handsome pro
fits made in either full or spare
time. Full lino of men's, worn
en'B nnd children's up to-date
styles. Largo commission. Ex
perienco not necessary,--Phoenix
Hosiery Co. Darley, Pa.
iromptly done, The HOES
TUDIO. opposite Centru
ItOGBHS has tho largest as.
sortment of GLOVES in 'town
Studios: ?,1L'V!",wort'1 Av.em,e
Phones: Woodlawn 2002; Oolumbttt 664
Mrs. Gabriel Puliin"
Vocal Teacher
Dinphrain llrenthliijr, l'nrwnrd Tone
plncenicnt nnd Clear diction,
Pupils tmtgluto take part In Trios and
906 Lombard St. Phone ColnrobU ltt
Mrs. Frank A. Rice
Violin, Alnndolin nnd Piano
I'upll ot Notre Ddinc
Studio: 60'J W. Jt In stwt
Telephone ColuitiblH 389
l'uilUtnny IxetHnc JUmlwrii ot the JitmiHt:
Orchrrtrt whlcli will mnkc ytilk ipMtriNI
Violin Instruction
STUDIO, 215 N. Syracuse Street
Phone Columbia H02
(I.icetititnte of lite Royal Academ
of Music, London.) , ,
Teacher of Piano .
1957 "oddest. lMiono Col. 873
Dr. W. J. GilslraM"'
Physician anil Surgeon
Glasses Accurately Filled
oiM'ieit mums
0:00 to 111 M. Ol'l'IClte
1:.10 (o -I::t0 P. M. lWusuUt ,
7:00 to 8:00 P. M. rtirttv Mill,
Sundays, 0.00 to 10.0 A. M.
Dr. Evart P. Borden
1'nitilcs.H Hxtrnctioti of Toctlt under.'
Nitrous Oxide Ciih
Oiiicc Peninsula Dunk bld. - .
(Illlce phone Col. 026; re phone Col. .177
Hour 0-12 n. 111. ', l ;'M 6 and J-8 p. in.
Dr. Herbert F. Jones!.'
311 North Jersey StreeL "L"
Day Phone Night (pWi
Coluinlilu 1)7 CoIiiiiiImm 01)0
Phone Columbia 379
Res. Columbia 1131
Dr. F. P. Schultze
Physician and Stirj;cn
Room 10 i'eniiiNiilit lUnk lluildiug
Onicc IIoumH to 12 A. M. I to ti K AI ,ft
Hveiilii): 7 to 0
Peninsula Hank llhl. ,!
Ollice Phone Columbia S3
The place where k,mI rrvk hm4
courteous tretmeiit pu-mil. IhlMfWt'
lulr cutting revelvt- pi ml MtUiilloit.
Davis Barber Shop
S. tf. DAW, I'ropntur ', ., J
108 Philadelphia bt, 11a 1 1 1 25c,
St. Johns Undertaking-Qo..'
208 N. Jersey Street '
I'hoim: Colmiihl fit-1
Columbia M
Automobile lleri.
8j Our Pr'ecj Befwe Wng to Psdkiiul -
402 N. Jurtoy Slrot
Abtrui U of Title l'irmrd
Titles hxaitiiiied
Phone Columbia 26S
Hauling and Moving,,
Done Quickly and Prtmipilw.
Daily Trip to and hum Portbutd.
. S. I LI XX , .
Phone Col. ioso 718 fc Richmond .
Poff & Green
Sand and Gravel Hauled ' ,
Daily Trips to Portland
Phone Col. 309 206 K. JERSEY SI
Wood of all kinds
Auto Express
Prices Iteusoruible
Prompt UrirYic
a. I
QwhI Si'wuiiihiiii'i Si n; ..
Nt. fa ui! b rour p"0 it,