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    Hlstorienl Society
A Handsome Structure
Tho now club house for the
use and benefit of the employes
, of! tho local woolen mills is
rapidly nearing completion. It
is a magnificent structure, one
of .which St. Johns, as well as
the employe?, should well feel
proud. Besides being an attrac
tive building it is thoroughly
substantial. It iB being con
structed entirely for tho com
fort, entortahuncnt and con
venienco of ' the employe?.
Everything will be free to them
except tho bare cost of the food,
and the insula served ill cose
less than could bo obtained at
homo. Moving pictures, gym
nasium, dancing room, reading
roomseverything will bo com-,
nloto. Tho Portland Woolon
Mills haB over had tho interest
of tho employes at heart, and
in nreaantintrthe use of this at
tractive and finely appointed
club house, which will cost
$20,000 or more, tho manage
ment id on v continuing a DOl
icy adopted when tho mill was
erected, and that is, nothing
too crood for the employes
Superintendent Carter's policy
haB erer been that if you treat
your omploycsright thoy wil
treat you rlirht. Wnd by pur
aiilnor this nolicv ho has proven
to his ontire satisfaction that he
is right in his viowa. A more
rnlnuto description of tho niw
club houtto will bo given when
Made Magnificent Record
Educational Opportunity
Headquarters, Camp LowIb
American Lake, Wash. Editor
St. Johns Review: Authority
has been recoived from tho War
Donartmant to initiate cducn
tional and vocational training at
thin Camp ln"nddition to tho
military training received. Any
young man wishing to enlist is
pormittcd to choose the Arm of
tho Service in which he caroa to
enlist. Any soldior serving in
whatever Arm is permitted, not
rcauircd. to undertake education
al or vocational training throe
hours daily during fivo days of
tho week. It is beliovcd that
this educational opportunity
furnished young men who have
not yet entered college or
' learned a trade, will induce a
largo number of young men
unmarried, to enter tho Army
for the nurnosoof either increas
Ing their earning capacity aftor
discharge or for tho purpose of
entering college in a Higher
grade than he would otherwise
enter. This educational advan
tage is in addition to the other
privileges accorded soldiers of
tho Army. The present pay and
.all, allowances, such as clothing.
subsistence, quarters, medical
attention, dental treatment,
life insurance, etc.. aro usually
estimated at $100.00 per month.
Tho improvement may be gain
ed by other young men who
have not yet-served in tht army.
Yours sincerely, William H.
Johnston, Major General U. S.
A. Commanding,
Two Ships Reinstated
Orders have been received
by tho, Portland office of the
Emergency Fleet corporation to
reinstate two suspended con
tracts for steamers at the yard
of the Peninsula Shipbuilding
company, The Emergency Fleet
had ordered previously that (he
vessels be completed as hulls,
butowing to the fact that the
ships have been sold to eastern
parties, it is now necessary to
Install the machinery as origi
nally intended. The reinstate
ment gives some degree of en
couragement to. other wooden
shipyards of the Oregon dis
trict. After the signing of the
armistice the the shipping board
cancelled 88 contracts for
steamers in the Oregon district,
The two reinstated ships are the
iCartona and Corone. Both are
4000 ton vessels of the Penin
sual tpye, the special design of
the Peninsula Shipbuilding company.
Last week witnessed tho pass
ing into history of tho Grant
Smith - Porter Ship company
wnicn nas reverted to the Emer
gency Fleet corporation ad
brought to a close a record of
achievements unrivaled in mari
time history. From among
more than 100 wooden shipbuild
ing ynrus in tno united Stnte3
tho Grant Smith-Porter Shir
company, netween its 1'ort an
and Aberdeen, Wash., yards
has captured every nntiona
pennant offered by the United
States shipping board for speed
anu progress in wooden shi
construction and won for this
state a launching record of
vessels in littlo more than
year s timo a mark which pro
oamy win never no cqunllcd.
It was at tho rtnueat
George Goethnls. then in charge
or tno snipuuiiuing program of
tho United Stutcs, that Gran
tit i
omitn ana uric v. Hausor un
dertook tho contract of furnish
ing ships to tho government
mi i . .
ino ontiro organization and
4 1 t it
incuttio3 or tno company were
placed at tho disposal of the
gQvernmont to do with it as
saw in uuring tno war cmcr
In ordor to assist with the
fulfillment of the contract with
the shipping hoard, Andrew
D. Porter Inter was taken into
the organ zat on. l ie tieraonne
of tho company which began tho
actual construction of wooden
vckscIh was Grant Smith, nresi
dent; Eric V. Hauscr, vico orcbi
dent nnd general manager: An
drew D. Porter, vico presi
dent: Harry Hunt, secretary
and treasurer; Paul N. Carlson,
goncrai superintendent and
Georgo Tcufel, plant supcrin
On Juno 1. 1917. dredges
started numning snnd into the
lowlands at St. Johns at tho pre
sent site or the h nynrdi. On
Juno 21 the first building at the
plant was started. Altogether
moro than 12,000,000 feet of
lumber was brought into the
construction of ways and build
inga. Approximately 20.000
pieces of piling wero driven for
On August 22. 1917. the keel
of the Wasco, first steamer, wns
aid. The Wasco was nuncbud
February 17. 1918. It had tho
distinction of being tho first
emergency built steamor to en
ter tho aerv ce of Unc o Sam.
Sinco that date 81 wooden
vessels havo bcon launched
rom tho whys at tho Grant
Smith-Porter Ship company and
many of tho mast prominent
people of this as well as other
countries have witnessed
aunchings from the yard.
lho moralo maintainor! at tho
Grant Smith Porter yard is held
responsible for the wonderful
showing at tho plant. While
strikea and industrial disturb
ances often delayed work at
other yards, tho Grant Smith
Porter yard was singular y. free
rom such annoyances. One of
the outstanding reasons for this
splendid spirit was tho club
house and the numerous other
pleasantries and diversions offer.
ed to the men by their genial
manager, Eric V. Hauser. It
is safo to say that at no other
yard in Oregon havo the men
been relieved from duty with as
many regrets as those who wero
employed at the St. Johns nlant
of the Grant Smith-Porter Ship
View Park Sites
Try Chop Suey and Noodles
at popular priced. Home Made
Pastry every day. at "Cafe of
Merit" We serve breakfast and
dinner. Open from 6 a. m. to
12 p, xa.r-S. Jersey street.
Our reeord stock is as com it is possible to get it
uader present conditions and
compares favorably withny in
the city, Currin Says So.
tho best of companies:
owest rates; a thorough know
edge of local conditions nnd
leavy interests in the commun-
tv, is it not reasonable to sun.
pose that we can give you better
nsurance service than the wan
dering solicitors, who may or
may not be in the business when
Joss occurs L?fus fitrure on
your fire insurance, or insurance
of any kind. We writs all lines
in the best of companies and
give you 'nsurance service sec
ond to none in the city. Penin
sula Security Co.
'I don't take anv slock in
these 'ere pay tent medicines
asserted Lafe Lopp, a languid
citizen of Wayoverbehind.
'They're an enemy to the human
e. b'pose now. i ou are cret.
ting along all ripht, unable to
work b'cuz you're sick; you're
pretty miserable, of course, but
people sympathize with you and
respect you. ad then-some
body persuades you to take a
ew bottles of So and So. and
you are cured and get your pic-
ture in the almanac. And for-
ever afterward everybody wants
to Know why you don't go to
work, dadblamed your onery
Bring in your job printing.
Proposed sites for future park
and playgrounds in Portland
were surveyed last Friday by
uity uomrnissioncr Jficr in
charge of the park bureau, and
rark superintendent Koyser,
Sites in Albinn. St. Johns. Wood
lawn, Albertn, Irvington, Rose
Uity Park, tho central east side
and Lents were viewed. To
complete tho survey, proposed
sites in Alontnvilln and the (lis
trlct between the Sandy boule
vard and East Glisan street
boyond Enst Fiftieth street, will
also bo viewed. .
j The city officials were accom
panied by a committee composed
of Dan Kellaher, Rev. John
Dawson and W. H. Fowler,
who represented tho general
committee which enmpnipned
in behalf of tho successful meas
ure which authorized tho ex
penditure of $500,000 for play
ground nnd park sites. W. J,
Hoffman and Charles II. Cheney,
the latter consultant to the city
planning commission, wero ulso
in tho pnrty.
In Albina tho block bounded
by Williams and Vancouver a ve
nues, Morris and Stanton streets,
was viewed, itcs t entH of t i n
district arc said to favor this
site as a small park and play
ground, and although it is lie
roft of trees, itmnv rceoivu eon.
sideration. Sovcral sites in lower
Alhina near tho Shaver school.
huvo been Blighted as nlav-
ground sites, but wero not
viewed yesterday. 4
in St. Johns tho committee
inspected a tiart of land of 22
acres within tho car toon.
which has been recommended
to Commissioner Pier as n nark
and playground for tho St.
Johns district. Another tract.
known ns tho McKenna proper
ty, of moro than I0 acres, oast
Not Now Coming-Came
When grandma found that sir
loin st alts
Were up to seven cents
She murmured, "Goodness
cinus sokes!
I guess we'll have to live
And when tho round, on whic
wo fed.
Went up a cent, or maybe tw
She lilted up her hands and
Whatever aro we coming to?'
When grandma bought a fowl to
paid a quarter for the
Willi indignation she'd recoil
And swear such prices were a
'Them kids won't get no chicken
Unless theso here prices drop
Whatever aro wo comintr to"
She murmured ns she left the
Whon grandma found that bacon
Ten cents a pound or mayb
With haughty rago her head alio
And stalked in fury from tho
Whatever nro we coming to?'
She cried with lightning in her
'Tho butchers nro a thieving
Hut as for grocetB,
f dear old grandmn chancer
to iro
In (tucstof food supplies today
And found out what they cost
1 know
Sho'd just curl up and pasB
"Whatever aro wo coming
The Sunken Fleet
ISxtrn Gooi Vuluvt nt Sl.thl
Chambray Work Shirts 98c Sateen Work Shirts $1.50
Cool Dressy Hots for the Auto $1. Men's Cops real barotitis 45c
ujirriiurf ern for
COTTON GLOVES ISc two pair 25c
it Doors North llvtoro Show
vo Show Z
Open Evenings
of the railroad cut, has also
heen suggested, but residents
of St. Johns who conferred with
the committee maintained that
the 22 acre truct was favored
by the majority of residents
in that district. Journal.
No moro would aBk tho gentle
The future's black instead of
Wo arojiot coming now we've
camel James J. Montague.
Tho man who works too all
fired hard, bo he a plumber or a
bard, win wake
morn to nnd mat
Coming to this country from
Chicago 12 years ago. with noth
ing except his two good arms to
make a living, Antone Sonvinski
. .i a n?i.. i
semen in uregon ouy nejgn-!nnt ln rr,im nn,i
borhood. on a ; small rented farm., wj
By hard work and thrifty meth-unM
5 n I ,tm 1 "11 I i WVMIiJi . Ml HUfc u
ous, apnvinBK luespay.aoiu nia .,,. i R,ni shmilrf ho
arm iur auouu, unu win ku uuck ,i,unt i,,,i,
to Chicago. The land was sold . t5vfi fefit ' ni. Bnuni
to John Gross of twin rails,
daho, who will move to this
county soon and operate the
farm. liesiues getting $b5UU for
the land, Mr. Sonvinski will
realize about $4000 more from
ho sale of the stock and mach
inery on tne place. And yet
some people say that a farmer
cannot mnke a good living in
some parts of this country.
some rainy
he's played
mind. And
through his
patriarch in
as good
man on ac
in intellect
Renders an all round banking
service of real merit. We in.
vite your account, whether
commercial or savings. No.
14 North Jersey street, adv.
"Why 1
A- lady said to us:
nave bad kuuak
done in a number of down town
places, but have never had as
nice work as you folks do for
me." Satisfied; that's the way
with all our kodak finishing pat
t . .
anu urnwn, yet to tno scrap
heap I ha e gone." Man iu an
intricate machine, though he's
not run by gasoline ho labors,
burdened by his cares, nnd
hateB to slow up for repairs,
"Some other year," aaya he,
"I'll go and climb a largo peak
capped with snow, or gambol
on the ocean's shore, or tread
tie forest's tufted lloor, but
now I can't afford to rest and
let affairs go galley west. Some
shining plunks havo loomed in
view, and I must try to cop a
few; let others picnic in the
glen, while I rake in the iron
men." And so he wakes some
rainy day to find his pep has
ebbed away, his nerve is in its
winding sheet, and lie is dead
upon his feet. An auto must
be overhauled a locomotive oft
is stalled, while skilled mechan
ics test its works, to see why
it has jumpy jerks; all things
that move and toil need rest,
and man's of all machines the
best. Walt Mason.
So thoroughly characteristic of
German methods nnd German
notions of honor was tho sink
ing of the interned "high seas
licet" at Scnpa Flow that the
ict caused little astonishment
'ti tho Allied countries. In Ger
nany tho news was received
villi chuckles and with praise
for thu men who did tho deed,
but nlso with shivers of ap
prehension at the thought that
it might mnku the terms of
peace more rigorous.
It iB u maxim of wluit used to
ho known as' international law
that an armistice not only sua
ponds all hostile acts, but im
poses an obligation on cadi of
tho belligerent powers to do
nothing that will either
strengthen itself or weaken the
Just how that nr nc n o an
plies to the destrcution of thu
German fleet is not clear. .M.
Uiemencenu has to'd the vstt"
matiB that tho net was a viola
tion of the armistice, and that
is thu natural and obvious
judgment. For sinco tho hIiIiih
were in tho custody of tho
Allies were in fact, though not
technically, enntured nronertv.
and wero not to be returned to
Germany destroying them is
held to ho a hostile act, because
tho ofToct of it waa to weaken
the enemy, so it violated thu
On tho other hand, it might
ho plausibly maintained that
since tno snips wero not sur
render, but only internod; since
by tho terms of tho armistice
thoy wore still to bo manned by
Gorman officers and sailors;
sinco nn interned ship has just
ns much right us nn interned
man to csenno if opportunity
olFers; sinco opportunity did
oiler through tho carelessness of
tho Iiritish fleet and could have
been prevented by proper vlg
ilanco: nnd since sinking the
fleet did not weaken th'i enemy.
as thu ships wero not an actual
nit only n potential possession
t I I tin filliiltl lillf iiijkiilfnii
Ui IliU V.IIUIII t , II HI. 111111 V1VIIUVII
cd Germany by destroying pro
perty that could havo been used
as an asset in determining the
conditions of peace thero whb
no violation of tho armistice.
So thu question will bo argued
warm y on uotn sides: nut no
matter which view hiatory may
ultimately take of the strictl)
egal point, tho sinking was in
n moral echro umiunlillodh
an act of dishonor. The olllcers
who directed and those who
carried it out havo brought
upon thcniBslvoa tho obloquy
that belongs to those who love
not honor. Youth's Companion.
Multnomah Attractions
Saturday, August 2d
ORKW'S OIUI'-lMrnuiount.
Sunday, Auuust 3rd
-WATCHMAN" Artcrnlt.
Monday, Tucadny nnd
be iiniioiiticcd Inter.
Wednesday, to
Thurndny nnd l'rlday, Auoust 7 and 8
VKNGuAM'ls. A Rrcnt slx nct
Western picture.
Notice to Creditors
In the Circuit Court of the State of Or
egon for the County of Multnomah.
I)eMitnicnt of I'rolmte.
in the Matter of the lUtatcof Nancy
C. llnrtnu, Deceased.
Notice Is given of the death of Nancy
C. ll.ulon, nnd that the undersigned lina
been duly ntipolulcd executrix of her
Latt Will and Testament nnd of her es
tate, nnd has iiuallficd, All ncrsons hav
lug claims ngainsl said decedent, or her
estate, are notified to present same to j I'hone Columbia rt02
inent the ofilcc of my Attorneys, I'cr-U
Kins K u.iuey, uiY Hoard oi Trade
llulldiug, rortlaud, Oregon, with proper
vouchers, duly verified as required by
law, within six months from the date of
the 11 rut publication of this notice, to
wit: July 18th, 11)10.
Gift Alnsworth Avenue
110 Oswego Street
Woodlawn HOOi!; Columbia BG1
Mrs. Gabriel Pullin
Vocal Teacher
DInphram llrentbing, forward
placement and Clear diction.
ruilHS tatlnlitlci iaVm lull In Trliw
0GG Lombard St. I'hone Columbia 1E2
Mrs. Frank A. Rice
Violin, (Mandolin and Piano
Pun 1 1 nf Nntri tVsm
Studio: 60U V. j. lu. .Mln .t
Telephone Columbia
Orctiutt ulilcli uill tnske i iwaiiiH,i
Violin Instruction
STUDIO, 215 N. SyiaciM -Strut
Notice of Hearing Final Account
In tile Circuit Court of the State of Or
egon for the County of Multnomah.
I)cmrtmcut of I'rohatc, t
tu the Matter of the Hslate of ICrlc 1'.
I'clerwin, Deceased,
Notice is given that William J. Wcl.
don, executor ol the I.nit Will and Tcs.
lament of Itrlc 1'. Tctcrson, deceased,
has filed with the County Clerk of Mult
iium.ili County. Orcuuii.liis final accuimt
as such executor, and that Monday, Au
gust y.OOA.M.. at the Court
House of Multnomah County, Oregon,
Department of I'robatc, and before lion.
wralilc Ocorgc larwcll, IiuIkc. has been
fixed ns the time and triace for hcarliur
objections to said account nnd the set-
uvmeui oi me same, ami to llio ilistrlbu
tiou of the property bclonultur to said
etutc. Any person having objections
to said account may be heard at the time
and place aforesaid.
Perkins & llallcy, Hxccutor.
Attorneys for Hxccutor.
Notice to Creditors
Mrs. Bertha C.Burdick
(I.lcctitltittc of the Hoynl Auotlutny
of Music, London.)
Teacher of Piano
1957 Hodge St. Phone Col. 87a
'revented Demonstration
Wobblies miiy hnvo no foarof
inwdcr or hull, h t they nro do
cidely nvorao to wnlvr. This
was domonstrntod nl hunt t o
Monday night whon tho s'ght of
running wntor togothor with a
i ami nil of policemen dispersed
crowd of 1500 symimtliizi'rs
memhors of tho I. W. W.. w io
gathered to niako n demonstra
tion 111 protest of tho breaking
ip of a recent mod ing. Mayor
unison learned in iidvanco of
tho proposed meeting unci in
tend ot ordering tho police nut.
called on tho street department
to be at tho Washington street
corner where tho meeting waa to
ho held a half hour in advance
and begin work immediately
tishing tho streets by hand
with hose attached to three
parby plugs. This was done,
ho crowd gathered but tho
streams from tht hose.kept tht-m
moving. Tho policemen on tho
lent wero handy to tako over
tno nozzus in tno event 01 an
attempt to mob the street workr
ers. Two women who mounted
10 rostrum wero ordered to
move on by tbo police, iney
obeyed. The streams from the
hoses carried away tho rostrums
when they stepped down. There
was no demonstration by the I.
VV. W. in Seattle that night.
Oregon ian.
Who is your druggist? Care'
til choice in selection ofhim
may mean a lot to you when you
arc sick and need medicines
compounded. CURRIN SAYS
Wear ROGERS' RAINCOATS, nou th. ul.i o eur paTVr.
ROAD Union made
of tho
No night too dark or hour too
late for HOES to make a clear
Royal Tailored Look.-ROGERS.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon lor the County nf Multnomah.
Department of I'roiMte.
In the Matter of the Kstateof Stanley
1 .
nuuiaicwiiKi isrccuicil,
Nollre l given of the death of Ktaulej
lloruslcwxkl, ami that the undersigned
lias been duly uniwtntcd executrix of his
l,att Will and Testament and of his cs
tate, and has qualified. All iwrsous hav
nig claims uguinsl said decedent, or his
rstatc, are nouneii to present same to
me at the oHlco of my Attorneys, ler
kin & llailey. 1117 Hoard ol Trade
llulldiug, rortlaud, Orrgoti, wllh proper
voiicnvrs, 1 1 11 iv vermeil as required ny
aw, within six mouths from the dateul
the fiist publication of this notice, to
wit: juiy ibiii, luiy.
We hnttl any thing, miy time, nny
place. Prlccj reasonable
Dally Trlw to Portland - -
r..r., mi 11 1 r. i ihiiic
uiquirc, oil n, jcrjey ju Columbia aT7
A Reminder
It is almost criminal for par
cnts to nr gUct having pictures
taken of their children. How
necessnry it is to keep a photo-
graphic record of the children
in every family, step by atop,
as tnoy grow to maturity. A
Photo begins to got more valu
able after the first or io'oihI
generation. It's when folks are
gone that wo want something
tangible to r'member them hy,
People nro themselves to blnmo.
Thoy havo permittod thorn
selves to forget and gradually
lose interest. I tell you people
neod reminding. Nono of us
are as much photographed as in
tlx. good old days whon I was a
boy. Tho Photograph of today
will, a fow years from now, bo a
most precious human document,
II you bcliovo what 1 havo said
is true don't delay longer.
Como to our Studio as early as
possible and make a date for
sittings.-Tho Huff Studio. 201
N. Jersey street, St. Johns, Port
land, Oregon,
Dr. W, J, Gilstrai)
Physician nnd Surgeon
Glasses Accurately pitted
oi'i'icit nouus
0:00 to 12 M. OlM'ICUtf
l:0to4:U0 I'. M. l'ciilnmla g.
7:00 to 8:00 I'. M. entity bWu
Sundays, U.OO to lOtfO A. M.
Dr. Evart P. Borden
Pnlnlcns Kxtrnclioti of Teeth under
Nitrous Oxide 0h
Office Peninsula ll;mk bltlg.
Office phone Col, C.25; res, phone Cttl. 477
lloura-U.I2tt. 111.; 1:30 ft and 7-8 p. iu.
Dr. Herbert F. Jones
3 II 'North-Jersey Street .V-
Duy Phone
Columbia J7
Nilil Phone
Phone Columbia 379
Res. Columbia 1 131
Dr. F. P. SchuHze
Physician and Sure n
Honm 10 PeiiiiiMilw ltuk lliuMfrix
DR. L. F. PICKliiN'S, ....
Office Hour 8 to IK A. U.lbtll P. M.
HviiIik 7 tu 9
I'cuiimiia ibtuk itiikj. ,
Office I'hone CoIuuiIhh I IK)
The ptare whrrr ..! crlre and
etHirttHtiu Wwtiuetii n vil. ctiiitifxi'
ImireuttiuK ret eive t ml aiuniioit.
Davis Barber Shop
nml II A 1 J I KOOM
S. W. DAVIS, l'rr'f
108 I'lula.ld,,i.u
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
208 N. Jersey Street
l'honec: Coluwbta MT!
Columbia Si
Automobile Hear.
Gil Our Pr'cet Before Going lo Portland
H. HENDCtlSON, Manu0r
402 N. Jdrmy Street
AbiWacu of Title I'rt-rei
Tit lei. lUittfiiucd
I'hone Columbia 2wi
Ah -soon
lens went
out of stylo
each Mrs.
and each Miss
hid all
sho hud
(uint it
too bad')
in rowns
"a r o
. h
Pay your uoicrlptlor.
V'VQO'j B'
Hauling and Moving
Done Quickly and Promptly
Dally Trip to ami (rui I'ortlnwl
r, s. iiv
Phom col. loso 718 1:. Richmond St.
Poff & Green
Sand and Gravel Hauled
Dully Trips to Portland
Phone Col. 308 20S N. JEQSET
Wood of all kind
Auto Express ,
I'roiupi SgrYjje.
l'rice Ktasowiblu
Good Second hand ScwIik' uwo)ilu
If! 1 H I' C l-.