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As the Oregonian Sees It
(One nscda only to attempt to
picturo what sort of trcuty
would hate been made If victory
had been won nnd peace made
without the co-operation of tho
United States in order to real
ize what a deep impress tho
fourteen points havo left on the
terms actually made. In all pro
bability tho Rhine provinces
and tho Saar basin would have
been annexed to France; Flume
and Dalmatia would havo been
' given to Italy, shutting in the
Jugo-Slavs with only a narrow
sea front; Danzig and its Ger
man population might have
boen given outright to Poland;
tho infamous Hapsburg empire
mlffht in somo way havo beenj
natchod un and held together
Turkev would have been divided
amoncr tho victors with limited
regard to tho wishes of its
paoples, and tho German colonies
would havo been parcelod out
without recognition of the prin
clple that their rulers are trus
tees for their people. An in
demnity mldit have been exact
cd from Germany that woulc:
havo been an huge as literally
to roduco that country to Borvi-
tudo for several generations.
Such, a scttUmcnt would have
been tho inevitable consequence
of tho secret bargains made
among tho allies and would have
contained tho germs of many
war. At ovcry noint wher
tho treaty of Vraailles differs
from such n settlement, St
makes a close appoach to the
fourteen points an I contains
security RgainBt war.
Whore the treaty de arts from
tho fourteen noints. or appears
to do so, tho fact is capable of
an explanation that will satisfy
a reasonable mind, though there
may bo reirrot that a closor an
proach to justice could not be
mado. Tho most striking cnHe
is that of Shantung. As to that
it should not be forgotten that
China evidently declared war
in order to gain the status of a
bolipercnt, and, consequently, to
have a seat at tho peace table,
where it could get help against
Japan's claim to Shantung.
China wns almost a cipher as an
actual belligorent. and for all it
could have dono Germany might
havo held Kino Chow to this
day. China did not hold it
when war begun, and did not
take it from Germany, Japan
took it, and when Japan is al
lowed to hold it, China losos
nothing which it already had.
China fails to recover that
which it was powerless to re
take. Tho conference had reject
ed Janan'a claim to sovereignty
instead of mandato over the
Caroline and Marshall islands
and the claim of equity of races.
If it had given Japan a third
rebuff, that country might have
bolted tho conference.hcld Shan
tuner and said to the allies.
"What are you going to do
about it?" There would have
been one of two things to do
let Jaoan keen it or make war
on Japan. That or tho milder
exoedient of an economic boy
cott would have been fraught
with danger that Japan might
ioin forces with the Russian
lolshevists and the Germans.
Then the wearied allies would
have had to fight in a field ex
tending from the North sea to
the Pacific, and in all proba
bility Japan would have con
quwed all of China, instead
of only Shantung, Knowing
much more than the average
man about risks, the conference
chcxe the lets evil, trusting to
"right the wrongs of China in
the future, when that country be
'olme better able to help itself.
The refusal of the peace con
ference to consider the cases of
Ireland and Egypt is quite
natural to any person who con
sidergjor what purpose it met.
lit met to agree on terms to bo
made with the central powers,
not to readjust the affairs of
the allies. Therefore, it had
nothing to do with the relations
of Ireland and Egypt to Eng
land. Those matters may be
taken up by the league as con
cerning the peace of thet world,
and probably the intention has
already been formed to take
them up as soon as the league
has been fully organized. 'But
failure to consider them does
violence to the fourteen
points, which were put forward
aa the basis of neace with the
central powers, not as the basis
of an immediate general re
organization of the universe.
To restore peaee and form the
league is a fair sized job for
The veto on union of German
Austria with the German re
public is a reetrietion oh the
trigfct ef self determination, but
it is justified by the facta. The
-Germans ef Austria were the
'sriMipal toels aad eon federates
Chatauqua Fine Success
Tho St. Johns Chautauqua
started in good shape Monday
evening. Tho Committee wns
successful in selling its quotn of
season tickets nnd tno atten
dance has been good. The enter
tainments arc better this year
than formerly on the whole, al
though they haze always been
good and of nigh order. Kalph
V. Nelson is director this yenr
I r n I t
unu u. vuruena uunurn junior
Supervisor. Following is the
proirram complete' for the week
Monday pveaing-Opcning ex
erciscs, announcements: Musi
cai iun urogram; McJJonougn
Eagleston Co.; Ipc urc, "The
Riddlo of tho Russian Revolu
tion," Dr. Joseph Clare.
Tuesday morning Lecture,
Chuutauqua Director; Junior
Chautauqua. Afternoon Prr
ludc, Fillion Concert Party; lec
tuw, "Worlds in the Making,"
JJr. A. u. unrpentor. ISv.ning
Prdlude, Fillion Concert Party
Lecture-" And Now What V
Edward F. Trefz.
Wcdnesdny Morning -Lecture
"The Amoricun Girls' Amor
iennism," Mrs. Robert C. Mc
Crcdie; Junior Chautauqua.
Afternoon Prelude, Lewis Mill
tary Quartet; Inspirational Lec
Mirer-' "Tho Advnntngo of n
Handicap," Dr. Elliott A. Boyl.
livening Concert Prelude,
Low IB Military Quartet; Drama
tic Rending-- "Turn to the
Right," Edwin M. Whitney.
lhursdny morning Lccturt'
"Madame France," Mis R.
Louiso Fitch: Junior Clmutau
qua; Afternoon Prelude, Recit-
nl Artists; Entertainment, Elsie
Muo Gordon, Impcrsonutdr.
Lecture. "Fore jm and Domes
ticProblcms." Win. J. Bryun.
Evening Musicalo, Mary Adel
Hays. Coloratura bonrnno as
sistcd by Recital Artists: Luc
turo "Tho United States at the
Peace Conference." Ida M. Tur
bell, America's Noted Publicist
and Journalist.
Friday morninir Junior
Chautauqua "Music Day." Ai
tot noon Concert. Ulmera'i
Czechoslovak Band: Evenliw
Grand Concert. Cimura's Czeclio
blovnk Band, Bohemian l-olk
Songs, Mmo. Cafarellir assisted
by Czecho Slovak Band.
baturday morning Junior
Chautauqua: Afternoon Preiudc.
Tho Regniers; Lecture "Mis
understood Mexico" W. L. Mel-
linger. Evening Prelude. Tho
Regniers; Lecture "Two Yenrs
in Hell nnd Buck With a Smile,"
Private Peat.
Sunday morning Usual Ser
vices All Churches.
Afternoon J a. red Concert.
Apollo Concert to.; Pageant-
undo bum's Experiment."
junior unnuiauquans: evening
Sacred Concert, Apollo Con
cert Co.; Illustrated Patriotic
Lecture -"Closing Days nf the
War." Henry Wurren Poor.
Daily Schedule - Children's
Hour 9:00. Morning Lecture
10:00. Afternoon Concort 2:30,
Afternoon Lecture 8:00. Even
ing Concert 7:30. E ening Lec
ture 8:00.
of Germany In the crime of
1914. If they were united to
Germany, they would compen
sate for tho loss of population
due to the treaty, Germany
would then bo a compact state
of nearly 70,000.000 surround
ed by much smaller states, and
German Austria would bo a
wedgo inserted between the
Czechs and Jugo Slavs. There
a Hancor to npnrp in that
situation. The allies have the
right to guard against it by
depriving theso people of the
right to unite, as a guaranty
against aggression. After a
period of probation, Germany
and Austria have given proof of
laving abandoned desire for
conquest. Mean while they
must be punished by being kept
apart, their right being sus
pended as are those of a convict.
Much is made of the inclusion
of a large German population in
Bohemia, but how it came it
there? Bohemia was a Czech
country when "the Hansburcs
annexed it, aid they set to work
to Germanize it by enciuraging
German settlement, while they
drove out the Czechs by every
oppressive device. To cut otf
this German occupied territory
and give it to Germany or Aus
tria would be to put the stamn
of approval on a crime.
When we consider the reasons
for the compromises which the
treaty contains and the probable
consequence of refusal to make
tnem, and wnen we compare
the treaty as it is with what it
probably would have been with
out Mr. Wilson a participation.
we are confirmed in the opinion
that be did hold his own and
that it does bear his Impress.
Another than Mr. Wilson might
have done better,' but it was
If They Were Fixtures
The rosebush blooms a little
whilo 'beside my cottage door: a
week or two it puts on style,
and then it blooms no more.
With lovely things 'tis always
thus, they're doomed to Bwift
decay; n little while they stay
with us, and then they fade
away. And while 1 toll the
passing Dell, a bird sings in my
ear, 'xou would not love them
half so much if they were tlx
tures here." If ros s spangled
every lawn, as dandelions do.
wo soon would wish the blamed
things gone, and countless rags
we'd cnew. louay lias been a
perfect day, oft breezes zipping
uy, and not a sullen cloud or
gray obscured tho nzurc sky. The
birds put up a sweet refrain,
their voices sweetly blent; and
everything was safe and sane.
so far as climate went. But if
wo knew that ovcry day would
be the same as this, would such
a weather program pay, would
it Insure our bliss? Tho order
of the universe is chnnire let
thnt sulllce; we always know
thero'H something worso in bIoim
for us, on ice. Tho rose thnt
blushes by your door must short-
ly meet its doom; but in n day
or week or more bu th Bt oa
thoro will bloom. Walt Mason.
A lady said to us: "Whv I
havo had KODAK iinishinir
dono in n number of down town
places, but have never hud ns
nico work ns you folks do for
me." Satisllt'J; that's tho way
with nil our kodak finishing pat
Exit the biu burlv nolicomon.
City commissioners havo ro
duccd tho weight minimum to
M0 pounds and tho height to 5
feet 0 inches at Chicago.
Champion "KEDS" U S Rubber Co.'h best rnde
85f , 90. 95P. $1 00 $1 10. $1 25. $1 35
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Cheapest Place In Town to liny
Quality Always Couriered -
Ladies' Coveralls Children's Play Stills
Rain Proof Hunting Coats $6. of p. cicts. rnu nnd iut to mutch
Carpenter's Overalls $2. Painter's Jacket and Overalls $1.75, free Cap
f Heavy Wool One 60c nnd 7fic Ct inure lutcr
rfj I. Y "" 0l ' Winter' Kupplv riht NOW.
Prices me bound-to iiilvitnce.
KOGItKS IS ON Tlllt JOU -You will el vi.tir in mcy's worth from
Jtolwoun Umlortnktnif I'lirlttr Htnl I'iutuvu Shaw
202 N. JERSEY ST. Open Evenings
Misplaced Justice
In looking over tho daily
papers we found me loiiowinR
Looking for Heaven.
New Castle.Pa.. July 14 Car
rying a large Bible Steve Mawy-
oskf told the police that ho was
ooking for Heaven. Ho wns
rent to the county jail for 5
To some people this may
)j humorous, but it shares a cer-
ain deficiency of judgment on
tho part of the judge who sen
tenced him. There are institu
tions established in th's free
and enlightened country for
ust such esses. It's not the
church, the school or the Univer
tief or jails that act as a
anlidotea against a disease of
this kind, but a good course of
the fundamental knowledge of
starting off the brain cell in
their infancy and plenty of nour-
shmnt to the human bo.iy, is
what is required. The human
mind feeds on what it consumes.
When it fe?ds on trash and gar
bage, the result is the incinera
tor and the grave.
his task and, though there are
blemishes on his work, on the
whole, he has done well. Ore-
Who is your druggist? Care
ful choice in selection of him
may mean a lot to you when you
are sick and need medicines!
compounded. CURRIN SAYS
SO. '
Bring in your job printing.
Offers Tract of Land
S. BenBon. capitalist, Tues
day announced thnt he will oiler
an 80 acre tract oi land in Um
vurslty park to tho city of Port
land for use as an aviation lund
lmr field. The oltor was mud
through Milton R. Kleppcr,
president of the Aero club o
Oregon. Mr. Benson contem
plates thnt aviation experts from
tho United states army tirst
make n careful examination o
the ground to determine if
13 suitnulo lor use ns a land
ng fled. If the government
cxpett reports favorably the
forma! oiler then win be made
to the city. Local nvintion
enthusiasts who have seen the
site nre united in the belief that
it will make an ideal landing
plnco for planes. It is unusually
level. This land is tho same
which Mr. Benson offered to the
city lust wintor as u site for a
nronosed reconstruction nospl
tal. if ono should he built. It is
worth about $100,000. "The
plans are all in a very unsettled
stage" said Mr. Benson. We
must first lei r i if the field can
bo used for the purpose intend
ed, nnd must then bu certain
that thuro is no other objection
to it. I havo wanted to donate
this land to Borne public purpose
nnd if it is found to be suitable
as n municipal landing field
will bo glad to donate it to the
city ns a means of encouraging
Try Chop Suey unci Noodles
at popular priced. Home Made
Pastry every day at "Cafo of
Merit." Wo serve breukfast and
dinner. Open from (! a. m. to
H2 p. m. S .Jersey street.
You Can Never Tell
You maybe a failure because
you are unaware
Of your own ability.
Doubtless a mulo knows noth
ing about how hard he can kick
Until somebody fusses him
up bit.
Once knew a woman suddenly
, loft a widow
By the sudden departure of
'her husband
For unknown parts.
He became fatigued of life
with her
I Because of her bad cooking,
i Thrown helpless upon the
She turned for assistnnct to
the only thing
She knew nothing about
Which was cooking
And mailesio great u success of
She was fo'ced to give herself
a trench
And was referred to as chef.
Circumstances brougnt out her
If she had known she possess
ed it
She might now possess her
1 husband
I And have a regular weekly
Of seven dollars
Instead of being a poor weak
Making only $150 a week
And courted by every man
who ever tasted
The product of her skill.
Which teaches that Providence
Moves in a mysterious way.
His wonders to perform.
Or words to that effect. Ex.
Has Taken Up Cudgel
In Inst week's issue wo made
mention of certain "combines"
und "Gentlemen's Round Kob
ins" existing within the con
fines of city of Portland. Now
Professor A. A. Knowlton, of
Heed College, has taken up tho
cudgel and in a letter addressed
to Mayor Bakor, urges the im
mediate attention of the au
thorities in stopping this illegu
Professor Knowlton, in his
ctter, particularly mentions the
proposed increase in price ol
tno necessities oi mo such ns
bread, milk, ice, coal, wood and
shoes -and claims that if this
perpendicular boost of prices
continues through the organ
ization oi tho producers and
distributors for their own sell
protection it will naturally react
on tho consumers who urc not
organized. Aluyor linker says
he will make an independent
investigation himself and ahou d
sucli "combines" exist will
tnko legal action to huvt them
dissolved nnd p t out of busi
ness. Mayor Baker will uub
mil Professor Knowlton'a letter
to tho City Council this week
nnd it is poss bio that the Coun
oil will make some definite plans
to chock this nelarious business.
lhero is no doubt that should
this du ly fluctuation of prices
continue to sour upward, it will
he tho cause of c nstant social
wars among tho people and the
.-ojner it is placed in leash the
oetler for all concerned. There
is u limit. 1 rst it was ston
drinking, now it will bo to slop
eating and wearing clothes
What next?
Drowned Last Sunday
Charles Shensly. 10. of 200
Almn street. St. .Johns, drowned
Sunday nfterneon as he wiib at
tempting to swim tho branch
f tne Columbia river slouuh it t
the foot of Oswego Hreet. lit
was swimming with some-com
panions and started to cross the
narrow neck of wntor separating
the island from tho mainland.
When about half the d atanet
Uctohb he was s-en to throw hi-
hands suddenly in tho air nnd
nk. At first it was believed
that ho wnB attempting to dive,
inn wnen he did not reappeor
his mends hecamo anxious and
it wns discovotod ho hud drown-
id. hverything possible wax
ono in an attemnt to locate the
body, but without avail until
tho arrival of City Grappler
lirady, when it was found a
short distance from wher(
le was seun to sink. It is be
loved that he was seized with
cramps, ihu hoy is survive t
y a father and mother. Mr.
and Mis. J. C. Slioash. of St.
Johns, and six sisters. His
lather is employed by th
Grant-Smith Portur company.
City Commissioner Bigelow
wns very lavish lan Saturday
witi smiles and cignrs for his
friends and callers, owinir to an
addition of a seven pound girl
to tho family. Wo do not know
whether Bigelow will cull for
an increaso in salary on that ac
count, but when the excitement
which now prevails in tho house
laid has fomewhat subsided, he
may possibly make other invest
ments besides politics to in
crease the larder and incidently
keep time with tho constant
and perpetual rise of commodi
ties and baby clothes, much k-sn
uibies, which arc considered a
uxury these times, and some
families havo a hard time to
practice economy. This does not
allude to office holders or em
ployees who have passed tin-
civil service examination.
With the best of companie:
owest rates: a thorough know
ndge of local conditions und
heavy interests in the commun
ty. is it not reasonable to sun-
pose thut we can give you better
nsurance service than the wan
nering solicitors, who may or
may not tie in the nutmegs when
loss occurs.' Let us figure on
your fire insurance, or insurance
of any kind We write all lines
n the best of companies an 1
give you 'nsurance service sec
ond to none in the city,
Our record stock is us com
plete as it is possible to pet it
under present conditions and
compares favorably with any in
the city. Currin Says So.
If my work pleases you; please
tell your friends. If not, tell
me, Rogers, 202 N, Jersey
Multnomah Attractions
Saturday, July
VAN" I'nriiiiiouiit.
Sumlnv, July 27th
Monday ntiit Tuesday, July 28 ami 29
U 123910 DARRI3CALE hi "HOSH
01' TI1H RANCHO." Also seventh
episode "Tlie Tiger's Trail."
Wednesday, Jul v SOtti
Thursday nnd 1'tlday, Julv 31. Auk. 1
"COMIC OUT 01' Tlllt K1TCH
UN" Paramount.
Saturday. Auimt 2d
CRitW'S GIRL" Paramount.
Sunday, August .'ltd
CORRAL," or "Tlllt N101IT
WATCHMAN" Artcrnlt.
Mommy, lticsday
Wednesday, to
be announced later.
Thursday and l'rlday, August 7 and 8
VHNGHANCH." A Rrcat slx-ncl
Western picture.
Notice to Creditors
In the Circuit Court or the State of Or
K"ti for the County of Multnomah.
I)cuitmcnt of Probate.
In the Matter of the Ustale of Nancy
C. Ilarion, Deceased.
Notice Is Klveu of the death of Nancy
C. Ilartou, and that the uiidmlKiicd hss
oven duly nmxnutcd executrix of her
Last Will ami TcMamcut nnd of her es
tate, nnd has iiimlificd. All pcrnous Imv
iiH claims nj-iiluol said dcccdenl, or her
osliitc, are notified to present same to
'lie nt the ollire of my Attorntys, Per
kins & llaitcv, 1117 Hoard n Trade
HulldliiK, Portland, Oregon, with proper
vouchers, duly verified ns required by
taw, within six mouths from the date of
the fltst publication of this notice, to
wn: juiy mm, imv.
Notice of Hearing Final Account
In the Circuit Court of the Stole of Or
egoii for the Comity of Multnomah.
Detainment of Probate.
In the Matter of the Itststeol Uric I'.
''cicrsou, Pcccim-d.
Notice is Klven thnt William . We.
ion, executor ol tliu Uut will ami Tes
lament of Hile 1'. Peterson, deceased, men witn tlie umuty Clerk ol Mult
mimuh County, Oregon, hi final account
us Mich executor, mid thut Monday, All
iiot IMtli.nt 0:30 M., nt the Court
Home of Multnomah County, Oregon,
Drpurlincnt of Probate, and before lion.
iraiiic (eoruc Tuswell. Itnluc. lias been
lixed a the lime ami place (or hearing
bji-ctlons to said neeount anil the set
tlement nf the same, ami to the distribu
tion ol the property Moneliig to ild
state. Any iiersou haunt; obleetinmt
io Mild account may be heard nt the time
un I place uloresalil,
reikiusfc llnlley, Uxtcutor.
Attorneys for Hxccutur.
Notice to Creditors
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of
Oregon lor the County of Multnomah,
Dcpiirlmcnl ol Probate,
In the Matter of the Hslateof Stanley
I'onislewkUl Deceaud.
Notice is given of the ilelli of Stanley
llorukicwklci, unil tli it the uiideroik'iml
has been duly apixjinted executrix of his
uut Will ami 'lestauifiit ami of hlses
titc, and hits miulliUd. All torsous Imv
i tig claims against said decedent, or his
t-kiutc, arc uollued to p-c.eiit same to
meat the oflicc of my Attorney., I'er
Mu ft Hailey 1117 Hoard of Truile
unfiling, Portland, Oregon, with itroiH-r
vttueiiera, miiv vtriliru as reipilien iy
aw, within six mouths from the du e ol
the IhM publication of this notice.
wit; July ISth, 1010.
Watermelon Garden
On Ice 10c u slice
Half Cuutaloiiiiefc on lets 10c
At the tables lltst service
Wlralrsalt nml Rstall'
107 N.Jersey Street ST. JOHNS
We Until nny tiling, any time, any
place Prices reasonable
Daily Trips to Portland
nquire, 317 N. Jersey St. coiumC 377
Don't Miss the
Which will he iven at
From 12 to 3 p m.
U will be worth your while to
Renders an all round banking
service of real merit. We ir.
vite your account, whether
commercial or savings. No.
114 North Jersey streot. adv.
No night too dark onhour tno
late for HOES to take a clear
filfi Aluswortli Avenue
410 Oweeo Stfeel
I'hoiios: Woodliiun 2002; Columbia C54
Mrs. Gabriel Pullin
Vocal Teacher
Dlnnliraiii Drcatliitttr. l'nru-nr.1 T.m
placement nmt Clear diction,
Pupils tattelitto take twit In Trio um!
965 Lombard St. Phone Columbia lfc2
Mrs. Frank A. Rice
Violin, Alaiulolin and Piano
I'upH ol Nnltr D.imc
Studio: 601) W. John Stmt
Telephone Columbia 80
t'Mttlll thUv lirnitnp Mrmlf . if I k lu.rnJI
Orclirtt willed will mfkt putilti agtgiMrmiHi
Violin Instruction
STUDIO, 215 N. SyraciiM,' Street
Phone Columbia .'(02
(Uccutltnte of llic Uoy. I Acntluuiv
of Music, London.)
Teacher of Piano
1957 Hodge St. Phone Col, H7J
Dr. W, J. Gilslrap
Physician and Sip genu
Glasses Accurately Pitted
oi'i'ien nouns
0:00 to 12 M. OIMUCH.S
1 :.T0 to 4:80 P. M. PcnluMiliJe.
7:00 to S.00 P. M. curlly bldu
Sundays, U.00 to 10:,'I0 A, M.
Dr. Evart P. Borden
Painless Hxtractloii of Teeth under
Nitrous Oxitle Gas
Oflicc Peninsula Hunk hltlg.
Office phone Col. G25; res phone Col. 477
Hours 9-12 u, m.; 1:30 5 ami 7-8 p. m.
Dr. Herbert F. Jones
311 North Jersey Street
Day Phone .Mglu I'liDiie
Columbia J7 CoIuiiiIhh (WO
Phone Columbia 379
J tel. Coin uibiii 1131
Dr. F. P. Schultze
Physician and Surge n
Kooin 10 Vtii. nl. HmMIn
Onice IIoiirsH to 12 A. M. 1 t . SI.
Itveuliij; 7 to 9
Peninsula Itank III1I1:.
Ollue Phone Colttmbm 1 iflj
The pliue whrrv st-ivk mI
"tiileoii ttrtitntviit nvvnil, I niitimi.
hulr tuition rutlvi kMN-ial aiivulkm.
Davis Barber Shop
uini JtTIJ KOliM'
S. H. DAVIS, Irsp'ittor
108 Philmleliihiu St. IkitliK lifie
St. Johns Undertaking Go.
208 N. Jersey Street
pUonis: Columbia Mil
Coluinliiu M)
AiiKiinulijli- ileuiM-.
6tl Our frees Before Going to Poillimi
402 N. Jur.ey Stracl
Abktraeiii of Title PrvpHrl
Titles ixuwind
Phone Columbiit 'M
Hauling and Moving
Done Qiilckl. and Promptly
Dally Tups tu ami fiuiu Portlum!
Phone Col. 1050 flo L KlClimonU M.
Poff & Green
Sand und Gr uel Hauled
Duily Trips to Portluiul
Phono Col. 308 206 N. JERSEY ST
Wood of all kinds
Auto Express
Prices Reasouuble Piompt Servlsw
Good Second lund 8vinir HiMhtHr (i.r
ti If 1 . 1 1 , 1,