St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, May 09, 1919, Image 2

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A. V. Mnrklo, iMIlor
Published Friday of Each Week
Subscription prlca $1.00 par your.
- OuHlde of MuliiiomHh County J2.00
jor ywtr in lvuce.
AnvKRTismr Katm: 26crnt per inch
wicll illMil hi. Local 6 cciiU per line,
liilllltililtn IIS CeliU. S Inl rule on
yearly contract.
Tim Kxvirtw 1 entered m twtt office
m rortltnil, Oregon, m timii mniui
of Ittu teeottil clnw under the Act of Con
itm of March j, 1879.
Th nliortflKe of clothing in
Riikh'r liccumu nmmrent from
tli (Uneei'8 thoy stint ovur here
even btfore the world wr.
Pricw were IhkH a year ao
btcttuio of the war and liiKher
now Imciuwe of pence. Very
mml when you umleiviituiu it
is it not?
J I'd iiiiH ern woman lias one
lilir ttdvMittaire over her ulster of
a few yoiit'B o ahe tlneati
have to worry about whether her
liatticonl is show ink.
The Slater. AH).. Hustler tie
lino the onu time above, a
othuit ttiMt n woman shotild be
left alone ns the lime when a
lino of clothes coiiioh down in
the mud.
The trouble is that every limp
thoy sprout a now Kovonimonl
in luuropu we liuvo to niiiKo a
new loan. Ilulwoon feedinir our
unemios and luiwlinn monev to
our frienls wo lie-in to feel like
a tfootl tiling. Hx.
Womun soeretarits will never
be wholly a auccuss until 'hey
loarn that a man docs not waul
his olllue dusk slrniKht(ned ii
anil ins 10 tiers tiirowu nwsy
uvorv few m nules Just bueausi'
it makes the olllue look niussy to
have papem lyiiiK uround.
OrKiinixntions and individuals
ueiuirnlly nro advised by (.olicet
or of hilernal .Kovenue, MIUom
A. Milldr, to underscore on theii
calondars .lime Ilh, the last
day for the filing of returns or
informntion. uivtiiK the nami's
and adilressi's of all iiullviiluuU
to whom puyments of salaries,
wntres, rents, inteivst. coinmis
ion and oilier tiins, piolltw
and incomo of $1,0(1(1 or more
woni paid during the year of
Dur'mr the Imllle of the
Somme in 1 1)1(5 the Mrltiah army
usd 1.000,000 rounds of urtill-
ory nuuuutiition, aceordiuir to a
HlatisticMl Hnnouncoineut pub
lishod by tb War Department
J Ilia is the larueHl number' of
shells UMfd in jiy xingle t-niuitt
cut iar at iwrn-tls show. He
ootid ' amount of artillery am
munition tirtwl wui thi' luittlc
of Mens iocs Rhine in IU17. when
2,75:1,000 rounds were lined by
the llrillsh. For a single hour,
however, (he American forces
in the buttle of the St. Mi hid
salient in 11)18 far a irpnssed
this record, using 1.0U8.217
shells In four hours.
Chairman Hurley of the nliip
liiiig board, has announced that
he had taken up with President
W.ilson the ijuestion of permit
ting American shipyards to
build shiw for foreign account
so as to broaden the opportuni
ties for obtaining business ami
furnish continuous employment
for thoir labor. A number of
American yards, jtarticularl)
tuosi! on the ran he const, Imvt
Mitred that tlte ban against ar
it S i 1 I t .
cepung foreign orders lie nrte:
so they might enter competition
with foreign yards for tonnage
to be built by Norway and other
foreign countries.
One of the net products of the
war was the uomonal ration that
hanks aro the strongest factor
in community service. In most
cases the hanks became the
headquarters in the Liberty loan
drives and mot the increased
dumand generously. In nearly
ovory city when chum upon
thuy put in additional desks and
hired increased force to do the
work necessary' The bank is
the Keystone in the arch of com
munity service and isthestioug
est asset for community spirit.
Hanks are extending the com
munity service idea to the coun
try and are lending and special
izing to produce tarm prosper
ity. Many differences between
capital and labor nro smoothed
away by a better understanding
of all factors of the problem. So
tho old idea of a bank being in
any way hostile to the in
torests of tho producora is bo-
ing changed into mutual help
fulness. Thoro is no reason why
there should not bo tho fullost
cooperation botwoon any honoat
well moaning citisen and the
local bank, Ux.
An Enjoyable Occasion
Snns Dicu Hein Glasa of the
Evangelical Sunday School held
their business meeting and so
cial at the home of Mrs. VV. L.
Montgomery Tuesday evening,
May 6th. at 8:lo. Miss Ruth
Edmondson, president of the
class, called tho young people
to order and proceeded with the
business of the evening. After
sinuing that beautiful hymn,
tho Battle Hymn of tho liepub-
c. Mr. Monnhan, teacher, read
the Scripture lesson and then
Haw A. P. Layton, pastor, offer
od tho invocation. Tho class
then, under the direction of the
nrosident. proceeded with tho
business, th'1 reports of commit
lees, old and new business. Un
dor the head of new business,
the class discussed the neces
sity of having some definite ob
ject ahead to work fon Tho pia
no which the clusa bought huv
inir almost been paid for. they
felt us though they hud done so
well that they could not sit
down on their laurels now. A
committee appointed by the
president will work that out.
riic dueslion of tho annual
outing of Hie class was discussed
and a committee appointed to
find a suitable place and appoint
the time, the class also present
ed two oC their number with
small tokens of tho class fellow
ship and appreciation in the
now class which they have lal
ly joined, nameljMho the matri
monial class, rue two who were
the recipients of tho class
esteem were, Mrs. Lawrence
Svaboda (nee Product)) and
Mrs. Klhel Anderson, (nee
Kimmel). We assure them they
have (he iH-st wishes of the
young people for their future.
Also it was a farewell parly for
Miss Haxel Oameron, who leaves
in the near fuluro to make her
home in St at Up. While we shall
miss her in the class room we
wish her a pleasant journey and
n happy and bright future, and
may she be faithful to Him who
guides and destinatov. Mrs
Svaboda left Wednesday morn
ing for her future homo at Aher
deen. wash. Alter presenta
lion of (he presents by the Rev.
Lnvton. the hoHteas. assisted
by her daughter, Miss Kldorn.
ami Airs. i(. I.. i.tivrnek, servei
n dainty lunch of ice cream and
cake. 1 am sure It will he an
occasion long to he remembered
lor fellowship and good will
which prevailed. There was
present forty, thirty-livo being
members of thu class. Tho
secretary slated there was a
membership of fS at (ho present
time. Now. young folks ol St.
lohns, why not come and swell
ho number to 100? m will
llnd u roynl welcome. Reporter.
fi lraver enke is a drcntn to behold
mid n joy to taste. Wght ns a still
lienm. with fillinir Hint simply etui
not b described, tliecnke will prov
a rovnl Irent. At your next nffn
order one mul you'll make yourself
fntnous for your splendid liospilniity
We hsu the but. Orders taken for Wedding Cake
Pennine's Bakery andellcatesscn
.. ,115 North Jersey iireet
To you will bo far different than
the cut or torn andluseless thing
it was when brought here. Uui
vulcanizing will remove a
traces of trouble and put th
tire buck on the . active service
list for an indefinite term. Don
be in a hurry to buy new tires.
Let's see what wo can do to
salvage the old ones Hint.
National Vulcanizing Works
St. Johns, Oregon
fi i
If oii are looking
lor Winter Layers, ci
your ei;is fioin
We have a liw muii- sctluius K
-H of Willie LcAllOMS nl $1 fiO m 15
The St. Johns Poultry Farm
101 Alli'KlH'iiy Slrtfl
St. Johns Car. Portland, Orccon
Hauling and Moving
Done Quickly niul Promptly
. s. m.vss
m ti in I t a
rhn oi. imo i i:. Kicnmonu .m.
I Plumbing, Heating S: Tinning
W'v Ucpun . 1 ti in i i tn tn Wuic
l'hH-1-.-1 W aOT S. v
meeting of public interest
it iii ii
was nuiuiii i lie uign scnooi
nudiloriuin Ihursday evening,
ut which .1. iN. K(lltrten piesid
eu. I'rol. I". II. Koyil spoke
on me iiesiranillty ol having a
puuiic may grouiiu in bt. ,iohns
and stnv u brief review of ef
forts mado in the past to secure Wood of nil kind's
a Mirk or play ground. He ml- " wwu 1,1 d" KIIIU
isnd and making a Anfn Pvnrncc
tormiiied ell'ort to secure nl mnu ijAMia5
Piny ground. Airs, ihomitsou, ot rrm Ri-aimaii- riomi st-rvicv
loon mver. who git ueu wi hiipv.h.i imu.-
fame as a member of tho last uu'"' CuiuwitM si
.egislaturc. mado an earnest
appeal for supMrtof tlie .IOSI:PII iMcCIIKSNUV, Al.l).
ieacners auiary measure at
naturunys uleciion. and gave
Tho Portland Uarbago t'o. re
moves rubbish from residency
at $1 per mouth and husinoss
places at rcasonublu rntos. Leave
orders at St. Johns Hurdwaro or
phone Woodlawn 301.
a number of reasons why. the
increase should be irrnnted.
She is a forceful, interostimr
jienker with splendid delivery.
Iho muoting was well nttend-
ed. and preceding tho speaking
delightful iiHiuii uik i-nmlnriwi
by the orchestra ami interest'
ing tlnllh executed by pupils.
For Sale Cheap
A tiol of ground 100x000 feet,
which coutnlus twelve 50x100 foot
lots, just Kcroai the river from St
Julius, UoundtNl by Wood siul Mills
strevU. Kor quick mIc $1000 takes
them, which is le. thuu
lot. OooU terms k'vcii
this oRict.
Office Room 5
Peninsula Hank HtiiUlinj;
UouiJi y io . in i-.s p. in, and
' cvrniiiuti.
Olliee phone Col 3.; Hw. qio
2 Barber Shop &
108 N. Jersey St.
Transfer and Storane
V daliver vour kixhU te mul fiuu
All pTt of 1'ertlMml, VncouTr, l.ixu
ton. I'ortUiki ami SuUirLun BxurM
Co., tfty ilook mul l points eciiiblc
$lS.r; Poff & Oreen
$100 Row
Th Ivdt la of I!
d to tarn lliat U"
IhwiIUd 'ur now kiitiuu i tU lMmll'l
frNlt-rmlv I'olmrli Im iiiii .1 .(iiutlltUlluMal
a I'uuaiuuiHMiai tvi-
imr H1
N at Inul uiw
divatlnl Uv lliat ' Iia hovn
Hl l,- in iiirr in ult li i . . and lliat la
raiurih lian a t'ttiarrli no I thv uul
dlavaa. ir.iiiu.
uivui. nana I'aiurrn 1 uiv la ukm in
WrnKlly, aiiln Jir'il iiHin lit bUxM
fiiul niut'oua auiiai.-a r II ayataiu. tbi
v r.lruvltui 1I10 fuumljiKUi of tlta ilia-
aiul aaaUllna
lio iroitrilvni
ait niucii imiin rii 11a i'uraiiva ihiw
in Hut llivr onvr tNta lliuulrl PolMra
li any i-aa tt (alia 10 ..Mr. ShJ
for Hat of tt-alliuonlala.
fiiul niut'oua auifai.-a 01 11 . ay
v r.lroylnM iho (uwiuIjikui
'itH. aud Klvliiic Ilia 0'iit
I'ull.lliiii uu llu t'onalliullon a
liainu In AoIiih Ha Work. Tin
lni o mu.'lt flllt hi lla 'U
Twlatla. O.
ak lUll'i l anilli I'lll. for wIIiIIm.
M..I.I 1.) all liiuiihi. !
The folknvinir lUt of Iwal blanks
me kept for wlc t this oiace mul
others; will bo lulded us the demand.
a fines;
Warranty deeds, Quit Claim
peed. Keidty inni Clinttol. Mort-
imti.liictlon of .MortKUKu,
vunimcui an one ui kuuiiv. tnu.s
of Snlu, Leomis.
FOR KENT rSi M thl afflt.
Suiul mul Oi ii l 1 1 . u Inl
U.ilv Trips to r.trtluntl
Phone Cal. 308 206 N. JERSEY SI
Tniln k an. I lu.iilt' Work a SikiuiUv
All yitW ifimi.iiiU'ii
1:.Iiiii.iU iii.nlv without cliar;r
L. CYUUS. m $. 1'ilnctlM Slrtcl
l'Uoni' Columbia ttttS
We haul any thing, any time, any
place. Prices reasonable
Daily Trip to l'oitliuul
Enquire. 317 N. Jersey St. coimntXi an
Suburb calls given prompt
attention day or night. Com-
pinto auto omtiimiont: no extra
charge; refined sorvico. Miller
& Traeoy.
with a vitT uu in vour
homo ovory musical longing is
satisfied. CUIIRIN SAYS SO.
Not th laoal on your ptpr.
Is that chenpni. -i is impossible
where quality is cheapened, too.
Cheap Pnnit may, bo the very
dearest sort if low prices aro
alone considered. Wo do not
sell chenp Puint, but good Paint
at as low a price as possible.
When you buy here you got real
Byerle & Armstrong
120 North Jersey Street
Exclusive Advantages of
W'l'V hmkIc of ii. h'v'')K tinob
KttlK'tlil view In eir iliticlloti.
Punktali limy lie m t Iok-V to tin.' uycb ill
without tmulilifj,' tin- 1liet.
No hkUkmiIi or i') c nit I ti irn!uciil liy
looking tliumgli iiIki of tlif Imiiw.
1'iiiiktHlanri kiouihI coIlly for thu
eyes tliry mti to fit. MtlHg liettir ruiitt
niul coiiilurln,
Tlie livitt in mine too '"r your
lU'iMi'inlK'n If I mi forYcurC)tl they
will t'ufi' for you.
"TnMFTDKT. firJTiriAr
2()t.7-8 SWttlANf) moo.
flllli mul W.ihhKlon Streets
I', Oregon
M.ilo 7;i7
Let's get doin to brass tacks.good people.and discuss a few things with regard
to the Greater Portland Association.
Seems as though you have heard that name before, doesn't it? Well, you ore
going to continue hearing it, until it sinks down into your subconscious mind just
like "Ivory Soap; it floats;" dr "I3ou Ami; hasn't scratched yet." ' -
We aren't doing tdl this advertising exactly for fun, you know, tt would be
too much of a luxury. We arc doing it because we have one deflpite end in
view there may be some minor ones, but the principal one is that you will come
as n matter of course to ' 'patronize the specialty man." ,
Patronize Stores Displaying This Sign
The Cieatcr Portland Association is not working for any particular specialty'
stores, nor for uuy particular section of the city. It is working to incicntc the
.business of every specialty store that has a legitimate right to exist; it is working
tp increase the prosperity of the city at large, and that must embrace all sections
This can be done only ns cvry person in Portland who buys nnyf merchandise
will do his or her fair share. It is the one method of accomplishing a fair dis
tribution of trade here.
What about it? Are you, as an iudtvidtial, doing your share towards helping
the members of the Greater Portland Association? If not, have you any lually
good reason? Is it merely fotcc of habiti or indifference?
Wc ask you to shop where you sec the sign of this Association.
501-502 Selling BIdg.
Main 3603
Guaranteed Fund Life Association
Protects you in total Disability, Old Age, and Death.
$lG.G(i pays for $1000 at ago of 35. Why pay more?
Phono Columbia ISO, and wo will call and show you this
policy. Othor ages in same proportion.
Double lUemnity S2.
W. N. JAMES, Agent,
17G0 Portsmouth Avenue
A fowgood weavers can find steady
work. Wages average from $&0 to $30
per week. . New price list, three mills
)er pick plus bonus.
Also have opportunity tp teach a
lew young women to weave.
Portland Woolen Mills
Beautiful gray or
blnck adult caiket,
henrse, box 2 autog
embalming and rofln
od service for
ft -tK'&ffi Ml
'lOfuj, not
come hi and
ca aueu?
o a
Daw Mary:
When you bought your new furniture did you over
look buying a nice new bed-couch? Well, I did and when
company came all four of us tried to pile into one bed.
We put James and Ruth in the middle to keep them in
and what do you think? I fell out. It was so funny, but
I might have broken my arm.
1 just must have a new couch which, when needed,
can be converted into a bed. Don't you too, need one.
Hastily- -HELEN.
P. S. Let's go down today and look at new couches at
H. F. CLARK, the Furniture Man
400-402 S. Jersey St.
Store closes at S P, Al, Snturdnys, other days at 6:30 P. Al.
Columbia Garage
1 07 Fessenden Street
Repairs, Fair Prices, Guaranteed Work,
Storage, Oils, Gas, Tires, Tubes
VuHtrnU n . mh1 for f2t JfttO, 10. $00. Hilier ncc4 in pro-i-
t',u.ii. i' manufacture caskets. Lady a&ltant.
IU.iuui'iiI funeral cli.ipcl.
Mnln 2691 Independent Funeral Directors A 78BS
Wdliiuiilan ut LIU Strrt-I. Beluecn 20th and 21st Street. West Side
W. A. ANDREWS, Representative
CM Central Ave. N.
Phone Columbia SSS
Hudson & Stockum
"" ffa MMM HMM MM MM HfffffffffffffManeMrMMMMBMMaeMMMffffaWMfMffMrffM
TheSt. Johns Skating Rink
Now Open
Every Afternoon and Evenings
No charge for lessons for ladies in the
afternoon, only price of skates 30
HOURS: 2 to 5 in the Afternoon 7 to 10 in the .Evening
. Good Skates, Good Floor, Good Ausic, Good Alanageraent