St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, February 07, 1919, Image 3

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s at Your Service
On Easy Terms
Phone Columbia 138
105 North Jersey St.
Department Alwav
Here Is a choice line of rnuges priced low. We
will take your old stove or range ns first payment.
Ualnncc tuny be paid in easy weekly or tnontlily in
stallments to suit.
Duke Range size 818 inch $01.50
Ucauty Range size 818 inch GiOO
Peerless Range size 810 inch GS.00
Peerless Range size 818 inch 72.00
Charter Oak Range size 818 inch 80.00
Novel Kstate Range size 810 inch 87.50
Novel Kstate Range size 818 inch 92 50
These Rouges have polished tops, so easy to keep
clean. They arc handsome nickel trimmed with
leg bases.
Your Credit is Good.
5 oca! News
living in
, o-
joto priming.
Casfi or Credit
St. Johns
In taking inventory we find we are overstocked in
some lines. Here is your opportunity to save money.
Prices are not going to be lower for some time.
Reg. Sale price
52.50 Wash Boilers 51.79
8.00 Oil Heaters 0.50 ?
2.50 Carpet Sweeper 1.79
1.00 Guaranteed Butcher Knife 70 ?
1.00 White Enamel Coffee Pots 73 5
.75 Polishing Mop .' .50 5
.1.50 Flashlights 1.17 g
These are only a few of tlie bargains we offer, j
St. Johns Hardware Co.f
Agency for Goodyear Tires
St. Johns Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Columbia 131
C 1101
Foot of Burlington St.
The Consumer Pays The Bi
Do you have your groceries delivered? If
you do you pay for it. Or do you have a
grocery charge account? If you do, you the
consumer, pay the bookkeeper and you the
consumer of groceries pay for the losses in
curred through credit accounts. Think it
over. The Grabateria Cash and Carry Gro
cery has passed the city inspection as all
groceries must if they coutiune in business.
All the help at the Grabateria hold cards
from the Health Board stating that their
health qualification permit them to handle
food products. We believe we are stating
just plain facts when we say our buying ca
pacity of Groceries is as large as any on the
East side. Why? Because we have the
outlet; it is known that quautity purchases
obtain the best prices. Our sales are cou
- centrated because we do not go out of our
own zone. Who pays for the loug delivery
trips from Portland? You the customer;
think it over.
The Grabateria Cash and Carry Grocery
Thu days are
Iierceplibly longer.
L. E. Woods nitulo a visit to
Camas, Wash., the past week.
A. C. Gesler and wife of Cen
tralis, Wash., were visitors to
St. Johns this week.
L. II. Chamber has purchased
a cafntaria at E.Grand ami Burn
side streets.
Elrnor White
Wash., is a Ktitsst
L. E. Wood.
of Woodland,
of his cousin,
Thomas Autzen is having
somu substantial alterations
niacin to his residence on Will
timet to boulevard.
j John Dredcon has disposed of
'his tobacco and confectionery
! store at Vancouver, Wash., and
, returned to St. Johns. ,.x, ,
At. the Methodist church 11:00
A. hi. the topic will be "The
Saints Shall Judge the World,
When and Where?" 7:30 P.M. 1
Minute Men's Meeting. A
popular forum for everybody. ,
Hlcctrlc Vacuum Clcnucr
I'. Clnrk.
or rent,
Currln Says: Put your liver
to work. Our LIVER TURN
EUS will turn the trick.
Mrs. D. Prank Iloramnu., whn
recently returned from Los
Angeles, has been on the sick list
for the past few days.
Richmond street is now being
hardsuriaceu, from Willamette
boulevard to Jersey street, by
the count.
The twunty-oiifhth wood vessel
was launched at the local ship
plant Tuesday, namod the Alcis.
Mrs. W. T. Gibson acted as
The Presidential nominee of
the Democratic party in 1020
will in all 'probability o one of
these two men: President Wil
son or William J. Hrynn, says
the National Republican.
The Municipal Gymnasium
Glass had its initial meeting nt
thu Central school building Wed
nesday evening. The class will
meet there every Wednesday
evening between the hours of
7:30 and 10. A large class is
George Robinson, bettor
mown as "Uncle ueorge, a led
at his homo on Willamette boul
evari Thursday morning of old
nge infirmities. He was aged
about 88 years and had resided
n bt. Johns for some years, lie
is survived by his widow and
sevoral children. .
The Society of Silent Unity or
racticnl Christianity has start
ed a study class and will meet
at-the home of Mr. and Mrs. 11.
G. I'reeman, at 708 Hudson
Street, at 7:80 P. M. on every
Wednesday evening until further
notice. All interested are
cordially invited to be present.
A birthday party was given
for Viola Rassi in honor of her
twelfth birthday. Games wore
played in which ull took a joyful !
part, after wiucn refreshment:!
were served. When time for
adjournment came a'l wished her
many more happy birthdays.
She received many betuuiful
presents. Those present wore:
Dorothy Kenton. Dorothy Mel
ton. Mary Harney. Mary Taylor.
Sela Taylor, Alfred Martenson.
Ethel Mnrtensen, Edith Hill.
Lois IlagenuiiBii. Grace Rose,
Ruth Clnrk, Virginia Douglass,
Vivian Haines. Clara Johnson.
Martha Small, Catherine Rassi.
sister fcmiui was caned unon
lor testimony in a revival meet
ing. She humbly declined in
these words: "1 have buen a
transgressor and a black sheep
lor many years, and nave only
recently seen the light. I believe
that my place is in a dark corner
behind thu door." Mrother
Jones was next culled upon.
Following Sister Smith's mock
example, he said: "1 too, have
biu'it a sinner for more than
forty years, and I do. not think
1 ought to stand before yon as a
model, i think my place is be
hind the door in a dark corner,
with Sister Smith."-Ex.
If my work pleases you; please
tell your friends. If not, tel
me. Rogers, 202 N. Jersey
Migiity aches from a little toe
corns grow, uur corn remover
stops both the ache and the corn
When in need of Btnall arti
cles, get them nt the C-lO-lCc
store. St. Johns; in the Penin
stiln National Bank Building.
That six year old molar is a
lust permanent tooth: novcr
shed. If neglected and lost that
loss is a serious one. Dr.
Mulkoy. Tho Dentist, 108 M
South Jersey Street.
The world greatest artists at
your command at any time when
you have a VICTKOLA. Currln
Says So.
Aunt Jemima's RED
HANDANNER Handkerchief's
15c. two for 25c W. W.
Rogers, The Raincoat Man.
Nothing to put on, nothing to
tal c olT, just a simple turn of
th. hand and tho BRUNSWICK
PHONOGRAPH is ready to play
any mane or record, currln
Says So. .
One evening when little Mary
tad fractured one of the rules
govorning table behavior sue
was removed from the family
oard and made to eat her din
ner at a little table in a corner.
ler prosonco was ignorod by the
other mombers of th family.
Aftor a period of silence the
amily hoard her giving thanks.
'I thank thee, Lord, for prepar
ing for me a table in the pre
sence of mine enemies,"
A couple of boys stood watch-
ng a tractions horse snort its
disapproval of an approaching
motor car. "What makes a
lorau do that when he sees a
motor car"' asked one. The
other ronliacL "It's this way.
lorses is used to see other horses
pull carts, and they d6n't know
what to think of carts going a-
ong without a horse. If you
saw a pair of trousers walking
down the street without a man
in them you'd be scared, too.
G. W. Gilbroth, president of
tho Groat Northern Concrete
Shipbuilding of company of Van
couver, Wash., is at Seatile to
day to organize a union of work-
ngmen who are dissatisfied with
radical leadership. The new
organization will be called the
National Union of the World.
Ho plans to have headquarters
of the organization in Washing
ton, D. C, with branches in all
the principal cities of the coun
ry. O dices have been oponed
there for the organizationTelegram.
Guy II. Corey met a tragic
death on Pesaenden street last
Saturday near the noon hour.
lie was attempting to tret on
the strvet car at Smith avenue
while it was at, II moving, it i?
aid, but he lost his hold and
was thrown under the wheels.
His right leg was almost severed
and he wuh otherwise badly
mangled. Death emtio shortly
before A o'clock nt tho Good
Samaritan hospital. Ho was
engaged at.the ship plant, was
aged SMJ yea'rs and resided at 500
Tillamook street, Portland.
The funeral took place Wednes
day. Arriving at Shanghai, China,
36 days out from San Francisco,
the new motor ship Adrian Bad
in, built by the Peninsula Ship
building (X, accomplished a
voyage that would be a credit to
any ship in the world. One of
the incidents of tho voyage was
the experience of passing
through a cyclone during which
period the craft sailed under
reefed fore and mainsail. Writ
ing at sea in latitude 2H north,
longitude 15G west, Robert Fergu
son, master, said that the craft
was averaging 170 miles a day.
On reaching San Francisco on
the outward trip the vessel made
an excellent landing without aid
ufa pilot, and in departing saved
an expense of a pilot, the total
saving by this means boing about
$100Q.-The Ship Builder and
Marine News.
Our stock of photographic
supplies for the amateurs is al
ways complete and fresh; get
your films here. CURRIN
For Sale. Plot of ground 100-
xCOO feet, well located, at Whit
wood Court. Prlco $1000, terms.
Call at this ollice.
Our terms on talking machine
compare with any in tho city,
and you know our business
roputntion: now is the time to
t -'-
Why be driven to tho donlist
by pain? Procrastination is the
thiof of time. More expense,
mora pain repairing bad teeth;
procrastinate not. Dr. Mulkoy,
Tho Dentist, 108 1-2 South Jor
sey street.
For Sale Modern four room
bungalow with bath, 50x100 foot
lot, street Improved and paid
for, in South St. Johns: a fine
home. Call at this office for
moro particulars.
St. Johns Fair Store. E. W.
Foy, lrrop.; household utility
supplies and general notions,
207 N. Jersey St. Highest
quality goods at lowest prices.
Next to Electric store.
Records are arriving In limited
quantities every few days. Ask
us for your, favorite, CURRIN
Don't sacrifico your Liberty
Bonds. I will allow you par on
paid up or partially paid bonds.
R. J. Kirkwood. 281 Oak
Masquerade suits for rent at
2M Fessenden street.
Good Secotul liaml Sewing machine (or
rem. II, I', Clark, tf
2uis34(i pue JfuimiajQ Stipunii'j jo sput y
'CD AHaNinVl ClMVaNVlS SapiiDsojcloH
Don't neglect the
teeth. The first set,
number, serve a double
pose mastication of food and a
VERY important part in the de
velopment of the jaws. Dr.
Mulkey. The Dentist, 108 1-2
South Jorsey street.
W uut(x
j 'oiqissod jpAauoii.w iuii oziuojibcI lsnui noA" 'jaipios pa
'-8jet3sip m &t ii8u op o 04U noA" jj 'ssouisnq juoa" oajos
j-ap ptie 1uba j A"-jticrus;p jupisffid jo; lli6i 'OHl uo
i pa&ietpsip pun Zi6i 'uZz 3y smsjoao poping 'i6i vCnf
jtii A-y sjaan;BiK ipgi (puupaoj joj v,j 03 m poistiua j
' 'osnon
children's jnOA- jajjQ a.uij o) sjsu pu 28Zfl JO 0818 1SB3 llUD
"""""- " ........ f..,. ...... f..,. ....... ..r -mi 'ne it tccrtif tcuri
PUT- l'"" u -l'Hj aviu nun W"1 -..
Poninsula National Bank
Okant Smith.
I'ltltll C. K.NAI'I'.
John N. Kdi.hi'mkm,
Stanton l imiiiu,
itim'AKD H. .MUKKIS.
. President TUo ,i ttt-.y
Vice President i'. p. iminki:m
. Vice I'rcslilcnl A. R.m
Caihicr f. e. as ait
AMltUntCatlilcr il. H i-hnnkm.
AlMnt Cashier (ik ANT hmith
AsilsUtit Cadilcr i. N Ktit.KfKKW
Member of Federal Reserve Bank
3 per cent on Savings 4 per cent on Time Certificates of DejMSlt
It's a Topic of fifsnsl
to nil our tflliilih- Hrx-i-ti,'. tHir cut"
mer knoni tlml our " it-It, !
iiK)ii mill tlint our M-ivici- n lw urn
form. Iltinv Ikmim-IhiMn ni'iilc iIi
coindirl ami cumrtHi nri- l iIoiiik IuIii
cm wild im, In iHiiii',MriM'r. mnl n
(irlilc iihi I In- iiritti4, cnicivni
ncfvlro iu' Kivc. tlifti- i liiih- womln
Unit wu leml nil rh.tW hi iIi .iiiMrtint ii
IiiiiIiicm tnuiiMrliil.
301 S. hney SI
1'lHinr Cut MM
tT t3 tfi O fa Ti Tfl
Green and llll 11 1
Dry Slab UU 1 11 II
Be Sure and Order From
St Johns Lumber Co.
Men's heavy
Sl.26.-W. W.
Raincoat Man.
Work Shirts
Honors, The
wiu ?4oddns uoa !M
mm ttSim an m m
autlful urny or
black ndult casket,
haarie, box. 2 autoa
embalming nnd rofln
ud aarvlca for
75 fP
I'uueraU if ilenlrr.l tor f'il), J30, 4U, iW. Milier ru?.l in r
xrtl'ii We manufacture culcets. Ii'ljr aisi.uit.
lf autlful funeral chape).
Main 2601 Indcpondant Tunaral Directors A 7886
WiithiiiKton ut Ilia Street, lletwaen 20th and 2Ht Stiivt, et Ska
W. A. ANDREWS, Representative
014 Central Ave. N.
Phone Columbia
v"v AMi'- til
Cor. Rictuwd ui baskst Sb.
Siiinluy School, Id A. M.
rritihiu Siriuc, 11 A. M
7 30 1' M.
UirUtUu Kmlvavor, f'
I.mlKs Aiil HuaiiiiM i
2 1' M. Sccoml Friday i
l'rayer Mcttiug every
lay, 7 30 l. M.
c 1 c u iu to alii tt
Ke. J. T. ilRRKILL, Pirtlor