St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, September 06, 1918, Image 3

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on Easy Terms
Fine Stationery
Ansco Cameras and Supplies
For your vacation
We have a very large stock of Heating
Stoves, which we bought last January,
and our selling price'is based on the cost
at that time. We have many styles of
Cast Lined Heaters, the kind that retain
the heat and will last a long time.
Dec, cast llucd, wood burners $15.00 to $20.50
Mnscott, cast lined, wood burners, $20.75 to $27.25
Suusct, cast lined, wood burners, $25.00 to $31.00
Household, cast iron, wood burners, $29 75 tc 33.75
Daisy, coal or wood burner, $24 25 to 26.75
Lilly, coal or wood burner $29.25 to $32.50
Firefly, coal or wood burners, . . . $39.50 to $48 50
Select your HEATERS early
Your Credit is Good.
Cash or Credit St. Johns
Our Prescription Department always at your service
Prescriptions filled by Registered Pharmacists only
Phone Columbia 138 105 North Jersey St.
Local News.
Pnthe Records nt Currins.
RealBaai"s In Tents
Now is your opportunity to buy tents at a price act
ually below wholesale cost. Seize the opportunity
while it may be had. Note the following prices:
8 x 10 Tent 16.00
10 x 12 Tent -20.00
.12 x 14 Tent 26.75
14x16 Tent 34.00
14x20 Tent ,7 42.00
St. Johns Hardware Co.
Agency for Goodyear Tires
St. Johns Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Columbia 131
C 1101
Foot of Burlington St.
Still Eating?
Good! We are still selling Groceries
GOOD groceries -the BEST groceries
in town for the money and are selling
a lot of them
If you are a customer we can hold your
trade without advertising. Our gro
ceries and the service we give will do
But if you are not a costomer you
ought to be, and we WANT you to be
one, for it is as much to YOUR benefit
as to ours
Just ask any of our customers they
will tell you then come yourself, and
you will be happy, and so will we
Lavrack's Cash Grocery
Christian Science subject for
next Sunday's services: "Man."
Shipbuilders' Minstrels nt the
St. Johns Kink next Thursday
Miss Altn Nolan loft Tuesday
for Pnnakanic, Wash., where
she will tench school.
St. Johns Millinery Opening
September 13th and Mtli, 1918;
Mrs. M. E. Crane, proprietress.
Hlcctric Vnctiuui
I'. Clntk.
CIcnncr for rent. II.
Hear the latest pntriotic popu
lar rucoids at Currins.
Willis Vinson, now in Uncle
Snm's service, spent sovcrn
unys at his home here the past
Punlis desirinir typewriting
paper may procure same at this
office at the rate of COO sheets
for one dollar.
David Dickson will leave to
morrow, Saturday, lor unmp
Lewis, where lie will enter Unc
Sam'a service.
The Grant Smith-Porter Ship
Co. will build an oufittingdock to
cost 25,000, which will havo
three sheds, all one story hi(h
There is nothing a soldier en
joys ho much as pictures of home
and the home folks, bend them
few home snap shots. Curnn
Says So.
The Moose Lodge has remov
cd its quarters from the Mc
Chesney building to the Huglo
Hall, where they will moot hero
Miss Georgin Rich has return
ed from her vacation and will
resume her music classes. Sho
reports a most enjoyable vaca
Mrs. II. S. Hewitt, who re
cently underwent sorious oper
ation nt tho Tillamook hospital,
gradually refraining her health.
hich is cheering nows to her
many friends hero.
Mrs. Jennie H. McKoon is
spending tho summer with her
daughter, Mrs. Frank A. Rico.
Mrs Mchcon is a tnlontcd mu
sician of wide reputation and her
lomo is in Mason City, Iowa.
She sjient somo time here last
summer and was so enamored
with St. Johns that she has a-
gain returned. There is n pro-
lability that she will decide to
make St. Johns her permanent
Dinnio Dudinick, tho daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Budinick, died at her home,
015 North Leonnrd street. Inst
Saturday aged 8 yonrs, 0 months
and zl days. I ho cause of her
death was from eating suirnc
berries, according to tho death
certificate. The funeral services
took place nt the Catholic church
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock,
thebt. Johns Undertaking Co.
n charge.
Mr. C. C, Ringel and Mrs.
ennie Reddaway wore united in
marriage Yeunesuav morning
n Portland. Mr. Ringel is a
prominent business man of St.
ohns, and the bribe is well
known ana possesses many
riends here, having conducted
tho rooming house over Ormandy
tiros, furniture store for some
time. The best wishes of the
many friends are extended to
the newly wedded pair. t
Prof. S. T. Adams, an old
ime resident of St. Johns, but
now located at Sacramento, Cal.,
was here this week trying to get
his hearings and locate old
riends. Prof. Adams t.tught
school in St. Johns thirty years
ago, and laid out the Adams
Addition in bouth St. Johns.
he changes here are marvelous
to him, as the old landmarks are
practically all gone. Among
those he knew here thirty years
ago was Mrs. J. (J. bcott, T. J.
Monahan, L. B. Chipman, Mrs.
A. Learned, P. T. Hanson, A.
Miner and several others.
Elmer Sneed, n member of the
band at Camp Lewis, was iiere
for a few days the past week.
Don't miss the Shipbuilders
Minstrels at the Skating Rink
next ihttrsday evening, Sept
Mrs. H. Cunnintrham of 202
Philadelphia street is improving
at the good Samnritnn hospitn
niter an operation.
Edward Galloway has arrived
safely across tho sea. according
to word received by his parents
here. Joseph Galloway has gone
to benttlc in the service.
Hear Caruso any
dny at Cur
Get your Economy Jar Caps a
the bt. Johns Hardware store.
Household furniture for snle
at 220 Jarrct street, Piedmont
district, second street north of
Killingsworth. Dining table,
chairs, rugs.
There wns quite it demand for
copies of last week's Review,
many desiring to scud them to
friends in the East so that they
might know what a fine place
St. Johns really is. We still have
a few copies which may bo pro
cured for five cents each.
Mr. and Mrs. William John
son motorod from Grand Rapids,
Alien., tobt. .Johns, making tho
trip in three and one-half weeks,
which they thoroughly enjoyed.
I hey are tho guests of Mrs.
Johnson's brother, J. E. Pang-
bom, and family. They will
probably decide to remain here.
Victor Choiiuette of ilOi) Phila-
dolphin street died August 21,
aged '18 years. He is survived
by his widow and one daughter,
Mrs. Ann Colley. Funeral ser
vices were held ut the residential
funeral chapel of Miller &Tracoy
August 23. Interment in Roso
City cemetery.
The business meeting and so
cinl of th'.'Eloninl andMen's Bible
class of tho Evangolical church
will bo held at the homo of Mr
and Mrs. T. J. Monahan, !J03
Smith Ave., on Tuosdity evening,
September 10. A cordial in
vitation is extended to tho i'lulo
Christo and Sans Diou Reins
classes to join thorn in a social
Tho last of tho material re
quired for u fi'l at the St. Johns
municipal terminal on which a
rnilroad track will be built from
tho main lino of tho O-W. R. &
N. compnny to tliopior, wns de
posited this week by tho Port of
Portland dredge Ttiulatin, and
sho wus ordorod to lower Post
oflico Bar by Superintendent,
Doyle, of tho Port of Portland.
For Sale A good small horse.
gentle for women or children to
ride or drive. Also a rubber tired
motorcycle wheel road wagon.
N. I. White. 702 Seneca street.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. C J. Anderson
tave removed to 779 Savior
stroot, whore Mr. Anderson
las purchased a fine new home,
They havo long boen residents
of St. Johns, having resided at
ho corner of Richmond and Ivan
toe streets for more than a doz
en of yoara. Their many friends
tero rogret their departure, but
Mr. Anderson dosiresto reside
nearer his work.
Subscribers should boar in
mind that under the new rulings
t is our duty to cut oif all sub
scribers over three months in nr-
renrs. Therefore, if those in
arrears to that extent fail to re
ceive their Review hereafter it
is bocauso we are obliged to omit
sending same until arrearages
lave been paid up. btaternents
will be sent out later. Subscri
bers, please make a note of tho
foregoing and nay up so that no
copies will be missed.
The Port of Po tland will re
ceive bids at its general office
in the Court Hou-ie unt 1 3 p m.
Thursday. September 12, for the
construction of a coaling dock
with trestle for railroad to be
constructed near the municipal
elevator at St. Johns. It will
have a storage capacity of 10,000
tcs of coal. Coal can be un
loaded from the cars or boats
directly into the bins. The new
dock will supplement coaling
facilities now afforded by the
Pacific Coast Coal Company,
which is enlarging its bunkers
in anticipation of Portland's in
creasing shipping.
Get Pathe Records at Currins.
When in need of small arti
cles, get them nt tho 5-10-16c
store, St. Johns; in tho Penin
sula National Bank Building.
Lauder makes records only for
tne viuiUK. Hear him any
day at uurrins.
Learn to dnnco Miss Blanche
Whitman's DancittR School, 010
W. Charleston street; phone
uoiumuin u&3.
Genuine Hawaiian Ukolelcs.
At Currins.
bubtirb cal Is a von nromnt
attention dtty or night. Com
plete nuto equipment; no extra
charge; refined service. Millor
ls Tracoy.
We will bo tho school book nnd
supply headquarters this
in the past. Utirr ins bava So.
I A good time isnBaurcd at tho
bhipbuilders' Minstrel entertain
ment in tho St. Johns skating
ruiK next ihursdny evening.
All nhonotrranhs in otio-thntis
tho Brunswick. Currin SnyaSo.
If my work nlcaseByou: nlcnse
toll your friendB. If not, tell
me. Rogers, 202 N. Jcrsoy
A Victrola is n source of
pleasure every day in tho year.
Cjirrin Says So.
Will tradomvcmiitv infi room
house in St. Johns, four blocks
from bnnk, for a Ford. Call 31G
Princeton street.
Guaranteed mndo in
Cutlery at Currina.
O .
Lost Purso containing Lib
erty Bond No. 8,035,931 and n.
jout$35 in money. Under kind
y leavo at offico of St. JohnB
.umber Co. ; reward.
For practical naintinir nnd
kalsomining. good work, rlirht
price, phone Columbia 899.
ForSalo Houso and lot chick
ens, geese, good No. 7 cook
stove, gnBolino flat irons, some
lousokeeping goods. Cnll 919
Mohawk street.
Aro you investing In W. S.
Currin Snys So.
Wanted to Exchange. C nnna
touring car in first class con
dition for lot nnd amall dwelling
n bt. Johns. Co after 0 p.m.
at 300 W. Mohawk street.
Come in and hear the lute rec
ords. Youure always welcome.
Currin SnyB So.
St. Johns Fair Store, E. W.
oy, prop.: househo d ut tv
supplies and general notions,
207 N. Jersey St. Highest
quality goods at lowest prices.
Next to Electric store.
For Sale Franklin 5 passenger
car; just been overhauled.
'rice $250. Call 708 W. Rich
mond; Columbia 1112.
Lay your nlans now to get a
Victrola for your family at Xmas.
Currin Says So.
Legal Services A. W. Laffer-
ty, 420 Pittock Block. Garnish
ments defended: all decrees.
.'elephone, Broadway 240. Adv.
We would like you to havo a
Victor Record Catalogue. It
will interest you, whether you
tave a talking machine or not.
Currin Says So.
Good Second hand Sewing machines (or
rent. II. 1'. Clark. tf
The Bank You Choose
should be able in case of need to draw upon the
massed reserves of the nation.
Wc arc enabled to do so by rcdiscounttng with the
Federal Reserve Bank and are thus in a position
thoroughly to safeguard the interests of our customers.
Peninsula National Bank
Grant Smith, . .
I'Rltl) C. Knait,
John N.'.iun,
Stanton i Down,
Howard It, Mokuih,
Vice l'rcsldcnt
Vice President
, . Cashier
Assistant Cnshlcr
Assistant Cashier
Assistant Cashier
Titos, autzkm
II. It. PIl.NNIit.l.
J. N Httf.ltl'HttM
Reserve Bank
Member of Federal
3 per cent on Savings 4 per cent on Time Certificates of Deposit
Surely Our Windows
have ntt fueled you. IVilinp- mhi'm
thought that our spick ami mh nur
tmccs were n hint of liili i ! -tt' tlu
other way nnnitid. We count on unmet
Ini; n larger liiilnrn Ihcmiim- ( Ion
juices, hut wc maintain u lithulltyaiid
n jierfecl condition ol Mock jul the Mine.
Help ns solve the Inxh tt ol liviiitf
problem (or ou.
301 S. Jersey St.
Phone Col. t IH
St. Johns Lumber Co.
It's the lasting quality and rick
tobacco taste that makes Real
Gravely Chewing Plug cost
you no more to chew than
ordinary plug.
Peyton Brand
Real Gravely
Chewing Plug
10c a pouch -and worth it
P. B. Grmyely Tobacco Company
DanvllL, Virgin!.
For Sale.
Kitchen cabinet, two dish
cabinets, two kitchen treasures,
two four-burner gas Btoves, two
sets of dishes, cooking utensils,
wash tubs, wash board, ironing
board and irons, and other
small articles. Inquire Room 12,
over postoffice, St, Johns.
autlful gray or
black adult oaaket,
haarse, box, 2 autoa
mbalmlng and rafln
d service for,. .
S3 1
TK U l'.Y
I'unerals II desired for 20, ?30, f 10, 160. Higher xUv fi t r .T- mi pro
ortioii, e manufacture ciikkcts. I.udy ns-t t int.
Ileautlful funeral chupcl.
Main 2601 Indapandant Funaral Dlractors A 7806
Wtfihlngtan at Ella Street, Uetween 20th und 21st Street, WuM Sid
W. A. ANDREWS, Representative
614 Centra! Ave. N.
Phone Columbia 888