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ST. Johns review
Our Political News Letter
By F. J. Kupfer.
Now that Mr. Huston has
boon disposed of in the Senato
rial race, and cxGovernor West
been given a reminder to "shin
ny on his own side," the hour
of our discontent will soon be
upon us. The adjectives thnt
are being transfused in the cir
cumnambient atmosphere anions:
iho Senatorial aspirants is get
tine somewhat on our nerves.
They arenot satisfied in hurling
innocent verbiage at each other,
but aro compelled to seek assis
tance from the outside. Mr.Mc
Nary's ifriends 'have their re
doubts and reenforccmcnts cs
cradrilled somewhere within
the citadel of the Capitol, and
which is in command of a war
rior, who is known as a great
"drawing card." Ho has the
faculty of not only drawing the
teeth from some obscure sore
snot but he is also willing to
draw tho whole in with him.
While on tho other Bide wo bo
gin to boo tho wool fly, and when
"Bob" Stanfield begins to null
woollook'out for bald spots. Bob
is a fighter and it's ducks for
him to get into a scrap with a
Dentist. As to tho outcomo of
To France!
To France!
The words are few.
"To France."
JusfsimDlv two.
But O.the meanlmr they convev.
As when with trembl ina lins
wo say
Goodbye," and see him march
And know he's sailed bevond
the uay
To France.
To France!
But ere he'goes
To France,
A heart ho known
Will over for him waiting bo.
A heart to which he holds thn
When he'll come, come back to
When wo have gained world's
In France!
And when they leave
A heart will trriovo:
A mother stays tho falling tear,
a mothers heart trrows cold
with fear
For her one boy. that lad most
Ability Recognized
A flng raising took place at
the Portland Manufacturing
Compiny's plant last Saturday
at the noon hour. J. R. John
son, for several years pastor of
the local Christian church, but
now public speaker for the ship
builders of tho Northwest,
made a soul stirring, inspiring
and intensely patriotic address.
Concerning Mr. Johnson, a
Portland daily says:
"Twentythrce thousand six
hundred and seventy-one ship
builders armed in the holy cause
of Liberty and in such n coun
try as that which we possess
aro invinciuio oy any force the
enemy can send against us."
Patterned nftcr n statement
made by the illustrious Patrick
Henry in his famous "Give me
' or ttive me death"
speech, that is the contention of
R.J. Johnson. shinworker orator.
and he does not hesitate to tjll
his fellow workmen so. Twenty
three thousand six hundred and
seventy-one is tho number of
shipworkers in the Oregon dis
Mr. Johnson is the man who
was appointed sneaker for na
tional service section of the
Books Recently Received! A Juvenile Orchestra
this momentous question as to Now on the ship that's drnwlng- ,EmcArKOn)cy , l'c,Qt corporation
who is right or wrong the public
will naturally step in ana uo the
umpiring themselves, which will
bo on May the ltn, and wo in
vlto tho nubile to attend en
masse without fail. ruin orshine.
this irrcat public ovent, which
will go down in history as one of
tho biggest and best exhibitions
over given on earth.
Wo rnro of the opinion that
MrRalnh E. Williams, tho Re
nublican candidate for National
Committeeman, will receive tho
largest majority of any enndidato
on tho ticket. Ho desorves it,
and by nil means should ho the
ropresnntativo of the Republican
nartv to tho next National Con
vention. Ho is considered one
of tho best informed men in the
country on political party mat
tors, and through his knowledge
and oxporionco it is tho proper
thing for nil Republicans to give
him tholr'suppcrt at tho coming
Tho candidates for Governor
nroll horo in tho city, with tho
excoption of Governor Withy
combo, who is attending to his
duties nt Salem and leaving the
management to his friends.
L.J. Simpson will begin to havo
his Coos Bay boosters horo and
givo tho natives n taste of what
thoy can do in tho way or mak
ing a noiso that will bo heard
oven in Washington. Gus Mosor
tho man who intonds to put tho
"paying trusts" on thojblink is
nlso going'to havo some of his
staunch supporters in tho en
closure givo a surprise to the
citizens of this city and county
within tho next week. Gus
likes to tantalize his opponents
by quoting bcrlpture the only
candidate from Multnomah coun
ty in which ho is very pro
ficient, at times.
Dr. Anderson is making hay
while tho sun shines and be
lieves in dry spells in or out of
seasons. Tho Doctor says ho
will get all of those votes the
dry ones and a few near dry
ones. We doubt not. But lest
we forget, our neighbor from
Astoria is wetting his lips to
wage unceasing war against tho
monster "Wave of Drought in
desserts parched with hideous
thirsts," and if the bookings
of tho advanced press sheets are
correct there will flow at regular
intervals a deluge of no whis
key, no pure quill but the vin
tage of Bacchus and Vinero.
Blessed are those who want
nothing stronger than 6 years
Wonder what's the matter
with Gov. West since he made
his announcement of withdraw
ing from the Senatorial race if
the other fellows did it first.
The contest for the position of
Circuit Judge in the 4th and 6th
Departments is beginning to get
For Dept. No. 4 Judge Staple
ton is being toted for the win
ner, but Arthur I. Moulton is
coming up strong and Mr. Orton
is also getting considerable at
tention from different organiza
tions of which he is a member.
The rest of them wont cut much
of a figure. For Department
No. 6 John E. Owen is making
considerable progress in his
campaign. Judge McCredie is
also winning votes on account
of his previous experience on
the bench, while Judge Ganten
bein is relying solely on his rec
ord for the past ten years as
Circuit Judge. Judge Ganten
bein has made a fair and impar
tial judge and his decisions have
been upheld in most cases by
the Supreme Court.
For County Commissioner
there are several who are go
ing to run away ahead of the
ticket, but we wont say yet who'
To France!
And yet again
To France
We're Bcndlntr men-
Men who will daro to do and
Men who will go without a cry,
And never nsk tho question w
Wo owo this debt, now wo'l
In France.
To Franco!
To pny that debt
To France,
For Lafuvott:
When in those days, those days
or old.
Franco sont to us hor warriors
Sont us her knights in bands
So wo sond oura now mnnlfold.
io franco.
To Franco!
We'll no'or forgot
0 France,
Wo owo that debt:
Wo send to you brave men and
Wo Bend them to avenge
And now Lthoy go a mighty
Bringing a cheor and song along
lo franco.
To Franco
And thero nro eomo
In Franco
Who'll never come.
And some who'll wait hero and
Ah. yes forever and "a day.
Whose loved ones fell amidst the
Iheso aro tho ones who'll wait
0 France.
by A P. Rarkhurst. Jr.. the
secretary, when ho was in Port
land recently. Mr. Johnson it
tho timo was foreman of ways
one at tho urnnt Smith-Porter
Ship company's pant. Mr.
Pnrkhurst was mnrcssod with
Mr. Johnson's ability to make
an address and o icred him the
job. Ho is to tour the country
as a s h pworker orator and will
mnko addresses lo his fellowship
workers, lie will appear in his
regular working clothes.
Uonlirmntlon of Air. Johnson's
nppointmcnt was received May
1st and he is now awn t ntr as
signmcnt. In the meantime ho
Is appear ntr in yards of tho
Oregon district. Wednesday ho
mado his farewell address to
tho workers in the Grant Smith
Porter yard. Mr. Johnson's
selection is noteworthy not only
from tho stnndpo nt of i s abil
ity, but from tho fact that ho
was 'discovered" in tho shin.
yard that has established several
world's reqprds, among them
being tho launchinir of a wooden
hull in fifty working days. As
tokens of respect, workmen in
tho Grant Smith-Porter yard
presented Mr. Johnson with a
gold watch and handsome suit
case. Ho was also presented n
gold fountain pen by tho mem
bora of a lodgo to which ho
Klickmnnn-The Little Git
Knitting and Crochet Book.
Now thnt every grownup is mak
ing woolly things, the little
girl will want to bo doing like
wise. These pages show her
how to mnke pretty and useful
I things in knitting and crochet.
and she is taught to do the
simple stitches and easy pnt
terns In small pieces of work
thnt will not tiro her.
Kreps Camp and Trail Meth
ods. Information needed not
only by the tourist and summei
camper, but nlso by the hunter,
trapper, prospector, fisherman.
Written by a practical woods
man. Pnttcrson Twenty Lcsson3on
Poultry. An elementnry trent
iso prepared under the direction
of tho American Poultry. As
To Franco!
Thus tlrey all go
To France,
And all we know
is tney aro there yes, over
Across tho aeaTand fighting
And they will do and die and
To go to fight to be Borne
In France.
they are. Philo Holbrook has
had one term and has made
good. Ralph Hoyt is one of our
best known citizens and deserv
es a large vote. Mr. lhomas is
well known among the Fraternal
lodges and will also receive
marked attention. Mr. Daly is
expected to get considerable
votes, having had a seat in the
City Council as Commissioner.
Mr. Bailey is also a factor in the
race. As to Mr. Holman, we
are at sea as to his strength.
Chas. A. Johns, candidate for
Justice of the Supreme Court is
one of the best known attorneys
in the city. Mr. Johns is a man
of wide experience in legal lore.
He has been practising law for
nigh onto forty years. He has
lived in this state since 1858
when he came over the plains
with his parents in his mother's
arms, we believe Mr. Johns,
if elected would be impartial in
dealing out justice. He has the
faculty of reasoning to a large
degree and is broadminded, hu
man and strictly honest.
At the coming primary elec
tion there will be a measure to
be voted on to regulate the Jit
neys. The measure, or rather
it's called an ordinance, is the
first one on the ballot. It is to
regulate and operate the jitneys
over fixed routes and during
certain hours, providing trans
fers, for examination of dhaf
feurs and motor busses and for
giving bonds. Wo have just
received tho Magazino called
Motor-West published In Las
Angeles giving n description of
how tho new system is being
regulated in San Francisco. It
is operated bv tho Muniehml
Street Railway, which is owned
tho city. Iho Motor Bussos aro
run in connection with tho
street car system and are run
on schedule time. Tho chalTuers
aro alt licensed and must give
bonds. Each bus has a seating
capacity of 18 persons and all
tho conveniences such as sani
tary straps hang from tho ceil
ings and electrically lighted are
part of tho comforts. Passen
gers pay as they enter and the
main entrance la onerated bv a
crank at tho driver's seat.
Llectric lighted route signnls
on tho roof designate tho ter
minal noints and electric nush
buttons are placed opposite each
seat. During the first five days
three busses were in operation
and they covered 728. GG9 and
576 miles, respectively.
if the peoplo voto yes to this
ordinance it is marked 100 on
the ballot it will brine about
a service that will be appreciat
ed and will not be a menace to
the life and destruction of prop-
erty. We have had in the past,
when jitneys were running wild,
too many accidents and no rec
ompense from them for pecu
niary damaces. Hence we have
made up our mind that in vot
ing for the ordinance which is
first on the ballot public interest
and life will be safe guarded
and protected.
uocotion. Clear, concise, we
illustrated. Especially intone
cd for boys and girls who wis
to get a start in poultry raising
Reed Western Bird Guide,
A convenient, pocket size mnnun
of birds of tho Rockies and west
to tho Pacific. Colored illustra
U.S. Committee on Public In
formation The Bnttle Line o
Democracy. An invaluable col
lection of prose and notry o
tho world war. Includes the
President's war message. Sev
enty-throe selections in a'l.
mowing- a List oi nays anc;
Other Dramatic Material Com
piled for tho Junior Red Cross
Smith- Tho Home Made Kin
dcrgnrtcn. "Since tho kinder
gnrtcn is not, like tho Holy
scpuichcr, a well delincd spot
within certain gcogrnphica
limits, to which nil true heliev
ers must repair: Binco it is not
absolutely dependent upon the
ministrations of a pticstcss
versed in tho faith: since its
virtue docs not wholly Ho in tho
specially devised balls am
diocks unu bucks mid papers
which it uses; since, finally, it
is a philosophy, not a system
of object teaching, its essentials
may bo learned by any one of
hear iik car and urn erdtand nir
Mothers' Day Sunday
For Sale or Trade An almost
new five room modern bungalow
within walking distance of
Reed College. Will trade for
choice St. Johns home and pay
difference. Dr. W. J. Gilstrap,
For Sale Good gas ranee.
guaranteed good baker, very
cheap. 'Call 818 E. Burr street.
Pocket Knives the Made in
America Guranteed kind, is the
kind Currins sell.
NU Um laUl on your pfr.
Mothers' Day will bo observ
ed in song and sermon Sunday
morning at tho Methodist church.
Instead of tho ovonliw services.
all Methodists of the city unite
in a groat patriotic service at
lp. m. at tho Auditorium. Bis
hop Mnthew Simpsqn Hughes
will bo tho sneaker, nnd tho
united choirs of Portland Meth
odism will furnish tho music.
Tho object of this meeting is to
t.M? it. . . f 1
niouiiizu mo enure denomina
tion and put It at tho disr.o3iilof
tho Government till the war
ends In. victory. Methodism is
asking that every income pro
ducing member of tho church
givo to a war work rund, na a
minimum, nn nmount enual to
one dny's wage.- Reported.
The object of Mothert,' Day Is
to brighten the lives of our
Mothers and to mnko them more
honored, loved nnd protected
by their children; to remind sons
and daughters, especially busy,
successful men and women, of
tho unselfish devotion of their
mothers, nnd possibly of their
own selfish neglect of their par
ents. To nsk men, women and
children to make their Mothers
feel this May day, that in her
children's hearts she is "queen
of the May."
How to observe the day:
Every mnn, womnn and child
who feels that ho or sho had or
has tho best Mother that, over
lived, is asked to observe the
day by wearing a white carna
tion in honor of his Mother, and
as a badge of love and loyalty;
also to help the observance of
the day by gMngawhite fiower
to at least one other person.
The white carnation is preferred
if it can be obtained, because it
is thought to typify Mother
Love, its color standing for pur'
ity; its fiower, beauty; its last
ing qualities, faithfulness; its
fragrance, love; and its wide
growth, charity. Show -your
Mother some special kindness
this day in words of affection
and appreciation; by a gift or a
visit to her, or by a letter if ab
sent from her. If she be not
living, bless the life of some
other Mother in memory of her.
Tho Knights and Ladies of
Security held another large
meeting last Monday night by
way oi initiations and a general
good time. The hall was filled
to tho full seating capacity and
tnen some, having visitors from
the var ous counci s of tho eitv.
Sister Davidson, president of
Kirkpntnck Council filling tho
chair of Pres. Campbell, giving
the initlntory work. Tho final
arrangements were comnloted
for the purchaso of the St.
Johns skating rink. Tho deed
'S in the hands of tho trustees
and the final work of trottinir
ready to remodel the building
will begin immcolntely after
the 1st of the month. The ice
cream and cake furnished by tho
ladies of tho order was enjoyed
by all. They then proceeded to
dance the rest of tho evening.
Sister Moroing presented her
Juvenile Drill Team, composed
of 12 little girls, who went
through their floor work in n
manner that would make Borne
of ou old timers sit up and
take notice, especially when the
little tots put on tho initials of
their order. They were encor
ed until tho little ones began
to tire out. Sister nnd Brother
Moroing havo just got a Juv
enile orchestra composed of 10
nieces under the leadership of
Mrs. Frank Rico, who will fur
nish music to their council, and
on Monday night at our onen
meeting every member Is re
quested to attend nnd henr
those wonderful little mus
clans. They and tho other
members of tho Juveniles on
I' ridny evening, May 19th, will
to Kirkpntrick
on their work
as tho older
St. Johns' Honor Roll
in a
go in a body
Council and p it
thero, as woll
members will
oociy. uor. t lorget their open
incctimr Monday oven ntr. Al
so their regular Saturday night
dance, mo members nttondecJ
tho Portland Council in South
Portland. Thursday ovonlnir
and hnd a fine time. Every
mother is requested to atteiu:
tho Juvcnilo meeting Satur
t 4 "
nay, a z p. m. no sure ant
como nnd send tho llttlo one.-
Local Win Four Straigh
Tho Grant Smith-Porter club
won its fourth straight gamo in
mo Shipbuilders' Lencuo Sun
day, trimming tho Norwosco, or
Northwost Steel, u to 1. on the
St. Johns grounds. Manager
Yatos Introduced a now pitcher
in tho person of Honn nir. who
proved to boa winner, nnd along
with lotting Norwesco down
with one run nnd three hits.
lenning mixed in tho fray him
self and knocked out a homo run.
Bill Russell's Northwest Steel
aggregation plnved a much Im
proved brand of bnso ball Sun
dny and got off with only four
errors, uusscll used two pitch
ers, Anderson and Check, but
could not stop tho wlnnlnir Grant
SImth-rorter team.
Eddie Yates and Nordstromo
each got two hits out of four
times at bat. B nnchnrd nab
bed twobingles out of fivo times
up, one of them a two bagger.
siancnaru also made a nice
oublo unassisted. Pritchard.
at short for tho homo club, ran
jack and made a beautifu catch
nonrly in centerfield. Tho local
ub now has two denendab o
twiners in uarharn and Hen
Games arc scheduled as fol-
ows for this Sundny: Grant
Smith-Porter va. McCormick
at St. Helens: Standifer-Cla-k.
son vs. Norwesco, at Vancouver;
Supplo-Ballin vs. Foundation at
St. Johns and Cornfoot vs.
cninsuln, at St. Johns. As it
now stands a double header is
illed for the St. Johns nark
us Sunday.
A good razor is a daily joy.
Currin's have the good kinds.
If you have anything to sell,
try our Penny-A-Word Column.
To ascertain the exact cost count
each word, initial or abbreviation.
Thelma is the Queen of
fume. Currin Says So.
Voto X 47 J. B. Schaefer.
Water Superintendent Division
No. 1. You will make no mis
take by voting for him. His
well known recognized qualiflca
Hons and integrity are a uuar-
antee for efficiency and economy
in tho olhceto which ho aspires.
He has proven himself one hun
dred per cent American in daily
deeds. He is a tried, true
friend, and able champion of
labor, not only in words, but in
r ecorded deeds. Ho is the only
candidate for this position from
Portland and Multnomah County
and being a progressive citizen
who has borne and received
many distinguished honors in
private and public life in this
City. He is certainly entitled
to your undivided and loyal sup
port. By A. L. Treber, 423
Bristol street, St. Johns Oregon,
paid adv.
are liberal.
terms on Viqtrolas
Following is a list of those
from St. Johns who havo enlist
ed in Uncle Sam's service. Per
sons knowing of any names
omitted will render a favor by
reporting same to this office.
Taylor M. Wh tmoro. At h
W. Irvine. Dean H. Knowlea.
Earl II. Knowles, Theodore
Bugbce. H. Bryon Poll. Armnnd
Olin, Claude E. Harris, Russell
Poff. R. P. Gallowav. Chns. E.
Gorlick.Murne Donaldson, Glenn
Haskell, Hay Clark. Benniah T.
Swan, Hubert Martin, Leon
Sorber, Donald Strickland,
Lowell Anderson. John La-
Villctt, Frank L. Thomnson.
Oron Lear, Hal J. Davis,
Donnld N. Trowbridge, Bert
Larson, Alan Rutherford,
Homer I'insKett. Honrv Hrnmi
enborg, J. W. Welsh, David
iowc. Clyde Heath. Wa ter
Mayer, I' red Scmn ntr. John
BoggB, Ernest Johnson, Hiram
intlnger. Kenneth Simmons.
Thornton Toole, Eugene Hlatt.
uowe walker. Aimust Jensen.
.lay Myer, Walter Pearson,
hlmor Amnios, Hoy Gognon,
Lester D. and Basil B. Smith,
Bryant Kilkenney, Paul Rude,
Emory Gillmorc, Lewis Wirth,
Inrold Alered th. Ray Haw
kins. Hugh Ward. Kindle C.
Satterloe, Gordon nnd Wilbur
Bellinger, Zelta Rico, Leslie B.
Moulton, Harry Truman, Frank
Green, Walter Rlekson. Frank
Whitney, Thomas Reynolds
Carlylo Cunningham, Percy
Smith. Frank Whitney, Arthur
C. Clark. Alphonso Fox, Harry
0. Hughes, Geo. Downey,
Tlios. E. Edwards, G. and
Ingolf Wllllkson. F. Edward
Isbel), Graham Moxon, G. Lin
coln Fassett, Hurley Manning,
Grovor Carroll, Clyde Miller,
Adolph Anchor, John Basey,
Wm. Moe, Albert Hyde, Reed
Chamberlain, Ray Vanderbeck,
Richard Barley, Cecil Mngone,
Frank Bugbee, Ivan Faber, Bert
Sundstrnm, Gall Perrlne. Nor
man Nelson, G rover Barron,
Harry J. Simmons, Thos. Rob
erts, Max J. Witters, A. Tall
man, G. W. Stevens. Christ
Llnd, William E. Galloway.
Geo. Worthlngton. Jack L.
Douglas. Joy Milton Cnrnnhnn,
Elmer Flynn, J. Elmer Thomas.
Eugene Small, Howard and Ba
all Holcomb.Carl Smith, Sprnguo
It. Alarsh, William Ward, Bert
Sundstrum, Glen Weiser, Louis
St. Johns, John F. Brownloy,
Hosh button, 'llios. Cochran,
Dowoy Brown, Honry J. Amala,
Alva and Ralph Smith. Enuono
Ihurmond. Harry Heichtmeyer,
ueorgu Schmidt. William Snood.
Alec S. Cokalas, Louis Fletcher.
Teacher of Piano
Technic mid lmtid development.
Pupils developed from beginning to
public appearance.
Studios 507-8 Columbia bldg,
812 North Kellotfg street.
l'liones Mnin 3319; Col. 501.
Elmer S n e e d
Violin Instruction
STUDIO. 215 K. SyrnciiM: St.
I'hotic Columbia 302
Mrs. Gabriel Pullin
Vocal Teacher
London Training
Available for Concerts nnd Uacitnls
965 Lomlmrd Street, comer Wall
l'lioiic Columbia 182
Are Doing Their Bit
That tho Peninsula School Red
Cross auxiliary aro doinir their
bit is evidenced by tho follow
To tho Editor of St. JoIiim
Revlow: Just to let our Ameri
can sisters at St. Johns know
whnt wo are doing, wo nsk you
to kindly publish through tho
columns of your valuablo panor
tho following roport. Sowing
meetings held in sowing room of
Peninsula school Thursday 10
a. m. and r riday at 1. p m.
I'rom Jan. 1st to date havo mndo
tho following articles: Paiarnas.
8-1 pairs, bed coats, 42 pairs,
bed shirts .10. tape shirts 21,
surgeon caps 00. face masks 00.
arm slings 80, T bands 21, boy
bandages 21, dish towels 21,
napkins 80, trnycloths 12, hand-:
xercnicia i;st. n owa lau. mm-
wipers, COO. knitted war awoat
ters 30, socks 70 pairs, helmets
C- Mrs. II. P. Heningor, chair
man; Mrs. Miller, secretary.
Mrs. Frank A. Rice
TUACIIIttt 01'
Violin, Alandolin and Piano
Pupil of Nnlrr Vtm
Klmllo: GOD V. John Street
Telephone Columbia USD
Myrtle W. Campbell
Teacher of Singing
Residence Sttulio:
0G0 Hnst Fourteenth Street North
Photic Kust .51f)
W.J. OIHtrnp, M.I). U.K. Seely. M.I).
Drs, Gilstrap & Seely
Physicians and Surgeons
Glasses Accurately Fitted
U:IK) to Vi, M. Ol'l'ICIt
lu'10 to li.'M 1. M. I'lrnt NhHmmI
7:00 to H:00 1 M. Hunk llulbliH
Suuilnyn, D.00 to 10:.10 A. M.
Dr. Evart P. Borden
Painless Kxtrnctlon of Teeth under
Nitrous Oxide (ins
Office Peninsula Hank hldg.
Office jihonc Cul.t2fi; ren. lioiicCl. IT7
uourk IMS 11. in.; i;;mfi mm , . m.
Dr. Herbert F. Jones,
311 North Jersey Street
Office Hours; 1 f nnd (i-8 . m,
Kcs. Phone CoIiiiiiIiih (100
Office Plume CoIiiiiiIhh 1)7
Office Room 5
Peninsula Hank Building
Portland is to havo tho honor
of entertaining the Grand Army
of the Hepublic tho week of
August 19, and II. U. Compson
teller Corns No. 52. of St.
Johns wishes to extend their
thanks to tho generous hearted
citizens of St. Johns for their
kindly help In raisinir their
share of tho needed funds foi
this cause. This is the lirst
time in the history of tho en
campment that thoy havo come
to our beautiful Northwest
country and probably will be the
ast time, so we hone everv loval
citizen will do their best to!
make this encampment the very
best they ever havo had. Satur-'
day, May 8. is the next meeting
of tho Corps and they will have
silver tea and wou d bo triad
to nave an the visitors wo can.
raternally, Tho Corps.
Hours 9-io n. 111. j 1.5 p. 111. him
Office phone Col. 35.1; Re. 910
Office HournU-litiu 1:80.7
SuniUy 'J 11
Poulimilu (kink lllili:.
Office I'liuiie CoIiiiiiIiih i.o
KtMlileut riwiiie LolumlXH 271
Dr. Samuel A. Mulkey
The profession practiced in iU
various brunches
Office hmira: 8:80 to 12 M ; 1:UU to 6
uinl 7 K 8 - hi.
1'irtt Niitfouiit HmiiW IliiiltluiK
J'lioiiu CiiliimhiH 2Mt.
Caldwell & Patterson
The place wherr KMI mjivicv uml
courU'oiu treatment ai will. Clultlit u'i,
luiir cutting receive hHt-ml attention.
Davis Barber Shop
S. W. DAVIS, Prop'Ulvr
108 Philadelphia .St. Hath 2Tc
Cow for Salo$90.00,
resh.-808 Van Huren
'ortland, Oregon.
Send the boys In Franco nln.
tures from home. Currin Says
Plumbing, Heating & Tinning
We Repair Aluminum Vur
I'hone Col. Wi 107 S. jetucy St.
Firit National Dank UuildiiiK
Rosebud Restaurant
809 S. Jersey St. Opp. Central School
l'rompt service, courteous treiittneiit ami
prices right
Hours from 6 a. in, to 10 p. ui.
St. Johns Undertaking Co.
208 N. Jersey Street
Phone: Columhiu fig?
Columliia 200
Automobile Hearse.
Cl Our Pr'cei Before Going la Portland'