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    United States Senator
U. S. Most Cut Use
Of Wheat by One-Half
America Consumed 42,000,000 Bushels Monthly.
From Now Until Harvest Must Use
Only 21,000,000.
t z hi
Military Necessity Calls for Greater Sacrifice Horc Allied War
Bread Must Be Maintained Our Soldiers and
Sailors to Have Full Allowance.
If wc nrc to furnish the Allies with the necessary propor
tion of wheat to maintain their war bread from now until the
noxt harvest, and tills is a military necessity, we must reduce
our monthly consumption to 21,000,000 bushelB a month, as
against our normal consumption of about 42,000,000 bushels,
or CO per cent, of our normal consumption. This is the situa
tion as act forth by the U. S. Food Administration at Washing
ton. Reserving a margin for distribution to the army and for
special cases, leaves for general consumption approximately
1V4 pounds of wheal products weekly per person. The Food
Administration's statement continues: Many of our consumers
urc dependent upon bakers' bread. Sucli bread must be durable
and therefore, requires a larger proportion of wheat products
than cereal breads baked in the household. Our army and
navy require a full allowance. The well-to-do in our population
can make greater sacrifices in the consumption of wheat
products than can the poor. In addition, our population in
the agricultural districts, whero the other cereals are abun
dant, are more skilled in the preparation of breads from these
other cereals than the crowded city and industrial populations.
With improved transportation conditions we now have avail
able a surplus of potatoes. We also have in the spring months
a fturplus of milk, ami wo have ample corn and oats for human
consumption. The drain on rye and barley, as substitutes, has
already greatly exhausted the supply of these grains.
To Direct Hie n Iwl mmvIiik of wheni iitiu. of Hi.- uvuruKu monthly uinoiiiil
Ilccauic Clinrli- I, McNnry hits made
i;ood its t'nilcil Mutes Senator front Ore
t;ou, lie should lie nominated in Henntor
n the Republican Primary on Mny 17.
Prion fixing to Provont Profiteering
Kenli.iuK that the present I'ood Con
trol I.tiw fulls to fix tile prices on ninny
uccessnrics of life, Senator McNnry had
introduced mid is working strongly torn
hill extending prlce-fixlnj! to rt luru tttitn
herol commodities. Itxlilidniiin its pur
jk)w. Senator McNnry wild;
"Uurlui the consideration of the l'ood
Control Hill I took the xsitlon that the
law, to be elective, should be coinpre
hciuive In its spplicntion to prevent prof.
liters from Kn"""! control 01 nunc coin
I moditles not coining within its operation,
j This bill, if it himics, correct some of the
wrongs now prartlecd upon the ptodueltig
iiiulcoiiMiinlnu, public. This measure cm
' txmcrs the 1'fcsldcnt to fix the price ol
jietrolcuni nud Its products, hides nnd
skins and their products, such as shoes,
hemp, jute, cotton and wool and their
ppxIuctJ, such for example, its clothing
ami also on wheitt siiMlltut s, corn, rje
Imrley, istts and the ptoductsir joint pro
ducts (or product of twitoriuorOof s-tld
miiteriiils, nUo on llvestm-k and its pro
duct. Pnriii fmideiueiilsiiud inachinery
are mImi included, (.'ulcus n clmne ol
(Millcy is niitde, it l Inevilalilc that the
price of wheat siiUtltnti-s will advance
until actual KtilTerluK will come uiion
many teoplc
w ira wimiiy iicpeuili'iit upon tin
Toluntary usslstnuco of 1 1st Anu'rlriiii
ptopU mid wo risk Unit tho following
rules nlinll be observed :
1, llotiM'liolili'rn to usi not lit oxivimI
totul of m pounds per wcttk of
wheat pioducin per ponton. This
lutsus not more tbnn Mi pounds of
Victory brcinl coiitiiliilui; t lit roiulnH
psrcciiliiKo of NiibNiltiilixi and one half
omul of cook I iik' Hour, mm-iimnl,
cniikcrn, pusiry, pies, ruin, wluni
breakfast tvrt'iils, nil comblutHl.
2. Public ftttlui; places nud clubs lo
observe two whi'iillis ilnys per week,
Monday nud Wt'dnosdity, iin hi prosvnl.
In uddltlnn thereto, not lo ere to
uy one guest nt nny one instil mi
(irriiuto tif In 'UinI iiITh. iiHteHionl,
crsckera, pustry, pies, cHkes, wlieitl
breakfast ccrculi, loulHliilm; it loiul
of innr IIinii two ouueeft of whetti
flour. No wheat pindurU to be ei-vtd
uolsss sperlnlly ordered, I'uhlle i'hi
tnir estshllshnieiii iml lo buy iwuv
tbsn all pounds of tvhistt pmdH-eU foi
each ninety meals serviMl, thus con
forming wllh Hie llitillHllnus mtusssOM
of lh hotisehnlileiv
5. Itelnllers lo mII mil more Ihan
one-eighth of it bttrri l of lUHir to IIIIA
town cuslouier hi hii) tme llww and
not uiortt IIinii one quarter of m IhicivI
to miy country ciiHtomer ul hii one
time, nnd In no case to Hell w hettl
product without the miIu of hii equal
weight of other cereals,
4. Wr nsk Hie bakers and crocerN to
rsduce the volume of Victory brcud
sold, by delivery of the three qiMitcr
pound loaf where one pound whs Kohl
tnfor, unit corresimudliiK proportion
In other weluhia, We itl ask buker ,
purcha.Hed In the four months prior to
March I.
ft. Manufacturers using wheat prod
on for non-food purposes should
rittsv such use entirely.
it. There Is no limit upon the use of
oilier cereals, Hours, and ineuli, com,
liarley, buckwheat, potato Hour, ct
Many thousaud families throughout
i lie html are now usIuk no wheat prod
iicIm wbalever, eicept u very small
amount for cookliiK purposes, and are
doluu su In perfect health and satlsfac
Hon. There Is no reason why nil of
Ihe American people who lire able to
cook In their own households caiinol
subsist perfectly well with the use of
lets wheat products tbnn one nud one
half iHinmls n week, nnd wr specially
Mk ihe well lodo households In the
itiiiniry lo follow this additional pro
Kriiuiiiie In order Hint we may provide
i lie iieeee.ary miirnliial supplies for
l low HtriN of Ihe coiumiiulty less Hblo
in uilapi iliemMdves to so larue a pro
HiHliti of sulHtlllutes.
In oiiler tlutl we sluill be able lo
make lite wheal ciports llmt tire lib--oluii'l)
ileuiHiidi'd of us to maintain
Hie cl II imputation and soldiers of Ihe
.line h in I our own army, we propose
in supplemeul Hie voluntary tti opera
tion of Hie public by a further limita
tion of distribution, nnd we sliull place
ui once restrictions on distribution
which will be adjusted from time to
lime lo secure as nearly eijultuhln ills
ullnitloii as (Misslble. With the arrival
of hni'ui.1 we sbould be alibi to relax
Hitch ienlclloiin. Until then wo nsk
for the nccesHtiry palleuoe, niicrltlce
not lo luerst- Hie amount of Ibelr i and in operation of Ihe dlstrlbutlut
siksat Dour pirvbaiMMi bojonl 70 pur I rail,
Great Wheat Stocks
It's the shorltik'e III ships that
la pulling the Allies and the
United .State on wheal rail. his
Ureal stocks of w lieat Hie Iso
lated In India, uud AustrutKi. At
great sacrltlce In ship space and
use Hie Allies are foivtKl to he
cure some wheat frum ArKiHitlna.
On Jauuury I, AustrallH had
stored 100,QH),000 bttabels uf
wheat that was ready for ex
port but there were no sIiIim.
Then came the new crop with
an exportable surplus of i0,tKH.
000 bushels, Now Australia hits
approximately lSO.iXHI.OOO bush
els waltliiK for bhlps.
India, ut the same time, had
70,000,000 bushels of whettt
atored for export. Purine April
00,000,000 bushels more out of
Hie new crop will be added to
the pile,
Argentina closed the lust ship
ping senium with lt.(W.tH.K)
bushels of wheat loft lit the
stock available for export. The
new crop wilt udd lU&.OOO.OOO to
Uia left over.
It Is not u problem that the
wheat does uot exist In the
world It Is entirely a problem
of shipping, which has thrown on
America the obligation of divid
ing our stock with the Allies.
A general lilen or tlui uuiiutlty of
food sent to Kuropean allies by the
(Tulied .Slates from July 1, 1014, to
January 1, 1018, Is given by figures
Juhi announced by Ihe I' S, Food Ad
mlnistrttilou. In Hint period the fnlt
ihI SiHlen bus furnished complete year
ly i-atlous for o7,l00,li;UI people. In
addition I lie re was enough extra pro
lelu lo supply this portion of the diet
for ja.UM.ft70 additional men,
The total export of wheat and wheat
Hour to the three principal allies Is
iillvntuut to about .181,000,000 bushels.
I'ork exports for the IH years amount
ed to nlmost i!,tKX),iX)0,000 pounds. Kt
IHirls of freh beef totaled -MS.-tSUOd
IHiumts. The amount uf food exported
to Itussiu Is negligible compared with
Hihi sent to the western allies.
"On your side are boundless
supplies of men, food, and mate
rial; on this side boundleti de
mand for their help.
"Our men are war-weary and
their nerves have been strained
by more than three years of
hard, relentless toll.
"Our position Is critical, par
ticularly until the next harvest,
but the United States can save
"You Americans have the men,
the skill, and the material to
save the allied cause."
British Shipping Controller,
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"A Man Cannot Think, Work or right
When He It Hunory" Wo Must
Feed Our Soldiers,
"Wo have Die piesMrvntlon of Ihe
world on our hands ICvery sIiikIo
living human being lit Hits republic,
from ocean lo oi ran, should make It
his or her special purpose to save
TIimh are the. wordn of K, V. Culled,
pttrsnunl rwiresw(allH of Herbert ('
Hoover, in n recent address.
"Men will rtslsl nuy miwer but Ihe
poftttr of siarvallon," mild Mr. t'ullen.
"Hunger in the final analysis, U the
only force that can weaken it nation
nud demorHlUp army Kkh1 Is
strciiKlh. mid without it perpetual sup
ply of slreiiKili. Die world can stand
In dmiKcr of tottering, weakening nnd
raiiiiiK into uiier ciutiM. A man can
not think, work or (iglil It ho Is huu
"The nllltm ttklity are practically
wholly dependent timu the t'nlled
Ktatixi for fixM. I'lHiti this nation
rests the msimiisiblllly of preservInK
Ihe world from I'russlmilsiu. Tills is
Him Insk of lit mmpIh of this nation
to produuo uud suve food enough to
keep n steady stream of essential sup
Plies moviUK towards me trout so
long its It shall bo necessary to wuro
this war, If nt any time wo fall In
this, wo must Iniivttubly go down, with
Ihe ullles, to defeat. This Is no ex
aggeration, but u serious fact It Is
tho purpose of the United States Food
Administration to bring tho reullxa
Hon of this fact home to every Atuerl
cun until, woman mid child, and to en
list tho Individual aid uf our hundred
million people In producing ami sav
lug food The Kood Administration
Is uot iisklng you to eat less; It only
urges that you substltutu una imtrl
tlous food for another equally mitrl
tlous food, thus Having the vital sta
pies needed by our unities nnd the
armies and peoples of the allies, We
must, during the next three mouths.
save wheat especially. Our surplus
has already been shipped abroad, and
a htimirctl million bushel more are
needed. When you oat a slice of bread
less, omit tho crackers with your soup,
or otherwise conserve on wheat prod
ucts, you ure contributing towards the
hundred million bushels needed oscr
there by our fighting men and the
exhausted people of lMfttum. Franco
ami Kugland who have far more than
three years been beuriug the brunt of
this war, which Is our war. Keep tills
In mind, and bring It before the mnuls
of your thoughtless friends uud iu igh-
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during the summer days, when for
so little money we can supply you
.with those dainty, light, thin things
you need to keep you cool. '
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store is chock full of beautiful, fil
my things to wear every thing from
those silk hose you wish to a gay parasol.
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Let's Get at the Facts!
No. 1 -Starting the Question
The most interesting nnd important subject in
Portland right now, aside from the war, is:
Next to that in importanco is the underlying
If they come back are you going to allow
to run wild?
Are you going to permit them to clutter into
hopeless congestion and confusion the crowded
downtown districts without compelling them to
establish any reliable or dependable service of
transportation in other parts of the city?
Many people are also asking the question: Why
should there be such an agitation for the return of
the jitneys just now?
You are also asking another important question
which bears directly upon the local transportation
situation and which explains why some of our op
ponents are so anxious to have the jitneys come
back. That question is:
Why does Portland have a G-cent fare when
other cities of approximate size do not have a
G-eent fare?
This is perhaps the most perplexing question ol
all to the average citizen, although it should not
if you understand the conditions and circumstan
ces which impelled tho Public Service Commission
to grant our company an increased fare.
At the same time a small group of opponents is
using the G-cent fare as an excuse for endeavoring
to bring the wild-cat jitneys back into operation
in Portland without regard to the .effect upon the
general transportation problem. They merely
want to do something to injure our company, and
the most ready weapon in their grasp seems to be
tho unregulated, irresponsible and go-as-you please
We feel that you are vitally interested in know
ing all the facts that have led upto the present
confused situation in the local transportation field.
And we hope we shall be able to dispel some of
this confusion and convince you that a G-cent fare
was necessary to enable this company to continue
furnishing service, and, furthermore, that the wild,
unregulated jitney will afford no relief whatever,
but will serve only to make it infinitely more diffi
cult for our company io maintain the quantity and
quality of streetcar service which careful students
declare is the equal of any streetcar service in the
United States, all things considered.
In this series of advertisements which begins to
day we shall discuss the 6-cent fare, the jitneys and
.various other problems that are inseparably invol
ved in the present transportation situation.
We shall do our best to clear away some of the
purpose created confusion with which our opponents
are seeking to camouflage the eutire subject.
Aud, in the name of fair play, we ask you to con
sider carefully the facts which we shall set forth.
Notice to Creditors
In the Couuty Court of the St. eof
Oteoit for the County of Muttuoui lt
in tlic .Matter ol ttic Kktitte ol .V 1'.
Moore, tleceit.iHl.
.Notice is hereby ulveu Hut the u dor-
kiuued hy an order of the above i uusl
Court lias been unnoiHt! as Adtutir -tut
tor ot tin- nuovc luiuiott ust.itc, au : ti.ts
nialilHsl us such.
Any iK-roii having any claim, uv-uiut
sum Keltic will lirovut wiuc with i ion
er vouchers uttaohetl, to the miderkuind
at the ollicc of his attorney, 11. IC Col
Iter, i)14 Suildtug Uiildiut;. I'ott md,
Ou-Kou, within ix mouths trout the date
of the lirst imluieauou uf this notice.
Date uf firkt iHiulwtttiou Audi 19. IMS.
last nublieution May 17, 1D1S.
vl'ald AiltcrtLcmfnl.l
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K. S. MQOKli, AduiinUtrumr.
11. h. Collier,
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t'tty jour tuuscrtpUou.