St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, April 12, 1918, Image 2

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A. W. Mnrklc, Urtltor
I'ubllBhod Every Frlda
Subiorlptton prlco $1.00 per year.
Statement ot owiifffMlp mill management re
quited by ttienctol Congest ot Align, t H. 1911.
ot The M. John Review, publliliMt weekly at
St. Johm, I'ortland, Oregon, tor Airtl I, 1918
Mate of Oregon. J ,,
County ot Multnomah. J ...
Hetore me, a Notary rubllc, In and lor the
State and county eforeald. personally appeared
A. W. Matkte, who having been duly aworn ac
cording to law depoe4and tut that he lithe
publliher ot the fenltnula Review Anil that the
fallowing M, to the beat nl hi knowledge and
belief, a itue statement ol the ownetahlii, man
agement, etc. ol the atofeiwld mbllatln tor
thedatenhownlntlieatiovecnptlen to wit;
That the names and acllrres ot the ub1lali
er editor, managing editor and tni'lneM matin
geraate: I'ublUher, A. V Matkle, Portland. Oregon.
IWItor, "
Managing ttdrtor. '
Butlnent ltdltor
That the owner ate-
A. W. Markle, 1'ortland. Otegoti.
II. It. Mntkte. Clearfield. I'enna.
That the known bondholder, mnrtgagee ami
other aecutlty Imhlera owning r holding I per
tent or more ot total n mount ol Imnd. moitiia
att or other securities are II. II. Matkle,
Clearfield, I'enna
tiunni in ami uilieilll lielote me th
dayol April, 1911. I.. J. Wright, Notary I'uliHc
Tint KitviKW l cnlcrcil nt twjt office
In rortUml. Otci'oii. us tnnU mutter
ol the second clous under the Act of Con
presto! Mnrcli J, 1879,
The Liberty Hond drivu in St.
Johns lias heon ikovu.u an tin
titmlillud and snlcndid huccoss
Practically everybody bnvc boon
tfonorotiH y. Micrmciiwiy hi
some casus, and chuurftiily ant
irlndlv in most cases, suhacrih
Intr for the bondH. Un to tills
morninir a total of SJi!)(J .1)00 sub
HcHntionu bad been recoided al
tlin Peninsula National Bunk
The total will nrolmbiy roach
S200.U00 more wlien all are in
The shin nlant. il is said, sub
scribed over $1100, 000, the woolen
mills was 100 nor cent loyal, am
other tu uslnes did nobly.
uoemed to be the universal senti
nient to buy bonds, and thus
heln in winninir Hie war. St
Johns has proven itm-lf intense
Iv loval at any and all times
and in the Liberty Loan drive it
lias fairly exceeded itself, door
for St. Johns.
Kriund MnrkloI suppose you
do not rumumiier mo. mil i sue
you have my name in the St
Johns Review on the Honor
Roll. When I was down
South America, a St. Johns
Review was sent to me and
was sure surprised to see so
many from St. Johns enlisted
Army and Navy. I sure havt
seen a lot of the world since
have been in the Navy. We
have been down as far as
Huenos Aires in South America
all laruo citiett: have been clout
to Africa and have been
France once. Nmv we are
New York. Don't like Now
York as well as Portland,
don't know whore we no next
so will close. I iVnmiir liry
ant Kilkenny. U. S. S. Pueblo
New York.
High School Doings
Two very interest inir meet
Iiiki of theCiriV Patriotic Club.
which is comiHHi"! of tlw Phil
athenaeum and I link Klatawa
consolidated, have been heli
in the past two weeks at the Y.
V. rooms. At the llrst of tltese.
Miss Walker, who is in ehaiKeof
the rooms, urged all the girls to
becomu members of Hum. W.
C. A. and most of the mils en
thusiastically agreed to do so, as
thev will not only have the list
of the rooms in St. Johns, but
also full privileges its members
of the Portland Central organ
izittion. While Oiml Weimei
read several ehspters from
Arthur (luy Kinney's book,
"Over the Top," lliu ollu-r itir'it
wound yarn preparatory to knit
ting for the my in the service.
A majority of the girls siKiu'd
up to do knitting while the iv
maindor decided to make scrap
books. At the last meeting a
rending was given by tlenevievt
Hrown from Lieut. Dawson's
book, "Carry On," and Helen
Story gave an original story in
music which was amusing as
well as interesting. A short
talk on tho value of the Y. M.
0. A. was given by Miss Ida
Jntitz, of Portland. She has
been active for many years in
tho Y, W. work and it is at her
request that Miss Maxwell, the
noted social worker, will address
all girls and women who are
interested at the Y. W. rooms
in the city hall on Monday,
April lf.
Tho inombors of tho Sociology
class will take a trip to Salem
by automobile this week end.
Friday ovoning they will have
dinner at t lie Indian School
Chomawn, and the next day
they will visit the various state
buildings and make a study of
conditions in the several state
institutions located in the capi
tal city.
The Parent Teachers' Asso
cintion, of St. Johns, will meet
in the Y. W. rooms next Thurs
day, April ltUh. and an interest
ing program will be given. The
subject for discussion then will
be "Juvenile Delinquency."
Chaplain Howard will speak on
"The Detention Home," while
several of tho members of the
Sociology class will give short
talks on tho institution at Salem.
Three Modern
Now Building
Easy Terms
On Payments
Mortgage Loans,
and Insurance
t Peninsula SecurityGo. t r
First National Bank Building
Advi-rllt'iiiciitMiinlcr till lii'iul
lug one cent n word, Minimum
clintge cent.
I'or Silt' by Owner Two Iioiimh; no
iiuvnlit; fu.y monthly tinymciiM. I'lionc
Columbia 'Ml. Till
l,it Item crocheted Imnilb.ii w llli
IHitM' mnl llvr. 1'lnilcr cull Col. SNVI
I'lffll t'ldXt eiltllll! IKtllllOV SI iht It
Ph.; mciiihI le 7fic tier loo II.; anmll f'nilllfv
MilHtocn Ilk" tier loo lh. I'lriwlni' nml -"""J
iMirowtHK 'lone. lilli It. Joini ht; phour
To cIh hii et.ilc. will Hell well local-
til, Inrome lomriug limine iroxr I y mi
thi main liiialnwH Mieel oi St. Johni.
tiiiHiern, eitur in hii iiiciimiiniiiccH, an
limvi'iiii'iiia uiiii. rrici' tor n anon uiiie
fSWOO; niiill M)tnt'iit ilown, IkiIiiiicc on
Irrms. Cull nt Him olhee.
I,mt A luifje K. S: I,, of S. Iivle.
i'iiiiit hi iiH'KiMr ii in or on atiei t.
I,, .M. I hiitniik eiiKHiveil on Mine, I in I
r I'lllu r ihiIKv I,. M. I0l run
mini IiiiIIiIIiik. oi leiivc ul Itevlew olliic
I'or Silo Kxtuiikloti I aw ConrM. iti
MHHililf iirli-ti, ti'iini. Cull Colninlilii
I'nr Sile Clmuiiliin tHMehirry limit
91 wi iht ii'Mvn; ioi!n Hi-rriii u iki
iilmii; iiImi inetiUitiir uml liiiMnler, 'Ol I," In hmI order. C.dl Mill .Sorllt
StneH, 'J
I'or SmI Tlirne nitn Ihmim? und tw:
loU, fTAO Cull lUtffi Wlllamctti
iMIIlkHIIIll tlOllll,
Circuit Judge
Arthur I. Moulton, who is
a candidate for Department
No. 4 of the Circuit Court, is
well known in St. Johns as
an active lawyer, who has
taken a leading part in civic
affairs. He has always been
a leader ot progressive
thought, and if elected will
bring to the bench the neces
sary learning and experience
as well as the energy and ac
tivity so necessary in the
busy courts of Multnomah
'llill HtlV.
I'.ir iM iK iihiiii Imhik, lot
lit It. Molwuk; itnuihl,
l'ir XtU Ciinftn'iUoii'ry ninit nnd
IniK'h MMiin iIiiIiik h fin linlm'wi, C.ihmI
iv..' hi fur wIIIhk, ummI Iik'iiIkmi Cull
ll 111 fa. .ilhc. If.
I'or X.iU' Miv MHMti nioilorn Ihmim. lot
WlsllHI. win" ft Mil. A vfNMl liunif nt nl
mmmiiwIiU' ink. 'IVlin. wilt lie iMven. I
V.MU am .-Minn ninitn hvc. ti
Wiinlttl to Itviit A ihhI four or live
iixiiH cottiiHi' fiirnlalmt. Cull Col. 242
I'mi Sill- 18 riwni Ukirdini! hmi.o. Iim-
in i. , ini.j Utiik. eentrul loi'ittion. tVOtl
lluiVHtd ktrvft. rotiutr l'Utf. nlmiu Ctw
..... ! .....
I II III I III) (0. sill
I'of ule i'hmmI kuun room niulern
Imhu. M 7ri 100, Mil klmU of Iriiit.lMni.
llH4H l.Oi lllll iMMMIItlllt. A llttklllllllr
ltom In ilelruUIt hHMtiiM,,iuli or ti tin.
riHMH' uilMinirtu mi. or 'u on owner at
mil ihH'iMiMH olrtt, UK
I'or Silt ly (hviior Who it CoImk IUt
1 1 1 ii no lot, 7 iikiuh, cement Imw-
uiviit, limwrc, nil minium eonvenleiu-e4.
Imi Ihii mumiiI lot. Cull ut ilaV) South
Jviav) HlUfl. If
I'ur SrtlB I'tvc rooinwl modern Inin
H. iHtimi-e IiuoImI, lot 75vl(K), with
unit tun, siiiuliliory mnl l'ihhI uuruyf.
wh ooH K i mm eur line. iwt renitfiu e
h.trlct In i. John. Owner. Dr. Ituiu
ik, .luliliin.i, Wiiali. 'JCi
I'or While l.ei;luiin kelllni; em
I.IKlMrtliiiK.-lOfll N. Wllliimctlo blvi
I'or Alo room luiute. ntutturtd
l ml in ihmmI eundilton. well Imilt Lit
liUUU, on Mnith avenue. 1'ilce fill CO.
i vi iim. liiii u mis onicc.
I'orNllofi loom hmie. well miiiIii.
t il.LHKnl locution on North U'lllunu'tto
ooivutil, Ikikument, nien yurd, tot Wix
;hmI Second Iwiid .Sewiiij; nwehitien for
mil. ii. i'. viuik. tf
I'or Suit' - Three roomed Uracil cot
lute t lUr Viw , Oicuon. U now rent
l fW wt iinmili, fW down, the teal
Republican Candidate For
County Clerk
If I fnil to riulueo tho nnniuil
osiioiiHi' ul the tiilieo ny noin
B00U tt) $10,000 or to ivo ns
liroiuiit nnd ollioit'nt scrvico, I
will (loniito ont'-linlf of my salary
for two ywira to thu Hml Cross
Fuml. I'd iulv.
1'l.otie Wim.ll.iw ii SStJU.
The Skid more Cleaners
uiiii lcMiiiii) a Specialty
C.Jl'STMi M& .Skidworc lreet
In your search for bar
gains and savings you can of
ten do best rilit here at home.
We frequently undersell the
large stores of Portland and
give you the same values. If
you haven't traded here be
fore come and be convinced,
Grocery Grabateria
201 (I, Jersey SI,
First Trust 8 Savings
1302 East Kossoiulon Street
Phone Columbia J0G
Officers and Directors
I. A. RICE, I'reaidcnl nnd Cntliicr
II. HENDERSON. Vice i'reaident
GEO. I. imOOKS. Secretary
Four per cont interest
paid on time and sav
ings deposits.
Rentals and Real
list ate Loans
Hoover ze
Scotch Oat Cake
75 x.r cent Substitute
I'OR SAl.ii AT
11C N. Jersey Si reel
)ES 1
Kabo Corsets and Braissieres
For perfection of shaping and fit; for effectiveness in improving your
figure, for satisfaction in quality and price, the KABO stands su
preme. Made over a Live Model, a style for every figure; front and
back lace, guaranteed rust proof. Once try it, you'll always buy it.
We are showing some very
pretty patterns in Ladies' and
Children's Ready to Wear
Dresses and Aprons.
"Miss Satnmic" nl $3.50
"American Maid" at 2 50
"Portland Maid" at 1.G5
Small Hoys' Wash Suits.
Our New Line of While
Shoes, Pomps nnd Oxfords
for Ladies', Misses and Chil
dren. Tennis Shoes
Oxfords in
White and Mack
Renfrew Devonshire Cloth,
32 in. wide; n strong, well
woven fabric made of selected
yarns to give unusual wear.
Uest for the Kiddie Klothcs.
We have a goodly assortment
of these. Ginghams, Prolic
Cloth, Percales, Silks.
Here is a brand new bread trv It on the family. Saves one pound of wheat flour.
19x water 1 cup beans Vi cakes compressed yeast xt cup lukewarm water
G teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons molasses 8 cups Hour
Soak beans over night, drain off the water in which they were soaked and cook until soft in
the li)x water. Put through a sieve or a potato ricer, cool and when lukewarm add (1) the yeast
softened in the yi cup of water, (a) the salt, (3) the molasses, nnd (4) the flour to make a stiff
dough. Knead, let rise and bake.
Golden Gate Pure Food Products
Merchandise of Merit
Columbia 137
Ladles' Home Journal Patterns
Team Work
Of All Kinds Wanted
Plowing, ll.u rowing. Moving
luuiliiig rf tiny nature.
fiir. Ii Polk Street,
l'luuif Columbia SOU.
Judge George W. Slapleton, can
; didnte for the Republican nomiiia
I lion for Circuit Judge. Department
No. 1, to .succeed himself.
Judge Slapleton began the prnc
I lit... ..f 1.1.- ..-.f.. ...!.. . " I.I t , -
v in inn iuiKaaiuii ui lluilll'IIIIUlt,
Wash., in 18S0. In 1890 he mov
ed to Vancouver. Wash., nnd nrac
tieed Uw until 1S9S. in which year
I ne mo veu to roruuuu wnere lie lias
, twen following his profession until
! 1917. when he was appointed to the
; Deiicil l)
"StttUt a irarl" fmlt U U (' (t'Jilkm. Ai
KM! Uf( aM laJIU
It's Easy to Send Him
a pouch ot
ReaB GRAVELY Cliewing Plug
That's tho tobneco for him Ron! Gravely
Chewing PIur -condensed quality tho mot
tobacco satisfaction in tho smnllcst apace, ready
to give him tha solid conifortof tobacco wherever
ho happens to be.
Give any mnii a chow of Rent Gravely Plup, anil lis will
tell you tlmt't the kind to tend. Send tho licill
Ordinary t!uij la falio reonomy. It coali Ion per week
to rhow Renl Cravely, brcauio n ininll cliaw of it lail
lona while.
If you ameko a pipe, tllco Crnvoly with your Unit a and
add a liltlo tu your imoklng tobacco. It wifl glvo flavor
Improvo your imobe.
Ddulert nil around licro carry it In 10c. poucliet. A 3c
atamp will put It Into lilt liamlt in any Training Camp or
Seaport of tho U.S. A. Even "over there" a 3c. itamn will
take It to lilm. Your dealer will tupply envelope and give,
you official direction how to r.ddrcia it.
7fli Patent Pauch hetn$ It Frtih anil CUan anil Gaoil
it it not Real Gravely without this Protection Seal
lUtitbllaliotl 1031
LAI Hi L I OD(.i ' ooooooooooooC'oo ,oooooooa
No. 180 I. O. O. r
UnU each Monday aivenlnif In Odd Fl
Ions liull ut 8:oo, A cunllal welcome tu
nil vUltlng lirotliert.
II. I, WhUKr iiubW (Uan.l
C. ii, Chutvhill VKTilrawt
H I. Oofmany Kr
K. llbritbnL. I'lH. Ktv.
II. I' Claik.Tiraa.
Meet every l'rldiiv night at
7:30 o'clock In JI'ICKNHK
W. R. RVRNS. C. C.
A Good Butcher
Vlaitor always wel-
Handles only tnenls that
are right and fresh, and ca
ters to the shopper's every
wont. A prompt delivery
must go with each pur
chase the prices must be
reasonable and right, We
have given you the reason
why we want you to try us.
What do you think? If
you don't know us, get
liovernor Withvcombe.
left vacant by Judge Davis, who re-
iiltlafc.! t .-V ......... T...I....
N. A. (.00. nrofossor of odd .vm" ",c.
jobs, ia now romiy to tnko your ' A S ,"a'
.-.i.... .......1.;.... :.. 1 muuuvsi nun
i.iay. Dr. Uiunlio. MdiiIimiiiio. Vali. 'M
Owner fur tent. II,
Klev'iiu- Vacuum
1'. Clark.
I'or trade four line lot and modern
luuiKalou . ui'll l.vated, for farm. In.
mure at uuscttice tf,
moving or ropniniiK. root re
pairing 11 specialty ; coiiuuit
work of nil kinds ami gonorni
contracting. S01 N. Ivanlioe;
phono Col. b03.
SuasafruB bark, tho old fash
ioned blood remedy. Conven
ient sized uuckuges. Currin
Says So.
Real Estate!
If Vn Wish 10 Sell
Property at ritfht prices
list it with us.
If You Want to Buy
Property ut right prices
call and see us,
S. C. Cook
402 N. Jersey Street
Wo tin irrniltinto roiristoi-oil
pharmacist of 12 years exper
ience. "Currin Says So."
Not the label on your paper.
nm. Mis career ns a public officer
lias been clean and above reproach.
l'aid Adv.
Woodmen Of the World
St. Johns Camp 773
.Meet:, every Friday evening in the
I. O O V Hull, Leavitt and Jersey
Mitels. Visitors always welcome,
I . h. TltiaiN'li. C. C.
tt. U. lODX. Clerk.
A. P. and A. M. ' 2
Meet the lirot ituil third ; V
VeliieiUyof each month ,s
lit Itickner'. Hall. VUi-
tor welcome, 9 - . . W. M. S
. .. ,.,.. 1 SPECIALS
St, JOIIIIS GaniP NO, 7546 : snecml Brand Itacon 30c
x Our Special Brand Butter, per roll 85c
Fresh Pork Backbones, three pounds for 25c
Extra Fancy Steer Pot Roasts, . . ,20c, 22ic, 25c
Phone Columbia 21 WE DELIVER 109 N. Jersey Street
Modern Woodmen of America.
We heartily solicit the attend.
nnee of our members nt our reg
ular meetings, every Thursday
Evening. G. W. Mulim, Consul.
Knights and Ladies of Security
St. Johns Council 2775
Meets every Monday evening at
Hicktier Hall, over St. Johns Hard
ware Store, Visitors nnd members
cordially invited to nttend
II. L,, Campbell. Pres.
1 H, Moreing, Seciitnry.
The Alys Brown School of Dancing I
in the Modern Coiiseivatory of Music Building
Formerly the !iag!e Hall, St. Johns.
Hear Melba any day
All Latest Ball Room Dances Taught t
-- - -
lK'giuners' Class on Monday eveniugs at 7:80- t
Advauceil Clavs at S 30 t
Informal Dance folio vs for mmils and friends.
Children's Class in fancy, classical atid ball room danciug
beginning Monday aftemooii, April 22. at -l 30.
Hall room dancing. S lessons for S5.00
at Cur T Children's Class, G hysons for 5 00
Chambers-Kenworthy Go,
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
llll Kerby Street, at i:mcroii
1. The oldest establikliel ttmlertjLiiiL'
iuitttHi north of Knott ireet.
'J. Mr Chamber U the imiIv l A, R.
tiiulertuVcr in the city of IVrtlaml.
8. Mr. Ketmorthv ii an iickiu'wIedL'e.l
export in embalming, l)mi mgcrv an. I
luuvrai tiiri-eiiun
I. Why have your btlovt.l .leceascil
taken tlirmixh the coiiKe.tetl lu.incM
.lUtricts when tetfect service ami right
prices may be obtatuel in vour own
$100 Kewrd, $100
The rvailrra vt r iapir wilt t4
ilcal to lru tl 11 u at ltvi.t on
OrvadeJ dlscas mat . i. no Uu bon
able to euro In all Km ium. and that Is
Catarrh, tlall'a Outarrli Outv is the only
iWtlve cure now Known to the medical
frawrnity. Catarrh bvins a coiwtltutlonal
disease, require a .-onsiltutlonal treat
ment.. Hall Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, actlnir dlret-lly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces if the system, there
by e'eitroylnk- the foundation of the dls
, and Klvlms lw v-atlem .irenisth by
bulldlnu up thv conatltuilon and u&slstluaT
nature In dointf Ita work. Tlw proprietors
have so much faith In its curative pow
ers that they oiler One Hundred Dollars
for any case that It falls to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
".d.rIM: A" J I'BNKV CO. ToUd. a
8aU br all UrucKlsta. Tt
Tak. Hair raoillr Itlls for coastlpatlM.
NU tha label on your pipsr,
aB 'inaaLB
Beautiful pry or
black adult casket,
hearse, box 2 autos
ombtlrnlng nnd ratln
ed service fcr
1 7
5 w
I'unera's if ileMrctl for f20. ?30. fiO, Uglier pricedfuuerals In pio
portion. We manufacture caskets. I.aily assistant,
Beautiful funeral chapel.
Main 2691 Independent Funeral Directors A 7e8S
Washington at Ella Street, Between 20th nnd 21st Street, West Side
W. A. ANDREWS, Representative
614 Ceutral Ave. N.
Phone Columbia SSS